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#techno x reader
lonely-lost-soul · 2 days ago
The Warren
(O!smp Technoblade x reader)
Short lil blurb for fun
Tumblr media
Technoblade’s arms were crossed sternly, his rabbit foot thumping on the ground in frustration. He was staring out over his carrot warren waiting for a familiar figure to come up over the hills, Technoblade’s fiancé, a rare breed these days. She was all human, no particular origin, taller than Technoblade could ever be with his barely five-nothing self. Technoblade was never one to believe in love at first sight but when he saw her handing out carrots to rabbit hybrids in need he was smitten immediately. It was her who had spoken to him first, he was working on the other end of the community hall and he had watched her for hours. He tried to sneak another look but she was gone, ears fell against his head before he jumped feeling a tap on his shoulder. She introduced herself and his heart fluttered anxiously against his chest, they both were smitten.
That’s when he spotted her climbing over the hills, a basket of carrot cakes in hand and flowers, he couldn’t stop himself from launching into the air. Paws landing on the ground right in front of her, she didn’t flinch, used to his surprise landings by now. The turned-up dirt settled and that’s when you smile,
“Bunny!” You cooed throwing your arms open wide, Technoblade immediately nuzzled himself into your chest. His little pink, puffball of a tail wagging furiously behind him, ears and nose twitching in delight.
“Did you have a safe trip back carrot cake?” He cooed right back tilting his head while looking up at you, you nodded pleasantly hand rubbing between his ears. Technoblade’s pupils blew wide, foot thumping on the ground much like Thumper from Bambi. “I missed this.~” You giggled, you missed your bunny blade just as much.
“I missed you too, but before I give you your gifts you know the rules.”
Technoblade’s ears flattened and he grumbled, the man help out his paws and spread them wide showing off his hand beans. You squealed and he flushed as he did every time and you gently squeezed the beans. However, he couldn’t deny how much he loved you dotting over him it always made him feel loved and cared for. Plus after the childish cooing, he would be granted his gifts and hopefully a kiss, “Alright, alright enough show me the goods.”
“Techno!” You laughed, “Not in the middle of the warren you sly dog.” He glared at you jumping up to knock his forehead against your own, “ow!”
“Not what I meant and you know it. Gimmie the food,” He huffed impatiently, you handed him the basket and he flipped open the lid. He was correct, there were a plethora of carrot cakes most likely from your mother, some flowers you picked, and also some bread and meats for yourself. “God I love you so much,” He picked up the cakes and began to shovel it in his mouth,
“Hey! Save some for me!” You scolded and he smirked, “Don’t you dare! My mom made them for both of us!” Technoblade launched himself into the air, taking him halfway across the Warren. “BUNNY!”
Technoblade snickered holding the cakes to his chest as he stood by the entrance of the Warren, tail wiggling happily. It’d take you twenty minutes to get to where he is at least-
“Hello, Technoblade what’re you doing today?” Startled Technoblade jumped, his hand immediately going to the dagger that was attached to his leg.
“You can’t sneak up on me like that Wilbur!” He hissed stomping his foot, “I could’ve killed you!”
“Yeah but you didn’t, who’s that?” Wilbur leaned over his shoulder, starting at his fiancè climbing and stumbling over the warren’s plants. He paled, his aquatints didn’t exactly know he was engaged to anyone let alone a human. If the Crow Father found out he didn’t want to know what types of things he’d do to you. Technoblade snapped his elbow back hitting the Phantom straight in the face before he could disappear,
“Ow! What’s that for!”
“Instinct.” He blurted not wanting him, or Phil to know he did that intentionally, “My bad had a twitch.”
“You’re bad! You asshole I-”
“Bunny! I’m gonna kill you!” You shrieked over the hill,
“Bunny? She calls you Bunny?” A grin formed over his face suddenly forgetting about all his pain. “You don’t let anyone call you Bunny, is she important to you?”
“Stop carrot cake isn’t-we aren’t-”
“CARROT CAKE!?” Wilbur howled floating into the air clutching his stomach as he laughed, “You all her carrot cake you freak! After something, you like to eat? Seriously? What’s her origin then hm?”
“None of your business. Get out of my Warren.”
“Not until I meet the women who calls you Bunny~” He cooed, batting his lashes, “Tommy and Charlie are gonna love this.” Technoblade never wanted to choke a man out more in his entire life, and just as he was contemplating the Phantom’s murder you came up over the hills. You were panting, hair stuck to your face and forehead, you never looked so perfect to Technoblade.
“You’re a deadman- oh hello.” You stood up straight smoothing out your clothes, suddenly hyperaware of another hybrid present in your home. Technoblade nibbled on his bottom lip, stepping in front of you, and although he didn’t cover you he still felt like he was protecting you. “I’m (Y/n), Techno’s fiancè.” Wilbur’s jaw dropped looking between both people eagerly, his bone-like tail flailing in the wind he reached out his hand and took your own.
“Wilbur Soot my lady!” He chirped eyeing you up and down, “I’m a Phantom! Mind if I ask your origin?”
“Um…” You glanced down at your bunny lover, he had always told you to be very wary of who you told you were a human. Origins didn’t take too kindly to outsiders in their territories especially those as unknown and unpredictable as humans. Technoblade licked his lips before he hesitantly nodded, “I’m just human.” You began to fiddle with the loose wires of your basket, Wilbur’s excitement never faltered not even with the tense atmosphere.
“Human!” Wilbur exclaimed gleefully, “You must meet Crow Father then!”
“No, she’s not...I want her protected in my Warren. She’s under my care here not Crow Fathers. Especially because I don’t know if I trust him, trust needs to be earned and exchanged.”
“She’s not going with you.”
The phantom hybrid frowned as you gently grabbed Technoblade’s shoulders squeezing them tightly. It caused the rabbit hybrid to huff, at the Phantom stomping his foot in response to Wilbur’s reactions. “I have to tell him Technoblade, it’s the law. She’s a full-fledged human, they haven’t been seen in these parts in decades. If I don’t it’s practically treason.”
“Fine. But tell him anywhere she goes I go,” Technoblade stated as Wilbur nodded lightly,
“Deal. I’m sorry we met like this Miss.”
“If you think for one minute you’re taking me away from my home you’re going to be sorely mistaken.” You growled lowly, and he blinked in surprise, clearing his throat anxiously.
“I see why you like her Blade. Enjoy the rest of your evening, both of you.” He bowed flying away from the carrot Warren, you slumped against Technoblade’s shoulders.
“We’re fucked Bun…”
“Honestly Yeah…and I dropped all my carrot cakes…”
“Our carrot cakes!” You huffed, “ass…” You trailed off and Technoblade realized it was no time for joking, he turned around reaching up to cup your cheeks between your paws.
“You know I’ll protect you through everything and anything right?” He spoke tenderly, “You have me, so just rely on me.” He hopped up and pressed a kiss to your lips, you flushed and smiled down at your lover. You moved your hand and began to scratch in between his ears, he sighed pleasantly ears falling back so you could get a better angel to scratch them.
“I know you will. I love you Bunny.”
“I love you too (Y/n),” Technoblade murmured, he saw a murder of crows sitting on some of the scarecrows out in the field. They were eyeing the couple, examining their every move and Technoblade knew they would report everything to Phil. He just hoped the Crow Father would see his side of things, and not be cruel to his precious little human.
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crystalcow · 2 days ago
Can you do a Technoblade thingy where he finds a kid (Y/N) and takes them in, and was gonna give them to like an orphanage or something but he grows attached to them and takes them in?
possibly maybe also Y/N dies and Technoblade feels guilty and stuff haha
I love your writing! aaaaaa
❉ ╤╤╤╤ ✿ ╤╤╤╤ ❉
𝑁𝑒𝑤 𝐻𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑧𝑜𝑛𝑠 𝑝𝑡1//𝑇𝑒𝑐ℎ𝑛𝑜𝑏𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑒
Tumblr media
Technoblade x reader !p !child reader blurb
Pronouns used: none specified!
Warnings: blood, death
I scoured through the burning village, different masses of pillagers coming at me. I looked down at the pool of blood below me, disgusted as it showered my new boots..
Cant they learn to keep it in themselves? It’s not that difficult, damn nerds.
The pillagers are only pissed I killed the villagers before they could, not my fault they’re just slow. It’s not that difficult, really, just find a helpless village and take them out. If your worried about the iron golem, you shouldn’t be fighting in the first place.
I sighed as the noise finally died down, the voices calming once again. Flames erupted behind me, disappointing really it was a nice place.
My nose scrunched up in confusion, voices screaming once again as they poked around in my head. A small child, no older then 3 wandered around tripping over the dead bodies.
I almost laughed watching as they shone a blank expression on their face, pondering around the burning village. Friends, family, dead. Maybe it’s time for the orphan to join them, I mean you don’t have a family anyways kid.
The mask once again laid peacefully on my head, pig tusks sticking out as the crown on my head shone brighter then normal. The closer I got to this small being, thing.. They seemed to notice me aswell; frightened, I jumped back as they clung on my shoe.
I sighed, flailing around my leg attempting to shake small thing off, yet my attempt had sadly failed. I looked down with confusion, more so fright if we’re being one hundred percent honest.
How.. how is this possible?
The voices rang louder then ever before, a pounding headache imploding on me. I ached as they all screamed, begging me to either kill or hold the child.
It’s an orphan
a powerful one..
Yet, after long moments of contemplation, the small child whom is continuously hugging the small of my leg.. the latter had the voices going wild.
“What a tiny little thing. Oh no, no don’t, don’t grab my crown.”
I looked around, the smoke from fires clouding my senses. The better option would be taking them to Phil..
why did I get myself into this..
So yet, we traveled onto our new journey. The horizons beyond and loud voices clouding my current judgment. I mean what’s the worst that could possibly happen? I helped raised Tommy, he’s alright I guess.
❉ ╤╤╤╤ ✿ ╤╤╤╤ ❉
I’m so sorry I’ve been in such a slump recently and I haven’t had the motivation to write. I will continue this if it gains attentions but for now take this!
Taglist: @creatorofstars @georgenctfound @samistheidiot @smolbox-png @ghostlysenses @stellarinstigator @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @uwucorpse @chaoticotaku @k-l-a-w-s @denkisclown @arson-404 @koicat @megnotfound
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streaming-yn · 2 days ago
How about crumb, eret, fundy, slimecicle, niki, purpled and techno?
ofc o7!
forgetful!y/n duo names!
first people called it wholesome duo but they decided that was too long
then maybe honest duo, but that didn't capture them right
then soft duo! and it stuck! because your duos thing was basically being best friends immediately there wasn't an awkward stage with y'all! and your friendship is so just,, nice, that soft duo captures it nicely!
they would've stuck with honest duo but you can crumb playfully lie to each other (ex: I hate u, I'm breaking the friendship, etc)
your duo was left unnamed for a while before someone made a comic series of you and eret as royalty, eret was like the perfect prince and was your older brother
you were the younger sibling :) yk the basic trope for younger royalty where they're super reckless and free and stuff? that was you in the comics!! so then y'all's subtwt was like oh my god your right royal duo DOES fit!
so they decided on royal duo ! :)
giggles duo or giggle duo :)
everyone in yiptwt already loved his laugh, and then people saw interactions between you two
and they loved your laugh as well !!! and you two giggle a lot !
it couldn't be any more fitting !!!
(they did go nameless for a while bc it was only after a couple users saw how much that subtwt talked about your laughs and posted clips did they find a name)
already posted about this, but I'm happy to talk about it anytime!
the duo name is slime siblings duo! or slime sibs for short :)
you two immediately acted like older brother and younger siblings and people got attached
there are a few people that are "smccl is the uncle that's only a few years older that is s/n's fav uncle bc they think he's cool" truthers but they're overshadowed ✋😭
extreme duo, I think :3
because your personalities are basically one extreme to another
purpled: cautious, calm, thinking things through, planning
you: excited, reckless, act now plan later
y'all's duo is just so
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this one is hard 😭
I feel like some would be like "rivals duo! perfect!" before everyone else was like "🔊🔊AYO🔊🔊THATS DREAM AND TECHNOS DUO NAME 🔊🔊🔊 U CANT DO THAT🔊"
so the were like?? ok umm??
frenemies duo? yeah that works ig :']
so they name y'all frenemies duo bc y'all haven't done anything together that could prompt a super personalized duo name </3
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maddenleftchat · a day ago
For the all DSMP Gods ask, I raise you this: Darling is a skilled mediator (and quite possible manipulator) who now walks freely between the various gods' domains. (Ace Anon)
These are going to be fairly short since it's a lot of characters :)
Triggers: possessive behaviors, obsessive behaviors, stalking, mention of being kidnapped, very brief mention of eating humans, manipulation, and yandere like behaviors. Please be careful when reading.
Tumblr media
Honestly I can see GD not liking the idea of you too much. Like he doesn't hate you as a person, but your actions are what he hates. GD does have a little bit of feelings for you, and mainly wants you to stay with him. He doesn't like the idea of you just walking around for all the other gods to see. So whenever you do find yourself making your daily patrol, be sure to keep an eye on the clock or he just might keep you there a lot longer than you want...
Tumblr media
XD would likely just ignore you in the beginning, not wanting to go through the effort of getting to know you when you just appear for a few seconds before walking out of his domain. It's not that he hates you... He just doesn't care...or that's what he told himself. XD is more likely to watch you from afar, and then create a distraction or an accident in his domain to keep your attention on him. But that only really happens if he's super jealous. Most of the time he is fairly content with just watching you, until he sweeps you up and takes you away from all those other nasty gods!
Tumblr media
Wilbur would probably immediately notice you, and try to get some information out of you. Such as: Who are you? What are you doing here? What is your purpose here? And etc. He's likely to immediately catch feelings, and starts to get upset if you try to leave. Wilbur will likely from then on try to make you catch feelings. If he is being honest, he much prefers his darlings to actually love him back…You don't really have a choice when you get to leave Wilbur's domain… It is HIS domain. All you can do is pray that you don't peak his interest.
Tumblr media
Like Wilbur, he would immediately notice you. But instead of interrogating you he would give you a warm smile and a great greeting! But..also like Wilbur, he will be quick to catch feelings. He isn't nearly as forceful as the other gods. If anything he's nothing but a gentle puppy compared to them. He'll try his best to impress you and make sure you smile every time you come and visit. And slowly, ever so slowly you will find yourself becoming more and more entranced with him. You see his tactic is to make you obsessive over him. Pretty sly huh?
Tumblr media
It is likely that it will take Techno a few days to acknowledge your existence. But do not let your guard down to your reader, he is fully aware of your presence. He's just too caught up in battle plans too want to say anything. Techno is more likely to not catch feelings very quickly. It could take him anywhere from a year to five years, but once he does catch feelings he is quick to get to his feet. And before you even know it, you'll be caged in his arms like the good little dove you are. But the majority of your visits will basically be you talking and him giving simple head nods.
Tumblr media
HA! You'll be lucky to get this man's attention. He'll be too caught up in his feast and his wine. Likely the only reason he actually saw you was through the reflection of the red wine in his glass. He'll demand who you are, and what you are doing there. And once you answer his more or less demanding questions, he will offer you a small bite of his feast. Say. No. And every single time, keep saying no. Schlatt will eventually stop asking you, But congratulations! You got another God's attention! It won't be long before you're sitting in his lap while he feasts away on the human flesh...
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bloodgoddarlin · 2 days ago
Polycule AU Headcanons Part VII | c!Techno/Reader/Titus
Due to the nature of my blog, I ask that minors please DNI, even if this post is SFW, a lot of my work (including parts of this story) is not!
Notes: No real warnings honestly, Tommy being Tommy, Some minor violence? 
Taglist: @bunnylotl @victory-is-here @ravennightingaleandavatempus
Tumblr media
The next morning, you and Sky are woken up by Brutus shaking you awake.
"C'mon. I gotta go out on a resource run and the other two aren't here. So you're comin' with me." He says.
You roll your eyes, groggily getting up. "Okay. Sure, whatever..." You mutter.
With Sky trotting beside you on a lead, you follow Brutus as he journeys through the forest, getting wood and dipping into cave openings to collect in more iron & coal. Eventually, you get to a village, and Brutus leads you inside a general store.
