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#mdzs fairy
Woof [uncle!!!! look, look!!!! i've found this strange bundle of greenery tied together with a small red ribbon!!! it says MISS TLETOE, i don't know who that is but i thought you'd have a better chance of locating the owner than i did!!!!]


Ah..Mistletoe? Where did you even find this.. *takes it and stares at it*
The real question is where did you even find this? Ah…I think I know where to put this though. Good girl. *gently pets*

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every day jin ling wakes up and suffers. he visits lotus pier with jiujiu and trains with the yunmeng jiang disciples. good. he goes on adventures with fairy around the lakes, looking for small islands and cool looking rocks. also good. he has to watch jiujiu pine after hanguang-jun whether hanguang-jun is there or not, and is forced to listen as jiujiu insists that he isn’t pining. decidedly not good. he lays on the floor, fairy laying halfway on his stomach, and screams into his hands.

he returns to koi tower and gets to dunk on jin chan and his entourage of goons. good. he and fairy train together in the forest, seeing how fast she can push him to run. also good. he overhears shushu talking to himself, debating aloud what his best plan of action is in whatever weird courting ritual he and nie huaisang have going on. just as decidedly not good. he and fairy are out at their private archery range. she lets him yell profanities into her fur.

lan jingyi has somehow weaseled his way into visiting him, undoubtedly with a bad joke on his tongue. jin ling sics fairy on him.

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rules: post the last seven sentences of your current wip, then tag seven more people

tagged by @morifiinwe and @fensandmarshes; thank you guys!!

not sure how to count sentences in dialogue, but these count for seven. i said so. i have been struggling with this chapter i swear the actual fic is much better than this implies

“Are we just going to ignore the fated person part?” Zizhen demands, rejoining the conversation. 

“I mean, didn’t we guess that’s what it was?” Jingyi asks, shrugging. “Though I am proud of Zhan-ge for admitting it—”


So much for going through the day easily. 

“Mo Ziyuan,” Wei Yuan says levelly, feeling more than seeing Xuayu shrink on himself behind Xiao Qing.

tagging: @k-the-kryptid, @shineoftherainbow, @my-first-name-is-agent, @feanor, @huianfu, and anyone else who wants to do this lads!

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green sleeves growing cold

Author: mistergoblin

Length: One shot, 17k

Rating: G

Genre: Canon divergence au, fluff


Something flickers in dark eyes. A responding lick of flame. Lan Wangji cannot put a name to it — but it angers him, angers him as does the small satisfied curl to Wei Wuxian’s mouth, as does the shameless pout which replaces it.

Lan Wangji cannot understand him.

Lan Wangji cannot control him.

Lan Wangji is going to be driven mad.

(In which, to keep her son safe, Madam Lan creates a curse)

So I’m not going to spoil for you, bcs it does come later, but lwj in here is cursed. Not that much, not that harming, but it is something. No war au, cql verse and yes, maybe, fairy tale elements, it’s from lwj’s pov and it’s soft and beautiful in an easy way. A nice to read one shot when you aren’t looking for anything heavy, serious, or long. Just, a healing short read for yourself? It’s engaging in all the good and light ways.

Read here

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An idea for 💀👻Halloween Events🎃🍬with my oc

Speaking about TWST Halloween Events. I make my own gacha club version of Regal Fairy Academy and NRC dorm unifrom (resident).

Also about that, those TWST fanart artists were busy to draw and sketch their oc who wear the Halloween costume

Neither of I been tried to draw my RFA girls who wear their Halloween costume. But I am not to copy with my gacha verion to draw.

Below is my list to draw their costume with original characters (e.g. Disney characters, chinese & japanese anime characters etc.)

  • Seraphine - Rose of Strict ( Queen of Heart)
  • Celine - Floral Poison ( Evil Queen)

Originally posted by adventurelandia

  • Rozebelle - Death of Slumbering (Poison Apple)

Originally posted by voracioussouls95

  • Jadence - Melody of Darkness (Wei Wu Xian)

Originally posted by papern0tes

[Despite of the fact that Jadence’s costume has asian styles (e.g. Hanfu ) ,with has western styles such as dresses]

  • Sophia - Voice of the Unfortnate Soul

Originally posted by fizzlelick2

However I haven’t thought about Alcina, Valeria and Delphina wearing Halloween costumes and their themes. Nevertheless, I will try my best to draw their costumes.

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Hellooooo a.a Anon!! <3 Hope you are doing good!! I gonna make you new crepes! Any toppings you’d like to have? :D 

Spiritual Animals

Spiritual Animals indeed exist! It largely depends on the area the Cultivator lives in, though. There are many different versions of catlike spiritual animals in the underground magic cities in the area which is nowadays Egypt. On the island, which I think is still called “Hy Brasil” by non-magicians (a magical island near Great Britain, can be found on Piri Rei’s Maps <- this is a known fact, isn’t it?), you will be able to find Dragons. (It is not wise to try to find the island. Even IF you would be able to find it, I advise to not go there since the owner of the island is… uh… not so happy to receive uninvited guests…)

There are also a handful of shapeshifting spiritual animals. It’s really always just about the reason you want to have a spiritual animal. They are not kept “for fun”. 

The difference between spiritual animals and ‘normal’ animals is grand. For one they are able to live much longer (up to a few hundred years, thousands of years in case of a few rare Dragons). They can sense things the Cultivator may not be able to sense or help in finding ‘things’ - which can be anything from curses up to actual beings. Spiritual Dogs are especially helpful to find traces (you may compare it on a lower level to tracker dogs) and they are also able to give an alarm when there is magic aiming at the Cultivator but in a way he cannot get aware of it. 

Naturally all spiritual animals can communicate with ghosts, fairies and gnomes (as well as other spiritual living beings who are not visible to non-magicians). 

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