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cyareclones 7 months ago
Howdy!!! It's hootydoot 馃槝
I've never done an ask before, but I love your work, and couldn't resist the possibility of seeing my boys in your style for this challenge. D6 for fives and echo perhaps? 馃憖
Tumblr media
This is kinda how I interpreted it! Enjoy
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chopper-base 5 days ago
Fives: how dead does someone have to be before its considered a murder?
Echo: if they are dead dead, it's murder. If they are kinda dead, it's attempted murder. If they aren't dead, you failed.
Rex: *backing out of the room* nopenopenopenopenope
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thebaddestofbatches 2 months ago
Rex: What happened?!
Fives: Do you want the long version or the short version?
Rex: Sh-short??
Fives: Shit's fucked.
Rex: Okay, long.
Fives: Shit's very fucked.
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candycorncrave 4 months ago
The squad 馃拃
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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literallyjustskywalkers 14 days ago
the 501st ten year reunion (non-empire au) is in a taco bell parking lot and fives committs tax fraud, arson, and three counts of agrivated assault in three hours without leaving the parking lot and anakin shows up with a speaker and they have a karaoke party until the manager kicks them out for being too loud but then they relocate to the off-brand taco bell called nacho ring across the street
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waterlily707 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Dysphania Percota
Blue tiger moth
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zoeykallus 2 months ago
Fives 鈥 Soldier Boy 5 鈥 Welcome Back, Soldier Boy
Tumblr media
Fives x fem!Reader FF
Warnings: SMUT 18+ NSFW
PiV Sex/ Fingering V/ Sligthly Rough Sex/ Fives With A Praise Kink/ Dirty Talk/ Involuntary Squirt
Author's Comment:
Fives is back from Umbara and something about him is different.
PS: Sorry, this one is a little shorter. ______
What Happened Before:
Soldier Boy
Part 2 - Caught In The Act
Part 3 - Tender Affection
Part 4 - Worries And Secrets
Part 5 - Welcome Back, Soldier Boy
Tumblr media
He didn't answer but just looked at you, intensely.
You looked at him, something about him was different, not really outwardly, much more what he radiated was different today, much more serious than usual.
鈥濬ives? Did you hear me?鈥, you asked softly.
He blinked, then looked at you as if he just woke from a trance.
Fives dropped his helmet carelessly and walked towards you. His gloved hands cupped your face and in the next second, his lips were feverishly on yours. He kissed you wildly and intimately, stealing your breath. When he broke away from the kiss, he said close to your lips, "I need to feel you, Mesh'la, help me feel alive again."
His words sounded heavy and somber, as if he carried the darkness of Umbara with him.
"Fives," you said softly and quietly "are you really okay?"
Fives kissed you again before replying, "A lot has happened. Now I just want to feel you and forget what happened, at least for a moment. Please."
You nodded, yet you were worried, he seemed like a very different Fives here at this moment, not the happy, playful Fives that made you laugh and quicken your pulse with his smile. There was something dark and sad about him and you knew he needed you. You certainly wouldn't let him down.
Kissing, you moved towards the bedroom, but you barely made it through the door before Fives had already taken off his codpiece, grabbed you by the hips, pushed your back against the wall, and pressed his pelvis between your thighs. You felt his hard length through the fabric of his blacks and your panties. Fives greedily rolled his hips between your thighs, rubbing his clothed hardness against your clothed pussy.
Heat crept into your cheeks and between your thighs. He was greedy and raw, not brutal, but definitely different from your last intimate encounter.
Fives breathed heavily, moaning into the kiss, then his mouth moved to your neck and sucked on your pulse. You moaned as he gently but firmly pressed his teeth into your skin, his hands closing tighter around your hips, you could feel him leaving marks.
Fives rubbed greedily against you, making sure he slid over your pearl and eliciting little sighs from you. His Armor pressed against your body as he held you up at the wall and somehow the fact that he still wore most of his gear, was hot.
