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#these are not chronological and no I do not care
Season 6: the horror! the horror!
The tight 5-episode format should generate anticipation and, yet, somehow it doesn’t.
A brief recap of 6a based on RAS’s podcast interview and The Trailer (now™)
Disclaimer: Though I saw the trailer with my own eyes (oof!), I didn’t hear the podcast with my own ears. All the podcast info will be linked. If there’s no link, it’s from the trailer.
* S5 was supposed to have varchie and bughead getting back together but that changed: “it felt like after the time jump, if we were going to sort of reset or shake up the status quo, it was the time to do it and then we sort of were like ‘okay time to bring Varchie back together, time to bring Betty and Jughead back together’ “
Simply put: we’ve been knew.
*In 6a supernatural is a real thing: Sabrina and Satan both make an appearance.
*6a’s genre is horror. (Let’s be real, the horror started in 4x17 …)
* 6a (5-ep event) is going to both have its own arc and be in continuity with s5-s6. 
There are no words.
I take this to mean that, from 5x19 to 6x6, episodes will unfold chronologically but the writers are going to pick and choose which 6a storylines will apply in 6b and which will not. I mean … surely, I’m not the only one thinking that Satan will not actually become a Riverdale fixture … So, yeah, it still kind of is an au, RASNightmare Child.  On the other hand, the writers have been doing this since s2, so, you know, whatever …
* Somewhere between the show’s 96th and 100th episode a new canon will be established, according to which Cheryl and Sabrina have been acquaintances/friends all along. Riveting stuff.
* Remember how Kevin took his remaining kidney and left for Broadway? Well, you won’t believe it: he’s back in Riverdale …
* Also back in Riverdale are Dilton Doiley (#justiceforDilton) and Ethel Muggs. Are they real? Are they a hallucination? A dream? A flashback? 10 bucks says they won’t be there for the 101st episode.
* Nick StClair is also back. 
* Toffee will probably not be back for the 100th episode. The writers decided she died off-screen. Probably just after someone asked Evan about her. It’s not as if showing a feeding bowl would have been that difficult. Toffee’s sole raison d’être was to munch on that severed hand in 5x04 and you cannot convince me otherwise. She’s savage, Toffee is. Meanwhile, Hero Archie’s new dog has appeared not only once but twice after his debut in Reservoir Dogs. Priorities.
* Cooper the Cat might appear in 6a. Or maybe his scene will be cut. Cooper the Cut?
* The artwork for the 6x05 script looks like TimePolice!Jughead. The artwork -much like the film references in the titles- is usually very loosely related to the plot. Take that as you like. Time-travelling? Lots of flashbacks? It’s the 100th episode, where everyone (AGAIN: EXCEPT BRET?!) is back.
* Also, this is the episode with the big shocking ending to tide viewers over till 6b starts… (one supposes).
* During 6x05 Betty (and Cheryl?) will wear identical clothes with 5x07. Could be a coincidence. Or not. At one point Betty will also wear a 50’s pillbox hat with a birdcage veil. Because why not?
* There will be more singing. (See above: 6a’s genre is horror).
* At one point, Nana Rose, Cheryl, inner circle cousin Betty and ex-girlfriend Toni will attempt to perform some magic.
* Nana Rose is in what appears to be her deathbed? Absolutely unacceptable. Cheryl and (I think?) Betty are with her.
* Is Betty there because she’s an FBI agent or is it because she’s simultaneously Cheryl’s 3rd cousin and the descendent of a totally different family (dating back in the 1890s)? Sometimes you don’t even have to choose between canons, ya know?
* Is the TBK still patiently waiting for 6a to be over or is he a part of it? Who knows? Who cares?
* Not Betty. In 6a Betty wants nothing more than to have Archie’s baby. Maybe it’s real. Maybe it’s a curse. I could come up with 10 different scenarios where that’s not even real and still not an au and another 10 where it is but if there’s one thing I will never do, is waste any time thinking about b*rchie.
* Tabitha is still at Pop’s. Presumably (5x19) Pop is also still at Pop’s. If/when I bindge watch s6, I shall note down how many times Alvin Sanders makes an appearance. Just for laughs.
* I’m taking bets as to whether we shall ever see Tabitha’s parents ever again. Also just for laughs.
* Jughead is speaking directly to the camera. Because this is not The Twilight Zone but a direct no-nonsense-about-it canon continuation of s5. Sure.
* Jughead’s fluffy rebellious curl is missing and you want me to believe this is not an au?! This is reason enough not to watch 6a. 
* Jughead’s telescopic hand did not make an appearance around Tabitha but I’m presuming it will.
* RAS Nightmare Child still doesn’t know what “endgame” means.
* “We don’t have a set endgame in mind at this point.” What does this mean for Betty’s baby story? Don’t know. Don’t care. This was probably said as a means to entice the bughead and varchie shippers, yet I still can’t believe a showrunner publicly declared that his writers don’t have any set plan about s6. How is this supposed to entice viewership is anybody’s guess.
* This is the second time in 2 seasons that a trailer showing explicit b*rchie supposedly airs unbeknownst to the showrunner. What is even happening with this show?
* Nothing means anything anyway: RAS’s podcast interview discredited Evan’s interview which discredited Ted’s summer interview which … So, you know … whatever …
Yeah ... 
So long, and thanks for all the fish, I guess.
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ablazenqueen · a month ago
Five Easy Steps to Impress Your Crush
A Guide by Evan Buckley
Step 1: Figure out what he likes with *very subtle* prodding.
Tumblr media
Step 2: Find out the secret to his heart is math and suppress the sudden urge to cry.
