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Tumblr media
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we shouldn't call people who do or say stupid/mean things clowns because unlike clowns, they don’t bring anyone joy
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OFMD Modern au Fic Recs
Here’s some of my fav OFMD fic recs set in a modern au. All feature Ed/Stede as the main pairing. I’ve tagged the creator if they linked a tumblr. I’ll probably do furthur fic recs if this one is popular, for canon complaint and post-canon fics. 
Hope you guys enjoy!
i'm liquid smooth, come touch me, too by WoodenBoyVoice (4520 words, rating T) 
Ed wanders into a soap store, hypnotized by the delicious smells, the bright colors, and the really cute sales associate that offers him an arm massage.
 Very cute soap store au. Loved how smitten Ed was in this. 
Bonnets Eleven by Springandastorm @spr1ngandastorm (32505 words, rating T) 
Stede Bonnet has a plan. One that he's definitely-sort-of-mostly thought through. After all, how hard can a museum heist actually be?
"Every great pioneer must furrow their own path forwards." Stede says sagely, trying to sound wise and wondering vaguely if anything he's saying makes any sense at all.
"Who said that? Some colonizer?"
"I said it, actually. But, speaking of colonizers, don't you want to know who our mark is?"
"Not particula—"
"The British Museum."
"...Fuck off."
Still a wip but theres only one chapter to go and it is so funny. Love Stede planning his heist with drama kid energy and no skills at all. Love how the chaos of the original show still comes across. If you enjoy heist films, it’s a perfect au! 
awake and unafraid by animosities  (14832 words, rating E, although its only the last section, so easy to skip if youre just here for the pining) 
Part one of the [insert witty college au series title here] series
Five times Ed borrows something of Stede's and one time Stede borrows something from Ed.
There’s a man in Ed’s poetry seminar who equally baffles and intrigues him.
Very fun series. Love how much of the original plot and lore is transferred into a modern setting and you get to see the development of the relationship from a varieties of POVs - Ed, Stede, Lucius and Mary. Also, there’s houseboats!
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If your muse were the main character in a movie/book/show/game/…, what would it be called? What would it be about?
What’s your favourite headcanon about your muse?
"Pester" Me About My Oc Molly Plz!🥺
Tumblr media
13. Wait, "were"? Quite foolish of you to assume she's not already the main character.😏
The main verse itself is already named, "My Life Is Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows...But In Hell!", but if I were to give it a show title it be called, "Molly Pop!" or "MollyPop!" (A little play on word to "Lollipop" since Molly finds that kinda witty shit funny and she's sweet and succulent like a lolly lol).
I know you didn't ask for this (you gettin' it anyways bestie lol), but the theme song would be The Ch//rdettes' song "Lollipop".
I can see the intro being something fun, cheery, and high energy (like St//ar Vs. The Forces Of Evil's opening) with depth and deep lore mixed in certain parts.
The show would be about, well, Molly of course lol!
Plot Summary: "Follow the radical adventures of Molly Dustini, a super babe sent to Hell after her death (which will not be explored until Season 2) and is now a spider with...furry boobies??! Watch as she forwards the plot with her awesome dance moves and changes the lives of everyone she meets! Will she find the lost love of her life along the way? Only one way to find out. Tune in to new episodes of "Molly Pop!" Weekdays at 7pm only on *insert network name here*"
Tumblr media
4. MY FAVORITE?! UGHHHH I HAVE SOOOO MANY!!!😩😩😩😩 You seriously gonna make me choose? *Pouts* Guess I don't gotta choice, do I? Lmaooo. Hmm...🤔 *Searches headcanon tag*
Okay, I'm back. It wasn't easy, but I chose one. It's this one.
I don't know why, but I find it pretty chad of me to give Molly two (technically) ages rather than one. IT'S THE BEST OF BOTH WORDS LMAO!!!
I love how it adds a sense of uniqueness to her. We stan a woman who died in her early 20's, but is (technically) in her early 30's in demon years. You know Molly uses it to her advantage lololol.
Tumblr media
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jmkitsune · a year ago
1-50 of the "be nosy asks" 😂
1. What’s your sexual orientation?
Im a demisexual
2. What are you obsessed with right now?
well I jsut finished stargate atlantis so let's go with that cause I did SG1/SGA in like a few months
TEMPTED to do universe buut we'll see
3. Ever done any drugs?
nope- not a huge fan (by that i mean I actually can't stand drugs)
4. What piercings do you want?
I'd like to redo my ears at some point
5. How many people have you kissed?
uhhh we'll say (in sexual/romantic way)
10 people
6. Describe your dream home.
clock tower penthouse overlooking the bay near the ocean or something
7. Who are you jealous of?
those who are successful
8. What’s your favorite show to binge?
simpsons futurama or daria
9. Do you watch porn?
10. Do you have a secret sideblog?
nah I have this blog, a star wars one I kinda forgot about/let die, and one for my first book trilogy I may wipe at some point cause I /have never gotten what I wanted to do with it/
11. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
12. What’s one of your fantasies?
to never work again and enjoy comfort
13. Do you have/would you get your nipples pierced?
14. How would you spend a million dollars?
pay off debt
get my own place
not worry about bills for a while
15. Are you in a relationship?
I am not that being said if someone wants me- they gotta earn me cause I'm expensive AS FUCK
16. Do you follow porn blogs?
nah like I follow sex workers but that is cause either friends/acquaintances and I support their hard work but thats bout it
17. Are you angry with anyone right now?
18. What tattoos do you want?
omg too many lol I always want new tattoos
19. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to?
