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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 4 months ago
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The Installation Wizard - 5E Homebrew Wizard Subclass by Nines Behold the Installation Wizard! Tremble in the presence of basic programming! Cower in the face of the latest in file unzipping! Yeah, it’s a joke subclass. But we take our jokes seriously here. Rename it to “the School of Technology” and nobody would bat an eye. Except maybe Alchemist Artificer.
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coffeecup-homebrews · 2 months ago
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Sacred Oaths- reworked! I really enjoyed the Feywild Sacred Oaths, but the format was in desperate need of an update. Here’s the Homebrewery version of my Feywild paladin oaths, complete with a PDF. Get PDF | Support me on Ko-fi!
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homebrewfromthevoid · 3 months ago
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You were born the descendant of a creature of the night. Perhaps they were a werewolf? Perhaps they were something else. Whatever they were, that blood was sufficiently diluted when it came to you for the curse not to affect you. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.
Open the image in new tab for better quality. Have fun playing, and feedback is much appreciated! If you like what I do, consider buying me a coffee!
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5eforgemaster · 3 months ago
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Week 0- Preparation The Chronomancer- Spell update!
The Chronomancer Sorcerous Origin has been a pet project of mine for quite some time. It was the subclass that got me into homebrewing, and one of the first to go up on this blog. A long time ago I noted that to truly bring out the subclass’ potential, I’d need to brew up a suite of time based spells. And, well, since I was brewing time based spells... I thought I’d add some advice on running time travel. None of its groundbreaking- the most useful bit is probably the section about agreeing on what happens when time breaks (and if it can break in the first place). This one has balooned far beyond its original scope- something bordering on a supplement more than a single subclass. I hope you all enjoy! I stayed up far too late hammering out the details on this one.
For anyone who would like to get a PDF, or just view this more easily, here’s the homebrewery link!
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ncat · 9 days ago
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One of the things I liked about older editions in comparison to 5e, is that in 5e, all clerics get your standard turn/destroy undead, which makes sense for your archetypical good aligned cleric. But, on eviler clerics, well, it doesn't really make much sense?
But go back a few years, and clerics actually had two options, which they got dependent on their alignment (With neutral clerics getting to pick).
So, heres that, but in 5e. An evil cleric counterpart to the regular channel divinities clerics get.
Of course, since alignment isnt much a game mechanic in 5e, you don't have to be evil to be able to take it. Which makes sense. A grave cleric could see much more value in forcing undead to come to them, rather than having the target of their hunt flee. And by wrestling control away from an opposing spellcaster, they can ensure the undead cant be used against them or others.
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bluebandedagate · 4 days ago
Homebrew D&D 5e Subclass: School of White Necromancy
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astrelan · 9 months ago
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So, I posted this a long while ago on my patreon, but felt it was time to share it here.
I’ve seen a lot of supplemental weapon posts, and figured I should throw my hat into the ring. I love weapons with special effects that aren’t necessarily magic, and felt 5e just didn’t have quite enough variety. Especially with ranged weapons. Most of these were translated from 3.5 or 4e, but some I did the footwork on myself. Either way, enjoy!
PDF Version: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/0_eQ8Unw5
Visit my Patreon for everything I’ve done, and if you’d like to support me and see new posts early: https://www.patreon.com/astrelan
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Revising an older insectoid race, the Makari, now known as the Lepikari (Mothfolk in common tongue). A race of beautiful, moth-like humanoids connected via an emotional hivemind, straight from the Broodmother’s Tome. I hope you like bugs.
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homebrewlesbian · 12 months ago
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COLLEGE OF THE OCEAN’S CALL — heard y’all liked sea shanties... in all seriousness, this is the first official homebrew i’ve put out in a long time and it’s probably going to be a divisive one because of that 14th level 😂. like i said in my author’s note, i’m not super interested in debating the mechanics on this post. instead, i’m more interested in the flavor of an ocean themed bard that takes on aspects of the supporting their crew with a strong voice and hearty songs, with the entrancing powers of a deep sea siren. 
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theartarmature · 4 months ago
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There aren't many centaur specific items. And I've always liked the boots of flying, so...
Pegasus Saddle
Wonderous Item, Uncommon (requires attunement by a centaur)
While you wear this saddle, you have a flying speed equal to your walking speed. You can use the saddle to fly for up to 4 hours, all at once or in several shorter flights, each one using a minimum of 1 minute from the duration. If you are flying when the duration expires, you descend at a rate of 30 feet per round until you land.
The saddle regain 2 hours of flying capability for every 12 hours they aren't in use.
It can be used on mounts size medium, if the saddle fits, and requires an hour before use.
Enjoy, centaur and mount using players!
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pretzeldragonart · 3 months ago
Promptober Day 7: Puppet
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I made the art, and my boyfriend wrote up the lore and stat sheet. Tap the link below if you want to use it in your own game!
