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#killmonger smut

Yes I would because that shit is sexy AF and the thought of it alone has me dripping lol. I got a request for it and here is how I would write it out:

An incubus is a demon male form that lies upon sleeping women to engage in sexual activity. The female counterpart is an succubus. The incubus could take on Erik’s form to seduce the reader since the incubus I’m sure has done this to other women. Maybe Erik is a guy who tragically passed and he’s taking on his form to please her? Maybe he conjured Erik’s physical appearance because of all the things she wants in a man.

But with this comes a problem too. If he keeps fucking her and only her she could deteriorate, her mental state could be permanently altered; living in a fantasy world that the incubus creates, or she could die.

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One Shot


Warnings: Language

Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader

You were cramping all week. You knew the dreaded week was coming. Your app warned you that Aunt Flo would be visiting in three days. You hated getting your period but you were happy to have confirmation that you weren’t pregnant. Your boyfriend Erik (and you) were reckless when it came to sex. He hated using condoms and hated pulling out. His philosophy was; “If you get pregnant, you get pregnant. I can bust all up in yo shit if you get pregnant” you couldn’t even be mad, you loved the feeling of his cum deep inside you. But that was besides the point. You had a long work week coming up and the last thing you needed was another heavy ass period ruining shit.

“Fuck you, female reproductive system!” You cursed to yourself as you walked to your fridge to grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream and the half gone bottle of Roscato you were saving. You sat on the couch with your fluffy cheetah print blanket and cut on Raising Dion on Netflix. You wouldn’t tell Erik but you had a huge crush on Mark.

Maybe twenty minutes into the intense episode, you had a stomach turning cramp that felt like it knocked the life out of you. Then you felt the flow of liquid. You sat very still…waiting. Another cramp hit you and you jumped up to see a red spot on the suede sofa. Fuck. You ran to the bathroom and quickly pulled your shorts and panties down to see bright red blood.

You collapsed onto the toilet, defeated. This bitch had the nerve to show up early and without knocking. She busted the door down on your ass. You changed your panties and shorts but couldn’t find a pad or tampons.

“Shit shit shit!” You repeated. You had completely ran out. You grabbed your phone from the coffee table and dialed your boyfriends number. He was currently at the YMCA playing basketball with some friends but you hoped he would pick up.

“Hello? Erik?” You say quickly once you heard the noisy background.

“Yo wussup babygirl. What you doing?” He said out of breath.

“Erik, I started my period and I’m out of tampons and pads. Can you please pick me up some from the store?”

“Of course. I’m done here anyways” Erik could be heard saying his goodbyes in the background and his Audi R8 beeped letting you know he was getting in his car.

“Erik…” you say softly.

“Yea baby?”

“Please don’t get mad but I kinda had an accident on your couch…I’ll try to clean it. I promise”

“Fuck that couch. I’m just mad I ain’t get no pussy before you started your period” he sucked his teeth.

“Erik you can go a few days without sex. Plus, I can still give you head”

“Aight. Imma hold you to that”

Erik pulled up to the store a few minutes later and you had to guide him where to go from there.

“Daaamn. There’s so many different kinds” Erik looked around confused.

“Erik it’s okay. Just look for the black box with colors on it. They’re tampons” you say.

“Okay. Them things that look like giant Q-tips”

You laugh at his ignorance.

“Sure. Yea. Do you see the brand?”

“Yea. Black box. I got it”

“No there’s different sizes baby”

“Oh for real? Well shit. What’s yo pussy size? Phat cat?”

“Nigga I cannot with you” you laugh.

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Pt. 7

Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

You panic and jump into your car hoping to catch up to him.

“Fucking idiot!” You yell. How could he be so fucking reckless? What if someone sees him?

You try calling his cellphone in hopes that he grabbed it before he left the house.

“Wussup princess?” He says nonchalantly.

“Erik! What the hell is wrong with you!? I told you that you can’t leave the house”

“I’m about to go get my haircut. That way we can go out together and I can get out that big ass house. Why the fuck you live in the middle of nowhere?”

“Erik, no. You can’t be seen in public. What don’t you understand?”

“You think I’m stupid? I have on sunglasses and I’m wearing all black. Nobody will know it’s me. Okay? Now chill out”

“Erik you think this is a joke but it’s not!” Your voice becomes shaky.

“Are you crying?” He questions.

“Yes. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you Erik…I can’t go through another loss” you say wiping your eyes.

“I’m sorry…look, I’ll get my haircut and I promise I’ll be back. Okay?”

“Fine. Just please be safe”

“I will. See you soon”

Five hours passed and you sat on the couch a nervous wreck. Erik was supposed to get a haircut and come back. That was it. Maybe he got caught. You weren’t sure because he stopped answering his cellphone.

