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13. Close Your Eyes, Ivy

“We had a visitor, it seems,” Erik muttered returning to Ivy’s side in a smooth unhurried stroll. He was home free at least until the next threat, which he figured.. would be a while. He had days before he needed to worry about it. With a spray bottle of water and a black towel in hand, he looked on the young and delightful Ms. Stevens strapped by red rope to his french chaise. She had gotten a bit of blood on it, but it was a nice contrast. A nice picture in totality. He covered the ornate work on her thigh with the black towel and pressed down, holding her thigh firmly to stop the bleeding.

“That officer,” he sighed. “The one you called?” Her eyes brightened briefly with recognition. “Yeah, her. She’s a idiot.”

The roll of her eyes showed that she agreed and Erik smirked.

“Can you believe… the bitch came here to investigate me, yet she actually drank what the fuck I gave her?”

He had to laugh at that. Ivy didn’t laugh, but she had to have found it as funny as he did. The whole thing was ridiculous. The police come just to end up captive by the nigga they came to question.

“You can’t write shit like this,” he laughed, his weight still on her thigh.

“Tell me, who does that shit? Oh yeah.. You.”

Her eyes stared ahead. Though verbally she was unresponsive, her body could not block its reactions and neither could her face. He put a little more pressure on the towel not missing her expression as she tried her best to control it. Pain was what she felt.

“Hold on Little Ivy,” he smiled. “Almost done.”

After putting pressure on her thigh for a few minutes, he lifted the towel. “Typically, I’d suggest stitches for cuts like these but nah.. these are too pretty. Let’s let it air out a minute,” he said walking slowly to take a seat on a couch facing her.

She didn’t look well. Her face, it looked tired as though she were exhausted, dehydrated, low in energy. He decided to let her rest a few minutes more, saying nothing as she stared at him. He simply stared back as he sat on the couch.

Her eyes began to droop as he stared, wide awake. After another minute, her eyes shut and held. He counted one, two, three, four.. before her green and red eyes popped open again focusing warily on his. They struggled to stay, even crossing, and he sighed, not getting enjoyment from it at all.

“Close your eyes, Ivy,” he commanded standing to his feet. She needed a few hours of rest at the least. He much preferred her to be awake and aware for their games. In the meantime, he could be starting on another set of custom grillz.

Heading out of his living room, he shit the soundproof door leaving her in there. Should she call, he had the monitor on where he could see and hear her. Until then, he had another creative hobby to attend to.

“Oh.. Look whose finally coming to,” a thick Carribean accent came through the haze as Trinity’s head pounded and pulsed.

“Where the hell am I,” she blinked noticing that she was on the floor on her back looking up at a ceiling. She wanted to panic, but training had taught her to remain calm in uncertainty. Turning her head, the ache was like a mallet pounding ice, but the ice was her head. There was an older woman sitting proudly on a couch with a glass in hand, legs crossed and staring in disapproval.

“Funny how the tables turn,” she glared taking a sip before waving her hands in anger. “If you’d just done your job to start with wouldn’t NONE of us be in this mess! You put my daughter at risk,” she pointed. “And now Lord knows what’s happened to her.” Her face turned glum as she rolled her eyes looking away.

Trinity rolled herself onto her side gingerly and hoisted her body, resting on her arms. Finally upright, she was able to right herself completely and stand, wavering on her feet. She sighed before addressing the angry older woman. “Mrs. Stevens..,” she recalled feeling the back of her head. She checked her hand. No blood. The woman’s green eyes were memorable. The family resemblance was strong.

“You shoulda died right on that floor.”

“The way I feel, Ms. Stevens, I might have,” Trinity retorted. She felt horrible like she’d been hit by a bus. Groaning, she held the sides of her head tightly. “I always knew liquor would be the death of me..”

“You’re a damn addict.”

“No, Mrs. Stevens, I’m an alcoholic. My job is very stressful… As you can see,” she gestured to the room they were enclosed in. Though clean and stocked, it was indeed a prison.

“No, officer. You’re a glorified idiot with a badge is what you are and your damned reckless stupidity is gonna get us all killed.”

Trinity glared. The woman didn’t seem so Christian with all the venom she was spewing, but Trinity could understand. She was angry for good reason. That’s as far as Trinity planned to go down that train of thought.

“Attacking me isn’t gonna solve the issue. We need to find a way out of here.” Checking her sides and pockets, she patted her body down for some sort of communication. Some item. Anything that could be useful. She came up empty-handed, sighing as she looked at the unimpressed Mrs. Stevens, who did nothing but take another sip of whatever liquid was in her cup.

“You think I didn’t try that already,” Mrs. Stevens scoffed. “Gal, I searched your tall behind hours ago. That lil nappy headed boy done took everything ya got.”

“What can you tell me about what you’ve experienced with him? Any weaknesses? Accomplices? How often does he come back here? How long have you been here?”

“If you think.. I’m counting on you for anything.. you are out of your wretched mind.”

Trinity looked at Mrs. Stevens face that was set in stone. She was on her own in figuring a way out. She needed a way to make it to her vehicle.

“Look,” Trinity’s chin dropped. She was serious, catching Mrs. Stevens eyes to make sure she understood. “When he comes in here, I need to get out of here and get to my cruiser. If I can do that, I can call backup and then we can save your daughter.”

“Now why wouldn’t you call backup when investigating an abduction and claims of attempted murder from the start? Hm? Ask yourself that, Ms. Hot in the Pants? What type of police work is that?” She kissed her teeth. “Oh, what, you thought you’d somehow dazzle him with your rugged looks? Turn him somewhat-normal? The foolishness in this girl, Lord,” she whispered, eyes shut.

Trinity looked down briefly out of respect.

“Yeah. I could’ve brought backup initially..” She made eye contact again. “But-”

“There is no but. You should’ve brought backup! You were cocky and thought you had it. Ain’t no further explaining need to be done. Now I’m sick of hearing from you. If I see an opportunity, I’m taking it.”

