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#reagan x reader
dear-reagans-conscience · 21 hours ago
Reagan: Dads will see their kids and go "is anyone going to emotionally damage that?" and then not wait for an answer
Brett: Dads will see their kids?
Y/n: you guys have dads??
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froggy-frogz · 2 days ago
Honestly surprised that someone was doing Inside Job requests. Even though I only could of read one I really liked it. Anyways could you please do a Reagan Ridley x Reader? Like under a scenario in which you were hired and she sees you as competition as you’re a tech genius yourself.
A/N: There's a couple of people who do requests for Inside Job!! Little shoutout to @insidemalewife and @cognitosclowns ajfshkf. I love both of their works, but trust me, there's a lot of good writers that will do Inside job requests 4 you hun <3
When Reagan heard that she was getting another person in her little gang, she didn't think much of it, like, okay, cool. Everyone else was a bit more excited than she was.
But when you finally join the group, she's a bit taken aback, and not going to lie, she's a little, uh, offended? Not particularly at you, but more at J.R. Two techies? Really?
She won't really talk to you, and if you try to talk to her, she keeps it short. She doesn't like what she feels around you, and even if she can hide it around you, the rest of the team can see it.
They've all known her for god knows how long, so someones going to say something. Well. When I say someone I mean Brett.
He'd pull Reagan aside and she'd tell him that she's frustrated and everything else that's happening.
"So you're jealous?"
Oh. Well. Brett really made her think. Was she really jealous of you?
Brett assures her repeatedly that you're both smart, and you're both good at doing your own things. He tries. And it does help.
She tries to talk to you, and to her own surprise, it's not too terrible. She still doesn't like that you're in her department, but you slowly grow on her.
It still does annoy her when someone praises you when she's right there with something as equally as good.
Though that sort of changes when you confide in her that you don't feel as good or accomplished as her. You tell her that you've looked up to her, and everyone's excepting you to be like her, but you don't feel like you are.
This sort of destroys Reagan's own image of you. She thought you were high and mighty about your creations, kinda like she is, but no, you weren't, and hell, you look up to her.
She makes more of an effort to get to know you, and help you out, and she wouldn't tell you because she'd be ever so embarrassed, but she enjoys being around you.
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vrisrezis · 15 days ago
Inside Job req! I headcanon that Reagan as wlw and I was wondering whats your take on her developing a crush on a girl for the first time and being a gay disaster?
yessss <//3 love it love it! Goddd we need more wlw content on this acc we love to see it <3 also while the gender is female, I didn’t use she/her pronouns !
Tumblr media
- Reagan has never really.. thought about romance tbh.. never really thinks that it’s totally weird she has no interest romantically in any guys she meets up with or anything of the sort .. she starts to think she’s just not really into dating .. and then you come along
- it becomes clear to her, but not at first. She in fact doesn’t even realize she has caught those feelings.
- but it’s so obvious, she’s blushing and staring at you like some highschool girl, she does that nervous thing where she plays with her hair or puts a strand behind her ear, all of that bro
- she also gets kinda awkward mid conversation and laughs awkwardly before leaving the conversation. She has a habit of wanting to talk to you so she will talk to you for such a long time even if there’s nothing to talk about lol . Let’s hope you’re a good talker
- also since you totally work with her cuz duh, she actually cuts you slack unlike the others. Like everyone could be high as shit (you included) and she’ll yell at them but not you
- she talks about you a lot when you aren’t around and it’s so obvious she’s into you because she’s not only smiling like a dork but she ends up gushing about you. Mainly talks about you to robotus and Brett but sometimes the others too but they usually tell her to stfu (Gigi will tell her to go on tho)
- “god… aren’t they great…? Such a talented woman..” She says with a dreamy smile, elbow on desk, cheek smushed on her hand.
- she twiddles with her thumbs sometimes when talking to you, she was already bad at eye contact but holy fuck it’s so much worse and she’s even more awkward around you
- she doesn’t realize she likes you until brett suggests she ask you out and she’s like “wait what why would I……. Oh shit…”
- as to which she’s now in panic mode because holy shit she likes girls? Like girls for real and not boys? Has she ever even liked an actual boy? Like really genuinely liked and thought she’d end up with forever and marrying and having kids with?
- she’s also panicked becsuse should she ask you out? Holy shit what does she do? Girl is at a loss
- she really doesn’t wanna fuck things up this time though, no robots to practice on this time!!! She’s just going to ask you out like a normal person would… but should she?
- she ends up saying fuck it and does ask you out :)
- “l-listen I’m really new to the whole … romance thing alright.. I .. especially with another woman.. I’ve never done this before but I’ve never felt this way about another woman before and it would mean everything to me if you’d be mine?”
