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harry's "matilda" and conan's "family line" were made to attack the desi kids
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Hi Allie! Since we’re the songwriting topic, could you give me your interpretation for Music For A Sushi Restaurant? I sent you an ask a while ago but I think you didn’t have the time to answer I’m not trying to push you or anything, if you don’t want to answer that fine 🥰 ily
Anon! No I totally remember you and I told you I was going to make a post about this song but I completely forgot, I’m so sorry. It was my bad. But yes, of course. Let's do this!
I think this is the perfect opening song for Harry's House. During promo, he's talked so much about this album being what he always wanted to do, about being comfortable and relaxed during the entire process and just making good music and having fun with it. And for me, that's exactly what MFASR is about, it's about his music, and what he wants from it. Everything came together for me with this quote:
“I was in a sushi restaurant in LA with my producer & one of our songs came on from the last album & I said ‘This is really strange music for a sushi restaurant […] that would be a really fun album title'”
“I’d be like… ‘this is everything I’ve ever wanted!’”
-Harry on naming Music For A Sushi Restaurant. (20 May 2022) x
So he starts the song with some pretty funny lines about a love interest, very different from the kind of way he used to express his admiration for someone in the previous two albums. Right off the bat, you can tell this is a much more experimental way to talk about love, have fun, and to take love songs less seriously.
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You're so hot that I could cook an egg on you. You're sweet but it's plain, it's boring, there's something exciting missing. I take that as something like getting bored of always talking about love the same way - and obviously also always about the same person ("and I'm well aware I write too many songs about you"), how to make things more interesting? The answer for Harry is apparently making analogies LMAO (which I love)
Tumblr media
IMO there are two options here: 1) I don't want to stop talking about love, because I love you, in every kind of way, so I can find a lot of different ways to talk about it. Let's try new things. or 2) he's not referring to a subject, he's referring to his music. He doesn't want to fuck things up and he won't because he loves it so much, so eventually everything will be fine if he's trying something new.
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His music is for whatever you want, for what makes sense to you. He's giving you the song and you can take whatever you want from it. If you want to make it about love, it's about love. If you want to make it about food, it's about food... and so on. It's fun, it's exciting, it's creative.
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He's going to be fine, he's not going to get lost or go broke. For me, this part connects a lot with craving a hit song or something like an extremely successful album. HSH is much less commercial than Fine Line, and that's intentional, he's not seeking that with this album. Staying cool: 1) relaxed, not worrying about it too much or 2) cool = popular
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If the stars were edible / and our hearts were never full = pushing limits/boundaries?
IF, it's a condition. The stars are not edible and our hearts are always full. Then the answer is probably no, we can't live with just a taste. We need to go all the way.
The "we" in this part confuses me a little bit. In the beginning, he used you (I don't what you...), and then he used I (I'm not going...), and now it's "we". Is he talking about him and the subject? Is he talking about the music? Is he talking about the people who he makes music with?
Something that I really love about this song - apart from all the food references - is how he also added the fun little noises scuba-duba-do-boo-boo / ba-ba, which just emphasises even more what he's talking about.
To sum things up, I think this is the song that better represents Harry's House, because you can see how everything he's saying here, extends to all the other songs. He didn't give a fuck, he went all the way and made the sort of music that felt amazing to him and the result is so Harry. Plus, a running theme on the album is the metaphors. It's a little twist on normal boring love songs. I love you the way I love wine, food, england, our relationship is like a car, I'm like a satellite. And so on. I could talk about this forever.
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harry styles lockscreens
♥︎ like if you save!!!!
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harry styles - keep driving
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As it was 🥀✨
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you got me cursing the daylight
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Harry Styles | As It Was 
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'Grapejuice' by Harry Styles art by Antonietta Varallo, Alexander Averin
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Harry's house feels like it's summer break but you are an adult but you got nothing exciting to do and days are just the same so you find escape in your past and then one day you go for a walk while the sun sets and it starts raining all of a sudden and you just stand there doing nothing and taking it all in. While memories play like a film reel in your brain and you are just about to give up.