“Ain’t no opportunity,” Erik announced through the speaker he’d installed in the room. The both of them jumped looking about the room. Meanwhile, he shook his head. They didn’t understand their predicament but they’d be well cared for. As long as they didn’t fuck up. Particularly, Mrs. Stevens. She had produced a fine specimen afterall. The officer, he had to think about.

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Pt. 7

Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

You panic and jump into your car hoping to catch up to him.

“Fucking idiot!” You yell. How could he be so fucking reckless? What if someone sees him?

You try calling his cellphone in hopes that he grabbed it before he left the house.

“Wussup princess?” He says nonchalantly.

“Erik! What the hell is wrong with you!? I told you that you can’t leave the house”

“I’m about to go get my haircut. That way we can go out together and I can get out that big ass house. Why the fuck you live in the middle of nowhere?”

“Erik, no. You can’t be seen in public. What don’t you understand?”

“You think I’m stupid? I have on sunglasses and I’m wearing all black. Nobody will know it’s me. Okay? Now chill out”

“Erik you think this is a joke but it’s not!” Your voice becomes shaky.

“Are you crying?” He questions.

“Yes. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you Erik…I can’t go through another loss” you say wiping your eyes.

“I’m sorry…look, I’ll get my haircut and I promise I’ll be back. Okay?”

“Fine. Just please be safe”

“I will. See you soon”

Five hours passed and you sat on the couch a nervous wreck. Erik was supposed to get a haircut and come back. That was it. Maybe he got caught. You weren’t sure because he stopped answering his cellphone.

“Garage door open”

You stood up as you heard the car pull back into the garage then the house door opened.

“Babygirl! Where you at?” Erik yelled.

“Right here. Where the hell did you go!?”

“Hey calm down. I told you I would be straight” he walked into the living room and your eyes go from hard to soft. Erik had completely cut his hair and facial hair off. He looked completely different. A good different. The locs were nice on him and his mustache but now, he looked younger. More attractive in a way.

“Oh now you can’t speak? You was talkin’ all that shit before” he laughed.

“I-you just look really good…like college Erik. He had a fade and I used to love it. I loved his locs too but…wow”

“You keep saying ‘He’ like I’m not right here. You mean me?” He stepped closer to you.

“Yea…you” you smile.

“You’ll warm up to me eventually” he says before placing a kiss on your forehead and walking away. You follow him upstairs to the bedroom. He had bags in his hands and you were curious why he was gone for so long.

“What is all this?” You sit on the edge of the bed.

“I went shopping. That dead nigga ain’t have no style. Where the fuck did he work? Wearing only suits and shit” Erik began pulling clothes from the bags.

“He was a broker” you say while looking at his new threads.

“A broker? So he was smart as shit. Or, I’m smart as shit” he nods his head.

“You are him. How did you forget?”

“You upgraded my hardware. And you customized me one final time. Whatever I said to you before I arrived on your doorstep, I don’t remember. I remember small details of my life like we’re married and…Nah that’s it. We’re married”

“You don’t remember? How—“

“Fuck everything before. You too uptight for me right now. I’m here and I want to get to know you again. You cool with that?”

“I’m trying. I really am”

“Take your time, ma. I’m not rushing you. But stop looking at me like a fucking freak”


You ended up falling asleep. This baby had you exhausted. You woke up and seen it was 9pm. You descend the stairs and see Erik sitting on the couch, slouched, watching tv.

“You sleep good?” He asks.

“Yea” you sit on the couch next to him but leaving space.

“I won’t bite you. C’mere” he smirked and held his arms out. You hadn’t touched him since he got here. You decided to give it a try. You crawl into his lap and straddle him. You looked down at his chest to avoid his eyes.

“Look at me” he touched your chin softly.

“You wanna explore me so you’ll feel more comfortable?” He asks.

“Sure” you get off his lap and he stands up to strip.

As he pulls his clothes from his body, you watch with eager eyes.

“You like what you see?” He asks spinning around slowly.


“Can we try something?” He asks.


“You gotta lay back and spread your legs”

You look at him crazy.

“Just do it. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. I promise” he sweet talks you and you lay on your back on the couch.

“Y/N, babygirl you know you gotta come up out them underwear. How can I satisfy my woman if her panties is cockblocking? Actually, you know what, fuck it” he gets on his knees in front of you and you watch him carefully. He grabs your neck roughly with one hand and the other hand practically rips your underwear to shreds as he pulls them to the side.

“I want this pussy and you playing!” His face dives into your center. His tongue flicking over your clit. You hated yourself for enjoying it. It felt wrong. Your morality couldn’t fight the lust that overcame you. You needed this. You did want this. You missed this.

“When are you going to stop being so damn stubborn and relax? Huh? Cause I know you wanna cum but you holding it. Release that shit” he growled from between your legs.

“Did you just…growl at me?” You ask.

“Shut the fuck up and cum!” He spit on your pussy then went back to eating it aggressively. Like a dog eating a steak or a bone. He was determined to get his prize.

“Scream my fucking name! I wanna hear that shit”

“Mmm. Fuck!” You shout out at the top of your lungs. His tongue was so deep inside you. His lips latched onto your pussy as he pleased you with a purpose.

“Scream my name!” His grip on your neck became harder.

“Erik! Oh my god!” You moaned. He had two fingers inside of you now.

“You really enjoying this shit. Pussy is gushy as fuck” he dug his two fingers into you before focusing only on your G-Spot. Using the ‘come here’ motion, he added a third finger and your walls clenched around them. He kept his eyes on you while licking his lips.

“Cum for daddy. Please” he kissed your stomach.

“Daddy! Oooo fuck!” You moved your hips to match his finger thrusts. “Daddy please don’t stop! It feels too good. Daddy!” You moan. You had thrown your morals out the window and allowed yourself to enjoy this moment. Erik from before, never ate your pussy this good. This was the work of a demon.

