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#and they brought me chocolate cake
mystical-marauder · 7 months ago
The marauders: *playing dungeons and dragons*
The marauders: *complete a quest*
Villagers: we're so thankful how could we ever repay you?
Remus: can I have chocolate cake?
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gotharab · 5 months ago
my grandfather keeps bringing over tons of sweets and its like genuinely infuriating. like if it was just for my grandma id understand bc she has pretty simple tastes and greatly enjoys sweets but its like the only way he thinks he can be like nice to me is to constantly get me candies and cakes like. i dont even like sweets that much i literally just feel sick eating that many sweets. stop lol
#and i know theyre in a large part for me because he'll fucking telllll me#like I know you like candy so i got this costco m&m container or pack of chocolates or danish cookies or whole refrigerated cheesecake#like what the fuck. yes i enjoy a bit of candy and cake now and then but i do mean a bit. stop getting this shit from fucking COSTCO????#its also like. hes literally a hoarder and like if hes filling up his own house with tons of food he got because it was on sale at x place#then whatever thats ur own place. but he will literally bring over these huge things of food that he no longer wants to our house because#'well i figured you might like this' no it just upsets you to throw things away. like he brought over a costco size jar of pralines the#other day. because hes on a new diet and doesnt want to eat them anymore but cant bring himself to throw any single item away.#no one wants this like. 1 million candied nuts. get a dumpster.#bit of a rant but it's genuinely upsetting because its every other day that he will bring food over.... you will not stuff our fridges with#literally rotting food like it is at your house. jesus christ almighty.#i told him that ive had a bunch of sweets recently today and im getting sick of it (bc i am) so hopefully. he just gets the stuff my gma#likes. instead of thinking Oo hamza might like this#he almost got me a costco size jar of jelly beans once. fucking insanity. who in their right mind would even think. ugh.#but yeah he brought over that whole cheesecake today.#this will not be the same as the slice of fresh quality cheesecake i mentioned having a few weeks ago and you know it. you know it wont.#food mention#v
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pen-observing · 6 months ago
That was a different anon! :0 I sent the choco appreciation ask but another person sent the choco cereal ask
- 🌰 I'll go by hazelnut if that's alright
Omg I am so sorry for assuming it was the same person! 😭😭
Hazelnut is vv cute and tbh I would never turn down chocolate with hazelnuts in it so it fits.
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moonsuke · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dude I had to rely on my healers and tank to fucking defeat stage 98. well and arky. my dps was long gone. crazy stage. I was so relieved I forgot to take the stage clear screenshot...
99 was sooooo eassssyyy. it was a breeze! first try cleared! am now stuck at stage 100... apparently it’s very rng so well good luck to me I guess <_<
#nn#es#the carbs dont stop comingggg#so theres a doctor who left our department recently so she bought us 4 huge cakes#i took one slice last week#a day after my department lunch who has so much food. also the day where id bday cake AND bubble tea...#and today... the morning slice was torally my fault. i was erm craving... so i took a sinful slice of caramel chocolate cake full of cream..#last fri i took the creme brule one...#then lunch a nice colleague brought me food. actually it wasnt supposed to be for me cause she cooked for me previously alrdy.. but the dude#is on leave so she gave me... apparently its bc im easy going and wouldnt mind eating food not meant for me she told me. hey just call me#greedy and cheapskate no need to sugarcoat things 🤪🤪#anyway shes the kinda that needs to eat a whoooole lot of rice to feel full so she gave me a whooplee big af bowl of rice... plus the#vinegar pig trotters she cooked... i was so full... this is like confinement food lmao but she loves it a lot so she cooks it every month#and more often than not im included in her list lel. and then while eating... stupid me was looking at another colleage cutting cake for#someone. so i think they feel bad so THEY CUT FOR ME TOO. i didnt want cake!!! i was dying from lunch#i swear. recent weeks whenever ppl cook for me i rly have to struggle to finish everything#esp that one time where it was spicy af. i almost died. like i was shaking.#and nauseous but i forced everything down 😭😭😭😭#bc not nice to not finish their food 😭😭😭#im super thankful tho. every time i wanna buy them drinks they refuse. but i dont cook so 😭😭
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milfjuno-moving · a year ago
tomorrow is my birthday i’m officially an adult gaydies!! how exciting
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top 5 postres?
Ohhh desserts yum! Let's do this!
1. Chocolate cake
2. Lemon pie
3. Torta chilena
4. Passion fruit cheescake
5. Chocolate chip cookies
Ask me my top 5 anything
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foxaes · 2 years ago
I’m not the kind of person to complain or send food back at places (exceptions include ordering rare steak and getting it well done, or getting a poorly made version of something I order often and Know shouldnt be like that) not because I dont want to bother anyone but mostly just bc like, you know, sometimes fate intervenes and food is food and who turns down a lovely surprise?
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tonyglowheart · 3 years ago
I sort of feel like,, MCU Steve’s progression through the movies is kind of like if you were promised a beautiful chocolate ganache cake. But then were handed tapioca pudding.