I probably would just legally change my name to JM instead of using it as a preferred name
20. What is something you’re obsessed with?
Star Wars, Star Gate, streaming, writing, gaming, uhhh *shrugs*
21. Describe your best friend.
stubborn, funny, pain in the ass, smart, irritating, dependable, makes me wanna throw things at them, protective, short etc
22. Tag someone you think is hot.
Insert every person I know who is attractive cause hi everyone is attractive in someway shape or form
23. Who are five of your favorite bands/musical artists?
Skillet, Linkin Park, Protomen, MCR, Fall out Boy
24. What are three places you want to travel?
Pacific North West
25. Describe your perfect Friday night.
26. What’s your favorite season?
actual spring where its not too hot/too cold and enjoyable
27. What’s your pet peeve?
people who willfully want to be ignorant because they think its better than being educated since they think ALL educated people are elitist
28. Who is the funniest person you know?
29. What’s the most overrated movie?
and here is where I catch SO MUCH FLACK
scott pilgrim
30. Tag someone you want to talk to but have been too shy to message.
uhh I actually message a lot of people so like I dont think I need to do that here
31. Do you like paper books or ebooks better?
digital baby
we're in 2021 - save the trees and give me more books to carry in a smaller lighter device :D
32. If you could live in a fictional world, what world would you pick?
the ones I've written
33. If money was no object, what would your wardrobe be like?
Jedi meets Grisha, meets Cloud Strife, Loki and Scarlet Witch
34. What’s your coffee order?
I have not had coffee since high school
and my order then was a medium decaf extra extra from dunks
35. Do you have a crush on anyone?
Im demi, crushes= confused friendship lines lol
36. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?
of course, im human thats kinda the side effect of loving someone for a long time, there is always a shred of you that lingers for them
37. Have any tattoos?
I have SIX tattoos yes :D
two constellations (Orion/Pisces) on my wrists, my son of hades/twitch tattoo on my right forearm, my KH tattoos on my upper biceps, and my USB/IO Keyhole tattoo on the back of my neck
38. Do you drink?
not anymore, im a depressed drunk and I am very VERY uncomfortable around people who drink/are drunk
39. Are you a virgin?
40. Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals?
go sub to my patreon for a year and I'll tell ya ;D
41. How many followers do you have?
go follow all my places get me boosted so you guys follow me everywhere and you can actually see all the shit I put out online content wise besides what I reblog on here
tumblr - 1660
twitch- 416
twitter 337
instagram- 175
youtube- 116
42. Describe the hottest person you know.
Have you seen 1990s Brendan Fraser
43. What’s your guilty pleasure?
im a shopaholic when depressed
44. Do you read erotica?
I have, and I'll be honest, there is a part of me that thinks it has quality of writing people should not overlook BUT its not for me I think
45. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
fun fact- I've only been on
46. How many people do you follow?
here- 275, tiktok 545, instagram- 392, twitter 442
47. If you could marry any celebrity, who would you pick?
none, I don't have celebrity crushes and shit (and before you say fraser- I can appreciate someone's attractiveness without having a crush, I'm demi, not blind)
48. Describe your ideal partner.
from two friends who know me best
- witty, witchy, nerdy, someone who I can idealize their flaws into quirks -pretty eyed, dark haired nerdy girl with curves (esp. bangin tiddies) ((I can't believe adrienne SERIOUSLY SAID THAT PART)) who is empathetic and intelligent and willing to work with you and communicate with you to build something solid and long lasting
49. Who do you text the most?
I text Icarus, Britt, and Adrienne the most
50. What’s your favorite kind of weather?
“That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!”
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randomfandomimagine · 2 years ago
Love Notes (Poe Dameron x Reader)
Characters: Poe Dameron, Finn, BB8, mentions of Rey
Fandom: Star Wars
Tags: Reader Insert, Female Reader, Fluff, Love Notes, Confessions
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,7k words
Requested by anon: Hi! If you’re taking Star Wars requests, could you please write an oneshot, drabble or ficlet with Poe Dameron, where Poe uses BB8 to run love notes to the female!reader who’s a nurse for the resistance back and forward between the two of them all day, as they work on different sides of the base and she figures that the notes are coming from Poe and she admits she likes him too. 
A/N: I quite like the result of this! Hope you enjoy reading it!! 
Tumblr media
Poe Dameron x Female!Reader
You were extremely delicate, yet he still hissed through his teeth as you treated him. Clicking your tongue in annoyance, you focused on putting extra care on the task.
“Sorry” You rushed to say, cringing on the inside at the state his bloody face was. “I’m sorry, I’ll be more gentle” 
“I’m teasing you, Y/N” Poe said with a chuckle, making you sigh in relief.
“It’s not funny” You shook your head, continuing to treat him. “You are far too reckless, General Dameron” 
“I told you a thousand times” He showed you a dashing grin when you finished healing all the wounds on his face. “Call me Poe, you’re my favorite nurse after all” 
Facing your back to him, you tried to calm your nerves. Although you wouldn’t admit it, you were incredibly fond of him. As much as you enjoyed seeing him, you hated it when he walked in all bruised and injured. Especially since he didn’t take it seriously and always brushed it off.
“You know what? You’re right” Poe softly tugged at your wrist until you turned around and faced him once more. “It’s not funny, I feel a little sick” 
“No wonder, you have a mild concussion” You observed him in concern, even if his playfulness proved it wasn’t serious.
“Yeah, I think I have a fever...” Still not letting go, he pressed your palm against his forehead. “What do you think? I would love your professional opinion” 
Amused by his smooth manners as well as the grin he dedicated you, you smiled in the end. His own smile widened at the sight of it.
“That’s all I wanted” Even as he stood up, his fingers delicately lingered around your wrist. “Now I can leave with a clear conscience” 
“I’m supposed to be the one looking after you, not the other way around”
“But I feel bad enough worrying my favorite girl...” His smirk assured his words were genuine despite the correction that followed. “I mean... my favorite nurse”
You pursed your lips, tempted to reply with a witty yet flirtatious retort, but ultimately decided not to. Firstly, you were working and wanted to keep romantic matters away from work. Secondly, his boldness flustered you slightly and the words got caught in your throat.
