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#yoonkook fic
sopeverse · 4 months ago
expecting (the unexpected) with bts
genre: fluff and pregnancy!au
warnings: pregnancy, mentions of insecurity, overall bangtan being soft over the thought of starting a family with you so proceed into this disgustingly fluffy trap with caution
note: okay so me promising to finally post my long awaited yoonkook fic was a fucking lie - so please have my unnecessarily cute indulgence into dad!bangtan. also, this is over 7k words so please with the utmost respect shoot me :)
Tumblr media
this dork didn’t even notice you were pregnant until three months in
he’d be so oblivious the whole time, not once catching onto the small bump you were slowly but surely forming
he’d just stare at you in disbelief whenever your cravings got the better of you, putting foods together that he deemed D I A B O L I C A L
he’d let you know that
cause as we all know, he’s the king™ of food
he’ll encourage your increasing eating habits though, loving the look of content and your stuffed cheeks that he makes a point to pinch every chance he gets
turns out you were having excessive cravings cause of the MASSIVE child you were currently carrying in your stomach
istg when you finally tell him you’re pregnant the first thing out of his mouth is,
“that explains why you were eating peanut butter and cucumber together!”
and he just has this look on his that says, ‘i’ve finally cracked the code’
and you have to resist the urge to slap him upside the head cause tHAT REALLY WASN’T THE POINT HERE
okay but #1 supportive boyfriend right here
he’ll volunteer to rub lotions on your stomach every night before bed
mostly because they seem to relax you but also because he likes how soft they make his hands
also the type to talk to your baby when you finally fall asleep 🥺
he’ll have his cheeks pressed softly against your bump, gushing over how excited he is to finally be a dad and how much he’s gonna spoil and care for them
and you couldn’t help the small smile tugging at your lips once you heard his gentle coos cause you really struck lucky with this soft muddle of mush you call a boyfriend
he’s so ott too
like five months until the due date and he’ll already have the spare room done up into the cutest little nursery
and you have to pester him to stop buying pink baby clothes and toys cause he has just simply ruled out the possibility of it being a boy
just hits you with, “c’mon babe, it’s the 21st century, boys can wear pink too.”
and after taking in his pink silk pyjamas and bunny slippers you realise you don’t have the energy to argue with this man
you think he indulged you in your cravings before? he’s 100x worse now that he know you’re eating for two
it could be two in the morning and he wouldn’t care, slipping on the first pair of shoes he could find and rushing to the nearest store whenever you show the slightest signs of being peckish
also buys the entire store
and stays up ‘helping’ you eat the treats cause he knows how bad you start to feel after giving into your cravings
leaves small post-it notes around you apartment when he’d gone to the studio, reminding you to eat and not stress yourself out
he hates leaving you alone on those days, the thought of something happening to you or the baby is enough to make him feel insanely guilty
trust he’s tried to convince his managers to grant him maternity leave too they weren’t having it
and he’d be (◞‸◟) everyday in practice until the baby is born
he’s so incredibly loving and doting towards you
showers your body in a million and one kisses whenever you feel the slightest bit insecure
and reminds you of how much of an angel you are between every gentle press of his lips
you’ve always been beautiful to him, but seeing your bump grow bigger with each passing day just makes him fall deeper and harder in love with you
which no one thought was humanly possible cauSE THIS MAN WORSHIPS THE GROUND YOU WALK UPON OKAY
just the thought of finally starting a family with you is so surreal and he’ll be in a state of bliss the whole nine months
freaks out when your water finally breaks
he’ll be a mess, phone balancing on his shoulder as he screams at namjoon to tell the boys as he grabs your overnight bags, tripping over every possible obstacle in his path while trying to clm you amidst the chaos
and you’re just 눈_눈 cause you really forgot how dramatic this man is
seems like he’s bringing that trait into fatherhood to hshdjd
you swear he breaks about ten different traffic laws trying to get to the hospital
only calms down once the nurses take over and rush you to the nearest private room
lets you hold his hand in a crushing grip, soothing words being whispered against the side of your head as he encourages you to push harder
he almost wants to beat himself up seeing you in so much pain, but once he hears a shrill cry and your hand relax in his hold he swears his eyes turn into hearts
he’ll try to hide the small tears gathered in his eyes once the nurses take the small child away to clean, pressing kiss after kiss against your lips and reminding you how well you did as you sleepily lean further into his affectionate touches
he’s just so proud of you and won’t shut up about it for hours
and he doesn’t have time to gloat that it’s a girl, cause he knows regardless he’d be in love
there’s no tearing him away, trust me
he feels so complete in that moment, watching the boys and his family coo over the babbling baby as you snuggle closer to him on the small hospital bed
he’s convinced nothing can diminish his happiness
not even taehyung and jungkook trying to teach your daughter curse words five seconds after she’s left your womb
Tumblr media
another oblivious cutie in our ranks
he’s so quick to pick up any quirk or change which is why you find it so amusing that he didn’t seem to notice you were pregnant despite the obvious bump you made no effort to hide
he’s always so wrapped up in his work that he literally won’t catch on unless you were to snatch his headphones off and scream it in his ear
which is exactly what you do
the human personification of (°-°) when you show him the pregnancy test
for a good five minutes you’ll think he’s broken and have half a mind to call bighit to repair him but once that gummy smile takes over his face all your worries wash away
he won’t even try to hide it either, calling everyone in his contacts cause he’s gonna be a dad!!
then cringes once he gets to hoseok as the younger screams about finally being an uncle :’)
you secretly find it cute that they’ve all turned into giddy kids at the thought of a baby in the gang
he’s so insanely attentive towards you
like this man will shower you in love and there’s nothing you can do about it
makes sure to buy you all your favourite treats and plushies for when he’s gone to work for long periods of time
and sends you a message to ‘look after yourself or else i’ll come over there and kick your ass’
threatening but caring 🥰
he always feels so selfish about being stuck at the studio and practice all the time so please comfort him this smol boy
he won’t admit it but he genuinely thinks he’s not gonna be a good dad for the longest time so you better remind him that he will be the B E S T
he’ll eventually start to bring his work home with him and spend more time with you cause if something were to happen to his two favourite people he’ll r i o t
whenever he does show up to practice he’ll be worrying over you constantly if he’s not spamming your phone asking if you’ve eaten and got enough rest then he’s complaining to the boys about how much he misses you
to the point where they’ll literally just force him to leave so that he can finally shUT UP
they’re all secretly super excited though and can’t wait to be uncles
but hoseok has already made it clear that he’ll fight all of them and you if he doesn’t get to be godfather
bath time together has become a tradition in your household
he got sick of your whining and pouting about standing up for too long in the shower and being unable to reach places cause of your growing bump
so this man will spend a full half hour running the most *chefs kiss* bath for you with all your favourite scents and soaps
and lets you rest against his chest as his fingers gently massage your scalp, occasionally placing small kisses against the expanse of your shoulder while muttering sweet words against the heated skin
marry him or i will >:(
he’ll force you to lay against the bed with your tank top raised above your exposed stomach, watching lovingly and playing with his disheveled hair as he softly grumbles against you
he’ll be so love-struck and won’t stop gushing over hoe excited he is to finally meet them you literally have to resist the urge to get your phone out and video the cute interaction
then lowkey threatens it and says if it hurts you he’s gonna fight
with love of course <333
despite being insecure about his future parenting skills he swears to himself and you that he’ll never let his kid feel like he doesn’t support them
he knows what it feels like to lack support from your father so he ensures that he’ll lay the affection on extra thick
i’m not saying he’s gonna be the best dad in the world but that’s exactly what i’m saying
he won’t even have time to register what was happening before he has you, himself and everything you could possible need packed into the car before your water even broke
he’ll be so calm and reassuring on the outside but you could see from the nervous lip biting and the skin of his knuckles turning white from tension as he gripped the steering wheel that he was far form it
he’s so relived once he finally gets you to the hospital and the nurses take over, giving him time to finally breath before calling the rest of the boys
he’s stressing out the whole time - insisting on staying in the waiting room cause he couldn’t bear the sight of you in pain
but once the nurse calls him in for the final push he’s by your side in an instant
his words will get stuck in his throat as you groan for the final time, not once minding the crushing pain of your hand squeeing his own before going slack
he swore time started to slow as the doctor presented your daughter before cleaning her and wrapping her up in a blanket
he’s so careful and hesitant as he takes hold of her, a look of awe in his eyes as the baby squirmed against him
literally the only thing going through his mind is, ‘fuck, i’m actually a dad’
and istg man sheds a tear cause he finally started the family he so desperately wanted with you
swear he passed his :] trait down to her as she babbles up at you both
you both never felt so content, the months of pain and stress coming o an end as you lay your head on his chest - watching as your daughter softly played with his fingers
before hoseoks loud voice broke through the room,
“so i’m still the godfather right?”