“Garage door open”

You stood up as you heard the car pull back into the garage then the house door opened.

“Babygirl! Where you at?” Erik yelled.

“Right here. Where the hell did you go!?”

“Hey calm down. I told you I would be straight” he walked into the living room and your eyes go from hard to soft. Erik had completely cut his hair and facial hair off. He looked completely different. A good different. The locs were nice on him and his mustache but now, he looked younger. More attractive in a way.

“Oh now you can’t speak? You was talkin’ all that shit before” he laughed.

“I-you just look really good…like college Erik. He had a fade and I used to love it. I loved his locs too but…wow”

“You keep saying ‘He’ like I’m not right here. You mean me?” He stepped closer to you.

“Yea…you” you smile.

“You’ll warm up to me eventually” he says before placing a kiss on your forehead and walking away. You follow him upstairs to the bedroom. He had bags in his hands and you were curious why he was gone for so long.

“What is all this?” You sit on the edge of the bed.

“I went shopping. That dead nigga ain’t have no style. Where the fuck did he work? Wearing only suits and shit” Erik began pulling clothes from the bags.

“He was a broker” you say while looking at his new threads.

“A broker? So he was smart as shit. Or, I’m smart as shit” he nods his head.

“You are him. How did you forget?”

“You upgraded my hardware. And you customized me one final time. Whatever I said to you before I arrived on your doorstep, I don’t remember. I remember small details of my life like we’re married and…Nah that’s it. We’re married”

“You don’t remember? How—“

“Fuck everything before. You too uptight for me right now. I’m here and I want to get to know you again. You cool with that?”

“I’m trying. I really am”

“Take your time, ma. I’m not rushing you. But stop looking at me like a fucking freak”


You ended up falling asleep. This baby had you exhausted. You woke up and seen it was 9pm. You descend the stairs and see Erik sitting on the couch, slouched, watching tv.

“You sleep good?” He asks.

“Yea” you sit on the couch next to him but leaving space.

“I won’t bite you. C’mere” he smirked and held his arms out. You hadn’t touched him since he got here. You decided to give it a try. You crawl into his lap and straddle him. You looked down at his chest to avoid his eyes.

“Look at me” he touched your chin softly.

“You wanna explore me so you’ll feel more comfortable?” He asks.

“Sure” you get off his lap and he stands up to strip.

As he pulls his clothes from his body, you watch with eager eyes.

“You like what you see?” He asks spinning around slowly.


“Can we try something?” He asks.


“You gotta lay back and spread your legs”

You look at him crazy.

“Just do it. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. I promise” he sweet talks you and you lay on your back on the couch.

“Y/N, babygirl you know you gotta come up out them underwear. How can I satisfy my woman if her panties is cockblocking? Actually, you know what, fuck it” he gets on his knees in front of you and you watch him carefully. He grabs your neck roughly with one hand and the other hand practically rips your underwear to shreds as he pulls them to the side.

“I want this pussy and you playing!” His face dives into your center. His tongue flicking over your clit. You hated yourself for enjoying it. It felt wrong. Your morality couldn’t fight the lust that overcame you. You needed this. You did want this. You missed this.

“When are you going to stop being so damn stubborn and relax? Huh? Cause I know you wanna cum but you holding it. Release that shit” he growled from between your legs.

“Did you just…growl at me?” You ask.

“Shut the fuck up and cum!” He spit on your pussy then went back to eating it aggressively. Like a dog eating a steak or a bone. He was determined to get his prize.

“Scream my fucking name! I wanna hear that shit”

“Mmm. Fuck!” You shout out at the top of your lungs. His tongue was so deep inside you. His lips latched onto your pussy as he pleased you with a purpose.

“Scream my name!” His grip on your neck became harder.

“Erik! Oh my god!” You moaned. He had two fingers inside of you now.

“You really enjoying this shit. Pussy is gushy as fuck” he dug his two fingers into you before focusing only on your G-Spot. Using the ‘come here’ motion, he added a third finger and your walls clenched around them. He kept his eyes on you while licking his lips.

“Cum for daddy. Please” he kissed your stomach.

“Daddy! Oooo fuck!” You moved your hips to match his finger thrusts. “Daddy please don’t stop! It feels too good. Daddy!” You moan. You had thrown your morals out the window and allowed yourself to enjoy this moment. Erik from before, never ate your pussy this good. This was the work of a demon.

“Aight. Hold that shit then” he rose from the floor and stood up. I want my dick sucked” he grabbed his dick and swung it around. It amazed you how he was just like a human. His body wasn’t metal hard. He was just muscular and soft.

“Get on your knees and suck daddy’s dick” he grabbed your hair in his fist tightly and made you look at him.

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes” you say.

“Do you…cum?” You ask curiously.

