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Ace of Wands. Art by Ambi Sun, from the Oriens Tarot.

UPRIGHT: Inspiration, Urgency, Willpower
REVERSE: Dispassionate, Hesitation, Infertility

The dragonfly flits to and fro, skimming the waters of a pond to alight on a waiting reed. In many cultures, dragonflies symbolize courage, adaptability, and perseverance. They live their lives predominantly grounded, only enjoying the gift of flight towards the end of their lifespans. They make the most of it though, glinting in the sun as they scour the lakes and ponds. The Ace of Wands echoes this as a symbol of potential. Be energetic. Be motivated. Take every second you can get and use it to move forward.

When upright, the Ace of Wands indicates that the user has just opened up to a world of new possibility. There are many paths ahead of you, each pulling you in different directions. You may struggle to understand which to tread first. Listen first to your passions and let them be the deciding factor. If you’ve been waiting on a sign to guide you into a big decision, this is that sign! Listen to your instincts, but keep in mind that there are no guaranteed results. This position is one of potential, not certainty. Take steps to assure the best possible results in whatever venture you may pursue next.

When reversed, the Ace of Wands represents uncertainty. There is potential on the way, and you may be aware that you are on the edge of epiphany – the only problem is you aren’t sure yet how that epiphany will manifest. Take efforts to rein in the over-abundance of energy fueling you. You’re moving too fast and it’s making it difficult to see the bends in the road ahead. Slow down, define your goals, and think hard on the best way to reach them with the energy you’ve been collecting all this time. The user may become frustrated if there doesn’t seem to be any easy direction to take. Focus on your passions and try to remain patient. Timing is key, and only focus will see this funk pass.

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introducing the fairytale bug pokemon: the daimselph line! Based on damselflies and dragonflies, and the obvious puns that are associated with them. Ive wanted a dragon/bug type dragonfly pokemon for the longest time, so i wanted to take a shot at designing one. 

I considered the ideas of damsels in distress being locked up in towers by dragons, and the metaphorphasis that nymphs go through to become dragonflies and came across an intriguing idea: what if the damsel BECOMES the dragon? this line of fakemon was designed with that kind of dynamic in mind.

For visual inspiration, i wanted to incorporate classic fairytale imagery of medieval princesses and dragons. The oversized abdomen of the dragonfly, i thought, could be used as a tower a dragon might protect. For Dungetress, the monstrous hand that pops out from the holes were based on the damselfly nymph’s rather disturbing mouth (called the labium) which is basically a giant hand that snags prey.

this was a fun exercise, but im not very satisfied with the color palette nor daimselph’s design.

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Sé capaz de adaptarte, aprende a ser flexible y aprende lecciones de las libélulas de corazón.


Su habilidad de bailar con el viento es una lección que las personas pueden aprender de corazón. ¿Qué tan rápido puedes adaptarte a circunstancias de cambio?¿Estás listo o lista para leer una página del libro de la libélula y cambiar tu trayectoria en un parpadeo? ¿Eres capaz de planear silenciosamente y esperar por la oportunidad perfecta antes de hacer el movimiento? Paciencia, resiliencia y constancia son otras de las lecciones que imparten nuestras amigas las libélulas.

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