They had everything you could think of-- all kinds of odds and ends. Bottles, arrows, gold, flint, pretty much everything you could need. There didn't seem to be anyone behind the counter, though.
You think for a second that Brutus came here to steal, but then he walks up to the counter and flicks the bell sat on the counter, causing it to makes a lovely chime.
"One second!" A voice shouts from the back room. They run out a few minutes later clipboard in hand. "Hello there, welco-- oh! H-Hi, Mr. Brutus..." They say, softly stuttering and flushing a little upon seeing your companion.
"Hey." Brutus says, leaning on the counter a bit. "How's it hangin', pretty?"
They blush even darker red. "Oh, y'know... just running the shop, same old crap." They clear their throat. "Uh, a-anyway, the usual order, right?" They ask.
He chuckles, watching them with a smirk on his face. "Yup, you got it."
"Okay! No problem!" They smile. "I'll have it to you by tomorrow, as always!"
"Thanks, pretty," he smirks, watching them flit about the shop.
You watch the two carefully. It reminded you of how you and Techno were back in Pogtopia; him casually flirting with you, and you bashfully responding in your own way. 
Once Brutus takes care his business in the general store, you two leave and you start to follow him out. 
On your way out, you see a crow perching on a nearby tree. You tilt your head at it, curious, but it ends up flying away before you can think about it too much. 
You get back to the hideout and both Io and Lucius are back, and the three of you go about lunch.
Over the next few days, nothing really happens: you mostly just sit and wait for Techno to come. 
One day, though, you wake to find the boys all crowded by the windows, staring outside. You tilt your head, curious, and then you find yourself gazing out the window yourself... only to find birds. 
Crows, specifically. Hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, perched on the trees, the fence, the roof, you name it. 
“Where the hell did they all come from?” you hear Io mutter to himself. 
“No clue.” Brutus says. “But this probably means that they’re close. Stay on guard and watch the gate.” 
Just then, there was a loud clattering down below. You blink. 
“Oh, what the fuck is it now?” Brutus says, annoyed. “Lucius, c’mon, lets check it out.” 
A few minutes later, Brutus and Lucius come back upstairs with a familiar blonde boy in a red and white shirt and another boy you don’t really recognize. 
“C’mon, big man, have some respect for little ol’ me, why don’tcha?” Tommy says, and you are very confused. 
“Tommy,” the other boy, who seemed to be part ender, part something else, speaks up, “I think we messed up.” 
The boys had apparently dug a tunnel into the basement and the noises they were making where the two of them goin through all the chests and grabbing whatever they could before Lucius and Brutus walked in on them. 
Brutus decides to give the job of taking you out to the fence to Io, while he and Lucius take care of the two rascals. 
“Sorry, honey,” Io says, tying your hands behind your back with a lead. “Gotta make sure you don’t make a break for it.” 
He leads you outside to the fence gate; it was tall and made of iron bars. Crows that were perched nearby flutter off somewhere else. 
You think, maybe, now would be your chance to try to appeal to him, to let you go. 
You open your mouth to speak, but before you can, there’s what sounds like a explosion over around the other side of the house, just east. 
Io hums. “I should... probably go check that out.” He glances over to you, in thought for a moment, before tying your lead to the fence. “Stay put, alright? No funny business. I’ll be back.” 
You watch him head off, starting to wonder just what the hell was going on. First Tommy and another kid are found in the basement, now there’s random explosions happening in the area? 
“Darlin’.” a voice says behind you, and you jump, gasping and turning, only to see your wonderful, beautiful boyfriend. 
“Techno, oh my god, there you are--” you say. 
“Hey, it’s alright,” he says, reaching into one of his pockets. “I’m gonna get you outta here, okay? You just gotta trust me.”
“Of course I trust you,” you say, tears in your eyes. 
Techno takes out his sword, slicing your lead off. Once your hands are free, you rub at your wrists, turning to your lover. Techno is holding a potion in his hand when you do. 
He downs it all in a few sips and, after pocketing the bottle again, rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck. “Alright, take a step back for me,” he says, summoning the Axe of Peace. 
You comply, watching as he swings broadly twice, and just like that, he’s broken the lock on the fence, as it were nothing to him. 
You beam as he opens the gate and your step through as he ushers you into the treeline. Techno pulls out a cloak for you and as you put it on, he hands you a compass. “About 5 miles north, there’s a big clearing-- Titus is waiting there for you with Carl. Ride with him home, and we’ll catch up soon.” 
“We?” you ask. 
“Well, I gotta help Tommy and Ranboo, and Phil may be in need of some assistance soon.” he says, softly smiling. He places a kiss to your forehead. “Don’t worry, I got strength ten right now, I’ll be fine.” 
You hum, nodding. “Okay,” you say, “just... try not to kill anyone.” 
“I make no promises.” he says, but you know he won’t, especially since you asked him to. 
You head off, heading north and deeper into the forest, turning and watching as Techno proudly goes to help his best friend. 
Soon enough, you reach Titus in the clearing, and he is overjoyed to see you again. There’s a good few minutes of him just holding you and pecking you all over your face before you remind him of what you needed to do. He laughs awkwardly, nodding before jumping on Carl, and helping you up. 
You ride out for a while, a few days maybe, but soon enough, you’re back at the tundra and Titus is ushering you back into the house. You forgot how cold it was out here. 
The moment you’re inside, Titus demands you lay down and rest. You’d been through a terrible ordeal and it was his job as your boyfriend to make you feel better! And that started with a nice hot meal. 
Titus starts cooking, and soon, Techno, Phil, Tommy and the unknown boy, who you assume was called Ranboo, all enter the house from the cold. Sky trots in happily as Phil closes the door. 
“Oh thank god, you’re makin’ dinner,” your taller lover says, and Titus laugh, giving him a kiss. “Have I ever told you how amazin’ you are?”
Titus giggles, and you smile, but then you’re wrapped into a big hug by Phil, the celestial holding you tightly to his chest. 
“I am glad you’re alright.” He says quietly. 
You smile, embracing him. “Thank you, Phil. I’m glad to be home.” 
Dinner is amazing, of course, Titus forcing Ranboo to stay and eat. You’re very glad he does. The night is fun and full of quality time with your family, and you can’t help but smile. 
You were finally home at last, and it felt good. 
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dreamwvrld · a day ago
although i’m not updating starstruck for awhile as i get these xmas fics done, i will get some hcs up!
leave some requests for some hcs (c!techno/c!wilbur/bursonas only pls) <333
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jaybirdsing · 3 months ago
unwelcome guest (headcanons)
your asshole ex tries talking to you at a party, making you quite uncomfortable. a very poor call on their part
characters: dream, sapnap, george, punz, c!techno, niki, poly dream team, poly karlnapity
warnings: asshole ex partner, physical altercations/minor violence including some broken fingers (techno do be protective). your ex making physical contact refers to a shoulder touch or attempting to grab your wrist
Tumblr media
This man smooth as fuck because he is ALL confidence. The SECOND he sees your ex, and then sees you looking uncomfortable, he swoops in at your side seamlessly, throwing an arm around your shoulders, and just sends them the most apathetic glance known to man.
“Wooooow. This is just sad. Don’t you have somewhere else you should be?”
He wants to get across the message that you’re his now, and that you’re being treated much better. His arm around you is tight, though, to make sure you’re okay, to make sure that you know that as long as he’s here, no one is going to hurt you.
If they try to touch you- Dream catches them by the wrist and cocks a brow, but he’s dead serious. “Yeah, don’t even try it."
Let’s be real, Sapnap can be the meanest motherfucker on the planet when he wants to. Your ex wouldn’t stand a cHANCE, Sapnap would HUMILIATE them. On sight he plants himself in between you and your ex and absolutely decimates them. Insults their hair, their clothes, their voice, their hobbies, their personality, and digs into every little personal detail you’ve told Sap about them.
“You’re barely worth my time and energy, what makes you think you’re worth theirs? You’re dog water, dude. Now stay the fuck away from them.”
If they try to touch you- You hear him mumble “oh hell no” before going in for a full on fist fight
Ok I don’t even simp for George but I know in my heart of hearts that this man would be the king of using a social situation to his full advantage. He doesn’t have to threaten them, he doesn’t have to put his arm around you, nothing of the sort. He sees what’s going down and makes a beeline for your ex, a full drink in hand, and just. PLOWS into them, spilling the drink all over their chest and almost knocking them to the floor, and George just makes a HUGE DEAL apologizing and drawing as much attention to your ex as possible.
“OH MY GOSH, I’M SO SORRY, I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE YOU, HERE LET ME HELP,” just yelliNG at the top of his lungs to both give you an opportunity to duck out and to make you laugh.
If they touch you- George drops the act immediately and just places himself right in between you and your ex. Now he’s pissed
If Punz sees your ex, it’s on sight. Does not matter if they touch you or not, he wastes no time clocking them right in the mouth. They’re out like a light. After that he wastes no more time and makes sure you’re okay and is glued to your side for the rest of the party.
Just as you start to get uncomfortable, you feel a familiar presence behind you, and just watch as your ex trails off, their eyes drifting over your head. Techno would just stand behind you, absolutely towering over you and your ex, staring silently, facial expression carefully blank. He doesn’t have to say a thing, just waits until your ex gets the fucking picture and backs off.
If they touch you- Techno moves quick as lightning, grabbing your ex’s fingers and yanking them back so they touch the top of their wrist and break
Niki would march right up to your ex, guns blazing, and just lay into them. She’d grab your hand with a squeeze while giving your ex the biggest lecture of their life, jabbing her finger in their face as she asks how dare they even speak to you after the way they treated you? She gives them 30 seconds to get their shit and leave or things are gonna get real ugly real fast.
“You’re clearly making them uncomfortable, but you’re still talking? I don’t know what your fucking problem is, but it’s gonna get a lot worse if you don’t take the hint.”
If they touch you- No hesitation, she reaches over and bitch slaps them across the cheek, and that stern lecture turns into yelling
Poly!Dream Team-
The DTeam is super chaotic but I feel like they definitely don’t fuck around when someone is making their partner uncomfortable. Whatever your ex is saying, it’s interrupted by George materializing next to them saying, “You know, it’s funny, I distinctly remember Y/n telling you not to contact them.” Sapnap appears on the other side with an iron grip on their shoulder: “But if you’re having trouble remembering boundaries, we’d be happy to remind you.”
Your ex tries to protest, claiming a misunderstanding, when Dream comes to your side, frowning pointedly at them. “No misunderstanding. Our partner told you no, and you crossed the line anyway. Now piss off before you leave here in a stretcher. ”
Now Karlnapity would turn the chaos meter up to 11. They swoop in like a group of synchronised dancers doing the absolute most to piss off your ex. Perhaps taking a note from George, Karl comes in from one end with a full drink and spills it on your ex, but before they can react Quackity is also coming in hot with a drink in hand from the other side and drenches them. Sapnap doesn’t even play games, he just throws his drink in your ex’s face without even trying to mask it as an accident. They don’t have time to say anything, much less emotionally recover when the three just chime in with the most intense roast session of the poor sod’s life.
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i-was-born-a-mistake · 6 months ago
Philza: Apologize now. Tommy, sighing: .. .----. -- / ... --- .-. .-. -.-- Wilbur: What's that? Techno, already been though this once: Remorse code. Wilbur, narrowing his eyes: I’m even angrier now.
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inniterhq · 2 months ago
"𝑰 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬 𝒀𝑶𝑼" | 𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐜!𝐝𝐬𝐦𝐩 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: The different moments where each member says "I love you." Genre: fluff Warnings: light angst, mentions of blood Pronouns: they/them Note: includes dream, george, sapnap, quackity, karl, wilbur, and techno <3 i lost a part of myself writing this so pls i hope you like it :']
*this is a long post!! be wary ;-;
Tumblr media
Dream’s confession comes when the air is thick with tension, when he fears this’ll be the last time he sees you.
The sky was grey, heavy clouds of smoke and ash reflective of the anxiety spiraling in your stomach. Dream paced the room, feet falling heavily against the wooden floors of your home, his hand wringing the hem of his green hoodie.
War raged outside, the fight to subdue a revolution. You were forbidden from seeing it firsthand, but you were well familiar with how it can tear someone apart, marring them with scars both visible and hidden away.
Your lover paused by the window, staring out into the violent landscape in the distance, knowing he had to step out there soon.
“Do you have to go?” Your hand found his, fingers intertwined as you voiced your concerns in a hushed tone.
He turned to you with a rueful smile, right hand cupping your cheek, “You know I have to, they’re waiting for me.”
You had to heave a shaky breath, a weak attempt at keeping your voice even. You focused all your strength into your breathing, keeping your heart rate in control. But with all your energy spent on your hammering heart, you could barely hold back the tears forming at the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill.
Dream was quick to reach over with his thumbs, swiping them away before they could streak down your cheeks. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, pulling away briefly and hesitating, before pressing a kiss to your lips.
His left hand curved around your waist, pulling you closer to him while his right titled your chin. If these were his final moments with you, he wanted to carry you on his lips for the rest of eternity.
The shouting outside grew louder and you forced yourself to pull away from him, your hand resting against the back of his neck while you stared. You looked deep into his eyes, memorizing the flecks of bright green and yellow that freckled the pool of emerald green as they stared back at you.
“You should go, they need you.”
He nodded silently and your heart wrenched, twisting into nothing with every step he took towards the door.
The floor swayed; you bit back a wretched sob. Dream stood with his back to you and you shut your eyes.
When you opened them, he had turned to face you, a determined look on his face.
“I love you.”
He was so cruel. Three words with all the power to ground you; they shook you to your core, relief washing over after.
“Tell me you love me too.” “You know I do,” you whispered as you heard his sigh. “I love you too.”
--- ✧.*
George says it while he’s half asleep and missing your warmth, his usual guard weakened due to his tiredness.
You hadn’t meant to stay up late, too immersed in your work to notice the hours passing by. When you looked up from your desk, papers strewn all over the oak, illuminated by a simple torch on the wall, you could see the tendrils of a sunrise beyond the horizon.
Grimacing, you pushed yourself out of your chair, retiring to your bedroom.
Sleep was beginning to seep into your movements as you were suddenly overtaken by a rush of lethargy, your steps languid and slow.
The door opened with little force to reveal the darkened room, a simple oil lamp left alive on the bedside table next to your side of the bed.
The sheets were ruffled, bunching up around and over the body lying beneath, his chest rising and falling in slow, deep breaths.
George had gone to bed much earlier than you, but not without some hesitation. He had wanted you to join him, of course, reluctant to leave your side until you had sent him off yourself.
Rubbing the tiredness from your eyes, you crawled into the space your boyfriend had left, his back turned to you as he rested in a peaceful slumber.
But your weight causing a dip in the bed woke him up slightly, a groan escaping his lips as he switched sides, face now turned to you.
“You're finally here? What time is it?”
You chuckled breathily, your hand smoothing over a few strands of his dark brown hair that had fallen over his eyes, “Don't worry about it, at least I’m here.”
He hummed in agreement, arms immediately snaking around your waist the second your body sunk into the soft, cushiony mattress.
George pressed his lips under your jaw, his stubble scratching your skin lightly, “It's always so cold without you here.”
“Aww, my poor baby,” you cooed, snickering when he responded with an irritated grunt. “You're so clingy.”
“Whatever, I guess I'm not supposed to miss my partner.” You whined, trying not to laugh, “That's not what I said.”
He huffed and you continued, suddenly feeling a bit guilty for your newfound habit of coming to bed late, “You just seem like you miss me a lot.”
“That's because I do. I love you,” he muttered, his hands slipping under your shirt to rest against your bare back.
It was a comment made without much trepidation; a truthful confession slipped into the comfortable silence of the early morning hours.
George had fallen asleep quite quickly, you doubted if he'd remember what he had said when he woke up.
You, however, would remember it forever. The first time he had ever said those three words to you, his face hidden in the crook of your neck while he pulled you close.
You reached over him to put out the oil lamp, but not without taking a moment to admire the many freckles that were sprinkled over the apples of his cheeks.
