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#i think it was just something that i did

Here’s a prayer for every victim of racism, and for it to stop

For Black Lives Matter, to matter not just now, to not just be social media trend.

To matter when all this ends too, and after, so it never happens again.

Don’t be silent, there’s people out there suffering because of this, if you have a platform, however big or small it is please consider using it, even if all you can do is speak against it, do it. This keeps happening not only because of perpetrators but because of so many people who stand around and say or do nothing. let us change that, let us speak up. every voice counts. loud and louder than ever now.

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Hes doing exactly what he should be and I’m sure he’ll do more. People are just mad their rants are being shut down by his actions and they’re trying to find new ways to get upset. Like I said in my previous ask, ignore them and share what we can to raise awareness. That’s what’s important right now.

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i kind of hope that by posting pictures of my love letters it both inspires you guys creatively and normalizes lots of romantic gestures for the one you love. i’ve been told that it’s creepy to write love letters ?? and i don’t want any of you guys to feel like that !! love wholeheartedly !!! unashamed !!! show the people that you love how much you adore them !!!

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