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incorrect-merc · a day ago
Toto, gathering around all Mercedes related drivers: Now listen here you little shits-
Toto: Not you, Lewis, you are an angel and we are happy to have you
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formulakimmich · 4 months ago
2021 F1 Belgian Grand Prix - Race Highlights
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f1incorrects · 3 months ago
Seb: Have you ever been cheated on?
Lewis: One time, Roscoe had the audacity to run to Valtteri first.
Valtteri: Proudest moment of my life.
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angelhummel · 3 months ago
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Glee + Reductress Headlines (4/?)
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shwartzwoman63 · a month ago
Seb: We should appreciate the small things in life.
Max: *picks up Yuki*
Max: You are appreciated.
Valtteri: *about to do the same with lewis*
Lewis: *gives a death stare*
Yuki: Put me down or I swear I will kill you in your sleep.
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fe3h-incorrectquotes · 7 months ago
Mercedes: So you’re basically the therapist for every student here?
Byleth: Pretty much, yeah.
Mercedes: Who’s your therapist, then?
Byleth: ...
Byleth, holding up a small pebble: I talk to this rock sometimes.
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gleeincorrectquotes · a month ago
I’m so tired of hearing ‘so glad glee wasn’t made in 2021’ cause why not??? You’re telling me you DON’T want a riverdale 2.0 but with good singing??
You DON’T want an episode where Quinn’s dad turns out to be a serial killer and it’s revealed he and Quinn share a ‘serial killer gene’?
You’d “rather not” have an episode where a cult sets up in Lima, that’s really a front for an organ stealing farm, that then hypnotises Kurt and Puck into marrying and that Carol will join inexplicably until it’s revealed she’s actually working with an FBI agent who’s also her other son who she had with one of Rachel’s Dads, meaning Rachel and Finn now share a sibling but continue to date??
You have NO desire to watch Sam figure out they’ve spent the last season in an alternate universe and find out the only way for them to go back is for him and Brittany to make out on a bed with a Bomb on it, until they’re stopped by Mike who’s actually a murderer in this universe who’s been killing all the characters and has now killed Brittany and is about to kill Sam until Mercedes comes in and shoots him because she came to find him when he left her at the altar, and then watch as Sam and Mercedes proceed to make out on the same bed with the bomb still going until Sam figures out the best way to get out of the parallel universe is by Sam writing a comic book series about the alternate timeline called ‘eelg’???
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rysmatias · 12 days ago
Lewis: There is no future. There is no past. Don't you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet.
Seb: Fine, next time we won't get you birthday cake
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still-we-rise · 5 months ago
Nico: You know, Toto gives Susie flowers every day. I wish you would do that.
Lewis: Um... Okay.
Lewis: *hands Susie flowers*
Susie: ...what
Lewis: I don't get it either.
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · a month ago
Lewis: I'm this close to falling in love with Valtteri.
Toto: Your fingertips are touching.
Lewis: Exactly.
Lewis: Help me please.
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slvrarrws · a month ago
Lewis: I can't believe we've lost Valtteri
Valtteri (from the Alfa garage): STOP TELLING EVERYONE I'M DEAD
Lewis: Sometimes I can still hear his voice
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incorrect-merc · 2 days ago
Nico, looking at the juniors lingering around the garage: How many of those kids do you even have?
Toto: Biologically, emotionally or legally?
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f1incorrects · a month ago
Toto: Don't touch anything, alright?
George: Yes sir.
Toto: Don't call me sir, kid.
George: Yes ma'am
Toto: *stunned*
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angelhummel · 2 months ago
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Glee + Reductress Headlines (24/?)
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shwartzwoman63 · 19 days ago
Toto: Time for plan G.
Valtteri: Don't you mean plan B?
Toto: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Lewis: What about plan D?
Toto: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Bono: What about plan E?
Toto: I'm hoping not to use it. Val dies in plan E.
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fe3h-incorrectquotes · 4 months ago
Mercedes: Are you ready for your birthday surprise?
Dedue: Wow, that’s a big cake... Ashe is inside of it, isn’t he.
The cake: No.
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gleeincorrectquotes · 23 days ago
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365 days of glee girls | Day 365
1x01 -> 6x13, 1x01 -> 6x13, 1x01 -> 6x03, 1x01 -> 6x03, 1x01 -> 6x06, 1x01 -> 6x06
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sugarcarnation · 7 months ago
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kurt and blaine + incorrect quotes
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extrabluecement · 3 months ago
grover: hold the phone
grover: are you two playing footsie?
annabeth: *clears throat* nO
annabeth: i have that- uh- restless leg syndrome
annabeth: i just- i forgot to take my iron pills 
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · a month ago
F1 2022
Roscoe: *where has he gone?*
Roscoe: *it's been a really long time.*
Roscoe: *i wonder when he comes back because lewis and i miss him*
Roscoe: *we saw him today! lewis was really happy. i was too. walking in the sun made me tired but hanging out with valtteri was fun.*
Roscoe: *he gave me head pats before we left. i miss his head pats.*
Roscoe: *he'll give me lots and lots when he comes back though, i can't wait!*
Roscoe: *i don't know why we can't bring him back with us now but there must be a reason*
Roscoe: *..........*
Roscoe: *..........*
Roscoe: *valtteri isn't coming back is he?*
Roscoe: *...........*
Roscoe: *the motorhome still smells like him sometimes*
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