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sargasmicgoddess · 19 hours ago
Sunday Night Meal Prep...
Tumblr media
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Matthias: What's for dinner?
Nina: I can't tell you, it's a soup-prise.
Matthias: Is it soup?
Nina: I soup-pose it could be.
Matthias: Enough with the soup puns!
Nina: You never soup-port my jokes :(
[five minutes later]
Matthias: it was fucking TACOS
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variousqueerthings · 2 days ago
Johnny like: I did your balance wheel, now we go trauma-karate bond in an abandoned warehouse. I punch bricks, you climb up a chain, we don’t discuss our feelings at all! 
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cynqell · a day ago
One day Kaz Brekker will become the king of Ketterdam. One day he will have accomplished everything he sought out to do, and become, and conquer. One day he will have moved on past Jordie, past vomiting every time a hand touches his, past his gloves and the label of the bastard. One day he will stare out at the skyline outside his window which he always leaves unlatched and then gather his cane, his gloves, and walk out to the harbour to finally, finally join the girl that was always his home.
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paleroze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Look at her babysitting
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rvspberry · 2 days ago
Miguel+Robby; prompt: Poker Face; @allvalley100
When Robby tries to leave, Kreese passes him around the other students, all taking turns and landing blows. They throw him outside to the curb.
He’s used to that.
Miyagi-Do used to be his home. When he comes back, he sees his dad, Mr. LaRusso, Sam, and him.
Robby can’t catch a fucking break. He steels his spine, grits his teeth, puts on that mask of anger that’s always served him well.
Except Miguel doesn’t treat him like Robby’s a criminal, the way Robby thought he would. And it makes Robby wonder if maybe he got Miguel all wrong.
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justdaphne · a day ago
The crows go to a mall. Nina drags Inej to each store. And after each store, their hands hold one shopping bag. Nina has two. So it’s store after store and after store after-
The boys are just behind following. And I mean really behind. “YOU BOYS NEED TO KEEP UP! SAINTS!”
and at each store, they’re sitting down. Just silently.
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askfriskandcompany · 2 hours ago
Sorry I forgot to explain my reasoning with this question in my last ask. If you dunk a non magic cookie in monster food milk, would the cookie become monster food because it soaked up the milk?
You’d have to transform the cookie with (cooking) magic to turn it into a monster food. So technically you could try to do that using magic milk but... the result... ~CK
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grishaverseshitposts · 2 days ago
Jesper: Hey, I wanna tell Wylan I love him but I don't know how to begin telling him
Kaz, in his mind: Tell him you love his eyes, his lips, his hair, the way he parts his hair.
Kaz, out loud: Tell him he's a good investment.
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softhyungkyun · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shownu, hyungwon, changkyun 🌊 chillax (chapter 2: play)
Tumblr media
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moonsck-blog · a day ago
Daniel: I don't suppose you could, get me that, while you're up.
Johnny: I don't suppose you suck a dick while you're down there.
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polartss · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Dirtyhands had come to see the rough work done”
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