“I gotta go now” Poe slowly let your wrist go, signaliging that you had lost your chance. “Thanks for everything, Y/N” 
“Take care, General” You urged him before he could walk away.
“It’s Poe” He winked at you as a silent promise to heed your words. After that, he left you with the empty feeling of his absence.
Other than Poe’s recurrent visits, your workplace was quite uneventful. You sat there, mind adrift as you tried to entertain yourself with something.
“Y/N” A familiar voice called you, and you looked up to see Finn.
“Hello” You fonldy greeted him. “Can I help you with anything?” 
“Yeah, have you seen Poe?” He shrugged in helplessness. “Can’t find him anywhere”
“He was here a few hours ago” You tilted your head, assuming he realized what you were implying. That he had been reckless as usual. “I suppose he’s at the other side of the base” 
“Thanks” Finn made to leave, already taking a step, when something interrupted him.
A droid was rolling around, and a smile immediately settled on your lips when you recognized BB8. The round orange and white droid approached you and stopped before you.
“What’s he doing here?” Finn uttered, watching as you crouched before the droid and took the note from him. 
It had been so long since the last once that you had missed the thrill and excitement from the notes you sent back and forth with your mysterious secret admirer. He was always so fun and charming that you anxiously awaited his responses.
You giggled as you read the note, flattered by his words as usual. 
“M-May I?” Finn timidly asked you, too curious to hide it. 
“Why not?” You handed the small note to him and smiled wide as he read it out loud. 
“I noticed you today as I passed by, you looked absolutely beautiful. I thought to myself... ‘that woman must be the first known angel to the galaxy’ and I couldn’t stop smiling all day” Finn laughed in amusement at the cheesy yet endearing line.
“I know, but...” You shrugged, although you felt slightly self-conscious with his presence, as he broke the usual intimacy in which you read the notes. “It’s sweet”
“How long have you been receiving these notes?” Finn realized this wasn’t the first time, and you could feel his eyes set on you as he returned the note. 
“For a few weeks now, why?” 
“And you don’t know who’s sending them...” 
“No... Should I?” 
“Aw, come on, Y/N!” 
“That screams Poe!” Your friend threw his hands in the air in exasperation.
His confidence on the matter flustered you, especially knowing about your usual interactions with Poe. They were always lovely and left you wanting more. Even if you still couldn’t quite call him by his pen name to his face. It made you wonder... why hadn’t he said anything directly to you? Of course, he was always playful and even flirtatious, yet... he never quite told you if he felt something for you.
“Are you sure?” Turning to Finn, you felt your heart starting to race. 
“Of course” He replied, accompanying his words with a vehement nod. “I can’t believe he didn’t tell me...” 
“He didn’t?” You were surprised, knowing how close they were.
“Not about the love notes... He’s always talking about you, though” Finn cleared his throat, trying to impersonate Poe’s voice. “Like... ‘don’t you think she’s great? she’s the sweetest’, or ‘she is so beautiful in every way, I can’t wait to see her again’, you know? He’s so annoying”  
You chuckled, recognizing his joking tone, and he did too. After a brief pause, the usual butterflies that you now associated with Poe returned.
“What should I do, Finn?” You nervously crampled the paper in your hands.
“Well, do you have feelings for him?” He crossed his arms and tilted his head, although there was an amused grin peeking at the corner of his lips.
“Maybe... I think so” You sighed, anxious about the whole situation. “But how can I know he does too? How can you be so sure that it’s not just a crush?”
“Those notes are telling enough, right?” That grin finally settled on his lips, being equally teasing and compassionate. “Besides, I’ve seen the way he looks at you”
Locking eyes with him, Finn reassured you with an understanding glance. He understood your struggle and your nerves, but he encouraged you with a head nod of approval. You smiled in return, feeling out of breath in anticipation to your confession.
It wasn’t until the next day that you gathered enough courage to confront Poe.
Each step you took as you trudged to the other side of the base felt heavy, it tightened the feeling of your stomach being in knots and made you worry about the many words swimming in your mind, and about the entire resolution of the dreaded moment.
When you spotted him standing there speaking to Rey, your heart skipped a beat just at the sight of him. She grinned and told him something that caused him to glance your direction. You gulped when his eyes landed on you.
“Y/N” He received you with a warm smile, absently patting Rey’s arms to excuse himself. “What are you doing here? It’s great to see you, though”
“Tell me about it” Being away from your workplace, you felt a little more comfortable playing into his game. “We needed to stop meeting like that”
Pleasantly surprised by your comment, Poe laughed a little. He took you by the elbow and guided you to a more quiet area where you could have privacy to talk.
“Did you need something?” When he took a closer look at you, his brow furrowed in concern. “Wait, are you okay? You look a bit nervous” 
You nodded your head, both agreeing that you were nervous but assuring you were okay. Poe muttered a compliant ‘alright...’ and patiently waited for you to speak up.
“I wanted to talk about this” You showed him the notes from him you had collected over all those days. He took it from your hands with feigned curiosity.
You saw as his eyes read along the words you knew by heart already.
“W-What... what is this?” He tried to play dumb, although you saw through him.
“You know full well what they are” You took them from him with a sigh. “Why didn’t you just say anything, in person?”
It took him a few seconds to reply, perhaps considering whether to budge or not.
“Well, you seemed really shy” He shrugged, though his eyes were watching you fondly. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable”
“I’m not shy... you just can’t expect me to openly flirt with my patients”
“You wanted to openly flirt with me?”
His eyebrows raised at the mention of his name, his real name. Used to his gallant smiles, you were shocked when he showed you a smitten one.
