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hercules AU…?

kidnapped and left on earth as a baby, erik grows up as an outcast amongst the mortals. upon realizing his decents are the gods above, he pushes through trails and tribulations to reach his olympian family and prove his worth. along the way he meets charles, a young man with wit as sharp as erik’s sword and eyes as blue as poseidon’s waves. from there on, erik struggles to juggle the responsibilities of a rising hero and a hopeless romantic whose heart is lost in the mist of charles’ words.


i watched hercules for the first time tonight and i am in LOVE with it

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A reminder that signups are now open for X-Men Remix 2020 and will remain so until eod May 24. We currently have 9 participants and are looking for more! Please don’t forget to sign up ASAP for this amazing challenge!

Sign-ups begin: OPEN NOW!
Sign-ups end: May 24, 11:59 PM EST
Assignments out by: May 29
Assignments due: July 1, 11:59 PM EST
Archive goes live: July 8
Authors/artists revealed: July 15

Remix Madness will run from July 1 - July 15 with more information to come.

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Remix is now open for sign-ups at X-Men Remix 2020! Simply follow the instructions and complete the sign-up form to join. Dates again are as follows:

Sign-ups begin: May 15
Sign-ups end: May 24, 11:59 PM EST
Assignments out by: May 29
Assignments due: July 1, 11:59 PM EST
Archive goes live: July 8
Authors/artists revealed: July 15

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an ask thanks!  

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jumper by third eye blind is such a cherik song it actually hurts:

  • “i wish u would step back from that ledge ,, my friend” it rly reminds me of the first time they met when charles pulled erik from the water
  • “and if u do not want to see me again, i would understand” ?? r u kidding me ??? that’s so them All the time in Every movie
  • “the angry boy a bit too insane, icing over a secret pain, u know u don’t belong” hello erik
  • “everyone’s got to face down their demons; maybe today, u could put the past away” yeah that’s so erik that i’m actually uh crying [ esp bc charles is the one who helped him cope w his past/get better !! remember the satellite scene ?? the happy memory ??? yeah i’m breaking down ]
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Things I actually enjoyed about Dark Phoenix despite it being a mess.

  • The new generation of X-Men. I loved it as much as the original one.
  • Charles because… well, I love him.
  • Magneto was FINE AF.
  • Genosha was really interesting, I liked how the government let Erik take a piece of land and turn it into a safe place for mutants.
  • Scott?? I always found him annoying but in the most recent movies he’s surprisingly useful and actually loveable.
  • Erik being a total dumbass was so funny because HOW CAN YOU BE SO DUMB?
  • Jean. I was never really a fan of her in the original timeline but I loved Sophie’s portrayal and how they gave her much more layers and complexity.
  • I just really liked Jean’s storyline in general as I think that the new timeline handled it better than The Last Stand. The whole alien stuff was weak but at least they tried to give a logical explaination to Jean’s powers and her whole struggle to keep it all together.
  • I loved seeing more of Jean’s powers overall.
  • I really really loved Charles and Jean’s dynamic, which was completely ignored in The Last Stand. In this movie Charles acknowledges his mistake and tries to make up for it, and Jean actually recognizes how he did it with good intentions and forgives him. The whole sequence in Charles’ mind with Jean as a child is really beautiful and well made.
  • The train sequence is, I have to say, pretty cool.
  • Cherik’s ending because HUSBANDS.
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erik: you’re always sorry, charles. and there’s always a speech, and nobody cares anymore.

charles: you should be grateful i’ve always been appreciative of your dramatic ass instead of calling you out on it.

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Cherik Prompt Time

Okay guys, what if Selene hadn’t been killed in xmdp? (they didn’t actually show her die. They just show her getting nabbed. So let’s just assume that she didn’t die, okay!)

What if she she’s around Magneto when Charles comes to Genosha. She’s a telepath, and what if she uses her powers freely with Erik (you know just for communication purposes- “boss we have a community meeting in 10” or “we’re out of drinking water. We need you to access the situation” etc). A fact that Charles is incredibly jealous of. And as is with the boys, his jealousy burns on two levels:

1. First, that Erik is okay with letting Selene into his head but not him (Erik hasn’t explicitly forbidden Charles from entering his head, but he hasn’t invited Charles in either. So in true Charles fashion, he just assumes that Erik still doesn’t want him in his head).

2. Secondly because Erik seems to be spending a lot of time with her. That alone is enough to unsettle Charles. They haven’t defined anything in terms of their relationship after coming to Genosha, they’re still old friends. Charles secretly stives for their relationship to move forward, but what if he’s too late. What is Selene took his place instead?

ANGST people!! Just imagine. And then comes misunderstandings followed by FLUFF!!!

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rewatching Logan, who is right now passing on tv. (this is the second time I’ve seen this movie because it makes me sad)

it’s a bit confusing in chronology BUT again was trying to understand where it was Erik

In a part at first they talk about someone having died a year ago. Then Logan sees a comic that shows a funeral (it actually reminded me of mystique funeral in dark phoenix). So before Charles dies, he talks about Winchester, what happened there. (He doesn’t go into details).

One year ago. He lost control of his powers, and probably killed everyone in the school. Including Erik. Assuming, after Dark Phoenix, and DOFP final, they return to the mansion.

But the good thing is Logan see a comics, and shows him and the Rogue - that left me in tears.

now I remember why I prefer to pretend that Logan didn’t happen (too sad, but i wish some fics about tbh)

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