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#vs his mom
flowerflamestars · 3 months ago
Feel like Nyx would be the nephew that sneaks away to his aunt's house in the middle of the night and stay there for like a week straight because they are his favourites, and neither Eris or Nesta questions it when he shows up out of nowhere because they do love him but Feysand are so terrified of what they might say to their precious child but really, Nesta is the only one who treats Nyx like he didn't fall out of the sky and is entitled to have anything he wants.
Oh god yes
Baby Night Night has never had a god damned chance- that kid is equal, damaging parts unbelievably sheltered/spoiled and just like....trapped in a long shadow of expectation.
And his Autumn relatives don't cosset him!
Like, the first time he runs away he's like...hmmm...sixteen? Angry. And Neris are fine with anger. But that teen angst bullshit? No. They put the kid to work.
And while work is just helping Auntie Elain bake her wife a birthday cake, she makes him do the dishes. Without using his powers. Eris takes him along to meetings and makes him sit through all the boring bullshit that entails.
But- afterward, Eris explains what happened. Like they're equals. He asks what baby Night Night thinks. Auntie Em likes her cake so much she hugs him, like he's a little kid. It's nice.
It's actually...making him feel better.
And sure, Auntie Nesta is grouchy and terrifying. But she's no where near as bad as Night Night's parents make her out to be. Sure, she's using blood magic, but it's alchemy. Yes, she's really, really busy, just like Uncle Eris, probably too busy for kids like his mom says, so much so Night Night has to assume they're making time for him- which makes him feel...warm? kind of ashamed?- but she doesn't leave him alone.
She's there, and it's pretty funny to see how happy it makes Uncle Eris to listen to her complain about boring government policy.
When Night Court lackeys eventually show up thinking Nyx has been kidnapped- well, lil baby boy comes to understand a little bit why Eris and all the Aunts like how mean Auntie Nesta can be. She sends home the royal guard in tears- and then tells Nyx he can stay as long as he wants, but he has to tell his parents he's safe.
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deithe · 5 months ago
like I cannot stop thinking ab this. I know me and cait have talked ab this before but leo and percy are perfect foils because leo is the murphy's law of percy. everything that could have gone wrong in percy's life went wrong in leo's.
sally kept percy out of godly stuff until her hand was forced when tlt starts, but leo is seemingly half-raised by hera, who "trains" him since a very young age. leo isn't hidden like percy was and this leads gaia to him. leo
sally's importance in percy's life cannot be understated. we see, even in pjo, where fatherhood plays a central role, that mothers for demigods can shape how they're raised and how they grow up. sally being there for percy and staying with him all the way through pjo gives percy a point of safety. a home with a loving mother and an 'escape' from demigod life. sally looks after and takes care of percy.
but because of godly interference and gaia, leo doesn't get that. leo is what percy could have turned out like if kronos had killed sally. leo is eternally on the run, away from his home, his past and probably the monsters who would have hunted him. leo's actions and character were irrevocable shaped by esperanza dying. leo is a lonely character who's self-worth has been destroyed by years of abandonment and guilt that he feels inferior to those around him. leo doesn't get a home to return to or family outside the demigod world. chb is the only home leo has had since he was 8.
their backgrounds, being so similar too, should have lead to resentment on some part from leo at least. percy had everything leo ever wanted despite being in the same situation as leo. a child of prophecy who was hunted by the big bad and had dangerous powers.
leo is everything percy could have been if fate wasn't on his side. obviously, in some aspects, they're similar (pranksters and loyal only to those they see as their own, very clear with the nico scene where leo doesn't care about nico so much because he doesn't know nico. he sees it as an unnecessary venture that could hurt his ship, jason or piper) while percy rails against this, could we say the same if it was someone percy had never met? maybe. maybe not.
to summerize. jason and percy weren't interesting foils bc it was based on power and neither character is interested in power. though leo and percy, who are so similar but otherwise completely different, would have been incredibly interesting.
