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#half normie
vampireskull · 2 months ago
i love the job I'm working at rn. everyone's a normie and has normal opinions instead of spouting insane shit...maybei need to hamg out with thirty year olds now
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bonemoji · 5 months ago
thinking abt my hlvr monster high au again grgrgrgvrvvrvrgrgrgr
#ive been thinking and idk if i want tommy to b a water monster anymore? just not rly vibing with it i guess it doesnt rlly make sense with a#nythung else#cuz gman is the boogeyman#i made tommy like. half ghost half water monsyer? but yeah i think like full boogeyman tommy would work well#i also still need to properly flesh out coomers stuff with his clones#and i need to make proper designs#AND i need to think more about gordons role? i like the robot thing but it feels too Big yknow too out of nowhere with the plot thats alread#y going on#im considering just making him a normie?#honestly though like that just feels like a cop out#cuz gordon is the straight man and all but thr thing is that monsters are completely normal and acceptable in mh society so there isnt anyth#ing weird abt them being monsters for him to be the straight man to yknow#yknow what i think gargoyle gordon could be interesting#specifically like drawing parallels to the hev suit?#thats where i was going with yhe robot thing but then the robot thing would be like. a plot point and itd distract#so maybe gargoyle#i still rlly like faceless ghost benrey thats not going Anywhere#im considering just like. changing the whole plot around so that its not about the ghost world#bc i cant rlly think of a way where it rlly work well bc ghosts are like. a part of society snd the ghost world is accepted too its just no#t rlly known abt#but like. the ghosts keep it secret for a Reason#so i feel like itd be rlly strange for the monsters to be trying tolike force their way in yknow#i might just. stick with the aliens thing#anyway yeah ill be working on it#rambling
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matsubrokq · 6 months ago
anyways the recent hatred of hxh and haikyuu is strangely contained to tiktok and only started within the last few months and my research concludes that 1)misogyny 2)weird elitist individuality complexes 3)homophobia
#hxh and haikyuu started getting popular among ‘normie’ teenage girls and now its suddenly ‘mid’#coming from someone who has both snk and naruto in their top 10 like BRO UR ASKING FOR IT#no nuance november i guess#like not even a year ago hxh and haikyuu were regarded as like... top 5 anime ever for anyone who watched and read them ????? and suddenly#theyre popular among teenage girls + the gay undertones of volleyball are now widely known so straight dbz snk fans think its ‘mid’ ????????#talk to anyone in 2015 hxh was considered a fucking masterpiece. the haikyuu manga was legitimately top 3 and s2 was easily every single#persons favorite fall 2015 anime like ???? im confused#something: gets popular#weird straight guys: lol i never ljked it anyway the writings so bad remember just bc u enjoyed it that doesnt mean its good#like the new hot take on tiktok is that hxh and haikyuu are fun to watch but that doesnt make it good#like there are people legitimately saying the writing of hxh and haikyuu is bad ??#HUH ??????? HXH ???? HAIKYUUU???? FURUDATE ???? BAD WRITING ????#brb genuinely going into real isolation chamber bc im losing braincells as we speak#hxh isnt even enjoyable to watch half the time i feel like im studying philosophy of nen and should be taking notes soo ?? invalid#anyway haikyuu is genuinely one of the greatest mangas every produced GENUINELY both the paneling/writing/magnitude and individuality of#each character... i rest my case ur honor#sometimes things that are popular.... are good#ko.txt
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spectral-sweetvoice · 11 months ago
um for da drawing requests.. just benry doing anything i’ll leave it up 2 u
Tumblr media
Benry plays the melodica and that’s final
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caribud · a year ago
so sick of call-out posts that target individuals and care fuck-all about systemic considerations
Nevermind that 9/10 of these posts are extremely abstracted ship-of-Theseus half-truths in the first place: don’t you think maybe people who are threatened with a boot on their neck without the means to get out from it themselves might be a little more willing to lick the boot if it means alleviating the pressure on their neck? You think maybe part of the problem with destructive systems is how they instill learned dependence, how they make themselves necessary to people, and the people hooked into the systems aren’t The Problem?
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depressionandchaos · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Kiwi, I call him Kubert for short. He is both a god and a legend in a man's elongated shoe and he is better than you.
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profetens-apenbaring · 7 hours ago
Since when do we call fucking gamers "nerds"? The most normie shit possible. Male gamers are quite degenerate as well. Nothing nerdy about shooting NPCs in a body of a half naked woman
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mediaynoche · 2 days ago
I am not saying this to start an argument, but I often see the claim that bi women are ashamed of their attraction to men, and am wondering where this comes from? Our society celebrates opposite sex attraction and shames same sex attraction, so where does this shame for osa come from? And also how is a population who's ashamed of being into men usually ends up married to one?