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Lyrics to all of Harry's House
Music For a Sushi Restaurant
Late Night Talking
As It Was
Little Freak
Keep Driving
Love of my Life
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Jonny Harvey, Harry’s childhood friend confirming “Jonny’s place” is his house
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happy harry's house day!
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About the food being offered at the Spotify listening party for Harry´s House!
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© Lillie Eiger
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Harry Styles photographed for Harry’s House.
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HARRY STYLES + first singles of each new album
SIGN OF THE TIMES (2017) LIGHTS UP (2019) AS IT WAS (2022)
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better homes & gardens but make it an oil painting
insta / shop
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Harry’s House Vinyl Unboxing | Out May 20
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Summary: Y/N and Harry are enjoying their beautiful honeymoon on Italy when he decides it's time to announce his new album, and she decides it's time for something else.
! | so, so smutty, like... we have eating out, SQUIRTING??? kinda exhibitionism, BIG BREEDING KINK, face sitting, male masturbation, and unprotected vaginal sex. aftercare too ofc!! they're in their honeymoon so please understand them 🙏🏻 also fluff aaand cursing.
W/N: not gonna lie to you, i don't like how this turned out but i hope you guys do :) the final smut part was inspired by this blurb. also i think i started writing this the same day harry announced the new album so keep that in mind while reading this. love uuu! ♡
Of all the times Y/N has been lucky enough to come to Italy, this one feels the best. She doesn't know if it's the weather, the tranquillity or the fact that she's fucking married to the love of her life, but the Amalfi Coast has never looked more beautiful.
She's on the balcony, she doesn't know what time it is but from the bright moon in the sky she can tell it's already quite late. The summer dress she's wearing is blowing in the breeze, and if it weren't for the fact that the streets are empty and the balcony is quite high, then she'd probably be putting on a show she wouldn't want to.
She can hear Harry inside the apartment, he's just finishing changing out of the clothes he wore to dinner, they were lucky enough to only run into five fans who didn't take pictures of them.
It's their tenth day of their honeymoon. After getting married on the seventh, they waited an extra week and then sailed to the European country, and now they have until the end of March to enjoy it some more.
Her varied thoughts stop when she feels her husband sit down next to her on the small sofa and pull her onto his lap. All she can think about now is him, his scent, his face, his cheeks starting to go beardy from unwillingness to shave.
"Hi, wifey." He says, leaving a kiss on her cheek and Y/N tilts her head back letting a long laugh escape.
"Please don't call me that." She replies, settling herself on top of him and draping her arms around his neck.
He's leaning back against the backrest and is wearing blue shorts with a white t-shirt, he looks exquisite, and the tan only makes him more beautiful.
"You're okay?" he asks, stroking her face and tidying the windblown hair. "Baby?"
Y/N nods, and snuggles closer against him. "Yeah, yeah. Just... you know, admiring you."
Harry laughs, sliding his hands under her dress to caress those thighs that drives him so crazy. "I was talking to Jeff, he told me people are going crazy about the 'You Are Home' page."
She lets out a growl and hides her face in his neck. "As excited as I get, let's not talk about work, I still have to tidy the album photoshoot."
He smiles and grabs her by the hips to turn her around and leave her imprisoned beneath him on the couch, it's small, a little uncomfortable, but it's enough for what he has in mind.
He crouches down to kneel on the balcony tile, and takes one of his wife's legs and drapes it over his shoulder, beginning to leave kisses on the soft skin of her thighs.
Y/N sighs, leaning her head back knowing what is about to happen. They've done everything these past few weeks (and twelve years) but still can't get enough of each other, always being where the other is and eager for touch.
"Gonna let me?" He asks, opening his mouth to lick and bite the inside of her thighs, making her moan.
He grins against her skin, licking and leaving marks beside the ones that were already rubbing off, Y/N lifts her hips and Harry pulls her panties off. If someone walked by on the street and decided to look up, they'd easily see them, but they kept going no matter what.
She pulls her dress up to her hips and he puts both hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart and revealing the centre that demanded attention, it was glistening in the moonlight thanks to the wetness that was already starting to build up, and the brunette man ducked his head to leave a lick all over her cavity.