Like I don’t.. hate tapioca pudding. But I was promised chocolate ganache cake,  you know? and every step of the way, even though it sort of looks like it was shaping up to be tapioca pudding, the maker assured me with words that “no this is a chocolate ganache cake.” And some people! might just prefer tapioca pudding from the get-go! and you know what that’s fine!! and in a different context I would have been perfectly content with tapioca pudding.
It’s just.. I was promised chocolate ganache cake, you know?
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fatehbaz · a year ago
on my hands and knees. scrubbing sticky spilled beverage off of the floor. it was heavily flavored with (artificial) vanilla, had a strong scent. so sticky, so much sugar. a customer had dropped a beverage can. management had said “don’t worry, we can write it off, it’s not that expensive. go wipe it up.” outside, it was snowing, heavily. there with me on the floor, puddles of melted snow, grimey, brought indoors by customers’ boots. apron stained. while there, on the floor, repetitive scrubbing, i considered that an English sugar-plantation-owner in Barbados in the 1790s was likely to have been 5-times richer than their wealthiest land-owning (white) childhood friends still living back in Britain proper. i wondered how vanilla has come to be so inexpensive. (is it actually “inexpensive”? or do landscapes and people still die to grow and harvest it?) where did this vanilla come from? where was the coffee grown? all of this sugar just tossed aside. like nothing. 125, 200, 350 years ago, vast amounts of people were enslaved and died for this sugar. entire communities, whole cultures invaded, destroyed, to bring Empires sugar, the Georgian-era equivalent of this spilled “BANG Birthday Cake Bash (TRADEMARKED) Keto-Coffee Protrein-Enhanced Energy Drink” which i’m scrubbing off of the floor, on my knees, almost in an act of worship. “we can write it off.” in 1540, how many people were murdered in Central America by Spanish colonizers to acquire this amount of vanilla for shipment back to a court in Iberia? in 1610, how much reward would an Italian merchant vessel have earned for delivering this coffee from North Africa to Venice? in 1805, how much cash would a London tea-shop-owner have paid for this sugar? all so easily acquired, now? in 2020, how many people still work and die so that these ingredients can be shipped to the Europe and the US, offered at such “inexpensive” price? now all of these substances are just ... a sticky puddle on the floor? a stain on the apron? after scrubbing the floor, i entered the walk-in cooler, the white noise of the fans a reprieve, to read the list of ingredients on the labels of the coffee/energy drinks. “guava.” “acai berry.” “Nesquik Double Chocolate ready-to-drink milk.” how did it get here? a loud ringing. motion detectors. customers are entering the store. too much stimulation. supposed to be “working.” don’t know how long i have stood in the cooler. deep breath. attempt to revert to normal workplace behavior and thoughts. had to go back to “helping customers.” cannot openly discuss botany and colonization and land-theft of Regency-era British Empire. i leave the cooler. same day, a co-worker: “hey, check out the new hand lotion, really helps with the bleach burns, smells awesome!” me: “oh?” she says: “coconut and vanilla!” again my thoughts are dragged away: “what harms have come to the islands of the South Pacific? how did this substance extracted from tropical plants find its way here, to this snowy landscape? why is the coconut-oil lotion so cheap? who paid the real cost to bring it here? this process was not passive. which institutions stole local plant knowledge and patented this variety of the plant? who was forced under duress to harvest the coconut?” violence.
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itsapeterthing · 7 months ago
Cake || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader
summary: you and your boyfriend bucky barnes head down to the wilson residence for a barbecue. sam’s nephews adore the both of you and as you watch bucky play with the kids you’re ready to tell your boyfriend that you’re pregnant
a/n: gif credit- @davidsfincher ; i will never get over this scene. reblogs and/or replies are super appreciated!!
word count: 2.7k
warnings: pure fluff based on episode six, mentions of pregnancy
masterlist || request || taglist
“I say we get the vanilla one.”
Standing besides you in the supermarket aisle with his arms crossed, your boyfriend turned to look at you with disgust written all over his face.
“Vanilla?” Bucky said, shaking his head. “Are you kidding, Y/n? All kids like chocolate.”
As he was speaking, Bucky reached out to pull one of the chocolate cakes off of the shelf it was sitting on, but you swat his hand away.
“Oh yea?” You asked. “And what makes you the expert on what kids like?”
Uncrossing his arms, he waved his hand in your face.
“Metal arm.” He said. “Also don’t pretend like Sam’s nephews didn't love me last time we were there.”
You couldn't argue with that. The last time the two of you had been to the Wilson residence in between missions, Sam’s nephews absolutely adored the super soldier. They couldn't get enough of the one hundred and six year-old man with the vibranium arm and the fun they had messing with him.
You had just as much joy watching the interactions between the three of them. You couldn’t help but entertain the idea of starting a family of your own with Bucky.
The two of you had been dating for years- not including the five year blip the two of you had been snapped from existence in- and had often discussed the idea of getting married and having children in the future. You didn’t think you would be ready yet, but as you watched children be in absolute awe of your boyfriend, you felt as though the pieces began to fell into place.
