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pencilbrony · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Keyboard controls only concept
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prokopetz · 5 days ago
Folks talk about the “classic FPS experience“ like it’s about the resolution of the textures or how fast the player character runs, when we all know the real classic FPS experience is about opening a door to reveal a ten-foot-by-ten-foot bare concrete room containing a single baddie who immediately shoots you point blank with a rocket launcher, killing both of you instantly.
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alpha-beta-gamer · a month ago
Fashion Police Squad is a fantastic fashion-based FPS where you fight back against saggy pants and bad suits to make the streets fabulous again!
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infinitebrians · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
gordon freeman, doctor at theoretical physics, expert at the tau cannon
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alpha-beta-gamer · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Viscerafest is a brutal retro run 'n gun FPS where you become a bloodthirsty mercenary and rip 'n tear your way through an army of terrified aliens!
Read More & Play The Beta Demo, Free (Steam)
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niqhtlord01 · a year ago
Humans are weird: Video Game Logic
Alien: So you’re telling me you can survive being shot repeatedly Alien: ...and being set on fire Alien: and being thrown violently from an exploding tank Alien: AND having a buzz saw blade embedded in your chest no problem. Alien: But falling three feet kills you instantly?!?!? Human: Gravity; it’s one of our greatest weaknesses.  Alien: *Scribbles that down for later use* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: So you were framed for murder and need to prove your innocence?  Human: Yup, that’s the game. Alien: And you do murdering more people.. Human: People can’t claim I’m a murderer if they’re all dead. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: Do you ever wonder why roving bandits with wooden planks attack you despite clearly seeing you in a power suit with a literal nuke launcher? Human: Hey; no one said humans were the brightest bunch. Alien: Some things never change I guess. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: If the plague is spread by physical contact, why does your character punch the infected? Human: Because he’s not punching the infected, he’s punching the virus itself!  Alien: Is this what your people call alternative medicine?  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: Why are all of these candles lit in this century old tomb? Human: The gods of gaming aren’t fans of electricity.  Alien: That doesn’t make any sense. Human: Neither do the candles, but we just roll with it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alien: Why does armor for the females of your species reveal so much skin? Alien: Is that not a critical design flaw? Human: You’d be surprised how easily the males of our species can get distracted by a semi naked female.  Alien: So, it is intentional?  Human: Yes, much to the displeasure of the our women though.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: Why must I pay respect to this wooden box? Human: What? Alien: Wooden boxes have done nothing for me so they do not deserve my respect.  Human: You’re not respecting the bo- Alien: METAL CONTAINERS ARE FAR SUPERIOR YOU DEAD TREE ABOMINATION!  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
Alien: You don’t see any problem sending a small human into the wild when the world is filled with monsters that can devour them in an instant? Human: Only problem I see are how much bikes cost in this game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
Alien: Why do none of your characters have a reflection in the mirror? Human: The secret to first person shooters is that every main character is a vampire.  Alien: I don’t follow.  Human: Think about it.  Human: Hiding in a dark corner to regain health. Human: Finding what you need to survive off the bodies of your victims. Human: Often dying when going into water. Alien: By the all makes sense now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
Alien: If I have assembled this team of great heroes why must I be forced to only take 2-3 of them with me at a time? Human: Because you could probably solve the entire story’s problems in an hour if you did.  Alien: Is that not desirable?  Human: Only if you’re a speed runner. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
Alien: How does carrying a lock pick suddenly make me over encumbered? Alien: I am literally holding three rocket launchers, two mini-guns, seventeen grenades, and fives different armor sets and can still sprint like a human athlete!  Human: Every human has their limit. Human: Unless you’re a human companion in which case your limit is non-existent.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Alien: How can a criminal organization be able to sell merchandise?  Human: A question I often ask about the republican party. Alien: What? Human: What? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien: Why would humans settle on a world that can freeze them solid if they are outside too long and is infested with monsters?  Human: We really needed to just get off the spaceship for a while and stretch our legs.
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coralteeth · a month ago
Tumblr media
I dunno why the image is so small because this is one of the biggest canvases I’ve worked with but anyway here’s Ultrakill in a last supper parody go play it you dingus
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