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#cute 3d models

Way back when I asked you guys what Vocaloid I should do, Rin won the poll, so you got the Orange Summer Cham Rin model. Well, Luka was in second place for that poll! So here’s Cham Dragonfruit Summer Luka!

Base and Head: blueoaks and Cham, Head was edited by me to have smaller eyes, angled lashes, thicker eyebrows, and more angled eyebrows.

Hair: Cham

One piece of her bangs: MMDFakeWings18

Shoes: TehRainbowLlama


Bracelet: Newsea and o-DeadSilverVirus-o

Bun ribbon: Christopher067 and Martesde2x1

Dragon Fruit: キャベツ鉢

Dress: Angelica-Lime

Garter: Reseliee


Redistribution is fine as long as you don’t claim you made her, don’t sell her in anyway, and credit me.

Credit me!!

Do not edit without permission!

You can take parts I don’t care lol. Just give me, Cham, and blueoaks credit if you take the head.

Yuri and love content in general is ok.

No R18.

Download is on my deviantart!

Downloading will be the little arrow button pointing down, for those who aren’t used to Eclipse yet.

Stage: TOUKO-P

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