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#covid virus

Dumbasses Everywhere: COVID barely exists now!! The numbers have gone down tremendously!! We are free!! Open up E V E R Y T H I N G to full capacity!!

Me: lol okay then why do I have to get a second covid test done in less than 2 weeks for a procedure?

Them: uh, uhm…. p… precaution!

Me: u said it was gone.

Them: it is! We are free! But it might come back but we are definitely FREE!

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Last year, the new crown virus spread rapidly around the world, and until this year, the virus is still endangering people’s lives.

This pic is from the cover of the Australian Department of Health web.

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Have decided I will do my blogging on here

First thing is first I am over the lockdowns this is the second one in about 2 weeks people don’t seem to be getting it thru their thick heads that if you are sick stay home, if you have a test cos you aren’t feeling well don’t go out in the public and mingle trust me we definitely don’t want what you have.

If you are going to go out for the love of staying alive wear a fuckin mask that way we all can avoid you cos we know you are sick 🤢

If you get a test cos you are sick go home afterwards don’t go to the gym, or 30+ shops or the fuckin mall that is full of people, go home and isolate yourself til you get your results ( clearly some people don’t have 2 brain cells they can rub together to figure this shit out)

So this time out lockdown is a minimum of 7 days not only does this fuck up my son’s schooling it also screws up any plans I had especially plans he had with his dad they were going shopping for things for him for his camp ( fingers crossed that’s still on ) city kids are going camping outside 😂 growing up in a farm and spending my summers tramping and camping outdoors doesn’t affect me - my son and I do it now but alot of the other kids are serious city kids that the outdoors means the backyard 😂 so them pitching tents and making a camp fire and them tramping is going to be a wide eye opener - they only camp outdoors one night and they call it survival night 😂 the rest of the camp 3 other days are in dorms at lake Karipero so literally not really camping but for city kids it’s camping.


Originally posted by yeshua-maranatha

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I lay in bed, staring at my phone, My laptop playing The Cranberries Family Ode.

This virus is real, it hurts and takes. Maybe I can sleep tonight, but my body still aches.

I lay in bed wondering how, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Wearing a mask, it’s no struggle, I know those with asthma who do it, yet people act like it’s so much trouble.

I lie in bed, my chest pounding, my brain trying to comprehend what my heart is sounding.

Washing your hands, we were taught so young, so why is it only lately being done?

I lie in bed writing this poem, knowing it’s not very good but sit down and listen if you would.

Thanks to what I caught, I’m ill and I ache, it’s not fair to my family, who’s two weeks this quarantine take.

I lie in bed, listening to the house, my family is healthy and strong, was there ever any doubt?

I lie in bed, hearing my dogs bark, I want to pet them but getting them sick stops me, leaving me a sad mark.

I lie in bed thinking of those who don’t cover a sneeze, that’s just gross, do it in your elbow or a napkin please.

This virus is real so please just take precaution because if you don’t, healthy isn’t an option.

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This about to get grim dark, but I’ve been imagining my death very often. I imagine myself dying of covid too freaking often. I also imagine my family dying, how I would react, what would I do. I’d have to organize my finances, arrange cremations and stuff like that. That’s what the pandemic did to me, I think about death all the time. It used to bother me, but now I’m not that bothered anymore. I got used to thinking about it, I got used to the sadness.

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Asymptomatic Spread considered the Most Dangerous — Johnson & Johnson with 66.1 Efficacy Authorized by FDA * WSJ (Wall Street Journal)

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Crippled World

statistical changes: Worldwide presently at 78%, US present at 66% Recoveries — Death Rates climbing as well

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Time froze on my drawer.

I believe I’m still working at office last year. Kinda excited how they told us that we’re moving to a new building in the next months.

It was also those times, NCOV 19 was on the news, started spreading throughout the world. Kinda scared and we will probably work from home in those next moments.

And so it started. It’s not safe to work outside so we were working from home in months. Left my things in office and let them bring it to the new building. I know how incompetent our government is and I don’t believe that we can go back right away.

Fast forward four months later, my life started crumbling. Something i hate about WFH set up is we can no longer distinguish work, and home, where we are supposedly resting. But the anxiety of work creeps onto my bed. And the thing that we should do more since we’re already working from home, which is favorable to many, and vulnerable to the company abt their data.

I had a partner last year and in the middle of 2020, we broke up. I can’t accept how things went. I did my best to prove I’m good. I never cheat. I help her with some works. So i don’t know what’s really wrong. And I believe, losing in touch with her physically contributed to that. And I believe this happened before. She’s entertaining someone. Maybe she believes that person is more available than me. This is a lot of story to tell but in conclusion, I got more anxious with my ex and my work.

I quitted my job because I think I’m not fitted in and I’m not capable to work, with me who can’t sleep and get’s paranoid on every message I get. I’m better communicating in person and maybe that’s why we can’t understand each other as a team. It was a long story.

It was August when I resigned. I thought I need to fix myself first. I want some therapy but I’m always scared. And I’m afraid if my reasons are valid. I tried coping up little by little. I insisted to get back my things at work since I quit there. But the HR said I can’t because the building is strict.

Until today where the stars finally aligned to get me back to office. Not really back but go to the new office I never worked in. I still don’t have a job. People are prohibited to work at office yet. I was so anxious about going there. But it happened.

I finally unlocked my drawer that is almost a year closed. The smell of the office is still the same. It brings me back. I saw my graduation picture in it, as a remembrance when i graduated and my first job. My payslips. Some dishwashing paste. My belt that is missing. Sandals I’ve forgotten. My writings and notes for myself not to forget to log out before I go home. Tart I forgot to ate from my ex’s mother, And a picture of me and my ex. It feels like everything just happened yesterday. I believe I didn’t do anything wrong to went through all this.

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