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#Anti nejire

Where do I start!

Well let’s start with Dabi/Touya & Shouto! Ok this is heartbreaking to see, the elder brother fully planning on roasting the baby brother alive. Now while I do like a bit of sibling rivalry, not like this no not like this! I was all for Dabi/Touya putting Endeavor on blast, but now I just want this drama to end! Dabi/Touya look I love you & I sympathise with you, and I understand your reasons for feeling so hateful but please stop roasting my baby Shouto! He doesn’t deserve this! Oh my poor Shouto he’s hurting so bad, And he’s still trying to break through to Dabi/Touya! I hope he doesn’t blame himself after this all ends, because he is at no fault here! Is he going to end up with more burnt scars!? I hope not! And while I’m angry at Dabi/Touya for hurting Shouto & not caring for Natsuo, I don’t want him to die! Ugh honestly this is just painful, and I want to curl up in a ball and cry!

Best Jeanist honestly now that your here maybe just maybe we’ll get Bakugou’s hero name! Also I honestly can’t get over that you brought fabric that wasn’t fireproof to a man with a fire quirk, like what were you thinking dipshit! It was bound to fail at keeping him under wraps when it’s so easily burnt away! I love ya but you silly for making such a mistake like that!

Bakugou & Izuku boys you both need to just sit back or at least get medical care! Like Bakugou sit back down you absolutely idiot, you have internal bleeding and just ain’t in the condition to fight! Now Izuku my dear boy that applies to you too! ‘Todoroki is hurt the most but still fighting’ yes my boy your friend is hurting a lot, and I know you want to help him because your so worried and completely selfless! BUT you can’t fight no more you’ve already pushed your body too much! Stop putting yourself down you have done your best for a teenager in the middle of a war. Which may I add a place you should not be at, all of those students should not be there! Child soldiers! Shame on you hero commission shame on you!

Endeavor you fucking ass snap out of it already, sure it’s shocking that the son you thought is dead is alive and a villain. But come on snap out of it! I could careless what happens to you, but Shouto needs you to act! Stop standing there like a complete twit!

Mirio what the hell? I need answers like how do you have your quirk back? And like Burnin who saved you? Is it All Might? Could it be him given that if Eri was the one who got Mirio quirk back? Did she do something to All Might too? I need answers! And Nejire you really did have a very short time to shine, done a little bit dirty there! Now all we have to worry about is whether or not you dead or alive!

I hope that the end of this war arc is coming up soon, as I don’t know how much more of this I can take! It really needs to be over to many people are hurt, dying or dead! Well that is all I have to say! Until the next chapter update that is!

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