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swanimagines · a day ago
You convinced me UwU Could you please do B57 + B92 for Kaz Brekker?
Fandom: Shadow and Bone
Prompts: B57. “I heard [name] has a crush on you.” and B92. “Are you cold? Here, take my jacket.”
A/N: Yayyy!! I hope you like it Charlie!
I haven't done birthday gifts in a while but since I got this done last Monday and it's @thereagles birthday, and she also said a while ago that this is her favorite wip... I'll dedicate this for her. Happy birthday Rowan ❤️
Warnings: mention of Jesper's sex adventures, some swearing, modified B92 for this
Word count: 506
Tumblr media
“Damn it… why had Inej to be sick today of all days?” you mumbled as you sat on a crate, some hundred meters from the museum Kaz was planning a heist on. Inej was supposed to scout the museum, but as she had fallen ill, Kaz had to rely on the next in line. Who, unfortunately, was Jesper. And Jesper was always late. And it was freezing outside, soon you’d be ill too.
Kaz looked at you shivering beside him in the cold night, and frowned. “Are you cold?”
He knew it was a stupid question, and he wanted to roll his eyes at himself. Of course you were cold. And the look on your face told him the same thing.
“What does it look like?” you retorted, and Kaz pursed his lips. He knew you didn’t mean to use that tone with him, you were just cold and frustrated that Jesper took so long. You heard Kaz shifting a little bit and turned your head to him, and saw him taking off his coat. He stood up and flopped it on your shoulders, immediately bringing the welcomed warmth. You looked at him with wide eyes, and Kaz seemed to regain his composure.
“I can’t afford you getting cold.” he stated before sitting back on the crate. “We might have to sit here for awhile.”
“Finally.” you groaned as you saw Jesper strutting to the meeting point. “Did you fuck with a guard or what took you so long?”
Kaz sighed deeply, turning to Jesper. “Well?”
“The place could as well be a bloody bunker. There’s guards everywhere aside from sturdy doors. It will be a challenge.” he told Kaz and turned to you. “And no love, I didn’t fuck with a guard.”
You cocked an eyebrow at him, rising up from the crate and Jesper looked you up and down for a moment, his eyes widening.
“Challenges are made so people could outsmart them.” Kaz stated, turning around, his cane clicking against the cobblestones. “Come on, we’ll go back to the Slat. I’ll start working on the plan.”
You followed after him shortly. Kaz was quick in his movement even with his cane, and soon you couldn’t really see him. He was probably too eager to lay his hands on the new plan, or then he was cold.
Jesper jogged after you, chuckling as he fell into step beside you. “Little crows sang, I heard Kaz has a crush on you.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous.”
Jesper cocked an eyebrow at you and looked over Kaz’s coat wrapped around you, grabbing the hem of the coat and yanking it gently. “What’s this, then?”
You looked at the coat, slapping Jesper’s hand off as you felt your cheeks heating up. “Stop it.”
Jesper smirked, putting his hands to his pockets as he walked with you back to the Slat. And tomorrow, by no doubt, all of the Crows would know about Kaz giving you his coat and the teasing would never end.
Tags: @musicallisto @take-me-to-ny @mindofasupernova @lxncelot @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @someoneovertherainboww @vintagebitc @fandomstuffff @montsepliego @number-0-iz @just-a-new-start @kaqua @readingslumpfanfic @dancingwith-sunflowers @shadowhuntyi @rika90 @imma-too-many-fandoms @the-abyss-gazed-back @thereagles @kiwijulia @beatitlikeabongodrum @louweasleymalfoy @aliiiyyaaah @malfoys-demigod @aleksanderwh0r3 @gallysonegoodlung @maybe-potato @dustyjjumpwings @whatiswrongwithpeople @thegirlwiththeimpala @periwinklemax @lazyotakujen @bookfrog242 @mrs-brekker15 @notplutos @brekkersbane @subjecta13-thefangirl @datrie @hinagiku0 @brekker-zenik @ilovemarvelanne1 @statsvitenskap @janesofia7 @heyitsaloy @rqmanoff @mentallynotstableghost @katherinepetrovawife // send me an ask to be added to my Shadow and Bone taglist (or any of my other taglists!)