His hand went between your legs, pushed aside the fabric of your panties and his fingers ran through your folds. When one of his fingers found its way into your entrance and penetrated your moist heat with a wet squish, you let out a surprised moan.
"Already this wet for me? Such a good girl," Fives murmured against your neck, unwrapping his hard cock from his blacks, withdrawing his finger and rubbing his hard length over your naked pussy.
"I missed you," he murmured against your skin "Missed you so much. Umbara was so dark literally and also metophorically, the battle there was like the absolute absence of All That Is Good"
"Oh Fives," you whispered, wrapping your arms around him.
Fives reached down, between you and brought the tip of his hard length to your entrance, thrusting his hips forward, between your thighs and penetrating you. Your fingers clawed into the armor of his shoulders as his thick cock stretched your cleft. You weren't really prepared and felt the stretching all the more, but you didn't complain. You just focused on him and you wanted to feel him as much as he wanted to feel you. Just as he wanted to feel alive, you wanted to feel that he was still breathing and really with you again.
He started to move inside you while he pressed you against the wall and you had your arms and legs wrapped around him. He growled and panted like an animal as he took you, in that moment, you got to know Five's animalistic side.
"So good," he pressed out with a gasp before biting your neck again, eliciting a squeal from you.
His thrusts became faster, his grip around your hips tighter. Pressed against you, his pubic bone rubbed over your Venus, stimulating your pearl with each thrust. Your toes curled as the tingling in your pussy began to build and increase in intensity.
"Fives," you breathlessly breathed close to his ear "My beloved Fives."
At your words he groaned a long drawn out moan, feeling the words tingle in his nerves, began to take you even faster.
"Say that again, say my name again" he gasped "Say it in the context of something good you feel for me".
You smiled, clinging to his body even tighter, whispering "My brave soldier, you feel so good Fives! I love the way you fill me up!"
He moaned again and quivered under the impact of your words. You realized that Fives had a praise kink. With a smile you thought to yourself that you were only too happy to cater to that preference.
"So big, so good, you fuck me so good, Fives".
He growled excitedly, "Yes that' s it, keep going Mesh'la".
You felt your climax slowly but steadily approaching.
"I want to cum on your perfect cock Fives, you feel so good, so sexy in your armor!"
He gasped, "Yes, cum for me Mesh'la, cum on my cock".
His gasps and moans became more intense as he feverishly thrust his hard cock into you, you knew he was nearing his climax as well.
Breathlessly you said, "I wish we could do this all day, I want to feel your perfect body 24/7. You make me feel absolutely safe"
He let out a half choked moan and whispered, "I really wish we could, I'd never leave your side".
Your lips found his earlobe and gently sucked on it, making him press out a stuttering breath. So he was sensitive around the ears, you'd keep that in mind for the future.
"Fives" you said shaking all over with tension "I'm almost there, I'm about to cum on your cock".
He slowed down his thrusts a bit, pressed his forehead against yours and moaned "Yes, Mesh'la, yes, cum for me, love".
Your pussy was dripping around his hard length, staining his thigh armor and leaving a little puddle on the ground somwhere, as he pounded away in you.
As your cleft tightened around him he murmured, "Oh Mesh'la, I felt that, I can feel it..."
Your abdomen tightened again at his words and the tingling in your center exploded into a hot tingle, gushing down his length. You felt that everything was wet, part of your skirt, his armor and your thighs and felt the heat of shame rising in your face. Fives thrusts sounded much wetter and more obscene now. He moaned shamelessly loudly, his thrusts becoming irregular and slower until he finally stopped and all the liquid was joined by his semen.
He laughed softly, "You squirted.... I made you squirt."
You were fully aware of this with shame, but Fives seemed to think it was great.
"That's never happened to me before," you said softly.
He smiled at you, kissed you breathlessly and said, "I'm honored!"
He still held you pressed against the wall, his slowly softening length still inside you. You could hear a drip now and then, and you grimaced.
