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#cannibalism tw

Maybe I am late for this but this was on my mind recently…

“their thirst for turkish blood….”, “baby killing Armenians” and similiar armenophobic tropes were used by armenian genocide organizers who used the same tropes to justify mass massacres of armenian people.

halide edib accused armenians of child cannibalism and claimed cospiracy to turn turkish children to armenians(irony). So many years have passed after the genocide, but “child mudering armenians” trope is not dead. Please read posts before reblogging them.

Do not contribute to genocide apologism.

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really big week for cannibalism!!!

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ummm so whats goin on with some actor being accused of being a cannibal? 🧍‍♀️

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can y’all not make jokes and memes about the a*mie h*mmer situation like? this guy was just exposed as an abuser and his ex-gf is now suffering from ptsd to the point where she admitted herself to a clinic and all you can think of doing is make jokes about him being a c*nnibal? disgusting how this is deemed “funny”

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Not a dream, but I wish it was

How are we living in the timeline where a famous actor could be accused of fetishizing/attempted cannibalism, and I just see the news about it and don’t even bat an eyelid because it’s like, it’s 2021 - it could very well be true. It could be not true, but it could also be.

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oh WORD like she actually said that ,, i thought it was just someone messing around and making super fake DMs but i didn’t realize that people already confirmed that he’s into that ,,

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Oh my god I called the cannibalism thing last year.

Not only was there evidence of it in Germany but potentially also Armie Hammer

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“He wanted to barbeque and eat me” is the most LOL headline I’ve seen out of this Armie Hammer craziness

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Who had “people arguing over whether or not Armie Hammer is a cannibal” in their 2021 bingo card because I missed that one on mine

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tbh can’t stop thinking about the armie hammer alleged c*nnibalism and infidelity rumors. they haven’t been proved but houseofeffie on IG has multiple DMS from multiple women highlighting this. no one’s upset about him being kinky, but the cannablism and infidelity just make me so anxious and so paranoid to be in a relationship tbh. i can’t even imagine how his ex-wife feels. you marry someone thinking you know everything about them and then suddenly that may not be true??

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ok in that last post the amount of people thqt want to say EITHER “the armie hammer thing isn’t true, the person who posted that came forwarr and said she made it up” - i follow her on instagram and she said an armie stan impersonated her and the news outlet didn’t even bother fact checking, plus armie HAS BEEN liking bdsm and rape fantasy tweets, unless we’re just choosing to forget that, so I’m really not that suprised

OR “even if it’s true he’s an adult and can do what he wants” yeah not when it involves rape and cannibalism fantasies? you absolute fuck ups?

and EITHER WAY the fact yall will say shit like “believe victims uwu!” until its a grown man you like doing it, then its “these 9 women are lying” is really telling. hes not gonna fuck you or pay your rent, give it up

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grind culture sucks if i wanted to grind i would put myself on a millstone and get ground into bone flour and ppl could make tortillas with it

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 considering  everything  going  on  regarding  one  h*rmie  amm*er?  i  cannot  help  but  feel  like  writing  venom  these  days  is  …    kind  of  bad  timing,  you  know?  primarily  due  to  this  𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗗𝗖𝗔𝗡𝗢𝗡  (tw!cannibalism).  i  wrote  that  headcanon  like  3  months  ago  and  while  it  hasn’t  really  been  mentioned  since,  i  feel  like  i  should  still  place  a  big  fat  warning  on  a  pinned  post  on  my  blog  or  something.    so  do  i  make  a  warning  post  about  it?  do  people  care?  or  do  i  just  tag  it  appropriately  and  that’s  it?

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Babe I love you so so much but you are wrong ❤️❤️


It’s neurodegenerative, so he wouldn’t really be able to operate on it either. Plus, the symptoms are body tremors, random outbursts of laughter and gradual loss of coordination so even if he hypothetically could, it would be extremely hard.

And you can’t build up an immunity to it, although there is an area in Papua New Guinea where they have evolved immunity to it! That is a different to just “building an immunity from doing it a lot” though.

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why is all of my old writing so dark like … wtf was my eight year old ass thinking when i said “let’s write a mentally unstable cannibalistic murderer and then make people sympathize with her” like damn u emo bastard could u not be so insane for two seconds

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(I’m noot checking rn because I hate searchi g all their organs but I’m pretty sure it usually accumulates in one organ. But yeah it makes sense.)

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Okay so in ep 19 and 20 he is in fact the preacher from the construction episode that’s confirmed and it was really cool to see his perspective but that fckin end statement. Breekon and Hope deliveries- I had to look it up bc I thought I remembered but wasnt sure- they were there and they were from episode 2 with the coffin that shouldnt be opened but compelled the person to do it anyway. And the preacher said he was aware of what he was doing? Sort of? But it was a hallucination in place for what he was actually doing…killing two students and eating their faces apparently so he was kindof compelled to do it under a hallucination. The dude in episode two was compelled to open the box in his dreams so….are the incidents related with that delivery service?

My theory so far (I didnt see anything from wiki other that to confirm they were the same company from ep 2) is that Breekon and Hope delivery service is like a black market type service, possibly supernatural, that use vulnerable people to do the dirty work for them by killing themselves or killing others to…feed whatever the fck was knocking on the other side of the coffin. Maybe. I dont know why they wouldnt kill whatever themselves but maybe they’re under an agreement that they’re strictly delivery or something. Which makes me wonder if since they’re being mentioned again if the weird coffin will become significant again at some point. It’s cool though that episodes are being linked like this.

And another thing. Since those episodes are linked I’m curious to see if all of them are linked somehow. The only thing I’ve noticed in every episode is the mention of eyes. Either something is compared to them, someone feels like they’re being intensely watched or theres a blatant mysterious eye like in First Aid when the camera feed showed an eye for a frame or two before cutting back to the lobby. It’s a weird detail that I dont know means anything but it makes it more eerie if nothing else.

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