As the yellow light went out and the darkness spread to every corner of the room, you pressed a kiss below his eye, “I love you too.”
--- ✧.*
Sapnap’s comes with spontaneity, when he’s running on pure adrenaline and he pulls you close, the words bursting from his mouth.
“Did you see that? We smoked them!”
Sapnap’s laugh echoed throughout the community house as he ran in, eyes wild with excitement, a certain ferocity in his movements.
You walk over to him, giggling as his happiness was contagious, “Yeah, I saw. You did so well.”
You’d think he’d be used to it by now, your compliments, but they never failed to make his cheeks pink as he shied away, though only momentarily.
When you both met halfway, Sapnap wasted no time in wrapping his arms around your waist, pressing your chest to his. You placed your hands on his shoulders, Sapnap practically bouncing on his feet from the rush that came with victory.
You knew he was waiting for your invitation, he never wanted to bother you with his rambling. You liked seeing him so animated about things, though, so you took every opportunity for it.
“Tell me about it,” you said, barely taking a moment to take a breath until Sapnap launched into an explanation.
“It was great! There were massive explosions and I was in the front of it all,” he grinned with triumph, the apples of his cheeks squishing his eyes shut.
He was adorable.
You opened your mouth to speak but before you could get a word out, Sapnap had grabbed your hands, spinning you around on the crafting table floor of the community house. His eyes alight with joy, laughter spilling from his lips, you reveled in the moment for as long as you could.
He couldn’t believe his luck. If not just their victory against L’Manburg, but also you. Everyday he woke up wondering how he had managed to strike gold with you. You were out of his league- he thought so anyway- yet, you were his biggest supporter.
Watching you spin carelessly, your hands pressed into his and your fingers intertwined, got his heart beating faster. Nothing could make this moment better, still riding on the high from his battle, sharing his happiness with his lover.
The thought crossed his mind briefly and he shoved it down, not wanting to do anything too risky. It bubbled to the surface anyway, lingering at the tip of his tongue.
The words burst from his lips like fireworks against the dark navy sky, “I love you so much!”
As soon as it had left him, he froze, all movement between the both of you coming to a halt. He wasn’t supposed to say that out loud, and the bewildered look on your face only made him feel worse.
He wasn’t used to silence, especially the kind that made sweat trickle down your back and left your palms clammy.
Sapnap squared his shoulders, puffing out his chest as if to act as a cushion for, what he was sure was going to be, his rejection.
It wasn’t until you laughed, pressing a kiss to his forehead and then one on his nose, that he relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief.
“Why’d you take so long to say anything?” he whined in response, relishing the little pecks you left all over his face nonetheless. “I thought it was funny,” you hummed.
Scoffing, he shoved away from you, crossing his arms over his chest to go sulk in a corner. You followed after him, laughing the entire way.
“Sapnap, wait,” you said in between laughs. “I have something to say.”
He turned to pout at you, “No, I’m upset with you.” “But I love you too.”
Apparently this was all he needed to hear for him to come running back to you, scooping you up in his arms. Arms flying out to stabilize yourself against him, you yelped as Sapnap spun you in the air, setting you down shortly after.
Sapnap gazed into your eyes with a lovesick expression, your sweet smile only making him fall deeper for you.
The three words hung in the air like a gentle reminder of the love you both shared for one another.
--- ✧.*
Quackity’s confession happens in a moment of hesitation, when he realizes that watching you walk away hurt more than he could bear.
The blood on his shirt scared you. You knew it wasn’t yours, you hadn’t had a run in with him recently. Seeing Quackity with his beanie left crooked on his head, crimson staining his palms and fingertips, worried you.
“You go out, do god knows what,” you yelled, your voice trembling, “and you get back covered in blood!”
Quackity bit the inside of his cheek, whirling around to glare at you, “Why do you care anyway? You never gave a shit before—when you were the one beating me to the ground!”
You fell silent. He was right, you never bothered to say anything before, it was out of character for you to suddenly want to intervene.
The two of you had always been at odds, straying away into opposite sides. You had joined Techno once L’Manberg was first exploded and Quackity had quickly grown to despise the piglin hybrid. You supposed that him losing his first life to Techno’s hands definitely didn’t help.
But what could you say? That you loved him and the thought of losing him haunted your mind every night?
It made no sense for you, someone who had been against him from the very start, to care for him like that. You couldn't fault him for his suspicions.
“Ran out of things to say?” he taunted, a hand reaching out to shove your shoulder.
He grew more meek as the silence stretched on, wondering where your scathing remarks had disappeared to. You always had something to say to him.
Through the stifling quiet, there was a mutual understanding of what you had wanted to say. The words which swirled around in your mind, threatening to spill from your lips, were the same ones Quackity had managed to just barely hold back.
With a sigh, he fixed the collar of his shirt, smearing some of the blood on his fingers into the white fabric, “You should just stay out of my way, it's not good for us like this.”
“Be like what?”
Your defiant tone even surprised you, and Quackity as well, judging by the way his eyes widened ever so slightly.
You knew he was going to say something so horribly cliché, you waited for the disappointing words to leave his mouth.
“People like us never work out,” he whispered, shrinking away in resignation. “I've already suffered enough losses, I can't handle another one.”
Perhaps he was right, the both of you were fated to fall from the start; a man who fought with the government and you, who fought against it.
But you weren’t one to back down easily, even if the odds were against you. Even if you were two puzzle pieces that weren’t meant to fit together, you’ll never know if you never tried to put them together. Didn’t he even want to try it? Weren’t you worth at least a try?
Anger flared in the pit of your stomach, flames licking your insides, burning you, “So you’d rather just never take the chance?” He ignored you, turning away with indignation.
You’d be a liar if you were to say that you weren’t hurt. His cold shoulder sliced you open, unraveling the stitches that held you together and you were spiraling now. Why couldn’t he be bothered to catch you before you fell?
“You know what? It was my fault for thinking you ever cared about me anyway.”
Your feet found the exit to the casino, breathing calculated and slow to hold back your tears. You couldn’t handle this anymore, it would be better to forget him altogether. It would be best to forget the few times you had amicable conversation with him; the longing looks and occasional candid statements. You lived far enough away so that you would never run into him, even if you wanted to.
You heard him sigh before he called out, “Wait, just- wait, okay?”
“Why? So that you can tell me that I’m not worth your time once again?” you spit back, heaving a breath at the sorrowful expression he wore.
He took his time walking over to you, standing in front of you rather stoically before he made a move. A hesitant hand placed on your shoulder, pulling away until it made its way up to your cheek. You hated the way you leaned into his touch- how eager you were to be loved in even the smallest of ways.
“And what if I-” he started, clearing his throat. “What if I said that I love you?”
It was like a burden had been lifted off your shoulders, the pressure of an anvil pushing against your chest finally removed. You could breathe again; the air was fresh and clean.
“I would ask if you meant it,” you whispered back, almost worried to raise your voice as if even a single sharp sound would break this moment forever. “I do, I mean it.”
So, you pulled him closer by the red tie around his neck, a little loose from being poorly done, and pressed your lips to his. Quackity pushed his hands into your hair, fingers pressing against the nape of your neck as he held you, savoring a moment he had craved for far too long.
And the relief that came with your next words would stay unmatched, no matter what victories lied ahead of him.
“I love you too.”
--- ✧.*
Karl’s would definitely be the most accidental, fueled by a sudden rush of love for you that he just can’t stop himself from confessing.
The morning dew clung to the blades of grass outside, a subtle mist surrounding the kingdom. Wind whistled outside, it’s draft blowing in through the window and making Karl shiver.
He woke up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand as his feet landed against the cold wooden floors. The sweet scent of pancakes wafted through the home, enveloping him with the warmth he needed, and he realized you weren’t around.
Shuffling outside, yawning obnoxiously and returning to a grin upon hearing your laugh, Karl entered the kitchen.
You were standing by the girdle, flipping pancakes and adding them to a stack on the ceramic plate set next to it.
“Good morning,” you muttered, feeling Karl’s hands rest on your hips as he leaned his body weight into you, chin resting on your shoulder.
“‘Morning,” the brunet mumbled, placing a kiss on your shoulder before pulling away to let you flip the last pancake.
You put it on top of the now finished stack, placing a square of butter on top and drizzling maple syrup over it.
You walked around him, grabbing a handful of berries to place on the plate as well, before setting it down on the table.
“Your breakfast,” you grinned as you gestured to the food, “is served.” “Why, thank you,” Karl adopted a prim and proper tone, sounding a little snooty as he sat down.
The two of you broke into easy laughter as you took a seat across from him, your chin held up by the palm of your hand as you watched Karl bite into the pancakes. He chewed for a little while, making exaggerated faces before giving his nod of approval.
“Glad you approve, Mr. Jacobs,” you said, fighting a smile as he nodded enthusiastically, mouth full of food.
You waited for Karl to finish up, and every few minutes, you’d have to turn away his hand as he offered a fork full to you. He knew you had eaten already, you tended to wake up much earlier than him, but he liked to ask anyway.
A comfortable silence fell between you both, and you suddenly realized you were craving the shiny red strawberries on Karl’s plate- the one’s he had just begun eating. As he pushed his fork into one of them, you reached over and plucked it off, shoving it into his mouth and stifling a laugh at your boyfriend’s expression.
He looked utterly betrayed, mouth agape and eyebrows downturned with disappointment, “You are the worst.” You continued to laugh, the noise muffled by your hand, while Karl quickly shoved the rest of the strawberries into his mouth in handfuls.
“Slow down, I’m not taking anymore,” you said, the laughter subsiding finally as you stared at the boy in front of you, his mouth stuffed while juice dripped from the corners onto the table below.
He pushed his foot out, kicking your ankle, initiating a game of footsie.
You raised your brows, “You’re such a child.”
But you played along anyway, kicking him back softly. Karl was finally able to giggle after having swallowed all the food, his gaze settling on the gentle smile you wore, your brows furrowed in determination.
The diaphanous rays of sunlight painted your skin gold, he couldn’t help but notice how ethereal you looked.
The melody of your laugh when he hissed at your next kick, the mischievous glint in your eyes- his heart swelled with sheer adoration.
And suddenly, he was considering just how lucky he was to be here, with you. You woke up every morning to make him breakfast, and you’d be here every night with dinner. You’d read to him and you’d help him through his bad days. You were his rock.
“I love you!” he blurted out, the fork in his hand falling onto the plate, clattering loudly.
You snapped out of the competitive daze you were in, staring straight at Karl.
His cheeks were beginning to bloom with pink as he looked away, the movement causing his hair to move to the side as if it had a mind of its own.
“Sorry! I wasn’t-” “I love you too.”
The fond smile on your face only grew with the way his head snapped to look at you. Karl pushed himself out of his chair, walking over to where you sat, pulling you up to stand. Both his hands found your face, holding you close.
Neither of you said another word, basking in the silence that followed the accidental confession, yet wholly knowing that you were meant for each other.
--- ✧.*
Wilbur’s confession is traditional but very much like him, straight out of a movie where he leaves you swooning, lying in wait for him to come around again.
Every day, you’d wander out into the garden that grew in front of your home, full of various flowers and little forms of life, to get the mail that would get delivered to you.
It would sit in a stack at the entrance, leaning against the gate of the white picket fence Tubbo had helped you build nearly a year ago.
It was usually a jumble of bills, useless fliers, and political propaganda- but there was always one thing you’d look forward to in every other stack. A letter, tucked away in an eggshell colored envelope, your name written on the front in messy black ink.
Fingers tucked under the twine that held the stack together, you rushed inside to tear into it and hunt for the letter.
You had been counting down the days since he last came around, knowing this was the week you would be able to add yet another note full of tender words to your growing collection. Wilbur was quite the romantic, you had come to figure out.
You lived on the outskirts of the mainland, meaning it was a little bit of a trip to come and see you, one he simply couldn’t make every day- or every week. You compromised on meeting with one another every other week, and he would send a letter for the weeks he couldn't see you. You had insisted that doing so wasn’t necessary, you were perfectly content with seeing him whenever he could come by.
“Oh, I’m doing this for me,” he had said. “I can’t go too long without seeing you, and I just might explode if I keep everything I think about you to myself.”
You found the envelope pretty quickly this time, considering there weren’t many other letters with messy handwriting on the front that could almost be mistaken for scribbles.
Smiling to yourself, you opened it, reading through every line feeling giddy like a little kid with a crush.
The beginning was as usual, him asking how you were and telling you how he was, how things were with L’Manburg and the revolution. Then, your eyes found the next paragraph, decidedly longer than the first.
I’m starting to feel like a broken record, I think I say this every letter but, I miss you. It’s so lonely when I’m away from you. My world over here is filled with anxieties and violence, I miss the gentleness you bring when we meet. I think, this time when I see you, I’ll run to you like a little boy reuniting with his dog (I feel I should clarify I am not calling you a dog.), or a soldier returning to his partner after years of war. I am nothing but a fool for you. Recently, I have been thinking about us.
You paused for a moment, fearing the worst. You wondered if he had finally had enough. It would be contradictory to everything he had been saying so far but, Wilbur was never the most predictable man.
With sweaty palms, you kept reading.
Well, I always think about us- you, specifically- but I meant our relationship. I want to win this war so that I can see you everyday. Once L’Manburg becomes its own nation, I promise you can move in with me, and I will spend the rest of all my lives by your side.
It made you tear up a little, his words were comforting even if they were relayed to you through paper. You couldn’t wait to see him again, to be able to hold him and feel his warmth around you, the wool of his yellow sweater.
But, as I thought of this all, I realized that I am finite, as are you. I have so much I wish to do with you before then, so much I wish to say. It would be rather remiss of me to never acknowledge the risks I face, like my mortality.
It worried you a bit that he was speaking of death, it was something Wilbur usually kept out of his letters for you. Part of you wondered if it was because he could see his efforts coming to an unfortunate end. It made your heart wrench.
Anyway, all this to say, I love you.
You exhaled, only just realizing you had been holding your breath.
I would have preferred to be there, to tell you to your face, but I couldn’t keep it in until then. I had to tell you now because it’s not guaranteed that I will ever see tomorrow. I love you more than the stars love the moon, I only show my true self when you are around. I crave you more than the earth craves water, you are the reason I grow. Without you, there is no me. And the only way I can ever thank you for all you do, are those three words. In the grand scheme of things, they might mean nothing. But to me, I am giving back to my world.
Once more, you found yourself giggling under your breath like a little child, Wilbur’s words making you swoon.
You pressed the letter against your chest, over your heart, as you sighed, “I love you too.”
As your eyes glanced over to the calendar that hung over your kitchen table, mentally marking down the days until you could see him again. You really did love him, and he loved you.
--- ✧.*
Techno waits for a moment of domesticity, when he can quietly whisper his affection for you without care for anything else.
Techno sat with his bare back facing you, smooth skin marred with scars from various battles. You liked his scars. They were a testament to your lover's defeats, or his lack thereof.
The pink haired man was focused on making a sheath for his sword, busy bending and melting gold into intricate loops and patterns to adorn the cover.
Shifting from your seat on the couch, you walked over to him with a yawn.
Slipping under his arm, you crawled into his lap, getting situated on his lap and resting your back on his warm chest.
"It looks pretty," you muttered, gaze fixated on the glimmering gold Techno was busy shaping with his fingers. "Thanks," he answered gruffly while leaning down to press a kiss to your temple, the scruff of his chin scratching against your skin.
Techno's deep voice rumbled against your spine as he spoke and you reached up to place your hand on his nape, tugging lightly at his hair. He huffed at your fingers scratching at his scalp, warm breath washing over your face in a pleasant manner until he pulled away.
Returning his attention to his sheath once more, you watched as Techno molded a piece of softened gold into a leaf, defining the edges with the back of his nail.
Mesmerized by the shine of the beautiful element in front of you, you reached out to touch it—smooth over a piece sticking out. As soon as the pad of your thumb hit the metal, you recoiled, hissing in pain. Unfortunately for you, you were merely mortal and not part piglin like your lover.
Techno immediately set down the sheath, grabbing your injured hand in his, bringing your thumb up to his lips.
