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kripkesdong · 21 hours ago
when mater proposes to lightning mcqueen he asks if lightning wants to join him in holy matermony
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inherfeeling · 5 months ago
I close my eyes and all I can see is us. In the shower. Kissing while the music is playing and the water is running down on us.
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abdulah20 · 2 months ago
Selfnote: focus on yourself.
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halleehalfgallon · 6 months ago
before I forget:
I can make the most of today without using every waking moment in my possession to clean, work, or otherwise labor.
I can make the decision to be a more present, active participant in my life without endlessly giving away my energy to someone other than myself.
I can take a walk and observe the ways in which the world around me is changing (it’s funny and a little sad how the world turns a bluish white after Christmas is over).
I can read a book while my attention span allows. if I lose interest a few pages in, that’s fine. in most cases in this life I don’t answer to anyone but myself.
I can do away with the arbitrary rules I have programmed into my own mind and just keep the ones about being good. to myself, the planet, the people around me. good can be sweet and good can be brutal, but good is good.
I can enjoy a cup of tea at my kitchen window because even if I do not, there will be work to do. there is always work to do. I’m going to find rest.
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anch0ram · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Coronation Day
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tbounds89 · 3 days ago
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popcorn1989 · 4 months ago
hii (again lmao) could i request a headcanons with the witcher boys and how they would comfort you after you´ve had a terrible nightmare (like comfort/fluff) (especialy for cahir maybe :O)
that would be great thanks :D
ps.: the last fic was amazing btw >.<
Hi there,
I would like to thank you for a moment, and I think it's great how many ideas you have.
To be honest, I'm not sure if it turned out headcanon, because it turned out to be more than, I thought, it would be. So I only picked four characters that I thought could be super cute.
Hope you enjoy
Tumblr media
You tossed and turned in your sleep for a few minutes, when you woke up with a start, you immediately saw Cahir's attentive face. "It was just a dream," he said, taking your face in his hand. You glimpse your dream "It was so real" you said and noticed, how Cahir came closer and kissed you. "I'm here and as long as I'm here, no one can harm you," he whispered and lay down next to you. "I'll fall asleep, and I'm sure I'll dream about it again," you said, placing a hand on his chest. Cahir put his arm around you "Then dream that I am there and evil will not dare, to haunt you in your sleep" He kissed your forehead and played with your hair "I will stay awake, until I know that you are in a peaceful sleep" these words calm you down, you notice his closeness, his tenderness, and it doesn't take long until you fall asleep again. You will never know, that he watches over your sleep all night.
Tumblr media
You wake up from your dream with a racing heart and realize that the bed next to you is empty. Rience wasn't lying next to you anymore. You looked around the room, when you see him sitting on a chair next to you, he had been watching you, now that you are awake he got up, he had dressed. "I will eliminate what bothers you" he said in a calm and tender tone. You couldn't help but grin, and he gave you a questioning look. "Can you protect me from myself too?" you asked and saw his attitude change. "If you tell me how, then I'll try it" he said and lay down next to you, hugging you with his arms and resting his forehead on your temple, "Tell me about it" he said quietly in your ear. Before you both go back to sleep, you were able to tell Rience, all your doubts and explain your dream, even if Rience didn't really say anything about it, your life was getting a little easier, and you couldn't help it, but you felt that Rience was had fingers in the pie.
Tumblr media
When you wake up with a scream, you startle again when next to you, Jaskier also starts screaming. He put a hand on the side of his heart and yelled "don't do that to me" you looked at him a little confused, "sorry sweetheart, I was having an absolute nightmare." You saw how jaskier looked around the room and swallowed. "Okay, thought, we would be attacked" he turned slightly to you and looked at you. "May I tell you about it?" He gave you a quick look as if he had seen a monster then he nodded as you started saying a monster was chasing you in the dream, he hissed loudly. "God, stop it... it was just a dream, come here," he said, hugged you, and you lay back on the pillows. You thought it was so funny that you briefly tell, what the monster looked like, before he put his hand over your mouth to silence you. "Sleep Sweetie, Please"
Tumblr media
When you wake up, sweating and your hair disheveled, Lambert is lying quietly next to you, snoring. The dream kept coming back into your head and frightening you, so much that you tried to wake Lambert. It took a long time but when it came true he looked at you questioningly and patted your face "What's wrong?" he asked, and you were very pleased with the question. Lambert loved to laugh and crack jokes, but when it came to standing by your side, he was a rock and no one would dare hurt you. Also, there was something about him, that calmed you down, and he always knew the right words, just like now when you told him about the nightmare, and although he smirked, he managed to calm you down. You were allowed to fall asleep again, on his chest, and before you fall into a peaceful sleep, he had long since fallen asleep again.
Tumblr media
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gothraul · 7 months ago
i made a joke about doing this and then i actually did it lmfao
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detas-morning-stuff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I fall in love with anyone who carries a book with them
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thingsshesaid · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
They don't love me like tequila does.
Nobody can.
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kripkesdong · 9 months ago
ok so future met gala themes if I were in charge:
2022- confront death: the fashion of rigor mortis
2023- an exploration of supernatural RPF ship cockles
2024- here’s to 20 years of “mean girls”, a movie i don’t like
2026- flowers for algernon
2027- an ode to sigmund freud
2028- an ode to youtube beauty gurus (no actual youtube beauty gurus allowed)
2029- slumber party
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inherfeeling · 5 months ago
You made me fall in love with a song I used to hate. The same way you made me fall in love with a life I used to find useless. I love you.
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abdulah20 · 2 months ago
“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.”
– Emilia Wickstead
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otaconsloverboy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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midnightsunnydream · a month ago
Why I sometimes hated the way I talk? telling stories, answering questions or explaining.