And funnily enough- they did.
You had been feeling sick and exhausted for the past few weeks, but you figured it was on account of the missions you had been going on with Sam and Bucky. When the symptoms continued while you stayed at the Wilson’s home for the weekend while Bucky helped Sam fix the boat- you had taken pregnancy test.
It was positive.
Although you knew that you and Bucky could handle it, you were still in absolute shock realizing that you were going to be starting a family- you were going to be responsible for more than just making sure you and your friends didn’t get killed fighting bad guys- you were going to be a parent.
The only person who knew was Sam’s sister, Sarah. She was the only one inside the house when you had taken the test and when she had heard you pacing around the bathroom, hyperventilating, she opened the unlocked door and immediately saw the pregnancy test in your hands. You had sworn her to secrecy, making sure she didn’t tell your boyfriend or her brother, promising her that you would tell them when the time was right... but with the mission in New York City coming immediately after your stay, you hadn't found the right opportunity to tell Bucky yet.
However, you told yourself that you finally would tonight... after attending the barbecue.
“Yeah, yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “I can’t argue with that. They did love you, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about cake.”
Reaching his hand out for the chocolate cake again he scoffed. “I’m not taking advice from someone who wants to bring a vanilla cake to a party-”
You swat his hand again. “We’re not getting the chocolate.”
“Yes,” He insisted, inching his face closer to yours. “We are.”
“No. We’re not.”
“Can I help you guys with anything?” You heard a worker ask from behind you.
Backing away from your boyfriend you smiled, shaking your head.
“No, we’re fine. Thank you.”
As you watched the worker nod before walking down the aisle, you turned back to your boyfriend.
“Okay fine.” You said. “We’ll compromise. Ice cream cake?”
You watched as Bucky’s eyes widened. “Wait! There’s ice cream cake?”
Twenty minutes later you and Bucky had arrived at the barbecue, your boyfriend taking the cake out of your hands as he stepped out of the car.
As you made your way around the front of the vehicle you watched as Sam’s nephews bombarded Bucky, play fighting with him as he faked attacking them back, making sure to dodge their fists from knocking over the cake in his hands.
You couldn’t deny the way the sight made your heart fill so much you swore it could’ve exploded right in your chest.
As you watched the scene unfold, hearing the laughter erupting from the children around him while he faked getting hurt, you heard Sarah come up behind you.
“You know,” She said, crossing her arms and standing beside you. “You almost scared me to death watching you on the news.”
Glancing at her beside you, you shrugged. “I was fine.” You said. “That wasn’t the first fight I’ve been in.”
“I just can’t believe they let you go.” She said.
“What? What do you mean?”
“What do I mean?” She laughed. “I can’t believe they would let you go do something so dangerous like that knowing you’re-”
Before she could finish her sentence you swat at her arm, rapidly shaking your head, checking around you to make sure no one was listening to your conversation or had heard what she had just said.
“I didn’t tell them yet.” You told her in a hushed voice.
“What?” She asked. “Why not?”
“I couldn’t tell them. If I did they would have never let me go- especially Bucky- but I couldn’t let them go in by themselves like that. You’ve seen the Flag Smashers, Sarah.”
“How long are you going to keep this a secret?” She asked.
“I was going to tell him today.” You told her. “We just needed to sort out the Flag Smashers before I could even think about telling him I’m pregnant-”
“You’re pregnant?”
At the sound of Sam’s voice, you and his sister immediately spun around to be met with Sam standing behind you, only a foot away.
You watched as his mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide and you felt your heart began to race in your chest, knowing that you had just exposed your secret to Sam- you and Bucky’s shared best friend.
“Sam...” You said.
“I-” He stumbled over his words, trying to piece the information together. “You’re pregnant?”
“Yes, but you can’t tell Bucky.” You pleaded, gripping his bicep. “I haven’t told him yet.”
“What?” He exclaimed looking between you and his sister. “How long have you known? Why haven’t you told him yet?”
Playing with one of the rings on your fingers, made anxious by the conversation, you focused your gaze on the water behind him, not able to meet his eyes.
“I found out last time I was here.” You said. “So I found out like a week ago. You can't blame me though, Sam, if I told him he would of never let me go help you guys in New York.”
“Yeah!” Sam nodded. “Neither would I. You could of died!”
“But I didn’t!” You said. “Just don’t tell him okay, Sam? I’m going to tell him tonight.”
Before anymore could be said, you heard the sound of your name being called by Sam’s nephews and spun around to find them running in your direction.
“Hey guys!” You laughed, a smile reaching your face once again.
Watching them run towards you, you knew what they wanted before they even had to ask. Stretching out your arms, you moved your hands in the direction of each of the boys, using your powers to lift them a maximum of three feet above the ground- not wanting to upset their mother. You smiled as you watched the boys laugh about how “awesome” it was in awe as they looked down at the ground three feet below them.
