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#now take it back
flamingmirrorbookish · 5 months ago
Me: *gets a bill on April Fools' Day*
Me: Ha-ha! Nice one, Phone Company! I almost fell for it!
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jorrated · 2 months ago
Babygirl I've created lore for fictional characters that are so complex you wouldn't even comprehend
#*drops an excel file of all the relationships and opnions of characters from the zè comics*#the comics: the green parrot want more money#my brain: clearly because he had to become a dad at like fuckin 20 years old of twins#because his sister ran away from home as a kid and then just dropped the twins on him without any explanation help or communication#leaving him to deal with the emocional labor of that plus two children that he wasnt ready for and had no financial help#it would also explain the personality of still being viewed as lazy/greedy can you fucking imagine???#all of that being dropped on you one day and now you gotta be a dad#the transition into being more responsible would definetely take some time#i know the comics tecnically exist around tge same time as the movies but idc#its much more interesting to see the comics show an younger zè and the movies an older one#also i think it would differenciate while still keeping parallels between his sister and della#like donald is an uncle because either theres kinda this expectation of della coming back#(depends on canon i guess i like to mix stuff. comics and cartoons)#or he really is just babysitting for a while#while José is his kids guardians theres no doubt about that#there is never an implication that he is taking care of zico n zeca for his sister#there isnt the expectation their mom is going to come back or anything#yeah#i think this way the characters 1. make more sense#2. arent literal brazilian copy paste characters of the other duck comics#petiton to make zé be called dad cause yeah#idk where i was going with this#but yeah#jo.speaks#cursing tw#abandonment tw
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deanwasalwaysbi · a month ago
We don't talk enough about how Rachel Miner wasn't on the show as much after her MS progressed
But we CERTAINLY don't talk enough about how they brought her back to play the empty and gave her the reasonable accommodation of a chair - or that she was every bit as threatening and menacing - or that she played the empty better than some others on the show did.
Tumblr media
Rachel Miner became Executive Director of Random Acts
and we don't talk about that enough either
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subbydean · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#this is making every cell in my body rattle#dean must be feeling so much rn. he's just gotten back his full humanity. so many emotions inside of him#and he asks cas if he's back. cas says at least temporarily.#and then dean goes and says this. this. he is glad cas is back. and this is beyond grace talk. we are past that bit -although#as per usual they began having 2 convos. dean asking without asking for cas to stay and cas taking it as yes i am back being useful (powers#dean is so relieved. that was some scary as fuck shit. imagine him being driven to the point of killing his own brother. yikes.#and he is GLAD that cas is here. here to stop me from killing sam. here to save me yet again. here with me again. here here here.#and he says it. he just does. and it's him putting himself out there. it's dean saying cas this is your home of course i need you here#and it's fucked up. our lives are fucked up. but im glad you decided to come back for us. for me.#he's just saying it makes him happy to have cas back. it does him good. and he hopes cas understands everything he's trying to say#and cas is so so painfully obviously in love here..#and he's hearing what dean says and ..that's hopefulness in his eyes#it's also pure joy at having dean back. it's also i wish i didn't have to leave right now. i wish i didn't have to leave you alone.#he's just loving and expecting nothing in return but radiating sheer adoration. dean is glad he's here.#and that just .. that's cas' heart exploding if he stays a second longer#supernatural#spn#spnedit#spn 10x03#destiel#destieledit#deancas#dean winchester#castiel winchester#mine#ignore my all over the place take. i was just rambling
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astralibrary · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
meant to finish this before ep 10 came out but oh well, here it is anyway bc i worked hard on it!!
i hadn’t planned on writing a whole make-up scene tho i literally drew this entire thing just so i could make this joke at the very end:
Tumblr media
text description below (might as well be a fanfic version):
page 1
[Reki, dressed in his green hoodie and purple baseball cap, walks downtrodden down the sidewalk, head bowed.]
Langa,offscreen: REKI! [Reki’s head jerks up, eyes wide.]
[He turns around to see Langa further down the lamplit sidewalk, running towards him with an arm outstretched to get his attention. On the ground behind him can be seen the pieces of his broken skateboard.]
[Reki’s expression is shocked, and then panicked as he spins around in an attempt to make his escape. Before he can run, though, Langa’s hand shoots out to grab his arm, stopping him in his tracks.]
Langa: Wait!
