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#umbrella academy five

Klaus: I love feeling my clothes fresh out of the oven

Klaus, later: Okay so I realised I said oven instead of dishwasher but I forgot what it was called and used the next thing I could think of

Diego: It’s called a washing machine

Five: I think it’s a dryer. Who would be feeling wet clothes?

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Vanya: You are the worst at pranks in the whole world.

Five: No, I’m not.

Vanya: Yes, you are. You either go too small -

Past Five: Let’s pour some juice near Luther’s shoe.

Vanya: - or way too big.

Past Five: Let’s hit him in the knees with a ski.

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Luther: hey Five, can you help take out the trash?

Five: fine, just give me a moment. I need to ask Diego for help.

Luther: why do you need Diego’s help to take out the trash?

Five: well you’re heavy, I can’t lift you all by myself.

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It’s very difficult to combine the character traits “elegant, suave and slightly mysterious individual” with “dumbass gremlin that may have accidentally stapled his hands to his own ass at one point” but hey, Five pretty much nailed it.

(Original text from @ask-the-2p-gremlin if you’d like me to delete the post for any reason, I will.)

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