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ermine-writer 19 hours ago
I subscribe to the belief that Pepa focuses on her wedding day and blaming Bruno to cope with the loss of her brother.
They were stuck with each other for FORTY YEARS she was married like, 20ish years before canon. That would've been half their life to get revenge or to complain. But 10 years after he vanishes into the wall the only thing she has to say is "he ruined my wedding". Forty years of stuff and that was her one major grievance?
Nah. She loves her brother. That was a coping mechanism.
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ENCANTO(2021) - ft. the cutest donkeys in the world
Moodboard taglist: @tessherongraystairs @doritosandbluethings @starviki @im-someone-i-guess @thatonekidfromsomewhere @pink-party-dino @daggxrsanddrxamers @gabtapia @ashisdeadand-dying @willothewhisper @merry-esfandimas @ninacarstairss @thewarthatsavedmylife @brekkcrs @rey-herondale @emablckthrn @ddepressedbookworm @walkerrenee @revvs-trash @mf-means-matthew-fairchild @starlight-in-my-eyes @ritzapocalypse @ms-lightwood @bookavert @theqtrains @tis-the-boards-season @shit-thats-true @stay-because-now-you-have-a-home @kkitays @that-intp-vampire @queen-born-out-of-fire @tellthestarshello808 @noah-herondale-lightwood @the-ethereal-aura lmk if you want to be added or removed from my taglist
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tiredtief 2 days ago
Not me thinking about how the miracle put up literal walls around Abuela and her family to protect them and keep them safe but also in the process made it so she literally could not go back to the place of her trauma until Mirabel forcibly broke down the walls and forced Abuela to confront her past
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Black & White (Julieta x reader)
Tumblr media
Title and lyrics taken from Blanco y negro by Mal煤
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Come back here!!!"
You jumped as thunder rumbled over your head and turned just in time to see the youngest of the Madrigal triplets run towards you. Usually, you didn't mind getting caught in the middle of their fights, but you had been working on this song for days and if Pepa's rain messed up your notebook, there was going to be trouble.
However, when you noticed Bruno's worried look you felt your heart pity him. You just couldn't give him up! So you quickly closed your notebook and stood up, offering the boy a safe spot between you and the tree where you had been leaning.
Pepa approached you two with the storm above her head and you could see a worried Julieta a few meters behind her.
"I swear it wasn't me" Bruno whispered behind you
The way he said it made you melt. You were all in your 20's, but at the time he seemed like just a kid who had been at the wrong time in the wrong place and was going to be scolded for something that wasn't his fault. And by God you were going to defend him even if you didn't know what had happened, because if he said he hadn't done it, then he hadn't!
"Don't hide behind Y/N! Come out and answer for what you did!" Pepa roared
"Pepa, Pepa, can we calm down please?" you spoke softly, but the cloud above your heads thundered louder
"No, we can not!"
"Stay out of this Y/N!"
You didn't have time to react by the time the rain began to fall. The water seeped between the pages of your notebook and in a matter of seconds, you saw how all your work was gone between puddles and sad pieces of soaked paper.
"No no no no!" you cried "Stop the rain! Please!"
The three people around you watched stunned as you tried to cover your notebook with your clothes, but it was useless, you knew it was too late.
"Pepa! Stop the rain, damn it!!" you screamed
The redhead was startled. In all the years you had been friends with the triplets, you had never yelled at her for her powers. Neither at her nor her siblings, so whatever you had there, it must be of great importance. And she had ruined it.
Her guilt made the woman feel worse and instead of stopping, the rain fell harder.
"Stop yelling at her!" Julieta chimed in "You're only making it worse!"
"I worked on this for days!" you said desperately
You weren't really mad at Pepa, you knew that hadn't been her intention, but you had really put effort into that song and seeing all your hard work reduced to nothing made you feel helpless.
"Well you can do it again!" the brunette frowned "So don't yell at my sister for a bunch of stupid songs!"
"Stupid songs?!" you looked at her hurt
Bruno tried to calm you down with a hand on your shoulder while Pepa looked at her older sister in surprise, it was not common for Julieta to lose her temper, except when someone bothered her siblings. But you were her friend! And you hadn't really blamed her, you had just asked her to stop.
The brunette for her part looked at you with wide eyes and quickly covered her mouth with her hands. She hadn't meant that! She knew that the lyrics of your songs were important to you! She just wanted you to stop yelling at her sister!
