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echeydraws · 3 months ago
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another wizard???
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ncat · 3 months ago
Variant Classes Pt. 1
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With the continued expansion of 5e through new subclasses and races, the ability to create new unique characters continues to grow. Though, in my mind, one of the faults to this is that, every time you make a new subclass or such, it's just 1 more character archetype, which can sometimes feel a little lacking in terms of new possibilities.
Now of course, there's the option to just make a lot of content, which was the style of older editions, but that eventually lead to the issue of content bloat, with there just being too much content for a single person to reasonably deal with.
Though recently in my own homebrewing, I've found what I feel is a pretty good solution for such a thing: Multiplicative, rather than additive content.
This was the idea behind my Prestige Classes document, with each single prestige class being designed to be applicable to a wide number of classes at any time, meaning that with each PrC, each would add a new potential character option for each class it could interact with (or even 1 for each subclass).
So, long rambling on thought processes, Variant Classes. The idea for this is to, by adding one new class, add new character options equal to the number of subclasses a class already had, essentially being a x2.
Variant Classes are new classes that modify an existing class to varying degrees, replacing some or many of their features with new ones, creating a whole new character option. It's sorta like a Tasha optional feature, but the optional feature messes with your entire class.
So above, there are the two Variant Classes of this post: The Archivist and the Eldritch Sage
The Archivist takes inspiration from a 3rd edition class of the same game. They are scholarly mages, though they focus on divine magic rather than arcane. As such, mechanically they are very similar to the wizard (Even having a spellbook equivalent in their 'Prayerbook'), but differing from them is their spell list: rather than the wizard list, they use the Cleric list.
In comparison to the Cleric, the way they interact with spells is a bit different. The Cleric has access to their entire spell list for free, alongside their domain spells. The Archivist however, needs to learn spells, only gaining 3 per level and needing to pay for more. To make up for this is their Domain Studies, in which they initially learn a set of Cleric domain spells of their choice. At later levels however, they can learn additional diving domains, and choose which set of domain spells to prepare from each day. Yet later they even gain the ability to prepare two domains at once.
As such, while a Cleric will often have to focus on a single theme when it comes to their spells, an Archivist is more a multi-tool, able to have a wide number of domains and prepare whichever they might need for a given day.
The Eldritch Sage is a researcher into the otherworldly. They like Wizards use their intellect to fuel their magic, but rather than from direct study of the arcane, their application of magic comes from the study of the extraplanar.
Mechanically, the eldritch Sage is a warlock, with their patron instead representing ehat type of otherworldly entity they focus their research upon. Unlike the regular warlock, they use Int instead of Cha. Most differently is that they use regular Spellcasting rather than the warlocks Pact Magic, making them more of a traditional long rest based caster.
The Eldritch Sage also interacts with Invocations differently. Rather than having a number of invocations at will they instead learn a number of invocations, and can prepare a few of them at the end of a long rest. This means that they will often have more total invocations, but less active invocations.
Woops yeah, lots of text today.
Ah, you may have noticed the Pt.1 at the top of the post! That's because I actually made 4 variant classes, it's just that the other 2 will be posted seperately (very much my own choice, totally not because tumblr didn't like me dropping 20 pages into here). So yeah, I guess look forward to seeing in maybe a few days time the Mentalist and the Mountebank.
Honestly imo they're more my favourite out of the bunch, being the more radical in their changes to their classes. (Or maybe it's bias, since I am in the process of playtesting both of them in campaigns I'm in x) )
Edit: oh hell I forgot to put in the art credits, since they were all part of the images originally, but they'd be on the last page of the second set. My bad
Art credits:
- Clever Distraction from Innistrad: Crimson Vow by Andrew Mar
- Conspiracy Theorist from Strixhaven by Svetlin Velinov
Eldritch Sage.
