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Mercedes & Annette
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Mercedes-Benz W111 coupé
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george being cute at his brothers wedding
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Mercedes-Benz GT63s AMG
by mattlaroca via instagram
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The Feels - GR63 | 2
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George Russell x female!reader
Warnings: NONE
Word count: 1.3K
Listen we're finally getting to the George x Y/N content
Also i live for bff Max
@ y/u/n
📍 Heathrow International Airport
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@y/u/n: Now if you asked me on a scale of 1-10 how excited I was to be on this flight the only answer I could give you would be off the charts.
 🇬🇧 -> 🇦🇺
@ danielricciardo: you and me both
@ y/u/n: I just wanna see my family but they weren’t able to get the time off to come over but Facetime calls in similar timezones are just gonna have to do 😔
@ maxverstappen1: don’t blame me if you get plane sickness again from having your head stuck in that book
@ y/u/n: hey at least I read
@ maxverstappen1: who says I don’t
@ y/u/n: I know you don’t
@ georgerussell63: and what number book is that now this year?
@ y/u/n: number 35…
@ georgerussell63: I’m gonna have to buy you another shelf for my place aren’t i?
@ y/u/n: you love me
@ georgerussell63: I sure do x
@ maxverstappen1: get a room
Y/N couldn’t stop the grin that hit her face as soon as the pilot announced they had hit Australian soil. Despite having taken time off to come home and visit her family a few months before it had not nearly been enough time. In the three weeks she had off she was only able to spend one with her family and her entire family hadn’t even been able to be there. Both of her siblings were away for different events and conferences so she had missed them. She was upset she wouldn’t be able to see them this time but she was excited to be back on her home soil with the team.
She grinned at Max as the two of them exited the Red Bull plane, the girl choosing to fly with Max – well to be honest she didn’t choose to he made the decision, something about needing to talk through some social media stuff with her which she can tell you did not happen. Max laughed as they walked along the tarmac to the terminal – readying themselves for the health and wellness checks that had become the new normal. She felt her personal phone buzzing in her pocket as she pulled out the teams phone to announce their arrival in Australia, she had gotten sent some pics of Checo arriving earlier which she had posted a few hours ago.
Max paused to wait for her as she slipped the phone back into her pocket, seeing a few messages from George asking her to let him know when she had landed. She sent him a quick text as his reply to her was spontaneous. Max rolled his eyes as she smiled dorkily at her phone “Quit it with lover boy and let’s go.” She laughed as she followed behind him.
The two of them chatted absentmindedly as they walked through the building and towards the car that was waiting to take them to the hotel. As they got themselves comfortable Max turned to face the girl and she looked at him confused. “What’s up?”
“How are you feeling?” he asked her. “I’m okay?” she said although it came out as more of a question rather than a statement. He shook his head, “No I mean how are you feeling about not being able to see your family?” A small smile appeared on the girls face, “I’m alright, it sucks but I get it.”
He frowned, not liking seeing someone he thought of as his best friend being upset. “Don’t worry about me Max, I’m planning to call them a lot this weekend since the time is better while we’re here!” She told him with a smile. He nodded at her before she turned her head back to her phone to reply to some Instagram comments.
Max pulled his phone out of his pocket and began to type.
                                                                  Max: please tell me it’s all set up.
                                                        Max: she’s really bummed                                                                    and we’re on our way
George: yeah it’s all planned
George: they’ll be there
                                                                   Max: good, she's upset
                                                                   Max: but she isn’t acting like it
Max put his phone back into his pocket as the drive was short lived. He jumped out of the car and grabbed his bags from the back before helping Y/N grab hers. She thanked him before they both walked in and got their room keys. She was thankful when she remembered they had been given the rest of the day to recover from travelling, her body instantly collapsing on the bed when she entered her room. Her phone buzzing constantly being the only thing she could focus on.
She looked at it to see George calling her, she smiled slightly before answering and putting it to her ear.