No problem with this question whatsoever, I'm always down to replying to questions as long as they're respectful and in good faith.
Again, I'm not bi so take this with a grain of salt, but what I often see is that it's feminist bi women who feel ashamed of their attraction to men. Bi women who are not feminists seem to treat their OSA just like straight women do (as in, they complain about men but don't feel ashamed of dating or sleeping with them). I've talked with bi women who feel bad about their OSA, and the main reason they feel ashamed of it is that they seem to be treating it like a political/feminist issue, as in "men are so terrible and violent, how can I be attracted to them when they oppress women?". They seem to think that being attracted to men says something about themselves, almost as if it makes them terrible people by proxy.
I don't think most of them would feel like this if they stopped being so deeply entrenched in online feminist spaces tbh. In regards to the marriage thing: beats me, it makes 0 sense imo. I understand how normie bisexual women often end up in relationships with men, since there's more hetero men than bi women and lesbians, and they won't have to face homophobia most of the time. But radfem ones who feel ashamed of their OSA? No. Especially the ones who say they're "lesbians" and then proceed to sleep with men or to date them. Terri Strange comes to mind: she is a radfem and a polilez, but still ended up dating some dude who turned out to be really sexist. I find it so weird. The only explanation I can think of is that deep down they don't believe half of what they say about men. Either that, or they hide behind the old "society made me do it", almost as if they didn't have any control over their own lives.
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windynebula · 3 days ago
dell-a-vabeaut-clean said: Wtf all these are cool as hell ! Do you happen to like doll customisation too ? Doll customisation videos are a great brain empty thing to watch
Doll customisation was my gateway drug into getting back into dolls.
But my point is that my interests are weird and kinda unpalatable for, and I hate to use this word but, normies. Like, some poor normal person is, as neurotypicals are wont to do, start some small talk and ask what I like to do on my spare time and I bust out “I watch people saw dolls on half on youtube :) and listen to people talk about consipracies and serial killers :)” like how is that not going to get me branded as some kind of weirdo. 
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demnocts · 3 days ago
Dys you have any tips before becoming a camboy?
Don’t do it unless you have thick skin and a VPN. 
Get a second phone for anything related to camming. I mean if you are going to promote on twitter, IG, or snapchat/onlyfans, get a second phone for all of that, and in that phone DO NOT add any of your actual info or anything that has to do with recovery emails, just your work email, keep all that other shit in your original phone. This phone is going to be only for your camming social media. It doesn’t have to be an expensive phone, or have an actual line, you can buy like the last-gen phone and just use your wifi with it. 
Have a VPN on your phone, as well, not just your pc. 
whatever you do, do not sell yourself short. People will find you easy and will be less likely to want to spend more money on you, make your regulars get used to spending a specific amount on you before anything even happens. 
Don’t make it too complicated, camming isn’t like twitch stream and that shit mostly only works on girls, but do make your setting something that allows people to know exactly what you are about right away, especially if you are going to have a room dedicated to it. 
Keep in mind that camming sites are like other streaming sites and you are mostly going to make money off of donations/tips. So that means you have to be active on social media and make sure you have other ways to charge people outside your streams, for example, exclusive pictures in onlyfans, private snapchat, etc. cuz the streaming site is going to take like half of your pay. So if one day you make a 100 you are actually getting 50. 
You don’t need to have a lot of viewers, you just need to hook the right kind. Unlike twitch streamers, regulars are a lot more important for camming. It is important cuz they are the ones that are going to be giving you the most money and the ones that are probably going to be buying all the extra shit you have to offer. So in all honestly, you are going to be kissing their ass and figurately sucking their dicks to keep them happy. It is better to make a regular happy than 2 new viewers that weren’t even tipping. Does that mean you are gonna ignore all of your viewers? no, but even they know that the ones that pay are the ones that are more likely to control where shit goes, that’s why to keep normies happy you do tipping goals in which everyone can donate small amounts to reach a goal that’ll make everyone happy. 
Make sure the rules and no-nos are very fucking clear and make sure to ignore the assholes and trolls cuz they are only there to jerk off and then move on to the next one. 
honestly what’s important is that you give a good first impression when your stream starts as just like any other stream if you are kinda bland they are more likely to skip for the next one. 
idk that’s some general tips, if you want something more specific lemme know 
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chasingpj · 3 days ago
[7:32 pm]
"He has my powers; I can feel it."
pairing: leo valdez x fem reader
warnings: none? let me know if i missed anything!
words: 885
category: timestamp, domestic fluff
“Y/n….” He calls your name with the same cautious tone you had given him, and you sigh softly.