You felt Sam’s hand land on your shoulder.
“I’m happy for you, Y/n.” You heard Sam say, leaning in closer so no one outside of your current group could hear him. “You both are going to be great parents. Just tell him soon, okay?”
He pat your shoulder one last time before walking past you and his nephews you were still currently floating midair.
“How come when I ask you guys if you want to fly you say no?” Sam asked.
“She’s using magic!” Cass exclaimed.
“Yeah, Uncle Sam.” AJ agreed. “That’s way cooler.”
Sam threw his hands up in the air, walking in the opposite direction and as he did you lowered the boys to the ground, much to their disappoint. When they scurried off in the direction of their uncle, your eyes met Bucky’s staring at you, smiling from across the way of where you had just been levitating Sam’s nephews.
“Look at you!” He said, smiling, reaching out his arms for you.
“Me?” You laughed. “You just had a whole choreographed fight scene with the boys. You’re like their cool uncle.”
You watched as your boyfriend pulled off his sunglasses and smiled at you, resting his vibranium hand on your waist.
“Only if you’re their cool aunt.”
You smiled. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Afterwards the two of you went to eat and spent the remainder of the meal sharing a table with Sam, his sister and his nephews. Despite the dangerous mission the three of you had been dealing with the past week, the table was full of laughter and joy that you were happy to welcome in.
Even when the cake that you had brought was sliced, you and Bucky smiled at each other from across the table when the boys scoffed down their slice of ice cream cake that contained both vanilla and chocolate- your compromise having worked in the end for the better. At times you even used your abilities to pull the fork out of your boyfriend’s hand just as he was about to bite down on a slice of cake, hearing the boy’s laugh as they watched the super soldier roll his eyes at you.
“Ha ha.” Bucky would say. “Very funny... what is that? Three times now? Really, Y/n?”
But he knew you would continue to do it as long as you continued to hear the sounds of awes coming out of the boys’ mouths and he couldn’t fault you for that. Instead sneaking you a smile when you brought the fork back into his grasp.
At the end of the evening when everyone had began to make their way home, the sun setting over the horizon, you helped tidy up with the Wilson siblings. When the tables were all wiped clean, you brushed your hands off on your bottoms, watching as Bucky sat on the edge of the dock, the golden hue of the sunset setting on his features.
Glancing over your shoulder as Sarah ushered her children back home, you saw Sam throw you a thumbs up. When your eyes met his you smiled, mouthing a “thank you” before he turned in the direction of his sister, following her path back home.
Sighing to yourself you turned back to your boyfriend.
You were going to tell him. You were going to finally tell him you were pregnant.
You took one last deep breath, taking in the last moment before Bucky and your’s life changed forever.
Making your way towards your boyfriend you kneeled behind him, your chest meeting his back as you wrapped your arms around his chest.
“Hi.” You whispered.
“Hi doll.” He hummed, moving his hands to hold yours that were resting against his chest.
“Had a nice day?” You asked, leaning in to press a gentle kiss against his cheek.
You felt as his chest rumbled when he chuckled, staring out over the water while the sun continued to set, its reflection turning the water gold.
“Yeah.” He said. “I wish it could be like that every day, you know?”
You knew what he meant. You understood that he was talking about the peace, the joy, the laughter- the normalcy. You understood that he was talking about how your lives were so hectic and always would be due to the hand you had been dealt with super human abilities. You could never have a normal life, but you also understood that it was more than just never having to fight or go on a mission again- it was the feeling of family, of caring and of love.
“I know it can’t be like that every day.” You said. “But would you... would you settle for most days?”
You felt his hands squeeze yours a bit more, tilting his head back to get a better look at you.
“What are you talking about?”
“Would you settle for most days, Buck?” You asked again. “Would it all be worth it even if you still had to fight?”
He answered in a heartbeat.
“Of course it would.” Bucky said. “I’d fight for one day of this.”
You unwrapped your arms from around his chest, moving to kneel besides him on the dock so he could face you. Knowing what you were about to say, you took in the moment, breathing in the fresh air and memorizing the way his face looked in the golden hour.
“I’m pregnant.”
You watched as his face dropped and you were almost worried until a wide smile reached across his face.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked, so in disbelief he sounded as though the wind had been knocked right out of him.
You smiled, nodding your head and took his hand in yours. “I am. I found out a few days ago-”
“Wait.” He cut you off. “A few days ago? Did you know you were pregnant when we fought in New York City?”
Staring at his face now, confronting the issue, you were suddenly very interested in the frosting he had somehow gotten on the bottom of his shirt, tugging on the hem and scratching it off.
“Okay, yes. I knew.” You confessed.
Rather than the fed up, overprotective reaction you were expecting, you felt Bucky’s hands reach to cup your face, forcing you to look at him. Rather than anger in his eyes, all you saw was worry and you were wishing you had never gone and fought just so you could save yourself from seeing him like that.