Tumblr media
king of the dumbfounded club
despite all the signs being there you’ll literally have to spell it out for him before he even notices
this man will go about his day as if you weren’t carrying his unnecessarily huge child inside of you
hoseok always expressed to you that he dreamed of starting a family with you one day, but with the surge in popularity with the band and your relationship still being kept from public view you were worried he’d be less than pleased with the timing
trying to keep it a secret proved easy considering your boyfriend had his head in the clouds 99.9% of the time
but it was yoongi who told you to finally man up and tell him before threatening to do it himself
which left you wondering as to how the fUCK HE KNEW? YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE?!
he just knows everyones darkest secrets
this boys is so :D when you finally tell him
as soon as the words leave your lips he has you in the tightest embrace known to man and smothers your face in kisses, gushing over how excited he is without letting you go for once second
everyone in a ten mile radius knows you’re pregnant within an hour
and he may have accidentally posted your baby scans to the bts official. instagram oops
sets it as his lockscreen
also has them in his wallet for safe keeping
but also because he just turns to mush every time he looks at the lil bub and thinks about how excited he is
will cling to you 24/7
whenever you’re cooking or preparing a meal in the kitchen he’ll be behind you in a minute, tracing gentle circles on your hips and leaving soft presses of his lips against the side of your hide as you go about your business
will happily brush his teeth while you’re using the toilet
he’ll just use any excuse to be near you
to the point where you’ll have to say,
“hoseok sweetheart, i love you so much but leave me the fuck a l o n e.”
he’s an angel so he won’t take any of your snaps or sarcastic quips seriously, already knowing how much of a toll pregnancy has been having on your mood
so he won’t hesitate to spoil you constantly
whenever you’re sad he’s sad, that’s the vibe in your relationship
he knows you better than anyone else so when he sees that you need your space and be alone for awhile he’s straight out the door and on his way to the dorms
not before showering you in all the kisses and gathering you all the treats and sweets his arms can carry beforehand though
if you even D A R E try to life a finger this man will have a tantrum
he just hates the thought of you straining yourself too hard and hurting yourself or the baby so he’ll offer to do the chores around the house with no hesitation
then collapsing on the bed later that night and snuggles into your side while complaining about how tired he is
and you hate to admit it but you’re lowkey happy cause now he can’t take what you do around the house for granted ✨
you’ll still give him forehead kisses though cause the pout sitting on his lips after he finishes his chores is just too cute to resist
he goes into full a hysteria whenever you accidentally bump into something
he’s on his knees and muttering apologies to your bump before you can even comprehend what is happening
“mummy’s just a dumbass baby, sorry.”
and grrrr you wish you could hit him but he is just too precious
if you thought this man was already soft at the thought of finally starting a family with you just wait until nightfall
his sleepiness gets the better of him and he just turns into a mush of love, facing you on the bed and hand gently caressing your bump
he always gives you a gentle goodnight kiss before going to sleep and has gotten into the routine of giving your bump one too
everyone under the sun could tell he was already in love with this child
also locks himself in the bathroom to secretly phone his mum or sister to give him advice when you get especially pissy
and they literally just sigh and say, ‘women’
he still hasn’t figured out what to do with that information
the type to have a ‘#1 dad’ bumper sticker on the back of his car
even though it’s no where near the due date yet
he’s just too excited 🥺
goes into full panic mode when you finally go into labour
you’ll have to be the one to calm H I M down
he’s screaming into the groupchat before your water has even fully broke
he just really wants everyone to be there when the baby’s born and has already made it clear that he’s gonna end their friendship if they don’t show up in time
you still aren’t sure if he’s joking or not
he’s so helpful during your contractions and will do all the breathing exercises that he got from the baby books with you
will also assign a job to each of the boys
yoongi had to be your on call assistant which he wasn’t to happy about
he’ll act annoyed about the whole thing but his heart warms at the thought of you two dumbasses finally having a baby
when the nurses say it’s time to finally get this sucker out of you hoseok will be by your side in an instant
will mutter encouraging words against the side of your head and not once take his gaze off you
he’s so patient and calm too, seeing how strong you where during the whole thing despite the small tears glossing over your eyes made him so proud
once the baby is born you swear his eyes fucking SPARKLE
and when the nurse has finally cleaned the small boy off and handed him over that man has scooped him up and burst out the door to the others
he’ll have no problem presenting that child like rafiki from the lion king
but after all the excitement is over and he ushers everyone home he turns into that ball of love again, laying beside you on the cramped bed and wrapping you up in his arms - worshiping your face in gentle pecks as you tiredly lean against him - smiling against his lips, the small baby happily asleep in your arms
he swears he’s never felt so complete until that moment
Tumblr media
istg he knows before you do
he won’t even give you the slightest inkling that he knows
he’ll only start dropping hints around three months in - starting to be more careful around you and constantly reminding you to not stress yourself out
his gentle caresses and sweet words were never a rarity throughout your relationship but you noticed his hands softly lingering against your stomach, tracing the flesh despite your bump hardly showing yet
he knew you were holding off telling him in fear the news would interfere with his career so once you finally gathered the courage he’d be all set
you knew he’s be an amazing dad regardless so gathering your confidence you’d walk into the living to announce the news only to close your mouth at the sight presented in front of you
you wanna kick him for being such a tease with you but just the sight of him soften the edges of all the sharp corners in the house made you so soft cause you’ve never seen someone so excited and ready for something in your life
king of showering you in love
whenever you get down about your appearance and start complaining about the extra flesh around your thighs of the stretch marks decorating your skin he is by your side and worshiping your body before you can even finish your thoughts
he thinks you look so sexy and beautiful carrying his child and sometimes finds it hard to keep his hands away from you
seeing your stomach grow bigger with each passing day triggers something primal inside of him and he becomes much more protective over you
he instantly knows when insecurity washes over you and watches sourly as you stand in front of the mirror for hours on end - loathing every part of your body
he’ll sneak up behind you and admire you through your reflection, forcing your eyes to follow the light tracing of his hands as they ghost over your skin
muttering softly about how angelic and ethereal you look while pregnant
he literally won’t let you leave the mirror until his words are implanted in your mind, cause the mere thought of you thinking you weren’t worth it or pretty enough just because the months of pregnancy has taken a toll on your body makes his heart hurt
he genuinely thinks you’re so prefect and will be sure to remind you every possible chance he gets
just marry him already please 😓
swears he’s the cool dad but you know deep down he’s the dorky, embarrassing one that trips in front of his child's friends and tells them awkward stories to make them uncomfortable
also the hot dad but we been knew
and he can’t help but laugh when you threaten to beat up any of your child's friends in future if they so much as look at him
also the type to cook you dinner every night just to take the stress off
when the baby kicked for the first time he freaked out
genuinely thought he did something wrong to make them react like that would get so in his head about being a dad
and you have to shut up his rambling worries with a deep kiss cause god you love this man but he overthinks every possible thing
another sweetheart that feels so guilty about working all the time
his mind doesn’t rest for one second when he’s at practice, tripping over his steps and stumbling more than usual cause he just can’t stop stressing out about you and the baby
sends you cute little messages of encouragement throughout the day
you’re always knocked out on the sofa by the time he gets home and he swears the guilt eats him alive
he’ll scoop you up and tuck you away into bed - using the opportunity to softly caress and talk to your bump
he doesn’t even know if the baby can hear his overexcited words or not but he likes to think it does
kissing your head gently and whispers a soft ‘i love you’ against your skin before doing the same to your stomach
he gets a call one day while he’s at the studio that you’ve went into labour and this man goes into full windows shutdown mode
speeds through that building and into his car like lightening cause he’d rather die than miss any second of the birth
once he gets to the hospital he practically forces the nurse to escort him to your room and his panicked exterior and wide eyes is enough for her to comply without question
once he gets through that door and sees your worried expression and glassy eyes - worried he wouldn’t get there on time - relax, he feels so ashamed
covers your face in a million and one kisses as an apology and is immediately in dad mode
he literally turns into your support pillar and will let you squeeze his hand when the pain becomes too much, not once minding the crushing pain you inflicted on his fingers
encouraging words and soft kisses galore
you’ve never seen a grown man want to cry so much once that baby is born
like you’ll have to comfort him once the nurse passes you the tiny bundle of joy, already knocked out in your arms and looking like the perfect little mix of you and joon
the next few hours will just go by in a blur for the both of you - both your families and the boys wanting to coo over the little girl
but once everything is over and the room is settled with just your small family, he can’t help but admire you lovingly cradling the baby, tutting lowly as you tried to breastfeed her
and he’s just so completely 🥺 cause those nine months of constant stress and worrying were 100% worth it
Tumblr media
he caught on the moment he noticed your morning sickness
he’ll just stand in the doorway of the bathroom like a lost child, wanting to help but not knowing how so he’s just so 🥺 watching you throw your guts up
let’s you sit on his lap and cleans you up afterwards, soothing stroking your hair as you bury your head into his neck - neither of you caring about the coldness of the tiles beneath you
he’ll let you cry against him for the rest of the night
and won’t regret it when he’s yawning his way through rehearsal the next day with namjoon nagging his ear off  
under all his concerns and worries this man is so fucking E C S T A T I C
you both had been planning to have a baby eventually so the fact that it was actually happening (albeit unexpectedly) sends him to cloud nine
he wouldn’t feel the need to have a big announcement or reveal either - both of you wanting to keep it your little secret until the time was right
and apparently the right time was him accidentally posting the baby scans to twitter while trying to send them to his mum
twitter crashed that day
when he sees how worried you become about the effect the pregnancy will have on his career and such, he swore his heart broke
he wouldn’t waste a second before snuggling you against his chest, kissing your worries away and reminding you that neither you or the baby could ever be a burden to him
and after he’s done wiping your tears away and comforting you, he’ll literally just get up and say
“okay, let’s go get the crybaby some mcdonalds.”