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shawtyyandyy · 9 days ago
Reagan Ridley x reader bf/gf hcs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reagan Ridley
Kind of the girlfriend to kick you if you oversleep tbh
Specially if you two work together at Incognito
Will want to try some of her robots on you
Behold, the, "sweater maker robot!" For winter bc she doesn't want you to get cold
If you question her she will say it was an old prototype she built out of boredom, but deep down she is happy when she sees you wearing the ugly sweaters the machine made
Gets in a bit of a shock when you give her a coffee, specially if it id a bought one- did you really went to Starbucks, waited in the line and paid out of your pocket to give her a special coffee? She will want to cry of happiness
All you'll get will be half a smile, her odd way to say thanks
Have you seen Scary movie 2 where Cindy rejects the dude so he understand the friendship thing as the typical cliché male friendship? It's kinda the same
So don't expect for her to randomly throw something at you waiting for you to react on time
And such- bruises r a constant now
God get her father out of that house
He will constantly talk to you about his crazy shit
And will treat you bad, coz you are "stealing the time he has with her daughter"
He won't even let you share the room with Reagan, to the point where if you go visit her you have to keep the door open or he will kick it open
Your nail clipper broke? Just wait an hour and it will suddenly be fixed
I feel like you would be good friends w Brett, since with his appearance on Reagan's life she became more open!!<3
So you would often go out w him as well and you will have matching bffs rings
Brush her hair, coz she has knots
Also showering w her and massaging her scalp??? Yes plz, she will lay back on you and enjoy the peace of the moment
Also a tiny hc of mine but she likes out of nowhere pillow fights, only w u though
She has been working for the past 3 hours on that desk? All you need is being on your pajamas and knocking the life out of her with your pillow, the war has officially begun
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brettsshrimp · 11 days ago
so I've been having many thoughts about like a sweet yet kinda oblivious reader with the group. These are just general ideas but if anyone wants me to elaborate on any let me know:o
cw // drug mentions
• bringing everyone their favorite coffee in the morning and always having little snacks
• when Brett starts working there, you ask what his fav coffee is, and he doesn't think much of it, thinking it's just an ice breaker or smth, but the next day you come in with his fav drink along with the others and he's just,, stunned. like,,, he didn't think anyone would do that since he's knew,, he's just like?????hmsnxj,,
• also having bandaids and wipes along with the snacks in a little backpack or purse
• Brett comes to you a lot with a papercut or some other minor injury and a pout on his face asking for a bandaid. he loves the care that you give, wiping the cut then carefully putting the bandaid on,,, he's soft,, especially after the smile you give him, telling him to be careful,,
• helping Glenn with his divorce therapy if he really wanted to work on his personality after the body switching thing. like helping with listening/ trying not to yell ect.
• when a session goes really well you take him out to dinner, or something he's been talking about wanting lately. even if a session doesn't go as well you remind him that's okay!! progress isn't linear and you're still proud of him!!!
• being shopping buddies with Gigi, and getting your nails done together. Also trying to help with like making media trends, whether it's like memes or fashion, she likes hearing any ideas you have
• Myc and Andre have tried to make dirty jokes and innuendos but they always fly over your head. it used to drive Andre crazy but Myc was always amused seeing your confused face, trying to understand the joke. At first Andre thought you were just messing with him but Myc confirmed that you really just didn't get it
• I like to imagine that one day while you were still relatively new to the job, Andre came up to you and was like what the hell are you on?? since you've always seemed so happy, patient and just? over all bubbly. and you're just like "??? on what??" Andre just kinda laughs until he realizes your serious
• he kinda wonders if you even know more than 5 drugs. I also like to think that at some point he takes the time to teach you how to tell when someone spiked your drink, even if you don't go out much. he just wants to make sure your safe and having a good time<3
• he's also like hey, if you ever decide you wanna try drugs, hit me up! he'll make sure you have a good and safe time,,
• going off the dirty joke point, one time you were trying to learn more about Myc's species and Myc found out, and he was like hey, if you come over to my place tonight, I can show you a thing or two. rather than being flustered or smth along those lines like he was expecting, you just kinda got excited in an innocent way, wondering what he could show you
• he even put a tentacle on your shoulder and there just,, wasn't a single dirty thought in there. it was just you wondering what he could show you, and what snacks he might like hnfhfj
• hanging out with Reagan, listening to her talk about a new invention or something her dad did. or if she's not in the mood to talk/ focusing on her work you're happy to talk about random things
• also bringing her drinks and food, making sure she isn't overworking herself too much
• Reagan tries really hard to keep you away from her dad, even if it's impossible. she doesn't want him hurting you in any way or trying to manipulate you into doing something for him,, she wants to keep you safe from him,,
• doing their nails and hair on (somehow) less busy days. even though Myc doesn't have either, you still decorate him with little accessories so he isn't left out,,
• I like to think Myc and Glenn call you kiddo. Myc uses it more to just tease you while Glenn does it more out of seeing you as a kid he never had(though he won't admit it just yet)
• you and Brett totally get together and plan little surprise parties. like nothing extreme just a little thing for everyone to calm down. like there's everyone's fav food and drinks. even if it isn't a birthday party or Christmas, you get little gifts for everyone, even Brett who didn't see it coming:(<3 (he might tear up a little hnmsdjd,, I love him)
• Myc probably read your mind once while you and Brett were planning a surprise party and totally spoiled it for everyone. he got the cold shoulder from you for a day or two after,, was it a little overdramatic? yeah
• also!! being excited to go to the 80's town too! even if you weren't born in the 80's, or really understand the hype of it like Reagan, seeing Brett be excited about it has you getting a little excited too. you totally dressed up with Brett which made him so happy
• lord have mercy on anyone that makes you upset. if any of them finds out someone hurt you in any way, that info spreads like a wildfire to the rest of the team, and you have to stop them and reassure them you'll be okay before they completely ruin the person's life jsnshk
• they just really appreciate you being there for them and wanna be there for you too:(<3
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cognitosclowns · 12 days ago
THE POST ABT THE GANGS LAUGHS KS IMMACULATE here's a couple other prompts. the gangs hugs, handshakes, or sleeping habits just bc I love your characterization!!!