“Promise me you won’t fight anymore.” He said. “At least until the baby’s here- God I can’t believe we’re having a baby- just promise me okay? If anything happened to either of you I wouldn’t know what to do with myself-”
“I promise, Buck.” You assured him, smiling and beginning to feel tears prickle in your eyes. “We’re gonna have a baby.”
You watched as he began to smile once again and the two of you couldn’t help but laugh- so consumed in complete and utter joy. You and Bucky had gone through so much- especially within the last few months- but as you both sat there, so happy you couldn’t help but laugh, you realized it was worth it and you would go through it all again if it meant that at the end of the day you two would come back to each other every single time.
For the first time in your life, you watched as tears of joy began to fill his eyes, almost as if they had begun to wash away the years of pain that he had suffered previously. Although he was sure he hadn’t fought his last fight... he was sure he was going to be okay. He was happy. He was going to share his life with you. He was going to be a dad.
“We’re gonna have a kid.” He repeated the words, almost as if to convince himself that they were true.
“You’re gonna be such a good dad, Buck.” You told him, laughing through the tears that had begun to fill your eyes. “If you’re half as good at being a dad as you are the ‘cool uncle’- our kid is in good hands.”
“You think so?” He asked.
“I know so, Buck.”
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shoyotime · 6 months ago
hi 🥺🥺 i just discovered your page and i luv all ur works sm!! do you mind me requesting smtg w iwaizumi, akaashi, kuroo and/or ushijima as single dads and them meeting y/n and calling her mommy? you can add or remove any charas you want! luv u again ❣
their kids calling you mom
Tumblr media
featuring : iwaizumi, akaashi, kuroo
genre : fluff
warnings : fem!reader, singledad!hq, use of word "mom" and it's equivalents for the reader
a/n : hey luv, thanks for requesting! this was fun to write <3 also i'm sorry i didn't write for ushi bcz idea issues <//3 i'm really sorry, will make sure to include him if i plan on doing pt 2. hope you enjoy these!! and i hope this is what you meant by the request bye 🤡
Tumblr media
— iwaizumi
It's been a while since she saw Iwaizumi. Standing in the corner of the extraordinarily crowded bakery, Iwaizumi's daughter looked for her dad with eyes brimming with tears. And then your gaze fell upon her little figure as you packed a box of pastries. Excusing yourself from the counter, you walked to the girl, not noticing the fear in her eyes until you got closer.
"Hey bubs, do you need anything?" With a slight concern in your voice, you crouched in front of her and held her hands, hoping that it would provide some comfort.
"Daddy..." She whispered. 'So, she got lost.' Getting lost in a bakery sounded almost impossible unless her dad thought she was with him when she wasn't. At least, that's what you thought.
"Alright, love, come here," Hesitantly, she followed you to the counter with a slight blush on her cheeks. You made her sit on a nearby chair before asking her some questions. "Can you tell me about your dad? Do you know his name?"
She squinted her eyes as she tried to think, a pout forming on her lips. "Daddy loves to play games with me!"
'Ah yes, very informative.'
You didn't miss the sudden glow on her face as she talked about her dad with a soft smile on her face. "That's great, sweetie, but tell me his na—"
"Excuse me, have you seen a little girl— ah, so you're here." A deep masculine voice beat you to it before you could complete your sentence. She was quick to get down from the chair and running to her dad, hugging him as he crouched in front of her. Iwaizumi was a regular at your shop but you didn't expect him to have a daughter. Either way, you couldn't smile but smile at the little reunion.
"Thanks for looking after her. Hope she didn't cause you any trouble, did she?" Iwaizumi offered a soft apology while his daughter looked at you with a priceless smile on her face.
"Anytime! And no, she didn't cause any trouble. She's a very sweet child." You bent down to boop on her nose as a short giggle escaped her lips.
"Don't you think you're forgetting something, princess?" Your gaze shifted between the two, finally settling on the girl's face as she offered you a bright smile. You knew what was coming.
"Thank you for looking after me!" She chimed in with a giggle as she turned to look back at Iwaizumi. "Can we come to see mommy again?"
No, you didn't see that coming.
A faint blush crept up his face as he let out an awkward chuckle before proceeding to speak but, you beat it to him.
"Yes, sweetie, you can!" You smile, giving her hands a light squeeze. "But, make sure to stick around with your dad, okay?" She nodded excitedly, raising her head to look at you, as you stand up. "I hope you won't lose her again."
He chuckled at your teasing remark. "Sure, I won't." He walked out of the bakery, laughing it off with a smirk but, you could've sworn you watched his ears turn red as he noticed you blush at her daughter's sweet little name for you.
— akaashi
As Akaashi's workmate and one of his closest friends, you always found your weekends occupied by his son Hiro since he loved spending time with you. Today was no different, other than the fact that it's been quite some time since he met you, and that's how the two ended up at your place at ten in the morning.
"I'm sorry for the trouble, y/n." Akaashi apologized as he took a seat with a smile plastered on his face.
"No, it's okay! I missed him too, so I guess it's a win for both of us!" You passed him a playful wink before offering a cake slice to Hiro as his giggles filled your living room. Your little play sessions were your favourite, and just like Hiro, you awaited the weekend eagerly, be it for the child or his dad.