“Oh trust me, as sweet as that pussy taste, I’m cumming all up in that shit. I wanna see my nut dripping out that pink pussy”

“Okay” you whisper out. Your pussy was doing flips.

“Can you just fuck me…? Please. I just really want to be fucked” you begged.

“Aww how cute. Babygirl just wanna be fucked” he squatted to be face to face with you.

“You lucky you fine as shit. If you wanna get fucked, you better bend that ass over this ugly ass couch and arch yo shit!”

“Okay” you smile.

“Hold the fuck up” he grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you towards him. “When you speak to daddy, you better show me some goddamn respect. That ‘okay’ and ‘Mhm’ bullshit ain’t about to fly with me. Understand?”

“Y-Yes daddy” you say. Your eyes never leaving his.

“Good girl. Now arch!”

He was pounding into you with a vengeance. 11 inches was definitely too much and you told him but he didn’t care. He was focused on giving you a nut and giving himself one. He had your hair in his fist, extending your head back. The other hand gripped your hip as he dug his fingernails into your hot skin.

“Fuck-this-tight-pussy!” He said between each stroke.

“Hold on!” You reach back to stop him but he only grins and goes harder.

“Erik! Nooo!” You scream and cum all over his big black dick.

“There you go. That shit feel good?” He reaches under you and strums your clit.

“Daddy…yes. So good” you pant.

“Who’s juicy pussy is this!?” He pulled your hair harder and slid his dick all the way out before slamming back into you.

“YOURS DADDY!” You scream and cum again.

“That’s fuckin’ right! You belong to me. I own you and this pussy. Don’t forget that shit!”

“Daddy I won’t!” You grip the top of the couch as it slides across the floor with every powerful thrust that Erik delivers.

“Repeat that shit! Tell me you belong to me” he smacked your ass hard.

“I belong to you daddy! I’m all yours! This pussy belongs to you and only you!” Your walls clench around his dick.

“That’s right. She tryna keep daddy right where he belong. Right in this pussy. Imma sleep with my dick in you tonight to make you feel good. Clench my dick all night with these tight walls”

“Daddy! Please cum in me. I need to feel it” you look back at him and for a moment, you caught him off guard. His strokes became sloppy. He pushed your face into the couch and went crazy in the pussy, beating it up real good before he came deep inside you. He stroked slowly before pulling out.

“Hold that ass open” he commanded and you reached back to spread your cheeks. His cum dripped out of your pussy.

“That some good shit. Yo pussy is messy and creamy”

You turn over to your back and hold your legs up.

“Is this a better view?” You ask innocently.

“Girl you must wanna get fucked again. You want me buried deep in that pussy?” He leans down to kiss you while also sticking two of his fat fingers back into your pussy.


“Cum one more time and we can go to bed. I know you tired”

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. I read a lot of Black Panther fan fiction, especially Erik Killmonger fics (they’re my favorite). I have decided to write reviews for the ones I read. I will discuss what is working in the stories and what could be better. I am an artist and love discussing works of art! I don’t know what to call this yet, but maybe it will come to me along the way. I am open to request just limit the fics to the ones about Erik Killmonger Stevens ( did I mention he was my favorite). So here we go with my first review. 

Title: Boy Next Door Crazy Erik PRT 1&2

Author: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

Okay so this first story I would like to review comes from one of my favorite authors of the fan fiction world. @nahimjustfeelingit-writes has a nice curated master list, and its hard to just pick one. So that’s why I am starting with this one and will review others if this takes off. I reread the fics all the time like its my first time reading them, and I end up falling in love all over again. Yeah they’re that good. However I’m kicking this review off with fics I have not read multiple times. Yes it was my first time reading them. So here we go…

First impression based off the title: how crazy is Erik going to be? Like we all know that Erik is one crazy motha-SHUT YO MOUTH. So how can you top that.  Well before I even finished the part one I was screaming RUN BITHC RUN, and granted the fic is written where the reader could insert their name for the reader, I was yelling at myself. And anytime a nigga says to you “you have me, I’m all you need”, sis prepare your self to fight b/c he has you all the way…

This fic took me on a rollercoaster ride. A good one at that. One that you are about to have a heart attack just waiting in line for.  I was terrified reading this I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The fic was written well and flowed well. I could feel all the emotions that ran through Erik, and there was a lot of them. And the smut…yess the smut. As always well written.  So when it came to the sex I was all for it and it didn’t disappoint. you could almost feel for Erik knowing his background and his childhood. Well I didn’t think I would say this but Erik definitely has Joe beat. Only a man with the nickname Killmonger could do that. Well done @nahimjustfeelingit-writes can’t wait to read the next one!

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Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff? Death

A/N: Chapters are short on purpose to build anticipation.