"Y/N I-" she tried to apologize, but you stopped her
"Leave it, I don't want to hear it" you said angrily "I don't want to hear anything from you at all!"
The three of them watched as you ran home, with your notebook glued to your chest and your heart breaking. Julieta tried to go after you but Bruno stopped her, knowing that it would only make things worse. You needed to be alone.
Of the three, he was the one who most knew the importance of those doodles. He liked to sit next to you while you wrote, sometimes even giving you suggestions, enjoying the fact that you never seemed bothered by his presence. He knew that you were not hurt by it, but because the person to whom you had written so many beautiful words, had just told you that they were stupid.
Although his older sister did not know of your feelings for her, or that she was the muse of your inspiration, it did not erase the words that had come out of her lips.
Julieta sighed when the line of people ended. You hadn鈥檛 come.
Several days had passed since the fight and the brunette's guilt had only worsened. You had been ignoring and avoiding her, even when she decided to ignore Bruno and look for you herself, you hadn't opened the door. She knew she had hurt you, and she just wanted to be able to fix it.
She missed you.聽
"No luck?" Pepa asked when her sister returned home
"She wasn't even sitting under her tree." Julieta shook her head.
"I'm so sorry, Juli" the redhead said, looking at the ground and nervously fidgeting with her hands. The air around her was beginning to get stronger.
"We already talked about this, Pepa, it wasn't your fault"
"You know it was. If I hadn't made it rain-"
"You were upset"
"But she asked me to stop and I didn't!"
"You were upset" the brunette repeated "Besides, I was the one who yelled at her and told her that her songs were stupid"
"You defended me"
"Yes but I didn't have to be so cruel"
"Are you guys done throwing the blame ball at each other yet?" Bruno suddenly asked, making his sisters jump.
"When did you-?"
"I was at Y/N鈥檚" the boy interrupted
The two older sisters quickly approached him, waiting for him to continue. He was the only one who had been able to talk to you (Pepa had complained about your favoritism for him, but Bruno knew who your favorite triplet really was), but he rarely told them anything, respecting your decision to stay away from them.
"What did she say?" Pepa asked impatiently
"How is she?" Julieta added
"She's鈥etter" Bruno replied "She said she didn't want to make this bigger"
"Bigger? She's ignoring us!"
"She said that she didn't want to talk to you while she was still upset. She didn't want to yell at you again" Bruno explained "she really worked hard on that song. I-it was for鈥or the person she likes, so it really was a special one"
Bruno looked at his older sisters with concern. Pepa reacted as he expected, with guilt and the wind grew stronger, taking several things with it. But it was Julieta he was worried about.
Despite what people might think due to his nervous and asocial nature, Bruno was good at observing and reading people, often being the first to know of a change in a relationship, even before those involved.
That's why he knew very well that his older sister had long ago begun to see you as more than a friend, although he didn't know if Julieta herself had already realized it.
From the way the brunette clasped her hands together and the soft sigh that slipped silently from her lips, Bruno knew that she might have just done it at the moment. Damn it.
"B-but she's fine" he hastened to assure "She rewrote it a-and actually said that she had made some necessary changes, so I think deep down it was a good thing that she lost the first version"
Unfortunately, his tirade didn't do much to calm the little tornado Pepa was creating, or the hole that was starting to open up in Julieta's chest. Bruno wished he could comfort his sister, but this was something you had to do. You deserved that opportunity.
He just hoped it wouldn't take that long.
"How many roses will it cost me to make you forgive me?"
Julieta jumped when your voice came from behind her. She had been busy gathering her things (she wasn't going to admit that she expected you to arrive, like every day since the fight) and she hadn't heard you approach.
"Y/N!" She smiled and practically threw herself into your arms.
"Woa, easy tiger" you joked, but you still pressed her closer to you
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" she murmured quickly
"I didn鈥檛 want to say that"
"Your songs are not stupid"
The brunette jumped and looked at you in surprise when you carefully separated yourself from her.
"It鈥檚 ok" you smiled "I know you didn't mean it. And the truth is that I shouldn't have yelled at Pepa. I also have to apologize to her. But first I wanted to apologize to you"
"There is nothing to forgive"
"I shouldn't have ignored you for days"
"You were upset" she smiled at you "besides, it was my fault and-"
"Hey! If you don't let me blame myself, then you can't either" you scolded lightly
You felt weird trying to tease her after so many days, but you could see that the brunette appreciated the effort. It was a good start.