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endominator · 4 months ago
Since you ship Battra x Mothra what will there babies look like 🤔
Tumblr media
Happy (late) Mother's day!!
And their child will be just Leo from rebirth of Mothra. Leo is a pretty intriguing character but he's kind of like a Mary Sue in the movies so I've been contemplating to nerve his powers to make his powers more equal to the other kaiju's.
And yes, Battra cannot lift up a tiny larva cause in my AU he isn't physically the strongest (I'm planning to create a Mattra comic and i'll put my idea's, explainations and theories in there).
But that doesn't mean this stoic Moth is weak, he'll utilize his surroundings and skills that don't require a lot of effort
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billiewena · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
if I had to sum up the insanity of supernatural in one sentence it'd be this line from the wiki for 1x12 faith
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 months ago
If my mom verbally abused my teammates parents after we lost the knockout round because she believed World Cup winners Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba got in the way of me achieving victory at the Euro, I would simply be too embarrassed to ever show my face in the national team ever again. RIP Rabiot but that's too humiliating for me to even think about.
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arthurhia · 3 months ago
sometimes i get camp crystal lake and camp halfblood mixed up in my head and i gotta say either mix up is pretty funny
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winepresswrath · 6 months ago
Whats your opinion on JC knowing Sizhui is a Wen? I've seen interpretations where people say he would have recognised Yuan if he saw him young enough and put two and two together, others where he finds out later and flies into a rage. I personally think he would be fairly disinterested in LWJ's ward that he wouldn't recognise him, but I really can't see him wanting a child dead after finding out who he is.
I don't have a firm opinion! I tend more towards thinking he'll probably figure it out at some point post canon based on how Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning interact with Sizhui, but post canon Jiang Cheng is someone who has made his peace with Wen Ning running around. If Jiang Cheng is willing to downgrade Wen Ning from "brother-in-law killing, life ruining, unholy abomination I'd like to set on fire" to "person I don't want to invite into my house" after the second siege at the burial mounds but before the golden core reveal and Wen Ning choosing to protect Jin Ling from Mingjue, I can't see him not at a minimum extending the same courtesy to a friend of Jin Ling's who he doesn't have any specific grudge against. I think he's likely to feel some combination of fascinated by and uncomfortable with the Wei Wuxian connection, but there's a lot of different places you can go with that. I agree that pre-canon Jiang Cheng is probably not very interested in Lan Wangji's ward and is also unlikely to be in direct contact with baby lans until they're old enough to come out night hunting.
#this is another one where book vs show matters a lot!#Jiang Cheng leading the siege at nightless city is a very different vibe#than Jiang Cheng looking upset about Wen Qing's ashes#though of course he could have changed his mind after Yanli's death in nightless city#which is a breaking point for all Jiang Chengs#but the book also does give us a scene where#some lady says that Jiang Cheng refused aid to a dude who just happened to have Wen as a surname and wasn't even a cultivator#which is third hand gossip and thus not necessarily reliable in an mxtx book but still#not a thing in the show where he mostly seems to hate Wen Ning in particular#so I do think there's a reasonable case to be made that precanon Jiang Cheng would be angry about#the lans harbouring a Wen and teaching him to cultivate#but like you I doubt he'd want him dead. permabanned from lotus pier#I can see but I think it's also possible he'd just stuff it in the feelings hole and fume#and yet! even book Jiang Cheng is bumping into Wen Ning on night hunts where they're both stalking their kids#without any major disasters#meanwhile I honestly think Jiang Cheng in the show would just be like nephew? nephew :/#and then start chucking himself in front of swords without every conveying that sentiment to anyone#TBF he might be willing to do that for any age appropriate friends Jin Ling makes who don't make fun of him for having a dead mom#he knows how lonely being a teenaged sect leader is! he's openly devastated on Jin Ling's behalf by how the Yaoyao situation#resolves itself#I cannot see him destabilizing those friendships unless he believed that Sizhui was a legitimate threat
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tennessoui · a month ago
I loved both the feral!Obi-Wan AU’s, but I can’t get the stranded on Tatooine fic out of my head! Poor Ben may be hard to convince to leave his hideout, but will he be terrified being back in space on the way to Naboo? I’m sure little Ani will reassure him the best he can! Will anyone on Naboo be able to help him?