Part Two


You and Erik were newlyweds. Only two months into your marriage and you were both still madly in love with one another. He was an amazing husband, friend, and soon to be father. You hadn’t told him yet, but you were a few weeks pregnant. You decided to wait until after you both move into your brand new home that you purchased before the wedding. The beautiful five bedroom, four and a half bathroom home sat on three acres of land. Erik wanted to be out of the city stating that after a long day at work, he wanted to come home to peace and quiet. You agreed and here you both were, unpacking boxes and setting up your new furniture.

“Baby! Why you buy this ugly ass couch?” Erik called from the living room. You were in the kitchen putting away the white dishes that you spotted at Pottery Barn. Erik thought it was ridiculous that you would spend over $200 on a 6 set of plain ass dishes.

“Stop talking about my couch! I love that emerald green. Plus it’s velvet. Think of all the hot sex we’ll have on it” you say walking into the living room to see him sitting in a sea of bubble wrap.

“If you say so. It’s still ugly as fuck” he flips the couch upright and stands back to look at it.

“Still ugly” you both laugh. He wraps his arm around your waist and kisses the side of your head.


Dinner was takeout. You were both too tired to cook. And for once, you were both too tired to have sex. After getting into bed, Erik snuggled up behind you and wrapped his arms around your body.

“You know I love you right? You’re the best thing to ever happen to me” he whispered into your ear.

“I love you too baby. So much” you say back.


You wake up the next morning. Windows open, fresh air blowing throughout your master bedroom, sheer curtains blowing in the wind. You smile as the sun kisses your smooth brown skin as you stretch out. Noticing Erik is gone because he went to work, you climb out of bed to get your day started. You were an online teacher/tutor and worked whenever you felt like it. In your free time you enjoyed drawing and painting.

You walk downstairs to see coffee was already made and a cute sticky note on the counter.

“I love you beautiful. I’ll see you after work”

You smile as you stick the note back onto the white marble countertop. Pouring yourself a small cup of black coffee, you carry it back upstairs to your office area. You work for maybe two hours when there’s a knock at the front door. You pull out your cellphone to look at the security camera. Two police officers. You raise your eyebrows confused and get up to answer the door.

“Hi officers. Can I help you?” You ask, palms sweaty and heart beating fast.

“Ma’am, are you Mrs. Stevens?” The female officer asks.

“Y-yes? What’s this about?” Your voice was shaky.

“Ma’am…your husband Erik, he was involved in a fatal accident this morning. He was pronounced dead upon arrival….” her voice faded out and your entire world turned upside down. Everything around you was blurry and the sound was distorted.

@wisenerdcreator @btitannaaa @ladymac82 @thehomierobbstark @msreshel-blog @dangerous-history @scrumptiouslytenaciouscrusade @toniilaney @mygirlrenee @mikesteel20 @genuinedonnie @skylahb @hippiesandpeacesigns @seyven89 @browngirldominion @fd-writes @woahthatshitfat @myakai13 @sambucky8 @luvwitoutlimit1 @momobaby227 @blackpinup22 @nahimjustfeelingit-writes @mo0nchxld @therealmrsrhodes @naysianaee @afriicanhoe

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❝falling for me❞ - jessica garvey finds something alluring in the determined erik stevens  (coming soon)

❝kiss it better❞ - the last thing erik steven expected was to fall for kori adams, his childhood best friend (coming soon)

❝crush❞ - vanessa turner spends the night with the elusive erik steven after an almost botched mission (coming soon)

❝naked❞ - the last thing lola needed was her leaked nudes to fall into erik steven’s lap (coming soon)

❝softest place on earth❞ - tatiana porter has soft skin erik stevens wants to feel under his rough hands (coming soon)

❝love on the brain❞ - erik stevens can’t keep kaia monroe out of his mind (coming soon)

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Older, wiser, and divorcee Erik. He’s practically conquered many other roles in his lifetime: fuck boy, husband, father, military man, etc. He wants a new challenge to give him that spark he’s looking for. Online he meets this naive but ambitious (black reader!) college student from Texas. Erik fills that sugar daddy/daddy-dom!/embarrassment kink.

Warnings: SMUT, Sugar daddy Erik, Daddy dom Erik, AU, exhibitionism

Here it is guys!!! I was working on this the same time I was writing Office Bae Erik, jumping back and forth between both because I really wanted to get them out for ya’ll. Like all my smut this one is smutty through and through, very nasty, very arousing *sigh* I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Enjoy!