"Harry." Y/N gasps, arching her back from the teasing licks. "Don't tease."
He laughs and the vibrations crash against his wife's clit, making her moan. He begins to lick it gently, wrapping it between his full lips to suck on it, it's addictive, everything about it drives him crazy.
Harry slides one hand over her hips, up her body until he reaches her jaw. He puts two fingers over her mouth, and Y/N opens it, slipping his fingers into her mouth to lick them completely.
"Yeah, keep going." He says from his knees, looking up with his green eyes dark with lust and because of the night. Y/N can't stand it, how after years and years he manages to turn her into a bundle of nerves and desperation to feel him against her, she's completely his, body and soul and it feels fucking good; to belong to Harry Styles and for him to belong to you.
The pleasure is too much, as he thrusts his two fingers inside her and with familiarity already scrapes her soft spot while his tongue and lips stimulate her clit. She's still moaning and panting on the balcony of the villa in Italy, and she's sure this is what heaven feels like.
Harry moans against her, moving his face from side to side and Y/N arches her back, feeling her nipples rub against the fabric and adding to her pleasure.
"You're so good." He murmurs, lifting his face from between her legs to look into her eyes as his fingers move in and out of her rapidly. "Letting me eat your sweet cunt whenever I want. Such a perfect wife."
The words echo in her head, and they only make the pressure in her lower belly increase as she feels the orgasm even closer. This time it feels different, she doesn't know if it's because the situation they're in makes her so hot, or if it's simply because of him. But she feels like her next orgasm is gonna be very strong, and she has an idea what it's about.
"H." She says, shaken. "I– I think m'gonna squirt."
Harry grins, speeding up the movements of both his tongue and fingers. The last time Y/N squirted was quite a few years ago, and he still remembers when she did it for the first time and how he went even crazier for her.
His fingers move frantically and touch her G-spot, making her open her mouth to let out a silent scream as she arches her back, cuming.
She cums on his face and fingers, and he wastes no time in savouring his wife's climax contentedly, he can feel his cock in his shorts but he doesn't care about him now.
Y/N comes undone under him, she keeps moaning because of the overstimulation and her eyes are closed as she tries to recover from the wild orgasm she just had. Harry licks the inside of her thighs, cleaning up any debris that might've been there, and stands up from the floor to take her in his arms, carrying her inside.
"Feeling a'right, m'soul?" he asks, ducking his head down to see her face resting on his shoulder.
Y/N hums, snuggling against him until they reach the bathroom, and he sits her on the toilet to turn on the shower and start regulating the water. She has her eyes closed and tries to wipe out the ringing in her ears, she can feel herself start to recover and she stands up to pull the dress out of her body.
Harry turns around to find her naked, he laughs while checking her out. She reaches over to him to pull his shirt off, he lifts his arms and lets himself be undressed by his wife. His wife.
Steam begins to cover the room and they both step into the shower, he carefully helping her thanks to her shaky legs, and begins to put shampoo in his hand so he can wash her hair.
Y/N smiles happily with her eyes closed, enjoying the moment of silence and peace with her love and wishing their honeymoon would never end. She's the luckiest woman in the world, and she doesn't want anyone to burst the dreamy bubble they are both living in.
She can hear Harry murmuring one of his new songs, and her heart beats desperately in her chest as she feels him close to her. She loves him, loves him with all her soul and being and heart and fucking everything.
She opens her eyes, watching him bite his bottom lip concentrating on washing her hair well and keeping the suds off her face. And she says:
"I love you."
Harry's hands stop at the back of her neck, he blushes wildly though he'd rather say it's from the hot water crashing against his face. "I love yeh too, so much." He replies, bringing his face close to hers to kiss her as his hands caress her scalp.
They kiss two or three more times until they have to continue bathing so as not to waste the water, the green-eyed one cleans her while whispering words of praise, and she strokes his brown locks that he's thankfully letting grow.
They both dry off and dress in silence, enjoying the ambient noise of Italy. Harry's putting cream in his hair when he can see Y/N through the mirror drying her face, he's seen her a thousand ways, but he still feels numb with the happiness of seeing her so domestic.