and you don’t even have the energy to argue with him cause f o o d
istg he has baby names picked out before you even know the gender
he’s in a constant state of bliss every time he sees your bump become bigger
he’s so in awe of it
like the fact that your future child is just lazying away in your stomach, being all beautiful and the perfect mix of you both  
blows his mind everytime
everytime you both go out shopping with each other he’ll mange to sneak every baby related thing into your basket without you noticing
and just :) innocently once you get to the checkout and your bill racks up with bibs, bottles and tiny shoes
he fully knows that they’ll grow out of them in 0.2 seconds A N D the fact that they don’t need them at all cause what newborn is flexing their designer drip
he just can’t help himself sometimes
please stop this man cause he goes wild and ends up buying more clothes for the baby and they’re not even born yet
he won’t get a proper night sleep if he doesn’t wish your bump goodnight and press a soft kiss against it, before paying your lips the same treatment
and you think it’s the most precious sight
he loves going to baby scans with you
he’ll cancel whatever plans wedged into his schedule that day just to go with you
and if he finds out you went on your own he’ll try and divorce you
even though you’re not married
you’ve never seen a man so at loss with words until he sees the outline of your baby appear on the small monitor
and he’ll just touch the screen and be like
“that’s really my baby?”
and you have to stop yourself from joking, ‘actually no it’s jungkooks’
cause you already know he’ll give you the silent treatment for about week for saying that
everytime you talk to this man his mind will always wander back to the pregnancy
like you could ring him up just to see what he wants for dinner later and he’ll bombarded you with a million and one questions on how the baby was doing
his main concern is missing the first kick
and when it finally does happen, you just silently take his hand and place it on your swollen stomach, feeling the small jolts of the baby
and he’s so 😔 cause the baby is saying hello!!
he’s the most supportive and calm of them all when your water breaks
he’ll have you in the hospital before your mind can even wrap round the situation, reassuring you the entire drive there
but he won’t hesitate to THREATEN every last doctor there if they dare hurt you or make you uncomfortable in any way
cue to the entire building just sweatdropping™️ cause this smol man can be scary when he wants to be
won’t leave your side no matter how long your labour takes
constantly tells you to take deep breaths and will lets you squeeze onto his hand, thumb rubbing over the flesh of your palm to help soothe the pain
despite never shutting tf up during your pregnancy he’s at a loss for words once he actually lays eyes on his new baby girl
everything around him will disappear for a second and all he can focus on is the sight of you cooing down gently at the small child, letting her take hold of your finger
and he can’t help but admire your beauty in that moment, the glow of afterbirth completely taking over your spent figure
he swears it’s the most beautiful sight ever
and can’t resist the urge to take out his phone to snap a quick picture
capturing the moment forever
only for you to throw the baby bottle at him for being such a dumbass and not turning his phone on silent, effectively startling the newborn
he’s new at this parenting stuff, cut him some slack :’)
Tumblr media
another member of the confused squad™️
he doesn’t have the slightest clue about what’s happening around him most of the time and that certainly doesn’t change when you unexpectedly become pregnant
so please help this poor boy out
even when your bump started to become more noticeable and you’ve grown out of some of your jeans, he’ll still be so helpless and lost 😔
you’ve never seen someone so happy when you finally let it slip
that boxy smile you adore so much just tugs at his lips and he doesn’t even give you a chance to get the words fully out before he’s picking you up and bringing you into the most bone crushing hugs ever, twirling you around the spacious apartment in joy
he’s such an excited pup and you swear nothing can wipe that adoring grin off his face
he’s so soft for the reminder off the day, finding it hard to believe that you’re actually carrying your soon-to-be child in your stomach
his hands constantly brush against your belly, sweating every two seconds he can feel the baby kick even though it doesn’t even have legs yet to do that
he’s just can’t contain his excitement, leave him alone :’)
he talks to the baby before you get ready for bed, helping you apply your lotions to the swollen bump while gushing over how much he can’t wait to spoil them
and you just run your fingers through his soft locks, smiling gently down at the overjoyed pile of mush you call a boyfriend  
everyone say it with me - we don’t deserve kim taehyung
he’s also so good at making you feel better about getting too big for some of your clothes, not hesitating to tell you how pretty you look every morning despite the extra weight
he won’t let you for a second T H I N K about talking down on yourself
cause as far as he’s concerned, whether you’re 100 pounds lighter or 200 pounds heavier - you’re still the most beautiful  angel he’s ever laid eyes on
this man can’t keep a secret to save his life so he’ll let it slip you’re pregnant within the first week for sure
and when you sit down to watch the boys’ first live interview since their recent comeback, you were horrified to watch the love of your life blurt out the news while bouncing excitedly on his seat
and the rest of the boys are just starting at him in :o cause bro at leAST TEN MILLION PEOPLE JUST HEARD THAT??
he gets an earful from you later though
and from his mum
and his manager
and the fans
he sits on the sofa unmoving for an hour, a pout sat on his lips as you refused to talk to him
he’ll leave the softest of kisses against your cheek and mouth, muttering how sorry he was for being such an idiot
and you can’t help but grin against him cause he sure was stupid as shit
but he was YOUR idiot
everyone is super happy for you guys though, cause the love behind his eyes everytime he’s caught looking at you is undeniable
and what’s one more person for him to give a piece of his heart to? 🤧
after all the excitement is over and the full severity of the situation dawns on him, he gets so in his head about being a parent
he’ll start worrying about tours and long days at rehearsal, the thought of you raising  the baby alone without his help while he’s stuck at work all day is enough to make him curl into your side at night - burying his face against your neck and letting all his worries out
just soothingly stroke the back of his neck and mutter encouraging words and he’ll be okay eventually
he’s also a major dork and makes a ton of dad jokes before he’s even officially become one
yeontan is his #1 so don’t expect him to put the baby first
literally whines,
“how am i gonna fit another baby in my life when i already have tannie?”
he’s the epitome of puppy dog eyes when you go into labour
he’s so lost and doesn’t know what to do, wanting to help soothe the pains of your contractions but not knowing how
despite naivety regarding the situation he’ll also be super comforting, holding you tightly against his chest and muttering against your forehead as you take deep breaths - ignoring hoseoks’ screams towards yoongi to drive faster
once you finally get to the hospital HE’S the one ordering the doctors around
he just wants to make your labour as comfortable as possible and will literally slid the nurse a $20 note to get you a more private and bigger room
he’s so attentive and sticks by your side through the whole thing - praises and encouragement tumbling from his lips
but he just melts into a puddle of love once he finally lays eyes on your beautiful creation, softly shushing her quiet cries
nothing can take away his happiness in that moment, laying on the cramped bed with you as you cradled the baby to sleep, admiring her soft features
he’s gonna be in a state of bliss for the next few weeks, i’m warning you rn
also floods every social media platform that day with an overload of polaroids of your little family
and everyone is just so :’) cause if anyone deserves to be happy it’s this man
Tumblr media
jungkook.exe has stopped working
as soon as he notices you’re pregnant he already knows the other boys are gonna beat him up
they all see you as a little sister and are c o n v i n c e d this man can’t look after himself despite a baby
but just the thought of starting a family with you makes him so giddy and soft, he doesn’t even have time to worry about what the others will do
he’ll pretend he doesn’t know just to troll you
he can’t help but think how adorable you look when you finally do, eyes avoiding his own and fiddling with the sleeves of your his sweater
literally all he says is,
“yeah well you weren’t very fucking subtle.”