"Did you forget that your skin isn't as tough as mine?" he chuckled, kissing it better.
You smiled softly, twisting around to see him better, "Thanks for making it better."
Neither of you said a word, relishing the silence and the warmth shared between you both.
His lips kissed down the side of your thumb until he had reached the point where your hand merged into your wrist. There, he took your wrist in his hand, turning it around and pressing a kiss to the inside.
You sighed in content, twisting around to face him, beaming up at him as he returned your gaze through his lashes.
You wished you could stay like this forever, but Techno drops your arm and returns to his work, leaving you to fidget with the wrinkles of his pants that gather at his knees, fingers running along the inner seam.
The heat that radiated off of his work station began to gather sweat along your hairline and you felt it drip down the sides, frowning as you wiped it away. Techno grumbled something then wrapped his left hand along your side, squeezing lightly before moving forward to catch your wrist once more.
You looked up at him, confused, as he brought something towards your hand. It was small, fitting between his index and thumb. Pausing for a moment, he took a breath and quickly brought the small item to his mouth, blowing a cool stream of air onto it.
“What is that?”
You got your answer shortly after, when he gently grasped your hand, holding out your finger and sliding something heavy onto it. Your eyes caught the glint of light bouncing off the golden band first, a wide grin gracing your features as you brought your hand to your face for closer inspection.
The ring was small and simple, a messy letter ‘T’ carved onto the front. You ran a finger over it, feeling the slight groove of the edge.
Turning completely in his lap, arms outstretched to wrap around his neck, you sighed, “It’s beautiful, thank you.” Techno, suddenly embarrassed from your undivided attention, tucked his head into the space between your neck and shoulder.
You laughed as his hot breath tickled your skin, the slight roughness of his lips as he dragged them along the curve of your jaw and to your ear.
With your hand tucked into his, fingers intertwined so that Techno could feel your ring pressed against the side of his middle finger, you found yourself content with the world once more.
“I love you,” he muttered and you felt yourself melt, your frame crumbling in his hands.
The power Techno had over you was dangerous.
“I love you too.”
But, you didn’t mind.
Tumblr media
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normally-alexis · 7 months ago
Shower sex
Pairings - Various x Reader
CW - Smut, Rough sex.
" What's it like having shower sex with them? "
Dream - He's pretty gentle at first but he does like his dominance between the two of you. He might wrap his hands around your neck and hold onto it while fucking the shit out of you.
Sapnap - He's a man of dominance having your hands on the wall and bending over for him and being fucked is one of his pleasures
Georgenotfound - He'd hug you from behind and slowly fuck you while cleaning you off, it's a two-for-one deal if you were being honest.
C! Technoblade - This is inside of a tube but you'd be on top of him looking down at him while riding him and he gives you soft praises for being good at it.
C! Schlatt - He's railing into your guts not even focusing on having a shower anymore, he doesn't care as long as he gets to see you at your weakest.
C! Wilbur - Very rough and he's going to probably do the same thing as techno but instead of you riding him he's fucking you senselessly with very a very steamy room filled with pants and moans.
C! Philza - He's going to be soft on you and try cleaning you up but also fucking you and handling you with care, he's going to be more focused on being soft than going all out.
C! Badboyhalo - Like philza he'll be soft on you and would treat you as fragile as possibly, probably adding a tease to your body by changing up his speed, possibly?
C! Awesamdude - You'd on top of him and your front body was facing his face, he's taking care of you from the front while pleasuring himself inside of the process.
Karl jacobs - Soft shower sex, He's soft with you stroking your back when you ride him and he's praising you for what you do because he wants you to be proud of yourself.
Punz - Rough dom much? He's pretty tough on you, like sapnap he likes it when your arms are against the wall and he gets to fuck the shit out of you and likes the dominance he holds over you
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Beauty and the Beast
<<Previous Part
Tumblr media
(C!Technoblade x Fem!Reader): Beauty and the Beast AU
Cover art is done by: @abovenyx
Chapter 2:
The West Wing of the castle was dark almost like Technoblade didn’t want anything to illuminate this wing. You frowned sniffing from the dust that seemed to have settled over everything in sight. A large door greeted you at the end of the hall, the wood was dark and littered with carved filigree. Your fingers delicately traced over the engravings, you were in awe at the gorgeous handiwork. A skilled carver had to have made this, it must’ve cost a fortune. You gently pushed the large door open, it creaked in response and you flinched at the sound you looked around seeing that no one heard you, you entered without hesitation.
The room was somehow even messier than the corridor it was attached to, trash and torn pieces of tapestry littered the floor and you couldn’t wrap your head around how anyone could live in conditions like these. Your eyes gazed upon a torn tapestry hung up on the main wall of the room, on it was a picture of a handsome man. A strong jawline and long pink hair, eyes a blazing an intimidating crimson...they looked almost familiar to you. Slowly you turned towards the balcony just before the entrance to the outside sat a rose, it was held up by nothing but magic it looked wilted as it was losing petals at an alarming rate. Water...maybe it needed water? Why would anyone let this rose wither away and die if it can be revived with some water? You reached your hands out gently cupping the glass dome it was residing in, a snarl tore you out of your stupor. You screamed as a clawed hand gripped your wrist tight pulling you away from the glass case. Technoblade blocked your view of the rose, his eyes like hot coals looked into your own, steam curling around his snout as he growled.
“What are you doing here?”
“I…” You couldn’t find the words, mouth going dry as you stared up at the towering beast above you.
“I told you never to come here? Do you have ears? Do you listen to anything anyone says ever, you dumb girl!” He spat and you tensed, standing up straighter ready to defend your case you opened your mouth,
“I know that you told me not to come. But-”
"Do you realize what your insolence could’ve done!? How would it have affected everyone here? Get out!” He pointed to the door with a clawed hand, “Now!”
“No, I-”
“YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO BE HERE! NO RIGHT!” He yelled directly in your face, you flinched moving to run past him as he spun you both around so he was blocking the exit. Technoblade reached out grabbing your arm and promptly tore a piece of your sleeve off, tearing into your delicate skin. You yelled in pain thin lines of blood trickling down your upper arm, and for the first time since you've been there, you looked petrified. Seeing what he had done his face fell, he held his hand tight to his chest, “No, I...I didn’t mean-”
“PROMISE OR NO PROMISE I WON’T STAY HERE WITH YOU!” You screamed hair falling down your face, and sticking there due to the tears. You turned on your heel and burst out the door, down the hall, you dodged a rather frantic-looking Wilbur and Phil.
“Miss (Y/n)? Where are you going?”
“Wait it’s dangerous you mustn’t! Techno what did you do!” Phil snarled the beast of a man must be hot on your heels.
“I’m sorry! Please! I didn’t mean to frighten you or hurt you! I didn’t- You don’t understand...there’s so little left of little.” He trailed off watching as you ignored all their pleas and opened the main entrance door. Cold air immediately burned your cheeks raw, it was snowing once more as you bolted through the gardens and into the dark woods that would lead down to your village. The woods were dark, and the moon did little to illuminate your path, you weren’t prepared to be out in the snow. The wind and snow chilled you to the bone, as the wet snow soaked through the thin fabric of your dress and shoes. Your panted breaths came out in a little puff of fog as wolves howled in the distance. You took a nervous breath. Stopping briefly in the middle of a clearing you panted looking around the area for the proper way to get home to the village. That would prove to be a challenge because just as you made a choice in which direction to go in a wolf stepped out of the darkness. You tensed stumbling a few steps back, you made a move to turn back in the direction you came but you found yourself surrounded by a pack of ravenous wolves. They all were baring their teeth and snarling, as they closed in a circle around you, you frantically looked around before picking up a tree branch and holding it out like a sword. You were so dead,
‘I’m so sorry Tommy.’
You were startled out of your self-pity with a loud roar, suddenly snow fell around you as something landed in front of you. “Technoblade!?” You squeaked as he looked down at you, blazing red eyes so stern and serious it made heat pool in your gut. You shamefully looked away,
“Get behind me.” He huffed pushing you behind him shielding you with his cape, the wolves snarled in response and lunged themselves at Technoblade. He growled right back at the beasts and ripped them off his arms as they latched onto them with their teeth. He tossed them into the air like they were nothing, clawing at their fur as they clawed and bit right back at him. One latched onto the back of his hand and he snarled teeth baring as he ripped the wolf off, tearing through the skin on his hand and into a tree. It seemed to be the Alpha because the other wolves began to back off seeing their unmoving Alpha. Technoblade snarled at them once more and they backed off completely and utterly, he fell to his knees clutching his arm. “Are you alright?”
“I’m...I’m alright are you?”
He only grunted nodding weakly panting heavily. His eyes looked bleary, if you wanted you could leave him here. You could continue back to the village, you looked back over at the wounded wounded man and your choice was made. You slung his arm over your shoulder and helped him back to the castle. Once you both made it back into the castle he sat down in a large armchair by the fire, you were still in his lap. A part of you was too stunned to move, especially when he nuzzled his snout into your neck, you blushed shamefully red.
“What happened?” Phil fretted hoping over, Wilbur by his side,
“I got attacked...he saved me.”
“He what?” Wilbur asked in disbelief and Techno snarled weakly,
“He’s hurt. I need warm water and a cloth please, the wound needs to be cleaned.”
“I’ll get Puffy.” Phil nodded, a few minutes later he came back with a teapot, who you assumed was Puffy. Phil had a rag in his hands and you moved off his lap, a loud whine spilled past his lips, all three members looked shocked to the core.
“He must be really hurt.” Puffy fretted pouring warm water into a bowl, you took the rag gently and dunked it in the water squeezing it out and shaking it so it wouldn’t be too hot. You placed the rag on the wound and he howled, teeth barring, pulling his arm away from you.
“Let me see! Don’t do that!” You scolded reaching for his arm and he moved it out of your grasp, another growl but this one was less ferocious and more nervous. “Just let me help you.” You grab his arm and touch the cloth to the wound he hissed painfully eyebrows furrowing in pain.
“It hurts!”
“If you just hold still like a good boy it wouldn’t hurt as much.” You retorted, with all the fur you couldn’t see his blush but he felt his cheeks warm. He scoffed,
“If you hadn’t run away this wouldn’t have happened!” Technoblade shot back, his eyes sparkling like he won this mini-debate.
“If you hadn’t frightened me I wouldn’t have felt the need to run away!” You shot, not backing down, not this time not when you saw he truly had no intent to hurt you. He paused another moment before coming up with a retort,
“Well,” He growled, “You should’ve stayed out of the West Wing like you were told!”
“You should learn to control your temper.” You glared hotly at him and he wilted only slightly under your stern glare, never one to back down he glared right back. However, he was the one to avert his gaze as he looked down at his friends for help who all avoided eye contact. He huffed and you continued “now hold still please, this may sting a little.” You continued to clean the wound, all of you sat in relative silence before Technoblade noticed your cheeks turning a soft red. Your voice came out quiet and tender, “Thank you by the way. For saving my life…”
Techno blinked in surprise, finding that your gentle tone made him blush as well, “You’re welcome…”
Puffy, Phil, and Wilbur all looked at one another with eager surprise, it was happening. The young Prince was falling in love.
The night passed with hushed conversations between the two potential lovers before they both departed for the night. Techno’s heart felt light and fluttery, he couldn't stop a smile from spreading across his cheeks, shit this could work.
The next afternoon Technoblade asked you to have lunch with him, you nodded kindly but before you could go anywhere he grabbed onto your hand. “Your wound...did you patch it?”
“My wound...oh.” You blinked laughing lightly, “I forgot all about it I just passed out.”
Technoblade clicked his tongue, “come.” Giant hand still in your own he led you into one of the many bathrooms. He fumbled opening the bandages and you smiled fondly,
“Let me.” You opened them easily with your fingers and he grunted in displeasure, he wanted to help you. Looking up at his furrowed brow you held out your arm, “Wrap it for me.”
He stilled for a moment, eyes widening in genuine surprise, “uh sure.” He murmured as he ever so gently tended to the wound he inflicted upon you. “Is that alright?”
“Perfect Technoblade. Thank you,” You took his paw away from your arm and kissed it lightly. He pulled away soon after seemingly completely and utterly flustered. “Lunch?”
“Er yes.” He nodded a few times too many leading you to the familiar dining hall, somehow remembering his manners he pulled out the seat for you. You smiled sitting down as he clumsily pushed the chair in, you smiled in thanks. You watched as Technoblade crossed to the other end of the table and sat down in a way too small chair. You laughed softly watching him fumble his way into it, his tail poking out the back and swaying uncomfortably behind him. He swallowed visibly nervous as you took a spoon in your hand and sipped politely at your soup, looking over the spoon you saw Techno ravenously digging into the bowl of soup. Techno spotted your eye contact and felt his face burn to see you eat so differently from his own way, he wilted but your smile never left your perfect features. Instead of scolding, he watched you pick up the bowl his way and sip at it, he joined you, his own heart swelling with pure joy. “Would um...join me outside? Maybe in the garden?” He asked as they finished lunch, the roaring snow had stopped sometime in the night covering the grown with a fresh layer of pure fluff.
“Oh absolutely.” He watched as her face lit up excitedly, holding her hands close to her chest, “I need to get changed first!”
“No rush, not everyone can have fur as nice as mine.” He thought the attempt at a joke would fall flat but you laughed, really truly laughed, he could melt.
“Be back in a jiffy.” You chirped practically rushing out of the dining room, this time happily he slumped against his chair. His tail that once had been thumping nervously, was wagging furiously behind him thumping on the ground. He caught sight of Wilbur and Tubbo laughing and he huffed trying desperately to stop the swaying of his tail.
“You seem happy.” Tubbo mused innocently hopping over, Techno huffed picking him up and placing him on the table.
“Me? Happy? Never.”
“Sure about that big guy?” Wilbur hummed and Technoblade slumped letting out a slightly dreamy sigh.
“When she smiled at me, Wilbur...when she smiled at me. I get all choked up and I-I feel like I can’t breathe.”
“That’s good?”
“It’s excellent your highness!”
He looked like he wanted to say more but you came back adorned in a soft blue coat with fur, gloves, and earmuffs covered your head. You looked just as excited as earlier, “You ready!”
“Hmhm.” He nodded standing up, the both of you walked outside side by side, the snow was beautifully laid out and you both ruined the blanket with your footprints. The garden was beautiful especially covered in snow, he watched you hum and dance about eyes shining like the sun. It took Technoblade’s breath away, panicked he put together a giant snowball and chucked it at your face.
The panicked thought of ‘WHY DID I DO THAT?!’ ran through his head as it landed right on your face. You blinked blearily shaking the snow off you, you gave him a stern look and he laughed nervously.
“This is war Blade.” You mused making a snowball of your own and hitting him in the face, it was puny and he barely felt it but he acted as he did. For your sake. You laughed triumphantly and he smiled, his attention was drawn away from you for a few quick moments. He saw two little birds hopping around the snow, he stepped towards them and they flew away in fear. Technoblade flinched rather visibly, you frowned stepping over, “Here.” You smiled kneeling on the ground, he followed suit, he saw you pull out some bread seeds from your pocket and scatter them on the ground. The birds came back happily chirping and pecking at the seeds, Technoblade looked at you questioningly and held back a panicked yelp as you touched his hand so gently. You poured birdseed inside of it and placed it on the ground, slowly and unsurely the birds looked at the both of you. Until the smaller one jumped into his hand, you watched his entire face light up in pure and utter delight. He looked over at you, vibrating in excitement almost as if to say, look they’re not scared of me! You nodded clapping lightly and the birds fluttered away.
‘It’s something sweet, and almost kind. But he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, but now he’s dear and so unsure...I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.’ You thought glancing over at Technoblade, his features may be monstrous in nature but somehow you found him handsome. Those sharp eyes and a strong jaw, big arms, and hands but they were gentle with things that were fragile. Technoblade cleared his throat successfully snapping you out of your staring. Your face flushed and you took his hand within your own, you squeezed it fondly and he laughed almost breathlessly.
‘She glanced this way, I thought I saw...and when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw. No, it can’t be. I’ll just ignore, but then she’s never looked at me that way before.’ Technoblade thought as both of you stared at one another so fondly, it was your sneeze that broke the silence.