Part one Part two 

Keep reading

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Originally posted by peppermintjonas

Cherry checked her messages and left her granny’s house looking both ways and holding the curtain of her 1B black tracks back from her face to make sure she didn’t see anyone she knew hanging around the bushes or the Riverview Landing sign on the block in front of the unit. Speed-walking down to the next building in her hot pink Nike Air Max, ripped denim shorts and white beater, she saw a few faces out, but no one who could snitch to Big Eazy. The sun beamed like a flashlight trying to catch her in her wrongs.. illuminating her clear cappuccino skin. Her golden highlight gleamed off her shoulder blades and cheekbones like her Fenty glossed lips, the shine strategically placed to incite sin.. and there it was.. Erik’s white S Class Mercedes parked behind a green truck. If she hadn’t walked up on it, she wouldn’t have seen it. Taking a final look from the corner of her eye at her surroundings, she slid into the passenger seat and put on her seatbelt while her own big nigga in the driver’s seat with a white short sleeved v-neck put the car in drive and rode off, elbow out of the window and resting on the door as his hand casually blocked the lower half of his face, his finger under his nose.

“He followed you out? What did he say?" 

"He doesn’t know, he asked about Stucky.”

“Stucky?” He kissed his teeth. “He had that shit coming no cap.”

“Okay well his pregnant girlfriend got shot up too, did she deserve that?”

“For fuckin that nigga? Yes.” He turned on the highway.

“Well I’m fuckin you! Do I deserve to get shot in my house?”

“Big Eazy wouldn’t let that happen.”

“Big Eazy would shoot my ass.. and yours too,” Cherry mumbled looking forward. 

“You’d have time to run. He’d shoot me first,” Erik laughed like it was a joke. Cherry was serious. She felt uneasy creeping behind Eazy’s back, but being with Erik.. It was like no one’s opinion of her mattered and she could take the risk.

“Baby it’s been mooonths.. I’m tired of sneaking around, I wanna enjoy you!” Her hand rubbed his thigh moving inward to the seat of his soft navy blue pants, bunching the fabric as she grabbed his meat tracing the outline against his thigh. “I need to show off my man! I can’t deal with Eazy coming between us like this, controlling my love life. Daddy used to do that before he got shot.”

“He care about you, you all he got.. Honestly I’d be the same way.”

Cherry rolled her eyes taking off her sunglasses. “If you were in my shoes, E, you’d have left a long time ago. You wouldn’t put up with half of what I deal with on the regular. He still see me as his kid sister and I’m grown! I’m 25, I’m in school, I got a part-time. I be out here too.”

“In his eyes you gone always be baby sis, you can’t change that, baby.”

Cherry pouted, her lip poking out as she sat arms crossed. She watched Erik’s hand on the wheel as he pulled into the Chik-Fil-A dive thru ordering 2 chicken sandwich combos with lemonades, saving his to eat when he reached home. Cherry ate hers in the car on the way finishing when Erik pulled into White Pine apartments.. his building, one that was leagues removed from and ten times better than any place in or around Riverview Landing. The streets were clean. No one was out. The grass was green and trimmed. It was quiet. The hedges were in shape. Cherry wished she could stay there with Erik instead of with her grandma, but Eazy lived in White Pine too, he just worked the block in Riverview. Cherry recalled back when she was 16, Eazy and Erik shot up some niggas tryna sell on their block. The cops came and no one would talk because they knew Eazy, Erik and their other homies would catch them out slippin or break into their house. Here at White Pine, they were more subtle but they were still the main dealers. 

Cherry followed Erik into his apartment on the fourth floor knowing her brother’s empty apartment was on the fifth and as soon as she pressed the door closed, Erik grabbed her waist spinning her to where she could pull his neck and kiss him, her knee rising up his hip enough for him to catch the hint and pick her up. He sat on the loveseat with her in his lap straddling him as she stayed glued to his lips, refusing him air, kissing and sucking on his lips while he rubbed her booty in circles. She missed this contact, she hadn’t kissed him like this since they snuck and met up last week. She had a week’s worth of kisses to give as she grinded on his lap.

Erik rubbed and smacked her ass, gripping the back of her neck to pull her up and she released his mouth looking him in his eyes. They were low just like she liked them because it meant he was wanting her just as bad.

“Take your clothes off and get in the bed, wait for me,” he whispered and Cherry lifted quickly to go to the room. Eight big bags of weed sat stacked on the dresser next to two pistols and a few small plastic bags of that white girl. Taking off her outfit and folding it to set on his nightstand with her Nikes on the floor, socks in the Nikes, she stood nude in her cappuccino glory, sliding between the cool black satin sheets and resting her head on the black satin pillow case. If Eazy knew Erik had bought these with her in mind and not some random hoes, it would’ve been a murder. If Erik wasn’t such a good liar in the first place, there would’ve been a murder. She tried not to think about it and instead thought of how much she missed her man. She was finally getting quality time uninterrupted and she didn’t have to pretend to be a play sis because that shit died a long time ago. 

When Erik came in the room, he was chewing with fat chipmunk cheeks and his lemonade in hand. 