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Kaz Brekker x fem! Reader - His Love
A/n: So this wasn't a request but I have like little to no motivation to do anything... Sorry
Warnings: Mentions of the darkling because yes that's now a warning, mentions of being touch starved, mentions of self isolation, I think that's it? You have been warned!
Summary: Kaz Brekker goes to see his basement lover
I do not own shadow and bone/Six of Crows or it's characters! I also do not own this gif!
Tumblr media
His damp curls were roughly thrown back up by his gloved hand. His dark eyes flowing through people like water before deciding that they were no threat - or that they were.
The dark angles of his face didn't help the menacing look he was displaying. Only it darkened the way when he was there as if a trail of darkness that swallowed everyone up who dared to try and get close. Many had tried; all had failed.
Yet there was a secret that no one knew about not even the silent Wraith knew about. There was a shadow summoner, daughter of the Darkling right underneath the Slat who just so happens to be Kaz Brekker's lover.
Perhaps you would think that the Bastard didn't love the woman underneath, that he was only using her, but you would be wrong. Oh, so wrong. He loves that girl more then anything. More then life and death itself.
"Treasure." He whispers into the darkness around him, the only thing illuminating anything was the lantern in his hand. Even that only brightened a very small circle around him as if the light was fighting back against the dark.
"I'm here." Kaz whips his head around to see his lover was right behind him.
The beautiful woman places a careful hand on his cheek before kissing it softly once and he shivers in pleasure, nearly dropping the lantern. The dark tendrils swirl around her feet and her wrists as they warp themselves around him every now and then. He had gotten long since used to that.
He close's his eyes for a fraction of a second thinking about how it took so much time for them to get used to physical contact, with some of the Crows now it was okay but even then it wasn't great.
Unless it was with her.
Feeling her skin on his was something he now craved, they were both extremely touch starved so they were almost always touching somehow. Maybe not before, but now was the present and he didn't want to focus on the past.
Quickly he places an arm around her waist before placing down the lantern. Then he brings her close.
"Did you miss me Dirtyhands?" Her voice is like silk nothing like his rough rasp that cuts through the air like a blade. Her voice moves and creates music, either a soft melody or a raging symphony.
He was going to tease her but he stops short when he looks at her eyes and how they look in the light, something he didn't get to see very often.
"Yes." Finally he breaths out and the summoners playful expression disperses before changing into a low hum.
"Bad day?"
He doesn't respond he just turns around so he's facing her, warping both arms around her now then he nuzzles his face into her neck.
She mumbles meaningless words to herself before taking his hand in hers and leading him to her bed.
"Love, I know this isn't the best time..." Her voice trails off for a bit and he looks at her whole heartily always listening. He wasn't going to be like other lovers who looked past all her ideas and opinions, Kaz was going to embrace everything. Even her faults as she did his.
Y/n's voice picks back up again regaining her confidence and as she did the shadows twirled around in the background almost like they were men at sea that were fighting. But it was hard to tell with the little light in the room.
"But I think I should meet your friends."
One part of him wants to scream and to keep her all to himself, that part also reminds him that it would be a risk. A big one. Yet the other part of him wants her to be able to control her powers so maybe she would have the courage to leave the basement.
"On one condition."
She faces him and she seems other worldly to him. It just doesn't make sense how she can be so beautiful draped in darkness yet covered in sweetness. She was a candy disguised as a drug, addictive and sweet but something you slowly started to depend on.
"Okay, on two conditions."
"Name them Brekker, I wanted to cuddle you so hurry up."
"You have to scare them a bit so they don't spill secrets."
She rolls her eyes as if saying; 'Wow, you have great friends.' And the shadows seem to agree with her as they roll their inky orbs with her.
"And you start to work with me."
She stills for a second before letting out a breath.
"Are you sure?"
"No one would dare to touch you love, I should be asking you if you're sure."
"Yes." She breaths out taking his hand in hers. "I'll do it."
