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#dog beers
cantodeflores · a year ago
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explore-withme · 3 years ago
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Their first brewery experience
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angelfiume · 3 years ago
The Signs as Aesthetics I Associate them with
Aries:  Sweatshirts cut to be off-shoulder, double braids, no-makeup, opposite-sex friendships, sunny suburbs, laughing with a small group of friends, dipping pizza in ranch, slides with un-ironic weed socks.
Taurus:  Long, healthy hair, dark eye-shadow, intense eyes, multiple friend groups, singing while playing the piano, red hair, laughing so hard you start crying, cheesy animated movies.
Gemini: Early 2000s vibes, metallic jewelry and makeup, watching chowder at 3 AM, unflattering selfies, eye-rolls, straight hair, small, skinny bodies, black skater sweatshirts, high school squad trips to Walmart.
Cancer:  70s music playing from their headphones, zip-up hoodies and sneakers, small body frames, delicate smiles, blunt bangs, sending fake nudes, waiting around after class/or a game to talk to their crush, platonic cuddles.
Leo:  Up-to-date fashion, natural makeup, long hair, clear skin, running their hands through their hair nervously, posing perfectly in every picture, romantic movies, ice cream dates, loud family events.
Virgo:  Spanish architecture, clutter, fancy makeup bottles, drinking horchata at breakfast, smoking menthol cigarettes, blunts over bongs, note books filled with notes, being smart but not applying yourself, being friends with everyone and still being kinda unlikeable.
Libra:  Cute or creative outfits, neatly-cut hair, simple makeup, face masks, contagious smiles, drinking their parents’ booze, climbing trees, junk food, blasting throw backs in their car, books written by celebrities, friends almost only with the opposite sex.
Scorpio:  Beanies, skinny jeans, chapped lips, eye-liner, dark hair, loud rap music, rich kids pretending to be “ghetto”, never picking up a book, judgmental looks, nice cars, tacos.
Sagittarius: Pride Fest (supporters or lgbtq members),  vinyl music, hiking boots, lying to your parents about how hard you tried, seedy public schools, bad cart-wheels, sharp eye-liner, dirty cars, messy rooms, hoodies, stacks of books on their bed side tables.
Capricorn:  North Face, Patagonia, or Columbia exclusive hoodies and jackets, new shoes, straight As, being really short or really tall, staying up until five in the morning on school nights, being liked by everyone, exclusively drinking alcohol and not being interested in pot.
Aquarius:  Good hair, distinctive faces, telling lies that never add up, a really nice Instagram feed, European cities, 90s fashion, eating tons of food, 00s movies, drinking lattes, dogs, beer, red lipstick, drinking more tea than water.
Pisces:  Art in any form, theater, watching anime, 90s comedies, eccentric outfits, music on CDs, crying, resting bitch face, clean rooms, DIY makeup, holding hands, neat makeup, smiling when they see their friends, community colleges.
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Direwolves rating?
Grey Wind: 10/10. A good boy. Can do tricks. Retrieves stuff from the fridge. Good at finding things.
Lady: 10/10. A good girl. Very well behaved. Beautiful. Always has very soft fur. Wears the prettiest collar.
Nymeria: 10/10. Also a good girl. Always greets arya when she gets home. Good judge of character.
Summer: 10/10. A good boy. Therapy dog. Walks his owner. Protect but also attack.
Shaggy dog: 11/10. The best boy. Is shaggy dog. Will fight other dogs at the park. Takes no shit. Surprisingly fluffy. Eats homework on purpose. Will chase anything that moves.
Ghost: 10/10. Another good boy. Doesn't bark at night. Adopted by the entire nights watch. Likes to be fed under the table. Sheds on the carpet but the carpet is white so it actually makes it look cleaner.
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sgtgrunt0331 · 2 months ago
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Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend! 🍺
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yesterdaysprint · 3 years ago
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The World, New York, New York, April 24, 1899
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ikimonodamono · 11 months ago
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Pug day celebration
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bunnyfood · 3 years ago
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(via Seems legit : aww)
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yesterdaysprint · 3 years ago
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Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Indiana, January 29, 1955
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i learned that Busch is offering 3 Months of free beer to anyone who fosters a dog during the pandemic (x)
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honeyhoku · 2 years ago
Okay so like I have certain headcanons about the cullens that I’ve been accumulating while writing a fic and Im just gonna,, dump them here yeehaw
Jasper lets Alice pick out his clothes bc he really doesn’t care what he wears. He does, however, care how he wears it. He makes sure every button is polished, every pant leg is ironed, and there is never a wrinkle in his shirts. Period.
Edward’s eyes weren’t just green when he was a human. They were fanfiction green and the talk of the town. Ever since he was a kid all he had to do was bat his eyelashes and boom people were tripping over themselves to make him happy.
Esme alternates between working as an architect and gardening from town to town. At the beginning of Twilight she has a massive garden and sells her flowers/herbs to stores all over Forks and even makes sure to send some down to the Rez. 
Edward texts very properly with periods and commas, ok? Alice is a fierce supporter of the “do it liek dis eddy boi I saw it in the futr!” style and Emmett only responds to texts with “ :/ “ regardless of the content of the message.
Rosalie doesn’t read Edwards texts and has an automated message that sends back ‘no’ whenever he sends her one.
Esme doesn’t completely understand millennial humor but she fucking dies over fried memes. She sends them to Carlisle and the poor man is too enamored to question why elmo looks like that.
Everyone thinks Jasper is the country music enthusiast and while he appreciates it, no one compares to Emmett. He blares Carrie underwood when no one is home and unironically likes the ‘truck, dog and beer’ genre.
Bella loves McDonalds. Unabashedly and doesn’t care about the cringe on peoples face when she eats it
Rosalie’s dad used to bring her fancy teas whenever he traveled and she loved it so much that sometimes she’ll make a pot of tea, even now, just to smell it and reminisce. 
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yesterdaysprint · 3 years ago
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The Des Moines Register, Iowa, November 10, 1944
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