Tw : brief weight mention!
So if you're her close friend or s/o? YOU,,, MIGHT GET AN ACTUAL HUG? Not just a little Pat Pat? LIKE ARMS FULLY AROUND YOU? Quite Shocking Quite Surprising
She tends to wrap around and grab the shoulders!! It's One Firm Motion that slowly disconnects, like a hydraulic press?
'don't die, I'm too tired to plan a funeral' SHE CARES SHE CARES she really wants you to get home safe <333
HE LIFTS YOUUUUU STRAIGHT UP. He makes a big 'H-yup!'
HE HUMS ALL THROUGH THE HUG <33 he smells So Strongly Of Axe Body Spray but,, its ok bc he's grinning like an idiot. So happy. Hugs rock.
He'll like,, bounce his knees?? Like going up and down?? MNSDMS ITS HARD TO DESCRIBE.
HE ALSO DEFINITELY LAUGHS. just a happy little giggle <3 he loves hugs, idk what you expected. Might nuzzle his nose into your shoulder!
'one of us has gotta let go, or you'll never get home ! :)'
OH,, just,, the happiest hugs. She hugs like she's got Pure Joy flowing through her. Saying goodbye is never a sad affair with Gigi Thompson!
'If people keep getting taller im gonna need new legs.'
'if you wanna stick around i could just shove you in my purse <3'
ARMS RIGHT AROUND THE WAIST <3 synched in like a belt!
SHE DOES LA BISE <3 she picked it up from living in France for a few years for a Big PR Campaign she working on, and it stuck!! A kiss on the cheek before you're off <3
he'll tackle you onto the nearest couch and just lay there with you
'sorry i can't let go ://// tragic guess you've gotta take me home with you now <3'
SNBDSNDB HE'LL LET GO EVENTUALLY. until then it's a buncha jokes
'Nice weather huh?' while his face is Accidentally Buried In Your Chest, etc. HE ONLY LETS GO WHEN HE MAKES YOU SMILE <33
If He's Not Out For Blood lmao, HE THROWS HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR SHOULDERS. he's pretty lanky so it gives him a leg up for Yanking ppl in!!! Big, tight Squeeze before letting go.
'GOTCHA!' TENTACLES ALL TENTACLES WRAPPED AROUND YOU. Feels like you're being JUICED with how tight his hugs are.
he might do some,, like,, tricks? Like turn you upside down or smth and be like 'watch outttt,, might drop you ;) its okay if you hit your head you don't have a lotta brain cells left to lose'
(DW,, he'd never drop you. His tentacles are surprisingly strong, he's just a dick <3)
'ok ok ok ok..' while he brushes you off after, fixes your hair a bit. Might make some comment about how you shouldn't take a specific road bc it's gonna be clogged, etc, etc.
He Does Care, Hes Just A Brat.
'hate to see ya leave, but i love to see ya walk away' IS SUCH A LINE HE'D SAY. I HATE IT. HE'D ABSOLUTELY SAY SOME SHIT LIKE THAT. <3 INSUFFERABLE.
God,,, you could just melt. The warmest, softest thing in the WORLD. He might even pick you up and swing you around, if he's feeling particularly fuzzy <3
THIS,, REALLY LOVING, HUMMING LAUGH?? it cracks him up that most ppl are tinier than him?? Look up and it's all teeth <3
doesn't matter your weight, he's gonna mention you need to put some meat on those bones!! It was too easy to pick you up!!
'Be safe soldier' grgkrkg <3 lots of shit like that. Just,, half-teasing army slang n stuff?? YEA THAT'S HIS JAM <3 Maybe a little,, Two Finger Salute and a wink when you exit out the door.
He,,, might not be that good at hugs-
HE DOESN'T DO THEM OFTEN OKAY? When he says goodbye he much prefers,, A Dainty Kiss on the Cheek, A Handshake. hugs are not his first instinct smdnsd.
When he first wraps his arms around you,, it's kinda tense?? He doesn't Squeeze first - he wants to see how hard YOU squeeze, and work around that.
It's still gonna be a Little Too Strong, sorry. Kinda knocks the wind outta you.
HE,,, is actually soft and warm?? You definitely wouldn't expect it bc he's 99% metal but above that metal is SILICONE. HE'S ALSO A COMPUTER SO,, he has the same Dull Warmth of pressing your hand to the side of a computer.
Fussing With Your Clothes When you Two Pull Away IS A Love Language. He'll passively adjust your shirt n sleeves with,, the Barest Of Smirks.
feels like,, hugging a bushel of twigs. He's extremely lanky smnds. Very little softness except a bit at his stomach
he just,, automatically Sighs happily <3 even if you two are saying goodbye, it's so nice to get a hug once in a while.
he either rests his head on your shoulder, or head. Either way you're getting some nuzzles.
