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#marvel what if
disco-tea · a day ago
What If?
So, I get what if is alternate universes and all that and they wanna tell very different stories, but I just personally haven’t really vibed with a lot of the episodes so I decided to make my own What If ideas/prompt list thingy. Shout out to @candiliam328 for brain storming with me!
What If Tony Stark had been given EXTREMIS?
What If Pietro Maximoff had lived?
What If the Winter Soldier found Tony in the car when he assassinated Howard and Maria?
What If Steve Rogers didn’t crash the plane?
What If Tony never revealed he was Iron Man?
What If Thor was a Frost Giant too?
What If Steve Rogers had fallen off the train instead?
What If Ultron actually got Vision’s body?
What If Natasha had secretly been working for Hydra all along?
What If Loki had somehow joined the Avengers?
What If the portal in New York closed before Tony fell through and he was found by Yondu’s crew?
What If Hela defeated Sutur?
What If Clint and Natasha both fell off the cliff and both woke up with the soul stone but it was split in two?
What If Harley Keener’s mother died and Tony adopted him?
What If Loki didn’t fall off the bifrost?
What If the Guardians of the Galaxy helped fight the Battle of New York?
What If Ultron could only take over Dum-E, Butterfinger, and U?
What If Odin was a good father?
What If Shuri actually fought T’Challa for the throne?
What If Mephisto?
What If Morgan Stark inherited EXTREMIS abilities from Pepper?
What If Wong was the Sorcerer Supreme?
What If Loki used the mind stone on Bruce Banner?
What If Howard the Duck got the Infinity Gauntlet?
What If Nick Fury was allowed to swear
What If I was never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down—
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kram6496 · a day ago
Heir to the Shield: Prologue
Female!Stark Daughter x Male Rogers!Reader
Request by @deafeningsharkslimeempath
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Come on,” you whine, “tell us the story Uncle Tony!” Your adopted sister Rosie Stark settles next to you in your twin bed.
Your adopted father Tony Stark smiles one of his thousand watt smiles at you. Barely seven years old and he can already see both of your parents in you. He takes a seat at the foot of your bed.
“And there came a day unlike any other,” he begins, “when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes came together and they became the Avengers.” Tony smirks before continuing, “I think you two might know them.”
You look to Rosie, a little challenge between friends. “The god. The monster. And the Soldier” you say out loud with a zeal.
Rosie finishes the team, “The archer. The spy. And the Knight.” She bites her lip with excitement.
Tony smiles at you and Rosie.He’s taught you both so well. He continues the tale, “Under the Avengers, the Earth was safe. People didn’t have to live in fear or worry.“ A tear begins to form in his eye as he continues on, “but all good things come to an end...“
Tony takes a deep breath, “The Knight’s arrogance drove the Avengers apart. He sided with a kingdom rather than his team. The Avengers were ripped apart.“
You always hated this part. Tony continues, “But in that time, the Soldier and the Spy fell in love and from that love came...“ he gestures to you with a smile.
“And in less than a year’s time, the Knight and his Queen welcomed their own“ He gestures to Rosie who smiles right back. That girl is the apple of her father’s eye.
Tony pauses then continues, “Then a day came when the Mad Titan descended from the stars. The Avengers reformed“ This next part was always the most painful for Tony, “They fought long and hard but while they were able to defeat the Titan, the Avengers lost the Soldier, the Spy and the god in the chaos.“
Tony can barely look at you or Rosie now, “So the Avengers disassembled. The Knight left his empire to raise two wonderful kids and his protege the Spider took over the kingdom. The End.“
Rosie whispers to you, “That can’t be the end.“ You nod.
“Time for bed you two.“ Tony says with a smile. He gives you a hug, the kind of hug you had wished you could’ve gotten from your parents. Tony gives Rosie a kiss on the forehead, “Good night bedbugs.“
“Uncle Tony,“ you question him as he turns to leave, “will the Avengers ever come again?“
Tony looks to you and then to Rosie, the youth, the steely determination already forming in your eyes and hers. He finally answers, “They can.“ And with that he turns and leaves.
Rosie settles into your bed, the young girl smiles at you, “Good night (Y/N).“
You briefly get up to give a kiss to your mother’s Widow Stingers and to your father’s red, white, and blue shield. Both hang just above your bed.
“Good night Mom. Good night Dad.“ And with that you settle into bed next to Rosie. The only remnants of your parents watching over the two of you as you sleep.
To Be Continued...
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victorian-sexstache · 13 days ago
Marvel: What If be like…
Episode 1: What if Captain America…but girl?
Episode 2: What if Star Lord…but Black Panther?
Episode 3: What if the Avengers died lol
Episode 4: What if the most dark and depressing thing you’ve ever seen from this franchise, sending you into an existential tailspin of horror and despair so you have to just simply sit on the floor for a while and contemplate the futility of your own free will?
Episode 5: What if zombies
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crazyyfilmyfreak · a month ago
NOT GONNA LIE, Even tho i love my beloved and precious Peter Quill a lot in mcu , I LAUGHED AS HELL WHEN I SAW THIS PARALLEL TODAY 😭💀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also there is a very simple explanation for this , T'Challa saved Drax the destroyer's Home planet from Kree invasion
Tumblr media
AND LITERALLY STOPPED THANOS FROM COMMITTING THE MASS GENOCIDE 😭 LIKE LITERALLY JUST WITH A SMALL ARGUMENT without any infinity wars and that stupid dumb endgame and blah blah blah
Tumblr media
T'CHALLA WILL ALWAYS BE A HAILED AS A KING AND A LEGEND NOT BECAUSE OF HIS HERITAGE or INHERITANCE BUT BECAUSE OF HIS KINDNESS , GENEROSITY and because of " how beautiful and pure his soul is " and i love the makers of #WhatIf for exploring and giving more impact on this particular characteristic trait of T'challa !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And i really enjoyed the episode a lot man , the easter eggs, the action , the Humour , everything are just perfect and Top-Notch and it is really something special and an emotional moment for me to see Chadwick as Star lord and i can't wait to see him in the next few episodes when he's gonna appear again 🙌🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zemosimp05 · a month ago
Civil war gave us their last moment together but #WhatIf gave us the first time they saw each other again...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm not crying... You're ಥ◡ಥ
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jibril-thelibraryangel · 13 days ago
Everyone in WandaVision: Wanda stop! Vision wouldn’t have wanted this!
Vision in What if…?: *Captures innocent people to feed them to his zombie wife, refuses to save humanity because he can’t save Wanda along with them, would rather commit suicide than be physically away from his already dead wife*
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sherr-vc · a month ago
This first chapter of What If erases the existence of the Winter Soldier in one of the universes, meaning that there's at least ONE universe where Bucky lived a full, happy, healthy life and I consider that an absolute win
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lazy-cat-corner · 26 days ago
Loki: Pledge your loyalty to me and I’ll give you what you need.
Citizen: Universal healthcare?
Loki: You don’t have that?
Citizen: Meal services for low income households?
Loki: [gasp]
Citizen: Free dental and vision care?
Loki: Isn’t that covered by healthcare?
Citizen: Increase the minumum wage every year?
Loki: They don’t already do that?
Citizen: Fund reservations?
Loki: Eye-
Peter: Free college textbooks?
Loki trying not to cry: Oh, you poor things!
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