- Contact Other Plane from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms by Alix Branwyn
- Magus of the Moon MtG from Time Spiral Remastered by Milivoj Ceran
Edit: Part 2 is up, and can be found here
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kayjustvibes · 9 months ago
a mood board for my dnd character🥰
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original post
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death-ward · a month ago
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itscarliart · 3 months ago
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💜💀Deception💀💜 Omen made a deal with a lich and he’s not having a very good time🥺
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twiddletaffy · 2 months ago
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An oc I designed for a class two years ago. They were meant to be a self-insert type of character, but I redesigned them a lil bit to make them uhhhh different. Also they have a toad.
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
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Origin ideas for the wizard! Get the full series and support me here!
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archillustrates · a year ago
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Firebolt 🔥
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 8 months ago
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The Installation Wizard - 5E Homebrew Wizard Subclass by Nines Behold the Installation Wizard! Tremble in the presence of basic programming! Cower in the face of the latest in file unzipping! Yeah, it’s a joke subclass. But we take our jokes seriously here. Rename it to “the School of Technology” and nobody would bat an eye. Except maybe Alchemist Artificer.
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maziecrazycloud · 6 months ago
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New DnD character, a firbolg bladesinging wizard! I tried a new illustration style!
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thedivinefive · a year ago
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Totally not us.
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echeydraws · 27 days ago
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Commission for @lizard-saint-stone ! 
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critical-misadventures · 3 months ago
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Latest art of Nim <3
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justabitscrewy · 2 months ago
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working on some Sister Jon redesigns because why the hell not! add some pizzazz, mix things up a bit. The shorter gloves look more like working gloves, and the exposed forearm bits are......... narratively important
Just wanting to give her a more utility driven design, while still maintaining the core colors and silhouette I've become very attached to
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spicypotatodoodles · 2 months ago
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It's been a while since I posted here so I wanted to start off the new year strong with some fanart. Suggested by the Critical Role cast in one dress-up scene here is Laudna X Sailor Moon.
If you want to see more like this, let me know!
If you want to see more of my work and my consistent updates check me out at:
Instagram: spicypotatodoodles
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drakonishe · 4 months ago
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Drew my friend's tabaxi wizard for their birthday 🎉 The pic is inspired by a photo of a cat touching a plasma ball, with the paw pads glowing like a human's fingertips would.
I initially wanted to try drawing it traditionally, but my skills with traditional mediums are mediocre at best 😅
Tumblr media
But hey, I got to use my metallic paint and markers, so that was kinda fun...
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skullinacowboyhat · 2 months ago
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the sun to my moon
Laertes and his boyfriend, Ivan.
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artisticdraugr · 2 months ago
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Love is there when you open the door
And you step off the trail you knew before
Through the streets and the houses of gods you roam
And on their altars you lay your heart of stone
Till all laughter is claws on your skin
And your moments of clarity scream the hell within
When you fade like a rose in the gloom
Love waits outside your room
Like morning dew
My darling DnD boys, they melt my heart. Aiden is going into an apprenticeship with an Archmage soon so they won't see each other as often it's gonna break my heart 💔
Song is "Love Will Come to You", by Poets of the Fall
The whole song fits them very well but this is my favourite part.
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
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[Image ID: A series of eight images depicting a child fleeing from someone dressed up as the lion from the Madagascar movie. From top to bottom, the pair are labeled “warlocks” and “daddy issues”; “barbarians” and “anger problems”; “bards” and “not being the center of attention”; “wizards/artificers” and “telling a story instead of trying to ‘solve’ it”; “rangers” and “caring about literally anything other than their companion”; “rogues” and “staying with the party”; “monks” and “ranged combat”; “paladins” and “moral quandaries”. End ID.]
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 2 months ago
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Imagine, for a moment, squadrons of wizards casting in perfect synchronicity. A flood of Fireballs dropped for maximum impact. Magic Missiles harrying down a target no matter where they go or how they try to hide. Buffs remotely stacked to turn a Fighter into a juggernaut with a thought. Eyes able to watch from anyone, from anywhere.
This is the power that the School of Telegrams seeks. This is the future that we strive for. The future is now.
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