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#not asd

I got myself a switch a few days ago. So far I’ve played a few hours of animal crossing and an hour of Ori and the Blind Forest. I also have Minecraft but I haven’t played it yet.

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That’s okay anon you can send submissions through the ask box.

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Both my mom and my stepdad have tested positive for covid yesterday, my stepdad probably contracted it at work since he’s a doctor. They’re quarantining and my siblings are taking care of them, but still I’m so anxious about all of this. No matter how much we’ve prepared for this since the pandemic started, they both have conditions that are risk factors. I really hope they don’t get worse

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Ok anyway here’s English Mayonaka No Door/Stay With Me by Miki Matsubara

Please lmk if u want me to sing this (or the original!!)

and pls rb if you can bc i wanna make other (esp neurodivergent) friends that r English speaking Japanese learners!!

*note: i’m not great at Japanese yet so I did correct some lines by looking at other translations once I had my final draft as good as I thought it could be haha

sorry i cant make a cut cos im on mobile but ill tag it as not adhd/ocd/asd/autism in case u dont wanna see unrelated content!!

I have a feeling that / last night I was saying

that I’m me / and you are you

I recognize that same gray jacket / and that very same/ familiar coffee stain

I see us together / reflected in / the shop window, and

Stay with me

That very same time of year

When I had knocked on midnight’s door

When I told you “don’t leave” / is coming near again

Stay with me

While I say those words that you always say

In my arms I held the moments shared between us

I still remember each one

And continue to treasure them all

Last night, you said that / romance and love are different things

I agree and I feel / exactly that same way

The winter comes again / your heart has gone away / and it’s no longer mine

But when I’ve gone and looked back at it / It felt like you were here / next to me, still at my side

Stay with me

That very same time of year

When I had knocked on midnight’s door

Is coming again / there’s a wound in my heart

Stay with me

Distracted by my own lonliness

The needle I put on my record player

Kept playing the same song’s / melody over again

Original song:

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Seeing it seems I need to say this:

Aces and Aros are lgbt+ (yes even the het ones)

You don’t need dysphoria or euphoria to be trans. All you need is to not identify with the gender you were assigned at birth.

Xenogenders and neurogenders are real

Neo pronouns are good

Pan people are not bi or transphobic just by being pan.

Bi people aren’t secretly straight or morally bad because they’re bi.

While it is okay to not use the label for yourself Queer is not a slur.

She/Her gays and He/Him lesbians are valid

Pronouns have no gender

No one owes you their full identity (gender, sexuality etc), if they want to say they’re queer/lgbtqia and leave it at that that’s fine.

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Two nights ago I dreamed that my dissertation supervisor told me to stop worrying because I’d done okay (I don’t have my dissertation or degree results yet).

He had gained some weight because of the lockdown.

It was v. realistic. 😂😁💜

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I had a dream last night that I ran away (I was heading to France, but stopped in London because I hadn’t done enough language prep 😂) so I didn’t have to start my pgce.

But I’m feeling far less concerned now - had a preparation session with my future university (and I wasn’t consciously considering fleeing!)

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Hey everyone! I’m part of a discord server for teens/young people with chronic pain. It’s a really supportive space, and I was thinking it could be helpful to people here. If you’re interested in joining or want more info, message me or @afewregretsmaybe (the admin)

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Does anyone else worry because they aren’t worrying?

Like…there must be something outstanding, surely things are not actually going to plan, I’m missing something?

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Happy birthday!

Thanks anon! Have a nice day! :)

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Why do I keep dreaming of work??

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My friend won’t talk to me and I don’t know why

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doing some research lately, think I might have and, if anyone has resources on asd in women, pls dm me!

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W grupie siła - Współpraca - scenariusz zajęć

W grupie siła – Współpraca – scenariusz zajęć

Temat: W grupie siła

Treści kształcenia:


1) Współpracuje z innymi w zabawie, nauce szkolnej i w sytuacjach życiowych; przestrzega reguł obowiązujących w społeczności dziecięcej oraz świecie dorosłych; wie, jak należy zachować się w stosunku do dorosłych i rówieśników; rozumie potrzebę utrzymywania dobrych relacji z sąsiadami w miejscu zamieszkania: jest chętny do pomocy, respektuje…


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I’m so fucking sick of being told how strong I am for dealing with whatever the fuck I’m dealing with.

I don’t want to have to be strong all the time.

I want to just be.

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Emocje - scenariusz zajęć

Emocje – scenariusz zajęć

Emocje – jak sobie z nimi radzić?

W ciągu całego życia towarzyszą nam jakieś emocje. Konieczna jest ich znajomość i świadomość, aby móc sobie z nimi radzić – zwłaszcza jeśli chodzi o te trudne emocje. Kiedy dziecko reaguje złością, często nie uświadamia sobie tej złości, nie identyfikuje jej w danym momencie, nie odczuwa w ciele, ani nie nazywa. Szczególnie istotne jest, aby zauważać emocje w…


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