It's like all the energy in his body Drains when he gets hugged. his brain is usually moving a mile a minute, and hugs kinda reset that? Doesn't matter how he was before, The Hug sends him down to Baseline. His shoulders slowwwllllly droop, His muscle lax, <3
'got everything? Keys, wallet, phone - I could spot you a cab...' THIS IS HIS WAY OF SHOWING HE CARES <333
Even after you two pull away, you're getting some Tight Arm Rubs while he takes you in <3 He'll always tell you too Be Safe <3
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yandere-toons · 16 days ago
I love inside job!! Could you do romantic yandere headcanons for Reagan? I feel like if she found someone she really liked, it wouldn't take much for her to go yandere lol
Yandere Reagan Ridley (Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Cyberstalking, Mentions of Incarceration & Death, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Trapped in office, surrounded by corruption, low on morals.
Tumblr media
Scarcely a thing that Reagan does is not first deliberated and tested, mentally or physically, with the scientific method. In private where presumably no one can listen to or see her, she rehearses a multitude of conversations that she either wishes or expects to have with her partner in the future. The risk of allowing her excitement to get ahead of her mid-sentence and blurting something that upsets them is too great for the scientist to ignore.
When it comes time to apply what she practiced, Reagan is at a loss for how to approach them and hold a meaningful conversation that furthers the relationship. As a result, early interactions with her tend to be stilted and disorganized, with the scientist either creating an abrupt excuse to leave or falling into an awkward silence until her partner or another colleague ends it.
Reagan wants her partner to have a favourable opinion of her, but thanks to workaholic and perfectionist tendencies fueled by years of neglectful and manipulative treatment at the hands of her parents, her social skills are abysmal. Nevertheless, the scientist is, no matter how much she likes to deny it, desperate for their validation and seeks to attain it through the only mode she understands, her inventions.
Once she becomes more assertive, Reagan does not shed her prickly nature. The conversations that she initiates are dominated by explanations and, at times, demonstrations of her latest creations in hopes that her scientific prowess will gain their respect. A dismissive, or not sufficiently encouraging, attitude towards her accomplishments reminds her of her father, and it is the quickest way to inspire vengeful frustration in the scientist.
Noticing his best work friend's distress, Brett Hand offers to roleplay as her partner to help her grow more comfortable with speaking to them. Reagan opposes the idea of making herself so vulnerable to criticism and making Brett privy to such personal information. She rejects any direct assistance but occasionally asks for his opinion on the effectiveness of a method, and Brett supports what he believes to be a mutual relationship.
Reagan was neither taught nor properly learned how to manage the majority of her emotions in ways that are not self-destructive. Anger leads to brainstorming sessions about framing a murder as an accident, and sadness leads to binge eating and not leaving the couch for days. Envy, such as when her partner voices admiration for the feats of others, is an overwhelming experience that Reagan struggles to process.
The scientist's go-to coping mechanism is marking the offender for an extraction team, thereby condemning them to lifelong imprisonment at a shadow government black site. If the offender is an executive or a close colleague, however, Reagan concedes that they have a certain degree of immunity and settles for acting passive-aggressive and, assuming she can legally get away with it, exceptionally rude.
An unwilling ear is lent in the form of ROBOTUS, who is subjected to rants about failed attempts or people Reagen views as competition. The genocidal robot is apathetic to his creator's troubles and tunes out after a while, but he is inclined to hack into a perceived rival's private files and compromise the integrity of her partner's social media if she baits him with more of the television series Friends.
Reagan develops a profile of her partner, one that is constantly broadening as additional facts and theories are added. Government surveillance and online tracking are exploited to research every action, every piece of information they ever shared with the internet. Analyzing their digital footprint is, to her tech-savvy and borderline paranoid mind, the key to melding their preferences with hers and bonding with them most swiftly and proficiently.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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Tumblr media
Yes, this is fanart of Reagen ridley in her evil outfit. Because I know I’m not the only one who thought she looked hot badass as a villain.
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ray-writes-sometimes · 7 days ago
ooo ok i will have fun! thank you for the ask!
Masterlist/WIPs - Request Rules/Fandoms
so brett, knowing jack shit about cognito has literally no idea until he introduces you to the gang (like, formally. they're his work fam!)
and of course he will have lots of protections in place so that you aren't immediately send to shadow prison when you find out about cognito lol
gigi, reagan, and glenn immediately think you look,, kinda familiar?
i imagine they're the ones that have worked at the company the longest, and know the most about its history
and glenn, being,, well,,, glenn,, starts interrogating you LMAO (honestly he would have even if you didn't look familiar, protective dad vibes <3)
once your last name is slipped it sort of clicks into place for them
~learning about your parents history in the shadow gov. time~
gigi wants to know what your parents are up to now, shes knows some people still in the company who'd like the office gossip fjdslk
and of course brett is there for moral support! i mean. it cant be easy breezy learning about your parents keeping this huge secret from you, even to keep you safe
he holds your hand and squeezes it, just cute supportive shit u kno
adfhkdsl ok sorry if these are kind of short, hope theyre to your liking!
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dear-reagans-conscience · 23 hours ago
Y/n: My kink is when people care about my feelings and what I have to say
Reagan: Unrealistic. Settle for bondage like the rest of us.
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froggy-frogz · 7 days ago
omg angst nsfw where y/n gives brett/andre a blowjob and/or eating out Raegan but starts crying, says safe word??????? maybe i feel very angst 24/7
A/N: You trying to break me anon :,) ajfdkhsf- I'm messing, but this is my first ever angst nsfw so pls pardon if it's not the best!! I'm still working on writing angst and nsfw so good practice!!