and continues scrolling through his phone as if you hadn’t just dropped the the most life changing news on him
and you have to resist the urge to THROTTLE him alive just for being such a little shit
but he’ll make it up to you later, cuddling against you in bed and begging for your kisses - constantly whining against your heated skin that he was just joking
and you just give into his loving pecks of reassurance, smiling cutely against your face as you both bask in the newfound feeling of finally becoming parents
as inexperienced as he is when it comes to babies and pregnancy he makes up for it by being the most caring of boyfriends
he loves to prove you wrong cause he simply thinks you’re the most ethereal angel to ever walk into his life and still finds it hard to believe that you wanna settle down with his dumb ass
whenever you get particularly insecure about your body and hide away in your shared bedroom he’ll bust that fucking door down, not wasting a second as he’s worshiping your skin and kissing every last stretch mark and imperfection
and he knows how tough pregnancy can be emotionally so when he sees the small tears glossing over your eyes as he smothers you in his love, he’ll softly kiss them away too
whenever your bump starts to become more noticeable he’ll give you his hoodie to help hide it, knowing you weren’t comfortable sharing the pregnancy yet
he also thinks you look majorly cute being swamped in his overly large clothes
and he’ll leave small presses of his lips on your forehead, purposely avoiding your mouth just to be a tease
istg you both had the most perfect announcement planned for everyone, wanting to do it in the comfort of your home with all your loved ones gathered
and this man just goes and reveals it on vlive accidentally ಠ_ಠ
it’s safe to say you both broke the internet that night
he’s already clocked out on all the nappy changing responsibilities before the baby is even born
he’s not about to touch whatever goes on down there - no matter how much you chastise him
makes fun of the way you waddle once you start getting even bigger
to the point where he’ll imitate you and swiftly run away when you catch him cause he knows you aren’t able to catch up with him 😭
also puts things you’re looking for on the highest shelf possible just so he can watch you struggle
fucking divorce this man please cause he’s just gonna spend his time tormenting you
he didn’t have many doubts about being a parent during the pregnancy but once you finally do go into labour this man will be a complete mess
he won’t even be able to enter the hospital room - pacing the waiting area and breathing heavily into a paper bag that taehyung so graciously lent him
and everytime he even thought of stepping foot past the door he’d just shake his head and continue his worrying
before yoongi eventually got sick of his stressed pacing and pushed him into the room, holding the handle forcibly to prevent him from leaving
and you’re sitting there wondering why the f u c k your boyfriend is being forced into the birth with you and pulling on his hair when you’re the one that’s pushing a baby the size of a bowling ball out of your body
he’ll try to be as comforting as he can, hesitant words of support slipping past his lips as he tried to block out your groans of agony
you know that scene in friends when rachel is going into labour and accidentally headbutts ross and he falls to the ground and says ‘you have no idea how much this hurts’ and the whole room just stares at him cause bRO YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS CURRENTLY PUSHING YOUR MASSIVE CHILD OUT OF A TINY HOLE AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR HEAD?! yeah that’s jungkook the entire time
everything is such a blur and rush for him, but once he hears that soft cry istg he has the biggest heart eyes you’ve ever seen on someone
starts fussing over you and presses kiss after kiss against your face, not paying any kind to the sweat that gathered
and he won’t stop confessing his love for you
he’s so insanely protective over you both as soon as the nurse hands him the newborn
just feels the immediate need to protect and love and you’ve never seen a more heartwarming sight
shushes the small babe quietly and cuddles him close to his chest, letting you tiredly lean against his shoulder as you both admire the tiny bundle of joy
despite everyone thinking you were too young to have a child, you both knew you’d have it no other way
now he just has to convince you to get matching tattoos of your baby’s initials
if you can finally settle on a name that is
Tumblr media
© sopeverse — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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goldenclosetkook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Play With Me Softly
Character Profiles
Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness.
@ninewestay @straychijeu
(I have included both the nsfw acc and the normal acc for each member, even though some of the nsfw accs won’t be mentioned that much ❤️)
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changmiii · 3 years ago
fic rec: top 10 bts college aus
You Came For Me (You Stayed For Us) by kuragecharms -- Seokjin is a single parent Jungkook meets during lifting, this is actually so cute
everything you make, you make well by jellyfishes -- Taehyung moves into Jimin’s apartment during exam season and A LOT of cuteness ensues
twenty-four by fruitily -- Taehyung handcuffs Jungkook and Yoongi together while they’re sleeping as a social experiment 
of ginger, strawberries and Serratia marcescens by Anonymous -- this. is. so. good. omg fake dating but not tropey i love itt
King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye -- kinda long but super cute
it's just you (all the time) by imotikon -- fwb au
Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka -- the ultimate college au. namjin + fraternity  
Forever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] by numberts  -- adorable jinkook au
and i want you (do you want me too?) by wowoashley (orphan_account) -- love this  
Paper Chase by SlimeQueen -- omg. yoonmin roommates au this is v good and v nsfw
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inbtswethrrust · 2 years ago
favs or must-read high school aus please? (any ship except taekook)
- taekook
A little water clears us of this deed by robotkeychain [Yoonjin, T, 4.4k]
Walk with me by ceokjin [Yoonjin, G, 5.8k]
Cupcake by sevenbyseven [2seok, T, 2k]
In the quiet like this by ppphonology [2seok, G, 20k]
Find The Value of an Elephant by tired angry egg (Mirabelle) [Namjin, T, 57k]
It’s Gonna Get You In Trouble by EquinoxSolstice [Namjin, T, 6k]
He’s Got All The Koalifications by NeverFindYouLove (kuragecharms) [Jinmin, G, 2.3k]
I Still Have So Much to Say by arysthaeniru [Jinmin, G, 3k]
What’s the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? A guy will actually search for a golf ball. by Yoongi_BTS [Taejin, G, 1.6k]
Louder Than Me by foliage [Taejin, E, 2.7k]
you’ve been flirting again by orphan_account [Jinkook, E, 49k]
the boy who never smiled by wonderlands (orphan_account) [Jinkook, 52k]
a procession of seasons by shikae (39smooth) [Yoonseok, E, 21k]
play the game by sungmin (jeonggukkie) [Yoonseok, E, 5k]
Warm Fuzzies by signifying_nothing [Namgi, G, 4.2k]
Silky Bunny by shugamonie [Namgi, E, 7k]
love is not a coincidence (it’s fate) by yururin [Yoonmin, T, 10k]
Our Names by yoongiminy [Yoonmin, T, 8.4k]
he sprinkled me in pixie dust (and told me to believe) by intronevermind [Taegi, T, 128k]
i want to believe by hoars [Taegi, G, 3k]
Call Me Maybe? by yukjaem [Yoonkook, T, 3k]
Love and Basketball by artangeltae, bangtan_97 [Yoonkook, E, 44k]
Confessions by naxariis [Namseok, T, 5k]
ionic bonding by moonsuns [Namseok, E, 15k]
Go Out With Me by bethejitomyhope [Jihope, T, 1.3k]
i bet that you look good on the dancefloor by jinhoes [Jihope, T, 9.3k]
I wonder why by wanderlash [Vhope, M, 59k]
is it real now? by pardon [Vhope, T, 5k]
stitch me up (you’re so pretty) by jjks [Junghope, T, 10k]
i wanna be yours by momentsinlove [Junghope, E, 44k]
My Cup of Tea by nicowememoney [Minjoon, G, 5.9k]
Not A One Time Thing by TaehyungieV [Minjoon, E, 17k]
Tutor Me? It’s Not Adding Up by NeverFindYouLove (kuragecharms) [Vmon, G, 1.2k]
The best laid plans by catwrites (byeolguk) [Vmon, T, 4.8k]
golden hour by whomstisthis [Namkook, M, 18k]
School Boys by YukiRose [Namkook, G, 1.8k]
This Confession Note Wasn’t Meant for You by Toshiba19 [Vmin, T, 21k]
shōnen-ai love you by kaythebest [Vmin, T, 4.6k]
100% success rate by bonnia [Jikook, T, 3.5k]
I Shouldn’t Be In Love With You by wildandsexy [Jikook, T, 10k]
- taekook
Look My Way by sunkissedyoongi [Yoonmin, G, 5.3k]
not crying on a sunday by abucketofchicken [Yoonmin, T ,125k]
summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest [Vmin, T, 41k]
Dancing on Quicksand by lethallergic [Vhope, E, 14k]
listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) by poplolli [Jikook, M, 30k]
I will help you climb by fitzgarbage [Namjin, T, 73k]
doubt thou the stars are fire by iwillalwaysbelieve [Jikook, T, 9k]
this has been a journey
- Admin Nana
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cinnaminsvga · 3 years ago
making the most out of a ghost (oh, we’re toast!) | yoonkook
Tumblr media
→ summary: As Seokjin gazes blandly at him, Yoongi can almost physically feel the way his hyung was taking him apart, trying to find that singular brain cell that had caused him to fuck up so spectacularly. “Well. I don’t quite know what to say. But I suppose that among the three of us, I’m not even slightly surprised that you would be the one to fall in love with a ghost.”
Yoongi slams his head against the dining table, and he feels grains of his forgotten rice smoosh itself onto his forehead. “Yeah, well. It is what it is. Are you going to help me or what?”
{or alternatively: alexa, how do you fall out of love with a ghost?}
→ rating: m → genre: fluff, angst, humor, implicit smut, ghost!au → warnings: mentions of past suicide/depression, mentions of drug use/overdose, implicit descriptions of masturbation, slight exhibitionism → words: 25K → a/n: part of the @yoonkookbigbang​!! this is my very first time writing a long-ish fic, and it’s a yoonkook one to boot!! i am also very grateful to the wonderful @evermin​ for drawing this and this for my fic!! much love!!
💞 read the full fic here on AO3 💞
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goldenclosetkook · 2 years ago
Chapter 42 - When Yoongi Went Round To Jungkooks
Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness.
<< / 42 / ?
@johnnysneo @daddyjinmas
@hobi-isadaydream @conslack @bangtannnboyz @agoddessofdestruction @liliumoriental @spongebobgotstruckbylightning @bazingadotbizoff @amk-fairy @constantly-in-limerence @uwu-sebastianstan @myet @canyoucallthiswriting @jiminieschilliepeper @typicaltrashbagg @anonymousyoongi @changbeanbag @unmistakenly-me @jinnybun @instantspot @puptaee @spookypumpkinpeach @momdancingtomcr @annalee0101 @darling-winnie @jungkookssistan @brieflyannoyingandfunny
The bruises on Yoongi’s neck burned as he rang the doorbell. Hidden beneath the thick paste of foundation (thank you Lisa), logically he knew they couldn’t be seen, but he still tugged at the collar of his jumper, nervous. Jungkook had asked him to come over, had wanted his company, so why did he feel like a trespasser?