He curls up in bed, pulling the blankets up to his chin. "Close the window, please." He asks, and his wife does so and then runs to crawl under the blankets beside him.
Y/N lets out little whimpers at how cold she is and quickly snuggles against Harry, tucking her icy feet between her husband's legs, making him shiver.
"Remind me again why I married you?" He growls, but still squeezes his legs together so she doesn't get cold.
"Because I've been putting up with you for twelve years and because m'sex is the best." She answers, draping a leg over his waist and tucking her head into his neck to inhale his scent.
"Technically I can't know if your sex is the best, since it's the only sex I've ever had." He replies, looking up at the dark ceiling, and Y/N pinches his belly.
"And it will be like that forever, Styles." She murmurs, sighing. "Now, sleep."
"I wouldn't have it any other way, Styles."
Harry wakes up, it's 23 of March, and he can feel the sun against his face and his wife curled up next to him. It's today.
He knows it's today, and Y/N knows it's today too, so he rolls onto his side to approach her and begin to wake her up by brushing away the locks that prohibit him from seeing her angelic face.
She wrinkles her nose and opens one eye, watching him until she decides to open the other and he smiles, moving closer to her to leave kisses on her neck, cheek, and lips.
"Good morning." He murmurs against her chest. "It's today."
"What?" She asks, not even knowing what day is.
"I'm announcing the new album today."
That finishes waking her up and she quickly lifts her head to get a better look at him. It's true, it is today. Today is the last day of the Fine Line era, today millions and millions of people are going to freak out, and Y/N can still remember the day he told her the news.
Harry's sweeping while Y/N makes the bed. The Fleetwood Mac vinyl that is so important to them is playing ambiently and is the only thing that can be heard in the big house, she's quiet and can't see him, but she can feel something eating away at her cute boyfriend's mind.
When she hears him sigh for the third time, she drops the blanket and turns to look at him; he's not even sweeping, now he's just staring at the dust on the floor.
"Give me that." She reaches over and takes the broom from him, leaning it against the wall. "What's wrong?"
He looks at her hesitantly, but still says it. "I... we already have a release date and album name."
She's thankful she's had a good breakfast, otherwise her blood pressure would be through the floor by now. She can't believe what she's hearing and quickly asks what it is before doubt continues to flood her body.
"May 20." He says, eyes downcast and cheeks flushed. "Harry's House."
Y/N's eyes are brimming with tears and she has to hold a hand to her chest. It's perfect, maybe not something she expected, but the name makes up all the songs she was lucky enough to hear before anyone else, songs for her.
Harry hesitantly steps closer, placing a hand on her hip to pull her closer to his body and she quickly wraps him in an embrace that shows all the pride, longing and love she's feeling at that moment.
"I... I wasn't really sure about the title, but I feel like they're very personal songs and I'm kind of letting them into m'home, into my heart." He speaks, breaking away to look at his love in the eyes, he strokes her cheeks with his thumbs. "Those songs are my house, but you, you are home."
If she wasn't crying before she's definitely crying now, she kisses him, then murmurs against his lips. "I love you– Harry, I have no words..."
"It's alright, it's alright." He laughs, leaving a peck on her lips. "Jus' want you to know that everything I do is for you."
"Shit, can't believe it's already today." She sighs in amazement.
"Me neither, they're about to post it on Instagram." Harry replies. You can tell he's completely nervous, so Y/N lies on his chest and kisses his neck. At the same time, his cellphone rings.
"It's posted." reads Jeff's message, and the couple freezes.
Only the sounds of birds chirping can be heard outside, Y/N and Harry stare at each other in silence, until she takes the initiative and speaks first.
"They're gonna love it, curly." She says, stroking his cheek illuminated by the sun streaming through the balcony. "They're songs written for me after all."
He guffaws and turns her around, trapping her against his body and the sheets. "C'mon, I wanna go out."
The two of them get ready in between shoving, groping and chatting about the new album, Harry tells her that the video they shot together for 'As It Was' is coming out the first of April, and Y/N pans a little.