“Are you getting cold?”
“A little.” You responded and were shocked to see him take off his giant cloak and drape it across your shoulders. You flushed as red as the cloak and murmured a soft thank you,
“It looks good on you. Go head inside to change...I have something to give you after.”
“A gift I couldn’t possibly-”
“Go.” He bumped his head against your own affectionately and you smiled scurrying inside, his long cape trailing behind you. He followed inside after a few minutes, tail wagging helplessly once more like it did when he was a child and cursed. Once more Wilbur greeted Technoblade with an eager look on his face,
“She was wearing your cloak huh? Did you both warm yourselves up in the snow-”
“Wilbur.” He snarled ears pulling back, flustered beyond belief, “No she was cold.”
“Damn. I thought there was some gossip alright?”
“She’s wonderful. I’m giving her a gift.”
“Oh, what?”
Techno knelt down and whispered his plan to the candlestick his face lit up, “You sly dog!” Throat clearing was heard and Technoblade stood up to his full height, it was Phil standing beside you. You had a gorgeous baby pink dress on, that stopped just above the floor and a corset that sinched your waist elegantly. “Say something about the dress,” Wilbur coughed nudging Techno with his hand.
“It’s pink.” He blurted and Wilbur groaned this time very audibly,
“A compliment idiot.”
“Oh. What a nice dress.” He stepped toward you swallowing thickly, you curtsied in response, smile still present on your features.
“Thank you.”
He glanced over at both Phil and Wilbur who both gave him a signal to go on. “Okay don’t freak out,” He placed his paws over your eyes and you didn’t so much as flinch, he let out a shaky breath. “I’m gonna lead you okay?”
“I’m in your hands Tech.” You hummed his tail sped up at the nickname but pushed forward chuckling deeply.
“Good hands I hope?”
“Very good, and very strong.” You said those words with such ease his heart thudded rapidly in his chest, the urge to show you how strong they really were flooded through his mind. The urge to pin you against a wall and kiss you breathless fluttered through his head, his big hands sliding under your dress as you mewled cutely under his touch. Techno would chuckle in your ear, tusks grazing your neck, before sliding his hand under your- He swallowed thickly shaking his head trying to rid his mind of those dirty thoughts. You were a lady and should be treated as such. He felt embarrassed of his thoughts, his primal teenage urges never were properly released, considering he was cursed so young. “Techno?”
“Almost there.” He said a little too quickly opening the door with his other hand, he led you into the room, “Eyes closed.”
“Alright.” You giggled feeling his paws pull away from your eyes, Technoblade stumbled back and held out his hands wide.
“Open!” He bit his lip and watched your eyes flutter open with delight. Your gift was his very own expansive library, books were stacked high into the ceiling and you spun around to take it all in. “So?”
“I’ve never seen so many books in my entire life!” You squealed running up to him and throwing your arms around his sturdy middle. He purred, actually purred, and patted the top of your head,
“So you like it?”
“I love it!” You looked up at him resting your chin on his chest, he felt the urge to flex, make sure you could feel the muscle he had beneath the clothes and all the fur.
“Then it’s yours.” He exclaimed breathlessly, you squealed in delight, a sound that shouldn’t have been so becoming. But to Technoblade it was the cutest sound in the entire world, he watched you pull away and flutter from stack to stack gazing at all the books not entirely sure where to start.
‘New and a bit alarming! Who’d have ever thought that this could be.’ You thought looking over your shoulder as Technoblade gave a shy wave, you waved back. ‘True that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.’
“Oh!” You called happily pulling a book off the shelf, Techno hummed in curiosity, “This is one of my favorites. The legend of King Arthur have you read it?”
“No.” He spoke almost shyly, “I haven’t-”
“Then you read it first then!” You pushed the navy blue book into his arms,
“No, it’s alright-” He pushed it back into yours,
“You must!” You insisted, he grunted eyebrows furrowing,
“I can’t okay, I never.” He groaned embarrassed and exasperated, “You know…”
“You can’t read?” Your question came out as a hushed whisper. His jaw clenched tightly, steam curling around his nose
“Only a little...a long, long time ago. Look I’ll, I’ll leave you to your reading-”
He felt a hand on his chest stopping him from moving forward, he glanced down and was surprised to be met with your hand on his chest. “Well…” Your voice suddenly shies, “It just so happens that this is the perfect book to start with. Sit with me?” Technoblade nodded, feeling as if he was in a trance as he followed you to the sofa in the middle of the grand room. Unknown to the two of them, Phil, Wilbur, Puffy, Tubbo, and Ranboo were peeping from around the corner.
“Well, who’d have thought.” Wilbur laughed breathlessly,
“Well, bless my soul.” Puffy giggled as Ranboo and Tubbo snuggled up to her,
“Well, who’d have known.” Phil smiled adoringly,
“Well who indeed!” Puffy exclaimed,
“And who'd have guessed they'd come together on their own?” Wilbur chirped brightly.
“It's so peculiar! Wait and see!”
“We'll wait and see, a few days more. There may be something there that wasn't there before.” Tubbo chirped just for fun.
“And here's a thought, perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before.” Phil mused patting Wilbur on the back, “good job son.” Wilbur’s flames brightened and he smiled at his father.
“What, Puffy?” Ranboo asked brows furrowing together,
“There may be something there that wasn't there before.” Puffy continued to hum leading the boys away from the potential couple.
“What is it? What's there?” Ranboo insisted as Tubbo snickered,
“I'll tell you when you're older,” Tubbo teased sticking out his tongue, Ranboo huffed
“Okay, I'm older!”
Tubbo howled with laugher and Puffy shushed them putting them both to bed.
The two potential lovers sat on the couch together long into the evening, the flickering fire keeping them warm and safe. Somehow Technoblade’s head ended up on your shoulder, tail wrapped securely around your waist.
“I never knew books could do this…” “Do what?” You asked curiously, with a small tilt of your head,
“Take me away from here for a little while. Make me forget for a little while…” He frowned slowly taking his head off your shoulder.
“Forget what?”
“Who I…” He swallowed, “Sorry...what I am.”
You frowned, hand cupping his cheek, brushing at the soft fur there, he startled looking over at you with intense red eyes. “A wonderful man and a gentleman at that.”
“What…” He spoke breathlessly, “but I’m a monster.”
“Not a monster. A man, no child, who was cursed. No one deserves to have that fate thrust upon them Technoblade.” His heart swelled, eyes darting to your lips, he looked away swallowing a thick lump in his throat. “You remind me of Tommy…”
“Heh?” His snot scrunched up as he looked back at you disbelief written across his features.
“The village hates him. He adores collecting and inventing little gadgets to help me around the house. Our parents passed when he was young, so I care for him…” Your face fell, “Cared. He’s a troublemaker and the villagers scold him relentlessly, he acts tough. But he’s cripplingly insecure.” You glanced over at him, “Have dinner with me.”
“Heh?” The switch in tones gave him whiplash.
“A redo of last time. Another chance will you join me later tonight?”
“Yes. Yes of course.” He spoke breathlessly,
“Good.” You stood up and he had to physically force his tail to unwind itself from around your waist. “See you tonight,” You smiled brushing your hair behind your ear as you seemingly floated out of the library. Technoblade groaned loudly burying his head in his hands, he loved you so much it was crazy. “Wilbur! Phil!” He called and both men hopped into the room eagerly, “I need your help...I need- I think I have a date.”
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Tumblr media
𝐚𝐤𝐚: 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐜!𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐝
Tumblr media
pairing: c!technoblade x gn!reader (only romantic pairing)
synopsis: like i said, FOUR times he wanted to smooch and the one time he actually was brave enough too. friends to lovers, FLUFF, [ 5.3k words ]
warnings, a/n: swearing! partying, therefore, alcohol but not in a harmful way, jus ppl chilling- not underage drinking!!! and TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF OH ALSO, there is one kissing scene between two cc's and it's minx and niki but it's not sexualising them at all nor is it meant to be taken in an inappropriate context and it's only briefly mentioned, not in depth at all! but if it does make anyone uncomfortable let me know! the ONLY ROMANTIC ship is between c!techno x reader and every other one mentioned is strictly platonic!
big shoutout to @yamturds who literally saved me so much time and saved me from embarrassment ajajja thank you <3 <3 go check them out!!!
Tumblr media
what if we kissed… under a tree and- wow, you look beautiful:
"so the points are... wilbur is on nine, minx on eight, niki and jack on seven, eret and me on six, puffy on four and so is y/n, and techno's on zero," announces fundy, who’s reading from his phone. there's a few shocked reactions from people around the table.
"how the fuck does wilbur have more than me?" minx grumbles, crossing her arms as her subway sandwich sits untouched.
today just so happened to be one of the days that, miraculously, no one had classes on during lunch time, so it was a perfect time for you all to catch up together despite being in close contact almost everyday. the little squad met during high school and just somehow stuck together through it all.
now, your close-knit group of friends were in the middle of having lunch at a nice park when curiosity was raised over the game 'what if we kissed..?' since others were wondering who was winning. it was a game that puffy proposed as a joke but was still taken on board by everyone.
probably because the winner of the game would get a solid $180 by simply kissing people on the lips and you all as third-year college students, were willing to snatch any sort of cash you could get.
well, you weren't all that into it. you had enough after the first two kisses and the next two points you got were on a whim. of course, everyone respected that you weren't too keen on participating.
"the day techno gets a point is the day i'll kiss minx," wilbur jokes from the end of the table, a light smirk dancing on his lips as he looks at his brother in amusement. the pink haired only snorts in response.
technoblade was also another individual who wasn't keen on the game, however, unlike you, he's stuck to his code and hasn't broken his perfect score of nothing.
techno's taking a sip of his smoothie when he says, "in that case, i'll make sure i'll get one. i'd love to see you and minx smooch."
you ignore how you two make eye contact when he says that.
"we'd all love to," eret laughs, everyone else agreeing whilst minx and wilbur make noises of disgust. the two of them were sure to enter a screaming match if it weren't for niki interrupting.
"y'know what! minx, we should kiss right now so you can get even with wil!" the blonde suggests.
this alarms you, seeing that you sat right in the middle of them, "no- in front of my spaghetti, really?" you pleaded desperately.
unfortunately, minx agrees rather eagerly, ignoring you.
“niki,” she begins, “what if we kissed at a park table right in front of y/n?”
she pushes you out of the way and you look away the second they smooch. thankfully, it was quick and minx immediately starts laughing at wilbur because she was now tied with him. "180 dollars will be mine, suck on that, wilbur soot!" minx exclaims.
the brunet looks outraged. "no fair! eret kiss me right now you beautiful-"
"wilbur! no- get away from me!"
thank goodness for puffy being the one to break everyone away by mentioning a party you all had agreed on attending together a few weeks ago when she first suggested that the group should go.
“i got the address now. we all planning on going?”
details on that were discussed for the rest of the lunch break you had before jack and niki needed to rush back to class whilst those remaining decided on going to the library to study together.
however, you and techno decide to stray away from the others, staying at the park instead. it was peaceful since most kids would be in school but the park was left perfectly quiet for you and him to some nice, tranquil time to spend together.
this became an odd tradition of yours not too long ago, originating from when you dragged him to read outside one day, knowing he was quite a bookworm and you spent the afternoon together, reading in nature whilst enjoying your time together. now, this happens sporadically but you both would always have a book packed in their bag, just in case.
so, here you were with your head laying on one of technoblade’s legs, fingers grazing the delicate, flimsy pages of the novel as you quickly read through the words on the pages. your book protected the invading sun from shining through the foliage of the tree, resulting your arm feeling sore from time to time, which is why you liked to alternate your positions every so often.
his back was pressed against the harsh back of a wisteria tree, which purple flowers had bloomed and the petals fell around you two.
technoblade doesn’t mind your company. not at all.
in fact, he quite enjoys it but in the beginning, he had found it hard to not let you invade his thoughts from time to time. then he found you lingering there more often, conquering most of his mind, more than what he’d like to admit.
then you invaded his heart.
now, in technoblade’s opinion, the heart was a fickle thing for it did more trouble than good. it made him feel far more than what he thought was needed as it constricted uncomfortably every time he felt jealous or bitter or raced in fear every time he was nervous.
it also made him feel the love he didn't think he was worthy of.
you catch his attention when a yawn escapes your mouth.
“tired?” he asks, setting his book down a little and you shook your head silently, despite letting out another, smaller yawn. your hand digs into your tote bag to rummage for a tube of vanilla chapstick which you applied a layer of. “did you get any sleep last night?”
“a little, wanted to finish the hardest part of my assignment last night so i can chill tonight and get it done before final edits,” you admitted, rubbing your eyes gently. “caring about me, techno? how flattering. it looks terrible on you.”
“alright, i’ll never do it again. suffer for all i care.”
you laugh humourlessly at that, finally turning your head to look at him. the look that glimmers in your eyes steals the air from his lungs, every last whisper of oxygen was replaced with pure adoration. the pieces of sunlight that filtered through the leaves danced across your face, creating a kaleidoscope of colours that techno wanted to memorise.
there was joy dancing across your face as you gave him a sheepish smile.
what if we kissed… under the wisteria tree?
“what?” you asked, breaking him out of his focus. “what’re you staring at?”
“dunno. must’ve been a bug or something.”
“oh. is it gone now?”
“no, it’s still on my leg.”
in my garage when wilbur's band just left to get some food and we're alone:
“i can’t wait to hear how you guys are sounding! it’s been a while since you sent your last recording to the groupchat,” you say, sitting on the edge of an old couch that resided in the garage where your group of friends practiced.
you were careful to not step on everyone’s complicated set up with their chords as they were plugged into speakers littered around the space.
when the band first started playing, it was quite a bit to adjust to the volume of the amps, but once that was over, you were able to appreciate the amount of time and effort your friends had put into rehearsing. fundy, on piano, was bobbing his head in time to the synced rhythm of the drums, which was jack’s role. niki occasionally walked around to everyone, vibing with her bass guitar in hands.
they played some famous rock band songs which you couldn’t help but sing along too, as well as showing you some of their originals which were a work in progress. either way, the talent from your friends was obvious and it was rather evident how far they’ve come.
“that was amazing you guys!” you cheered, applauding loudly when wilbur finished his last note and the amps faded out.
“thanks! we’ve been working on it for a long time,” jack informs you as he flicks the drumstick in his hands. “it’s coming together, we’re sounding good!”
“you are. huge improvement, i’m so proud,” you complimented, wiping a fake tear away which earns you a joking push from fundy who had disconnected his electric piano. “for real though, that was incredible!”
techno nods in agreement, “true. as someone who has heard every last practice, you all have improved by a lot.”
“that’s huge coming from techno, everyone!” wilbur exclaims, giving everyone high fives.
“technoblade is our number one fan!” niki shouts excitedly and the pink haired doesn’t deny it which makes them even more excited, considering how hard it was to impress techno, that was quite the achievement. “shall we get some takeout to celebrate?”
“yes!” fundy agreed almost immediately. “i’m so hungry.”
“cool! y/n, techno wanna come with us?”
you look towards your friend who merely shrugs and you’ve learnt over time that his shrugs may seem like he’s indifferent but really, he just doesn’t know how to say ‘no’, so you say it for him. “it’s okay, i think we’ll stay behind. call us when you decide on what you wanna get though.”
“probably sushi but we’ll definitely call you and ask what you want. keep your phones on,” wilbur commands before the four of them shuffle out the garage, obviously hyped after a good jamming session. it made you smile seeing them so giddy.
you turn to techno who’s already looking at you.
“so, what’s up?” you asked, standing up to sit down next to him on the soft couch. he pulls out his phone, briefly checking the time which read 1:06pm.
“nothing much, just wanted to talk to you,” he says, sitting up from the couch slightly to meet you eye-to-eye, even though he was a head taller than you.
“hey, where’s tommy? i haven’t seen him in a bit. i miss the kid.”
“am i not enough?”
“nah, your little brother’s better.”