"So...how many roses are there going to be?" you asked again
"None" Julieta replied "Dinner with us and we're even"
"Well, I have to apologize to your sister anyway" she shrugged, hoping the blush on your face wasn't so noticeable.
"I'll see you later then"
You nodded and before you could turn around, Julieta grabbed your hand and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I missed you" she whispered.
And that just reassured you that you had to stick with your plan.
You took a deep breath to try to calm your nerves. Bruno had told you that everything would be fine, that he had seen it. But he didn't tell you if it would be "she'll reject you but she won't be upset" fine or "she likes you too" fine.
Either way, you tried to take comfort in the fact that you wouldn't lose Julieta after this, although you really hoped it was the latter.
You tried not to swallow when people started arriving and soon you had almost all of Encanto surrounding your tree. It was nothing new that you gave these small concerts, people liked them, but it was a special night!
When the four Madrigals arrived, the people gave them the places in front. Pepa sat on the shore, in case she got too excited and ended up wetting something. Bruno sat down next to his mother and they both gave you an encouraging smile. Alma was a strict woman, but she liked you and you knew that Bruno had already told her everything, so the fact that she was here to support you meant a lot to you.
Finally, Julieta sat closer to you. Her eyes looked at you with an indecipherable longing. You didn't know it, but she had heard you tell her brother that you were ready to sing that special song you wrote for your crush. She was proud and happy for you, but she didn't know if she was ready to let you go. Still, she tried to be a good friend and support you, no matter if her heart broke a little.
With no more reason to wait, you started scratching your guitar strings.
"Tonight, I want to dedicate a song to a very special person" you said, taking another breath before continuing "she...she is everything to me. We had a fight recently and these days made me realize how sad my life is without her. And from that feeling this song is born, which I hope will sing to the soul and let her know how much she means to me "
Your cheeks warmed as the crowd cheered and let out a few "awwwws." You took one last breath, you looked at Bruno, who nodded to give you courage and you began to sing.
You say white, I say black
You say I'm going, I say I'm coming
I see life in color and you in black and white
They say that love is enough
But I don't have the courage to face it
I carry you in my mind desperately
As much as I look for you
It's you who always finds me
Your eyes met Julieta's and you confirmed to the brunette what her heart wanted to be true: that you were talking about her. The brunette smiled at you and you felt your pulse quicken.
I give you my love, I give you my life
Despite the pain, it's you who inspires me
We are not perfect, just polar opposites
I love you strongly, I hate you at times
Julieta laughed at the little reference to your fight and the butterflies in your stomach got more excited.
I give you my love, I give you my life
I will give you the sun whenever you ask me
We are not perfect, just polar opposites
As long as I'm with you I would always try
Time stopped when you finished singing and you couldn't even hear the applause of the people, nor did you see Pepa's rainbow or the complicit smiles of Alma and Bruno. The only thing that mattered was Julieta.
Julieta, who was smiling at you with tears in her eyes. Julieta, who ran to you. Julieta, who took your face and kissed you deeply, making people cheer more.
Julieta, that loved you too.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Julieta tag: @emril-osvigne
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fabi3790 17 hours ago
Encanto spoilers without context
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leftuptosmudgy a day ago
Okay, okay, BUT.
Imagine. Either in an AU or after the events of Encanto. Bruno is engaged.
It's his wedding day.
Pepa walks in (with a mischievous grin)
And says, "It looks like rain."
And with the same gusto as Ross from friends saying they were on a break, Bruno just shouts "IT WAS A JOKE"
Anyway, have a nice day.
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Tumblr media
I made an Encanto character quiz that includes all the Madrigals!
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shannonallaround 22 hours ago
K so like more Encanto thoughts:
鈥 I imagine Bruno can physically do about three, maybe even four visions in a day, but if he does more than that it starts to take a toll on him and he can get headaches or even pass out if he really pushes things. Because these headaches are magic-produced, Julieta's gift doesn't completely take the pain away, but her cooking does take the edge off. When this has happened in the past, Bruno has had to just take it easy and wait for his headaches to ease up or else sleep them off. Aside from his physical threshold, Bruno's visions can also be very emotionally taxing depending on what he sees. So if a vision is particularly draining he may have to tap out earlier. Another idea: if Bruno were in the middle of having a vision and someone forcibly removed him from the middle of his vision-circle without him formally closing the vision first, extreme paint would explode in his head and he would almost immediately pass out from it (the sand swirled up in the vision would magically explode in every direction as well).