"I hope they don't mind me being in the video." She says, now both are already walking the streets of Italy.
Harry has an arm around her shoulders, and through his dark glasses he can see someone taking a picture of them. "Please, I think they love you more than me."
She laughs, squeezing his waist and they both walk into the quiet little café. It's their last day of their honeymoon, her husband has to go back to rehearsal for Coachella and do press conferences for both Harry's House and As It Was. She's not angry about having to leave, she was already starting to miss her crazy but somehow normal life.
They both drink their coffees in silence, Y/N takes pictures of the green-eyed boy from time to time and he does the same with her, putting them in his "Babyyy" photo album where thousands (not to say millions) of pictures of her in any situation can be found.
They've done everything these days, they've gone boating, they've gone to the nicest restaurants for dinner, they've walked under the moon, they've gone to every secret corner of this village and now all they want to do is enjoy each other.
"Let's go back." She says when they both have already paid the bill and are about to leave the establishment.
"Yeah?" Harry asks, opening the door for her and then walking through, putting a hand on her waist to leave. "Why?"
"I just wanna be with you."
They both walk towards the house looking at the windows of the small markets there are. Some have baby clothes, and Harry feels a unique sensation every time he sees them. Y/N has something in her head spinning and he can tell but decides to wait until they are alone so he can ask her.
She walks in first and he closes the door behind him, he's about to ask but her lips against his erase any kind of doubt he might have. Y/N kisses him desperately, squeezing his arms and pinning him against the wall.
He lets his wife savour his lips for a while longer, until he takes the initiative and pulls their mouths apart. "What's on your mind, baby?" he asks, agitated.
Y/N looks down at the floor, suddenly all the security and confidence she'd built up disappears and she squeezes the fabric of Harry's t-shirt between her hands. "I..."
"Honey, talk to me." He murmurs, caressing her hips. "I can't give you what you want unless you talk to me, mhm?"
She knows he won't react negatively but she still feels unsure. "I think it's time we.... or well I dunno–"
"I think it's time for me to stop taking m'birth control pills, at least for a while."
Harry looks at her with a blank expression on his face, he doesn't understand where she's going with that, there are so many possible paths that he really doesn't know what to answer.
Y/N, noticing the expression on her husband's face, speaks again. "I want to start trying for a baby, Harry."
"Oh." Is all he can blurt out.
He can't believe what his ears have just picked up. He'd heard right? he's not dreaming, is he? shit, maybe he tripped and hit his head, yeah, it may be that.
He feels that everything is falling into place. He just married the love of this and more thousand lives, he's gonna release an album, and now she probably wants to start trying for a baby. Ah, how did he get so lucky?
Y/N looks at him expectantly, she can see the gears turning in his head but that doesn't calm her nerves, she wants an answer now.
"You're okay?" She asks. "It was... just a thought."
"What?" He laughs, taking her in his arms and carrying her into the room. "M'soul, I've never been better."
He's elated, just the thought of his wife with a belly full of his child awakens something in him. He can't wait to be a father and they haven't even tried yet.
Y/N's laughter turns into a growl after he tosses her onto the bed. They both look at each other with that unique glow and convey everything they feel to each other through those looks. It's time, and they both know it.
"Why did you think of it so suddenly?" He asks, caressing her bare thighs that are wrapped around his hips.
"Well... I know we just got married, but technically we've been in our honeymoon stage for like, twelve years, and it's gonna be nine months until we have the baby, of course that depends on how long it takes to conceive, so that still leaves more time for just us."
She speaks quickly, looking up at the ceiling in embarrassment. It didn't just occur to her; she's been thinking about this since she was sixteen and she can finally make it happen.
Harry keeps smiling, he can feel his cheeks start to hurt but it doesn't matter. Finally they, they–
"H, I don't wanna burst your shock bubble," Y/N says, stroking the hair on the back of his neck. "But don't yeh think it would be better if we started trying?"
And who was he to say no to his wife?
He kisses her like he's never kissed her before and doesn't know what it's about, doesn't know if it's because he's about to fill her with his baby, because he's about to strike lucky and try their luck, or because he simply loves her with all his being.
