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Erik would act very calm when you were around but would scare the absolute hell out of them when you left for a moment.
“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in just a moment.” You say as you excuse yourself from the dinner table. 
As soon as Erik saw you had left he too stood up from the table and began looking at the photos of you around the house.
“You know, kid. It’s been Y/N and I since the day she was born. Their mother gave me this little bundle of joy and walked out. It’s been us against the world since before they could crawl. So if you hurt my little bundle of joy, I will make you feel pain like no one has before. Is that understood?” Erik concludes as he looks back to your partner, who quickly and frightfully nodded their head.
“A’ight, thats good then. We got nothing to worry about.” He said as he sat back at the table. 


Thor would be the most sweetest and welcoming person the whole time; although he does give your partner a little speech.
“I like you. You seem like a great person and I’m happy you’re with my Y/N, but just so you know, if you do anything to upset them, you will have the power of a god to deal with.” 


Okoye is very much a protective mumma bear and would spend the whole time on her best behaviour but also watching and analysing everything your partner does. 
She looked between you and your partner as they excused themselves to answer a call. 
“Mother, behave.” You say to her with a serious face.
“I have not done anything, my love.” She tells you with a smile.
“That is why I am worried.” You tell her. 


Loki would be on his best behaviour the whole time but would mainly be extremely nervous to meet them. So nervous that, although it almost killed him to do so, he asked Thor for back-up.
A knock was heard at the door and both brothers stood ready to answer it.
“Alright, brother. Are you ready?” Thor asked his younger brother.
Loki was so nervous that all he could do was raise both thumbs and try to stay fully composed. 

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He was Erik…


So I came across MBJ’s interview onset gifs and the video (again) a couple of weeks! I also remember him interviewing w/ Oprah saying the role had began to make him depressed because he had to really dig deep to find the hurt Erik felt sooo I wrote the little one shot as MBJ’s significant other going through the lows of the role. Hope it’s good and someone likes it 🥴😅


“Me and Ryan … we’ve worked together a few times.” He stammered on his words. “And this is a project that we -you know- spoke about and once he heard about it” He rubbed his nose more signaling his irritation from all the questions. “Wanted me to do something different and play a villain” The sinister gleam had become evident in his now midnight black orbs. “my initial thoughts was like cool … when do we start?” He shrugged towards the interviewer.

Glancing at Michael one last time on your laptop screen, you’d realized the water on the brim of your eyes threatening to fall. While everyone loved the thought of an all black major cast and celebrated Michael for his role as one of Marvel’s greatest antagonists, you hated the role deep down in your core. You would never tell a soul that especially your friends and family but you saw what Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens did to your once happy, loving, and caring boyfriend.

The role had Michael eating different and even spending more and more of his time away from the house avoiding you like the plague. When he did decide to make an appearance at home, Michael isolated himself from you by taking up residency in a completely different room on the other side of your shared home. He shut you out of his life and one night ended up telling you how much he hated you and how much he wanted you to pack up and leave. Oddly enough you couldn’t leave. You didn’t want to leave him alone to go through this role. After awhile you two rarely spoke. He’d been quiet these days simply writing in his one of his many journals he always used to prepare for any role he had. His appearance was even different from the Michael you knew and so was the way he smelled. He was no longer the love of your life. This was a stranger…

The stream of tears fell down your cheek as you sat in there against the bed frame. Watching his Black Panther interviews had became a dirty habit of yours. You were desperate to figure out what happened to Michael. Searching for any clues in the context. Anyone on the outside would see Mike’s interviews and swoon over his appearance as Killmonger but you knew the truth. You knew how the role was eating him from the inside out but he wouldn’t dare admit. You knew how irritate and angry he was becoming when it came to interviews or being social. You knew and the only thing that you could do was cry.