“Come here, baby,” Cherry smiled with a slow curve of her index. The two tatted cherries on a stem between her titties showed past the blanket. He set the cup on the dresser and pulled off the navy plaid button up that hung open over his defined abs and the exposed band of his white Calvin Klein briefs under navy sweats. Cherry kissed her teeth as he took time to swallow, sip his drink again and smile before kicking off his shoes and pants to jump in the bed squeezing Cherry to his chest. 

“Your breath smell like hot sauce,” she frowned but it ain’t stop her from wrapping her leg firmly around his thigh.

“And you smell like fried chicken,” he mumbled pressing his nose to hers. He turned her over so he was on top as she rested her hands around his thick stocky neck, rubbing his nape.

“Shut up,” she chuckled squeezing his neck briefly, “and gimme that dick.” She pressed her lips into his neck as his slim long legs tangled with hers. Immediately, his dick aligned with help from his hand and he went straight into the pussy no foreplay. Cherry hummed from the delicious feeling of being filled, grabbing his hips and pulling him deep into her wet kitkat as she locked her legs over his ass. “Show me how much you love this pussy." 

She had having been craving his dick for an entire week. He snapped his ass repeatedly and it was like clicking his heels to send her to heaven. Now that she finally had her boo thang’s soul pole, she could grab on his locs and pull them. He only let her do it when they had sex as he ain’t like people touching his hair. She wrapped his locs around her fingers and tugged guiding her tongue forcefully into his mouth as he dug his hips filling her full of his fat curved dick. Suddenly he switched up with his curve and Cherry threw her head back overcome with a sudden wave of pleasure. He stretched a heavy arm above her head and braced the other against the bed as he threw his body grinding roughly, swiveling his hips and shaking her entire body underneath his weight. Cherry and gripped and scratched wildly over his back and sides, his arms, feeling her body bounce under him as she listened to his hard breaths coming out in pants, her sensitive nipples rubbing aggressively against his chest. She rolled her hips to his pace and feeling herself climb toward a new orgasm, she grabbed his ass pushing his pelvis down to keep his rhythm consistent.. holding onto the sweet feeling of her inevitable nut. He was fucking her so good, reaching under her ass to grab it and hold her pussy in place as he fucked it, panting over her ignorant to the red marks collecting on his smooth skin.

"Oh fuck yes baby!” Cherry was breathless clutching onto him like she’d drown if she let go. “Show me how much you love this pussy!”

“I luh this pussy baby,” he moaned in her ear, “Shit I’m cummin.”

“Nut in me,” she begged. Pulling out he climbed quickly up her body. 

“Open your mouth.” The tip of his dick knocked on her bottom lip and when she opened her mouth, his dick coated in her juice plopped in it. She sealed her lips around the head and from on her back she bobbed her head up and down on his length as he held it. In seconds she felt warm liquid burst in her mouth and she swallowed it with her spit. Sighing like he’d run a marathon, he pulled back dropped his face between her glossy inner thighs. She grabbed his locs again to guide him and hold him in place as he licked on her the way she loved, licking over her glossy folds and sucking until she shook.  

“Shiiiit..,” she smiled feeling better already. She felt like she was glowing. She needed a smoke. “I need more dickkk,” she grinned lifting to look at Erik. He was smirking. It typically took a few rounds before she was out. 

“Let’s go,” he chuckled. “I’m ready for whatever babe.”

Cherry climbed on top this time as he hung his wrists in the air waiting for her to get right and situated on his dick and find a rhythm before holding her waist. She put the tops of her feet against the inside of his knees and he chuckled knowing what was coming. Her knees went on the bed outside his legs and raising her ass high to the end of his dick, she drove her pussy down and bounced her ass right back high to the tip of his dick. 

“Gotdammit fuckin bitch,” he sputtered. She could feel her pussy dripping and knew it was sliding down his shaft as she bounced up and down, up and down, draining his soul quickly with every bounce. “Shit I’m bout to nut,” he hissed with Cherry bouncing harder. “Cherry,” he warned with a sharp exhale, his eyes focused on the ceiling. Anywhere but at her. “Shit, stop..” Hell no, she thought enjoying seeing him squirm. She wanted his baby though she knew he wasn’t quite ready. He could get ready. Quickly, he pinched her thigh hard and pushed her off his dick right before leaking a stream of cum onto his thigh and onto the sheet. His dick twitched on its own spurting a bit more and he calmed it with his hand sighing deeply. He closed his eyes.

“Next time I’m throwing yo ass off my bed.”

“Next time wear a condom then, but you won’t feel shit,” she giggled not really wanting that at all. She kissed his forehead and rubbed her hand over his beard to his chest. 

“I ain’t in a position for kids right now, Cherry, neither are you. You got school and yo job. How you gonna juggle a damn baby?”