“Aight. Hold that shit then” he rose from the floor and stood up. I want my dick sucked” he grabbed his dick and swung it around. It amazed you how he was just like a human. His body wasn’t metal hard. He was just muscular and soft.

“Get on your knees and suck daddy’s dick” he grabbed your hair in his fist tightly and made you look at him.

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes” you say.

“Do you…cum?” You ask curiously.

“Oh trust me, as sweet as that pussy taste, I’m cumming all up in that shit. I wanna see my nut dripping out that pink pussy”

“Okay” you whisper out. Your pussy was doing flips.

“Can you just fuck me…? Please. I just really want to be fucked” you begged.

“Aww how cute. Babygirl just wanna be fucked” he squatted to be face to face with you.

“You lucky you fine as shit. If you wanna get fucked, you better bend that ass over this ugly ass couch and arch yo shit!”

“Okay” you smile.

“Hold the fuck up” he grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you towards him. “When you speak to daddy, you better show me some goddamn respect. That ‘okay’ and ‘Mhm’ bullshit ain’t about to fly with me. Understand?”

“Y-Yes daddy” you say. Your eyes never leaving his.

“Good girl. Now arch!”

He was pounding into you with a vengeance. 11 inches was definitely too much and you told him but he didn’t care. He was focused on giving you a nut and giving himself one. He had your hair in his fist, extending your head back. The other hand gripped your hip as he dug his fingernails into your hot skin.

“Fuck-this-tight-pussy!” He said between each stroke.

“Hold on!” You reach back to stop him but he only grins and goes harder.

“Erik! Nooo!” You scream and cum all over his big black dick.

“There you go. That shit feel good?” He reaches under you and strums your clit.

“Daddy…yes. So good” you pant.

“Who’s juicy pussy is this!?” He pulled your hair harder and slid his dick all the way out before slamming back into you.

“YOURS DADDY!” You scream and cum again.

“That’s fuckin’ right! You belong to me. I own you and this pussy. Don’t forget that shit!”

“Daddy I won’t!” You grip the top of the couch as it slides across the floor with every powerful thrust that Erik delivers.

“Repeat that shit! Tell me you belong to me” he smacked your ass hard.

“I belong to you daddy! I’m all yours! This pussy belongs to you and only you!” Your walls clench around his dick.

“That’s right. She tryna keep daddy right where he belong. Right in this pussy. Imma sleep with my dick in you tonight to make you feel good. Clench my dick all night with these tight walls”

“Daddy! Please cum in me. I need to feel it” you look back at him and for a moment, you caught him off guard. His strokes became sloppy. He pushed your face into the couch and went crazy in the pussy, beating it up real good before he came deep inside you. He stroked slowly before pulling out.

“Hold that ass open” he commanded and you reached back to spread your cheeks. His cum dripped out of your pussy.

“That some good shit. Yo pussy is messy and creamy”

You turn over to your back and hold your legs up.

“Is this a better view?” You ask innocently.

“Girl you must wanna get fucked again. You want me buried deep in that pussy?” He leans down to kiss you while also sticking two of his fat fingers back into your pussy.


“Cum one more time and we can go to bed. I know you tired”

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One Shot

Synopsis: Its the middle of quarantine, you and your boyfriend are out of work. To fill the time, Erik plays Modern Warfare all day everyday.

Pairing: Gamer!Erik (is that a thing?) x FemaleReader (any race or body type)

Warnings: Language, Smut (Spanking, and aftercare)

A/N: Erik and reader have an understanding in their relationship and safe word during sex. Erik enjoys pushing her to her limit.

Shoutout to my fellow gamers! Wussup 😜


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Imagine Pt.3

Warnings: Language

*Tagging in comments since my internet sucks ass today.


“Yo! I’m talkin’ to you nigga! Why the fuck you showing up at my crib without my permission?” Erik put his gun into his waistband and waited for David to respond.

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Warnings; Language, Smut, Angst

Pairing; Erik x Black!Female Reader

A/N; I don’t own any images used! They are for aesthetics/visualization only

Musical Inspiration; No Options - Justine Skye 💕


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This chapter contains mostly flashbacks/backstory. Hopefully you understand them/the timeline. (Typos?) 

Warnings; Language

Pairing: a Erik x Black!Female Reader
A/N: The next chapter will focus on Italy and hopefully there will only be one chapter after that to end this request. I loved writing this ❤️

Musical Inspiration: I Remember - Keyshia Cole 😭


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Anon Request: Don’t wanna bombard you with anything, but could you write a fic where Erik comes home from year long deployment?! It could be fluffy, angst, smut…whatever you decided

I hope you enjoy Anon. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take this story but I enjoyed writing it.

Warnings; Language, Smut, Fluff, Angst

*I don’t own the images used. I used them strictly for inspiration.

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In My Mind x 05


Firm foundations and sturdy hands

still crumble under tyranny

“Where exactly are you taking me,” you slur through toothpaste, spitting it in the sink before rinsing. It’s still early, 8:45, but he’s fast, putting on clothes in his room while you take the bathroom.

“Well you need clothes, I ain’t forget.”

“And hair products, a curling iron, satin cap, my own body wash,” you add using his mouthwash. It’s good he has extras of the basics. The bathroom door is cracked so he can walk in and hand you a stick of deodorant which you jam under your arms and set in an empty drawer with your toothbrush for your own. “Okay, v-neck come through.”

Full business casual, he comes up beside you in the mirror brushing his shaved sides down and you walk out to put your shoes back on, wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

The way out of the building is just as smooth as the way in. You take a staircase to a display where his glossy burgundy BMW sits with tinted windows and custom tags.. his trophy.. and then you get in. He presses a button and you sink through tinted glass looking out at the view until you reach ground and the wall goes up behind you allowing him to back out onto pavement.

“I’ll never get over that,” you mumble looking through the side mirror to watch the opening shut. His own private entrance. A ‘sky garage’ he called it.