Unlike other days, when it's usually you playing with him till the afternoon before you read him to sleep so that you and Akaashi could do some work, today you decided to have a cooking session. Well, a baking session would be a better term. Akaashi, as usual, was stressed, especially since it's about cooking and he knows how energetic his son can be when it's about cooking.
"No! Strawberry it is!"
"I still vote for watching movies instead of baking." Akaashi sighed, a concerned look plastered on his face.
You rolled your eyes. "C'mon 'Kaashi, don't be such a vibe killer."
And to your surprise, Hiro repeated the same thing. "Yeah, daddy, don't be such a vibe killer." Both you and Akaashi looked at him with an astonished look as he giggled. You could feel Akaashi glaring at you from your peripheral vision.
"You know, you need to stop calling me things because it just gets registered in his mind." He sighed, a chuckle escaping your lips. "Yesterday, he was calling me 'Kash all thanks to you." You laughed, sticking out your tongue towards him as you turned to the cabinets to gather the ingredients.
"Are we making chocolate cakes?" You nodded as you sieved the flour into a blow, only for him to knock out the bowl as the flour fell over your dress.
"Daddy, look at mom's clothes; they're all white now!!" He giggled and, to your concern, it only fueled Akaashi's anger. But before he could say anything, you tucked on his sleeves, eyes looking at his son as he laughed at the mere accident.
Akaashi didn't notice what Hiro said. At least, that's what you thought.
"Ah, well, we're not baking cakes because that was the last packet, kid." You sighed as you dusted the flour off your clothes, a pout forming on Hiro's face. "But we can always buy them!" Hiro's eyes perked up at your words as he got down from the chair and ran towards the door, leaving you alone with Akaashi. You chuckled at the look of extreme concern over his face. "I'll go get changed."
He nodded. "I'm sorry for what he called you, you know," Your lips curled in a smile as you scanned his flustered face. "Hope you didn't mind."
"It's okay. Hiro's just a kid 'Kaashi." Even if you laughed it off, your cheeks didn't fail to heat up as you faced away, walking towards your room because you, in fact, did not mind it.
— kuroo
"And, we meet again." You turned around at a familiar voice, eyes landing on even a more familiar face as your lips curled into a grin. "Been a while since we last talked, y/n. How have you been?"
"Turns out you didn't forget me, huh? And, it looks like you brought a little guest this time." You tilt your head, waving at the little girl who was hiding behind Kuroo's legs. "Hey, there, sweet thing."
A chuckle escaped his lips as he picked up her daughter, only for her to hide her face in the crook of his neck. "Say hello, princess. Didn't you want to meet her?"
You raised your eyebrows, walking behind Kuroo to get a better look at her face. "You wanted to meet me?" She lifted her head a bit before nodding and wrapping her hands around his neck as she hid deeper. "If you won't talk to me then, how can we become friends, love? Let's have a little macaroon party, shall we?"
To your surprise, she looked up again, this time with an intrigued face. "Macaroons?" She whispered, getting a nod from you as a response. She shuffled out of Kuroo's hold as he put her down carefully, standing by your side as she held on your index finger. "Can we get dino macaroons?" You nodded, a smile forming on her face as she ran away to the food display.
You knew Kuroo for over a year now, and the main reason you both became this close was your bakery. Having your shop five minutes from his workplace, Kuroo dropped by almost every other day. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, there was not a day when you didn't see him. It wasn't until a couple of months ago, he told you about his five-year-old daughter Hiroko and judging from how he described her, you couldn't wait to see her. So, the moment you spot her little head peeking from behind her dad's legs, you knew you were going to steal all the chances to pamper her, considering your love for kids.
After a nice fifteen minutes of getting distracted by every other thing in the bakery, Hiroko finally chose the macaroons she wanted to eat and they weren't the dino ones. "Cat ones, please!" She chirped in, eyes perking up at the little decorations in your shop. You nodded, putting them in a box, making sure to add a couple of dino ones secretly as a surprise for her.
"Here you go, miss." Kuroo picked up the box and handed it to her as she mumbled a soft thank you. She looked a bit more comfortable than she was earlier.
"Daddy always talks about how tasty your macaroons are." A sudden revelation from her grabs both yours and Kuroo's attention. "So, I wanted to meet you."
You smirked, looking at him. "Didn't know your daddy was such a big fan of my cooking."
"He is!" She chirped in with a sudden excitement in her voice. "He always says, 'There's this pretty lady who makes delicious macaroons.' And he always gets some for me!" You laugh at her failed attempt to copy her dad as Kuroo tried to hide the blush on his face.
"That's enough for today, princess. Let's go home." Before she could expose him even more, Kuroo took the opportunity and changed the topic.
She pouted before looking back at you, eyes beckoning as if she wanted to tell you something. You crouched in front of her, not expecting the gentle kiss that she planted on your cheeks. "Thank you for the macaroons, mommy." And off she went towards the door, not looking back to see if her dad was following.