“Michael?” You hummed hearing footsteps coming from the hallway of your shared home breaking you from your thoughts. He’d been ignoring you since his dive into that character. “Bakari…” You whispered before planting your feet on the plush carpet making your way towards ‘his room’. “Mic-“

“Would you stop calling my damn name!” He growled at you through clenched teeth. His dark eyes looked through you as if you were nothing to him. “I heard you the first fucking time!” His chest moved up and down rapidly. “What do you want, (Y/N)?”

Standing there feeling small under his harden glaze, you chewed on your bottom lip nervously attempting to muster up the courage to speak to him. “I-I” You hummed out playing with the hem of his once favorite t-shirt you wore. “I miss you.” Your breath hitched as he made way towards you looking at you intensely. This was the first time Michael had been this close to you .

The devilish grin spread across his face, “Nah.” He chuckled slightly. “I don’t believe that.” His head swayed back and forth before going back to his suitcase to ignore you again.

The hot tears flowed from your face once agin like a facet turned on high, while you stood there feeling completely shut out. “Where is Michael?’ You hummed looking at this angry stranger. “I fucking hate what this character did to you!” You snapped throwing one of the African souvenirs you’d bought when you went to set with him for a couple of weeks.

“You hate it?” Mike chuckled stopping mid fold. “You didn’t hate the shit when you were trying to fuck Killmonger.” He laughed deeply making his way towards you. “Or what about all the shit you bought with my money … off this role that you hate so much?” The only sound in the room was Michael’s panting breath against your left temple.

You wanted to deny what he said but you simply couldn’t. “You know what?” You peeped out lowly tired of the constant cries, the lonely dark nights and mourning mornings. “I can’t do this, Michael.” Your eyes averted to the left to look into those unknown eyes. “This role has done something to you You’re always hostile, sad, angry… ju- just not yourself.” The tears were flowing slowly onto your already stained cheeks. “Always looking as if you want to kill everything or everyone in sight.. including me.” You mumbled the last part. “I understand you have to do what needs to be done for this role but you need help.”

His eyes rolled at the thought of help. What help did he need? Michael knew once he was done with this role he could put Erik “Killmonger” Stevens to rest with all his other roles. (Y/N) was just being a spoiled brat because he was always away for the movie. He wasn’t angry nor hostile. He wasn’t sad or depressed. He didn’t have built up rage. That was all Erik and Erik wasn’t real. He had to make Erik come to life so he had to do what he needed to. He was angry. He was depressed. He was filled with rage. He was Erik and Erik was him. He was losing everything and everyone he loved. He needed help.

(Y/N) couldn’t look at Michael anymore. He wasn’t himself and although she loved him, she couldn’t continue to be his punching bag. She couldn’t continue to hold hate for the breakthrough role Michael so desperately was excited about. She loved him too much but you loved yourself even more. “I’ll always be here for you but I can’t stay here with you.” You mumbled into Michael’s chest. “Enough is enough.” You stood on your tiptoes as you placed a light kiss on his cheek, feeling him flench at the action.

As much as you didn’t want to leave you had to ….

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You wanted to reach for Erik’s hand as the men led you into the throne room. You were swinging wildly in between amazement and fear. You believed what Erik told you about Wakanda and how advanced it was but a part of you was still reserved. You had searched up Wakanda and seen pictures and looked like what you expected from a third world country. A part of you wondered if Erik was just crazy. But now,  now you were here and it was everything that Erik told you about and more. 

The walls were sleek and golden and distinctly African in a way that you had rarely seen in the States. Here, the colors weren’t muted but vibrant and bold and proud in a way that made you want to cry. The keloidal scars on the men guiding you to the throne room were placed proudly on their faces and visible parts of their bodies. You eyes darted everywhere but at the end of the day they came back to Erik.

His shoulders were tense and you could already see the pitch of his lips, the burning in his eyes. Everything about him was screaming for retribution and as you looked at him you understood why. Wakanda had all this for centuries and when white men came on their boats to put others in chains, there was no way that they could not have known. And they stayed silent.