“you’ve wounded me,” he grumbles, “you’re never invited back to my house again.”
you giggled slightly at that, shaking your head. “luckily for me, you just so happen to have a twin brother who’s much better than you and won’t ban me from your house.”
“you’ll be banned from my life.”
“you could never, i’m too good of a friend, irreplaceable, if you will.”
he hums, fidgeting with the sleeves of his denim jacket.
“you didn’t deny it.”
“was i supposed to?”
you grinned at that but hid your expression by gently resting your forehead on his shoulder.
you could identify the faint smell of denim lingering on his jacket and it was oddly calming. resting in silence together for a few moments, the entire time made technoblade’s heart begin to race at a speed that he was all too familiar with.
“so where is tommy?” you quizzed. “you never answered my question.”
“out with ranboo and tubbo. he should’ve just gotten out of his lecture by now too,” he says in a matter-of-factly voice.
you hummed in acknowledgment instead of responding. “when can i talk to the big man, he’s funny.”
“you’re the only person who thinks so.”
“we all need supporters, it’s okay.”
“what about me?”
“you don’t need my support,” you joked, narrowing your eyes slightly and leaning in closer to his face in a teasing way.
he prayed you didn’t hear the way his breath hitched.
all it would take was to learn forward a few inches and he’d close the gap, finally learning what your vanilla chapstick would taste like.
he so urgently wanted to say, ‘what if we kissed… in my garage on a dusty old couch when our friend’s instruments are right in front of us?’. it was the sentence to let it all happen, and it was running rampant in his head, desperately searching for a way to escape.
technoblade lets the words remain in his mind and turned his head to look away from you to avoid any further temptations.
maybe one day.
he misses the way a small flash of hurt tugs at your expression.
at a house party but we both just wanna ditch and- c'mon, let's just go:
applying one final layer of chapstick on your lips, you were finally ready for the party. just in time for everyone else to finally be done with all preparations as well. the speaker from the other room was blasting tunes that everyone was vibing to in order to hype themselves up for the party.
however, you and niki were both in the bathroom for final touch ups for your outfits, making conversation here and there but it was mostly spent in silence as you both focused on how you looked. niki adorned a beautiful, skin-tight black dress that perfectly fit to her frame.
your outfit didn’t do much for warmth but you didn’t really plan on going outside much during the party so you doubted layers were required. beside, you’re sure you could steal a jumper from technoblade, who was a human heater and hardly even needed any extra jackets.
suddenly, the peace was broken by minx who storms into the room, opening the door widely enough to let the reverb of the music to reverberate throughout the space, opposing the muffled sound that carried through the walls.
“let’s go!” exclaims minx, whose arm finds a way around your shoulders. she examines your outfit with an impressed expression in the mirror. “y/n, you look fucking hot as shit, dab me up!”
you laughed at that but regardless, gave her the handshake she wanted, “and you’re looking like a wholeass three course meal.”
“i know,” she says with a smirk playing along her painted lips. minx always looked effortlessly entrancing no matter what and it just so happened that she knew she had that ability. “niki, my beautiful girl, looking stunning as always!”
“thank you minx! are we ready?”
“yeah! jack and fundy are just boozing up,” minx explains, “that’s why you might hear shouting from those idiots.”
and just on queue, the sound of enthusiastic screams are audible, mixed with some other voices of your friends. you all shared a laugh at the perfect timing, the blue-haired rolled her eyes, clearly already fed up.
nudging your friend in the ribs a little, you say, “let’s go to make sure the others are being stupid before we even get there.”
“finally. it was getting exhausting being in the same room with fuckers i hate,” jokes minx.
“it’s okay, you have us now,” niki says with an enthusiastic grin.
re-entering the room where everyone was chilling, low and behold, fundy and jack were in the middle of chugging a bottle of who knows what whilst everyone else watched. wil was nursing an opened can himself and there were other opened ones scattered across the floor.
the only ones not drinking were puffy and techno, who were the designated drivers to the party.
“sheesh, you two, save some alcohol for some party. you’re gonna be shitfaced soon,” you said, crossing your arms in an unimpressed manner. before either fundy or jack could retaliate, eret stands up from the chair they had previous sat on.
“y/n! niki! looking good!” eret compliments, strutting over to you in their platform heels. when he stops in front of you, you need to look up to see his eyes. even though, normally you would have to look up anyways, you had to take a few step backs to look at them comfortably.
“i will literally bow to you, holy shit, you’re like a god,” you complimented with a gasp and eret laughs.
“aww, thank you.”
“you’re popping off, eret!” niki exclaims with a very pleased expression dancing in her eyes. “so are we all ready to go?”
puffy nods and gestures for everyone to get outside.
“i call shotgun in techno’s car!” you yelled, meeting the pink-haired’s eyes from across the room. he smiles, pushing himself off the wall next to wilbur and walks to you, car keys in hand. wilbur and niki follow suit since it was organised for the four of you to be in one car.
“well, what are we waitin’ for?” he asks, letting a few strands of his hair drop in front of his face when he looks at you. you notice that he had pulled his hair back into a man-burn, making the ear cuffs he wore evident. you also noticed that he paired it wear his septum tonight. he was wearing loose black jeans, paired with a beige-white jumper that he layered with necklaces.
technoblade was truly one to behold and you never wanted to look away from your best friend.
“looking good,” you complimented.
techno scoffs, “you always do.”
“stop flirting with my brother,” wilbur deadpanned, brushing your shoulder with his. you laughed heartily as he ruins the little moment you and techno were having.
“you wish.”
after that, you all go into the parked cars along the side of the road, saying your goodbye’s until the party. techno would trail behind puffy’s car as agreed but you had the address anyways in case you needed it.
the whole time you were playing songs recommendations that everyone was throwing at you, all whilst techno was focusing on the road, expertly handling the wheel with ease. you remember one time you told him that you trusted him with your life as a driver and for whatever reason, the comment made him a little flustered. now, you can’t help but think about that moment whenever you’re in the car beside him, which is rather often.
in 20 minutes, you arrive at the address, right behind puffy’s car with barely any time to regroup as minx and jack are already running to the entrance. you walk in alongside niki not too long after, catching up with fundy, eret and puffy, leaving techno and wil to be the last ones.
the music was blasting, and there were disco lights illuminating the rooms inside the humongous home. judging by the sound of people jumping into pools, you could tell that there was a huge outdoor space as well.
when you arrived, there was loud chatter everywhere. some were dancing, some were talking, both inside and on the gardens and there was a dj set up. you grinned when you spot some familiar faces, such as quackity, karl, alyssa, sapnap, dream and george. they were all spread out across the scene.
quackity and karl spot you first, making a beeline towards you as they both come in for a hug. the two drag you and niki towards the food stands, intent on wanting to spend some time together.
time carries on and you float around the scene, catching up with many others. including dream and sapnap who pushed each other into the pool in their clothes, wilbur jumps in and so does puffy as a part of a truth or dare you were playing, along with some other students you were only merely acquainted with.
it was a fun night and you took many photos with friends to celebrate. there were memories of you with everyone in your group, along with quackity, karl, a soaked dream and sapnap, an unimpressed photo of george since you stole his glasses and a wholesome photo of you with alyssa.
although, your favourite had to be one with techno. it was a candid, taken totally without either of you knowing. it was when you were on the dance floor and vibing to a song together, your hands were interlocked and techno was looking at you in a way that gave you butterflies whilst you were smiling widely.
it wasn’t until the flash of wil’s film camera and niki’s phone that made you aware of this. the photo became yours and his background.
the party becomes too crowded three hours into the party and you were getting slightly fed up of the same scene, so you walk towards the kitchen, wanting some time alone to get a breather from all the alcohol, cheering and restless young adults. technoblade follows you.
the pink-haired wasn’t necessarily one with the wildest scenes so it made sense that he’d also want some alone time. whilst you were chugging a bottle of water you nabbed, techno asks, “wanna get out of here?”
“to where?” you questioned curiously.
“anywhere you wanna go.”
you smiled a little at that and techno couldn’t help but risk a glance to your lips, all whilst music was blasting from the other room and the led lights in the kitchen coloured the room in a low, purple setting.
you noticed it, a shiver running up your spine from his gaze.
what if we kissed… in the kitchen of a house party we both wanna ditch?
the question hung unspoken. and unspoken it would remain.
“let’s go then,” you said, about to leave when all of a sudden, he sheds the jumper he was wearing and handing it to you. he reveals a black tank top that he wore which fit nicely to his figure.
trying not to stare was hard.
technoblade looks at you expectantly, “it’s freezing and you are not wearing enough to protect yourself from the cold.”
with a huff, you take it and quickly pull it over, ignoring how big the jumper was on you, as techno’s clothes always were. “thank you,” you say with a smile before grabbing his hand and dragging him away. “let’s go!”
at a mcdonalds drive thru but i'm still too chicken to actually do it:
technoblade was insistent on wanting to drive you to your classes today. even though he didn’t have anything on, he told you he had a meeting with his professor to discuss aspects of the course.
on the way, you mentioned how you were slightly hungry since not having eaten since breakfast and so the pink haired is now waiting at a mcdonald’s drive thru, to get some food for you and him to eat.
"what do you want?" techno asks, pulling up to the drive thru where the menu flashed brightly with the many options they had of fast food. you hummed in thought, deciding to just go with a happy meal because you weren't all that hungry but when you told techno that, he looked at you with an unreadable expression.
he definitely wasn't impressed though.
"what'd you give me that look for?" you asked when he finishes talking to the person at the register. he doesn't spare a glance as he slowly continues through the narrow paths.
"a happy meal, really?" teases technoblade, stopping just before the paying station, finally shifting to look at you.
"what do you have against happy meals?"
"they're for children."
"they're for all ages. you're just no fun."
he scoffs, fidgeting with the silver rings that adorned his hands. "yeah right. let's hope the toy is good."
"it better be! heard they're doing a series of marvel toys right now," you hummed, taking out your wallet to find the right amount of money to pay techno back with when he stops you.
"it's just mcdonalds, you really don't need to pay me back for that," he excuses, waving you off even as you persisted and you knew better than to keep arguing with techno who would just pay you no mind so you give up, making a mental note to repay him for another time.
he rolls up to the register window, where the employee offers the credit card reader and the pink-haired taps it, waiting for the little 'beep' noise it makes before retracting. the two of you quickly thank the employee as they wish you a good day, driving past as they talk to their microphone again, waiting for more orders.
you keep glancing to his rings and he notices this, feeling uneasy under your observing gaze.
"this is a nice one," you complimented, leaning over the console to reach for his right hand. the band you were looking at had an engraving of a small skull. grim, but very suiting for techno.
his hand was warm- it always was, but you were oblivious to how the rest of his face heated up at the small contact you initiated.
"how come i've never seen you wear it? is it new?"
"no, not really. i found it in one of my drawers the idea and it was one that wilbur gave when we were 12- ish? somehow, it still fits my pinkie so i wear it."
the sentiment warmed a smile onto your face as you sat back to create some space between you and him once more. the proximity had him flustered but he missed it the second you retreated, wanting to pull you back near him once more. nonetheless, he shakes off the urge.
"d-do you want the ring?" questions the pink haired, his voice small and shy. "you can have it if you'd like."
"no no, it's your ring-"
"and i'm giving it to you."
"are you sure?"
"fine, we can do a ring trade so i don't feel horrible."
you plucked off one of yours. it was a simple gold band with an engraving of a heart in it.
techno’s ring fit around your middle finger and he placed yours on his right ring finger. it didn’t take much to get used to the sensation.
you met his eyes with a giddy grin.
and he becomes a puddle of nothing but adoration from the way you look at him.
you were so close, yet so far away at the same time and he just wanted- he just wanted you.
what if we kissed… at a mcdonalds drive thru?
however, with the realisation of the car ahead of you having long gone, techno was forced to continue through much to his disappointment.
he decides he needs to tell you. soon.
and finally, under the stars.
you didn’t have much planned for the day except for studying and once it hit night, you would watch a movie or something. what you didn’t expect was for technoblade to text you.
- from techno 👑: I’m coming to pick you up in 30.
- to techno 👑: well hello to you too 🙄 why?
- from techno 👑: We’re going stargazing, I’ve got somewhere to show you.
- to techno 👑: :) okay that sounds fun i’ll see you soon
true to his word, he arrives at your home half an hour later, where you were waiting outside for him in attire warm enough to beat the cold of the night.
“hey,” you greeted and he gives you a quiet one in return.
not many words are exchanged throughout the car ride apart from techno telling you where you were going and making some small talk about how your day was, but other than that, the silence is comforting with the radio quietly playing. you almost fell asleep and techno’s calming and smooth driving didn’t help you in trying to stay awake either.
he wakes you up gently when you arrive. it’s by a fenced off cliffside and you gasp by the amount of stars you can already see.
how did techno find this spot?
he opens your car door for you and you stare at the sky in wonder, absolutely enraptured by it all as you take a few steps into the open parking lot. there weren’t many street lamps around to illuminate the area but the bright rays from the full moon were enough for you to see it all.
“it’s beautiful,” was all you could whisper.
technoblade beams at your compliment, not that you could even witness his smile as your gaze remained on the stars above.
“i- i have no words.”
“then don’t say anything,” he says, opening his hand for you to take and you do, you trust him completely.
your ring which sat snug on his finger is cold, a contrast to how warm techno was, and his ring that wraps itself around your finger glistens in the sheen of the moon. there’s an explosion of happiness and giddiness within the two of you when you notice, and technoblade’s heart feels so much love and adoration, a feeling that only you could evoke.
you feel all the same.
he leads you to over to the front of his car, which the pink-haired leans against and you copy, hands still interlocked.
“seriously though, how did you find this place? it’s beautiful,” you whispered softly, looking up at the many stars that shone back down on you.
“phil used to take us here. we promised to keep it a secret between all of us but you’re worthy of knowing as well, we all agreed on that.” informed the man beside you.
“thank you for showing me, i love it so much.”
“it’s okay.”
a soft grin graces your features and you glance towards him, meeting his ruby eyes once more. “i promise to keep it a secret between us as well.”
“swear on it.”
he extends his pinkie and you wrap yours around his without hesitation. for good measure, you decide to clang your ring against his, the action eliciting a small chuckle from technoblade. “promise.”
a few minutes of silence pass by and techno’s arm has found its way around your waist and yours lingers around his torso as well, bringing the two of you closer together. the cold air of the night wasn’t much to worry about, not when you had each other.
“y’know, you kinda remind me of the moon,” you confessed, words trailing into the night.
“why’s that?”
“the moon has a very calming aura, shines in the dark but amongst all the stars, is the most radiant. it’s also very pretty.”
“pretty? am i pretty?”
“you are pretty, techno,” you said with a smile. “i like pretty.”
he gulps. fuck it. the words come out without much thought.
“what if we kissed under the stars?”
a glimmer passes in your eyes as you look up at him. you’re both searching for any sort of regret or hesitancy in each other’s expression.
instead of a verbal response, your hand finds its way onto his jaw. the distance is getting smaller and smaller until there’s no space left and then, you softly collide in a silent symphony of affection.
despite technoblade’s natural gift with words, there was no way to describe how right this was as he pulls you closer to him, naturally fitting you against his frame.
vanilla has never tasted so good.
he seeks for you, even as you part with half-lidded eyes and mesmerised minds. a breathy laughs slips past you, one that you can’t help, and the best he can do is smile as your lip balm lingers on him.
“stars forgive me, for i think i just stole the moon from you,” you joked with a hearty laugh.
“only if you will have me.”
“of course.”
“you’re a thief.”
“am i now?”
technoblade nods in response, “having the nerve to steal me and my heart like that, have you no shame-”
you shut him up fairly easily with another kiss, all whilst the stars twinkle brightly above the two of you, witnessing a newborn love unfold; shared between two souls who realised they were soulmates long before this moment.
this gc is for hot and sexy ppl only! 🤟😍😽
- from techno 👑: Wilbur you have to kiss Minx
- from you <3: and you have to add a point to techno and i
- from wilb sooo: WHAT
Tumblr media
my back literally hurts after writing that i spent a lot of time on it AJAJAJJ i actually love the way this turned out!
as always, if you enjoyed, please i'd love for you to interact with this post or my blog in any way! following and reblog help me out the most but if not, i hope you enjoyed regardless.
see you all soon, earth
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streaming-yn · a day ago
Who do think delivered the news of ranboo death to forgetful y/n?