“We are not throwing our son into a fire.”
“Now you’re being dramatic! I never said anything about throwing him into a fire!” You narrow your eyes at Leo before shaking your head and turning back to the Mickey Mouse decorated sheet cake in front of you. You sigh as you stick three candles into the dessert, marking three years since you had given birth to your son.
“He has my powers; I can feel it,” Leo whispers before peeking over his shoulder at your child playing with his toy cars on your living room floor.
“We’ll find out if he develops them. Until then, there is no point in experimenting to see if he’s fireproof,” you say back. “Anyways… how are you so sure?” You ask, shifting to lean your side against the counter.
“Babe, he drank scalding hot chocolate the other day without flinching!”
“Why was he given scalding hot chocolate?” You question, and Leo freezes. “Leo, you better not-”
“It wasn’t on purpose!” He cuts you off in a panic. “When I took him with me to work last week, I got him a hot chocolate at the cafe nearby, and I forgot that, you know, normies like you,” he teases despite your glare. “... burn your mouth when you drink hot things, so I gave it to him. By the time I remembered, he had chugged like half of it!”
You consider his point, looking down at the birthday cake before you. There was a good possibility that Jason had inherited his powers. With the both of you being demi-gods, it was inevitable that he would inherit some weird ability as a legacy.
“Leo, I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t that hot,” you deduce, and Leo’s shoulders slump. You frown, aware Leo was worried that Jason would inherit his power from the moment he found out you were pregnant. He had declared if he did, he’d make sure to assist him with his abilities so that he wouldn’t see his powers as a curse just as he did for many years. You shift on your feet, observing the cloudiness of his features as they’re taken over by his uneasiness.
“Hey.” Your voice snaps him out of his thoughts, eyes focusing on you, and you smile sadly, “Let’s just focus on his birthday, okay?” You ask, reaching over to caress Leo’s cheek, your affection bringing him back to the present, and he stands up a little straighter than before.
“Right,” he agrees, reaching over to light the three candles with the small flame he produces at the tip of his index finger. You smile when he finishes, picking up the cake from the counter, and you turn around carefully, hand hovering in front of the flames to make sure they didn’t go out while you walked.
As you approach the living room, you and Leo happily begin singing happy birthday, Jason’s attention averting from the toy cars in front of him to his parents.
“Cake!” He shouts over your singing, and he hops to his feet, his eyes gleaming with excitement. You giggle through your singing, Jason squealing as Leo picks him up, so he was at the level of the cake in your hands. Your stomach flutters as the flame cast light on his chubby face; you admire the resemblance Jason shares with his father. The same tan skin and curly brown locks. Your favorite inheritance was the pointy ears that stick out a little too much from the sides of his head. You thought they were adorable and wondered if they’d always be like that, but Leo insists he’ll grow into them.
His doughy giggles fill the room as Leo nuzzles his face into his neck to tickle him. He squeals softly, slurring for his papá to stop as he squirms in his arms. You finish the song as Leo halts his tickling, and he hoists him up more to bring him closer to the cake.
“Blow out the candles, Jace,” you say cutely, watching as his lips form a tight O. He weakly blows on the candle, the air only making the candle flicker. You giggle as he pouts, “try again,” you encourage, and he takes as big of a deep breath as his little chest allows and tries again, causing the flame to flash unsteadily, but it wasn’t enough.
You and Leo laugh as he whines, his little arms crossing in front of his chest. His eyebrows knit together, cheeks puffed as his bottom lip juts out. You coo, reaching over to pinch his cheeks softly.
“Papá will help you,” Leo offers, but Jason had already formulated his own solution. Before you could even react, he reaches over, closing his chunky fist over the flame of one of the candles to extinguish it. You and Leo gasp, the two of you quiet, half expecting him to scream from being burned, but it never happened; instead, a giggle leaves his lips, hands clapping excitedly at his success.
You exchange looks with Leo, a grin plastered on his face, and you open your mouth to stay something, but he beats you to it,
“Ha! I told you!”
taglist: @nct127bee @minamisulemisa @yanfeisluvr @cartocns @Slytherclaw-kitten @idk-bye-no @percysbluehairbrush @Hermioneswifeee @quteez
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ashxrsbeloveds · 7 days ago
Ooh, hello! May i please get The brothers with a Crack!S/o. At first she starts off Quoting vines. But one day during a movie night, She Grabs everyone's attention and is like "I'm about to do a Flip." And before they can stop her. She Legit Tries to run up the wall and Just nearly breaks her neck. And after seeing her life flash before her eyes, she stumbles and Goes "Ta-da!" As if she didn't just nearly die.
a/n: AHHSHDJDHDN I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS!! thank you for requesting!! ^^ i made it gender neutral if you don't mind~
demon brothers with a crack!s/o
┏━                       •◦இ•◦                    ━┓
It was another normal day in the House of Lamentation, everyone was gathered around the living room for movie night. They were mid-way through the movie until MC decided to call their attention. Before anyone could react or stop them, they proceeded to perform a dangerous act that almost took their life. They stumble on the ground and laughed. "Ta-da!~" they stand up waving their hands while having a huge grin on their face.