“I’m not stupid,” she frowned, “I don’t need a baby right now but I do want one.” She rubbed the tip of his nose with his index and he didn’t move. “…with you. Maybe sometime in the next two years.”

“Ion know bout all that,” Erik muttered sitting up. Cherry rolled her eyes. She’d just have to keep tryna convince him. 

“Besides, what I’m a tell Eazy? We been bros since middle school I can’t do that shit. I’m already in deep enough, I’m fuckin my brother’s lil sister.”

“Don’t say it like that!”

“That’s what it is.. that’s my nigga. How we gone explain this shit, Cherry?”

“I wish we could just tell him.. If he loves me he should accept that I’m grown and I do what and who I want when I want.”

“You don’t wanna do that,” Erik cautioned. “You ain’t that grown, you still living with g-ma in the crib.. Eazy still pay the bills and for your classes. You at least need to be independent before you say anything to that nigga." 

"Erik! This is ridiculous. I’m tired, I just wanna live my life. I want us to go on dates and be seen in public. I don’t wanna be duckin and timing our exits and whispering at night. That’s high school shit..”

“You think I wanna creep in shit? I ain’t crept since 8th grade. This ain’t ideal for me either. We gotta be smart about it though, timing is important.” Cherry whined feeling defeated and Erik draped an arm around her shoulder, cradling her. “We’ll figure this out, be patient.” He kissed her forehead and stood grabbing his lemonade and gesturing for her to get up so he could change the sheet. 

After a cuddle session and long talk, Cherry fixed herself up in his bathroom, redressed, and Erik drove her back to Riverview Landing dropping her off a building away, riding off. 

Looking around for anyone who could recognize what had just happened she didnt see anyone and turned quickly to jog to her building. 

“Yo,” a voice yelled. Her spine stiffened as she looked around not seeing anyone of consequence. “Up here,” he called and she looked up to a balcony with a guy sitting out shirtless smoking a black n mild. It was Leonard, a guy under Eazy’s thumb. Instantly thumb set in. He leaned forward blowing out a puff of smoke. “What you up to Cherry?" 

"None of your damn business,” she snapped as she continued to walk, nervous as ever.

“I see. Maybe it’s Eazy business,” he said loud enough for her to hear on the ground. He always had a big mouth, he was a glorified snitch.

“What you want,” Cherry stomped coming to a standstill.

“Don’t want nothing just wondering why was out for three hours with the boy E.” He shrugged puffing the black again his eyes still on hers. “You ain't… doing shit you ain’t supposed to.. are you?" 

"He’s my bro what are you saying to me right now?”

“Nah,” Leonard spit off the balcony onto another part of the sidewalk. “That’s not what I saw.”

“Well I don’t know what the fuck you think you saw,” Cherry muttered continuing to the entrance of her grandma’s building. She was sweating, pausing outside of the door before she put her key in to open it. She hoped to God that Eazy was somewhere selling in a different building. She turned the key and walked in… there sitting with a gang of other niggas was Big Eazy. He looked up and the look on his face was like he knew something. He didn’t blink, he just glared the way he had that time when he she accidentally broke his memory thing on his game system. 

She tried to walk by to her room. Her grandmother was at bingo. 

“You just gone walk by?” He was angry, she could hear it in his voice. Swallowing, she close her eyes and headed back to where he was. 


“Eazy!  Don’t Eazy me, how the fuck you gone do that to your own flesh and blood, Cherry? You gone fuck the homie? My brother? He posed to be yo brother too and you fuck him? That’s some backwards ass treacherous shit sis-”

“He’s not my brother!” Cherry snapped. “He’s not blood, he’s not related to us, he’s a friend, yeah.. but that’s why I like him! Wouldn’t you want me with someone we trust?! You want me with just anybody?!" 

"Not my brother, stupid! That’s fucked up!” He jumped up but Cherry wasn’t afraid anymore. She was just pissed.

“You always do this! I’m not a baby, I’m a grown ass woman.”

One of his guys scoffed and Cherry smacked him in the head shutting him up as he looked up in surprise. What was he gonna do hit Eazy’s sister in their grandma’s house?

“No, you not. You a lil ass girl and you fuckin up your life! You out fucking dealers an shit! You know what he is? You know what he into? I can count on two hands the people that nigga killed and the niggas after him, he’s the worst nigga you could choose. You need a nice lil college boy. Smart. Someone with a future, not some fuckin hoodrat ass nigga!”

“Do you hear yourself..?” Cherry was in shock. 

“I ain’t raise you to end up like mom. You don’t need a nigga like dad. You don’t need a nigga like me. Do better, Cher… DO BETTER!” He looked wide-eyed like he wanted to shake her and she could feel his conviction like he really hated himself and who he was, it shocked her. Never had she been ashamed of him or who he was. She didn’t expect this. 


