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screaming--agony · 10 months ago
Dear Diary,
Since I can’t go outside and scream because cops would be called on suspicion of murder. From the absolute bottom of my soul and every last breath in my lungs, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”
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captain-konami-code · 3 months ago
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machikeita · 2 months ago
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perth nakhun in every episode of cutie pie → episode eight
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rileykitty · 4 months ago
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I love them...
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ragnarachael · 5 months ago
the fact that some people think they are so entitled to a fanfiction writer and their works is simply terrible.
if you’re wondering why your favorite writer is leaving this platform, take a second to look and see if you’re actually supporting them. maybe you’ll get a clue then. supporting means reblogging their works. lifting them up. not stealing them and reposting them (that’s called plagiarism! you’re STEALING WORKS! stop fucking reposting other people’s hard work! you didn’t slave over this 6k fic for entire MONTHS AT A TIME! TAKE! IT! DOWN!)
support means giving us feedback. telling us you loved what we wrote. not just “omg part 2????”, “more pls” what part two is there to write? what more do you want? most of the time when authors post one shots, they don’t have a part two in mind. rarely do they ever. we cannot read your mind. tell us what you mean when you say stuff like this. personally it’s a little awkward getting those comments. i don’t know how to go about a part two unless it’s blatantly obvious when i leave an open end. what do you WANT in a part two?
likes are great, i personally use them to mark fics to read later (granted, i haven’t gotten around to reading fic since i’m working so much) but once you read, guess what? there’s a reblog button RIGHT! NEXT TO IT!
i’m tired of my like to reblog ratio being a huge jump. half of my reblogs are my own, just like every other author on this site.
i love hearing your replies. i love hearing your key smashes. i love seeing your memes you post on my works. i love all of it. for the love of god, just support your fanfic writers, or they’re all gonna leave and you’ll whine even more.
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unicornofpjo · a month ago
we all know and love the underwater kiss scene in pjo, but there’s another underwater scene that i love but nobody seems to talk about.
do y’all remember in the sea of monsters, when they approach the sirens’ island, annabeth decides she wants to hear the sirens’ song? and then cuts her safety binds when percy’s not looking? think about that: surrounded by razor sharp rock, barbed ware, shipwrecks, and explosives, the daughter of athena goes towards her death seeking wisdom, and the son of poseidon doesn’t hesitate to plunge straight into the sea after her. when he touches her, he sees her dreams and aspirations: her parents, back together; luke, saved from kronos, at her parents’ side; all of them happy in NYC, redesigned by annabeth in gold and marble to be better than any city before it, better than even olympus itself—her loved ones are calling to her, right there, all she has to do is reach the beach—and then the sirens’ song is drowned out by the sea. percy takes them down, down, down, and like their future kiss, he creates a giant bubble to keep annabeth breathing. and when she realizes the song is broken, that all her dreams and aspirations are not within reach—all annabeth can do…is sob. she’s utterly heartbroken—overcome with the knowledge that the hopes of a 13 year old child soldier are just that: a child’s longing for the world to be right after being shown over and over again that it isn’t.
and so percy just holds her against him, giving the girl who never trusts anyone a safe space to cry—surrounded by explosives and shipwrecks at the bottom of a turbulent grey sea.
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delicourse · 2 months ago
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um i want whatever they had going actually
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booasaur · a year ago
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Nancy Drew (2019) - 2x18
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furiarojas · 21 days ago
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2019 Italian GP // 2021 Emilia Romagna GP // x // x // Italian GP winning helmets: Monza 2019, Mugello 2022 // Charles Leclerc's qualifying crash means he is unable to start the 2021 Monaco GP after taking pole // Pecco Bagnaia crashes out of the lead in the 2021 Emilia Romagna GP, ending his championship hopes // "Child in Red" by Rainer Maria Rilke // Charles and Arthur Leclerc, 2021 Le Castellet Formula 3 Race II // Pecco and Carola Bagnaia, 2021 Aragon GP // Charles Leclerc and Mattia Binotto, 2022 Bahrain GP // Pecco Bagnaia and Gigi Dall'Igna, 2022 Spanish GP // little red wristbands // "Late Fragment" by Raymond Carver // Charles Leclerc and Ferrari celebrate his first F1 win, 2019 Belgian GP // Pecco Bagnaia is embraced by the Ducati team after his first MotoGP win, 2021 Aragon GP
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patpran · 3 months ago
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this is probably the biggest bl actor power move in history like imagine starring in a bl, realising that there's a lack of proper lgbt representation, and then starting your own COMPANY to produce content with the goal of promoting equality
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orokay · 2 months ago
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if u remember my mass effect ocs i have feelings for you
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covertblizzard · a month ago
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it is criminal that i’ve never seen these panels before actually
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marlborocas · 5 months ago
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no, the timing's never right
but don't hesitate to fall in my arms
Holy Feeling - Greyson Chance
Elliot's 1k celebration - "holy feeling"
Supernatural 15x09: The Trap
January 16, 2019
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jiangwanyin · 5 months ago
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for @ethan-hunt | happy birthday keigo!!! 💌
what if all i have is my suffering? my regret? — interview with the vampire
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welcometogrouchland · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: digital fanart of Luz and Eda from the owl house set after the season 2 finale King's Tide. The image depicts a crying Luz, sat on the floor and holding an acoustic guitar as if to play it. She's looking down with a frustrated expression, and a dark shadow is cast over her. Behind Luz and faced away from the viewer is Eda playing the lute and kneeling down. She's smiling and is drawn with lighter colours and lineart. There's a soft light coming from off screen illuminating Eda and Luz. The background is white, except for a minimalistic depiction of a floor, which is done with a peach gradient. End ID]
It's not time to make a change / Just relax, take it easy / You're still young, that's your fault./ There's so much you have to know
Things she never got to teach you
based on the HC of Luz having learned guitar from her dad, and me realizing how similar it is to Eda's lute. Perfect recipe for musical angst </3
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granteddrop · a year ago
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the difference between you and I is thinner than a razor
[click here for image description]
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boneheat · 7 months ago
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POV: it’s your turn to tell the weird kids who spend all their time holed up in the occult section that the library’s about to close, even though you suspect they’ve somehow been getting in after hours regardless
(also this was very directly inspired by this great scooby doo fanart i saw on twitter so i want to link it)
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omeno · 7 months ago
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love and grief hold hands while twisting the knife inside your guts.
or c!quackity, love-sickness and heartbreak.
wally lamb - she's come undone // virusAP - two birds // anton chekhov - a play // roberto ferri // jenny slate - little weirds // david foster wallace - infinite jest // richard siken - wishbone // paprikup - city of stars // jodi picoult - handle with care // natalie wee - lonely
「 dsmp web weaving series; prev // next 」
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zodiacsomething · 2 months ago
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fakecrimepodcast · a year ago
SAY IT WITH ME trauma and mental health issues in general can be an explanation for someone's harmful behavior, but not an excuse.
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