Langa: Don’t go. [Reki stays still, his face hidden in shadow cast by the brim of his cap.]
page 2
Reki: ... Don’t you have a tournament to win? Everyone will be disappointed if you don’t-
Langa: I dropped out.
Reki: ...
Reki, with a troubled, hurt expression: ...Why? Weren’t you gonna skate with Adam?
Langa: I don’t care about that anymore. Not if it’s gonna come between us. [Reki’s expression is subdued as he hears this, eyes cast downwards.]
Langa: Besides, I can’t go back now even if I wanted to.
Langa: I quit S.
[Reki’s eyes go wide.]
page 3
[He whirls around to face Langa, his expression shocked and incredulous.]
Reki: You WHAT???
Reki: But you’re so good! Everyone loves you! Why would you-
Langa: None of that matters without you.
Langa: The world of S means nothing to me if I don’t get to share it with you.
[Langa’s expression is serious. Emotion shines behind Reki’s eyes. Then he bows his head again, hiding them under his cap again.]
Reki: ... How did you...
Langa: I talked to the security guard on my way out. Asked if he’d seen you. [Underneath the hat, Reki’s eyes glisten, his eyebrows turned up in distress as Langa speaks.]
page 4
[Reki’s arms come up to cross over his chest, hands clenching anxiously at his upper arms as he turns his head down and away from Langa, frowning.]
Reki: Langa... You... You don’t have to give up on something you love... Just because I...
Langa: Reki.
[Langa removes one of his skating gloves from his left hand and slowly reaches it out towards Reki.]
Langa: It’s not about S. It was never about S.
[His fingertips gently touch the edge of the brim of Reki’s hat.]
Langa: Not beefs, or bets, or winning, or any of that.
Langa: I joined S because of you.
[His expression is concerned. Slowly, he pushes up the brim of Reki’s hat, enough to reveal his face.]
Langa: It’s always been you.
[Reki looks up at him helplessly, eyes shining with beading tears, lip trembling, cheeks reddening.]
page 5
[He breaks eye contact again, casting his gaze downward in shame.]
Reki: But I’ll never measure up to you. No matter what I do...
[His face scrunches further as the tears begin to slip down his cheeks with his next words.]
Reki: I’ll always be holding you back. I- I’m not good en-
Langa: Reki...
[Langa reaches out and brushes a tear away with the back of his index finger. Reki still won’t meet his eyes. Langa’s palm cups Reki’s cheek softly.]
Langa: You could never hold me back.
Langa: How could you, when you’re the reason I skate?
[Reki looks at Langa in surprise, not having expected to hear that. Shyly, he looks down and off to the side again.]
Reki: I- I am?
Langa: Yes. I can’t do it without you. And it took me way too long to realize that. [Langa’s expression is resolute and direct, focused completely on Reki and Reki alone.]
page 6
[His expression turns pained and regretful.]
Langa: Reki, I’m sorry for breaking our promise. Nothing is worth losing you. And I hate that I came so close.
Reki: Langa... [He looks up at Langa, conflicted.]
Langa: Reki...
[Langa takes both of Reki’s hands in his own and looks him directly in the eye. Reki’s eyes go wide.]
Langa: I won’t make the same mistake twice. So please... Will you skate with me again?
[He speaks earnestly and honestly; both of their faces heat up red.]
page 7
[Reki’s eyes shine big and bright with emotion, tears beading at the corners as his face goes from shocked to twisting with overwhelming emotion that threatens to bring him back to tears, to a watery smile of pure joy.]
[The streetlight above casts a warm, glistening glow over them as Reki leaps forward and throws his arms around Langa’s neck, his hat flying off altogether with the sudden movement. Langa raises a hand up halfway to Reki’s arm, blushing heavily. Reki’s eyes are squeezed shut as he buries his face into Langa’s shoulder. The light of the streetlamp sparkles in their hair, in the very air around them.]
page 8
Reki: I want to.
[Langa’s eyes are wide, his cheeks red as he registers what just happened, while Reki continues to cling to him tightly.]
Reki: I really, really want to.
[Langa smiles adoringly and places his arms around Reki, returning the hug.]
[He closes his eyes and pulls his arms more tightly around Reki, allowing himself to fully bask in the warmth and closeness of the hug.]
Reki: On one condition.
[Langa’s eyes open with the sudden amendment. He pulls back, hands on Reki’s shoulders, and looks at him with his head tilted in concern.]
