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Okay, hear me out. What if all Jack’s Egos are dependant on specific chemicals or hormones in Jack’s body. Like, Jackieboy Man is Dopamine, the motivation and reward chemical in the brain, Chase - Adrenaline, which is your flight or fight for most people, but for Jack, it’s more excitement and drive, Schneeplestein - Acetylcholine which is a learning and memory chemical etc. Each ego gets stronger or weaker depending on the levels of their specific hormone/chemical within Jack’s body. My thoughts are that Anti is related to Melatonin and Jack’s sleep schedule. The more well rested Jack is, the less control Anti has over him; however, every time Jack falls into a deep sleep, Anti has a chance of trapping him within his own mindscape and gaining control. (i.e, the phrase sleep is for the weak.) If Anti gains more influence when Jack gets tired, he could push to keep Jack awake for long periods of time before purposefully letting him crash. This consequently messes with all the other egos, and Anti knows it. With the ability to keep him in a dream-like state while using his body as a puppet, Anti now controls many Egos and their functions. The imbalance is detrimental to their host, so many of the egos try to wake him up to regain control and escape his prolonged rest. I guess with a strong enough will, some of them are able to take physical form and leave the mindscape, but at that point, they are severely limited to how they can influence Jack. It’s probably a last-ditch effort if it comes to that. But as it seems, it looks like it’s already happening.

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