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#the autumn court

So… this is a tough one. 

My room-mates and I are in kind of a bind. We have this rental, see? It’s nice enough, for student digs - modern(ish) furniture, climate control, decent (not great, but decent) wifi connection. 

The only real downside is it’s kind of not exactly real. Or not always real. Something about N-phase space and the quantum uncertainty principle, idk.

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Head Cannon:

Bryce Quinlan, Ruhn, and the Autumn King are descendants of Lucian from ACOTAR and you cannot convince me otherwise.

We know in Crescent City that the Fae came through a Rift. And based on Throne of Glass and ACOTAR we know rifts between the universes/worlds happen. We even have a subtle nod to Rhys and Feyre in Kingdom of Ash as Aelin goes through all these worlds.

So I believe that someone from Lucian’s bloodline, a prince of the Autumn Court, came through the Northern Rift and established themselves as the Autumn Court in the Crescent City world/universe. Thus the Autumn King and head of the Fae came about.

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Ardri and his companions reached the top of a hill and looked out over a sea of trees wreathed in a thousand colors of fire. In the far distance they could see the Court of Autumn. White alabaster towers overgrown with vines and carved with ancient songs in runes whose meaning is lost to time, trees of gold and fiery red stand in gardens and along walkways, and all of this atop the back of a mountain sized tortoise that moves step by step across the world.

Even Ardri’s breath caught, because the first vision of the court is always the most beautiful. That moment will stay with you forever, finding you in your darkest dreams and moments of fear and shining like the soft glow of firelight in your heart. A moment of peace and twilight warmth, a moment between the heat of the Summerlands and the cold of the Winterlands, a moment between life and death. A moment of Autumn.

Waiting for them at the head of the great tortoise was the Lord of Autumn himself, that master of masks with piercing brown eyes that stare out and through your very heart and soul, that regal and terrible King of the Autumnlands, that Faerie with rough hands hands that care so gently for all those he comforts, that strange figure with the strange and frightening smile that sometimes shows from beneath a mask.

Down below they gather. Fae Folk. Great crowds of Autumn Fae, hundreds, thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands. They wait among the trees and rivers as still more arrive. They have come to hear their Lord speak.

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All Hallow’s Eve, the town of Forever-Fall, where autumn reigns eternal.

It’s not too far from the university, really, but you could almost be stepping into another world. An amber world, where the sun hangs heavy at the horizon, dusk warm with the promise of night.

But the night will never come, not here. This place is frozen in its own light, a single shining moment that will never truly end. 

For as long as there is autumn, as long as humankind celebrates the harvest, the end of the light, the night’s drawing in, as long as there are bonfires and hot cocoa and roast chestnuts and belief - then there will always be a place such as this.

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Will the autumn court be seeking student delegates this season?

Write them politely, on your best parchement, and find out.

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Some beloved OC’s @darlingfireheart and I made together a few years ago. We came up with an ACOTAR AU for them and figured out the courts they belong to. From left to right: Samantha (Sam), Danica (Dani), Carolina (Callie), Blaire, Melanie (Mel).

I hope you enjoy my interpretations of the Courts’ outfits

Callie, Dani and Mel belong to @darlingfireheart
Sam and Blaire belong to me

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The Autumn Court

Autumn is definitely my favorite season, so I was really excited to make this! I hope you guys like it!

Also, thank you all so much for the warm welcome to this fandom! I’m so glad to be here! :)

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Hey guys, so I’m gonna start some tags here. I’m gonna make one for each of the courts and then also some for the ToG-verse. Some of these questions may pertain to that particular area or relate to that season/time of day. Hope you guys will join me :) 

Rules are: Answer all the questions and tag how many you want but they have to be a mix of people who follow you and who you follow 

What is your favorite thing about Autumn? 

There are way too many. And as some of you guys just discovered, this is probably my favorite time of year. And really it may just be because of the holidays; my sisters birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my moms birthday. And because of all of these holidays, I tend to see family I don’t often see throughout the year. 

What is your least favorite thing? 

The sudden change in temperature. Like I enjoy the cold because I love wearing winter clothes but where I am it legit went from 80 one day to 60, and it has been this way for the past week. Too sudden a change for my taste. 

What is your favorite memory about Autumn?

All the book releases. I know dorky. But it’s like the perfect season to pick up a new book, be that fantasy, spooky, contemporary, sci-fi, and read it while drinking a hot beverage. 

What book are you most looking forward to that is coming out this season?

TOWER OF DAWN !!!!!! And a second to that would be the next Magnus Chase cause PERCY !!!!!!!!!!!

What holidays do you think they celebrate in the Autumn Court? 

I hope they celebrate Holloween. Or a variation of it. Because can you imagine a little Lucien dressing up and trick or treating. Sorting out candy, carving pumpkins, drinking hot apple cider and eating apple cider doughnuts. I can, and it’s adorable. 

Okay, I hope you had fun and I hope these following people have fun doing this tag: @highlady-casandra @readinglikewildfire @aelinscourt @aelin @booksandsarcasm @the221bassasin  

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Happy Autumn Guys. Don’t know if you guys know this but this time of year from September to December is my favorite time of year.

So to everyone, especially my little Fox Boy, welcome to this wonderful time of the year


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Sketch of Rook and Isobel all done, but I want to play around with the feathers and leaves before transferring to watercolor paper. Is it too early for An Enchantment of Ravens fan art?
Characters belong to @marrogerson

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