Gave them a really long lecture outside while the others continued the movie.
Despite his anger he was genuinely worried because of their dangerous act. What will he do if they broke their neck? What if they DID break their neck but they look fine right now? He was worried sick even if their s/o seemed unfazed.
He pulls them in for a hug after the lecture and reminds them to not do anything foolish again. He can't risk losing the love of his life because of a stupid stunt.
Forget being a tsundere he just saw his human literally flip and almost break their damn neck hOW WILL HE NOT ACT-
Immediately stands up and pushes the others away to check if they had any wounds, fractures, ANYTHING BAD
Was relieved when they didn't have any. Now he's all red and in denial that he was super worried. Just, be more careful next time, will ya human?! He can't lose his precious treasure ya know.
Eh?- MC-
Poor guy literally had a panic attack. He froze to place for a few seconds and immediately came up to them after processing, panicking and asking if they were alright
He was relieved they were, but he couldn't help but keep his eyes on MC incase they do something dangerous again.
"N-normie! Even if you're trying to impress us with some random video you saw in the internet, it's still dangerous for you to do it yourself!" < he says while involuntarily holding their hand
As they saw MC do the stunt, he was the one who immediately reacted, but not enough for him to actually save them and make them land safe and sound.
MC, please don't do that. (He gave them a small warning and lecture aswell)
He had a lot of emotions kicking in, anger, worry, whatever he was feeling about the movie, it's just all jumbled up right now. He was quite blunt because of this. But gave comfort after.
Just like Levi, he had his eyes on his lover the whole night. He's making sure they don't do anything crazy again. Not on his watch.
Was very worried like the rest, but didn't take action as quick as the others. He probably had the most horrified expression after their "little" stunt.
"Honey, don't do that! Who knows what can happen to you. You're risking ruining your beauty by getting hurt too."
He wrapped his arms around them the whole night so they wouldn't do anything reckless now.
He was getting a snack from the kitchen and came back to them trying to run up on the wall
"MC? What are you doing?-"
He dropped the bag of chips he just brought back. When their lover flipped and almost broke their neck, he immediately carried them with no hesitation. What's better? Bridal style carry.
Refused to let them go after seeing their reckless act.
Was woken up by MC's shouting at them to get their attention.
Half asleep, but his eyes widened when he saw MC running towards the wall and tried doing a flip, which failed. Plus, they barely got lucky with the fall.
He was still so sleepy... Yet he voluntarily got up to check on them, since they're his responsibility aswell.
Was glad they didn't hurt themselves. He offered them to nap and cuddle with him after.
┗━                        •◦இ•◦                   ━┛
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arcticdementor · 13 days ago
Advice pattern:
I ask for advice online with an issue.
Someone makes a well-meaning attempt, provides fairly obvious normie-tier advice.
I explain the element(s) of my personal situation — usually involving my disabilities and/or the rules of my various gov. benefits, but sometimes due to being in Anchorage AK — that prevent advice from working in my situation.
They come up with half-developed (uninformed) idea to try to address that.
I explain further factors as to why that idea won’t work.
Repeat maybe once or twice more
They declare that clearly I’m just lazy and making excuses and don’t actually want to change my situation, and they’re done showering their wisdom about how ‘having autism is a choice’ upon someone who just doesn’t want to “do the work.”
I mean, I’m a smart fellow; wouldn’t you think that if my situation was so simple to solve any random person on the internet could see it, don’t you think I would have figured it out by now. I’m asking for advice because my situation has so much stacked up, even my 151 IQ isn’t enough to figure out effective ways out.
‘Frankly, I prefer the people who are willing to just say ‘yeah, looks like your problems are totally unfixable, you’re just plain screwed’ than the ‘you’ve just got to choose to stop having autism, and cure yourself through willpower alone’ people I tend to get.