His pale hands trembled in the cold and, clenched in one fist, the bag of cheap take-out swung in the wind. He hoped it hadn’t gotten too cold during the drive over.
He took a deep breath and knocked.
Yoongi has always been content with silence. It’s comfortable, the idea of being within ones own space, not needing to focus or condense his thoughts into an organised train of dialogue. He likes silence. He does not, however, enjoy sitting across from Jungkook in the living room, while said boy says nothing and frowns at the wall.
He doesn’t want to break through whatever thought processes the younger man was struggling through, but he couldn’t stand the awkwardness in the air.
The boy didn’t respond so he edged forward to the edge of his seat and said it again. “Jungkook?”
“Hmm?” Was the reaction.
“You asked me to come over and I’ve brought some food… Are you hungry?”
“Not. Not really.”
“Oh…” And Yoongi trailed into silence, biting his lip.
Jungkook looked good, even in sweatpants and a ratty grey hoodie he was messing with Yoongi’s heart. Tired eyes and dark hair ruffled as if he’d been running his hands through it, Jeon jungkook was the epitome of what Yoongi would begrudgingly admit being his ‘ideal type’. The younger man yawned and he was struck with the desire to curl up between his legs and sleep against his chest – it looked warm and firm enough to be the most comfortable pillow. Yoongi sort of wanted to cry.
“Want something to drink, hyung?” Jungkook suddenly asked.
“Oh, yes. Please,” Yoongi said.
“Coffee? Tea?”
Yoongi looked down. “Do you possibly have any hot chocolate?”
“Not a fan of bitter things, hmm?” Jungkook smirked and Yoongi blushed, the double entendre not lost on him.
“Some bitter things can be nice,” he murmured. “But I really like sweet things more.”
Jungkook hummed, muttered something under his breath that could’ve been you’re so cute, and headed to the kitchen.
Yoongi stayed on the sofa, slightly star struck. He wanted to believe he’d heard correctly, that his mind hadn’t been playing tricks on him, but it was too much to hope for. It was too much to dare imagine that the boy he was half in love with – it didn’t matter that he hadn’t known him for very long – could maybe, possibly, hopefully like him back? Maybe?
“Milk? In your hot chocolate?” Jungkook called from the kitchen and Yoongi gave an affirmative as he stood up to peer around the room.
A book shelf lay opposite, two rows of books with a row of photo frames sandwiched between them, and all of them slightly dusty. Yoongi chuckled as he looked at each one – Jungkook and Jimin grinning at the camera with their arms around each other, Taehyung laughing as Jungkook struggled to hold onto an angry tomcat, Jimin and Taehyung hugging Jungkook from either side – in every photo, they looked happy, so happy with each other and it tugged at Yoongi’s heartstrings. Jungkook’s smile, thinner top lip and full bottom lip, two small indentations where his front teeth had bitten down, a bunny smile.
He nudged them aside to see the photos hidden behind the first row and smiled again – Jungkook and a boy so alike him in looks that it must’ve been his brother, three photos of the sun rising over Busan, an older couple waving at the camera with their hands linked. The photographer was incredibly talented.
Pushed into the corner, however, was another picture. Blurry and clearly taken mid-movement, Yoongi hesitated in touching it, in recognising that someone he didn’t know was touching Jungkook like that, smiling at him like that, kissing him like that. In the photo, Jungkook was smiling at the camera, both his hands thrown around the neck of another man, someone taller, obviously older, as the stranger had his lips pressed to the boy’s forehead. Yoongi didn’t like it.
He knew it was petty of him, but he took a sick pleasure in shoving the photo back into the corner with the two smiling faces against the wall. It was an old photo, he reasoned, the date in the corner had been nearly three years previous, and Jungkook had probably forgotten about it.
Rearranging the front row of photos to effectively hide the offending reminder quickly, Yoongi turned away just in time to see Jungkook hurrying back into the room, carefully balancing a mug of hot chocolate and what looked like black coffee.
The younger boy was sheepish as he handed Yoongi his drink, watching nervously as he took in the rising spiral of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles adorning it. Yoongi raised an eyebrow as he met the others gaze.
“I might need a spoon for this,” he said but the delighted smile curling at his mouth betrayed the indifference of his tone and Jungkook relaxed.
“I don’t know, I think you’d suit a white moustache,” the younger man teased, eyes alight with mirth but lingering on his mouth, a hint of something dark coming across his expression before smoothing out. Yoongi wasn’t sure he’d imagined it.
“I do look good in white,” Yoongi let his tongue dart out, a quick swipe across his lower lip and Jungkook swallowed. He definitely did not imagine that. Small victories.
Sipping from his mug, they both sat down, Yoongi curled into the armchair and Jungkook settling across from him on the sofa. Somehow, the older man pondered, Jungkook managed to sit regally, like a King demanding attention, rather than the twenty-one-year-old student that he was. He distracted himself by licking at the cream atop his drink. Jungkook coughed.
“I did want to talk,” he started, fiddling with his own cup. “Tae and Jimin know some of it, but they aren’t you.”
Yoongi wasn’t sure what that had to do with anything.
“And I don’t know why, but it’s important to me that you know the whole thing. Hyung I don’t want to sound cliché by saying there’s something different about you, but you make me feel at home. Talking to you feels like having a conversation with an extension of myself, and I need you to understand everything.” Jungkook was leaning forward now, an urgency appearing as he spoke.
“I’m listening, Kooks,” Yoongi murmured, reeling. This strong, beautiful boy felt at home with him – with him – and he wanted to cry again.
Jungkook closed his eyes for a moment.
“Ok… ok. So. Lunch with Yugyeom and Bambam today. It didn’t go well.”
Yoongi snorted. That was an understatement. Seeing a wild Taehyung appear and scream profanities at a stunned Bambam before punching him had been the highlight of his week. He’d wanted to buy the kid dinner after that but had been too preoccupied with keeping Jungkook from running away like he had. Terse words had been exchanged with Yugyeom before he had left, dragging an angry Bambam behind him, but Jungkook had stayed, had calmed down as Yoongi ran warm hands up and down his back. It had been one of his proudest moments.
Jungkook gave a wry smile at Yoongi’s reaction. “I told you Bambam fucked my ex, right?”
Yoongi nodded.
“Well, he did. I’d been dating Sehun since I was eighteen, he was older than me by a couple of years but he was amazing. He refused to do anything with me until I was of legal age,” Jungkook laughed at the memory. “But he made me laugh, took me so many places, treated me like an equal and not just some kid who had a crush on him. He was my first love, my first everything…”
Something ugly twisted in Yoongi’s chest but he ignored it. The photo in the corner came back to his mind.
“He loved to dance, as well, and we made up so many routines together,” the boy seemed lost in his memories for a moment and completely missed Yoongi’s bitter mutter of I can dance, too.
“That’s, kind of how it all started to go wrong,” the smile on his face was now pained and Yoongi reached over to lace his fingers with Jungkooks.
“It’s ok,” he whispered, not too sure himself why he was speaking so quietly. “You don’t have to tell me.”
Long, callused fingers hesitantly threaded themselves between his own, gripping tightly, and suddenly Jungkook’s smile became a little more real.
“I want you to know, though.” He said and picked up the story again. “I always attended this dance class with Yugyeom and Bambam – I got to know them because of it – and it was always a safe place for me, so one day I brought Sehun with me. I don’t know, I thought it would be a fun thing to do together. And it was! In the beginning… But Bambam was always a flirty little fucker and Sehun was just too oblivious to notice what was going on.”
The hand Yoongi held between his own shook slightly, and he thought Jungkook was trying not to cry.
“I told him to stop, Yugyeom told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. It got worse – there was a group performance at the end of term, a big one, and we all had a partner for it. I was with Sehun – of course I was – but Bambam told the instructor we’d get distracted if we were allowed to dance together. He said our emotions would make us act unprofessionally, and the instructor actually agreed,” Jungkook choked on a rising sob and Yoongi pretended not to notice. “They split us up, put me with Yugyeom and Sehun with Bambam.”
Yoongi could see where it was going and he didn’t like it. The sudden urge to track Bambam down and do more than punch him in the face took hold and he gritted his teeth.
“But Sehun didn’t do anything! He wouldn’t! He was with me, and Sehun wasn’t a cheater,” Jungkook was still talking, spilling it into the air as if it would somehow release him from the lingering pain. “And Bambam knew that! So he started saying stuff, making it seem like I wanted more than friendship from Yugyeom – that every time we laughed or got lunch together it meant something more. And it didn’t! It never did! But he was manipulative. He got under my boyfriend’s skin and made him doubt me, doubt us.”
Jungkook was shaking so much the coffee in his other hand was rippling inside the mug and Yoongi had to gently wrench it from his grip before it spilled. He placed the mug on the side table beside his own and moved until he was kneeling between the boys legs, looking up at him.
Tears streaked down Jungkooks face, getting caught in his eyelashes and on the tip of his slightly-too-big nose, and Yoongi scrunched his fist inside the sleeve of his jumper before wiping them away. Glossy eyes streaked with red were wide as they stared down at him and Yoongi tried very hard not to blush under the weight of such undivided attention.
“That Bambam guy was a dick anyway,” he murmured and Jungkook blinked. “If Tae hadn’t already smacked him like he did, I had half a mind to go and finish the job. I’m sure he doesn’t need a dick when he’s already such a big one.”