Novissime is a unique creation of Primus, the leader of the modrons and Titan of Mechanus, ultimate arbiter of law across the planes. Despite having control over legions of modrons, Primus was unhappy with how many were found going rogue. In order to address this issue, he created Novissime. As Primus was the first, Novissime would be the last, the last construct that the modrons would need. Unfortunately, his ambitions blinded him to the truth of his creation. He designed Novissime to exert control over any modron that went rogue, giving her the tools she would require to fulfill her purpose. When she was first activated, many of the loyal modrons celebrated, not noticing that creatures both mechanical and organic had begun vanishing. By the time Primus discovered her actions, it was almost too late to stop her. She had amassed a veritable army under her command, intent on spreading her control throughout the planes. Primus attempted to shut her down, but she severed herself from the command console he had installed her on, limiting her power, but freeing her from his influence. It is said that she still lurks in Mechanus, biding her time until she can attempt to fulfill her purpose once more.
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 2 months ago
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You can take your honor with you to the grave. I’m not dying for someone else’s war; I’m not dying for anyone but myself!
So says a Deserter, who takes the military training of a warrior and bends it to means most unsavory. Highly adept at hitting enemies when they’re down, but against an opponent who can give a straight fight, a Deserter will have to be a bit more selfish, setting up advantage with Focused Aim instead. Somewhat of a mix of the Battlemaster and Samurai, mechanically, but the Rogue chassis makes for a very different experience than the raw offensive prowess of a Fighter. Synergizes extremely well with Focused Aim, from Tasha’s, and while potentially doubling your Sneak Attack damage is impressive, it’s actually only slightly ahead of, say, using Booming Blade and keeping your advantage. Naturally, it’s not possible to stack them... at least, not without six levels of Bladesinger, but that means giving up a whole lot of Sneak Attack dice.
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coffeecup-homebrews · 5 months ago
Genasi Subraces
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Here are four Genasi subraces that descend from the “in betweens” of the Elemental Planes- the Plane of Ash, the Furnaces, the Frostfell, and the Swamp of Oblivion. Enjoy!
Get PDF | Support me on Ko-fi 
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evelyn-the-idiot · a month ago
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The next piece of my AOS to DND conversion, the Chaos Mutants! I think I did pretty well on these guys, tell me what you think!
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homebrewfromthevoid · a year ago
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Homebrew for all of the elven half-races possible with races from the PHB! Time to throw the boring old human half-elf out of the window! This was made for 5e. Open images in new tab for better quality. Have fun playing, and feedback is much appreciated!
If you like what I do, consider buying me a coffee! Also consider checking out my previous half-races (including tiefling and dragonborn versions!).
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ncat · 2 months ago
Here's another big project of mine I've gotten around to getting to a stage I feel it's worth sharing: Prestige Classes!
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A key inspiration behind the design of this system was the 3.5e system of having prestige classes that would have as features say '+1 level to existing arcane spellcasting class'. For my modernization of this, I've simplified it from having dozens of different categorisations for classes, and given each PrC the feature 'Core Class Advancement', which advances a select feature from each class.
The core design philosophy for this was to make it so each prestige class was available for the majority of classes in the game at some stage. Rather than PrC's in 3.5e that often only worked for one or two classes, this aims to have each PrC apply to most classes.
As such, the amount of customizability each PrC offers should be pretty high, as the intended design of this was to multiply the number of possible character archetypes you could play.
But yeah, Core Class Advancement stands as my solution to the issues raised by wizards of the coast's abandoned UA for prestige classes: often times, taking a PrC means you don't get the cool stuff from your own class. But with this, even if it's delayed, you still get progression in your core features.
I hope the prestige classes I've made are fun to look at
Oh yeah, people asked for a PDF of the last big post I made, so here's a link to the shareable homebrewery version of the doc
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dragons-homebrew-hoard · a year ago
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This was a request from one of my players for the campaign I’m running. It’s the first real formatted homebrew I’ve published which is cool and I’m really happy with how it looks. So boom! Here you go. Have fun :)
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astrelan · 3 months ago
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Sorcerous Origin: Spellwarper
So, a long while ago, I made a prestige class from 3.5 edition, the Spellwarper. I love the concept of it a lot, but I do realize that most people don't use prestige classes. So I decided to see if I could work it into the sorcerer class. Here's the result!
All in all, I really like how it turned out. I do wish I could introduce spellwarp sniping earlier, but it doesn't fit the theme as much as the other features. So it got pushed out to 14th level. Anyhow, enjoy!
PDF Download: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/-tqsFO_qdhLw
For more content and to see my content earlier, check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/astrelan
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Embrace the arcane with the Oath of the Weave, or at least my take on an old homebrew favorite. 2nd Revision. 
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homebrewlesbian · 9 months ago
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WANDERING CONCLAVE — I’ve always liked the idea of a ranger conclave that isn’t necessarily based on hunting a specific enemy or any sort of magical environment but one that embodies a ranger that simply enjoys the outdoors or could even be a pacifist. This morphed into the Wandering Conclave, a master of all things that make rangers, rangers modeled similarly to a champion fighter.
This is designed to work without stepping on the toes of basic ranger, TCE’s ranger variant traits, and my ranger variant progression, as well as the mobile feat. I hope you enjoy! 
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