Y/N moans from the brute force and opens her mouth, allowing him to insert his tongue that caresses her entire oral cavity. She strokes the back of his neck, his back, his arms, any part of his body she can reach.
She can feel her core throbbing and his hard on bumping against it. She's anxious, and she knows she's not the only one. They continue kissing until she breaks away to push up his shirt, and laughing, he pulls it off.
His tanned, tattoo ink-covered chest glows in the brightness coming into the room, he looks angelic, godlike, and the fact that she's the only one who's ever seen him like this still makes her shudder, and him, too.
Harry rests his lips against her body again, this time against her collarbone which is kissed softly and he continues his trail up and down, smirking as he feels her breath hitch beneath him.
He pulls up her shirt and kisses her stomach, locks his eyes with hers and whispers as he continues to kiss the soft skin. "Can't believe yeh're gonna let me put a baby in here, such a good wife."
Y/N tilts her head at his words and his husky voice, he knows, he knows like no one else what he has to tell her to get her going, but the words coming out of his mouth now were pure truth.
It wasn't out of the heat of the moment, it wasn't some kink, no.
Y/N was really going to let Harry put a baby in her belly, and she knows it's one of the best decisions she can make in her life, because he's one of those people who deserves to be a father and all that comes with it, and there's nothing she wanted more than to have a perfect mix of the two running around their house.
She takes off her shirt, followed by her bra, and now they're both naked from the waist up. They stare at each other for a few seconds, both of them agitated, in love, until she pounces on him, kissing him again.
She turns him around to straddle him, and slides a hand between them, cupping his cock against the fabric of his trousers, palming it. Harry lets out a shuddering sigh, he thinks he's never been this hard in his entire life and he owes it all to her.
He lets her mark him however she wants, leaving hickeys on his neck, on his torso, on the butterfly and anywhere else she wants, because he's hers.
Y/N pulls off his remaining clothes and licks her lips at the sight of his member waiting for her, he's hard, with a drop of precum on the head and she can see him spasm under her gaze.
She's about to touch him, but he grabs her wrist. "No, want y'to ride m'face."
She nods, stunned by her husband's beauty, he's perfect, he's sitting up, resting his arms on the blanket and it causes little rolls to form on his tummy and laurel tattoos. His hair's dishevelled and his face is red, his lips are puffy and his eyes are wide in pleasure.
He wasn't Harry Styles.
He was Harry, the boy she met when she was sixteen and who with his wimpy body was already drawing sighs from her.
She pulls her panties off quickly and climbs onto his lap, gasping as she feels his length slap against her clit, and she moves back and forth, wetting his entire length.
Harry grunts, letting her do whatever she wants until he can't take anymore, and with a "C'mon, need to taste yeh." she finally stays on top of his mouth.
Y/N grips the headboard and slowly sits up, moaning as she feels the wetness of his tongue on her centre. He rests his palms on her thighs and squeezes them, moaning and focusing his eyes on her.
The sight is unique, and he can feel his member dripping as he begins to lick, his eyes go white, the sweet taste fills his mouth and he buries his mouth even deeper into her, smirking as he hears his wife's desperate moans.
He palms her thigh twice and Y/N lowers her head, staring into his eyes and her thighs press gently against his head, it's so erotic, and it's even more so when he nods.
She starts by moving her hips slowly, tilting her head back as she feels Harry's nose hit her clit perfectly and his tongue enter her hole. Her movements speed up, her breasts bounce and the hickeys on her body glisten proudly, it's heaven, he's sure, and he can feel he's about to cum just from watching.
Y/N wiggles her hips frantically, smearing her husband's face and she puts a hand down in his hair, tugging and making him grunt.
"Harry." She gasps. "Shit, shit."
He stamps his palm against her bum, and she can feel the exquisite orgasm on the tip of her tongue as he continues to spank her. She leans back until she feels his cock against her hand, and wraps it in her fist.
Harry moans and lifts his hips as he feels the sudden touch on his sensitive member. Y/N continues her movements as he licks her full cavity, moaning into her clit to add vibrations.
