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#taylor swift art

✨It was enchanting to meet you"✨


This drawing is inspired from the amazing day when I met the queen @taylorswift herself in the Lover Secret Sessions I went to in one of my Wildest Dreams 😂😂 I hope one day, one day this happens and it’d be everything!!! 🥺

@taylornation 💓💓

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“You gotta step into the daylight, and let it go…”

drew this iconic lover era fit, the look that i will never ever get over @taylorswift💛🌸✨

pls boost and support ur local artist (and swiftie)! I’m excited to be back!!

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Did this sketch based on @taylorswift last ig post. She looks so gorgeous. And this pic totally said CRUEL SUMMER. Come on tay make it a single. You know we want that music video please don’t let it be the getaway car situation.

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