When the conversations started turning side ways. I cannot always notice it right away. It’s usually someone that is listening in front of me can pointed it out. Imagine this; You suddenly got stopped from the middle of talking or explaining because they got confused of the way you delivery your explanation. It keeps turning back sideways and not straightforward.
I know, it’s embarrassing. I feel disappointed on myself too because these happens a lot. I’m ashamed but I want to do something about it. So, I gave it a hard thought and typing it here helps. And I’ve realized that it all depends on my mood.
No, I don’t have a strong mind. If when I am out feeling under the weather, and stressed, drained and pressured then my mind can’t function properly. But you’re here still asking questions cause you don’t know.
I’ll responds. Yes, I have something to say. It’s on my mind. Every scenario all laid out on my brain. But when it’s my turn to speak I then started to crumble. Anxious. What if I say it wrong? I can’t straight up my thoughts. Overwhelmed. You can hear me talking but unable to communicate because I couldn’t find the right words to speak and it makes myself foolishly sound like unintelligible and dumb.
Embarrassed. Every time it happens and be able to realize it afterwards makes me feel like a clown.
I know he somehow gets it and that a good thing but I still can’t help thinking how dumb I may have sound to him. LOL. Well, I’m still young, 20 something. I’m still learning. So, it’s okay. It’s all good.
The important thing is that I understands and I am aware. I am still growing. Self-love. Body and mind. I am hoping on becoming a better speaker and listener. I know It will take time and practice. But with patience and trust. I know I can get there. -chzl
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anvesha-v · a month ago
What does it take to make someone to stay?🙃
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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popcorn1989 · 4 months ago
𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕡, 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕓𝕠𝕪𝕤.
Tumblr media
- Rience doesn't say a word, and you notice his displeasure that he had to go with you. People stare, at you like you have someone by your side, who is constantly murdering people. (Yeah.. Well that's not true....a little bit maybe)
- If you ask him what he would like for dinner today, he shrugs. (great help) you make him suggestions, when in the middle of the conversation, he goes to the odds and ends tables and bored looking around in them.
- You put some candy in the shopping cart and get Rience, to tell you how unhealthy this stuff is. You'll also get to hear that you've been a bit fatter lately. (you grab the candy, away again)
- He won't help you unpack at the checkout. (Why not, you wanted to go shopping) You can pay, too, because most of what you buy he didn't even want.
- At the checkout, he took some peppermint chewing gum and put it on YOUR purchase. You should have that kind of money.
Tumblr media
- Eskel only agreed because he needed a break from the others. You know that, but you're glad, you don't have to do the shopping alone today.
- He just throws everything in the shopping cart, whether he wants to eat it, or not. (seen and picked up)
- At the meat counter, he really throws in, so much, that it would last for the whole winter. You draw his attention to this and immediately get an announcement, that men require meat. (Clear)
- Eskel is now pushing the heavy shopping cart, and you are really excited, that he is so helpful. But you would like to sink into the ground, when you see how he just runs over others, or pushes away other shopping carts. (god why?)
- At the checkout, you both make a silly face, at the same time, because it costs so much, and you don't have that much money with you. When you said you're bringing back all the meat, you got straight to the next lecture, about meat being good for men.
Tumblr media
- You like to go shopping with Geralt, he doesn't talk much, sometimes you even feel that he's talking to the groceries, but you don't mind.
- If you ask Geralt to eat, he just says Hmm. Shall we eat noodles today? Hmm, or how about beef? Hmm (yes, wonderful, he just knows , that whatever you want to cook tastes good! (Right?)
- He packs a lot of herbs (fresh and dry) and you think for a moment that their home actually had enough. But when you ask him about it, he just says you can never have enough herbs.
- He pays at the checkout, but still buys gummy bears, chips, beer... a lot of beer has ended up in the shopping cart. But that didn't bother you because, you know that Geralt always pays. (always like)
Tumblr media
- God, you hate it when he comes with you. (You avoid it as best you can, but unfortunately, it keeps coming up) you are NOT allowed to decide anything in the few minutes.
- He packs a lot of fruits and vegetables, asks you what you would like. Strawberries, why not, you haven't had them, for a long time. You watch him lift some bowls and examine them. None of them, end up in the shopping cart. (Yeah, thanks for that)
- When he meets someone he knew well, it usually ends in a long conversation. That's exactly what you hate, why couldn't this man, not be like Rience, just not talk.
- Before you reach the cash register, you walk past the sweets, you actually wanted popcorn today. (you grab the bag) Cahir turns to you and looks at you in dismay. (you put the bag down again when he told you he's going to work out, with you if you want to eat it, no thanks)
- You share the cost of the purchase, even if you didn't actually have anything to do with it. (Please let Cahir catch, a sniffles next time)
Tumblr media
- You love to go shopping with Jaskier, this is the best time. He talks a lot, and you have a great chat. Unfortunately, the two of you often argue about what you wanted to eat.
- Not a single vegetable goes into the car (this will be worse, with the other boys) but lots of sweets that you both, want to eat tonight at a movie.
- It's always the same with you both, you have your shopping list, but you never look at it. So, your shopping cart fills up with loads of junk, but you forgot what you need.
- At the checkout, you get a fit of laughter, because you didn't expect it to be so much. (It didn't look like much) You put the money together, and you start opening the sweets outside the shopping mall. ( the best day ever)
Tumblr media
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daddyd-au · 9 months ago
Babygirls should want to cum a lot.
Good babygirls should get to cum a lot.
And daddy should be helping. A lot.
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exquisitelypxeticmess · 2 months ago
If sigmund freud is currently alive and got to encounter people's egos nowadays and face the way they are rn, i swear he would burn all his books and shoot himself in the head lol...
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detas-morning-stuff · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What do you want to do in the future?”
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