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occultaeveritatis · 15 days ago
Case #152b: Furries
Occultae Veritatis Podcast
  Case #152b: Furries
  Part 2 of 2
  The second half of Pepper Coyote introducing the normies of ovpod to the furry fandom. Here we learn about the community, its independent nature, clearing up controversies, and learning how one might enter this community
Support us:
  Palate Cleanser:
Runtt and PepperCoyote - Nazi Furs "HECK" Off
  New Episode
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hellacrawford · 17 days ago
just throwing some ideas out there before the site opens for possible plots/connections if anyone wants some! this is by no means extensive and i’m open to everything, so you can message me on here or i can give my discord if you want to plot!
samuel tsai / 20 / singer/songwriter / ny based / wong yukhei
manager who “discovered” him on youtube, personal assistant who keeps him from having a mental breakdown, other singers for him to idolize and fawn over (and maybe collab with), new industry friends/mentors, “friends” who use him for clout, an accidental “oops people think we’re dating”, old normie friends, a fan who gets too close because sam’s starry-eyed from gifts and attention?, crushes (one-sided or both), muses, exes/the one who got away, flirtationships, siblings (or half-siblings, must be chinese and/or thai)
gavin maddox / 21 / youtuber/streamer / la based / tom holland
the annus to his unus, other streamers to collab/game with, editors, online friends, a roommate?, cute friends-to-lovers things, crushes, siblings, rivals, maybe less cute rivals-to-lovers things lol, anything slowburn because he’s awkward and makes an idiot out of himself a lot, catfishing plots?, people who will geek out with him, people he can geek out over, old friends from the uk, fellow dog lovers
riley ryu / 26 / choreographer/dance instructor / la based / park jimin
roommates (more details here), friends/childhood friends, someone to open a dance studio with him, clients, students, a dance crew, yoga/gym buddies, exes, hookups, fwbs?, a client he gets a little closer than professional with?, fellow adrenaline junkies, dance rivals/rival crews, coworkers, siblings, enemies because he lacks a filter and fucks to give?
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rau-rp · 18 days ago
Book of Knowledge
guide to character creation
Also known as superheroes or supervillains, Rainbows have some form of super power that they use to save the world or try to rule or destroy it. Rainbows inherited the name from the aura they set off whenever they are emotionally charged. A faint rainbow forms around them as though the sun is refracting off of their bodies like the light refracting off of a freshly wetted sky after a rainstorm. There are two levels of Rainbows, they are based on the powers and levels of powers.
Level One
Your basic everyday powers such as enhancements to the physical form or the 5 senses. They can include super strength, speed, invulnerability, super breath, laser eyes, chill breath, enhanced vocal cords, or ear-piercing screeches. Also included here would be animal-like features such as being catlike or flight from wings. Wingless flight is also considered level one if it is not a form of telekinesis being used to levitate. Magnetism, and size manipulation (Growing or shrinking all or part of the body), or body morphing (Such as elasticity think of Elongated man from Arrow-verse) are also part of level one. 
Level Two
Level two Rainbows are those with powers that can be duplicated using magic. It can be hard to tell a level two apart from a weaver, the main difference is that weavers cast magic while rainbows share the rainbow auras of level ones, but their powers look like or are derived from the world of magic the arcane, or pseudosciences. These powers include psionics, mental powers such as telekinesis, telepathy, technopathy, foresight, and reality manipulation. (Although some of these will be bumped up to the rare level three depending on how strong the user’s powers have become or how strong of a bloodline they hail from The Wells family have stronger power levels than any other family and most are considered to be level threes from an untainted bloodline) Other powers of a level two include, element manipulation, earth bending, atom manipulation, alchemistic powers (Turning one thing into something with a similar atomic structure), meteorology control (Control of weather or climates), kinetic energy manipulation, human shape-shifting or body manipulation.
Unicorns are the other side of science and magic. They were created by magic and are part human part supernatural. The first Unicorn was a half-demon with demonic powers that could shapeshift and teleport. From there other unicorns began to appear in our history. From Satyrs to werewolves and vampires. What was once thought to be overactive imaginations were actually based on encounters our ancestors had. We know this now because of Thomas Caldwell, aka Time Machine, the man that rediscovered the truth of our history. Thomas saw the creation of his own powers as well as the first weavers (previously known as witches) that summoned a demon who later impregnated a human. There are levels of unicorns such as those of rainbows, however, the levels of Unicorns are drastically different from one another.
Level One
A level one unicorn is harder to spot, they look like normies unless they’ve become well known. Unicorns are usually found in the entertainment industry. From actors to artists of all mediums, screenwriters, novelists, comic book creators, even journalists, and designers. If they make a living from any form of art or entertainment they are a level one unicorn, people born with talents. There are rare level ones found in other careers as well, they are usually the more successful of their career choice, for example, there are a few currently, sitting judge Jane Doe* with an innate sense of when she’s being played by the defense, or the prosecution, ace detective John Smith* who can catch any bad guy, he’s so good that he’s officially the highest-paid detective in the world. He’s also a prolific novelist of true crime stories, ones he solved himself. To name a couple. 
