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#they look pretty young but I liked the options in this picrew
thetwstwildcard · a month ago
In honor of mother's day I decided to make my oc's moms on picrew
Stuck with my main girls for each dorm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just add lion ears to Kiara's mom, fins on Veil's mom and fox ears on Lovette's.
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kereempuff · a month ago
Communities, Linkedin and Government Website (Journal)
Today I joined a community on discord. Discord was confusing at first like I don't even know how to change my profile or my nickname so I just looked it up on google on how to do that and it was pretty easy. The profile pic I chose was the one I made on picrew.
Tumblr media
This face is gonna be like my tech industry alter ego from now on. It was my first time joining a community(Design Buddies) and wow I'm hella impressed. The Server was really proffesionally organized and I like how the admins provided like a big master list on design in general for beginners like me. I find the resources very helpful to me because I feel like I lack knowledge anything about the current design industry. The community have events like portfolio reviews, co-working sessions, live talks with special guests and many more fun activities. The community is currently in its first year with 20,000+ members and im expecting that it's only gonna get bigger as time grows. Through this community, I get to meet more professionals and I even stalked their portfolio like I'm hiring people. I love looking at other designer's portfolio because you can really see their dedication and commitment to their works. I love seeing their projects and how they benefit to the people. I looked at the case studies and learned more about how detailed the design process is. I got to see their lay-outs, sketches, wireframes, color-palettes, iconography, typography, graphics and prototypes. I want to explore more about the community but the internet is too slow so I'll just continue tomorrow.
I also made a linkedin account to connect to people and I'm shocked at how there's so much people my age that had so much experiences and internships. These people achieved so many things like research and starting organizations and I just admire their dedication to the work. This people are making their dreams work and I want to do that too someday. Who would've thought that these young people have the ability to influence and inflict positivity to people's lives. They are the young leaders of our future thus their giving me hope for the future. Mind you these people are young Filipinos and they are making a huge difference, I just don't know why most people aren't talking about them but instead they talk about celebrity break-up scandals... People should focus more on these young leaders because i'm sick of people putting more attention on irrelevant issues. kk rant over :D
I looked up some of the local government websites and reviewed some of them.
catbalogan lgu- the UI was very primitive, it looks like it was made from 2009. They could use some improvements to fit the modern times. The events were recent and it looks like developers are updating the content but not the overall look of the website.
paranas lgu - the look of the web was very good actually, its very up to date and i liked how they used negative space. My only concern is that they lack content which brings down the overall functionality and purpose of the website. It seems like they haven't updated the site since 2020. I think the lgu should hire some content creators and web developers to keep the website running. The site looks like its powered by and I think they are not using it to their full extent of the site's annual fee. It should be helpful if they categorized or tag their articles for easy navigation. I would love to see an archive of arts and culture provided by the paranasnons. I see so much potential of the residents in terms of literature, music, arts, and all sorts of medias. I want my fellow paranasnons to have a platform where they can share their artistic pursuits to the world and hopefully be recognized by their talents and crafts.
davao lgu - the web looks very pretty and neat, im not surprised since it is a big city. it looks like its developed very well but the news articles looks like its gonna be hard to navigate. The set up is just 174 pages of news articles... and thats it. I wished the users should have an option to filter the articles by date, categories, and tags for much easier navigation in the future.
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theheavenlymoon · a month ago
So I’ve been trying to decide if I want to show my oc or not, but with talking to a few people I look up to I have found the courage to introduce my oc
Special thanks to @nuitthegoddess and @britishassistant for helping me introduce her and basically give me confidence.
So with that being said..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I am Hanako. Daughter of Hestia and demigod of hearth, family, and domesticity!”
“Me like-like (insert twst boy)...? Possibly.”
“Oh I’m sorry, is this OUR period? No? Then shut up and stay out of it.”
“My music taste is just like my fashion sense....all over the place.”
“Hold my cheesecake, things are about to go down.”
“Yo! I’m Hanako but you can call me Hana for short.”
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Race: Demi-god
Height: 6’3.3
Age: 19
Dorm: Ramshackle
Occupation: student, dorm leader
Year: 1st (technically supposed to be in her 3rd year but she hasn’t been able to tell the headmaster 😔)
Nicknames: Orca-chan (Floyd), Child of Hearth (Malleus), Ms.Herbivore (Leona)
Favorite food: cheesecake, literally anything sweet except candy.