“I think it’s the first time you call me that” His fingers tentatively tugged at yours, intertwining with them when you accepted the touch. “It sounds so much better from your lips”
To accompany the words, his eyes lowered to your mouth. Reading his thoughts, you were more than willing to indulge in that exchange.
“Don’t expect me to call you that while I’m working” You half-joked, ignoring your racing heart as you leaned in closer.
Poe smirked, pressing his hands against the small of your back to push you even closer until your noses almost touched.
“We can always keep sending each other love notes” He whispered as his eyes became distracted with the proximity of your lips.
“That only makes sense if we love each other” You teased him, shivering as your mouths grazed. 
“Well, I do...” He smiled, the gesture being dangerously close to leaning against your lips. “What about you, Nurse Y/N?” 
“Me too” Your arms locked around his neck, keeping him close. “Even if the excitement is gone now that I know it’s you”
“I didn’t know you could be so witty” He laughed, smitten with that side of you. “I love it”
“Then kiss me, Poe” Before he could oblige and make the move, you closed the minimal distance and smashed your lips on his. 
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​ / @c-taylor-wanna-be-a-glader​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @danietoww04​ / @x-joie-x​/ @mattiekins​ / @lotsoffandomimagines​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, let me know!! // Reblogs and comments are appreciated!
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Tumblr media
He looks like he just caused the "Days Since Last Accident" number to reset.
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readingisthenewcool · 3 years ago
A mutuals (<3) masterlist (aka: I rant about my mutuals for way too long)
Definitely follow of of these blogs because they are almost as amazing as the people that run them!! I have so many amazing mutuals but these are just the ones that I have talked to the most and for the longest, sorry if I missed you, know that I still love you the same <<33
@a-stitch-in-timey-wimey - PROBABLY MY BEST FRIEND ON HERE, SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO FUNNY AND I CAN TELL HER LITERALLY ANYTHING. She's such a babe, I met her through one of my posts I made agesssss ago (yeah that’s right, she’s and OG) where I was like "like and reblog this post if you like any of these fandoms and I'll dm you" and our friendship grew from there!! We both love Voltron, Klance and pasta and one of our first interactions and inside jokes was when she told me when she dropped toothpaste down her sock lol cause how do you even manage to do that (do you even remember that jess???) and idk it’s just such a fond memory even though it’s so random. I fucking live for when she rants/tells me stories on snapchat, I was actually watching one of her ‘storytime’ vids that she sent me and like 5 minutes into her story (when we were getting the climax!!) my phone died and now I’m stuck on this cliffhanger until my phone recharges (so imma write all this while I wait lol). She also didn’t murder me when I broke our 105 day streak (I”M SORRY) in fact she wasn’t even mad!! If that’s not the sign of a true goddess I don’t know what is! ALSO, she's SUPER pretty and inspired me to cut my hair, I'd been think about cutting my hair short(er) for a while and after she cut hers and I saw how pretty she looked, I thought I must do it I must be like Jess. I love her so much from the bottom of my heart and I'm so glad that we're friends <3
@galacticpandasstuff - JADEEEEEE MY SWEET BBY I HOPE YOU GET SOME SLEEP. I always love my deep chats with Jade, we've been mutuals for a while but didn't start talking until recently, we often talk in the afternoon for me and when it's like 4am for her. She def needs to sleep more but we all still love her anyway! Despite her not sleeping that much, she’s still drop dead gorgeous and handles tough situations like a fucking champ wtf, I wish I was even just half as strong as her. I’m very proud that my networking skills have really risen up to the challenge and have paid off because and I’ve connected Jade to a couple of my mutuals and they all love her nearly as much as I do!! She's always so kind to me and I'm sure she'll be kind to you too, she has a relatively small blog and it definitely should be bigger so highkey recommend giving her a follow and maybe even a dm too because she's v nice!!
@repetitive-tautology - JAMES OMG WHAT A FUNNY GUY HE’S AND ACTUAL LAD OMG. I actually love James so much and despite me always feeling inferior to his Top Notch (TM) wittiness and intellect, we manage to have an excellent friendship. We also met through that post I made (about liking certain fandoms and then I would dm you!!) but we never really ended up talking about any of the fandoms lol, our conversation (and friendship!!) just immediately took off. I absolutely love his blog and he's such a funny guy, I've met a lot of great mutuals and friends from him (vague crusade!!!). We unfortunately don’t talk as much as we used to (I’M SORRY BUT DISCORD REALLY SCARES ME, OKAY) and I hope that after this post is... posted it’ll prompt us to talk again! He's one of the actual OG's of my blog and played a vital role in my pasta brand becoming a thing! He also came up with funky spaghet and sinful noodle (if you remember those names lol). Anyway, if you're looking for a laugh, definitely hit him up and follow his blog!!
@raging-chaotic-bisexual - DFGHJKLLKJHGFDSDFGH SOHIE AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY!! Half of our interactions are are sdfghjkjgfd I love *insert something* so much dfghjhgfdedfgh. Yep, we use keysmashes arguably too much but I literally don’t even care. I can talk to Sophie about whatever I’m excited and no matter what the subject is, she’ll match my enthusiasm and that’s one of my favourite things about her. She’s excellent if you wanna talk about literally whatever you want and I feel as if she’d be an amazing hype woman. (also another one of my Australian bby’s!!)