Level Two
Level two unicorns are the most unique, they can either stand out or fit in depending on certain situations. Those that can conceal their differences or those that look human have the easiest time fitting in on their own, the rest must rely on magic to conceal their true natures. Level two unicorns are what history used to refer to as mythical creatures, but with Caldwell’s exploration of human history we know now that they were not myths but true stories told by unreliable sources, mostly because they were the only ones with the nerve to come forward with their stories. The list for level two unicorns is long but I can say it does NOT include ACTUAL UNICORNS. Those were just a hoax, however, there have been were-shifters that have turned into a horse with a horn as pranks. (Were-shifters are were creatures that can shift into any animal if they are familiar with their biology, they’re rare and usually are found in veterinary workers.) Unicorns can include but are far from limited to, Were-anything (werewolves*****, werecreatures**, wereshifters***), Vampires, shapeshifters (Can change animal and human forms), fae (Faires pixies leprechauns satyrs nymphs, wood elves), Demons, Angels, Nephalyms, Half-Demons, Demi-gods, ‘gods’ (lowercase g gods, immortal humans with god-like powers, Zeus, Poseidon, etc), Merfolk, Rugaroo, Windingoes, Hybrids-level-one (what the Egyptians worshiped as Gods, Anubis, Horus, etc, were hybrids of human/animal bound together with a curse), Hybrids-level-two (Half Werewolf half-human/half-vampire half-human****), Elves (More human-sized species like, Lord of the Rings elves), Orcs, Trolls, Goblins. (To make it easier, if it’s been in a myth or fairytale it most likely really exists).
Weavers, formerly known as witches, warlocks, sorcerers, conjurers, Harry Potter, Wizards, Occultists, Devil Worshipers, you name it, if it was magic being performed it was a weaver, and they’ve gone by many names before. Weavers are the magic users in the world. They can use different levels of magic depending on training and practice.
*Adoptable character name subject to change.
**See Lore below.
They can shift into only one type of animal. Were-creatures are immune to silver, however there are some elements in nature they are weak to it all depends on the creature they turn into. For example a dog person would not be able to eat whatever dogs eat such as grapes, onions or massive amounts of chocolate (it’s fine in moderation).
They can shift into any animal.
Hybrid Level-Two Vampire/Human: 
These are only born if a human is turned while with pregnant, there is no other way since Vampires cannot procreate. Note vampires can be created through a bite drinking the blood of the one that bit them and then within 48 hours drinking human blood or animal blood. (Whichever they drink first is what they will be dependent on from then on, this is where the legend of the chupacabra originated, it was a vampire that drank a goat’s blood first.)
They can be born known as purebloods, or are turned by a bite or a deep scratch. Werewolves are allergic to wolfsbane aka acolyte. They are sensitive to pure silver, however, mixed silver has such a minute reaction that most werewolves have learned not to recoil from the initial sting (it’s like poking yourself, the pain is instantaneous but temporary).
The fae are far more common now than in the past. Fae get their strength from the power of belief, the more people that believe in them the more control they have over their powers. Since most people know of their existence most fae have a decent amount of control over their powers. Fae are immortal and live long lives since they are extremely hard to kill. Only dark magic can be used to kill them but the spells are complicated and require a lot of ingredients and tools including special weapons designed specifically to kill fae.
-Sprites: Sprites as well as pixies and fairies are usually smaller in stature, because of magic they can appear closer to human size but usually no bigger than a teenager.  (Wood elves are alos considered a sprite.)
-Elves: These human sized elves, also known as Sun Elves, usually make a living as models, however dark elves tend to work in crime or as actors that play the scary bad guys. Dark elves usually lack the beauty of Sun Elves.
-Nymphs: Whimsical and always fun to be around nymphs can change form depending on their element. There are sub-species of nymphs, there are wood nymphs, water nymphs, plant nymphs, air nymphs, fire nymphs, and ivory nymphs, each type of nymph have a bond with their elements and can transform into them and manipulate and control them.
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make-a-memory · 19 days ago
I want to talk about the resolution so I'm going to talk about the resolution!
This is one of the most fun parts, for me.
After Tubbo defuses tensions between the normies and the currently-giants, everyone kind of has a "wait what-" moment as they realize that the dolls are literally just their friends.