Slavery and colonization, God they knew about it all and they sat on their asses in their shiny fucking castle and watched it all from afar. These fucking assholes. Soon enough your own brow was furrowed in anger and the walk in your steps became a stomp. What the actual fuck. 

You and Erik entered the throne with very little grandeur or pomp and you breathed out. You knew the time was here.

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If any fic pages see this…

Just tag me in it ALL

Erik (or MBJ/ Adonis/ etc)

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman/ etc)

M’Baku (Winston Duke/ etc)

Trevante Rhodes (etc)

Annnnnnnnything! I’m here for it all 😂👏🏾


Originally posted by sofia1926

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I’m not shaming Loki Stans for their bad taste in White boys (we all have our guilty pleasures) but if you honestly watched Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther and went on to say “I sincerely believe that Loki is the sexiest villain in the mcu” unironically with a straight face, you might not be attracted to men in general. Just saying.

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No one asked for this

I was just thinking about some hc’s for black panther and what if Erik grew up with t'challa and shuri,,

  • Him bonding with shuri and discussing civil rights and black power
  • Erik and t'challa duelling and practising their fighting skills
  • Years later when wakanda is at a world leaders conference (w/erik being t'challa’s advisor) and him calling out all the racists
  • Having debates with the UN about getting back all of the artifacts
  • Shuri making him and t'challa black panther suits and having them test out the reserved power thing(dont judge I forgot the name of it) on eachother while she records for “research”
  • Erik and t'challa going after bucky after t'chaka is killed, but erik being a lot more chaotic than t'challa
  • Shuri and erik playing pranks on t'challa CONSTANTLY
  • Erik making fun of t'challa over his crush for nakia
  • Erik hanging out with bucky and feeding the goats and cute stuff
  • Making fun of sam when he makes the “you like cats” comment
  • Not getting dusted during the snap and ruling wakanda while t'challa was gone
  • A Rhodey friendship (because I want it)
  • Him being bi(because I also want it)

(edit: please feel free to add hc’s of you own)

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Summary: Prince N’Jobu meets King T’Chaka’s future new wife first…and his 9-year-old son Erik meets a bit of his mother Califia’s past back in Oakland…

“You make me feel like a natural man, yeah (A natural woman)

You don’t even gotta waste time

It’s just natural, romantic, yeah

And we don’t gotta take it slowly

You could break my body, baby

You’re all that I need, yeah

Perfect for me, yeah (perfect for me, yeah)

You’re gonna make me feel like I never felt

And fall like I never fell

Care like we never cared

And love like we never will…”

Desire B & Marnino Toussaint – “Never Will”

Umama sat and watched N'Jobu as he ate a full breakfast. The sunroom was filled with fresh flowers from the royal garden and the overwhelming spread of gourmet foods before him actually made him miss the simple breakfasts with his woman and son back home.


His real home. Califia and Erik. They were his center.

“You are very quiet this morning,” Baba said, staring at N'Jobu.

“He just arrived in the middle of the night. Jet lag, my son?” Umama said as she patted his hand.

N'Jobu felt the curious eyes of T'Challa and W'Kabi on him as the boys helped themselves to seconds and thirds of sliced fruit and sweet breads. T'Chaka was equally quiet, but N'Jobu sensed that he was waiting to speak more openly once they were alone.

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Sugar Babe Texts - Chapter 2

We wanted to start off by thanking everyone for their support of this story. Your engagement and kind words have made us really excited and the creative juices are definitely flowing. We are currently working on chapter 3, but we wanted to create a way for you all to connect with the story in between the chapters and a way for us to further interact with you all outside of the chapters themselves. 

What we came up with is to create a text conversation between Reader and Erik in between every chapter. They won’t have any spoilers for the upcoming chapter, they’ll just play off of what happened in the chapter before. This should be a fun way for us all to build a little Sugar Babe community. We hope you guys enjoy it!

Chapter 2 




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