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#taylor: evermore
taylornation · 9 days ago
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red november 🤝 gray november.
evermore album is nominated for album of the year at the grammys!!!
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path-of-my-childhood · 9 days ago
Taylor Swift: NO PROBLEMS TODAY JUST CHAMPAGNE 🥂 I wanted to share this video with you from when @aaron_dessner and I were doing our fittings for the video and there was a piano, so ofc this happened. SO stoked evermore has been honored like this. Congrats to all our fellow nominees #GRAMMYs
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likedaylighht · 9 days ago
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Something about Taylor singing the lyrics “she would have made such a lovely bride what a shame she’s fucked in the head” while WEARING A WEDDING DRESS is making me feel fucked in the head
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theres-no-you-and-i · 6 months ago
these bitches all need loads of therapy but ALSO the current "what do performers create when there's no audience and no team and no studio or theater" genre of art is fucking incredible
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softhe4rted · 5 months ago
when lorde said “did my best to exist just for you” and when mitski said “i don’t think i could stand to be where you don’t see me” and when fka twigs said “and didn’t i do it for you? why don't I do it for you? why won’t you do it for me? when all i do is for you” and when taylor swift said "i made you my temple, my mural, my sky. now I'm begging for footnotes in the story of your life" and when phoebe bridgers said "whatever you want me to do, i will do" and when daughter said "you will grow all you need to grow inside my spine and then take what you need to take, what's yours is mine" and when the crane wives said "i shine only with the light you gave me" and when
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mrperfectlyfine1989 · 6 days ago
The line "I don't like that falling feels like flying til' the bone crush" deserved a seperate grammy nomination!
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