And the timeline is completely anachronistic, mind you. We've got bench trio, we've got pre pogtopia alivebur,  we have whatever's going on with quackity and his arc - like. I am picking characters from whatever point in their character arc I like the most for this one particular story and pretending those points were all happening at the same time. I’m picking whatever point in specifically people’s feelings about each other I want and pretendinng they all happen at the same time.
It quickly goes from 100 to 0, (and I imagine a least a few normies have ✨quiet panic attacks✨) but once they realize what's happening they're all kinda like 
"Well, f***”
Cue various apologies, ranging wildly in how much they actually mean it. 
For being one of the people most interested in experimenting with the dolls, Wilbur actually has one of the most genuine apologies. Guess it really was a case of throwing morals out the door when you think it's only code.
After a bit of time, the currently-giants are set back to tinies, with about as much warning as the first size-change, which is to say, none. 
Tubbo is very carefully watching the rest of the group when they deal with the once-again tinies. 
But the ones who were only mean because they genuinely thought it was just a doll, just WHAT- are VERY careful, and the ones who were mean mostly because of a vendetta are very much cowed by the fact that if the 'dolls' could end up giants once - it could happen again. 
And to be honest, it’s not like the rest of the group would protect them - anything that happens to a normie for how they treated the dolls, from here on out, will be treated as well deserved - (I think a fair bit of the normies would be willing to let various tinies get a few kills in right now, no matter how stupidly long it might take. They have quiet a bit of guilt to work through. 
None of the tinies take them up on that, though, although some have to be talked down by another tiny. It's just too ineffective, to be honest.)
The first thing they fix is the weird speech - I don't know what encryptions there are exactly on the files, but the ones on the code that scrambles the 'dolls' speech are one of the easier ones to crack, and once they get that fixed, it’s a lot easier to fix the rest of the code when the two groups can actually communicate.
They realize that the whole 'giant' thing, as well, was due to someone playing around with some of the code they'd found. (I'm looking at you, Fundy.) But because they hadn't fully cracked the encryptions, the sizes were reset by an automatic override command that ran after a certain amount of time.
(...from a 'command' block, if you will. I’m hilarious)
Now that they know where it comes from, though, they can follow the code to try and override it themselves!
(...and unlike an actual command block, they actually are able to change this code in survival mode.)
Once they fix up the code so it isn't forcing half of them to be tinies all the time - and put a lot of safeguards that weren't there before, to prevent someone like EPV from using the tech for ill again - they're able to use the tech for themselves, however they want!
And there's no more trapping of tinies. There isn't even a way to do so.
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Obey Me Devilgram Posts and Comments: Snowy Leisure/The Chocolate Incident
5 events until we’re caught up!
I don’t really have much to say about this one, but how did you guys like this event?  I remember feeling kind of mixed about it, like it was entertaining enough, but at the end of the day it felt unnecessary?  I don’t like the love potion trope though, so that might be why.
Do I like anything?  Lol it feels like the recent events haven’t been to my taste at all.  Well, that’s not entirely true going forward; I love secret agent AUs, and the circus one was a lot of fun!  And as someone who did theater, Paws 2 was both very fun and very annoying lmao
日本語は私の第三言語ので、時々間違えます。日本語話者、間違いを見たら教えてください。 (Japanese is my third language, so I make mistakes sometimes.  Japanese speakers, if you see a mistake, please tell me!)
And as always, we have the #devilgram rush tag and there’s a full transcript below the cut.
Tumblr media
Chocolate Destination
Barbatos: Ohhhh?
Lucifer: Don’t pry too much
Satan: You guys apologize after too
Mammon: Where’s mine?
#Chocolate #Valentine
Tumblr media
Because That Chocolate Is Dangerous
Simeon: It looks interesting, I thought
Luke: I stopped it, more or less
Levi: ‘twas a noble sacrifice
Diavolo: I feel like I want to try some
#ObjectX #BewareOfSolomon
Tumblr media
Beware What’s Too Good to Be True
Luke: The cunning of a demon
Simeon: Use it well
Solomon: The changes in trends are relentless
Belphie: You’re the one person in this family we need, Beel
#Chocolate #MakingMoney
Tumblr media
Let’s Make a Chocolate Cake!
Solomon: Should I go and help too?
Barbatos: What fine execution
Simeon: Do your best, Luke!
Beel: Looks delicious
#Chocolate #Homemade
Tumblr media
Two Figures Reflected in the Snow
Diavolo: Please enjoy yourselves to your hearts’ content
Simeon: It’s definitely muscle pain
Beel: Look ahead!
Mammon: You can do it if you try, right?(1)
#Skiing #WhenIDoItIDoIt(2)
Tumblr media
Feelings Dancing on the Ice Rink
Satan: So you can skate too?
Lucifer: It’s rare for something to be worrying you
Levi: N-Normie sports…...