NSFW Below! Read at your own risk <3
You're in the middle of sucking him off, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed. Like, too much was happening at once. You weren't sure where it was coming from, but you start crying and crying hard.
You feel so bad for Brett, who's looking at you with a strange expression, which doesn't help your tears. It kinda makes you feel even more pathetic.
Stopping what you're doing, you pull off of Brett and say the safeword, before covering your face in shame.
Brett, kinda, as usual, is very clueless. He's not really used to this happening, but that isn't going to stop him from getting concerned and helping!
He first makes sure that you're not physically hurt, but once you explain to him that you're simply overwhelmed, he gets it.
He's not upset, like at all, he gets it, and knows what to do.
He's going to clean you and himself up, and if you're not in comfy clothes, he'll either help you change or if you don't want his help, he'll let you do it.
If you want him to, he'll get some junk food and carry you over to the couch. Yes, he insists on it.
The entire day is now devoted to cheering you up. He calls out of work if he has it, and won't leave your side, unless, of course, you need some space.
If that's the case he'll clean the house/apartment up for you, like a good little housewife :)
Andre's pretty into the blowy he's getting from you to even notice what's going on. It takes him pretty long to see that somethings up.
Like above, you don't know why you're getting upset, is it because of the stress from work? Regular life stress? You're not sure. You try to hold it together and help him finish so that you can be done, but it's so overbearing.
Your chest feels so heavy, and before you know it, you're crying, and you pull away, not even bothering with a safeword, figuring he'll figure it out.
Again, que Andre not getting it. But once he sees your tears, he knows what's up.
The first thing he'll do is to clean you up. He doesn't worry about himself, he'll just re-clothed.
He'll then talk to you, not like a big conversation, just what you need from him. Do you need space? Got it. Do you need him to stay with you? He's also got that.
If you need space then Andre will probably shower and then go make dinner. [I see him as once he's in a domestic relationship, he starts to learn how to cook :3]
If you need him, he's going to hold you. Like, Andre becomes glue because he's not going to abandon you.
She can tell somethings up, but she's not one for bringing this kinda stuff up, so she won't bring it up for both of your sakes.
Once you reach your cap, and start crying, she's going to pull you away and pull you next to her. You don't even need to stop. You don't need to apologize or anything because Reagan's already fussing over you.
She'll make sure you're okay, and if you are, she's going to start a shower for you, help you clear your head. If you want her to help you wash up, she'll join you, nothing saucy, she just wants to help. If not, she'll clean up the area, and wash your clothes.
She's not going to let you leave the apartment, if you need something, you let her know.
She gets it. Out of the three, she understands the overwhelmingness and how if you let it overflow, how maddening that can be.
If you need someone to listen to and have to rant to, she's not going anywhere.
You're going to be ordering takeout, and if you'd like her company, she'll stay and cuddle you. She's not the best at it, but she'll try for you.
If you try to apologize after you're feeling better, she'll be very calm but like, sweet as she tells you that it's okay and that it's not your fault.
She tries, she really does.
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vrisrezis · 4 days ago
So I just finished an Inside Job and I was thinking...
✨The group as yanderes✨
Cw; stalking, toxic relationships, non con is implied for andres and Gigi’s part?? Kinda?, definitely implied r*pe for myc, death threats, blackmail, implied grooming for JR’s bit.
This is not meant to romanticize abuse, or any other topics included in this.,
Reagan is the stalkerish kind of yandere, as you’d expect.. while Reagan in general I think would make inventions just to impress her love, as a yandere it’s way more obsessive, and it’s completely destroying her, her life and other relationships she has with other people. But hey, her work ethic has never been better:) It’s like all that matters is getting your approval, and as much as she hates to admit it she knows it. Those circles under her eyes are darker and deeper, and she gets extremely angry at you if she doesn’t get the reaction or approval she wants.
Brett likes buying you things, to the point of it being very overwhelming to handle. He gets visibly upset if he doesn’t get the reaction he wants out of you, or the validation from you that he craves. While personality wise he’s different than Reagan, and his attempts to get your attention are different, he is just like her in terms of what he wants out of that relationship and how he acts towards certain things. But unlike Reagan he can at least pull off seeming normal. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he tries harder, gets you even more gifts and even more. The man is relatively harmless, but you can quickly get annoyed and freaked out by his obsessiveness. He seriously won’t leave you alone.
Andre must admit, maybe he’s thinking about you a little too much? Even when he’s wasted out of his mind, even when he’s having sex with random sexy people you do not leave his mind. In fact, he remembers fucking this girl and moaning out your name on accident. It’s gotten to the point it’s ruining everything for him. Like seriously. He’s never been so committed to anything before, not even religion? But he can’t let himself indulge in this, so he starts to build some sort of shrine of you. It was in hopes that this feeling would go away and he could live normally again but alas, the feeling gets worse and it’s only a matter of time before he takes you for himself, whether you like it or not.
Gigi is a woman who likes power and control, if she wants something, she gets it. And she wants you, so she will get you. Regardless of whether you want her back or not, she is extremely bold and flirtatious and makes her intentions with you very clear. Even if you seem uncomfortable, she still persists. She is so determined to make you hers, she doesn’t care about what you want. She knew at some point you didn’t want this, but she’s been able to convince herself you’re just playing hard to get. She is obsessive and will not give up until you’re rightfully hers.