Least favorite food: Hummus, mushrooms, and beans
Likes: family/friends, cooking, singing really loud to her music, Working out, nail polish, memes/vines, rain/cloudy weather, purple, doing anything around the house, video games, anime, fictional books, roughhousing, and day dreaming about her crush
Dislikes: Fights between friends and family, fights in general, being underestimated because of gender, crying in front of people
She’s still a work in progress but I think I’m finally starting to settle on a design. Since I can’t draw I have to use picrew, but sadly some of the makers that I find have limited options so allow me to go into detail about her looks. (I’ll probably make another post about her Demigod abilities because I don’t wanna make the post to long.)
Hanako has bright gold eyes and long violet hair (think of epel’s hair but a shade lighter) that goes all the way down to her mid thigh. She has two beauty marks. One under her right eye and one on the left side of her lip. Her signature her style is half up half down, so she has space buns and the rest of her hair is down.
Obviously I know that Hestia doesn’t have any demigod kids but demigods don’t have to be born the normal way. Hanako was born from fire and was given to her father. With that being said, when Hana was first claimed she was given a fire place poker but traded it in for a sword so she it could help control her pyrokinesis. Yes. Hana has powers but she doesn’t show anyone until chapter two. (Her sword is disguised as a charm bracelet.)
For her sword...
Tumblr media
She uses one of these bad boys. (If you ever played genshin impact and saw Beidou’s basic combo attack, Hana does the same thing)
Hana’s sword helps her control her pyrokinesis a little better and it’s fun to try and see who can pick it up. Her sword can reach up to about 2000°F (1093°C). She has a few special moves but those are for another time.
Although Hana acts like her mom in some moments, she met Apollo and Hermes when she was quite young and those two have had a big impression on her personality. One moment she giving motherly advice to Othro and the next moment she quoting vines to Aduce. Hana also likes to tease a lot (curtsy of Hermes) so don’t be surprised when she tease about you burning food.
Random facts about Hana 🌸👍
I don’t actually have a last name for her since her name translates to ‘flower girl/flower child’ her last name was gonna be uzuki but I’m not 100% sure. (Pls help me pick out a last name 😔)
Since Hana means flower I use cherry blossoms and lavender to represent her.
Has a super huge soft spot for kids-
Hanako is super understanding and open. Wanna try something new? She’ll come with you, so you aren’t lonely and scared. Skydiving? What time are we leaving? Want to be left alone? Call her if you need something!Wanna try working out? She’ll be your personal trainer! Feeling down? She’s coming over with movies and snacks! Can’t make it to game night? It’s alright just be safe with whatever your doing!
Epel is Hana’s self proclaimed brother and he’s totally ok with it. “Why wouldn’t I want a strong big sister to look up to? Besides she helps me get lift weights!”
Hana is actually really good at acting and singing. She was in a few commercials and videos when she was younger but only as background characters (can you imagine vil’s shock-)
Hana is amazing with kids. She grew up with 3 little brothers before she was moved into the orphanage, which meant even more kids to watch over. (she takes her big sister role very seriously)
Hana grew up around a lot of guys and so she calls everyone ‘bro’ and ‘dude’ a lot. She has a few friends who are girls but most of them are guys. That being said, she grew up rough housing and yelling. Her and Ace have play fights 24/7
Hana comes from a very affectionate family. (Hugs, kisses, feeding food to each other, smashing food into someone’s face, etc.) So it’s not uncommon to see Hana tackle all of her friends into hugs and kisses.
The woman is a tree. She’s actual 1cm taller then the leech twins. (6’3.3) Imagine everyone shock when they find out she’s a girl and is that tall. (Ace: and I took that personally-) Ace makes a lot of tall people jokes but deep down inside his ego is hurt that a girl is taller than him.
In the prologue, after Hana sat in front of the mirror and it said she didn’t have magic, she got up and revealed she was actually a girl. When she was walking up to the mirror she saw that everyone else was a guy so she thought ‘eh..might as well get it out of the way.’
When thrown into a new situation that isn’t familiar (or a new world-) Hana will come off a bit sarcastic (more than usual) and aloof. She wants to get a feel for her surroundings before she can actually be herself. Give her some time to come around and she’ll be back to hyper and happy. (She becomes happy again when they meet Cheka)
Hana has a bunch of hobbies. She plays volleyball and is known as the queen of the court. She loves to paint her fingernails and her toes as well. Her cooking is one of the best things anyone could ever taste. As a Hestia child obviously she would excel at anything that has to do with domestic type things. She even made her own dorm leader uniform! (She cleaned Ramshackle in 2 days)
When she isn’t doing any of her hobbies she’s working out and practicing her pyrokinesis. Hana trained a lot back in her world so she could master her pyrokinesis and her sword. She’s gotten to the point where she can lift a car. Just because she’s in a different place doesn’t give her the excuse to slack off!!
