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#too tired to gif ✨
touyasdoll · 5 months ago
MHA men with a thicc & curvy S/O - Part Two
Part One
Characters: Hitoshi Shinso, Tamaki Amajiki, Dabi/Touya Todoroki
Warnings: NSFW, minors DNI, fluff, smut, teensy bit of angst, BDSM dynamics, degradation, exhibitionism
Word count: 3.6k
A/n: Part Two of a request from @aidendontdoit that I got carried away with ✨
Hitoshi Shinso
Tumblr media
Constantly admiring how beautiful you are
He has a bit of a hard time expressing how he feels about you with words
Prefers to show you how he feels about you with actions
And how much he loves your body
Not in just a sexual way, but in a cozy, domestic way too
His favorite thing to do is to simply be in your presence
Even if you’re sitting in mutual silence, just doing your own separate things, he really doesn’t mind
Bc that means he gets to spend some time with you and just admire how gorgeous you look that day, just like you do every day
Sometimes he will tell you so and it’s almost always out of the blue
You’ll be washing dishes together after dinner and he’ll just hit you with one of the greatest compliments you’ve ever received
And he secretly loves how flustered you get every single time
So he’ll wait until your busy doing something, like reading or watching tv or something on the couch, and he’ll give you a little nudge with his elbow before wrapping his arm around you and telling you that you look absolutely breathtaking
And his little heart will jump when he sees you blush before he ticks his fingers under your chin and leans in to kiss you
All this man wants to do is lock you down for good and he starts thinking about that fact early
Picturing you two, a couple cats, and a quiet life together; as quiet as a hero’s life would allow, at least
Imagining how beautiful you would look walking down the aisle, what kind of wedding dress you might choose and how it would accentuate your every curve so perfectly
You were seated on the couch, your nose firmly stuck in the book you’d been absorbed in all day. Shinso didn’t mind, he was busy catching up on some work beside you.
He glanced up from his efforts, smiling to himself as he thought about how lucky he was to be with someone like you as he took in your form. He truly never got tired of looking at you. Even now, with your hair slightly disheveled, an old, baggy sweater hanging off of your frame, nothing but a blanket covering your bare legs; you were always gorgeous, no matter what.
His arm draped over the back of the couch, the tips of his fingers connecting with your shoulders as he leaned in, able to get nearly right up to you ear without you even noticing until he whispered into it.
“You are so goddamn beautiful that it actually hurts my soul to look at you sometimes,” his arm draped around you now, wrapping around your waist as you shrunk into him. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”
“Toshi, stop,” you giggled shyly, playfully pressing a hand against his chest in protest of his honey-like words.
“Never,” his forehead dropped against yours as he captured your hand from its place on his pecs and pressed a chaste kiss to your palm, murmuring against it. “I swear I’m gonna marry you someday.”
I think we can all agree that this man is one kinky motherfucker
Every time he does fantasize about you in a wedding gown, he inevitably pictures what you might wear underneath one
And he quickly loses all self control when his thoughts drift in that direction
He is helplessly in love with not just you, but also your body
Seeing you in little to no clothing or even just a compromising position drives him absolutely wild
All you really have to do is hike your skirt up just a little bit and bend over the kitchen counter and he's ready to go
Any little touch you offer him is enough to send sparks through his body and he'll soon be letting his hands roam over every curve you have, if you let him
Physical touch is the easiest way for him to express exactly how much he loves you and the bedroom is the best place for that
He's more on the reserved side in public, but when it comes to sex, he's anything but, so prepare yourself
He's a dom, through and through, but he really just wants to make each time you're together a euphoric experience for you
If you do have any shame regarding your body, he's going to try his damnedest to wash it away by putting you in the most compromising positions and telling you over and over again just how good you look, even in your most vulnerable state
“Hey, babe? Can you come here? I need something from the pantry, but I can’t reach it,” your voice conveyed helplessness, but you were eagerly setting a bit of a trap for your boyfriend, who had just walked through the door.
He’d had a long week at work and you knew he needed to blow off some steam, so you thought you’d offer to help in the best way you knew how.
You were dressed in his favorite outfit of yours, a too short plaid skirt and a collared crop top, looking every part the schoolgirl fantasy he went crazy for. Hearing his footsteps, you leaned over the counter, hiking your skirt up just enough so that he could catch a glimpse of the crotchless panties you had slipped on.