“What do you think about Black Wall Street?” He’s driving somewhat normal now, only six miles over the speed limit and you haven’t felt like you were going to fall through the door yet which is a plus.

“Black business, black mecca.”

“It’s been the pinnacle of black successful business. If you look at Tulsa, Jackson Ward, Durham.. We were at the height of self-sufficiency. We had bankers, builders, mechanics, electricians, cooks, shoemakers, tailors…. hairstylists. Anything you needed, you’d get from your own people and it worked! We were putting money in each other’s pockets and building wealth with each other, taking pride in our blackness instead of tryna be the third white race… you know Asians are the second.”

“I was with you until that last one.”

“Nia, you know what happened to all them cities?”

“They were destroyed.”

“By who? Did we destroy ourselves?”

“Boy. Who are you, Dr. Umar?”

“That’s what you think?”

You touch the small black, red, and green beaded necklace with the wooden brown carved Africa pendent sitting in his cupholder.

“Umar Johnson is an ignorant misogynist who uses his platform to spread false information while robbing his followers. That’s what you think of me?”

You blink. “No, I only meant the superwoke part.”

“Unlike him, I have a Ph.D and I don’t think AIDS came from gay black men, but it was intended to decimate the black population.”

“I get it, don’t compare you,” you mutter watching the Oakland city views through your tinted window. People are out, strutting and power-walking on sidewalks and jogging across streets to work.

“Who destroyed our black wall streets?”

“White people,” you sigh giving him what he wants.

“Never forget that the US National Guard united with White Nationalists in 1921 to bomb and shoot up the Greenwood District of Tulsa. They destroyed 35 blocks of self-sufficient black business, murdering an estimated 200 people and injuring more. This is what happens when you and I pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in this country. Jackson Ward? Socio-economic assault. They built a highway right through it and put their own businesses around it to undercut our efforts. They chased us out and sent us to housing projects then filled them with drugs. You see where I’m going with this?”

“I think I’m starting to.”

“Nia, you’ve seen my dreams, you’ve seen where I’ve been. I’ve stood on both sides and seen firsthand how easy it is to infiltrate and decimate an entire city, a region even with the right intelligence and firepower. Hell, I’ve even pulled the trigger and I’m not proud, but it was a necessary evil for me to see that it doesn’t matter how strong you build or how pure your intentions are. When a government decides that you’ve surpassed the ceiling of poverty they’ve designed specifically for you they’ll wipe out a generation, drug you up, and restart you from zero. Do you understand how deep this goes?”

You finger the beaded necklace in your lap. Of course you understand everything he’s saying, but what he’s expecting from you is a different story and you won’t agree to anything prematurely.

“Where’s the end,” you ask. How will he know when he’s accomplished this great mission he’s been on for most of his life? It’s all he breathes. Will he even survive without the fight as his purpose? Keeping your silence, you watch his profile as he turns left.

“Africa. Africa was the start and it’ll be the end, but in the meantime we need to provide legal and physical protection here, major city by city. We need safe houses, secured and armed.. built to withstand the force of a nuclear weapon.”

“How will you manage that?”

“How long will it take is the question.” Pulling up to a building standing among other buildings, this one is as big as a high school with lettering across the front reading Wakandan International Outreach Center. Temporarily, you put the fact that you’re supposed to be shopping to the back of your mind. You’ve heard of this place on the news, but somehow you didn’t put this together. He parks in front of some well manicured bushes in a space marked for the CEO.

“You’re the CEO?” You look around at the cars in the lot, the WIOC bus, and to the people walking inside.

“You ain’t know? Ms. See Everything?”

“If I saw everything, I’d have figured this thing out between us. Don’t ya think?”

He steps out and adjusts his tie. He’s got the grey v-neck sweater vest, the white collared shirt underneath. The navy chinos.. and the navy oxfords.

Getting out, you spin showing off the same outfit you’ve been wearing and his brows raise subtly as you walk in beside him. Immediately he’s rushed with greetings from the three people at the front desk, two guys and a girl, all wearing black WIOC shirts with blue and purple lettering that reminds you of a 90s paper cup pattern. Very stylish and retro.

The girl with the baby face and two long feed-in braids, is reaching out, grabbing your hand to stamp with some sort of mallet which he gently blocks with two fingers on her wrist before it makes contact.

“Shakila, this is an affiliate,” he stares. The girl straightens, backing up meekly and the guy to her right.. the one with a rougher feel and a troublesome glint in his eye can’t be over 21, you guess. He rolls out from behind the desk and you see he’s wearing all black roller skates with orange and green swirled wheels. They look custom.

“72 people in the building, boss, counting you two. Ghost and Slim out patrolling, say we gotta bluebird.. 5-0 campin at Fuller’s they up to something but they been quiet..up there since about 8:15 this morning.”

“Keep watching. Let me know if anything changes.”

“Yezzir.” He rolls off down the hall and makes a right, disappearing.

“Donnie, how you doin,” Erik asks the man who’s been reading a magazine, chillin. He’s bald, light skin, and looks over 40. He’s also as big as Erik! His muscles make his t-shirt took like a muscle shirt, it’s tight, but it seems more of a personal style choice than an issue of not being able to get a bigger shirt.

Erik taps the desk before continuing down a short hall that splits into three and you walk alongside him, making a left when he makes a left and passing two young boys in the hall.

“An affiliate?”

“They thought I was bringing you in for assistance,” he clarifies and your face scrunches. “But you and your salon might be interested in becoming affiliates after I give you the tour.”

“Really? Wow..” This thing with him just keeps getting stranger.

“This is the women’s dorm,” he stops in front of a large expanded room, a space filled with about.. “Twenty beds, ten bunk beds. Forty women can sleep here with their kids. They call and we hold the spot or they show up and take it. That’s all the beds we could fit in there but I’m thinking of expanding. The men’s dorm is on the other side of the building. Don’t worry, we have security. No incidents yet. Further down,” he leads and you follow him down the clean tile hall. He takes you into another opening that says locker room.