Myc never in a million fucking years thought the day would come he genuinely became so attracted to somebody he would become straight up obsessed with them but here he is. This motherfucker is so out of his goddamn mind and he knows it, he knows you don’t like him. He’s tried to get you to fuck him, didn’t work. He tried getting the both of you super wasted, even just you wasted and asking you to fuck him, didn’t work. He’s crazy enough to try to force you into things, or verbally convince you this is what you want. He grows tired, and eventually uses those mind powers of his to convince you to have sex with him, and finally date him. He didn’t want it to come down to this..
Glenn is obsessive, maybe not like Brett or Andre but he cuts quite close. He’s not exactly known for being devoted to somebody, not even to that ex wife of his. Sure, he definitely stalked her a bit but nothing quite like this. He’s never been so addicted to being around somebody. His jokes aren’t exactly known to be “PC” so his jokes towards you may not always be enjoyed. This annoys him greatly, his violent tendencies grow worse and worse the less you laugh at his jokes. It feels like you don’t get him at all! But that’s not right… you understand him more than anyone! So why are you refusing to get his joke? Are you trying to piss him off? To make matters worse, you’re playing hard to get. He may have to start asking you on a date with a knife at your throat if you don’t stop playing these games..
JR IS HORRIFYING! He is a powerful white man of course this man of scary. He can send all the blackmail he wants your way if you do not cooperate with him. But he’s not asking for too much is he? All he wants to do is be with you, to court you. He wants to take you on the finest dates, take you to the nicest places, spoil you, give you everything you could ever want. He’s being kind, he’s being generous. He’s so devoted to you, how could you ever say no to him? He is one that likes to manipulate you into being with him, from the moment he met you he was manipulating you into dating him though. He just knew there was something about you from the moment you two met. He has a bit of a habit of “degrading” you, well that’s what you call it. He thinks he’s simply helping you improve yourself:)
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cognitoinc · a month ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ . masterlist . ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Tumblr media
୨୧ — brett.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — reagan.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — gigi.
nothing yet.
Tumblr media
hc reqs are open ! [ request here ]
rules & guidelines.
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insidethejob · 18 days ago
*Squad reactions to being told ‘I love you’* MYC: Thanks human, I guess. Andre: Oh no Brett: *cries* I love you too. I can finally show you my Shrine, baby. (Y/n: Excuse me what-) Reagan: Sounds fake but okay Gigi: *A flustered mess* Y/n: Umm... Can I get a refund
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brettsshrimp · 10 days ago
since I can't sleep I've been thinking of Christmas headcanons since it's almost that month ww
• you and Brett go all out with decorating the office!! and at first everyone's like???? it's not even December wtf but soon enough they get dragged in by puppy eyes and pout from you two. they'll all eventually get into the spirit and enjoy decorating
• ngl the office will probably look like a disaster to people outside of the group nshmsjk like, everyone has their own personal touch that they wanna add, whether it's for jokes or not. it's v chaotic but you wouldn't have it any other way<33
• the tree is huge btw, and it's absolutely covered in ornaments and tinsel
• Also!! going down to where Robotus is and decorating the basement!! at first both Reagan and Robotus are like?? what's the point???? but Robotus does appreciate it even if he doesn't admit it,, makes him feel included even if he isn't actually there
• like setting up fairy lights that change color, giving him his own tree, asking if there's anything he wants on the tree or what topper he wants
• convincing Reagan to give him Christmas movies to watch too!!
• omg you know that story where someone played what's new pussycat on a jukebox over and over with a different song in the middle??? Myc would do that and play all I want for Christmas is you on the speakers on repeat with one other Christmas song that plays after like 8 times. he's enjoying watching everyone go insane
• imagine walking by the office and just hearing "I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then everyone just collectively losing their shit hnshdkbd
• Glenn probably ends up breaking the speakers smnsksb everyone just sits there like,,, it's so quiet now,
• baking sugar cookies cut into Christmas shapes for the gang and bringing frosting and sprinkles so they can decorate them!!
• it either turns into a frosting war or a competition of who can decorate the best cookie ever. either way, wherever the decorating is happening, it won't stay clean
• also, the thought crossed my mind 'oh! what if they all baked together!!' and it seemed cute at first but then I realized that's a horrible idea shsnkdhk not just the kitchen, but the whole place would be a complete mess
• Brett comes in one day with a bunch of ugly sweaters that he picked for the group. at first everyone's like,, I don't wanna wear that, but he convinces them to, and they won't deny, he did a good job picking out sweaters for them
• getting presents for them is gonna be hard because Myc will absolutely try to read your mind and find out what you're getting everyone. everytime you're near him you have to distract yourself or actively think about other things
• he's teasing you like come onnn you know you wanna think about it~ it must be tiring thinking of all these other things~ just oneee little thought? I promise I won't tell<3
• I'm sure he doesn't care too much about Christmas, but he does appreciates the dedication you have to make sure what you got him stays a surprise. probably not a lot of people have done that
• spoiling everyone with presents!! they probably aren't used to it, or really done this with eachother (sure they've decorated the place a bit but not to this extent) so when they see presents under the tree they're like oh,,? we're supposed to get presents? and they start to! when Christmas arrives there's just a huge stack of presents for everyone
• always making sure everyone feels included and as happy as they can be
• like, I'm thinking,, I'm not sure about the others, but Brett and Reagan probably never really had a proper Christmas so like,,, I just wanna let them have a good, proper Christmas hmmgehrh,,,,,
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insidemalewife · 17 days ago
for the asks thing please consider: autistic reagan
no because it is literally canon i swear
first off, she doesn't like physical affection. so much she resorts to violence!!