“What is it you ne—oh.” you bit your lip as you felt his eyes on you, peeking back over your shoulder seductively as he came up behind you, positioning himself as if he were ready to sink his cock into you already. “Aren’t you a good little kitten?”
That dominant quality in his voice sent shivers down your spine even before his hands snaked beneath your skirt, his fingertips brushing along the innermost part of your thighs as he shifted his stiffening cock against your ass.
“Yes, sir, just wanted to give you a little surprise,” you pulled your hips back, bouncing gently to feel some friction as your slick entrance brushed over the head of his cock as he pulled it free from his pants.
“Mm, well I’ve got quite a big surprise for you, kitten,” he aligned himself with your center, already groaning at how your juices were coating the tip of his length. One hand wrapped around your neck, tilting your head straight back far enough so that he could kiss you slowly, while the other squeezed at the flesh on your inner thigh. “But you know the rules, I need to hear how badly you want my cock.”
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
Follows you around like a lovesick puppy
Obviously, he's not the type to want to flaunt your relationship, but that's just bc he's so shy
He does know that other men look at you with lust in their eyes anyway and he can't lie, it makes him nervous, but he knows that you're loyal to him
Secretly, it makes him a little more proud than he thinks it should that he has what other men want
He has no idea how he landed the hottest woman he's ever had the pleasure of knowing, but he isn't about to take it for granted
Anything you want, he'll do his very best to make happen
You want to go out for a night on the town? He's planning the evening, despite how much he would prefer to stay home
Seeing you in the little black dress that you choose to wear is more than enough of a reward for him
He eventually finds that it's easier to function with you nearby, in the way that he’s a little more confident when Mirio’s around
Your presence fills him with comfort & strength and they way that you embrace yourself and your own body inspires him to overcome his insecurities
And if he's being honest, the intense physical attraction he feels towards you and the fact that you reciprocate it is the biggest boost to his usually faltering confidence
“Tama, you really planned a whole night out for the two of us? You didn’t have to do that,” your hands cupped his face as he held your waist, blushing as he smiled down at you. “I’m fine with staying in, you know that.”
“I do, but you deserve a night on the town,” he leaned down to peck your lips. “We’ve been together for months and I feel like I haven’t taken you on enough proper dates. So go and get dressed up and I’ll do the same. Our reservation is at 8.”
“Okay,” you bit the inside of your lip excitedly, leaning up on your toes to give him a quick kiss before you scurried off to get ready.
A couple of hours later, the click of your heels alerted him to your presence. He looked up from buttoning the wrists of his dress shirt together and audibly gasped at the sight of you.
“Wow, you, uh—y-you look so beautiful, Y/n,” the tips of his ears and the apples of his cheeks both grew a deep shade of red as he drank in your appearance.
You were clad in red heels and a little black dress that hugged your curves in all the right places.
“Thank you, Tama,” you smiled and sauntered over to him, his eyes never leaving you as you took his hand in yours, pinching the fabric around his wrists together and fastening the buttons for him, before resting your hands on his strong chest. “You clean up pretty well yourself.”
For the first couple months of your relationship, he was petrified of touching you
Certainly not bc he didn't want to, but rather bc he thought that he would literally pass out
He'd only managed to tell you once after your makeout session had started to get particularly hot & heavy
You could feel that he was rock hard by the way you were straddling his hips and every time you shifted even the slightest bit, he was threatening to come completely undone beneath you
He could barely stand to think about the way your hips swayed when you walked or how your breasts bounced when you walked beside him
Now that your goddess-like form was pressed up against him? It was almost too much
You have to reassure him that you're willing to go at his pace
And then you have to reassure him that you aren't as fragile as he likes to think
But once he does get comfortable with you?
It's like another persona takes over him, much like how it seems to when he's out doing hero work
He may still be shy before the mood really sets in, but once you get him going, it's like a switch flips and he ISN'T going to stop
He's rougher than you would expect, but still so careful with you, bc he's aware of his own strength
Wants you to enjoy yourself above all else, but he also wants to convey how much he loves you
The way he fucks never ceases to amaze you with the way he is able to both absolutely destroy you and still make it feel like the most delicately sensual experience
“Please, I can’t wait until we get home,” you spread your legs from your position in the back seat of the car, propping your feet up against the back of the two front seats as you stared lustfully at Tamaki, begging him to join you. “This parking garage is empty, no one will see us.”