Tumblr media
Step 3: Pretend you know math.
Tumblr media
Step 4: It’s too late, he already knows too much.
Tumblr media
Step 5: Try again?
Tumblr media
+ bonus
Accept the fact that you suck at math. At least you’re cute.
Tumblr media
(A Guide by Eddie)
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syblatortue · 6 months ago
Is there, like, a place that’s a large gallery for your art? The tumblr tagging system works great but a lot of your old art was taken off during the nsfw ban, and Twitter you have to scroll down for a long time.
sadly not at the moment u_u it’s been in the plans forever to make pdf compilations of my old art that would have everything but I haven’t got around to make them yet
except for a small My Fairy Academia pdf, that one is already out there haha
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everchased · a year ago
I probably missed the episode or something but wasn’t there a bit where Gerry beat up Lietner and Jon cheered him on? Do you know when/where that was?
sdlkhdslkh no omg in ep. 80 leitner recounts to jon how an “angry goth” fucking accosted him when he came out of hiding and jon points out that that was definitely gerard (and leitner has NO idea who that is) but
hhhooooh my god do you understand how absolutely excellent that would be if jon was there to witness that though. to hANG OUT WITH GERRY IN ANY CAPACITY UGH!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fuuinrei · a year ago
Mordremoth: We are the same. Let your mind merge with mine. Commander: I can't... make it. It's so close now. I... I can't concentrate, can't think... Canach: You're stronger than this, Commander! Focus your mind! Reject the dragon! Commander: (scream) Canach: Here! I see another tear in the mindscape. Come! I can help you like you helped me. Commander: I... I think it worked. My head is clear again. Commander: That. Hurt. But I'd rather be pained than enslaved. Thank you. Canach: I'm just glad I could return the favor.
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orhabit-archived · 2 years ago
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generalgingerbeer · 2 years ago
On today's episode of "writers can't do math" combined with "why is this a question I'm even asking in the year of our Lord 2019", but is there any definitive, non contradictory source on when the three Volturi leaders were born?
The wiki seems to have them down as Marcus being born in 1350bc, Aro in 1340bc, and Caius in 1300bc, which so far so good, but then it also says that Caius was born a century before Aro, which would put him at like, 1440bc...
Also turning times are some bullshit because like, Aro is supposed to be mid 20s in the books, but then it says he was turned around 1300bc - which makes sense for the films where he's Michael Sheen who turned 40 the year Twilight came out but not for the book version...
And all the cast ages are all over the place, because Marcus is meant to be physically the youngest, but his actor is the oldest, and the opposite is true of Caius, and yes Aro's meant to be in the middle but he's still meant to be physically a lot younger...
Information all seems to be kind of sparse enough that you could really kind of fudge everyone's ages to suit your purposes, but damn it I hate a messy time line...
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callmeratboy · a year ago
Hi gamers! Today has been a wild ride lmao. Its mostly been good stuff but i feel like id just update everyone with whats been goin on. Check the tags or feel free to keep scrolling its gucci
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troublewheeler · 2 years ago
me: watches it chapter two for free via gifsets and recorded clips
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holdharmonysacred · 5 months ago
man I will say vaguely related that like. part of it could just be that my ex-friends’ ideas on this were shit. but I feel like a lot of stuff gets lumped under the term “gatekeeping” that probably shouldn’t be, and indeed, including some stuff under the term just muddies what the problem with gatekeeping actually is. Like, my ex-friends tried to argue that saying “You’re getting into this series in the wrong order, here’s the right order” is gatekeeping, when like... the intent in that situation isn’t to put people down or keep people out, it’s to help people get in in the first place by going “Oh wow, no wonder you’re deeply confused, you started at M when you gotta start at A” and putting them on the right path. Not to mention that there are a lot of bigger series that have reputations of being confusing even though the series itself is fine because newcomers keep going in in the wrong order, and shitting on any attempt to go “You gotta do it in x order” just sabotages any and all attempts to solve that problem. At the very least I feel like we should expand the gates metaphor a little more and start coining terms like “lockpicking” for that situation of “fan who tells people you gotta get into a work in a specific way/guy who stands at the gates and teaches people the specific steps needed to solve the puzzle to pass”.
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marie-dufresne · 3 years ago
@descientia continued from {here}
Snatching up her purse, Marie hurried out of the house after her fiancé, her little feet scurrying along the large drive, trying to assuage his irritation and nearly colliding with him when he spun to face her. She took a few steps backwards, both to gain her bearings and to see him better, as she was not sporting heels this afternoon.
“I—um—of course.”
So frazzled was she over her parents’ behavior, and experiencing Ignis’ ire for the first time (at least so closely related to her), she could not conjure up her formal, diplomatic words. She hadn’t expected either of her parents to be in attendance at lunch today at all, nevermind both of them together.
She took a breath, relaxed her shoulders, and placed a hand at his elbow.
“We are not going to be like them,” she repeated, her tone even and reassuring, “I pray you feel you know me well enough by now to trust me when I say this.”
She was not her mother. She’d made that much clear when he’d first met Lady Dufresne and she liked to think she made it clear by every action she took and each word she spoke but it didn’t stopper the fear that he might make comparisons between them, the result of a lifetime of never being enough.
“They’ve always hated each other,” she sighed, “you and I have the benefit of liking each other at least.”
She gave him a small smile, standing on her toes and planting a soft, chaste kiss on his jaw.
“Just a little though,” she teased, lowering herself back down to her flat height and looping her arm around his to lead them both off the property, “I like you just a little bit.”
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