@hudusello - Dakota is the motorbike bitch (well, more cars now lol) and a future lesbian biker gang member. I always feel hella stupid talking to Dakota cause shes got a shit ton of knowledge on pretty much all mechanical vehicles and before we met I knew approximately zero (0) things about cars and stuff and despite feeling like the inside of my skull feeling as empty as the middle of a balloon, I love learning all this cool new stuff that she teaches me! I love having a good old chat no matter the subject and Dakota is such an OG on my blog. Despite having lots of different interests, I’m really glad that we bonded over a few things that we have in common (like she-ra and minecraft!! [WHICH I WILL REDOWNLOAD SOON AHHHHH]) cause I really enjoy talking. So definitely follow Dakota cause once again, a relatively small blog and also great for a fun chat if you like cars and/or are willing to learn about them 
@carry-on-wayward-birbs - I LOVE THIS DUDE OML WE ALWAYS CHAT ABOUT WHERE THEY’RE UP TO ON BROOKLYN NINE-NINE CAUSE THEY’RE SUPER BEHIND BUT I LOVE HEARING THEIR REACTIONS TO EVERYTHING LOL. Even though our chats are almost strictly b99 related, we do get personal sometimes and I’m very glad that we can balance out our good and bad experiences in our friendship and help and support each other but also get so fucking pumped over brooklyn nine nine too. But yeah we have great chats and would definitely would recommend giving their blog a look  <3 (ALSO THEY ALSO SEEM EQUALLY CONFUSED ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF TIME AND THE YEARS THAT PASS AND THAT’S GOOD (kinda??) CAUSE THAT MEANS THAT I’M NOT ALONE AND I’M VERY GRATEFUL FOR THAT)
@everyoneprotector - mm yes, Alex, my dude you’re such a legend, you’re my aussie mate!! Very cool spider person ::::) and I enjoy our food debates (whether they’re civil or it’s just us screaming at each other in the reblogs for like an hour). You’re an ace-mazing legend that we all stan, I’m very glad we starting interacting, my only regret is that we didn’t start sooner!! 100% recommend Alex’s blog if you’re Ausralian cause they’ve got some top notch Australian content (They’re posting about the election rn lol) but even if you’re not Australian, you can still enjoy their posts cause they’ve got a bunch of funny stuff on there (including funny fandom stuff!! I’m not even in a lot of the fandoms that Alex posts about BUT THE POSTS ARE STILL GREAT)
@ihateitwhenyourejustvague - ABSOLOUTELY WONDERFUL AND BRITISH. Peppa pig wishes she was vague. Our vague crusade champion queen, all hail vague. I actually had to leave the group discord cause the power from it was too strong for my poor mortal body to handle (nah, it was actually because I’m really scared of discord and being in a voice chat with more than one person is so frightening but IT’S NOT ABOUT ME IT’S ABOUT SPREADING THE LOVE) So definitely go follow vague!! They’re the best!! Also!! A very good writer!! I always reblog the writing posts but I highly recommend asking to be added to the writing tag list so that you make sure you see every single writing post!
@bakugou-klancey-lance - We pretty much never talk but they add a cheeky lil “uwuuuuu <3” in my inbox every now and again and I think that that’s really sweet (also very funny blog!! 10/10 would recommend!!) 
probs won’t do it lol but I’ll damn well try
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richukisbb · 3 years ago
Okay this might be weird but I know you're friends with Lucia (erickspretend1) and i would love to be friends with her too, she just seems too cool and funny and that's kinda intimidating 😂 IDK why I'm telling you this but you two seem to be good friends! So is she actually nice? Bc im scared to dm her
Oh my goodness, Anon. You’ve actually managed to combine my favorite things together: Answering Asks and @erickspretend1 🥰❤️❣️
The short version: Yes. DM her. Lu’s amazing, cool, funny. Sugar, spice, everything nice. I wouldn’t trade her for the world 💕
She’s my #TwinWifey because of how similar we are and also how much I love her and she loves me or so I fucking hope otherwise this gonna seem real one sided❣️ 
I’m putting the longer version under the read more because I’m a “words of affirmation” kind of person so I have a lot to say 😩💕
Tumblr media
The long version: I don’t know how it started but when I was just getting into the CNCO fandom, I stumbled upon @erickspretend1. It’s funny to see the content of hers’ I reblogged on my personal and where we are now 😂
This was not too long before I made this blog. She probably wrote some witty ass comment about the boys. Or her tags spiritually reached out to me idk...
In fact, I asked her via anon about Yocelyn and Richard (because similarly, I didn’t know how to connect with someone as genuinely cool as her!)
She affirmed that Richard and Yocelyn mainly only interact because of Aaliyah ✊🏼
So fast forward and I made my first fic here and tagged random people that I lowkey love but had no idea how to even begin a conversation with. She DMed me and that was the start of something new (insert her as Troy Bolton and me as Gabriella bc she’s the cool captain of the basketball team and I’m the smol bean) 💕💕❤️❣️🥰
Anywayyys I digress, there are too many reasons to list why she’s someone you’d want in your life and how grateful I am that she’s eternally in mine.
She lets me tell her about my weird-ass parking lot dreams and about Camachodillas™ without feeling too much judgment. 
She’s seen me cry at 2am (I’ll even blame her FOR making me cry tbh because Propuesta Indecente WASN’T AN ACCIDENT) but supports the emo in me nonetheless ✊🏼
And that’s just it, anon. Not only is Lu nice but if/when she believes in you, she’ll support you 110% of the way.
More reasons to talk to her: She’s thoughtful, honest, and considerate.
Lu, always gives me a space to vent, thirst, and bring up conversations from forever ago if I still have thoughts about it #TeamCreéme
I think the reason why we’re close is because of her ability to allow you to just be yourself. I never feel like she’s too cool I have to pretend to be someone I’m not because she won’t like me. 
I talk to her every day and if there is a day that goes by where we haven’t, then I’ll be like wtfff, is she okay?? But really she’s running on Argentinean time so she’s fine.
Listen, she’s not by any means perfect... 
She doesn’t like chicken and I’m 😒
But regardless, one of the greatest people I have in my life. So please don’t be scared to DM her! Or any of us but this is about Lu 😂
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whiskynottea · 3 years ago
How do you headcanon Rachel and Young Ian falling for each other? Much of it happens 'off-screen' in the books
I love this question @ianmuyrray because I really love Ian and Rachel (as you very well know)! 