“It’s like a YMCA in here.” You turn looking all through at the rows of lockers with actual locks, the showers, four toilet stalls, four sinks.

“There are 60 lockers, eight showers, eight stalls, eight sinks, two washers, and two dryers.”

“Y'all water bill high.” Looking back to him, he smiles and nods for you to head out into the hall again as you follow him. “This place is nice, if I didn’t have my apartment, I’d try to stay someplace like this.”

“It’s our safe place for homeless kids and families or just people who need a place to be without having to look over their shoulder, wondering where their meal coming from or who’s after them.”

Pausing, you look around and Erik stops. This place is beautiful. He’s even got the babies’ art hanging on the walls making the place warmer.

“You good?”

“Yeah.. You know, I’d actually love to be affiliated with this place. I wanna donate. How do I do that?”

“I’m glad you asked, Nia. Keep walking with me. Let me show you the rest,” he smirks, speeding up as he unlocks a door with his handprint that lights up blue.

“What the hell,” you mutter staring between him and the door.

“Staff only entrance. Extra measure to keep the women safe on this side, if you wanna leave or come in, there’s one way and you gotta get through security, that way you’re only back here if you’re supposed to be.

"Makes sense.”

Through the door is another hall that’s perpendicular to the one you just left. You follow him left and come to a large open cafeteria full of people sitting at tables, eating. Men, women, small children, teens, all black for the most part. There is a sprinkle of darker skin that isn’t black. A mother with three young kids and then an old man.

“How do you get away with only taking black people? Isn’t that 'discrimination’,” you ask with air quotes. Not that you take issue with it, you’re just curious. He laughs.

“When the colonizers come we just tell them we don’t have the space and if there’s an issue we have Donnie escort them out. We don’t get governmental assistance, we’re not required to run how they think we should run. We screen everyone who comes through and take who we think will benefit from our programs.

"Wow, I’m with it,” you smile following him to the food line.

“Gone 'head baby,” the older woman in front of him waves for you both to go ahead. He puts his hand on her back and kisses her cheek and the line ahead happily parts like the red sea letting the both of you through with a quickness. They love him. They genuinely love him. They also all have stamps on their hand. One woman is trying to pull her stubborn toddler aside and out of the way, but Erik sweeps him up and sits the boy on his hip, winking at the woman before passing you a white dish and grabbing two more.

“What you want lil man,” he asks as he goes through each option fixing two plates. One (sausage links, grits, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, pancakes, fruit cup) for himself and one (sausage links, bacon, eggs, pancake, fruit cup) for the kid.

Choosing a table, you sit with your plate (some of everything because it looks good) and Erik follows, sitting across from you with the kid and the two plates.

“I’ll get the drinks,” you offer heading back to pick up two glasses of apple juice, making it to the table before returning for one more glass and three straws. You pass them out and take your seat, mouth watering and ready to eat.

“Bow your head and close your eyes, please.” You lower yours and wait.

“I don’t close my eyes.” He lowers his head and you say the prayer as the toddler reaches into Erik’s plate grabbing one of his sausages. Erik doesn’t look up but he shakes his head with a slow smile and you try to keep from laughing as you finish saying grace.

“Amen,” you snort picking up your fork.

“This why I keep my eyes open,” he points to the kid, shaking his head in humor. He sets the boy in the seat and hands him a piece of his own sausage. Looking over, you see the mom approaching with her plate and an apologetic smile.

“Lord,” she sighs. She’s pretty though she looks tired. “I’m so sorry, he’s a handful, I know.”

“Not at all,” Erik smiles. She sits next to her son and he automatically starts pulling on her, saying “mama, mom, mommy,” just busy, so she pulls him onto her lap to keep him still. They’re both cute and remind you of Lia and her son, Jackson.

“This is Chyna.. and Orion,” he palms the boy’s head playfully. “Chyna, this is Nia,” he nods digging into his plate.

“Hi Nia,” she smiles and you reach out to take her hand, asking how she is. She’s great but ready to eat, she laughs and for a while you all just focus on eating.

“Mommy,” Orion starts and you understand 40% of what he just said. His mom entertains him with hums of “Really? Oh wow,” as she eats, feeding bacon into his hands.

“You here for a job,” she asks looking up and it’s an innocent question.

“I’m here on tour of the facility, just lookin-”

“Nia is an affiliate and potential shareholder. We’re in discussion,” he interrupts.

“Oh okay..,” Chyna’s eyes widen. “So you’re getting a feel of the center. Let me tell you why this place is so important,” she says all humor gone.

“Me and my son have been here for the past few nights.. a few nights before that.. and then maybe a week prior.” She looks to Erik and he nods.

“His father, Rashaad,” she continues, gesturing to her son, “He died last month and didn’t leave a dime. I talked to his family and my family and they told me I could sign over his body and the state would cremate him,” she pauses, still in shock from it. “…But I couldn’t do that…” Tears leak from her eyes and you look around for a napkin. She swallows, her eyes turning pink, and takes a breath. “Then there was the rent.. We hadn’t paid it for the month and our extension was running out,” she sniffs. “Well I had a funeral to plan, I couldn’t let the state take him.”

Orion, feeling her sadness, rubs her face to try to make her feel better and she tries to pull herself together.

“So ah-” she wipes her nose. “I took a chance and contacted the Wakandan International Outreach Center and they not only paid for the burial and the coffin, they sent a representative to the funeral for words of encouragement and I’ll never forget that,” she sighs. Erik keeps his eyes down to his plate.

“See, his daddy.. was a hood,” she continues, eyes dead on yours. You know what she’s talking about. You don’t have to grow up in Cali to have family in the streets. “He was shot out there in the streets in a driveby…,” she sniffs. “And you know.. people like to talk a lotta shit, but even if he wasn’t nothing to nobody else, he was someone to me. I loved him.”