and! she's really awkward in social situations, and has a hard time speaking in front of people withing being all 🧍
another thing is, she has a hard time/just outright doesn't understand references (this one may be a lil far fetched but leave me alone).
iffff you were to be with reagan
you would try your best to not touch her when she doesn't want to be physically affectionate, because that's your baby!! gotta make sure she's comfy >:(
and you'll let her gush about science and nerdy stuff to you because seeing her get so excited about the things she enjoys just melts ur little heart </3. at first, reagan was a little skeptical as to why you were so openly supportive about her talking all nerd like, so she tried to keep all the rambling to herself. but as the two of you get closer, she will open up more and more and feel more comfy ranting :]
you'll most likely have two separate beds for when reagan wants her alone time, but most of the time you'll both share one.
you'll probably have to make a few food adjustments for what you buy, what you cook, and how you prepare meals, but of course you don't mind! you just wants the best for her aamanbahsn </3
if reagan accidentally snaps at you or becomes moody, she'll always make it up to you with and awkward apology and much needed cuddle session.
reagan can not STAND the sound of silverware on plates/bowls. you scrap a fork on accident and she will immediately shoot you a (light hearted) death glare.
another thing reagan hates is the feeling of things that were once soft and fuzzy, that turned into the grody matted fuzz (like when you put a fuzzy blanket in the washer and it comes out looking like a sheep,,,,too obscure,,,?). so keep those things outta the house >:(
i also feel like reagan has a habit of chewing on things like pens, her nails, her lips, straws, etc. so, you decide to buy her some things that are actually designed to be chewed on so she doesn't harm her teeth or ruin whatever she's munching on. at first she doesn't pay much attention to the things you got her, but after some intense puppy eyes and a pout, she finally caves with an over dramatic sigh (she'd never tell you, but she really does like them)
(also!! most of these are based off of my experiences with autistic family members/friends because I myself don't have autism. if something doesn't seem correct i apologize!!)
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cognitosclowns · 12 days ago
Oooo do you think you can do kissing headcanons for the whole gang 👁👁 ALSO YOUR WRITING IS SO GOOD PLS KEEP IT UP !!!
SURPRISINGLY SFW??? No cocks here smndsm
IM DOIN THIS,, AS like,, a single/a few kisses instead of making out!!
Pretty firm? She’s afraid of being Too gentle so expect some Teeth Clacking.
NOT VERY GOOD AT KISSING,,, she kisses Very Hard and doesn’t really move her lips a lot but,, GOD SHE GETS THIS LOVELY LOPSIDED SMILE AFTER <3
it’s worth it even if your lips hurt a bit after smnds.
He’s definitely more the type to give a Bunch of Small Kisses than one big kiss?? mostly bc he keeps smiling and breaking it
HE,, HAS A HABIT OF HOLDING YOUR CHEEKS?? Like his hand just,, gently cup your face?? <3
‘hi there <3′ with two little blinks when he pulls away. Grk. He’s very Sappy so expect some little comment about how nice that was <3
SHE GRINS INTO THE KISS <33 especially if you're the one initiating. The little ego boost of you wanting a kiss <33 how lovely
<3 raking her nails down either, or down your neck <333
She's not rushing!! Slow, purposeful. Definitely gonna <3 giggle a couple times from how Happy and Warm she feels!!
She's constantly drinking coffee but like,, Super Sugary Lattes? So she tastes like that <333
A few,, soft kisses on the corner of your lips, your cheeks, all around before finishing on your lips <33 a happy little 'i love you <3' is gonna get sprinkled in.
Messy messy messy. He never quite gets the lips, always either the corner, bottom lip, chin. Maybe it's cause he's smiling so much <3333
‘ooh~ are we,, gonna kiss rn?’ before giving you another kiss.
his hands mostly hold your clothes? He’s definitely a pull-you-in-by-the-lapels type of kisser. Takes you by surprise!
Tastes like how Neon Colors should taste?? Sweet and caffeinated and,, smth Indescribable that feels like Electricity Itself
CLUMSY <3 lots of nudged noses, a bit too much tongue. Very earnest though!! its so hard to kiss when you have a snout </3 pain of pains.
Surprisingly gentle?? He'd hate to accidentally nick you with one of his teeth.
Tastes like a distilled country song. Heavy smokey alcoholic flavor that makes your insides feel all warm <3
You’ll Definitely Get A Deep Giggle Outta Him if you come in for another one <333 HES NOT USED TO AFFECTION OK IT MAKES HIM KINDA SOFT <3
Without fail he cups your neck. even if it's just a little peck, his hand is gonna slip behind <333 you'll feel his thumb fiddling on your jaw.
His lips are also,, surprisingly soft?? granted there’s not a lot there but smdnsd at least its smooth.
The slightest smirk. Not only because he's enjoying himself, but,, there's something very Gratifying about feeling you kiss back <3 SMUG BASTARD.
Essentially tasteless, save for the Barest Hint of metal.
