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#is my baby

Not on da whole topic of my account but holy damn am I obsessed with this game XDDD

and like I was lmao-ing why because my friend and I were doodling at the same time and we were like ok let’s show our drabbles to each other


…I can’t into cute dude…

I just can’t

and yes…at first it was not so yellow “among dude”

Later on I was just bored and decided why not


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If you’re sad just remember Frank Ocean has a Spanish song about falling in love with someone who loves someone else…..

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A loveable (in his opinion) idiot who, in the past, flirted with absolutely everyone he met? You bet your ass that’s Chanwoo. Struggling with the pressures of taking care of his mother, the boy was never able to attend school, dropping out of homeschooling nearly the same day he started it.

Fighting was the only talent he believed he had, and thus he worked hard to make a career of it - and it worked. Going by the name Kimchi, Chanwoo quickly climbed the ladder, even beating opponents some would have doubted he could handle.

Naturally, it came with a cost; his memory is destroyed due to repeated head trauma after several severe concussions resulting in hospitalization - but thankfully his boyfriend and best friend help him out often with remembering when he needs it.

Just don’t take it personal if he forgets your name or is late - he’s trying his best, honest.

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Can we take a second to talk about the part of Draw My Life pt. 2 where Phil says, “Where’s all the fun stories about everything else in my life? Well it turns out I don’t really have one.”

Like, this makes me SO sad. This beautiful man has spent the past decade trying to make US happy and solidify a future for himself, that he has no fun stories to tell us? He doesn’t have a life outside of everything he’s already shown.

I’m so proud of him for everything he has done, but now he gets to focus on himself. He doesn’t have to bank on “Dan and Phil” anymore. He doesn’t have to hide because what if the next move literally ruins him?

Phil can FINALLY just… be Phil and enjoy his life.

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