鈥 When the town was helping the Madrigals rebuild their house, people made food for them for every meal (because they care about them!) That first evening after the house fell, the whole town had a sort of picnic dinner outside together among all the supplies they had out to rebuild the casita. Everyone was talking and actually having a lovely time bonding as a community.
The Madrigals are settling together in one area. Bruno is suddenly handed a bowl of soup and finds himself sitting among all of his family members. It is here among the rubble and masonry tools that he has his first meal with them in ten years. It takes his brain a moment to process things, but when his emotions finally hit him it's all too much and he can't hold back the tears. While I'm definitely not the first person to imagine Bruno crying during his first meal with his family, I love the idea of that meal happening not in their formal dining room, but outside in this very-not-perfect-but-really-pleasant setting. Bruno's trying not to make a scene but his sweet sister Julieta, who is sitting by him, is the first to notice, and soon the whole family joyfully surrounds Tio Bruno in a group hug. Abuela comes over and wipes her son's tears, her own eyes also wet, and kisses him on the cheek. They all embrace for a long time.
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ziracona a day ago
The reason all the kids in Encanto except Antonio have the gift they have is it reflects what Alma wanted/Pedro provided for her. First three big needs after losing him: Knowing future danger ahead of time, healing physical wounds, ability to control the environment. Then with the grandkids, Luisa translates pretty directly鈥攑rotection, strength, capability鈥攂earing weight. Isabella is there to first reinforce the faith the community has in them, and second to provide resources. Dolores鈥 gift makes like no sense in any context except Alma. Like super hearing is not what you鈥檇 ask for, or want as a 5 year old. Or most ages. But Alma would want to know everything going on, so she can take care of it. Needs to hear everything. Then Camilo, the need for people - including and maybe especially her - to be in two places at once as things feel further and further out of control, attempting to be met. She needed help, so Mirabel is the next matriarch/given the no 鈥榩ower,鈥 but has the ability instead to do what Alma does & influence others/Casita directly, and help. Antonio getting the ability to talk to animals is not something that makes a ton of sense as far as helping Alma, but perfect sense when it comes to Mirabel, who literally picks that out for him. 鈥榊ou鈥檙e an animal guy,鈥 gives him a leopard she made. Then hours late the gets the real deal & to very much be an animal guy because she picked out his gift, but she did it in terms of what he would want, because of who she is as a loving and understanding and supportive person, which is an excellent example of why she鈥檚 the perfect person to take up the role of directing the family someday, and helping Alma now.
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neutronstardust13 a day ago
more character placement details in Encanto
there鈥檚 an empty spot between Abuela Alma and Julieta during the song Waiting on a Miracle,
Tumblr media
and this is more or less the same arrangement the family鈥檚 in when they all gather to cheer on Mirabel during All of You, with the addition of Bruno standing in the aforementioned empty spot
Tumblr media
and BONUS:
i鈥檒l leave it up to the reader to decide whether the extra sparkles on the green pillar behind the empty spot means anything lmao (it鈥檚 kinda hard to see here since Mirabel鈥檚 currently occupying it and it鈥檚 a still image so consider this your fashionable excuse to go watch the movie again)
Tumblr media
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ermine-writer 2 days ago
Bi!Abuela trying to discretely figure out if Isabela's new friend is a friend or a "friend" so she knows how often to invite the young woman over for dinner. Bi!Abuela trusting her family but still having residual fear from her childhood, but this time she actually talks with Isabela to see if Isa is okay with Abuela acknowledging Isa's WLW-ness in front of the family.
I don't know if I fully did what you wanted but here we go! Post-canon obviously.
Nieto- grandkid/son
Alma had made mistakes. She鈥檇 always known that. She knew she wasn鈥檛 perfect. Knew she was fallible. Knew she hadn鈥檛 deserved Pedro or his sacrifice or the miracle.