Words 807
Shadow and bone taglist: @kaqua @rika90 @thefandomplace @musical-theatre-obsessed-dumbass @gallysonegoodlung @navs-bhat @sumsebien @dontjudgeabookbythecover @brekker-zenik @alohastitch0626
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Inej: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail
Jesper: Oh, no, it's okay!
Wylan: Well maybe you shouldn't have used your one phone call to prank call the cops
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milo-of-the-rails · a day ago
nina: hey, i accidentally drank kaz’s coffee, how long do you think i have left to live?
matthias: 10…
nina: 10 what?
matthias: 9…
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kazs-new-hat · a day ago
what if milo the goat was morozova's stag all along
think about it. have we ever seen them in the same room? no.
which means he died but he didn't really, bc he faked his death and chose to live as milo the goat again
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swanimagines · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested by @catgirlareruingmylife
Kaz looked over at you as you sat at the bar counter with your childhood friend. He knew that you had said that you loved your friend like a brother, but the little voice in his head became louder and louder as he watched you two laughing together. It was mocking him and snorting, saying he's a coward.
How on earth do you think they could ever love you when they could have someone like him?
It had become louder for an hour already, and nobody was near Kaz because they knew that look - he was about to be out for blood. Everyone knew that you were his, even though you didn't actually date. But the way Kaz looked at you told them more than him admitting it. Maybe he didn't confess it to anyone, not even himself, but the whole Barrel knew you weren't to be touched, that you were reserved for him.
He knew that for some, it didn't feel like a healthy start for a relationship, but it wasn't like he didn't trust you or that he wanted to control you. He was just afraid that you'd meet someone better than him - because again, you didn't actually date. And he didn't know it himself what it was it that was between you. He wanted to call you his, but his past stood in a way.
And looking at that man making you laugh, wrapping his arm around you and showing you affection made him think. He's better than me.
But Kaz Brekker wasn't known to let go so easily, so he pushed himself up from the table, making his way to you.
"Y/N." Kaz's voice suddenly interrupted you and you turned around. Kaz was glaring at your friend, before he turned at you again. "Come along."
He didn't stay to explain and started making his way upstairs, glancing back to ensure you were following.
"What is it?" you asked after Kaz opened the door to his office. "Did I do something?"
"I need to go over the plan with you." Kaz said, making his way to the desk and sitting behind it. You followed him, staying to stand beside the desk and watching him laying the blueprints on the table.
You cocked an eyebrow. "Isn't it a little late for that? Everything has been set up already." Kaz looked up at you, taking in a deep sigh and you pieced the puzzle together. "You're jealous."
He averted his eyes from yours on that moment the words left your mouth and pressed his lips together. "I'm not. Why would I be jealous?"
"Yeah. Sure. Guess not then." you smirked and sat down, taking one of the blueprints and looking it over just to please Kaz, but both of you knew that he'd been caught red-handed.
Tags: @musicallisto @take-me-to-ny @mindofasupernova @lxncelot @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @someoneovertherainboww @vintagebitc @fandomstuffff @montsepliego @number-0-iz @just-a-new-start @kaqua @readingslumpfanfic @dancingwith-sunflowers @shadowhuntyi @rika90 @imma-too-many-fandoms @the-abyss-gazed-back @thereagles @kiwijulia @beatitlikeabongodrum @louweasleymalfoy @aliiiyyaaah @malfoys-demigod @aleksanderwh0r3 @gallysonegoodlung @maybe-potato @dustyjjumpwings @whatiswrongwithpeople @thegirlwiththeimpala @periwinklemax @lazyotakujen @bookfrog242 @mrs-brekker15 @notplutos @brekkersbane @subjecta13-thefangirl @datrie @hinagiku0 @brekker-zenik @ilovemarvelanne1 @statsvitenskap @janesofia7 @heyitsaloy @rqmanoff @mentallynotstableghost @katherinepetrovawife // send me an ask to be added to my Shadow and Bone taglist (or any of my other taglists!)
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kazmybeloved · 5 months ago
i take back what i said about freddy being nothing like kaz. when the interviewers scared the cast, he just sat there completely unbothered and held amita’s hand, then laid back and said “so funny” as if the entire cast didn’t almost just pass tf out
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