I'm thinking techno? because y/n trusts him wholeheartedly so with him delivering the news y/n wouldn't cause an argument and call the other a liar
he may not be the best at comforting them, but it's probably the best choice
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smol-cherry · 2 months ago
◇MCYT first kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: More people, woahhh!! :o
◇Character(s): Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Wilbur, Quackity, Techno, Schlatt.
◇Type: Headcanon.
◇Genre: VERY Fluffy.
◇TW/CW: Cussing.
Tumblr media
Dream :
Has been thinking about kissing you for the longest time that he can't take it and is just like
"Can I kiss you?"
You were quite confused, but said yes.
Was very sudden and out of nowhere but very cute.
Tries to tell chat how it "really" went and how "so romantic" he is..
Very fluffy moment.
He even blushed a bit after the kiss.
Tumblr media
Honestly- Quite a shy kiss, was a little short.
But so cute..
You bumped noses and laughed it off.
It kinda became a thing where you would purposely kind of quick and fast kiss when you're both feeling fluffy and soft.
It was a bit awkward but that's what makes it cute.
Held your hand during the kiss
So adorable, you both were smiling so hard the entire day.
Tumblr media
Actually down bad for you.
Like- Dude's been planing this date for a couple months.
And tbh, you kinda did..
Doesn't really grab, just lightly puts his hands on your waist.
Peppers your face with kisses after that and just says how adorable you are.
He literally loves you so much-
It's his second favorite memory.
His first is you praising him after winning a MCC.
He doesn't talk about the MCC one because it feels more personal and he'd like to just keep that between you.
But he definitely talks about your first kiss on stream a couple times.
Tumblr media
Another fluffy and cute one.
It's all just laughs and smiles.
It's honestly just a bunch of quick kisses because neither of you can contain your laughter.
Cups your cheeks n shit because he all cute like that.
You both got pretty embarrassed.
Talks about it on stream once or twice.
He blushes sometimes just thinking about it.
Tumblr media
Asks you a bunch if you're sure and that you don't have to kiss him if you don't want to.
You shut him up by kissing him because it got annoying after a couple times.
He's a bit surprised by it but eases into the kiss fairly quickly.
Has such a huge smile on his face.
Without thinking he just says "I love you."
Not that he minded too much, he really did love you.
You said it back and he was over the moon.
Kisses all over your face after that.
Puts his hands on your upper jaw/cheek.
Doesn't talk about it on stream, too personal for him and he'd rather just share the memory with you.
Tumblr media
Kind of nervous but doesn't let it show.
Actually was a very nice and sweet kiss.
Asks if you're sure beforehand, doesn't want to make you upset in any way ever.
Holds your hand lightly.
Was a bit of a long kiss.. He just really wanted to kiss you.
Cuddles were a must afterwards.
Doesn't talk about it on Stream because It's quite personal.
Tumblr media
Was so very sweet about it.
Didn't really ask, just tried to pick up on any sign of uneasiness/discomfort.
You reassured him that It was okay though.
Holds your waist.
Tries his hardest to not scratch you with his tusks, he does.
Felt terrible about it and literally licked the blood off of you.
It was adorable.
The voices also loved it.
Tumblr media
Probably made a joke like "Stfu rn before I kiss you" and you just replied "Bet" and that's how it pretty much happened.
Was sweet about it though.
I have a feeling he'd give you an eskimo kiss just because he thinks it's cute.
Def "You're cute" is in there somewhere.
He does think you're adorable, but it can be a bit embarrassing to mention.
Jambo got jealous he wasn't getting any attention.
He got plenty of head pats and kisses, don't worry.
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cottagecorekarl · 10 months ago
How would the dsmp (besides minors) react to their s/o sending them a suggestive text during stream?
oooh 😏 spicy
(i decided to leave niki and wilbur out of this one since they're both uncomfortable with being sexualised, and although this request isn't technically sexualising them, it could easily become that so um yeah)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
perks of being faceless: doesn't have to hide his reaction
just takes a deep breath and tries to stay calm and composed
depending on what he's playing and how suggestive your message was, he may end the stream to uh yk 😏 have some fun with you 😏
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
glances at the notification then double takes when he sees some of the words you typed
fanatically replies with "what the heck????? are you crazy????? im streaming y/n!!!!!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
says he has to pee and runs out the room
actually runs into the bedroom where you are and dives onto you, attacking your face and neck with kisses
"i hate you. i hate you so much"
then runs back to the stream
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
*rapid spanish praying*
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ sapnap
straight up just ends the stream
"see y'all later! i've got a date with destiny"
Tumblr media
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milqueandsugar · 8 months ago
Do you have any headcanons for Technoblade maybe going into heat/a rut?
🏵 Your Tea Is Ready 🏵
Warnings: !NSFW!
Genre: Smut
Tumblr media
| That time of the Year |
Doesn't let you anywhere near him
Hes already terrified of hurting you in a non intimate stance
He'd rather die then hurt you during sex and I'm taking that to the grave
If you manage to convince him to let you in the house, let along touch him hes all over you
Panting in your ear, practically moaning at just the scent of you, the voices screaming at him to just hold you and mark you
' bite them '
' why aren't they on our dick? '
' what do they taste like '
' they smell so good '
He's practically drooling the entire time as he frantically asks for your consent to fucking R A I L you
Of course when the agree he practically tosses you onto the couch, bitting into your neck just deep enough to draw blood
Your clothes? Might have to by a new 'fit cause they are ☆ tatters ☆
Before he even thinks about fucking you he spends hours eating you out
The entire time hes mumbling nonsense about your taste and how soft you are
Prepare to be over stimulated cause my god does he adore giving you mad head
By the time he finally fucks you you've cum like four times
Usually when you two are intimate every moment is calculated
This time however his thrusts are wild and without rhythm, clearly chasing his own pleasure rather then your own
You'd have to be the one to ask him to stop because even if hes getting tired hes so desperate to feel you around him he doesn't care
If you dont how ever he'll lazily fuck you for hours on end until he's either satisfied or shooting blanks
Loves to fill you up with his cum, doesn't matter if you can or can't get pregnant he will fuck at least three loads into you
After care isnt the best but he'll hold you as close as he can, face buried in your neck
Even after he physically can no longer fuck you the voices are screaming at him to continue, to hold you to bite you
So expect with in a few hours for him to be right back at it
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nfswmykayla · 8 months ago
Technoblade x Reader
Description:You and Wilbur have been bestfriends since childhood. His twin, Technoblade, has intrigued you. One night, he finds you alone in the kitchen and takes his chance.
WARNINGS: 18+, NSFW, smut, oral sex, rough sex, degrading, sir kink, unwrapped, choking, penetration
Tumblr media
Wilbur Soot and you had been best friends for as long as you could remember. 
You lived close by to him and had met on the community playground. The two of you instantly joined together in a game of pretend. You had grabbed big sticks, using them as swords. The two of you were knights, fighting each other for your nations. The daunting battle happened over the entire playground and lasted until his father, Phil, had called him to take him home.
Your parents had seen the two of you playing and had approached Phil to exchange contact information for future playdates. It was then that you discovered Will had a twin. A pale, pink haired boy. His hair was short and he seemed attached to Phil’s side. 
Since Phil was occupied, you tried approaching him. You walked up to the boy and held out a hand for him. “Hello, I like your crown.”
The boy, now reaching up to adjust the crown nestled in his short hair, seemed uninterested. He squinted at you until you decided that hanging out with Wilbur was the better option.
Techno assumed you were gonna be another kid he would never see again. Until you showed up at his house, yelling with his brother as the two of you played in the backyard. And then you kept showing up after that over and over.
You also didn’t stop trying to get him to talk to you.
One day you had caught him sitting in the living room. You crossed to stand in front of him on the couch. “You know you have to talk to me eventually, right.”
He didn’t respond, turning his head to try to continue watching TV. You weren’t giving up yet.
“Will told me your name is Technoblade and that you are his older twin.” You said, plopping down on the couch next to him. “I also met Tommy, he’s a cute baby.”
He didn’t even blink at your words. You huffed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“If you ever want to play with me and Wilbur, just remember you’re invited.” You said, standing back up to try to find Will again.
You continued to stay over their house, getting more frequent as you grew up. It started as play dates every week to sleepovers almost everyday. You were lucky Phil liked you enough, since you practically lived with them. Soon enough, you were no longer coming over for playdates, instead studying together, gossiping about school, or simply watching movies or tv shows together. 
You never gained any feelings for Wilbur, the same for him. The two of you would talk about crushes you had although there was one you never told him about. The fact you kept eyeing his older twin everytime you got a glimpse of him at school or in the house. You wished he would talk to you.
Techno wished he could talk to you. He never could get you alone to actually talk to you, and he definitely didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Will. So instead he would watch you from afar.
Now all of you were older. Will and Techno had turned 18 six months ago, you turned 18 two months ago. You continued to stay over their house, seeming a permanent resident on Wilbur’s floor. Almost all of your clothes were there anyway.
The two of you had chosen the same college, although different majors. You chose to stay and study most nights and pass out on his floor. And this night was no different than the rest.
You had finished your essay, passing your laptop to a tired Wilbur to proof read. You left the room to change into your pajamas, a tank top and soft pajama pants. You returned to the room and Will passed the laptop back.
“Looks good.” He commented. “But i’m going to pass out so please turn off the light.
You nodded, flicking off the light. You walked to your spot on the floor. You had a blanket layed down, a pillow, and a blanket to keep on top of you. Laying down, you got comfortable before falling quickly asleep.
You woke up in a cold sweat. Wilbur’s room was unbearably hot and there was a layer of sweat on your body. You tossed the comforter off, hoping to get some relief but it was fruitless. The floor was making you uncomfortable and you had to move.
You quietly rose to your feet, walking to the door, hoping to avoid any creaking in the floors. The last thing you wanted to do was wake Wilbur up, although the darkness was making it hard to maneuver over the blankets on the ground.
The door creaked as you inched it open. Your heart sped up, glancing at Wilbur, finding him still asleep. You slid through the crack in the door and hurried down the hallway and down the stairs. 
You knew your way around their kitchen, probably more than your own. You grabbed a glass from the cupboard and made your way to the fridge, mentally thanking Phil for buying an expensive modern fridge. He didn’t update any of the other appliances, you wondered why.
The sound of the ice machine distracted you from Techno entering the kitchen. He was always silent on his feet. His pink hair reaches his shoulders now, pulled up into a half ponytail. He was wearing a pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt. He watched you fill the glass with water and chug it down in gulps. “Thirsty?”
He chuckled to himself, watching you jump and spill water on your chin, your other hand coming up to wipe the water off.
“Fuck!” You exclaimed, tilting over, avoiding getting water on your pajamas. “Yeah, a bit. Wilbur’s room is a goddamn furnace.”
“Yet, you’re always in there.” He commented, leaning on the kitchen island. “And I never see you.”
“Well, Wilburs my best friend.” You said, pausing to take another drink. His eyes watched your neck and exposed chest as you swallowed. “And you never want to talk to me anyway.”
“I’m talking to you right now.”
“Is it because I'm alone?” You asked.
“Well, it’s hard to talk to you when my brother is attached to your side. Plus he never wanted to share you.”
You were taken back by his comment. “Share?”
“Well, He can keep you as his best friend.” Techno walked forward until he was right in front of you. You leaned back onto the countertop. “I was thinking something else for us.”
“Techno, where is this coming from?” You looked at him in confusion. “All these years, you’ve barely said like 5 sentences to me. I thought you hated me.”
“I’ll be honest with ya, I was scared to ruin your guy’s thing.” He seemed a bit shy now after his confession. He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck before recollecting himself. “But, god, did I wanna get to know you.”
You set your glass down on the counter, leaving your hands free to grip the edge and lift yourself up, now sitting on the countertop. Your legs were dangling off the edge and Techno quickly put himself between them. “I’m willing to make up for lost time.”
Techno put his hands on the counter next to your hips, effectively trapping you in. “hmm” Techno hummed before leaning in, connecting your lips.
It was a gentle kiss. Your eyes closed and your arms wrapped around his neck. His lips felt amazing on your’s, his lips were smooth. His hands moved to your thighs to press down as he nibbled on your bottom lip. You gladly opened for him as his tongue took control, searching your mouth. 
He pulled away, the two of you panting. He moved his mouth next to your ear. One of his hands moved onto your clothed warmth, pressing down causing you to wiggle your hips in response. “Want me to fuck you here, baby?”
You whined in response, nodding your head. You were willing to let him take you anywhere.
He chuckled quietly. “So naughty. Anyone could walk in on us.” He left a few kisses on your jawline, starting to rub your pussy through your clothes. “I bet you would like that, slut.”
“Please, Techno.” Your hands were gripping onto his shoulders. He pulled you off of the counter, you’re feet thudding onto the floor. He pulled down your pajama pants and underwear in one go because grabbing your hips and lifting you back up.
His lips instantly reconnected with yours. This kiss was much more rushed, deeper than the first one. He pushed your thighs apart, his hand finding its place on your heat. He rubbed his fingers over it, swallowing your whines into the kiss.
Techno entered a finger inside, your hips tilted forward to allow him more access. You gasped into the kiss allowing him back into searching your mouth. His finger curled, searching the inside of your pussy. It thrusted quickly, lubed up by your wetness. His other hand moved to cup your cheek as he inserted a second finger.
He pulled away from the kiss, leaning his forehead on yours. “I need you to stay quiet, princess, think you can do that for me?”
You nodded quickly and he smirked. His fingers continued their fast pace inside of you and he knelt down to be face level with your pussy. One of your arms went behind you to support your weight on the countertop. The other bent up as you bit into your finger to keep quiet.
His warm mouth met your clit, sucking hard and your hips almost thrust up into him. Being quiet was going to be a lot harder. His hand that wasn’t currently fingering you moved to keep your thighs open as you subconsciously tried to close them.  He moved his mouth so his tongue could trust inside of you. Your whines were getting louder.
His two fingers still quickly thrusting in and out of you curled and hit your sweet spot. He thrusted into it and a gaspy moan left your lips. He instantly pulled away, his fingers leaving you feeling empty. His hands gripped your thighs as he lifted himself up a bit. “What did I tell you about staying quiet? Why do you have to be so bad, hmm?”
Your mouth gaped open like a fish, trying to find the right thing to say. “I-I’m sorry.”
“I’ll make you sorry.” He said, quickly rising and pulling his own pants down. “I hope you’re ready for me because you’ve lost your prep privileges, slut.”
His underwear followed quickly after, joining the pile of clothes under the two of you. You gulped, you definitely weren’t prepared enough but god did you want him inside of you.
He went back to standing between your legs, pulling your tank top off you and throwing it onto the ground. “Stay quiet or I will make you this time, understood?”
“Yes,” You panted out, watching as he lined himself up. He made no comment as he started to push inside at a steady, slow pace. Your teeth gritted and your head flew back, trying to keep quiet. His mouth connected with your exposed neck, sucking and nibbling hard to leave bruises. He wasted no time after becoming fully sheathed inside to begin his thrusts. The burning was uncomfortable but the pleasure over took it quickly. 
It was an almost impossible task to stay quiet. Luckily, his cock thrusting quickly inside of you left your brain dumb, your mouth open but only releasing gasps for air. His head was by your ear, allowing you to hear all of his breathy moans. Your hand that wasn’t supporting your weight went to grab his hair, pulling it in his fist. 
“Fuck, Tech, please, don’t stop.” You moaned out.
  One of his hands moved to wrap itself around your neck, squeezing enough to allow you to get air but every noise was trapped in your throat. He looked you dead in the eyes. 
“Shut up, whore.” He released through gritted teeth. He bent one of your legs onto the counter, the new position allowing him to hit deeper. His other hand moved to put pressure on your sensitive, swollen clit. His thrusts became harsher, almost pushing you back further on the counter due to the force. “I want you to cum right now on my cock. Do it, princess.” 