And yet here she was, fifty years later. Three healthy children, two son-in-laws and six beautiful nietos. A wonderful village. A marvelous Casita. An entire life that Pedro had never gotten to see or enjoy but they only had because of him. Not a day went by that she didn鈥檛 miss him or wish she could鈥檝e traded places. Wished he鈥檇 gotten a chance to hear Pepa鈥檚 laugh or see Julieta鈥檚 smile or see one of Bruno鈥檚 plays. Wished he鈥檇 seen Dolores鈥 first steps, Luisa鈥檚 birth or Mirabel鈥檚 quincea帽era. Fifty years of living and loving that Pedro had never gotten to partake in.
Fifty years of suffocating her family and holding on so tight that she鈥檇 nearly snuffed out their light. Made Bruno hide in the walls to protect himself and Mirabel. Made Luisa so stressed over her value as a person that talking her into a break involved making her helpful in a different way (reading to Antonio, cooking with Julieta, etc). But the one she felt the worst about, was convincing her dear Isabela to marry a man she didn鈥檛 love.
Alma felt bad about all of it, but somehow the idea that Isabela would live an entire life with a man she couldn鈥檛 care less about (while her poor prima pined from afar for the love of her life) hurt Alma in a different way than all the others. Maybe because the time she鈥檇 had with Pedro was something she would look back on every time life felt like too much. Because Pedro was still her rock fifty years later. Because Love was the entire reason she鈥檇 broken her familia in the first place.
But she was trying to be better. She鈥檇 actually talked with the familia, and when the words weren鈥檛 enough she observed and watched. Watched the way Isabela carried herself in town. Watched how differently Isabela acted with girls and boys her own age.
If Alma was being truthful, it scared her. Isabela acted like Alma herself had as a girl; giggling with other girls, polite but short with boys. The more Alma watched, the more she realized Isabela had always been like this. Dolores had gotten flustered and blushed around boys but Isabela had always been poised and collected. Alma had dismissed it as Isabela being the more confident of the two, but now she could see it for what it was. That Isabela was like herself and didn鈥檛 really like boys; not the way Luisa, Mirabel or Dolores did at least.
It terrified her. She knew people were different, knew that the Encanto was a safe place. She also knew that even if the Encanto wasn鈥檛 a safe place, the familia was safe and con una hermana como Luisa, Isabela didn鈥檛 have anything to worry about.
Nothing to worry about except for her abuela's disapproval.
Alma felt despicable.
So she watched Isabela, saw her hanging out with one girl from town. Then she asked Dolores just to be sure. The simple fact that Dolores was hesitant to say anything, would only confirm that the two were friends and she hadn鈥檛 really heard anything, was enough for Alma. She got the nietos to bring their friends (and Friends) to dinner but Isabela would never bring anyone.
As a drastic measure, she asked Isabela to take a walk with her one day, insisting it would be a great break and chance for them to talk. They were just walking by the river, making small talk about nothing important. Not for the first time, Alma realized how little she knew about sus nietos and how little they knew about her.
鈥淲hen I was young I had a best friend named Ana Mar铆a.鈥 Alma started, Isabela tilted her head, eyebrows furrowed.
鈥淚 thought your best friend was Isabela. Mam谩 said that鈥檚 where I got my name from,鈥 she said. Alma smiled, closing her hands over Isabela鈥檚. She鈥檇 taken to wearing darker colors and the strikingly blue dress she had on suited her nicely. Alma was proud of how much she鈥檇 grown since getting to try new things.
鈥淪铆, I had a friend named Isabela, she鈥 she didn鈥檛 make it to the Encanto,鈥 Alma said. It still hurt a little, all the familia y amigos she鈥檇 lost. All the people who never got to enjoy the peace and safety they had. Isabela whispered an apology, squeezing Alma鈥檚 hands. 鈥淏ut before her, I had a different鈥 Friend, and her name was Ana Mar铆a,鈥 Alma could still picture her face. She鈥檇 had long red hair, big brown eyes and a crooked smile. She loved to dance, especially in the rain and every time she twirled her hair would fan out around her.
鈥淵ou must鈥檝e been close,鈥 Isabela said. Alma was smiling in memory and turned to her nieta, squeezing her hands again.