A startled laugh escaped the younger boy and he gave Yoongi a tentative smile. Yoongi responded with a shy grin and leaned back.
“Yeah so,” Jungkook said quietly. “Sehun didn’t say anything, because he was never the kind to talk about his problems – never wanted to burden anyone else with his insecurities because he thought it reflected badly on him – and the final performance came. It was good, we all did good. And Bambam suggested we all go out afterwards to celebrate. I didn’t say no, and so we went. And Bambam got Sehun drunk. Like, really drunk.”
“Oh Jungkookie…”
The younger boy sounded so sad, so heartbroken, and in that instant, Yoongi hated everything. He hated Bambam and everything his smug face had done. He hated Sehun for hurting Jungkook like he had. He hated Jungkook for letting himself be hurt. And he hated himself, for not being honest with himself and his friends about who he was.
Jungkook shrugged. “I found out months later. Sehun had started avoiding me, saying he was too busy to go on dates, asked me for a break. I gave it to him – I thought it was just exam stress. It was Yugyeom, who told me, in the end. Couldn’t take the guilt of knowing. Sehun cried when I broke up with him. I know he didn’t cheat on me intentionally – his soul is too good for that. But he was hurt, and confused, and fucking Bambam had gotten into his head, and he just didn’t come and talk to me. He could’ve just fucking talked to me.”
Yoongi didn’t know what to say, but it was clear that Jungkook was done talking. The boy was still crying, silently cringing against his own mind.
“I’m sorry.” Those were the only words that the smaller man could utter. “I’m so fucking sorry, Jungkook. Fuck I’m sorry that bastard felt he could do that to you, I’m sorry that you’re still in pain, I’m sorry that Tae didn’t do more than punch that asshole in the face.”
“It’s ok, hyung,” Jungkook sniffled out. “It was two years ago.”
“Time doesn’t heal everything,” Yoongi said gently. “And you still love him.”
At that, Jungkook shook his head. “No. No I miss him, but I don’t love him anymore. I know that. I’ve moved on.”
“He never changed his number. We’ve been texting for a couple of weeks and I’m fine. I don’t want him back, hyung.”
“Oh.” Yoongi drew a blank. “That’s good, then.”
“I’ve… actually been asking for his advice...” Jungkook said, cautiously, watching to see how Yoongi would react. “There’s someone I like, someone I’ve liked for a while and I want to ask him out.”
Inside his chest, Yoongi’s heart crippled under the sudden pain. Of course Jungkook had someone! Of course a guy as wonderful as him would not be single for very long! It was ridiculous to have even entertained the possibility that he had a chance.
“I hope it all works out for you, Kooks.” He tried to smile, though it probably came across more as a grimace. “Any man would be lucky to call you theirs.”
“You think so?” Jungkook was eager, the sadness from before washed away to be replaced by something akin to hope. Yoongi didn’t know what he was hoping for.
“Yeah,” he replied, crawling backwards. Maybe if he got some distance between himself and Jungkook, the pain would decrease, but Jungkook followed him. “What are you doing?”
“You said he’d think himself lucky?” The younger boy seriously resembled a bunny with his hands on his knees and face sticking upwards. He looked a little ridiculous and Yoongi wished he wasn’t so endeared.
“Obviously? He’d jump into your arms as soon as you even hint that you like him!”
“Really?” Jungkook was suddenly sceptical and Yoongi was going to get whiplash from the sudden change of emotion.
Yoongi nodded and Jungkook frowned.
“Well, you’re wrong. He didn’t.”
“Uhm…” The smaller man didn’t know where to go from there. Was Jungkook saying he’d been rejected already? What sort of man would reject Jungkook?
Meanwhile, the aforementioned boy was getting dejectedly to his feet and picking up the only half-drunk mugs, intent on taking them back to the kitchen. Yoongi didn’t know what had happened but he didn’t like it.
“Jungkook? Are you ok?”
“Are you really that oblivious, hyung?” Jungkook sighed, throwing the accusation over his shoulder as he continued towards the kitchen.
“I don’t get it. Jungkook, talk to me!” Yoongi begged, following him.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“It obviously does otherwise you wouldn’t be getting so upset!”
“Just leave it, hyung! You don’t feel the same, it’s ok!”
“Jesus fucking Christ, Jungkook. Feel what?”
The younger boy dumped the mugs in the sink with a clatter of porcelain that made Yoongi wince and twisted towards him with a scowl.
“It’s you, hyung. You’re the boy I like. And obviously you don’t like me back and that’s ok! So just go, I’ll be fine.”
Yoongi stepped back as if he’d been slapped.
“What?” His voice was small, just like the hope slowly blooming in his chest.
The fight seemed to drain from Jungkook, and his shoulders dropped. “I like you, hyung. Like gross, high school like-like you.”
“Jungkook, I-”
“You don’t feel the same, it’s ok.”
“Jungkook, listen-”
“Hyung no,”
“Jeon Jungkook.”
The younger boy stopped talking, his mouth shutting with a clack of teeth and an audible gulp. Yoongi was smiling, an unidentifiable feeling welling inside him until it threatened to explode.
“I like you too.”
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changmiii · 3 years ago
ultimate yoonkook fic rec
we don't talk anymore by wordcouture -- I love wordcouture’s fics so much and this one is no exception!
Santa, Baby by Vlevxn -- Christmassy and cute, what more could u ask for?
Trick or Treat by vanillapeachesandcream -- halloween ft. bt21!!
with a bang (stunted plants can bloom) byfruitily -- yoonkook almost hook up but then jungkook realizes he is his best friends’ roommate-- it becomes adorable and awkward and its so good
morning after by TheHalesNyx -- the title p much says it all. this is a must read tbh
my youth is yours by marienadine -- college + music au love love love
love me lights out by marienadine -- Yoongi is Jungkook’s TA 
twenty-four by fruitily -- ok this has to be my fave yoonkook its so masterfully written, basically they get handcuffed together because of Tae’s social experiment kinda like those buzzfeed videos?
the nights really were made for saying things you can't say tomorrow day by siderum -- this is good wow
lovesick by xiajin -- HP au which i LOVE this is rlly rlly cute and good
I'll Be Yours by jonghyunslisterine for katesicle -- Yoongi has to marry Jungkook in order to avoid getting deported
Fucking Date Me by pornographicpenguin -- online relationship au yass
need a little sweetness by sunkissedyoongi -- loveeeeeeeee
in a tidal wave of mystery (you'd still be standing next to me) by meowgi -- ok theres lots of competition but this one is also in the running for one of my fave fics its just so good 
Be my bad boy by strangedesires -- the title is kinda self explanatory but yah this one will get u a lil hot under the collar lol
storybook ending by Anonymous -- omg can u just read this pls
Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer by this_ennael -- humorous and cute 
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jibootae-beach · 3 years ago
Jungkook-Centric Fic Rec
I felt that this is kind of my duty as a bottom jungkookie blog. These are all the ones I’ve read and loved over the years. Enjoy everyone!!
Late Bloomer by LulaWrites Given that he’d made it into adulthood without having ever experienced any dynamic-related instincts or pre-heat symptoms, Jungkook (and the rest of society) had naturally assumed the maknae was a Beta. Turns out they were wrong. (Or, the one where Jungkook goes into heat unexpectedly and subsequently gets coddled by his affectionate hyungs.)
skin show by eyeliner two's company. three's a crowd. four is, well. (yoonminkookmon)
Rain and Raspberries by iamnotokpop Jungkook loves berries. (And maybe a few other things too).
Orange Blossoms and Sea-Salt (Let the Light In). by sumireus (PassionsPromise) His hands were shaking. The room was dull with darkness and shadow, but Namjoon swore that under that cover of darkness and fear, he could see the boy- the child- shivering in response. Head bent, cowering, afraid, and small, so fucking small. In the small slips of silence, the small gasps of air in the dark room, Namjoon felt the rising heat in his face- “He’s useless, you know,” the bidder growled, “Won’t even present at his fucking age- and he won’t talk- tell you what, I’ll give him to you for half the price- he’s broken goods.” (alt; Jungkook is unclaimed; he is taken in by six strangers, and is raised, and loved, as their own).
Don't leave me by the_obsessed_halfblood “And for the record, I think you’re a perfect omega. ”Something red tinted the back of Yoongi’s head at the statement, and suddenly Jungkook felt so much more safe. “Perfect omega.” Jungkook smiled, before leaning onto Yoongi for the first time, wrapping his arm around the alpha’s neck, making it easier for him to carry him. Jungkook sighed softly before leaning his head completely onto Yoongi’s shoulder. “Thanks for saving me.” “It’s what we’re here for.” Yoongi answered, but Jungkook could sense the hesitation of embarrassment behind his words, and it only made Jungkook smile wider. Maybe not all alpha’s were bullshit.
Claims by Rivertoforever Their pack may be smaller than most and they may be just a tad over protective of their youngest omega, but this is normal. For them.
Less Than Innocent, More Than Like by Lunnashh "When will I feel better?" "Depends. Three days, five days, a week. You know mine usually lasts for four days." Seokjin neatly folded Jungkook's clothes before putting them in a hamper. Jungkook grimaced. "A week? I'd die. "Seokjin was probably the only one capable of fully sympathizing towards Jungkook's situation. "You won't, baby. Hyungs will take care of you now. Will you let us?"