[Reki looks down and away, eyebrows furrowed, his face reddening even further, if possible. His next words come out a little mumbly in a poor attempt to mask his embarrassment.]
Reki: Will you teach me how to do some of your cool tricks?
page 9
[Langa’s eyes widen, taken off guard, and then he smiles brightly, laughing happily.]
Langa: Of course!
[His eyes shift away suddenly, a guilty smile quirking the corner of his mouth upward.]
Langa: Although... I’d have to get my board fixed first...
[Reki’s brows furrow.]
Reki: Wh-
[He looks past Langa, spotting the two pieces of his skateboard lying broken on the ground a ways behind him.]
[Langa sweats profusely.]
[Reki kneels, holding the pieces of the board in his hands and looking between them in affronted disbelief.
Reki: Jeez, Langa, you have to take care of your gear!
[Langa stands behind him, looking sheepish.]
Langa: sorry.
[Reki hugs the pieces of the board to his chest, wailing.]
Reki: Ugh, my beautiful baby, I’m so sorry he did this to you- I’ll have you fixed up like new in no time, don’t you worry.
[Langa rolls his eyes lightly behind him.]
page 10
[Langa’s expression takes on an anxious note, hands pulled up to his chest nervously as he looks on.]
Langa: You... You can fix it, right?
[Reki looks back at him over his shoulder, a little surprised. Then he gives a big, confident smile.]
Reki: Of course!
[Langa smiles down at him, both relieved and a little smitten. He laughs a little, eyes squeezing shut.]
Langa: Right?
[The two of them make their way down the sidewalk together- we see them from a little ways behind. Reki’s cap is back on his head, turned sideways this time. He holds the pieces of Langa’s board with his left hand; his right is clasped within Langa’s. There is a small red heart between them, above their joined hands. The lamplight falls warmly over them as they go, their playful words floating out behind them.]
Reki: Who do you think I am, anyway? You need to have more faith in me.
Langa: You’re right, I’m sorry I ever doubted you.
Reki: That’s more like it.
bonus panel 1
[An extra gag panel, drawn and colored very crudely; it’s Reki and Langa from behind again, small, mimicking the image of them walking away in the last panel of the comic, implying they’ve stopped short with a sudden realization.]
Reki: I do kinda wish we hadn’t both quit S now, though.
Langa: ...Ah.
bonus panel 2
[Final bonus panel: Miya stiffly holds out his hand, two S badges sitting in the middle of his palm. In front of him are Reki and Langa, groveling. Reki is on his knees, his eyes comically big and watery, his mouth wobbling as he half reaches for the badges, like he can’t believe this is really happening. Langa is fully prostrated on the ground, bowing down before Miya to show his eternal gratitude and respect. Miya’s head is turned away from them both with an extremely irritated expression while at the same time blushing heavily. The hand that isn’t holding out the badges is clenched into a fist at his side.]
Miya: Just hurry up and take them already, you weirdos.
Reki: Miya-samaaaaaaaaa
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You know, Jason and Tim both being Flying Grayson fanboys is so sweet.
Like I imagine Duke settling into the manor and looking up at all the trapeze equipment and Damian's like "Oh that, father bought that for Richard, but I've never seen him use it" and Tim just sprints at full speed over like "wHAt dO yOu mEaN yOU'vE nEvER sEeN dIcK uSE iT yOu'Ve sEEn tHE fLyINg GrAYsoNs, rIGhT???" and two days later they've binged every youtube video in existence of their performances
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yourcringybrother · 9 months ago
Just bc i know some people are hyperfixators like me, i’ll show y’all its all ok;
- techno doesnt mind the sbi family stuff, he’s not uncomfortable with it he just doesnt see it (the bio family hc) as canon in the dream smp bc lets be real it doesnt make sense story wise (which, lets be real, we’ve already struggled trying to make a cohesive storyline)
- tommy doesnt give a shit about it either way he just doesnt wanna rp it (very valid- most of us r found family fucks bc we lack a family— tommy’s family is great!)
- phil n wilbur literally just eat that shit up they dont give a fuck diwjdhsjdjdnc
But to be clear; no, techno doesnt hate it or you— its okay i promise i was worried as well thats just how mental illness is. He’s not upset at it or saying its bad, he’s just making a valid point that it literally does not make sense in the canon
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