So, what I need is a close up on them in this scene in Echo:
Miss Rachel Hunter’s voice, surprised and questioning—a man’s reply, low-voiced and husky. A familiar voice—Ian Murray!
They first meet when Ian takes William to the Hunters, to tend his wounds. And then he returns to bring a horse for William. 
Ian: Murray’s tall figure was visible at the edge of the dooryard, gaunt in buckskins, the huge dog at his side.
Rachel: Rachel Hunter was leading it around the house, her apron and petticoats aswirl in the rising wind, one hand on her cap to keep it in place.
I think they both found each other intriguing. A Quaker and an Indian, so different from each other...
Also, for some reason, when Rachel goes back to give William the letter and the package, this happens: He glanced up at Rachel Hunter, who looked away, chin high, but with color rising in her cheeks. He cocked an eyebrow at her, then bent his attention to the packet.
Why is the colour rising in her cheeks? Does this have to do with something Ian told her? Where is this conversation? Because I’m sure that Ian said something funny down there!
Anyway. Ian goes to find Emily after Fort Ticonderoga (Why then? Did he want to clear things up because he met Rachel? Am I delusional? I don’t think so because when he returns to Fort Ticonderoga he thinks: he would like to see Rachel Hunter again sometime) and then he meets Rachel again at the Continental Camp, where they fall for each other, for very different reasons I believe.
Rachel reminds Ian of Claire (healer!), and she’s very, very different from Emily, with her plain speech, the way she’s dressed, etc. She’s also kind, empathetic and assertive and these are traits of both Jenny and Claire, women Ian loves and admires.
On the other hand, Ian stands out with his tattoos and Indian clothes, and he is very different from all the men Rachel has met. He is a wolf and she is the adventurous type (*wiggles eyebrows*). He also earns her respect and gratitude after saving Denzel.
-- Insert here various short, witty remarks between the two of them, and a lot of teasing (“Rollo!” she said, bending down to scratch his ears. “And I see thee’ve brought thy friend along, too.”Ian smiled, lifting the little tin) --
I think we’ve missed a lot of these interactions, or silent moments when they just observed each other. Coming closer. Because then... tada!
She reached to take the tin from him, and her fingers brushed his. The tin box was smeared with the grease and slippery; it fell and both of them bent to retrieve it. She straightened first; her hair brushed his cheek, warm and smelling of her.
Without even thinking, he put both hands on her face and bent to her. Saw the flash and darkening of her eyes, and had one heartbeat, two, of perfect warm happiness, as his lips rested on hers, as his heart rested in her hands.
Then one of those hands cracked against his cheek, and he staggered back like a drunkard startled out of sleep.
“What does thee do?” she whispered. Her eyes wide as saucers, she had backed away, was pressed against the wall of the tent as though to fall through it. “Thee must not!”
He couldn’t find the words to say. His languages boiled in his mind like stew, and he was mute. The first word to surface through the moil in his mind was the Gàidhlig, though.
“Mo chridhe,” he said, and breathed for the first time since he’d touched her. Mohawk came next, deep and visceral. I need you. And tagging belatedly, English, the one best suited to apology. “I—I’m sorry.”
She nodded, jerky as a puppet. “Yes. I—yes.”
He should leave; she was afraid. He knew that. But he knew something else, too. It wasn’t him she was afraid of. Slowly, slowly, he put out a hand to her, the fingers moving without his will, slowly, as though to guddle a trout. And by an expected miracle, but miracle nonetheless, her hand stole out toward his, trembling. 
It seems abrupt, but I think it was slowly built. Ian here made a leap of faith and Rachel responded. She hadn’t expected it, and William expressing his interest for her possibly pushed Ian to act, but it would happen, sooner or later. Ian had acknowledged his feelings for her (he calls her mo chridhe! oh my wee heart), and I think that subconsciously, Rachel knew, too. They were so different, but they felt comfortable with each other and they offered each other a whole world to discover.
Ahhh, I love them so much!
What do you think? What's your headcanon?
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corpusdxlicti · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny | controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies | impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry | greedy | lazy | judgemental | forgetful | impulsive | spiteful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | absent-minded | abusive | addict | aggressive | childish | callous | clingy | delusional | cocky | competitive | corrupt | cynical | cruel | depressed | deranged | egotistical | envious | insecure | insensitive | lustful | delinquent | guilt complex | reclusive | reckless | nervous | oversensitive
honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave | patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky | intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous | merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming | cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm | protective | proud | diligent | considerate | compassionate | good sportsmanship | friendly | empathetic | passionate | reliable | resourceful | sensible | sincere | witty | funny
art | acting | astronomy | animals | archery | sports | beach combing | belly dancing | bird watching | metalwork | boating | calligraphy | camping | candle making | casino gambling | ceramics | racing | chess | music | cooking | crochet | weaving | exercise | swordplay | fishing | gardening | ghost hunting | ice skating | magic | engineering | building | inventing | leather-work | martial arts | meditation | origami | parkour | people watching | swimming | puppetry | pyrotechnics | quilting | reading | collecting | shopping | socialising | storytelling | writing | travelling | exotic dancing | minor potion tricks & trinkets
tagged by: @dastardd
tagging: [insert shrug emoji here]
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diarygirls · 3 years ago
hi sorry i hope ur life is good i just want to say my speech (typing) patterns literally shift from reading ur tags bc you are a v witty and funny gal and of all the ways of speech that circulate as trends on this website and rub off on people i think i am most affected by u. fun! enjoy london !!!
this is the best message hello. it’s so incredibly flattering to know that someone as funny and smart and insightful as u is influenced even in a tiny way by me! and furthermore incredibly sweet of u to mention it. my phone is broken but i promise that spiritually i am inserting every single one of the heart emojis here: [...] love u hope ur doing well always
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thelapismoon · 4 years ago
MCSM S2 E4 Commentary
Wow I have forgotten what this episode even was about. *whispers* I actually never finished watching a playthrough so I guess I'll see some knew stuff. Heh. I'm scared. I managed to get changed, get my food, update my tumblr, and this thing is only 55% complete. HOW LONG IS THIS EPISODE? 