Naughty Readings For Naughty Readers by Supermans_crib A series of one-shots comprised of Jungkook taking it up the ass. Enjoy.
A Little Jungkook Series by delicatedolly and PixieWombat Everything Little Jungkook!
Cleaning Out the Closet by subkooksociety Jeongguk’s been messy lately and the hyungs think he deserves a punishment. He sure looks good in a maid dress, though.
Sweet Killer by Spoonfulofsuga He always gets fucked the hardest after a successful mission.
Ours by jamjoon Jungkook is whacked with the gun, hard. “Shut up!” The leader yells. He yanks on Jungkook's hair, and blood drips down his face. Jungkook sputters and sees stars – and he can feel Namjoon’s jaw clench from here. “See…” Yoongi smiles, “You shouldn’t have done that.”
Blood, Sweat & Tears by lol_hobi BTS as polyamorous gang leaders. That's it. (More OT7 than jjk-centric but still good).
Jungkook Centered Works by xxashpuppixx
5 + 1 Jungkookie by Pjminkook Will mostly be Jungkook-centric 5+1 structure but there will also be some that are based around one specific thing
♡Jungkook and his Hyungs♡ by RusticBeauty
Save Me (I Need Your Love Before I Fall) by chocochunkkookie In which Jeongguk has an anxiety disorder, but his hyungs are always there for him through thick and thin.
Save Me by pinkmonnie
Maknae Jeon Jungkook by fandomtothethirteenthpower The hyungs take care of their beloved maknae in various ways.
Breathe by RustyPaladin With their comeback on the horizon, the stress and tension levels seemed to rise with the pressure set upon the group's shoulders. Jeongguk was just proud that he was keeping up as long as he had been.
Waking up on one particular morning left him with the familiar weight of anxiety pressing down onto his chest and no way out of the day's events. An interaction with another member makes him snap, yelling unintentionally, leaving the other members disappointed in their maknae and a mess to work through.
He Ain't Heavy (he's our maknae) by LulaWrites A series of short, stand-alone stories detailing the lives of bad-at-selfcare Jungkook and his overprotective hyungs. (See inside for full story index.)
Are We All Lost Stars by hyyh_13 Although most of the Jeon family, infamous Death Eaters, are kept prisoners in Azkaban, the mere mention of their name will distress even the greatest witches and wizards. However what happens when their heir, Jeon Jeongguk, attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry only to be sorted into Gryffindor? (Don't worry if you don't have much prior knowledge to HP!)
The Guardian's of My Home by Winter_Queen99 “Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it. Others, find it in a person.” ~Beau Taplin Jungkook has never wanted to be still, he has an itch under his skin and the need to explore, but that doesn't mean he can't find his home.
Love Myself, Love Yourself by hyyh_13 Jeongguk may be BTS’ golden maknae but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to face the challenges of being an idol all by himself or Just another series of short stories featuring fluffy BTS or BTS of BTS (behind the scenes of Beyond the Scene)
Veins of Ivy by nightynight For some reason, whenever Jungkook gets a cut or a scrape, a plant grows from it. He has no idea why this is, but he thinks it's better he doesn't question it. Instead, he researches and learns about his plants. He's always got his head in a book about them, and, consequently, doesn't make very many friends. There are a few exceptional people, though, that worm their way into his life, and for that he is forever grateful.
To Seek, To Find, To Know by hyyh_13 Jeongguk is the youngest supervisory special agent the FBI has ever seen so nothing is predictable when he joins an elite team of criminal profilers. But what happens when their past creates a vision for their future? Are they strong enough to protect each other if they all choose to keep the uncertain truth in the shadows?
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goldenclosetkook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness.
<< / 1 / ?
Enjoy? ❤️
@ninewestay @straychijeu
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inbtswethrrust · 3 years ago
I missed you guys a lot 😪😪 do you have any more longfic college aus? sorry I already read the ones before and I was just wondering if you had any more??
This got a bit long because I wanted to include a lot of ships - a lot of these are personal favorites - I hope you enjoy these :)
Fall Asleep (Fall For You) by drannie [Taekook, M, 150k]
Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka [Namjin, M, 123k]
Symmetry of Your Grin by desert_windmill [Taegi, E, 84k]
White Chalk by g_odalisque13 [Taegi, E, 72k]
starlit cemetery by jjks [Vmin, E, 56k]
King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye [Taekook, T, 47k]
tenacious d in the dick of destiny by jhopeg [Taekook, E, 41k]
same damn hunger by marienadine [Yoonseok, E, 40k]
maybe i hate you can be our always by ameliabedelias [Yoonmin, M, 35k]
dragon in a flower garden by namakemono [Jikook, M, 32k]
Forever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] by numberts (numberthescars) [Jinkook, T, 32k]
before things come together by brightlight [Namjin, E, 31k]
Long Road To Ruin by jvante [Taekook, E, 29k]
i wanna come put your lips on mine by locks [Taekook, M, 27k]
permanence by vminism [Vmin, M, 26k]
Relax, Don’t Do It by yoongidontdoit (sammyinnerdglasses) [Jikook, E, 24k]
my youth is yours by marienadine [Yoonkook, T, 24k]
it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [Vmin, T, 22k]
DOES/DOES NOT by Jajungmyeon [Junghope, G, 20k]
Cerulean and Malachite by TheHalesNyx [Yoonkook, E, 16k]
Sweet Like Silicon by GinForInk [Namkook, E, 15k]
boy, you got my heartbeat runnin’ away by 777335 [Yoonseok, M, 12k]
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brightlytae · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Why does this picture remind me of THAT ONE SCENE IN EVERY RICH BOY FIC where the character stands on the top floor balcony of the club (that he most definitely owns) staring down at his love interest- who is most probably trying to make him jealous???
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goldenclosetkook · 2 years ago
Chapter 38
Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness.
<< / 38 / ?
@johnnysneo @daddyjinmas
@hobi-isadaydream @conslack @bangtannnboyz @agoddessofdestruction @liliumoriental @spongebobgotstruckbylightning @bazingadotbizoff @amk-fairy @constantly-in-limerence @uwu-sebastianstan @myet @canyoucallthiswriting @jiminieschilliepeper @typicaltrashbagg @anonymousyoongi @changbeanbag @unmistakenly-me @jinnybun @instantspot @puptaee @spookypumpkinpeach @momdancingtomcr @annalee0101 @darling-winnie @jungkookssistan 
Jungkook’s hand was warm at the base of Yoongi’ s spine, a firm pressure that kept him grounded as they navigated the streets. Coming up to Christmas, the pavement was crowded with people doing their last-minute present shopping, and if it hadn’t been for the younger boy guiding him, Yoongi would have likely been swept away like a pebble in the ocean.
“You alright, hyung?” Jungkook leant close to whisper and he shivered from the smooth baritone that fell over his ears.
Nodding back, not trusting his voice to hold steady, Yoongi tucked his face further into his scarf. It really was cold today.
“Thank you for doing this, by the way… It means a lot that you’re going along with it.” Jungkook sounded bashful as he rubbed a hand across the back of his neck, tilting his head to reveal his bare throat. The skin looked very kissable and Yoongi swallowed.
“N-no problem,” he coughed out, blushing a bright red immediately afterwards. Damn it!
“It’s just-” the younger boy continued. “I feel really comfortable with you, hyung. Even though we only met a couple of weeks ago! Is that crazy? That I’d rather you be my fake date than anyone else? Tae thinks it’s weird, but Tae thinks everything’s weird.”
“And wonderful,” Yoongi muttered.
“Weird and wonderful? It’s sort of a saying?” He wondered when his vocal chords would give out under the stress of speaking. Probably soon. “The two adjectives go together? And, like… Tae seems the kind of person to find something amazing in everything? So, I just… yeah.”
Was there really no god on earth that could just set him on fire right now, please and thank you? Yoongi wanted to die. No, he wanted to kiss Jungkook and then find a tall building to leap off. Perhaps there was a skyscraper somewhere near here – maybe Google maps would help?
The boy walking beside him was silent for a few moments and even that short time span was enough for Yoongi to have his eulogy planned. Then he hummed.
“Yeah, I suppose so. Tae really is one of those people who find joy everywhere he goes. And he’s attractive enough that his stranger habits are endearing rather than creepy.” The boy laughed and there was something self-deprecating about it.
“You’re jealous of him?” Yoongi ventured. “Even though he’s your best friend?”
Jungkook opened his mouth to answer but at that point an elderly couple stumbled into them, hands heavy with shopping bags and mouths pressed tight against the wind. The conversation paused as the seniors righted themselves.
“Terribly sorry,” the man apologised, one hand around his wife’s arm as he helped her to her feet. “So busy this time of year, got my feet knocked from under me.”
“It’s alright, Sir,” Jungkook smiled and Yoongi fell a little harder. “No one was hurt.”
Meanwhile, the old lady had regained her balance and was taking her bags back from Yoongi, who had knelt to collect a few stray items. She patted his cheek gently.
“Your boyfriend is a gentleman.” She announced, loud enough for the other two men to hear.
Yoongi spluttered. “I’m not- I mean, we aren’t. He doesn’t – I am but he’s. Well, uhm.”