Diavolo: That’s our Barbatos(3)
#Skating #Tournament
Tumblr media
Going Perfect, Midwinter Love?
Asmo: Beel’s SO cool!
Solomon: Guess the half pipe is too difficult
Belphie: You’re not hurt?
Luke: It looks fun!
#Snowboarding #ThatsOurBeel
1. Do you remember YDK from waaay back in the post for Levi’s initial cards?  Mammon uses yareba dekiru here too, and it means the same thing. 2. The phrase here is やる時はやる (yaru toki wa yaru), which basically means “I do well when I put my mind to it.”  I guess it’s pretty similar to YDK in meaning.  Also, it says “do it”, not “dolt” lol 3. Kind of in the same way I started experimenting with いい (ii), I’m looking at different ways to translate さすが (sasuga) based on who’s saying it.
バルバトス:おやおや? ルシファー:あまり詮索してやるな サタン:おまえたちも後で謝っておけ マモン:俺様のは? #チョコ #バレンタイン
シメオン:面白そうだな、と思って ルーク:ぼくは一応止めた レヴィ:尊い犠牲だった ディアボロ:食べてみたい気もするね #物体X #ソロモン注意
ルーク:悪魔の悪知恵だ シメオン:上手く使ってね ソロモン:流行というのは移り変わりが激しい ベルフェ:一家に一人必要なベール #チョコ #金儲け
ソロモン:俺も手伝いに行こうか? バルバトス:手際がいいですね シメオン:ルーク頑張れ! ベール:美味そうだ #チョコ #手作り
ディアボロ:存分に楽しんでくれ シメオン:筋肉痛確定だね ベール:前を見ろ! マモン:やればできるじゃねえか スキー #やる時はやる
サタン:スケートもできるのか ルシファー:悩み事とは珍しい レヴィ:リ、リア充のスポーツだ…… ディアボロ:さすがバルバトスだね #スケート #大会
アスモ:ベールカッコイイ! ソロモン:ハーフパイプは難しすぎるだろ ベルフェ:怪我してない? ルーク:楽しそうだな! #スノーボード #さすがベール
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Obey Me! Shall we Date? 
Leviathan x MC 
Synopsis: MC has been unable to sleep recently despite their greatest efforts. Unable to sleep they give up on laying in bed and take to wandering the halls. 
Pulling a late nighter in the hopes of finishing off his newest game. Levi took a quick break to make a run to the kitchen for snacks and energy drinks.
In the kitchen Levi finds MC half asleep slumped against the fridge looking absolutely miserable.
Worried Levi asks what they are doing up so late and is sad to hear that MC is having trouble sleeping
In a moment of courage Levi asks MC if they would be interested in coming back to his room and watching him play his game until they get tired enough to go to sleep.
Happily agreeing to his offer that is how Levi found himself followed back to his room by MC. It was only when he was back in his room and was sitting before his desk with MC at his side did reality set in.
He played for them for a half hour before they made a comment to him about if it was okay for them to sit in his bed. In the middle of a particularly hard battle Levi just mumbled out a “Yeah okay…”
MC now curled up and tucked into Leviathan’s bed [Bathtub?] found the stress that kept them from falling asleep previously lifted from their shoulders. They were asleep within moments even with the occasionally angry muttering from Levi.
It's only when Levi turns off his console for the night and moves to go to bed that he realizes something is amiss. It takes him a moment to process what is happening before he is turning bright red and slapping a hand over his mouth to stop from squeaking in surprise.
Levi has to look away for a moment as he slows his rapidly beating heart as the sight of you sleeping so peacefully in his bed snuggling up to his rurichan pillow and using his jacket as a blanket was too much for his brain to handle.
Levi uses hid D.D.D. to take a picture to commemorate this adorable moment before he yet again realizes that if you’re in his bed, where was he supposed to sleep? He supposed he could sleep on the floor but you had all the blankets trapped under you and he wasn’t about to wake you up after seeing how tired you were.
So Levi makes the executive decision to just, oh so carefully, slip into the bed beside you doing his best to keep a fair amount of space between the two of you.
It takes the better part of ten minutes for him to get into his Bed-Tub without disturbing you but he lets out a sigh of relief as he settles in firmly pressed against the outer edge of the tub.
He is just about to shut his eyes and drift off to sleep when he feels you shift and then press against him. Levi stiffens in surprise as he suddenly finds MC’s face pressed into his chest and their arms snaking around his waist. With a permanent blush on his cheeks Levi carefully wraps his arms around MC before pressing his cheek against the top of their head and closing his eyes.
This is what normies do all the time right? ... Right??
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