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#christine palmer

So Stephen’s birthday is the day after Rachel McAdams’ birthday so i propose we use the same bday for Christine so that we can have B-Day bros 

  • Christine buying cakes for her colleagues on her birthday and telling everyone they’re form both her and Stephen. Stephen doesn’t know she does this until the third year she’s done it. 
  • Christine sending Stephen a birthday text every year at exactly 12am no matter how drunk she is.
  • Stephen doesn’t bother with any of it but he does always send her a card. He doesn’t write anything on it except for his signature but they’re always so beautiful and perfect that Christine knows he put the time in to hand-pick them. 
  • The First time they hooked up was when Christine somehow managed to drag Stephen into coming to their birthday party by guilting him and pretending it was just her bday party. No one even knows it’s your bday tomorrow Stephen chill out not everything is about you
  • Stephen was right though and hated it but they got way too drunk and woke up in the same bed the next morning which lead to Stephen’s Bday Brunch. 
  • Thus a new tradition was born.
  • After the first time, Stephen refuses to go to the birthday parties Christine throws but he’s always ready the next morning to drag her hungover ass out of bed for brunch. 
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Tony: Alright, give me your hairdryer.
Christine: What? What are you talking about?
Tony: Don't you carry one in your purse?
Christine: Have you ever met a human being?
Tony: Hey, do you have a hair dryer in your purse?
Stephen and Pepper, both taking out bags: Of course, we're not animals.
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stephen: there’s this dull ache in my chest like i’m the one who’s had an arc reactor for years and then had it removed

christine: homie he’s in the kitchen having a zoom meeting

christine: i can literally hear him

stephen, looking out the window: saturday’s supposed to be Our day

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Stephen: *opening a closet to find Pepper and Christine sitting on boxes and eating chocolate* what are you doing?

Pepper: Ugh waiting for everyone to leave already

Christine: Yeah they keep whining like “you need to get ready!” and “you’re not supposed to see each other!” fucking homophobes

Stephen: This is your WEDDING and those are your BRIDESMAIDS

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Stephen: Look, you and Pepper are totally welcome to stay at my place, just don't do anything on my bed.
Christine: Oh, we won't ... you know. We just like to work in the same place, and then we talk and hold hands.
Stephen: Yuck, that's somehow worse.
Christine: Yeah, it sounded bad when I said it.
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Halloween is the busiest day of the year both for the Mystical world and at the ER so when Tony decides to have a arty with Avengers and co neither Stephen or Christine can make it despite it being their favorite festivity ever.

For this reason, Tony bothers the shit out to Wong until he finally gives up to take Halloween-night patrol everywhere but in New York for the entire day and as soon as Christine’s shift is over he drags Bruce to the Metro General to get her and then to to Sanctum. When his boyfriend, his best friend and Bruce show up at his door, Stephen is worried that something might have happened (after he spent the entire night banishing minor and not so minor demons summoned by stupid teens), but Tony just looks at him and tells: “it’s still Halloween somewhere in the world so get your nice Dumbledore’s costume and let’s go celebrate.”

Both Stephen and Christine are exhausted, but a power nap on Tony’s jet later and they are having the promised fun, doesn’t matter if it’s in a different time zone.

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@markedwrath asked:   Who did you last say “I love you” to?

seventy horrible questions

While this answer might change in certain verses, if we are looking mainly at current canon the very last person he has said I love you to was Christine Palmer. Those words have always belonged to her, and he cannot imagine them being said to anyone else the way they belonged to her. She means so much more to him than people realise, even to this day. While he is glad for their friendship and enjoys having her in his life again, however she is willing to be; he still holds love for her.

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Christine, impressed: oh damn, babe, you really are that bitch

Pepper, smirking: I know but don’t let Tony hear you say that. There was an ‘incident’ in 2007 and now whenever anyone says the word ‘bitch’ around me, FRIDAY gets an alert

Pepper: I’ve had to convince him on multiple occasions to reinstate people’s internet access

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Christine, clearly angry: which was that bitch’s name again?

Stephen: which one?

Christine: your boyfriend’s ex!

Stephen: Pepper, why?

Christine, showing with rage a photoshop pic of her and Pepper where they’re called “potential power couple”: how fucking can they?! Disrespect me, my relationship and generally how much I care for people being treated fairly!

Bruce: hey, it’s ok, let them do whatever they want

Christine: Nope, nope, nope! Me and Nat?! Yes, beautiful, amazing, people can do that. Me and a fucking abuser, nope!

Tony and Nat, entering in that moment: another Twitter pic?!

Stephen: *nods giving up*

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Among Us YouTubers AU!

I blame this on @drstrangefangirl8900 and the videos of LaurenzSide on YouTube because both of them introduced me to Corpse’s absolutly illegal voice (it’s lower and sexier than Ben C’s voice, and this says tons about it). I’ll also reuse some of my previous headcanons from a couple of years ago.

The Avengers are streamers and/or youtubers (longer explanation of who does what will come if you want to) and Nat did a lot of collabs with Christine in the past (don’t ask me why, but they totally did Princesses Rap Battles, because I said so), so when the game goes viral, Nat proposes to stream it with her. She invites the other five original Avengers plus Sam and Peter but there’s one person missing so she asks Christine to invite someone. With tons of premises, Christine tells Nat that she wants to invite this friend of hers but he never really streamed, he’s more of a YouTube only guy and he never played Among Us.

Which is true, if you ignore the fact that Stephen is absolutely amazing both as a crewmate and impostor. He’s just a natural. But that’s not the point. The point is his voice which drives everyone crazy. Christine is the only one immune, the first couple of rounds everyone else is so charmed by his voice that they would believe themselves being impostors even when they walked into him killing someone. It doesn’t last, of course, but Stephen is really GOOD at the game so even when the magic is broken he can still outsmart them.

Tony at first thinks that the guy is insufferable, all snarky comments and irony, but the truth is that Stephen’s way of thinking and his voice are enough to have him fantasize about how he might look. And so, instead of doing the adult person thing, he asks Nat to set up a meeting without even having stalked every bit of social network the guy has.

Nat is kinda: “do you want me to set a fake collab with Christine and tell her to bring her friend along just because you find his quote and unquote mind like real porn and voice like a massage candle?!”

Which yes, maybe he could have thought it better, but the point is that Nat is one of his best friends because she does it. And well, Tony wasn’t ready for Stephen to be even hotter than he originally thought he would have been.

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