Quite funny that I've already said this much stuff and the episode hasn't even completed downloading. I wonder who actually ever reads this? Sorry about not writing my commentary for the last episode. I just didn't want to stop the episode every three seconds to write. Speaking of that, I might just paused every ten minutes to write. Huh. Thank god it's at 83%. I'm worried. This soundtrack, oml. It's finally done downloading. See you on the other side. Is Radar the narrator now? Admin, Admin, let me like you. I want more Warden interactions. Oh look at this awful frame rate- that's my fault Wait I forgot that I gave in and became a guard. Nurm, I love you. Warden didn't deserve to die. This lighting tho. 10/10. Radar, if you're trying to make me feel bad, it's not working. Nurmie-hurmie, I could never leave you behind, dear. Please don't hurt Xara, telltale. That facial expression. NGHHH FEELS. *singing* Holy shiet. Radar you better be careful because I won't hesitate. Nurm can I hug you? I feel like if that was actual minecraft logic, that jump would've killed us. ITS H I M I love this music, reminds me of some old western but.. dorky. Baby zombie. Tag urself, I'm Xara. NURM. Don't cry.. Let me wipe the tears away, you poor soul. Nghh Jack and Nurm are a perfect couple. If something happens to EITHER of them, I'm gonna throw some hands. You sure that isn't just a carpet..? I haven't played minecraft in like three years so.. Poor Xara. Wtf is wrong with you guys?! Um... NO I DO CARE!! Can I lay down next to you? Well.. Bye? OH NO I SUCK AT FIGHTING. Oh my gosh, this is the first time I survived in one try. Yees. R A D A R. I swear to Persson... Hm. NGHHHH I'm only going to do this because if I don't, Nurm is gonna cry. And I refuse to let. Nurm. Cry. Argh. You're all ungrateful swines. Who is that? Hm. I want to draw her. OH shoot my iPad is at 5% power. "1 night in Fred's house"? That sounds extremely CONVENIENT. Hello, Binta. You look... Nice. *cough* Everyone here seems.. Off. Oh hi Kent. Bye Kent. Gonna just... Slowly walk away. Lapis blue..? *cackles because you must know by now* Wow, good job, Jesse. You just ruined the moment. Can't wait for that to be a running gag no one will stop talking about for two weeks. *sigh* I can't stop thinking about Star Wars right now... Ngh.. F o c u s. Wow I'm actually really proud of this. Oh look, I won. Well now I feel bad. Me and my darn feelings.. WAIT THEY WERE PRETTY CAN I- Argh. I don't like these people. <<nothing much until the Ivor fight because there wasn't much to say>> Doodle doodle doo everything is nice and calm POTION. NGHHHH!!! Oh shiet I don't have a sword. I have a feeling I know who it is <<well of course I do>> Welp, honey, If you gotta kill me, at least I'll know my favorite character of all time did it to me. Hope this stains your conscious, Ivor. Ivor, my love, you're back! <<me the first time I saw him, YES. OH MY GOD. YES. YES!!! HES BACK! HES BACK! ARGHHHH! HES BACK! AHAAAA!>> My sweet alchemist, let me hug you on behalf of my friend and just because I love you so very much. I totally wasn't writing fanfiction about you two hours ago :,)) AGHHH. Ivor, can I just hug you for the rest of eternity? Oh my god I think I'm going to start crying. He looks... Slightly off... CAN YOU HEAR THAT? THOSE CHORDS!!! Those are IVOR'S theme. ACK I love him. Oh wait yeh, ninja, I have questions... Shiet, Ivor. You punched a forest worth of trees? Add that to my scar-headcanon-list. I can't believe they made Ivor the karate kid When his voice gets really deep and husky oh my lord... You know who I'm thinking of.. *looks at you Zoe* Can I hug you? Sweet old man I love you. Harper? Where IS Harper? *hack* where is Soren also? Mmmmm I'm getting all these good vibes now I gotta drop some stuff in the Ivor askbox once I'm done. Darn I wanted the old order to come back :( If Ivor.. shows some type of question of authority towards the admin... Oh my.. "Disappear", hm? Wait.. Okay Ivor's voice ;v; What if Ivor actually killed Jesse? I'd like to read a fic about THAT. Ivor is whispering, I can hug him, he's being witty! everything I could ever want is happening. Ivor's voice lines are my Christmas present. I love you, Ivor. Oh my gosh he looks so short next to Petra. NO DONT GO. Actually. Wait. DO go, If the admin suspects anything of you or even dares to TOUCH you, I will lose my god dang  m i n d Ivor Ivor Ivor. Farewell, my beloved... Okay I'm sorry you all had to see that. I thought I had hallucinated ninja Ivor at first tbh. Well now what? I don't even really wanna play after that.. Argh, I gotta finish this or else I won't be able to play the new episode tomorrow. Stay strong, Lapis. Weren't these two people based off of the great British baking show hosts? I love that show. And now I'm craving cake. Ugh I don't wanna fight in there, don't you know that I suck at fighting? Argh. I wanna read some fic now. Horrifying, hm? I know exactly what I'm gonna do... Okay well that was definitely PG-13 We're gonna forget that ever happened. Heh. *coughs* Hmm.. I'm gonna choose "please don't hit me". RADAR! PUT A SHIRT ON! You're a CHild! Well I just deleted all of the commentary after this so.. *insert distant screeching* Ooo Radar's feet I feel mildly bad about that.. LEVEL SIX HUNDRED?! Boy I don't have TIME for that! Wait WHAT?! Sweet J E S U S. AAA WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!! *panicked screaming* Aaaaaand now I'm dead. Darn. Okay... Oh my gosh that golemn death scene! I smell some foreshadowing.. Romeo.. Death by water? I should keep my mouth shut. That was sick, man. There's MORE?! That's it, I want this to END. Wow that attention to detail.. Me and my darn Romeo-loving-heart. There has to be SOME type of redemption. They could do so much with him... Tbh my friends think I'm crazy because of how I like Romeo but ARGH I like villains, okay?! "Just kids" just started playing INSIDE THE CABIN and now I wanna flip onto Romeo's bed and cry. NGHHH MY FEELS!!!!!!!!!! The music just synced up perfectly. *sigh* I relate