鈥淲e were,鈥 she said. Well, it was now or never. 鈥淚 was close to her in a very similar way to how close I was with your Abuelo Pedro,鈥 Alma said, watching Isabela鈥檚 face for the moment it clicked. Isabela had her brow furrowed then her eyes got wide and her jaw dropped and it was like she was looking at Alma for the first time.
鈥溌緼buela? Y-you? And a girl?鈥 She kept stuttering trying to workout whatever her question was so Alma sat them on a rock by the river, facing one another. Isabela was still gaping, coming to terms with something that had taken Alma a long time (and an even longer conversation con sus hijos) to understand. So Alma just smiled, running her thumbs over Isabela鈥檚 hands.
鈥淪铆, mi vida. She was my favorite person. We would sit on the roof watching the stars or the sunrise.鈥 She left out her mam谩 not approving, and her pap谩鈥檚 forlorn expressions. It was a different time and she鈥檇 moved on. She鈥檇 had Pedro, and she鈥檇 loved him harder and fuller than she鈥檇 even thought she was capable of.
鈥淲ow, Abuela. That-That鈥檚鈥ool,鈥 Isabela said, though Alma could tell by her face that 鈥榗ool鈥 wasn鈥檛 exactly the word she wanted. But what word was there for how to feel when your abuela admits to liking girls?
鈥淚sabela, I didn鈥檛 want you to marry Mariano just for la familia,鈥 she looked Isabela in the eye, cupping her face with a sad smile. 鈥淚 just wanted you to be happy, mi vida. I wanted you to have what I had, what your mam谩 y t铆a have.鈥 Isabela was tearing up and Alma wiped them away with her thumbs, pulling the girl into a tight hug. She knew it wasn鈥檛 enough, that it might never be enough, but it was a start.
鈥淎buela,鈥 Isabela whispered, her face hidden in Alma鈥檚 collar, so Abuela just hummed her acknowledgement. 鈥淭engo una鈥 amiga. But she might be more than una amiga.鈥 Alma smiled and pat Isabela鈥檚 head, running her fingers through thick tresses and nodding.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 fine, mi vida. As long as you鈥檙e happy, I鈥檓 happy. And I鈥檓 so sorry for ever convincing you otherwise,鈥 she said. Isabela squeezed her tighter and Alma could feel the relief and forgiveness in the sag of her nieta鈥檚 body, even if she didn鈥檛 think she deserved it. Eventually, Isabela pulled back, giving Alma a watery smile and sniffing as she hid a little in her hair.
鈥淢-maybe I could bring her to one of our dinners鈥 sometime?鈥 She asked. Alma smiled, nodding and tucking Isabela鈥檚 hair behind her ear, cupping her nieta鈥檚 face. It wasn鈥檛 a time for hiding.
鈥淪铆, Isabela. I鈥檇 love that. And we don鈥檛 have to tell la familia anymore than you鈥檙e ready for. I shouldn鈥檛 have made you feel like you have to hide, but it is your story to tell in your own time.鈥 Isabela was back in her arms, holding on tighter than she had in years. Alma held back, the regret and guilt in her chest loosening just a little as Isabela thanked her a million times over.
鈥淗er name is Lucia,鈥 Isabela said. Alma choked back her tears. Just the way Isabela said her name, she knew that this girl was something special and that Isabela had found her Pedro. Had found the light of her life.
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en-shaedn 2 days ago
In "We Don't Talk About Bruno," Isabela says Bruno told her the life of her dreams would one day be hers.
Tumblr media
Can you imagine a little girl taking that at face value and then growing. She's 10, 12, 15 years old and she holds the words as a talisman, comfort in the face of daunting expectations. This life that's happening to her, that she's participating in building, she doesn't want it. She feels stifled, hemmed in, stunted.
She doesn't do anything about it because hey, she'll grow into it, right? This is what she WILL dream of, right, even if she isn't dreaming of it yet? She curls up around that little prophecy in her mind at night, thinking that she'll be happy one day, if she just keeps going.
Tumblr media
When she breaks out, when she starts really exploring herself and thriving, I wonder if she ever looked back and thought of that prophecy. A piece of comfort when she wasn't sure of her future or herself, even when it turned out to mean something other than what she thought.
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This song makes me think about, like, a Bruno-Mirabel role swap AU in which Bruno had no gift and Mirabel can see the future.