As for her love interests.. I’ll leave it up to debate because honestly anyone can be her love interest (Aka I can’t choose😔)except Lilla, Idia, and Epel. Hana see’s them as family members. Does anyone know about her crush? Not in the lightest. The only people who do are Lillia, Epel, Idia, and the staff (Crowley can’t keep his mouth shut 😤)
Ironically her mother is a virginal goddess and isn’t married to anyone. Hana on the other hand, wants to get married and have kids. She shooting for 4 but it all depends on what her partner wants. (2,6,8 it just depends)
Since Hana isn’t exactly short Floyd decided to call her ‘Orca-chan’. Orcas are the apex predators of the ocean and are highly intelligent and emotional. They stay with their pods their entire lives hunting and playing. The reason why Floyd gave her the name is because Hana is very big brain. He also heard that family and friends are always her top priority. (Also orcas a huge. I think there as big as a school bus-)
When anyone overblots, Hana actually defeats them by hugging them and whispering words of comfort. Hestia children can induce serenity and make tense situations a lot more calmer.
When Hana does defeat all the overblots, she uses one of her abilities to look into their past (about 10 years) and in return she lets them take a look into her past. They bond over Trauma-
Hana is actually taught herself French , so sometimes she’ll talk to Rook in French while everyone else is just- 👁👄👁
Hanako knows 4 different languages. English, Japanese, Greek, and French. She was taught Japanese by her father and Greek by her mother. She learned French and English herself
One time this loser had the AUDACITY to shame Hana because of her big bust. IN FRONT THE FIRST YEARS MIGHT I ADD- safe to say that guy got beat tf up.
Hana loves anime and video games, so when she met Idia it was like an instant connection. “W-what’s your record?” “I stayed in my cabin for two days straight to binge watch a new anime and max out my intimacy in 4 different games.” “S-she’s good.” ‘Not as good as me-‘
Even though Hana loves to do girly things, makeup is not one of them. She always thought it was pretty cool but she never had the time to sit down and practice it. To say Vil was shocked is an understatement.
I’m probably gonna make a few follow ups to this because there’s still a lot to explain, but I hope you liked her ^-^ I hope I explained everything ok and if there’s something that needs to be fix please let me know!
There’s a few more fandoms she’s in and I would be more than happy to tell you about them! This was just what would happen if Hana was in twst.
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alvie-pines · 2 months ago
My art ability is broken right now, but I found a nice picrew and made some of my DreamSMP hetalia!AU OCs! 
First of all: L’manburg my beloved
Tumblr media
Out of all the nations, he probably looks the most like a single founder (that founder being Wilbur). But he also has Tommy’s eyes! 
L'manburg has two "eras" to his personality; Schlatt's rule changed him. Before Schlatt was elected, his personality was quite visibly similar to Wilbur’s. His founders were role models to him as a newly formed nation, but he especially took after Wilbur. Like him, L’manburg is rather artistic, and prone to obsession. He can be a bit sensitive, but also emotional like Tommy, and prone to outbursts. (he apologizes, dont worry!) He's also very passionate, and a free soul. The revolutionaries created him to be a symbol of freedom and liberty, and he takes those values to heart.
During Schlatt's rule, however, after being belittled and abused, he became more antisocial and retreated into himself for protection. He became quieter and a lot more depressed. He stopped smiling. He lost a lot of his free spirit to Schlatt. One event that really broke him was Schlatt's order to tear down his walls. It left him feeling betrayed, exposed, vulnerable, unstable. It really broke his spirit. A lot of his artistic side subsided during this time; he didnt feel well enough to make anything that wasnt depressing, and he didnt want to put depressing things into a world that was already suffering, so he hid his paintings and poetry. he also didnt want Schlatt to find them and mock them; L’manburg saw how Schlatt treated other people, like Quackity, and knew not to make himself a target.
Also notable is his reaction to Wilbur's obsession with him during the Pogtopia arc. Wilbur's toxic infatuation with him was disturbing, and L'manburg knew that. But at the same time, he was a nation made and shaped largely by Wilbur. L'manburg himself is also prone to obsession, and combined with his artistic soul, he was predisposed to romanticize Wilbur’s obsessive feelings towards him. Even though he knew it was wrong, he couldnt help but view Wil's passion as flattering... near the end, he even wished to die with Wilbur. 