Poor Shmi has to take care of her angry powerful boy and his traumatized powerful friend while starting a new life on a new planet? Padme, help her!
-Anon 13
someone i trust and respect with this specific strain of the au is writing his own thing so i'm going to be intentionally vague because he's going to be amazing and that's going to be the defacto for me tbh but!!
that being said, i imagine getting feral ben onto the ship bound for tatooine is an ORDEAL, and the entire flight he's only calm if he has anakin held to his chest like a little plush toy, which doesn't actually endear him to Shmi at all, funnily enough.
i can just imagine padme and her handmaidens waiting for the ship to land with the hero of naboo and his family, and little Ani skips off the landing dock, holding hands with this man who should probably look threatening but also is shaking too much to be anything but pathetic?
and sabé leans over to padmé and she's like "uh, who's that dude"
and padmé, who is just getting the idea that she may be in over her head, responds, "babe i have no idea"
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misfitmccoward · 4 months ago
I’m annoyed with fandom takes that are like “this male character isn’t sexist because he hangs out with [SPECIFIC FEMALE CHARACTER(S)] who kick ass [like a man could]”
First of all, being afraid of women isn’t somehow the opposite of misogyny. Secondly, it’s not the job of women to instill anti-sexist thinking in men by being more badass than them. That’s just gross? Thirdly, I’m much more interested in male characters who can think of women as human beings. “All women are scary badass monsters” is not much of a step up from “all women are delicate flowers” imho. (Not to mention writers who really lean into the former also tend to show that women who aren’t ‘strong’ as disgracing their gender, which is gross.)
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freakishnature · 2 months ago
I know that having a family is important bcuz they are technically going to be the ones that SHOULD be there for you. But there is no shame in making a found family amongst other people. I know pleasing one's parents feels good bcuz its like a form of validation that you've done something right. But plz dont think u have to do something right by their standards. At the end of the day, the one that has to lay awake at night with these thoughts are you. So make yourself happy. I know it's easier said than done. But parents are just ppl. I was told this by my own mother. They have flaws and sometimes parents arent the best ppl for validation or advice. But this is where you are getting your advice. Plz, if you go to them for advice, dont take it srsly anymore, You need to protect urself too. If theyre going to keep hurting you, than they don't DESERVE you. From what I know of you, I adore. Plz dont let ppl who arent rly nice to you, rule how you feel about urself. You dont need their validation. You are perfect the way you are. You don't need to compare yourself to others, liek ur brother. And im sorry that someone has made u feel this way. Especially ur parents. I love you. I am here for you. I am sorry that this is happening to you. But I believe in you. And I know your stronger than you think 💚
Anon, I really appreciate this ask. A lot. 💛
One of the biggest things I’ve had to come to terms with recently whilst growing up is that my parents aren’t the people I thought they were, or the people I wished they were. Looking back at their previous actions towards me and how it shaped me into this unstable explosive of a person is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a long time. I tend to absorb how people treat me and their reactions towards me like a sponge, and internalize it into my own self-perceptions, which lead to where I am now in terms of my very inconsistent relationships with people I consider friends and family. I am hyper-aware of how people perceive me and since I want people to like me I become what they perceive me as, which is incredibly fucking toxic towards myself and is something I need to un-learn.
I don’t have a therapist, I haven’t had a therapist in awhile (and, to be frank, she was not a good therapist anyways.) As a result of that, my poor Tumblr is subject to all my boo hoo cringeposting, along with my private Snapchat story as well. (sorry that you have to see those stories stinkrascal jaiden 😭🖐🏻) I really need to learn to stop posting my issues all the time, as well. Hopefully I’ll be better about that in the future, I know people don’t like it when people are publicly emotional!
Again though, thank you for this ask. :) It’s really something I needed to hear.
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