“We’re working on getting Chyna a higher paying job to cover her rent,” Erik interjects giving her time to wipe her face.

“Yeah, they paid the rent for the month and they’re paying next month. I’m taking the class on building a resume now. I’m still working at Ross, I’m just trying to do everything I can.

"You’re doing a lot,” you offer and Erik gestures for you to stand to follow him out. “It was good to meet you and hear your experience,” you smile shaking her hand.

“Thank you, and I’m glad you’re trying to help. We need more people like him,” she points to Erik.

“Shit, don’t boost me,” he smiles. It’s something he’s done a lot since he’s been here and you’ve noticed that his smile is something that brings so much peace and a sense of safety to these people. Still, looking at him you can see deep down there’s a spot in him that isn’t touched. It’s full of rage and intense sadness that his smile can’t cover. If only the peace he provided to all these people would reach him.

@thickemadame @just-juicee @kenbieeereadss @honeytoffee

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Series: Daddy!Erik x Black!OC

Erik’s journey through raising a daughter, dating, working, etc…

*There’s absolutely no reason for these stories but I figured Daddy Erik would be fun to continue.

Warnings; Language, fluff, slight smut 



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Pornstar Erik x Black Female Reader

Erik is a big self-made pornstar who goes by his pseudo name, Killmonger, Killa E or Kill. He uploads videos on the internet and gains millions of views daily. The reader, Erik’s #1 fan, ends up meeting Erik at an exclusive party 👀

Warnings; Smutty, language 


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Pornstar Killmonger x Black Reader

Erik is a big self-made pornstar who goes by his pseudo name, Killmonger, Killa E or Kill. He uploads videos on the internet and gains millions of views daily. The reader, Erik’s #1 fan, ends up meeting Erik at an exclusive party 👀

*I reblogged someone saying that pornstar ‘issanutbaby’ reminds them of Erik. After watching a few of his videos 💦 I decided to create this imagine. Hopefully you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Warnings: SMUT 🥵 *I wouldn’t categorize myself as a smut writer but this is nasty as hell IMO. Language.


Part One Part Two Part Three

*quick song for a quick read 😋


“Fuck…ooo fuck baby…shit…uhhh…fuck yea baby….uhhh….Yea baby, take that fucking dick. Put this dick in your mouth and suck on this dick. Yea baby, suck it nice and slow. Take this dick deep baby….yea…take it deep baby. Oh yea baby. Suck it nice and slow. Choke on this dick baby. Choke on that shit…fuck…oh fuck…yes baby…ooo fuck…suck on that fucking dick. Play with my fucking balls while you suck on this big fucking dick” Killmonger sat in front of his iMac webcam stroking his hard glistening dick while slapping and squeezing his full beautiful balls. His hand squeezed and tugged up and down his dick making a squelching noise.

“Ahhh yea…fuck! Choke on this big fat black dick baby. Fuck!…mmm yea…turn around. C’mere. Fuck yea, Let me shove this big fat dick so fucking deep inside you. Yea you gonna be my dirty little fucking slut today. Ohhh fuck….mmmmmm yea baby. You gonna be my dirty little slut. Imma fuck the shit out of you till you cum all over this fat fucking dick. Yea baby….ohhh yea baby…mmmm…oh fuck, take that fucking dick” Killmonger leaned back further and spread his legs wider. His dick was swelling up in his hands and his balls were throbbing.

“Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up and take that fucking dick, bitch. Yea take that shit. You gon be my dirty little fucking slut? My nasty fucking slut baby? Ahhh….mmmmm….uhhhh…..Imma make you cum on this fat fucking dick. Imma make your slutty little pussy cum on this dick. Your pussy so fucking wet, shit. You so fucking wet on this dick baby. Take this dick baby, take this dick….oh fuck….ahhhh fuck..ohhh fuck yes. You love this fucking dick. Imma make you cum on this dick baby. You daddy’s little fucking slut. Cum on this fucking dick you little fucking slut. Take this dick baby. Cum on these balls. Cum on this big fat black dick…fuck…oh fuck baby” Killmonger could feel his balls swell up and he slapped them.

“Aaaahhhooooohhhh…fuck….shit. Take this fat fucking dick baby. Imma cum inside that little fucking slutty pussy. Take this dick you slut. Take daddy’s dick fucking deep baby. Don’t you fucking run from that dick….oooo fuck baby. Take that fucking dick till I fucking cum. You gonna be my little fucking cum dumpster. I’m gonna fucking dump this huge fat load inside that tight little pussy. Yea baby. Fuck. Take that fucking dick while I’m talking nasty to you and fucking you so deep and hard…uhhhh…ahhhhhhh fuck yea. Fuck baby, you nasty fucking bitch. You so fucking nasty. Cum on this fat dick. Cum all over this big fat black fucking dick you fucking slut. I wanna fucking cum baby. Fuck. Who’s fucking pussy is that? Who’s fucking pussy is this bitch? Take this fat fucking dick bitch. Fuck I wanna make this pussy cum. I wanna make that little tight pussy cum. That pussy tight? Hm? This fat dick feel good inside that tight wet pussy? Yea? Yea you taking this fucking dick like a good fucking slut. Like a good fucking slut baby. Mmmm….fuck”

Killmonger sat in his chair ready to cum. His dick was so hard in his hand and his balls needed to be emptied.

