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#we cant have nice things

So that’s my trip back to Japan cancelled and while I’m relieved (cause now I can get my flight money back) I’m just really fucking sad about it.

I miss my friends there. I wanted them to meet my husband and I wanted to show him where I lived and the places I love.

Honestly, 2020 can suck a whole bag of dicks.

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Are we still allowed to have those romantic scenes where Partner A is occupied and Partner B gets to look through their old photos with A’s parent, and sees all the cute growing-up pics… A getting on the school bus, A on Halloween, first Xmas pics… and A comes back and is all embarrassed and B just loves them more?

Or is that inappropriate bc B has now seen A as a child and still wants to have a romantic and sexual relationship?

Just checking to see if antis have ruined absolutely everything yet.

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Some of y’all ain’t mature enough to appreciate a well written antagonist, and it shows.


I STG THERE ARE SOME CLOWNS IN THIS FANDOM. What kind of bullshit yall write Tahomaru’a wikia? Tahomaru makes his ambitions clear as day: his people above everything, including himself. So for one of yall to get butthurt enough and misinterprete his character as arrogant, just shows yall should not watch any angst. His father sacrificed Hyakkimaru for political power, but taho sacrifices not only Hyakkimaru, but also sacrifices himself to stabilize the land. Now if that ain’t big dick energy than idk what is.

Criticizing his character is okay, but what’s not okay is blowing his character over completely and going on wiki to call him names just because you feel a type of way about Hyakkimaru. THATS CLOWNERY LUV 🤡.

Some of yall not mature enough for angst or any kind of well written character, i stg we can’t have anything nice.

Show your appreciation to mappa for putting so much work into sculpting taho’s character instead self inserting your butthole ideas onto the characters. Reminder that these kinda characters take hard work to make, whether you like them or not, mappa did not work this hard for some asshole to degrade their characters.

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