You stood up; cheeks flushed with tints of red as you looked at Kuroo. "You might want to clear it up to her."
"Don't act like you don't like it, y/n." He passed you a smirk before walking towards the door, taking the box away from her hands, leaving you struck as you watched them leave.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© — shoyotime.tumblr do no plagiarize, repost or recreate in any way!
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angrythingstarlight · 5 months ago
Baker Bucky would go all out for your birthday!!! What are you asking him to bake for you?
Pairing: Chubby Baker Bucky x reader
Tumblr media
You didn’t have to ask him to make you anything. You already knew that he was going to go all out.
Bucky’s bad at keeping secrets, plus you kinda guessed what he was going to make when he snuck into the house with bags and bags of groceries.
He banned you from the kitchen so you wouldn’t snoop. Although you think part of the reason is so that he would have an excuse to bring you breakfast in bed each morning.
You awoke one morning to the sounds of him singing in the kitchen, pans clattering and a loud, boisterous conversation coming from your living room.
You tiptoe down the stairs, one of his soft oversized t-shirts draped over your body.
Your living room is awash in an explosion of colorful decorations.
Peering over the banister, you see Steve and Scott surround by floating balloons.
Steve's inhaling helium from one bright blue balloon, he throws his head back and laughing hysterically at his high pitch voice. Scott chattering away in an equally squeaky voice.
Natasha’s balancing delicately on her toes as she tapes up the end of a streamer above the fireplace. Sam’s singing along with Bucky, scattering handfuls of red and pink rose petals across your couch and rug.
Holding your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter, you inch your way to the kitchen, not wanting to disturb the chaotic foursome in your living room.
Bucky is crooning into a large wooden spoon, his hips rocking back and forth. He’s covered in batter and frosting. Your eyes widen at all the many cakes, pies, scones, and other treats you can’t even name on the counters and tables.
Bucky spins to a stop, his socked feet sliding across the tiled floor when he sees you. “Good morning Peach.” He sings, his voice full of mirth. His happiness is contagious and you can’t help but laugh when he swings you into his arms, his soft belly pushing into you as he shimmies. “Happy Birthday.”
He kisses you, a breathtaking kiss that has you melting into him. He breaks away, slightly flustered, flour floating around you as he shakes his head, his chestnut locks dusted with a fine layer of it.
“Oh, no you don’t, you can’t come in here looking all pretty and distract me,” he chides softly.
You both know you can easily distract him. Last night’s burned toffee cake is proof of that.
“You promised to wait upstairs until I brought you your special birthday breakfast.” He taps your ass with the spoon. “Now go.”
You lick the chocolate off his cheek, smirking when he moans. His eyes warning you to behave. “I’m going, I’m going.”
You spin around and stroll out of the kitchen, stopping when he calls out your name. You glance over your shoulder and he grins. “Walk a little slower, Peach.”
Damn, you love this man.
You settle back in bed and you’re rewarded with the best breakfast you ever had, followed by the best three orgasms you ever had.
Bucky popped his head up from between your thighs. “Wait until you find out what I have planned for lunch. I learned a few new things for you.”
He winks when you raise your brows. “Peach, by the time I’m done, you might not make it dinner.”
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2-dsimp · 2 days ago
Black Forest Chocolate Torte and Devil cake with Tartaglia?
Order coming right up! 🛎
(A/n: I loosely based it on Enemies to Lovers hope that’s ok 😅)
Malewife Childe x traveler reader
Cw: Humiliation, degradation, NFSW, breeding, usage of cunt, exhibitionism, slight yandere mention, Childe being a menace,
“Hey baby! You’re just in time for dinner, I made sure to whip up some of your favorites so tell me how it tastes mkay~?”
He purred, when you came up from behind to place a big smooch on his cheek. How could you not when you’re explicitly told by the apron to ‘kiss the chef’ so you did it without question. Giving thanks, you slunk into your seat at the table that was positioned as close as possible to his own chair.
Picking up a utensil you began munching on his delicious cooking, glancing to the side where you could only see him with a stupid grin plastered onto his handsome face. He rested on the open palm of his gloved hand, seeming content just at watching you eat his homemade meals.
Quirking a brow you side eyed him only waiting until you were finished chewing and swallowing the bite left on your fork to ask if he was hungry too. To which he shook his head with a low chuckle as he leaned forward close to your face.
“ Just watching you eat is enough for me Sweets, although I am hungry for you if ya catch my drift”
He winked with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows, which made you bashfully punch his arm whilst choking on a piece of tasty chicken.
On the inside you and Childe were a happily married couple hidden away from prying eyes, but on the outside yall pretended to be bitter enemies. Since the Fatui is a notorious gang with a bad reputation amongst the people. There may be many who held grudges and would attempt to harm you just to spite Childe. So You both thought it was a good idea to keep your entanglement on the down low.
