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#alcohol mention

I just imagined a very drunk Teth doing the “Eggman pisses on the moon” bit and I don’t think my mind can come back from that

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dkfjskkfjfj my grandmother is letting me have alcohol lmao

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Speaking of Purim, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the only times of the year that Fabien gets astronomically drunk. Poor Camille probably ends up looking after him. Fabien tries to lawyer his way out of drinking water and going to bed. Attempts to hold Georgette in contempt. Ends up passed out in costume.

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i am currently attempting to choke my way through a 24 fl oz four loko will keep you updated

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got home safely 😏 supreme drunk bike riding skills ngl

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ok im actually drunk now ^3^ send an ask

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Currently drinking a bottled margarita with neither ice nor salt. In case anyone was wondering how my day (week) has been going.

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see that’s good, 10/10. I’m lactose intolerant, but I will die on the milk cocktail hill.

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Word Count:  11,662

Content warnings: mentions of child abuse, abuse (both physical and mental), death threats, talks of death, alcohol mention,

Virgil reached his arm out to hook his middle finger around a brush and dragged it over, not wanting to drop any of the sections of hair he’d been holding. His step-sister snapped at him when he pulled slightly to grab the brush properly. He murmured an apology as he brushed a section out before carefully braiding it into another section. In another half hour, the elaborate hairstyle was finished.

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ok hi besties im getting wasted at my friends place ^_^

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ok i calmed down. im gonna get wasted with hannah tomorrow

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I haven’t drank alcohol in 3 days and that’s kind of big for me

It may have to do with handling extremely expensive camera equipment in the pitch dark of night and not wanting to bust it all over my porch lmfao

Ideally I’m going to keep this up for as long as I can. It’s pretty easy if I like… don’t purchase alcohol or keep it in my house 😳

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1. An angel that clearly wants to start a fight

2. Eddy really loved his mom. Like, a lot. Like, too much.

3. Act fast, your could own PEI dirt in a jar!

4. Just a really unappealing execution of “shoe decor”

5. I wasn’t gonna put my fingers near that dool.

6. Meat cushion?

7. Mrs. Mills is living her best life.

8. Piles and piles of coasters to share your love of rye

9. Fantastic old 90s desk calculator that I’m gonna do my taxes on

- St Vincent De Paul, Ottawa, Ontario

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any small inconvenience and my mind just goes “well, i think we should buy vodka, cigarettes and cocaine, sounds like a good plan to me” NO!

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tw: alcohol
I haven’t been sober longer than a day since last March. I knew alcoholism ran in my family, but I never expected it to take ahold of me. I’ve never spoke or typed these thoughts out. I need help. I’m drowning.

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“ why are you day drunk remington “

“ are you ok? “

not really but i’m gonna lie and say i am cause who the fuck even needs to know right?

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