“Uhhhh fuck yea. Cum on this fucking dick baby. Cum all over this big fat chocolate dick. Oh yea you fucking cumming aren’t you? I feel that shit. You cumming all over this fat fucking dick. Imma cum all over your fucking slutty face. Yea imma fuck you so fucking hard with this dick till I cum all over your nasty fucking face…..take this fucking dick you nasty slut…take this dick like a good girl. Take this dick till I cum inside you…..oooooooaaaaaahhhhh fuck. You like when I fuck you hard and deep baby? You like when I’m in you deep? You like that you little fucking slut. Uhhhh that pussy is so fucking good. That tight slutty pussy feels so fucking good wrapped around my fat fucking dick. Uhhhh she feels so fucking good baby. This fat dick filling you up? You want me to cum in that tight ass slutty pussy? You little nasty bitch. Cum on this fat fucking dick before I bust. Ohhhh fuck baby. SHIT! I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming! I’m cumming….uhhhhhhh, fuck I’m cumming! Uhhhhh fuck. Mmmm…you such a good girl baby” Killmonger let his cum run down his fat dick and rubbed it in while he continued emptying his fat swollen balls.

“You done daddy?” Y/N peeked in his office wearing only a silk robe.

“Yea I’m done baby. Come here” his voice was low and seductive. Y/N stepped into his office and shut the door behind her.

“Mmm. Can I clean you off?” She teased.

“Of course baby” Erik turned his chair to face her while also recording. He decided to do a POV as Y/N sucked his dick.

“Mmm baby. Just like that. Fuck” Erik ran his hand through her hair.

“Mmm…fuck…choke on that shit bitch. Stick your tongue out baby” Erik grabbed his dick and slapped it on her tongue.

“Mmm daddy, your dick is so heavy” Y/N moaned.

“Stand up and turn around, I need to get in this pussy”

Y/N leaned over Erik’s desk with her ass poked out for Erik to take advantage of. Erik lined himself up with Y/N’s tight entrance and slid into her slowly.

“Uhhhh…fuck baby. You so fucking tight…throw that fat ass back on this dick….mmmm shit. Yes baby, just like that babygirl”

“Ohh fuck daddy. Mmmm your dick feels so fucking good inside me. Mmm…uhhh”

“Imma cum in this tight fucking pussy. Shit”

“Daddy, fuck me! Your dick is so big. Uhhhh”

“You nasty fucking slut. This tight little pussy feels so good wrapped around my big dick. Cum on my dick baby. I wanna feel you cum all over my dick”

“Mmm daddy. My pussy is cumming” Y/N moaned.

“Cum on my dick you nasty bitch. Do it now”

“Mmm fuck daddddyyyy”

“Shit, I’m right behind you baby. Fuck…mmmm…fuck I’m cumming baby. Shit I’m cumming in this tight wet pussy baby” Erik pulled Y/N’s hair as he came deep inside her.

“Oh fuck. I can’t get enough of this good pussy” Erik smacked her ass hard before kissing her neck.

“Mmm daddy. You always fuck me so good” Y/N turned around to kiss him on the lips.

“Oh I know baby. And you always take this dick like a good fucking girl” he kissed her back roughly.

“Thanks to you” she smiled.

“You still love me?” He teased and she mushed his face. “I love you too girl”

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Short: Little League pt.8

Erik x Thick Black Reader

Erik is a football coach who has his eye on a single mom.

Warnings; Language, smut, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide/attempt


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Part 7

Erik’s place was empty since his roommate was still out at the party. He opened the door and bumped around clumsily in the dark for the lights as Brit clung to him like an angry jungle cat threatening to knock him backwards. She impatiently pulled on his shirt stretching it out. She didn’t give a fuck about it being one of his good shirts, he noticed, so with a smack on her ass he pried her nails off and pushed her toward the little bedroom where his bed stood.

“Take allat off,” he directed, her low eyes watching him open a condom like a piece of meat on market. Without a thought, she stripped down to bare ass as though her clothes were on fire then like a magnet, her big body collided with his and she squeezed his waist forcing him to the bed.

“Damn Brit.” She was lowkey strong.

“Shut up and give me this dick. You know how I want it.”

She was more aggressive than usual pulling him out of his clothes and making him trip as she pulled his pants and briefs down before he could take his boots off. She snatched the condom to roll it on him herself. She even pulled his ass on top of her, grabbing his thighs as his dick slipped into her heat.

“Fuck,” he hissed as if he’d hurt himself but it was just that good. She ain’t even ask if he was okay.

There he was fucking her on his bed with his pants and briefs around his ankles and his Omega boots on, chain dangling in her face. And there was Brittany.. getting piped up on her back not giving a fuck about life as long as she got her nut.

“Shiet,” he whispered under his breath as she grabbed his ass pulling him deeper, her nails digging into his back and scratching him up.. making him kiss and fuck her harder. He swore he could see soundwaves. He could definitely see something.. Her unfiltered moans in his ear were like fire to a fuse ready to make him explode.. but then all the liquor.. he couldn’t cum like he usually would, he just kept pumping and getting sloppier, his rhythm unguessable.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed, panting beneath him as she bounced up against the bed. She was on her second wind, hands squeezing his biceps like stress balls, nails leaving marks he could feel.

“I know.”

“Erik,” she cried, close to cumming.

“Brittany,” he grunted feeling excited, his ass jumping up and down, digging her out.

“Don’t stop!”

“I know! ..Shid..” He kept his same stroke and just like the last time, she came giving him a moment to catch his breath through his nose. He sat up giving her a little air. “I wanna try something different. Flip over.”

“Mm-mm. I like it just like this.. Do it like you do it, baby, I love it..,” she begged pulling on his arms until he leaned his head down to kiss her lips. She wouldn’t let his arms go.

“Nah.. Flip over,” he whispered against her lips, rubbing his big ones over hers sloppily as she held onto him tightly.

When she didn’t move on her own, he rolled her onto her stomach, despite her strong attempt to stay face up. “Ass up,” he demanded. She complied wordlessly, her head in his pillow.

“Your pillow smell like sweat,” she snapped raising up to toss it across the floor. He snickered, balling his lips to hide his laugh.

“I sweat a lot,” he smirked kicking off his boots and pants fully. She layed back down with her cheek against her forearm, and he had to reign it back in. “Toot that big'ol ass up.” He popped her ass and sat back to watch the movement, finding new enjoyment.

“It’s up,” she rushed twerking it and as it wobbled he couldn’t complain.