"What's the matter Mesh'la, that was wonderful, nothing to be ashamed of," with a smirk he added, "Girl you must not have had a very exciting sex life before me."
You punched him indignantly on the shoulder, but immediately regretted it, he was still wearing his armor and your fingers instantly hurt.
Fives laughed softly, took your hand in his, guided it to his mouth and kissed the aching fingers.
"My little minx," he joked.
Pouting you looked at him and he just smiled brightly at you, seeming to be back to his old self for now.
"Welcome back, Soldier Boy," you teased him, finally returning the smile.
He gently kissed your lips and murmured, "I missed you, Scardy Cat."
Tumblr media
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therealmrsobi-wankenobi 3 months ago
And to ring in the weekend, it's Fives Friday!
Tumblr media
Ft. Baby Echo
Love you @same-heart-same-blood
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echo-arctrooper 9 months ago
I decided to open Instagram only to have this thrown at me 馃挃馃挃
Tumblr media
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jbeansdraws 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Post Order 66 Fives study because I love the AU
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toastedd-frenchie 6 months ago
Fives: Oooh, I'm tempted to-
Rex: Don't. I don't know what you're tempted to do but don't.
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sybisti 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the clone wars 4.08 the general
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chopper-base a month ago
Fives: how mad would Rex be of I-
Echo: *not looking up from his reg manual* really mad.
Fives: I didn't even-
Echo: if you have to ask if he'll be mad, he's probably gonna be mad-
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thebaddestofbatches 7 months ago
Fives: Just so everyone knows, don't ever try to climb a tree at night carrying a strobe light, owls DON'T like it.
Echo: ...what happened?
Fives: I made a VERY grave mistake.
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candycorncrave 4 months ago
If you鈥檙e up for a request, could you please draw some more Kix? I absolutely love how he looks in your style! 馃挋
Tumblr media
TYSM FOR THE REQUEST and I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner! Tumblr buried it in my notifications pfft. I hope these are to your satisfaction! We love our space pirate medic
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holding-hands-and-hearts 7 months ago
Echo drags Fives out of the GAR complex on Coruscant, the second they鈥檙e released for their first shore leave, as the setting sun stains the sky in colors so bright they don鈥檛 seem quite real.
They used to imagine Triple Zero as something orderly, a vast metropolis with beings moving about like a constant, structured circulatory system. But Kix snorts and says any circulatory system on Coruscant must have been subject to a polytrauma - it鈥檚 smelly, and messy, the normal rules forgotten, and no two moments ever seem to be the same.
So Echo turns in the direction of the open-air markets, where the world is bathed in strings of flimsy lanterns and vibrant fabrics, where vendors cajole passersby with gauzy trinkets and portions of food - real food - that makes their mouths water and their stomachs twist like a distant memory.
Fives finds it almost sad, these things, these simple facts of life, that they were all denied, but Echo is entranced, and he wanders through the stalls until the streets are almost quiet and the lanternlight dims, as if all he sees are bits of newly-discovered magic to marvel at.
******* I honestly see Echo as the optimistic one. And the psychoanalytic one. He loves to people-watch, and to be amazed at all of the things living beings can do and share and be.
I've been kind of struggling with writing stuff recently - I don't feel as inspired or creative, and for the first time I feel a genuine, external pressure to write something down anyway. Writer's block sucks.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful to be here, and for all of you who may see this. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 馃挄
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waterlily707 3 months ago
What do their wings look like unfurled all the way?!
Tumblr media
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cloudystarsky 7 months ago
i- omg
Tumblr media
he looks so prettyyyyy
aaaah i love hiiiim
(credit to fivesdomino on twitter)
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therealmrsobi-wankenobi 2 months ago
Happy Fives Friday!
Tumblr media
Love you @same-heart-same-blood <<3
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thatwashhingmashine 21 days ago
Okay but..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are the same and you can鈥檛 convince me otherwise :)
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