You of across being strapped with the weight of being an honorary knight couldn’t be seen with the likes of those crooks. But being drawn in by childes boyish grin and devilish charms you were hooked and he didn’t even have to kidnap you.
In the battle against Childe you told your comrades to leave it to you to deal with him while they ran ahead of you. And boy did he love the spunky attitude you had, as y’all traded heavy blows with adrenaline pumping through both of your veins. He couldn’t get enough of how sexy you looked whenever you tried to overpower him.
But it wouldn’t be satisfying for you or him if he didn’t go all out, so he decided to spice things up a bit by opening the finale. Which brought you to where you are now.
“Oh you still seek to challenge me? Wifey dearest?”
In a flash he had his talons propped underneath your chin, as he stared at into your eyes simmering with fraudulent desire. Clad in his signature Foul Legacy form in all its glory.
“If it’s a fight you want then you’d better last at least 4 rounds baby, I’m not goin easy on you~ “
His demented voice growled in your ear.
He stayed true to his word not even giving you a second to breathe as he continued to spam you, with a barrage of his overwhelming arsenal of attack combos. You barely managed to dodge the sharpness of his dual blades, sacrificing your clothes in the process. Winded you couldn’t even register the unbridled hunger swarming in his violet eyes that dilated at your haggard form.
He certainly didn’t miss the exposure of delectable sweaty skin that looked so tender and inviting, suddenly he got the urge to mark you. Almost as if knowing his impure intentions your body tensed and instinctively tried to get away as far as possible away from his sharp predatory grin. Long story short you failed to even get five steps in rounds before he pounced and trapped you underneath his weight.
“Where do you think you’re going? Honey”
He reprimanded softly
While he nonchalantly ripped your pants off and snapped at the bands of your panties, watching your ass jiggle from the force. You could only whine as he toyed with you, before gingerly sliding them off stuffing the damp panties in his pants pocket. So he could add them to his panty collection.
He’s so needy and depraved, when he takes his time to tease your poor little cunt. being mindful of his thick clawed fingers that scissored themselves inside your winking hole. He added in another which made you moan from the added pressure against your hot core. The squelching of your pussy and the slick dripping from his talons made him ravenous. Slipping his fingers out, he licked them clean of your juices with a savory moan.
“Come on don’t be shy, open your tight little hole for me. I promise to be gentle”
He cooed
As he mounted you like a dog in heat with you pinned to the ground on your hands and knees. Grinding his clothed dick imprint against your pulsing heat. Letting you feel his hard member grow against your ass with every rut, until he finally had enough. Pulling down his zipper to release his strained veiny cock that slapped up against his chest.
Trembling from the dalop of precum secreting from his thick mushroom head prodding against your puckering hole. You could help but to swallow dryly, You’ve never taken Childe’s dick in his foul Legacy form. So you were rightfully worried about how he was gonna destroy you with his cock. And couldn’t help but squirm away from him whenever he tried to insert himself thinking it wasn’t gonna fit. And he didn’t like that, not one bit.
“ Oh baby, nobody likes a sore cunt who can’t take dick. So stop squirming and let me fuck you”
He said cruelly with a smirk spreading across his lips. Gripping the fat of your hips tightly he slammed his engorged dick inside your sinewy insides and growled from the heavy squeeze on his cock. You tried to hang on for dear life onto the fallen slabs of marble as his hard ruthless thrusts slammed straight into your cervix.
Don’t get me wrong, Childe was your sweet husband who loved you very much. However when he gets all worked up He’ll fuck you like he hates your guts.
“Y-you ahh! You liar! said you’d be gentle”
“I was until you decided to be a little bratty bitch”
You whined from his mean words, whilst fucking back into the meaty slam of his length against your ass. Loving the painful stretch of his girth that felt so pleasant in your taut walls that clamped down on his dick, each time he created friction within your weeping hole. You could almost feel him in your throat with the way his cock be stabbing your battered baby maker.
With glazed eyes rolling back into your head tongue dangling out as drool trailed down from the corners of your gaping mouth. Truly bordering on the sweet edge of release, He left you breathless with the way he rammed into your receptive dripping pussy. Biting his lip at the sight of strings of slick connecting you guys with each long stroke of his dick.
He wishes he could fuck you until sunrise but his sensitive hearing alerted him to the footsteps heading in y’all’s direction so begrudgingly he decided to speed up the process. By running his digits down to your folds to play with your clit, listening to the sounds of your desperate mewls. He huskily whispered Your ear.
“ You’re so messy. Are you about to cum on my dick pretty girl? Go ahead I wanna feel you squirt around me”
With a hoarse cry you gushed on his cock that rocked into the bundle of nerves that made you curl in on yourself. As he in turn emptied his cum inside of your overstimulated cunt. Bucking up into you to spread his seed into the depths of your womb before pulling out, stuffing the excess sperm back into your aching pussy. Giving you a sweet peck on the junction of your heated neck, before fixing himself to make a hasty getaway from unwanted attention.
“I’ll want a rematch when we get home Wifey”
And let’s just say you end up getting pregnant with twins.
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