But he didnt.
The explosion shook him to his core, more than anything had before; he fell, blood on his lips, and his vision blurred; he truly thought he was going to die there. So did wilbur; they thought they were both going to die, together. But L'manburg survived, and Wilbur didn't.
L’manburg awoke later, still injured, but alive. It wasn’t his time yet. His time would come during the Doomsday war, indirectly killed by Dream, Technoblade, and Philza.
And now; Pogtopia, also my beloved, younger sister of L’manburg, though they never knew each other very well...
Tumblr media
Don’t let the picture fool you! She’s actually quite young, but the picrew didn’t have the option to make her look like a child.
Pogtopia didn't exist for very long. She was a girl of about six or seven, with curly pink hair and blue eyes. She also had a little snaggle-tooth like techno's tusks :> though the picrew didn’t work out for that. She gets her hair from Wilbur and Techno, and her eyes from Tommy. She was strong-willed and pretty good at taking care of herself, for a kid. She was a natural at swordfighting, or really any weapon they put in her hands. Techno trained her a lot, after he was convinced by Wilbur and Tommy that she wasnt an orphan. ("we're basically her parents!")
She was the first nation on the server to die. Not in battle--they didnt want her fighting anyways--but afterwards.
Nations need citizens to exist. After the rebellion, all of her former citizens went back to L'manburg and became a part of him again. Pogtopia was the first nation on the server to die, and nobody even saw it happen, or realized, until weeks later. They looked for her and she simply... didnt exist anymore. Tommy felt really, really bad about her. He felt like maybe he could have saved her, or at least been there when she died. Regardless, she’s gone now, and won’t be coming back. 
RIP Pogtopia... she died too young :(
Now we have my next beloved; the Arctic North.
Tumblr media
Look at this. I combined Technoblade, Philza, and Ranboo and accidentally created the most beautiful man
Arctic North is Ranboo, Philza, and Techno, and sort of includes the syndicate as well, but mostly just because of the overlap. He's tall as fuck, thanks to Ranboo's influence, and has Phil's blonde hair and long ears from Techno, which alltogether makes him look like some kind of snow elf.
He's fairly antisocial, and the manifestation of that can range from "awkward and gangly" like Ranboo to "snobby, better-than-everyone-else" attitude (which is more common). He often appears awkward until he opens his mouth and says something sharp. He really likes to keep his distance, so he doesnt mind that his sharp tongue keeps people from liking him very much. He only needs his three humans, nobody else.
And then there’s Snowchester, my final beloved for this post: 
Tumblr media
Snowchester is on the shorter side, like Tubbo, and he usually wears either a big ol fluffy coat or an equally fluffy cloak. Soft, dense winter clothes made for his climate. He looks pretty cute and innocent, with those fluffy clothes and big eyes, but he will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP. He acts sweet but if his citizens are threatened, he turns genuinely terrifying. 
This child will not hesitate to nuke you and everything you love if you so much as look at his citizens the wrong way :]
But he is my beloved and can do no wrong, clearly
Oh, what’s that, you say? There’s no personification of the Greater DreamSMP? 
Yes, there is, silly :) His name is just Dream.
... and you all know what Dream looks like, so he doesn’t get a visual here.
See, the thing about personifications on the server is that there are very few of them. L'manburg was the first, Pogtopia the second--and no one saw Pogtopia's death (poor girl) so they still dont know much about how nations form and how they die. So for a while, nobody questioned the fact that the Greater Dream SMP didn’t seem to have a personification.
It wasnt until more personifications, like Arctic North and Snowchester, started popping up, that they started to understand them better and began to question where Dream SMP was... by the time anyone really cared, he was already in prison.
(Dream: “My name is literally Dream, and none of you realized. What did you all expect?”)
Anyways, Dream being a personification, with his physical and mental wellbeing tied to the state of the DreamSMP faction, actually provides a lot of context and motivations for his actions. See, in this AU, L'manburg is not just a threat to his power, but a literal threat to his life/health. He wants to prevent other nations from rising on the server because a decline in power in the DreamSMP faction directly correlates to a decline in his health and personal, physical ability. His actions are still entirely selfish, but in this AU, also motivated by fear. It just adds a nice layer of depth and angst that I quite enjoy :]
but on the upside, you've got the homoerotic undertones of dream literally making george the king of HIM, and gogy just not fuckin noticing (because he doenst know dream is a personification) which is pretty fuckin funny. oblivious king
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sapphim · 6 months ago
As promised, I’m here to tell the entire life story of my terrible shithead tiefling con artist sorceress, ~~Verity~~ (not her birth name).