In this case, Bruno never left the family, because he never had any terrible vision that led him to protect Mirabel through his disappearance. He's still scapegoated and ostracized, much like Mirabel in canon, but it's definitely less extreme than what he went through in the film. He can put up with it. Mostly. His general attitude towards it is "-_- okay mom". He's just sick and tired but doesn't want to fight so he holds his breath and bites his tongue until he can go back to his room. I think he'd either remodel the nursery into an adult man's room and the family builds a new nursery (maybe inside of Julieta or Pepa's rooms?), or he'd leave it to Isabela when she's born and manages to build a new room somewhere in Casita, maybe within the walls? And everyone knows where it is and how to reach it, in fact it's probably easier to get to than his rat lair in the film, but you couldn't pay Pepa or Alma to visit, which is great in Bruno's book, because being visited is precisely what he does not want.
Anyway, he's generally overshadowed by his sisters and kinda drifts into the background as the invisible Madrigal, and it bothered him when he was young but later in life, he decided he was happy with the lack of attention. At least nobody could hate him but himself hahahahahahahah
Anyway, niblings are born and he loves all of them. He acts as a secondary guardian and spends most of his time looking after a pack of feral kids. At least they think he's cool. He gets along with Dolores particularly well, maybe because they both feel a bit overshadowed but eventually come to prefer it that way, as to avoid the pressure and punishment that comes with being on the spotlight - they're thinking about Pepa and Isabela, specifically. They're both hopeless romantics so they're always coming up with outrageous and extravagant love stories together. He used to get along with Isabela quite well - he let her braid his hair and put makeup on him because he's just that much of a chad. But she grew super distant as she entered her teens and by the time she's 22 she barely speaks to him and completely ignores him in public. He guesses she's embarrassed of him. You know, even though he was the only cool adult that let her play in the mud and have fun when she was little, but whatever. He... wishes he could get along with Luisa, but Luisa... jeez she's always working, like literally all she ever does is work and sleep. They're cordial with each other but ever since she turned 5 they barely exchanged a word anymore. At least he earned Camilo's admiration after years of trial and error because Camilo found him scary when he was little (something Bruno was blamed for, obviously). Fun fact: because of Bruno's giftlessness, and because they'd gone through three granddaughters already, the Madrigal women theorized that the gifts were a female thing, and that probably would have made Bruno feel a little bit better, but he wasn't at all disappointed when Camilo got his door and gift, because it clearly made him happy and it meant he wouldn't grow up like he did, which was a big fear of Bruno's. In the end, Camilo's power was awesome - totally the power Bruno wishes he'd had, considering his love for acting (and hiding). They actually bond over acting a lot. If there's ever a traveling circus or theater company passing by, they'll both go together and talk nonstop about whatever play is trendy today over dinner (much to Alma's dismay). By the time Antonio gets his gift, Bruno isn't worried at all. No, but in the family's fear surrounding Camilo and his potential giftlessness, they totally forgot about Mirabel, who had her ceremony only a few months later, and they all assumed things would be fine, because she's a girl and everyone visibly relaxed when Camilo got his door, but it was... bad.
As soon as she touched the doorknob, she was met with a vision of the open eyes of her older self carved on the wood. Her expression was that of severity. And then, she had a vision.
Maybe it was triggered by seeing her future self on the door, I don't know, but whatever she saw, it was terrible. It plagued her dreams and stole away her sleep for weeks, to the point she didn't want to climb the steps up to her new room at all, prefering to sleep with her parents for months before they convinced her to give her new room a chance. She was clearly scared, but she tried because everyone else would be more scared if she didn't (but she convinced her sisters to sneak in at night and have sleepovers with her almost every single day). What worried her the most was angering Abuela - and maybe it had to do with her vision, which she barely remembers anymore, or maybe it's a future feeling reaching her across time now, but an irrational fear of Alma has lodged itself deep into her heart. She has the feeling that her Abuela will be mad if she didn't sleep in her room - alone, if possible. In fact, she'll be mad if she refuses to use her new powers entirely, so she tries and tries and tries no matter how scared she is.