“Hey my love,” she heard from the man on the other end. “Hi,” she quietly replied. “Are you okay?” he asked her as her voice was soft. She hummed in response telling him she was okay and was just tired from the flight. The two of them chatted for a while about their days and before long it had been well over an hour.
“Y/N, I wanna take you for dinner tonight.” George suddenly announced. Said girl smiled and chuckled slightly. “Okay Mr F1 Driver, where are we going?” He laughed, “It’s a surprise but dress comfy but casual.” He gave her the dress code hint and the girl wracked her brain thinking of all the possibilities around Melbourne. “Okay,” she replied. “I’ll come by your hotel at 6 to get you alright?”
She looked at her clock seeing it was 4.30pm, “Okay, see you then. I’m gonna have a quick nap because I’m absolutely exhausted.” Her boyfriend chuckled slightly over the line, “Okay, rest well my love. I’ll see you later. Set an alarm to wake you up.” She snorted lightly, “I will. See you later.”
“I love you,”
“I love you too.”
About an hour later the girl woke up to her alarm blaring in her ear and forced herself out of bed and into the shower. She spent, in her opinion, way to long choosing an outfit to wear as she tried to decipher the Brit’s plan from the minimal amount she had been told. By the time it hit 6pm she was ready and in the elevator on her way down to the lobby. Her phone dinged and she smiled knowing who it was.
She sent George a quick reply after he had told her he had arrived to let him know she was on her way down. The girl racing as quickly as she could over to the car he had told her he was in. Smiling widely as she opened the door and greeted the boy with a kiss.
“Hi my love,” he chuckled. “Hi,” she breathed back as he turned his head and pulled out of the hotel parking lot. “So are you going to give me any hint?” She asked. He shook his head and laughed lightly, “nope.”
The girl pouted in response before softly smiling as he took her hand in his and pressed a small kiss to it. “It’s a surprise,”
“I feel like cause we’re in my home I should be the one surprising you.” She joked. He laughed with her before they both fell into a comfortable silence, George focusing on the road and stroking her hand with his thumb as he drove and Y/N just sitting admiring him from her seat. He could feel her staring at him, “what’s up?”
She shook her head, “nothing, just wondering how out of all the people on earth I got this lucky?” He turned his head slightly, “you got lucky? I think I’m the one who got lucky.” He smiled at her fondly.
Anyone who looked at the two of them could see how much the Australian girl meant to the British boy just from how he looked at her, as if she was a prized gem that he wished to protect and cherish for eternity.
“I love you.” He said. She smiled at him before leaning over and pressing her lips to his cheek. “I love you more,”
“Not possible, I love you more than you’ll ever know.”
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George: ive been thinking and pondering hard about this but i cannot for the life of me figure out what the fuck it is
Lando: obviously its the hand
Alex: nah its gotta be the foot right?
Charles: guys its an airplane
George: we knew that
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A brand new M-SL 500
{ MB 280 SL )
© Mechatronic
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Pan’s Labyrinth ~ Reimagined
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300 SL roadster
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Rage, maybe rage would lift me up, make me stand, make me walk
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Art I did for the mercedes zine
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Easy weekend
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"no matter what ANYBODY tells you, words and ideas CAN change the world." - Mr. John Keating, Dead Poets Society
“I think I want to be one of those change-makers,” he says. “A catalyst for change. I really hope that ten years from now I can look back and say that I maximised my time and I made the right choices and I really had a positive impact.” - Sir Lewis Hamilton (int)
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For those saying Lewis's rainbow helmet won't change things and that wearing it won't mean much blah blah blah, have you ever thought that every gesture of compassion isn't meant to immediately change the world? That maybe he wears it to show the lgbtq+ community in qatar that they're seen, that they matter and that they aren't alone? That maybe support doesn't always mean immediate change but can mean unity and empathy.
Take your garbage pessimistic ideas and go.
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seb and mick hugging lewis post-race ;___;
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