They're both so close, so, so close. But she stops and grabs his wrists, lowering her head to tell him:
"Want to cum with you inside me."
And whatever she wants, she gets.
Harry's quick to grab her hips and lift her off his face with ease, laying her down on the bed to climb on top of her. He wipes away the remnants of her wetness with the back of his hand and positions himself over her entrance, is quick to move in to steal a kiss that draws a teasing grin from Y/N.
How in love he is with her.
She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her, leaving kisses on the sweet spot of his jaw that makes him sigh, and he finally gets inside her.
"Ah, fuck." He groans, hiding his face in the hollow of her neck. "Always so... fucking warm."
"All for you, H." Y/N answers, squeezing herself around him properly, and he has to resist the urge to cum right then and there.
Holy. fucking. shit.
Harry takes the first thrust of many and begins to grind his hips against hers, Y/N moans beneath him as she feels his familiar touch on her sweet spot.
He grabs one of her thighs wrapped around his waist only to squeeze it and rests his head on the side of hers, panting into her ear.
"Yeah, you're desperate for me to make you a mommy, aren't yeh?" he asks, not stopping his onslaught and Y/N shudders hearing him. "Gonna fill you up so good, I swear."
"Yes, please." She begs, sinking one of her hands into his hair. "Want your babies, H."
Hearing her, he nods desperately, feeling the orgasm building in his lower belly. "I'll give you everything, m'love, I-fuck, I'll give you whatever you want."
He promises, promises between kisses, caresses, and lunges that send the bed crashing against the wall. Y/N's so close, and she just needs something more to get what she wants so badly.
Harry stares at her, his green eyes are dark and glossy, his hair is tousled and curls fall over his forehead, and his mouth is half open with a small trickle of drool at the corner. She grabs his neck and kisses him, savouring the taste of mint and coffee he always has. She loves him, loves him so much.
"I love you." She whispers, feeling suddenly sensitive and with tears pooling in her eyes. "We're gonna have our baby."
He smiles, feeling like he honestly can't love her anymore because it's already impossible, because no one loves anyone in the world like Harry loves Y/N, and they both need the living proof of what their love is.
"I love you, we'll be the best, I-, I can't be romantic if I have you squeezing around me." He says and they both laugh, kissing once more.
But the eroticism returns, and Harry licks his thumb to slide it between them and quickly caress her clit, which was just what she needed.
She cums, lifting her back and clinging tightly to her husband's strong shoulders, leaving the occasional scratch that makes him grunt. He doesn't know how he's holding on so long, but when Y/N leaves kisses on his earlobe and whispers "Want to make you a baby daddy." he does.
He drops his head on her chest and cums thickly, it's the best sex they've ever had and they both know it, because maybe now, this time, something's going to change.
They both keep quiet, controlling their heaving breaths until all that can be heard is the sound of scooters on the stone streets of Italy. Y/N strokes his tresses, and he leaves kisses on her collarbones.
After a few minutes, Harry slides out of her and wipes her off with a towel on the nightstand, quivering at the sight of his cum dripping out of her, he opens his mouth to murmur.
"Think I put a baby in here?" he asks, caressing his love's belly circularly, and she squeezes her eyes, touched by his words.
"I hope so, curly." She replies. "Hey, look at me."
Without lifting his head from her chest, he manages to stare at her.
"We have plenty of time to try and I know we'll make it. We'll have our baby." She says, completely sure of her words. "Let it happen when it has to happen, I'm off the pills- let's think about everything that's coming up for now, Harry's House, the tour, Coachella..."
Stressed, he sinks his face back into her chest, and she laughs, making him smile. "I don't want to go back to the real world." He says, his mouth against her skin.
"Neither do I, but I was already starting to miss our chaotic schedule." She replies. "God, you had to be a singer, an actor, a model... couldn't you be, I don't know, a supermarket cashier?"
Harry lets out sharp guffaws and leans back on his arms to look at her, still smiling they both look at each other. "I could be anything and you'd still love me."
She brushes back an unruly lock that falls into his eyes. "Of course. But it's time to go home, H."
And without hesitation, he says. "For me, you are home."
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