Like any good edgelord tiefling, Verity hails from a broken home, in her case from an absent father she never knew and a shitty irresponsible addict mother, Rue. Actually, while she looks like any other edgelord tiefling, she's half aasimar because partway through the campaign I tried to make a joke about tiefling genetics (the punchline of which was "assling") and then my DM forced me to commit to it. She inherited all of her mother's fiendish looks while her twin brother - Prosper (not his birth name) - got the opposite.
Tumblr media
(picrew link)
Between her mother's fiscal irresponsibility (and general irresponsibility) and Prosper's childhood propensity for illness, Verity - then Gemma (also not her birth name) - found herself assuming primary responsibility for providing for the family from a young age. Growing up in Talag as she did, a region under the control of a powerful international criminal syndicate - Venom - the only option she saw was to transition from petty theft into joining the local envenomed. This ended when her mentor (and groomer/abuser), Oskias, sent her under false pretenses to dig up dirt on a superior within the guild he had ambitions to replace. Verity botched the job and fled the country, fearing the possible reprisal that awaited her.
Verity started a new life on a new continent, her rigorous training making her a useful asset to the more casual loosey goosey local thieves' guilds in the region. She had developed quite the talent for magic that disguised her appearance and charmed her victims, and eventually made the acquaintance of the roguish half-elf Gwendolyn, an expert forger. The two hit it off immediately and embarked on their travels all across the continent, endearing themselves to the foolish and wealthy and scamming them out of everything they could take. The two ran pretty much every trick in the book - including one memorable time they tried (and failed) to pass Gwendolyn off as the long lost heir to an elven fortune - though an old standby involved Verity inviting herself to a fancy party in disguise, the two robbing the place blind the following night, and then circling back through town a few days later to helpfully offer their services (well-paid, of course) to find and retrieve the stolen sentimental goods.
When we meet our protagonists, they're laying low in Ivar after an attempted con at the dwarven Honorhelm Hold that resulted in a dwarven princess and her loyal but hapless bodyguard - Darjee and Giles - following Verity and Gwen home like lost puppy dogs. While attempting to figure out how to resolve the unintentional "kidnapping" - as Darjee, with her lust for adventure, flatly refuses to return to the hold - the four had taken on work under the guise of the Kingsguard, basically what passes for local law enforcement.
Their attempt to "ransom" Darjee back home turns into an assassination attempt and the four - along with the outside party of three who had been hired to accompany Darjee home safely - caught the attention of the queen by dispatching the thieves' guild member who turned out to have been a foreign spy from Umbra attempting to disrupt Ivar's relations with Honorhelm. Thus the party was elevated to the far more prestigious role of Queensguard and given free reign to act however they please in pursuit of the queen's agenda.
Thus the prologue has been completed and the party fully formed. As Gwendolyn was NPCed when her player left, the party now consists of:
Verity, tiefling sorceress, our incredibly clever protagonist
Darjee, dwarven bard, a brat
Giles, dwarven paladin, utterly hapless
Finnan, halfling cleric, goody-two-shoes who worships the concept of farms or some shit
Rosalie, half-orc rogue, the party’s unofficial grandma
Grey, half-elf ranger, v tortured and sexy mercenary type
It should be noted that Verity has supplied her alias of Honoria Whitehall (obviously not her birth name either) to the queen's people. The Whitehalls are a new money family from the lower gentry, who conveniently caused a scandal some decades ago when they disinherited their son Loukas for dabbling in fiendish pact magic, who conveniently died shortly after. Gwen supplied Verity with all the records she might need to prove her descent from Loukas Whitehall, and his mortified family have very helpfully refused to acknowledge her existence whatsoever. It should also be noted that the queen at this point almost definitely already knows her true identity.
This is already too long and only a handful of sessions into the campaign ft. Verity's ill-fated and entirely unintentional attempt to scam the Ivory Queen of Ivar. So I'm gonna break and return later with the rest of Verity's life story so far. (It's not gonna be a blow-by-blow retelling of the last few years of the campaign by any means bc honestly Verity wasn't paying that much attention to most of it.)
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