Your hand circled around the wrist of the hand choking you. The muscles in your legs were clenching, and the heat inside you felt incredible. He rubbed harsh circles into your clit and your mouth gaped open. 
He watched the way your eyes rolled back into your head as your orgasm ran through your body, He worked you through your climax, enjoying the way you gasped as you shook.
“So fucking beautiful, so good for me.” He whispered to you. He released your throat and pulled out of you. Looking at your red pussy.
“Oh my god.” You said, rubbing your hand over your face. He chuckled, clearly having more plans. His cock was still throbbing, wanting to be back inside of you.
“Listen to me.” He said, catching your attention. “Pick up your clothes and go up to my room. You;re not done yet.”
“Okay, sir.” You responded, nodding. Techno cocked an eyebrow at the name, remembering to punish you for it later.
You pushed yourself off of the counter onto your shaky legs. The inside of your thighs were slick. You decided to pick up the clothes and walk naked to Techno’s room, no way anyone was still awake, they would have heard the two of you.
You rushed into Techno’s room, looking around. It was the first time you had truly been inside. He had shelves stuffed to the brim with books and an entire chess table.
He pushed you onto his bed, wasting no time pulling you back into a kiss. Both his hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you into him. He pulled away smiling.
“This is the real test for you.” He revealed. “You're gonna cum one more time around my cock but you have to be quiet or your little bestie will find out you're a whore for his twin. You don’t want that, do you?”
“No.” You whispered out.
“No, who?”
“No, sir.” You corrected yourself.
“That’s better, princess.” He said before connecting your lips again. He grinded his hips against yours a couple times because pulling away. Techno filled you over, positioning you with your ass in the air. “You look so perfect for me. You ready for my cock again?”
You nodded, your head practically resting against his bed.
“Verbal response, baby.”
“Yes,” You gasped out. “Please fuck me, sir.”
“That’s more like it.” He chuckled. He positioned himself at your entrance, sliding in much quicker this time. He gripped your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The position and the oversensitivity made it hard to focus on being quiet. You bit your lip trying to keep the moans in, causing it to bleed.
“Get on your elbows.” He commanded, pulling your shoulders up from resting on the bed. “Arch your back, that’s it.”
You listened to his commands, supporting yourself on your shaky forearms, arching your back for him. You groaned quietly to yourself at the new position. Your head dropped down, he felt so good while destroying your walls. He let out deep grows at how tight and hot your pussy felt around his cock. He was closer than he wanted to be after not finishing in the kitchen.
“God, get up here.” He groaned out, pulling you up until you were sitting up on your knees. Your back was pressed up against his chest. One of his hands left your hips to find its spot on your neck again, applying a slight pressure. His mouth was next to your ear, and he took advantage of it.
“You’re such a slut, aren't you. Letting me fuck you while your best friend is sleeping in the next room over, hmm. How embarrassed would you be if he found you like this, my little whore desperate for my cock.” He whispered deeply into your ear. Your mouth was open, his words going straight to your heat. You were still overly sensitive and close to your climax. “You take me so good, I wanna use you as my cum dump every time you sleep over here. Fill you up while everyone else is sleeping. You want that right?”
“Yes, fill me up, sir,” You whispered out, gasping. The burning in between your legs was becoming too much. He felt too good inside of you. “I want your cum, Techno, please.”
His thrusts became much harsher, losing their rhythm. He attached his mouth to your neck, sucking and biting. You wrapped your arm around his neck, looking for support as your orgasm caused you legs clench and spasm. Your mouth gasped out, letting out gasps as tingles ran through your body.
Your climax caused your pussy to clench around Techno’s cock enough that he thrusted two more times before stopping. He stayed sheathed inside of you as his cock flushed your walls with his cum. He hugged you close to him as he climaxed, releasing gasps over your shoulder. 
You stayed together as the two of you panted, catching your breath. Techno’s cock finally softed and he pulled out of you. As soon as he let go of you, you collapsed onto his bed, rolling over onto your back. He thudded down next to you, turning his head to look at you.
“I can’t believe this is what i’ve been missing out on.” You joked. Your hand went to feel your heart racing through your chest, staring at the ceiling.
Techno released a bit of air, turning over so he could look you in the eyes. “I’m going to take you out on a date. We’ll just lie to Wilbur or something but I need to take you out.”
“Yeah,” You smiled at him. “I’d like that very much.”
Techno then stood up, stretching and pulling on his pajama pants from earlier. He grabs your hands and forces you up as well, tossing you your tank top and pants. “Let’s go get you cleaned up so you can go back to Will’s room, yeah?”
You woke up back on Wilbur’s floor. He was awake, nudging your side with his foot.
“Hey, sleepyhead.” He joked. “It’s like 11:30, I actually wanted to do stuff today.”
You almost rolled over, wanting to grumble and go back to sleep, but he kept nudging you until you threw the blanket off of you. “Alright, i’m up.
“Phil made lunch,” Wilbur said as you stretched. “We can eat and then you can get ready.”
You nodded, following Will out of his room into the dining room. Phil and Tommy were already there, setting up to serve the lunch. You sat down at the table next to Wilbur, Tommy taking the place in front of him.
“Ah, Techno,” Phil exclaimed, “How nice of you to actually join us for once.”
Everyone turned their head to see a sleepy Techno enter and sit down in the seat in front of you. You looked down at your lap blushing.
“Am I not allowed to eat with my family?” Techno asked. Phil shrugged and started to portion out the salad and sandwiches.
“I’m just happy to see you here,” Phil said. “Also it’s a bit funny to see two late risers in the house.”
You and Techno made eye contact, the two of you obviously just rolling out of bed.
“Yeah,” Tommy said, mouth very full. Pointing his fork at you. “You never sleep in, what happened there?”
Your cheeks were very red and you were trying to come up with a lie on the spot. 
“Oh, you know,” You started. “College assignments keeping me up, I didn’t realize how much sleep I needed.”
“Well, that’s important but don’t overwork yourself.” Phil commented before moving on. Tommy and Will continued eating, uninterested anymore.
You looked up at Techno and met his eyes. He smirked and winked at you.
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dreamwvrld · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
༉‧₊˚ # ‘STARSTRUCK’ masterlist!
. ˚₊ ꒱ professor!techno x teacher assistant!reader
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by DREAMWVRLD
add yourself to the taglist: here!
read the series’ “side stories”: here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for 1.5k followers! i have worked so, so hard to bring you this series and i hope you enjoy it! thank you for your overwhelming support for me and my work. this is all for you! <333
× &﹕SUMMARY ! ◞
the ancient history department gain a new teaching assistant, and professor technoblade hates how captivated his students are with them instead of his class. at least, he thought he hated it..
enemies to lovers relationship, college!au relationship (teacher x teacher), cursing, suggestive themes, mentions of violence (greek mythology), gn!reader, IMPLIED SMUT, tba!
× %﹕SCHEDULE ! ◞
updated every sunday! (or every other sunday depending on how busy i am with uni!)
× £﹕STATUS ! ◞
started: 25th july 2021
ended: ongoing!
Tumblr media
summary; as the first day of a fresh term starts, students and a certain history professor notice the addition of a new staff member: an extremely pretty one.
summary; techno gets his new assistant up to speed on his classes’ curriculum, letting y/n have a chance to teach one of his lessons— that his students seem to enjoy a little too much.
summary; with rumours of ancient history becoming a new favourite subject, techno and y/n get asked to join the school’s subject fair: working together for the stall.
summary; after their disagreement at the school fair, y/n finds teaching the class a lot harder than expected— and techno misses the lively atmosphere more than he’d like to admit.
summary; deciding to try out a civil friendship, techno includes y/n in more of his daily activities: subtly learning more about each other in the process.
summary; with y/n making new teacher friends, techno finds himself desperate to see if the signs of so-called ‘affection’ are truly there.
summary; students make assumptions of the relationship between the two teachers, trying to encourage their professor techno to make a move on his ‘obvious’ feelings for y/n.
summary; with christmas break steadily approaching, techno enlists the help of y/n to help mark projects: allowing the perfect opportunity for him to ask for a date.
summary; the annual winter formal dance is here, and despite their need to chaperone the teens: y/n and techno find a spark that wasn’t properly there before.
chapter summary for minors: here!
summary; as winter break allows students to rest, techno finds himself lonely without the company of his assistant in class: resulting in a new step in their relationship. (idk when it’s being uploaded soz)
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
summary; coming soon.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging mutuals for reach! (pls reblog if u can :D)
@luhvs @clout4techno @dysfunctionalcrab @basilly @bozowrites @ttakinou @god1ngs @moonculus @spooki3stboi @yamturds @inniterhq @libbynotfound @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @cherios @jschllatt @jaybirdsing @bloodgoddarlin @allywritesforfun
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inniterhq · 8 months ago
𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓'𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐃𝐎 𝐓𝐎 𝐘𝐎𝐔 | 𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Request: maybe smth where instead of that scene where he’s like “PHIL WHATD THEY DO TO YOU” instead of phil it’s reader? idk i live and breathe protective!techno
Summary: Technoblade is sent to be executed, you can’t lose him. Genre: angst (with a happy ending) Warnings: mentions of death, cursing Pronouns: they/them Note: THE TOTEM SCENE Y’ALL. This might be my first angst fic with a happy ending- Anyway, thanks for requesting and i hope you like it :]
Tumblr media
They were ransacking your home.
Books thrown to the ground, chests left open, shelves cleared; they were looking for the compass. The compass Techno had given you should you ever lose track of him and need him immediately.
“To help you find your way back to me.”
Quackity stood a few paces in front of you, axe drawn and face contorted with anger, “Just tell us where the fucking compass is, Y/N. It’s better that way.”
You scoffed, “No, you’ll have to find it yourself if you want it so bad.”
You watched as Fundy began throwing your extra materials onto the ground, emptying out all your chests. Fear coursed through your veins, fear for Techno’s safety.
“You really aren’t gonna tell us, huh?”
“Never,” you spat.
“Guys! Look what I found,” Tubbo moved to the center of your home, in his hand, the compass.
The Butcher Army swarmed around Tubbo, Alex taking it from his hand and stepping out the door, Fundy following him. Tubbo turned to you, frowning.
“Y/N, I’m putting you under house arrest, for refusing to comply with presidential orders.”
He nodded at Ranboo, who had been standing in the corner the entire time. Ranboo moved closer to you, an ankle monitor in his hand. You stared at Tubbo, jaw clenched as you sat down and allowed Ranboo to bind you to your home. The two of them left, Ranboo hesitating a bit and you thought maybe he was on your side. But he looked over at you, shaking his head, and walked out the door.
You paced around your home, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as panic set in. Techno was a capable warrior, you’d seen him in battle before. Yet, this was four people against him.
You couldn’t lose him, not when you hadn’t told him how much you loved him.
The wait was excruciating. All you wanted was a sign that he was still alive.
“Techno, please be okay,” you muttered under your breath as you fiddled with the ends of your shirt.
As if hearing your pleas, you heard the rattle of chains outside and Quackity’s laughter to go along with it. Rushing outside, you stood on your balcony overlooking the center of New L’Manburg. You saw the giant cage waiting for Techno, the anvil held back by some rope.
It was a public execution. How heartless could they be?
And then you saw him. They were dragging him towards the stage. Techno was stripped of his armor, his weapons. You had never seen him look so weak and it shocked you to your core. Thick chains connected to metal cuffs wrapped around his wrists, and his head snapped up to look at you.
At that moment, you saw the fear, anger, and sadness in his eyes. You saw his gaze flicker down to the monitor around your ankle and he tugged away from Alex and Fundy.
“Y/N, WHAT’D THEY DO TO YOU?” Techno yelled, desperation evident in the way he continued to pull away from Alex and Fundy and towards you.
But you weren’t the one being sent to death. You shook your head, biting back tears as you looked over at the cage
They shoved Techno inside. Alex stood by Carl, and Tubbo took his stand at the podium. They announced his execution and your mouth went dry. You wanted to tear your eyes away, knowing you’ll have to watch his death, but you couldn't. Your knees grew shaky and the floor swayed underneath you.
Techno stood at the front of the cage, hands wrapped around the bars as he stared at you.
Alex pulled the lever.
You felt bile rise up your throat as everything seemed to move in slow motion. Then, Punz dropped down, throwing multiple potions against the ground. You leaned against the railing, watching as the Butcher Army fought against Punz. Amongst the chaos, you spotted a flash of green.
The anvil falls on Techno, he stumbles back. You watch in awe as it seems to go through him, his flesh splitting off his bones and you finally notice the Totem of Undying in his hand.
He’s not dead.
Techno jumps out of the cage, ripping out of his chains and grabbing Carl. Armed with nothing more than a pickaxe, he gets on Carl and leaves, slowing down in front of your home. You were already at your doorstep.
“The monitor-”
Techno slams the pickaxe against your ankle monitor, breaking it off. You scramble onto Carl, wrapping your arms around his waist as you rest your forehead on his shoulder. Relief set into your muscles and you felt yourself go limp around Techno, your tears wetting his shirt.
“I thought I lost you.”
He stayed silent and you continued, “I couldn’t lose you, not before I tell you that I love you.”
Techno didn't respond, but he didn’t need to. You knew he felt the same from the way he brought his hand over yours, intertwining your fingers together.
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voidgonemissing · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
a gentle rainy day
➵ sbi & child!reader
➵ cw: mentions of flicking people off
"tommy be careful!" philza shouted as he stood on the porch, watching his son run around in the pouring ran.
"i'm always- ah!" tommy had slipped on wet grass, landing in a heap of mud and getting it all over his clothes. a soft course of laughter came from not only philza, but wilbur as well, as the two saw the little boy now dancing around in the mud.
"i just gave him a bath yesterday, too," phil added with a laugh as he shook his head.
"papa!" a soft voice was heard from the door frame. phil looking down to see where the voice had come from, he saw his youngest, y/n.
with a smile, he crouched down to the the small h/c haired child. "what is it, sweetheart?"
"ponytail?" y/n asked with a big grin, staring expectantly up at him while they awaited his answer.
"do you want one?" y/n furiously nodded their head, phil pulling the hair tye he had around his wrist off and handing it to them. "here you go."
y/n's smile grew bigger as they wrapped their little arms around phil's legs, saying thank you and then running back into the house. "what do you think y/n needed that for?" wilbur asked his father, his attention still focused on tommy, making sure the blonde wasn't going to be hurt.
"i have no clue," phil answered his son honestly as he sat down beside him. "but techno is in the house so i don't think that they'll get into any trouble." wilbur gave a soft hum at his father's statement, silently agreeing with him.
Though neither of them fully knew what y/n was doing, they were correct. y/n wasn't going to get into any trouble as they now stood behind the tall pink haired male, beganning to weave his long hair into a braid. a gentle smile was on techno's face despite all of the yelling coming from the voices, telling him to get away from the thing. yet, he ignored them and sat there waiting patiently for the smaller being to be finished.
"almost," y/n said as they focused all of their attention onto the rest of the braid, wrapping the pony around the hairs at the end. "all done!"
techno almost stood up from his spot on the ground before he saw the child quickly appear infront of him, putting a hand on his left shoulder as a sign for him to stay sitting. obeying the child's request, once again against the voices wishes, he stay sitted upon the wooden floor.
y/n dipped down to grab the crown that sat beside the man, soon standing on their tippy toes to place it on top of his head, "pretty prince."
techno sat shocked, the voices silent for just a split second before they immediately started chanting about how he now needed to protect the small, mortal being the stood before him. though this was soon interrupted as tommy came running into the room, wilbur and philza soon following after.
while philza went to bring tommy to tak a bath, wilbur raised his eyebrows, staring intently at technoblade before a teasing grin crossed his face. "did technoblade, a man of violence and blood, mr. violence being the only universal language, go all soft on us?"
sending the curly haired teen a glare, techno picked the child up in his arms before standing up, walking into the kitchen to grab a snack for y/n. "shut it."
"shut it," wilbur mocked, earning another heavy glare from the hybrid. chuckling as wilbur went to his room, techno flicked him off, making sure it was out of the child's view as wilbur did the same.
no one yet, just send ask and I'll add you <3
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