Your heels had been discarded, left behind in the passenger seat before you clambered your way into the back. You weren’t exactly sure what had gotten into you. Maybe it was the excitement of the night on the town. Maybe it was how fucking good he looked with his dress shirt partially unbuttoned, showing you glimpses of his toned chest underneath. Maybe it was the thrill of potentially getting caught. Either way, you were aching for him to take you and you didn’t want him to be nice about it.
“W-we can be home in a few minutes,” he didn’t dare turn around to look at you, averting his eyes from even the rear view mirror, until you spoke again and he couldn’t hold himself back from taking a peek.
“Pretty please, Tama? I’m so fucking wet for you already,” a sinful moan left your lips, echoing in the cab of the car as you brought one hand to your breast and teased the other against your entrance.
He turned around and caught sight of how soaked your panties were, mesmerized completely as he watched you move them aside and scissor your entrance open for him to get a better view.
“Shit,” his eyes reluctantly tore away from your glistening core as he climbed into the back seat, seizing your jaw in his hand as he took a seat beside you. “You really can’t wait until we get home? Fine. Then I’m going to destroy this tight little hole of yours right here.”
You smiled victoriously, throwing your head back and letting out a sensual cry as he sank a long finger into you with his free hand, swiping his thumb over you clit as he soon added another digit, pumping them into you at a furious pace. His mouth attacked yours next, sucking your bottom lip between his teeth.
“Is this what you wanted, baby? Wanted to get me all riled up so I could give you a good fuck?” He released his hold on your jaw, guiding your hand to his member, which you could feel throbbing beneath his dress pants. “All because you just can’t wait for this cock?”
Dabi/Touya Todoroki
Tumblr media
Initially intended to just hook up with you, bc that's his usual MO
He saw you and he decided that he couldn't NOT have you
This man has an impressive libido, yes, but he surprised even himself with how instantly and intensely he was attracted to you
The way you looked, the way you moved, the way your clothes hung off of your form in just the right way had him going absolutely insane with need
And once he had you, there was no going back
He realized pretty quickly how much he enjoyed just having you around, having a warm, soft body to hold onto at night
Was never much of a cuddler, until you
He can't get enough of the feeling of his hands being able to explore your body, not even in a sexual way, just in a way that might let him know you on a deeper level
Which is something that he's never experienced before and if he were to be honest with himself, that scared him
What scared him the most was when he was standing in the kitchen with you one day, watching you bend over to place a tray in the oven when the term "child-rearing hips" crossed his mind
Dabi.exe stopped working
He was both excited by and horrified at the prospect, but he couldn't deny that regardless of consequence, motherhood would only serve to enhance your already perfect form
And maybe, though he rarely ever dared to allow himself to think of the notion, of how beautiful you might look with a bouncing baby on your hip, that maybe you would make a pretty great mom
“Hey there, doll,” a warm hand connected with your backside, coaxing a surprised yell from your throat. “Whatcha doin’?”
Dabi’s arms folded over his chest as he leaned against the counter, watching you chop up some garnish for the meal you were preparing.
“Fixing us some dinner. I hope you’re hungry,” you finished chopping, cleaning the excess that stuck to your knife as you put the final touches on the pan of food.
“Hungry for more than just food, now that you mention it,” he winked in your direction, reaching out his hand again to grab at your ass.
“Stop it!” You swatted his hand away, playfully pointing a warning finger towards him. “I have to throw this in the oven and I’m not looking for any non-consensual burns today, okay?”
“How about some consensual ones then?” His tone started playful, but trailed off as he watched you bend over and the worst best thought that he’s ever had came to mind.
He froze. For once, he was at a loss for words. The thought of him knocking you up had him unable to function. He, who could incinerate anyone who dared cross him without a second thought, was suddenly going soft at the ideas flooding into his brain of you, placing a tray of cookies into the oven and then tending to your child, carrying them on your hip as you greeted him at the door.
He tried to focus on the curves of your body, to think about what motherhood would do to them, thickening you further, making your body even more sensitive and malleable to his hot touch, but try as he might, he kept clinging onto that soft domestic daydream that he knew he could never truly live out with you.