But Jungkook was chuckling, tugging Yoongi to his side and tucking him under his arm. “He really is, isn’t he?”
“What are you doing?” The blushing boy hissed, poking his captor in the ribs.
“Ah, you must feel very lucky.” The husband said. “You look very fond of each other.”
“I really am the luckiest man. He’s amazing.” Jungkook pulled Yoongi a little closer to him, leaning down to press his lips briefly to his cheek. It was brief – not even really a kiss – but suddenly Yoongi couldn’t breathe.
He had no idea what game Jungkook was playing, but god he didn’t want him to stop. The warmth seeping from the younger boy was wrapping around him, pressing into his skin, burrowing into his heart. He never wanted to let go.
“You look very happy,” the woman grinned. “Have a good Christmas, you two.”
They said farewell and the couple left. Jungkook didn’t remove his arm from Yoongi.
“Well-” Jungkook began.
“You’re taking this fake dating thing a bit far, aren’t you?” Yoongi interrupted and stopped walking. “Not that I’m complaining, because I’m not, but like, you didn’t need to pretend we were together to that couple?”
“Sorry?” The other boy frowned, bunny teeth biting into his full lower lip, leaving a wet sheen after swiping it with his tongue.
“Don’t do that.” Yoongi closed his eyes, willing himself to stay focused. Fuck he was not going to survive this. The boy was too sweet, too beautiful. He didn’t stand a chance.
“I’m… sorry?” Jungkook apologised, looking like he didn’t know what he was sorry for but still sincere, so sincere. Inside his chest, Yoongi’s heart cried.
“No it’s, it’s ok. It’s my fault. Sorry, don’t listen to me.” He hurried out, already regretting opening his mouth. He glanced at his watch. “And we’re going to be late if we don’t hurry.”
Jungkook looked like he wanted to argue but Yoongi started walking again, pushing through the throngs of people gazing into shop windows so quickly that the younger boy had to jog to catch up.
They reached the restaurant – Ponte Vecchio, the front said – with a few minutes to spare.
“Yugyeom should already be here,” Jungkook said, scrolling through his phone to find the confirmation. “He booked the table.”
Yoongi nodded, stepping closer to the door to examine the sample menu sellotaped to the glass. Lots of pasta. Lots of pizza. His stomach rumbled.
Two arms wound around his waist from behind and he breathed in the faint vanilla cologne that barely masked the natural heady scent of boy and Jungkook. Firm chest pressed against his back, so close that when the taller man tensed, Yoongi could feel the muscles tighten. His breath caught in his throat, mind getting cloudy with strong, Jungkook, perfect, want, want, want.
“Any idea what you want to eat?” Puffs of warm air fell across the back of his neck as Jungkook exhaled, and Yoongi prayed that he didn’t notice he goose bumps rising in response. Get a hold of yourself.
“Not really, maybe the carbonara?” He was proud when his answer came out steady.
“Boring,” Jungkook said, and Yoongi could tell he was grinning.
“Says you, Mister Margherita!”
Inside the restaurant someone stood up, eyes fixed on them, waving with a smiling mouth full of white teeth.
Jungkook lifted a hand from Yoongi’s waist to wave back. “That’s Yugyeom.”
Beside the energetic boy, another face also stood up, though this one looked a great deal less enthused about the meeting, and Jungkook’s hand dropped.
“And that,” the younger boy paused, scowling. “Is Bambam.”
The two men inside abandoned their seats to come and greet them and as they got closer, their features became more pronounced. One of them looked sickeningly familiar.
Suddenly Yoongi wasn’t hungry anymore. Fuck.
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yoonminos · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
homemade dynamite, co-written with @rosegoldje0n (♡)
↳ pairings: yoonkook/sugakookie | genres: smut and fluff / uni!au
↳ one shot | words: 15k
↳ warnings: dom/sub undertones; recreational drug use (weed); explicit sex; oral sex; rough sex; semi-public sex; hyung/baby boy kink; slapping. 
↳ summary: “Shotgun?” Yoongi asks, low voice sounding a little bit rough on its edges. The burning embers sparkling in his eyes. They’ve done it before, but it doesn’t feel the same though. Jungkook sees something more unbridled, more open and simmering in Yoongi’s eyes tonight. Something that makes a small chill run down his spine.
Or, alternatively, Yoongi teaches Jungkook how to roll one.
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dearmyloveleys · 3 years ago
So as I was parking my bike (it's 10pm), a neighbour (he's in uni) I rarely see rode into the same bike parking area. I was noticing how his two nightlights kept flashing on his bike and then I realised, there was the tiniest, cutest tabby cat sitting in the basket at the back. He looked at me with dead tired eyes and said, "Her name is Xiaomi."
If this ain't a fanfiction prompt then idk what it is.
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btsfandicktion · 3 years ago
So I'm currently laying in bed with whooping cough and a ear infection (it's awful help me) and I need me some good fluffy fics to help me through the pain no smut just fluff, fluff, fluff! Please and Thank you ❤ love you're blog 😘
Thank you so much! Hopefully these fics will last you through your recovery! (this ended up being way longer then i intended, but, i mean, who doesn’t like fluff?)
in your eyes (it’s where i wanna be) by bonnia (Yoonmin, 5k, rated T)
Look My Way by sunkissedyoongi (Yoonmin, 5k, rated G)
take me out (we’re going down) by kaythebest (Yoonkook, 20k, rated T)
All My Loving by internetpistol (Yoonkook, 3k, rated T)
I’ve got the magic in me by 2kitsune (Yoonseok, 3k, rated T)
Peter Pan and the Lost Boy by wicked_lovely (Yoonseok, 6k, not rated)
jokes on you (i want you) by finedae (Yoonjin, 2k, rated T)
it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth (Vmin, 21k, rated T)
Hey Jupiter by almostblue (fictionalaspect) (Vhope, 6k, rated T)
Will You B Minor? by ohdizzy (Taegi, 19k, rated T)
Date Me by flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs) (Taekook, 5k, rated G)
change my world (you’re the sunlight in my universe) by yururin (Taekook, 6k, rated T)
strawberryjam & chocolate cake by taetastic (Taekook, 1k, rated G)
your body is a place to stay by jonghyunslisterine (Jikook, 8k, rated T)
Be My Happiness by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) (Jikook, 2k, rated G)
teeter totter by fatal (cumrich) (Jihope, 5k, rated T)
charmed by kaythebest (Namjin, 23k, rated T)
Nothing Personal (I’ve hit an all time low) by taekover (Namjin, 5k, not rated)
Free Hugs by themarmalade (Namkook, 5k, rated T)
~ Admin LE
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goldenclosetkook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Up and coming artist, Jeon Jungkook doesn’t see the harm in agreeing to a double date for the sake of his best friends happiness
<< / 2 / ?
Enjoy? ❤️
@ninewestay @straychijeu
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taegikookficrec · 3 years ago
Alpha/Beta/Omega fics with Taegikook
Here's the list of one of my favourite a/b/o fics with Omega Yoongi. I wish there is more of them, though.
Taegi & Yoonkook
Biology is a cruel joke. Or is it? [ 31k ] [ Unfinished; 6 ch. ]
Smells Like Teen Spirit [ 2k ] [ Unfinished; 2 ch. ]
Elevate my Life [ 9k ] [ Unfinished; 3 ch. ]
Lonely Sky: The Sun and The Moon [ 15k ] [ Unfinished; 3 ch. ]
PUP [ 2k ] [ Unfinished; 1 ch. ]
The Community [ 6k ] [ Unfinished; 3 ch. ]
Within You [ 10k ] [ Unfinished; 2 ch. ]
One in a Million [ 3k ] [ Completed ]
you? you. [ 1k ] [ Completed ]
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inbtswethrrust · 2 years ago
Omg Hi! Do you know any long fics that have a reeeaaally good plot? Like the songbird and the sea by MissterMaia, refrigerator humming chewing gum and instant karma by locks, and tea house special by baekhyun (baruna)? Preferably yoonkook, taekook, or taegi, but any other pairing with yoongi is fine :D Thank you so much, you guys are amazing!! ~
I indeed do know long fics that have reeeaaally good plot, but first here’s the ones you mentioned:
The Songbird and the Sea by MissterMaia [Yoonmin, M, 255k]
refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks [Taekook, E, 61k]
tea house special by baekhyun (baruna) [Yoonkook, E, 64k]
also, since you linked to these I’m assuming anything over 60k =)
House of Cards by sugamins [Vminkook, E, 394k]
cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley [Taekook, E, 64k]
Conflicting Arrangement by PrettyBoyKiller [Yoonmin, NR, 162k]
Fall Asleep (Fall For You) by drannie [Taekook, M, 149k]
A Gilded World by smiles [Yoonjin, E, 169k]
Fake Sugar by minverse [Jinkook, E, 87k]
Paint by minverse [Vmin, E, 74k]
Out of My System by xxdevilishxx [Yoonmin, M, 101k]
trust your heart if the seas catch fire by maxx [Taekook, M, 131k]
to the night, will you follow me? by nonheather [Yoonjin, G, 95k]
Where The Heart Is by roachprince [Taegi, E, 217k]
There’s alot more but these are my absolute faves!!
- Nana
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