The thing with Mirabel, which sets her apart from Bruno, is that she's very brave when it comes to the ugly and scary side of things. Yes, facing your family's trauma and fears and horrors can be difficult and painful, but she's still the first to identify and point out problems, even when it's unconvenient for some people. So, maybe she was scared as a little child, but after years of training and strengthening her bravery, she can look at death itself in the eye without wavering. Oh, Luisa suffers from panic attacks and is having a breakdown? Isabela has lost her entire personality and all semblance of autonomy out of fear? WELL, SHE'S SURE GONNA MAKE THAT EVERYONE'S PROBLEM. Oh, who cares if it's scary? Newflash! She knows how all of her loved ones are going to die. Do you think she has time to be scared? Nope! She saw as a child that her sister would be engaged to someone she doesn't love, she knows her cousin is going to suffer the loss of her one true love, she knows her other sister is going to break down under the pressure one day, she knows the house is gonna fucking shatter if they don't do something about it... but it's a Cassandra kind of situation. She can foresee the fall of Troy all she wants, but she's been cursed by the gods and no one will take her seriously. The thing is that people often assume Mirabel is being malicious and trying to start shit out of resentment? Which isn't true, but I wouldn't blame them for thinking that at times, because here's the other thing:
As everyone sees it, the future is fixed. What Mirabel sees WILL happen and there is no escape. That often makes people pessimistic about their prophecies. But Mirabel is just too darn hopeful and idealistic and she's SO CONVINCED that the future can be altered if you only do the right things and try enough. This is part of her "all problems can be fixed" mentality, which means she never fucking abandons ship even when an iceberg got lodged into its side. And, because no one shares this belief, they don't go along with her attempts when she tells them the true outcome of her vision, so she tends to... ommit certain information. That way, even if the other person doesn't want to try and fix their situation, at least she can try, or she can convince them to try something they wouldn't have if they knew the truth. Which inevitably makes people angry when things fail and it's revealed that she lied.
So, there's a layer of intentionality there, because she's causing the troubles herself, despite her good intentions, which differs from Bruno's canon situation as the problem were his visions. Which are a huge problem for Mirabel here too, don't get me wrong! But it makes people much more angry when they would have probably cut canon!Bruno some slack at her age. It's not just an "unhelpful gift" that "causes bad things to happen" - her behavior is irresponsible and unethical, and she tries so so hard to prove herself and show them that, no, she can do it this time, she can prevent the bad thing, she doesn't cause bad things to happen and... yeah, it never really works out for her.
The upside here is that she has a better relationship with her sisters, because she's been looking out for them for much longer.
And Bruno... well, he's been so good at fading into the background and Mirabel has been so good at making people mad at her, that they sorta forgot about him. He doesn't spend much time around the family anyway. Mirabel is just a much, much better scapegoat.
I don't know if Mirabel and Bruno are particularly close or particularly distant. It's possible that, initially, Alma blamed some of Mira's problems on Bruno and told him to keep his distance and idk focus on babysitting Camilo and Antonio while she and Julieta handled Mirabel. So Mirabel didn't really grow up with the world's chaddest godfather. Alternatively, being ostracized and scapegoated, Mirabel could have spent a lot of time hiding with Bruno, who understood her super well and was one of the only people to show her unconditional love and support.
This song is about a man who is in love with his neighbor, a single mother with three magical kids. The man loves those kids as if they were his own. One of them, the girl, dances with ghosts in her sleep, and the man knows how dangerous the world is, so he promises to protect this girl during her sleepwalking sessions. He doesn't try to stop her or convince her mother to lock her inside, instead, he asks her to tie a bell around her ankle so she'll wake him up and he can go watch over her. I really like that dynamic and I think it's perfect for a role-swap AU: one day, Bruno witnesses Mirabel's most horrifying prophecy to date, and he promises to protect her.
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Tumblr media
because people where asking for it, a part 2 to this post! the colours where a lot harder to match, but i hope everyone likes it
and again, background under the cut because it looked nice
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I said what I said.
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small details i noticed in Encanto
the spot from where聽鈥渢he miracle grew,鈥 i.e the center of that symmetrical design (it鈥檚 actually candles! or, well, candle flames) in the courtyard,聽
Tumblr media
is where Mirabel stands after the end of singing Waiting on a Miracle,聽
Tumblr media
foreshadowing her playing a central role in saving the miracle later on
Tumblr media
oh, and its also where a gigantic crack appears right after Mirabel and Abuela Alma鈥檚 argument, signaling the beginning of Casita鈥檚 actual destruction after all those years of slowly growing cracks (and that the miracle is burning out)
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