to Petra too much.. I want to burst out crying now, this hit too close to home! Petra has never been my favorite character but I can relate to her on a spiritual level. Man I came to have a good time and now I'm feeling personally attacked. AND THIS SAD MUSIC ISN'T HELPING Potato451? Hmm Potato backwards is Otatop. Top? Ota.. Obsidian? Top? The top? Top of the world? The sky? I'm probably taking this way too outta context. OUCH. ma feels. ... Just kids. IS SHE CRYING?! OH MY GOD CAN I ALSO CRY???? Wait this is changing my story? Oh god what have I done? <<later>> Hello, Xara, darling. What exactly did she "repair"? Have a bed, forget my hypocrisy. Wait.. where did she go? FIGHTING argh. Wow I'm alive. Hey Jack. Oh yeh I was gonna go back and save his eye. ..can I do that? I hope that wouldn't corrupt my save file. Okay.. Oh no radar or Fred's people? Radar... I'll see you on the other side. I have a bad feeling about leaving him. But it's his time to shine, and I won't take it from him. The order's temple.. WHO DARES GIVE ME THESE F E E L S?! Nurm just jumped into Jack's arms, everything is going swell- *sees Beacontown* Oh fuuuuu WAIT NO DONT YOU DARE CUT OFF RIGHT NOW!!! Oh my gosh it's Jack's lament. 50% 50% on the scavenger deal, hm. 51% won? That contest was easy. 32% promised to stay with Petra 50% on giving Xara her bed 51% took Fred's friends MMM JACK YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE. I listen to that song everyday. LUKAS NOOOOOOO N O NOPE NOOOOOOOOOO LUKASSSSSSSSSSS ARGHHHHHGHHHHHHG I'm lucky that the next episode comes out in 22 hours, wow I'm late. Toodle loo until tomorrow, dears!
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flamingmirrorbookish · 4 years ago
Book Tag : Would you rather...
Thank you for tagging me @i-breathe-therefore-i-read
Have unlimited money for ebooks, or a $5000 Barnes and Noble gift card?  There is no Barnes and Noble here. Will the trip to another country be compensated, too? I'd pick eBooks because they're cheaper and that means more books. And there is no room left on my shelves. But there is on my memory card
Meet any deceased poet or J.K. Rowling? J.K Rowling! Please. I'll bring cookies
Write the world’s most famous book, or visit the world of your favourite book for one day? That's a tough one. The book I write could be famous for sucking. And if I visit the Grishaverse, Kaz might kill me in the first 5 minutes. Maybe I'd pick writing. Maybe the world I create will make someone happy
Choose _________, or ________ (insert characters from your favourite fictional love triangle)? No. thank you for the opportunity, though. I will say this: they always pick the sexy-brooding-quiet type and never the funny-interesting-witty guy. I would
Experience Hogwarts in a very realistic and accurate virtual reality, or travel around the world for a year, at no cost? Hogwarts is tempting but a whole year of traveling? Anywhere I want? Without having to pay for it? That's too good to pass up.
I tag: @bexsbooks ,@givethatbooknerd ,@books-in-a-storm ,@bibliophilecats
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beelbiddies · 4 years ago
I was tagged by my sweetest @urumi69 1ST RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better @gyeomsluna @insert-witty-saying-here @nolaughingdaniel @phlegmaticbabe @moonske @actualangeljoshuahong idk ill come back if I think of more ppl its 1am 2ND RULE: BOLD the statements that are true
I am 5'7" or taller I wear glasses I have at least one tattoo I have at least one piercing I have blonde hair I have brown eyes I have short hair My abs are at least somewhat defined I have or have had braces
I love meeting new people People tell me that I’m funny (like one person lmao) Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me I enjoy physical challenges I enjoy mental challenges I’m playfully rude with people I know well I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it ABILITY:
I can sing well (kinda?) I can play an instrument I can do over 30 pushups without stopping I’m a fast runner I can draw well I have a good memory I’m good at doing math in my head (to an extent) I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch I know how to throw a proper punch
I enjoy playing sports I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else I have learned a new song in the past week I work out at least once a week I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months I have drawn something in the past month I enjoy writing I do or have done martial arts
I have had my first kiss I have had alcohol I have scored the winning goal in a sports game I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting I have been at an overnight event I have been in a taxi I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year I have beaten a video game in one day I have visited another country I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts
I’m in a relationship I have a crush on a celebrity I have a crush on someone I know I have been in at least 3 relationships I have never been in a relationship I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them I get crushes easily I have had a crush on someone for over a year I have been in a relationship for at least a year I have had feelings for a friend
I have at least one person I consider a “best friend” I live close to my school My parents are still together I have at least one sibling I live in the United States There is snow right now where I live I have hung out with a friend in the past month I have a smartphone I have at least 15 CDs I share my room with someone
I have breakdanced I know a person named Jamie I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce I have dyed my hair I’m listening to one song on repeat right now I have punched someone in the past week I know someone who has gone to jail I have broken a bone I have eaten a waffle today I know what I want to do with my life I speak at least 2 languages I have made a new friend in the past year
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