“Put them arms out front I want you all the way down.” Her arms slid forward and her arch deepened as her ass popped up fuller. That was the vision he’d been waiting on, that almighty view. “Like that.”

He re-entered from the back, getting in his initial warm up strokes as he ran his palms up her ass to her hips. She could take them, it was perfect. Then he gripped them hips and smashed and instantly her body language changed, she popped up like he’d hurt her, her torso raising as she moved to her elbows.

“I’m hurting you?”

She ain’t respond so he paused.

“Keep going,” she whined so he dug.. and then dug a little deeper in that wetness feeling all her walls touch him. She flinched, pulling away but never fully off of him and his eyes fluttered in mild annoyance. He didn’t need the tease, he was fully passed that. He needed to be balls deep. He drove his dick in and she ran, her body moving up the small bed.

“The fuck you going?!” He held his palm flat on her back to push her and flatten her back out, keeping her in place, putting weight on her.

“Ssss,” she hissed before moaning into the sheet, beating it lightly with her fist. He’d seen this many times before, bitches tryna run from the dick. She whined as he held her down with his dick inside.

“I’m not about to chase you.”

That’s when the bright idea popped into his head. He still had that toy bag packed since he hadn’t used it on her that day and he hadn’t used it on anyone else, it was sterilized.

With a last look down, he hopped up to recover the bag pulling out a small pink vibrator. “Rub your pussy,” he commanded as he prepared the vibrator with a small amount of lube just to be safe. She was wet enough but wasn’t nothing wrong with extra slip. Watching her with her hand between her thighs, ass high, it was easy to wanna sit back to enjoy and not interrupt but he was on a mission.

Standing beside the bed, he stretched out the chord attached to the small little device before rubbing it over her clit and lower lips.

“Issat a vibrator?! When’s the last time you used it?”

“Calm down I sanitized it long time ago.”

“I'on’t trust your version of san-”

“Girl I damn near boiled it with the soap, lay yo ass down.”

It glided over her sensitive skin effortlessly and he pressed it into her opening, working it in so it wouldn’t slip out. It was wedged nicely… so he turned it on. Instantly she made sound and her body moved so he followed up with a line of kisses down her lower back to make her shiver before moving down further to suck on her hard clit. Meanwhile, he used two fingers on the vibrator cord to pinch, pulling it out just a little and pushing it back in as it vibrated. If this didn’t turn her out, he didn’t know what would.

Massaging her deep cocoa fleshy assmeat, he moved his kisses to pepper all over them, loving every second as he jiggled with his hands, her nectar clinging to his hand as he sweeped the exterior of her lower lips gently. He had to reach up and grip the back of her neck, leaning over her for her attention just so he could kiss her upper lips again in appreciation. She turned her head to meet his lips.

“Hhmmhm,” she whined like a lil baby as the vibrator went on, set to an unpredictable pattern.

“Put your hands behind you,” he prompted in his low silky tone. Instantly she obeyed and he stepped away to revisit the bag pulling the set aside cuffs. All of his kink purchases were well thought out and purposeful. Each item meant to allow maximum pleasure. One side at a time, he cuffed her wrists together behind her arched back and then walked to her side to pull the vibrator out. Immediately he stuck two fingers slowly inside of her to replace it and began to finger her the way he had before at her place when she loved it only this time from a different angle.

“Oh my god,” she grunted. He had to angle his fingers down a bit and soon he was fimgerfuckin the shit out of her, his arm moving quickly to summon that genie and that was it, she came on his fingers. He dropped again to get a small taste, his beard getting a little creamy as she sighed, relieved. It was good for her, but him, he still needed his nut. Walking back to the bag, he pulled the last item.. a ball gag that she rejected twice, turning her nose up before allowing him to put it on her. He swore it was all desanitized and clean.

Once that was done and she couldn’t talk with the ball fixed in her mouth, he moved to dick again, rubbing some her wetness on the condom. He wished he didn’t have to use it because she was definitely a creamer. Sliding Big Man back in that damp snug and slippery hole, he let it slip right in and she let out a loud noise that sounded unsure as she tried to move but she couldn’t. He had her with the cuffs.

“Stop tryna run,” he teased hearing her mumbled protests and high squeels as he finally let loose knocking into her with a force that made her ass wobble back as her hands flexed trying to block him. “Uh uh.. put em down,” he grunted as he went harder, her ass clapping off of him. She was definitely a runner, but the cuffs helped. Next he’d have to work toward buying the spreader bar. He could picture using it on her and he needed it.

Her protests turned to acceptance and her squeels turned to deep groans of pleasure the more he fucked the oasis she called a pussy. He zeroed in feeling her spasm. He was drowning and could feel her still cumming. How many times had she cum so far? A couple of them had been stacked so he didn’t remember. All he knew in the moment was that he was finally coming up on his. His grip returned to the back of her neck holding her down.

“I’m bout to cum bitch don’t you you go nowhere,” his voice wavered and finally he felt his release with a groan.. all up in the condom. He wanted to creampie but that didn’t seem likely. Still, he’d finally nutted as difficult as it was with all the liquor in his system. He swallowed and laid out over her body as her ass collapsed under his weight. He didn’t want to move.

Time went by. It must’ve been fifteen minutes. She mumbled and he remembered to take off the ball gag. It was covered in drool as was her chin. He’d forgotten all about her cuffs. Against his will, he got up to remove them and put them back in the bag and then he was back on top of her in the bed.

“Mmm, I’m finna go back to mine to sleep,” she murmured, voice light. 

“Shit, you ain’t got to. Sleep here.”

“Nah, I wanna be in my own room.”

“Sleep here..,” he reiterated still not wanting to move though she was buried beneath him. “We’ll get breakfast from the caf if we wake up.” He refused to get up and finally she caved.

“Whatever,” she sighed seconds before dozing off. He stared at her for a good minute and before he could realize it, he was sleep too.

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