“NO!” He shook his head. “I can’t accept it..”

Cherry took a deep breath looking him in the eye. “You have to.. I love him.. and I love you. If you love me, you’ll accept that and let me make my own decision. Trust me.”

“I can’t,” he shrugged taking a deep sigh. “Look… I can’t allow this. Either you stop seeing him.. or I’m cutting your funding for school.”

“You can’t do that!”

“I will.”

Cherry gaped staring at her brother with new eyes. This was what Erik meant, why he really couldn’t know. She wanted to cry, but refused to do it in front of his boys. “Fine,” she whispered, the air knocked out of her lungs. “I don’t need you,” she shrugged, a tear falling despite her strong will. She headed to her room and packed a bag, walking out the apartment without a backward glance. She’d come back when he was gone. In the meantime she called Erik.

“Cherry?” He sounded confused because she didn’t typically call him when she was around her brother. “What’s wrong?” The concern was there in his voice and she knew she’d chosen the right guy. Sniffling, she let her tears fall. 

“He knows..”

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Office Bae Erik

Warnings: LOTS OF SMUT, spanking, drama

Here it is!!!! finally *sighs* this is centered around the Alaska trip and it will be done in two parts because I feel like there is more to write about for the trip. This is probably my fave chapter next to part two that I’ve written so far. Thank you for keeping up with my stories! 

Part one Part two  Part three

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@blktinkerbell requested fic for herself ☺️

Her Daddy is sleeping but that doesn’t stop Kristina from being bratty and needy for her daddy.

Warnings: HARDCORE SMUT, Daddy/Dom Erik, punishment kink, orgasm denial, degrading kink, sub/little, aftercare, impatient Erik.

This is technically like a part two but it doesn’t follow like a series. If you want to read the first one that I’ve written here it is (part one)


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Erik “Killmonger” Stevens takes a gap year from M.I.T. and stays with his former foster family in Oakland while he thinks about dropping out of school. With an ex-boyfriend making overtures to rekindle a situationship of some kind, Erik also has his eyes on a no-nonsense artsy Black Goth girl who wants Erik for herself with no strings attached.


Some Housekeeping…

In this new upcoming fic, Erik Stevens is a bisexual twenty-three-year-old, raised in foster care after the death of his parents when he was nine. He aged out of foster care at the age of eighteen and went to the Naval Academy at the age of nineteen. He is in his final year at M.I.T., but doesn’t like it, feeling homesick for the streets of Oakland and his friends. His passion is lowriders, hot girls and boys, and staying on that street bullshit. Although he is accepting of his sexuality, he’s very cautious about letting people outside of his inner circle know about his preference for men and women. He’s still that nigga, but his sexuality can be very fluid given his moods.


Layla Maree is twenty-one and one of the O.G. Black Goths in her hood. A Mills College undergrad, she works at an adult bookstore/porn shop. Erik was her neighbor growing up. They were friendly but not very close because he was always in trouble at school for fighting and getting involved in gang activity. She runs with an eclectic crowd because of her affiliations with various Black subcultures in the city. Running into Erik again creates an itch she wants him to scratch.


Brent Stapleson is twenty-three and Erik’s ex-boyfriend from Richmond. They’ve always had a rocky relationship because Erik is a fuckboi of the worst kind–serves good dick, but always unfaithful, and always unavailable. When Erik returns to Oakland, Brent thinks they can rekindle a new and mature relationship.  But he soon finds out that Erik hasn’t changed his ways and a new woman in his hoe ass life is running interference and preventing the reconciliation Brent desires.


My goal is to keep this at around fifty pages max, a long one-shot just to see if I can do it! However, if people like it enough and comment on it enough, it has the potential to be a series. This particular Erik will not be connected to my Pantherverse books. It is still part of the Black Panther movie universe, but this Erik was not born from Califia and N'Jobu, or have any connections to the other fics I’ve written. It’s a stand-alone world with a sexually fluid Erik Killmonger. He will still become that badass who shows out in Wakanda. But another incarnation.


Tag List:

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So, y’all know I have a shit ton of stuff to write, lol! But after my #QuarantineWritingChallenge “Blade” fic, (while I still write my other Pantherverse fics/books), I will dabble in my first one-shot (I can’t even type one-shot with a straight face because those of you who have been rocking with me for a while know I fail at this every single time. Shit gets good and turns into damn books!)

Anyways, the premise is:


Erik “Killmonger” Stevens takes a gap year from M.I.T. and stays with his former foster family in Oakland while he gets his head together about his future while he thinks about dropping out of school. With an ex-boyfriend making overtures to rekindle a situationship of some kind, Erik also has his eyes on a no-nonsense artsy Black Goth girl who wants Erik for herself with no strings attached.

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