Oh lord this man is not used to kisses. Kiss The Orb, you'll get the most Flustered noises outta him
'What the hell is that for!?'
'Oh - sorry-'
'well don't STOP, je-sus.' he's a brat but <333 no he really really really likes kisses. It isn't smth he really Does with people so <3 expect some happy sighs and shivers
its,, maybe the only time he'll shut up.
Always A Bit Of Tongue. Even if it's just a swipe on the pull away. Cheeky bastard.
THOSE SHOULDERS MELTTT <333 his head even lolls a bit to the side, it's like an off switch
His Lips Are Both Thin AND Chapped! Double whammy sndsmdn
When he pulls back he gets this Lovely Tired Smile. his eyes get all,, half-lidded and soft. You can tell he <3 feels really safe when you kiss him.
‘just one? ;)’ he’s definitely gonna lean in for another <3 he’s pretty shameless most of the time.
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kxifeplay · a month ago
more gay for Reagan content bc we need more of it and I’m pining also kind of a continuation of my previous post here: (lprevious post) *Asks are now open and I’ve got a carrd on my blog if you’re looking for my rules about asks! Give that a peep if you’re interested 👀 (carrd link)
but anyways, I'm still rusty so maybe this'll hold some water lol
✨ Reagan Ridley x Reader 🥼
x - - - - - - - - - - - - - x Another day, another 'what the fuck is going to happen today.' You'd made it three months into the job, and unlike the dozens of other people who started around the same time you did, you hadn't suffered any truly severe mental breakdowns quite yet. There was a vague memory in the back of your head about company statistics regarding the amount of new recruits that lose their mind within their first few weeks, and you'd overcome this stigma the other employees had put in you. Between all of what you experienced within the first three months, at this point there was so much trauma to be uncovered that we may as well just keep digging deeper. Why not stay? You got to experience what was quite literally a major collapse of the company and then quite literally the chopping block resulting from the aftermath of 'ROBOTUS'. That was.. Something, yeah.
But, you finally had a place in the company that you really excelled at; Media Manipulation. Within the three months you'd spent in the department, it's been a lot more interesting than you'd ever think. There was something surreal about seeing where memes and popular trends are artificially inflated to reach the masses with mental propaganda. But, on the lighter scale of your job, Gigi likes you. The head of the department actually knows you exist in the crowd of faces the office offers, which could work out positively for you job-wise. In the back of your mind, there was also an idea stirring around. It didn't take you long to decipher which employees were considered "more important", and Gigi was one of them. Not only that, but so is Reagan Ridley. The thought of her made your heart sink into your stomach for a moment before a warm anxiety spread through your chest soon after. Ever since your first day, meeting her in that elevator was just the beginning of the absolutely debilitating crush you'd developed on her. You couldn't help but remember the brief moment she had interviewed you about your position in the department when she was looking for someone to fire. The way her gaze held yours. She honestly intimidated you a bit, both being your boss and your crush.
You pulled your hands up to your face, resting your elbows on your desk as you rubbed the exhaustion from your eyes. Sitting and scrolling through Twitter for the last two hours had not only rotted your brain out of your ears but your will to live along with it. With a huff, you raised from your office chair to stretch, your eyes falling across the room and through the glass wall that separated the department from the rest of the office. People and creatures all intermingled together, even in offices that were in eye-shot. Flopping back down in your chair, you took a chug of your water before slouching back down to continue sanding your brain down with whatever would pass your time. The door pushed open, causing you to jump out of your daze and immediately look alive. Gigi had come back, Reagan in tow. The two seemed to be lost in a discussion, walking into the office without even glancing at those working around them. Your gaze seemed to just... follow her. From the door to across the office, you couldn't help but just stare. How round and soft her face looked, her big expressive eyes, albeit tired. Even though it was messy, you couldn't help but wonder how soft her hair was when she took it out of that ponytail... There was hotness overtaking your cheeks as you lower yourself back down into your seat, heart pounding. Again, just. Debilitating. You'd just freeze and stare, unsure one what to do or say. Reagan and Gigi seemed to have looped around fairly quickly, their voices steadily getting louder as they began to approach the exit door again. 'Oh god. She's coming back around. What do I do? What do I do? What do I-' your mind racing. You felt your body just tense from the nervousness building up in your chest. A snap brought you back to Earth. You blinked out of your panicked daze, only to look up and see Reagan and Gigi both locked directly on you. Reagan must've snapped you back because she was already standing awful close to your seat. They both looked concerned. "You were staring pretty hard there. You feeling alright?" Gigi raised an eyebrow at you. "Your face is entirely red." "Maybe they need to lie down-" you could hear Reagan echo behind her. "N-No, I'm fine! Thanks though, really," you wiped the sweat that had formed on your brow off with your sleeve. "Really, I'm perfectly fine." You could tell neither of them were really convinced. "Alright, well, keep yourself together. You've come this far without a breakdown, you can keep going-" Gigi trailed off as her and Reagan made their way to the door. "Why do you even have them on Twitter? No wonder they're breaking down," You could hear Reagan echo behind her as they made their way out and the door slammed shut behind them, immediately sending you crashing back down into your chair. What the hell was THAT?! Embarrassing is what it was, like holy shit that was bad.You looked like you were going to pass out in your swivel seat. How would you ever recover from something like /that?/
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