This man will absolutely ruin you and make no apologies for it
You'll actually probably thank him and beg him to do it again
He doesn't understand the effect that you have on him and he will absolutely take that out on the soft, supple parts of your body
Absolutely loves to bend you over his knee and spank you until your ass glows red
Also loves alternating between massaging and slapping your tits as he fucks you
He will degrade the ever-loving shit out of you, but he’ll never make a negative comment about your body
As someone with his own body issues, he understands there’s line that you just never cross
You're like a drug that he just can't get enough of and sometimes he'll want to chase his high for hours with you, not that you would ever find reason to complain
He needs to make you cum multiple times, otherwise what’s the point?
Prides himself on how fast and how well he can get you off
The man knows how to handle you and your every need and he's no stranger to giving intense amounts of pleasure
Especially when he gets to watch the way you lose all control of your body each time that tight little coil in your belly snaps
He doesn't care what position he takes you in, as long as he can see you
See your breasts bouncing beneath him, pressed together by the way he has your arms pinned above your head, close enough that he can suck and kiss them while he grinds his hips down into yours
Or see you on all fours, your ass jiggling each time you desperately fuck yourself on his cock, begging for him to reach out and grab your ass cheeks, gripping them tight as you finally find your relesss and your walls clench around him
An aftercare KING to make up for how rough he is in bed
“I said fucking count, bitch,” another harsh strike of his heated palm came down upon your already bright red ass, causing you to cry out before the exclamation morphed into a moan when the pleasure found you.
“Six!” You spoke quickly when your ears processed his words, both afraid and hopeful that he would punish you again as you waited with bated breath, bent over, stark naked across his knee.
“There’s a good cockwhore,” the staples in his palms left a delicious sensation behind as he gently dragged his hand over the marks he’d left on your backside. “You think you’re wet enough to fit all of me inside you yet? I bet you’re fucking dripping just from me beating your ass, aren’t you?”
He wasn’t wrong and you didn’t care. You had thrown all sense of shame out of the window after your first time with Dabi. Something about the way that he demeaned you, humiliated you, borderline abused your body during sex made you ache for him. It felt too damn good. You knew that he would kiss your bruises later, mutter compliments against your skin, reassure you of how much you mean to him, even if he couldn’t outright say that he loved you, but right now, he was going to be a mean son-of-a-bitch and you couldn’t wait to bear his wrath.
Two fingers prodded at your entrance, sinking into you with no resistance thanks to the puddle that had formed between your thighs.
“Just like I thought. I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day, haven’t you, my dumb little cocksleeve?” He slowly pistoned his fingers in and out, dipping his thumb between your folds briefly to drag your body’s natural lubricant over your puckered hole. “Maybe I’ll finally claim your ass tonight.”
A needy whine left your throat and suddenly you were aware of how hoarse you were from crying out after orgasm and his tirade on your sore asscheeks. Shifting your weight against his hand was all you could do to convey how eager you were for him to have his way with you.
“Oh, you really want it, don’t you?” His thumb pressed into you at an agonizingly slow pace, leaving you frustrated for more friction as his fingers had stilled inside your gummy walls.
“P-please, daddy,” you mewled the new nickname, wanting to test his reaction to it. The way that his cock twitched beneath you and the feral growl that left his chest as he sheathed the rest of his thumb inside you confirmed his approval.
“You dumb fucking slut,” he leaned down, chuckling deviously as he sank his teeth into your shoulder, before kissing up your neck to nibble on your ear, “you have no idea what you’ve just started.”
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itsstrawberrymochi · a month ago
Kny characters x same love interest reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prompt: How it would be to have two kny boys fighting over you ✨
Warnings: Curse words
A/n: Listen I just watched Venom 2 yesterday and that end credit scene as me freaking outttt 😵‍💫
Rengoku and Uzui
- You better not be a shy person because when these two fight over you it’s always going to be displayed to the open and everyone knows wtf is going on
- Honestly you’ll probably suffocate in all the attention and love these two are giving you
- The two males try and act dense with the whole situation neither of them is willing to admit they are fighting over the same person and is trying to win them over
- They won’t exactly get physical or throw insults at each other but they do act passive aggressive whenever they are together, when they greet each other you can hear the venom in their voice but they try to cover it up with a big smile
- Or whenever they see the other give you a gift they’ll go “oh interesting choice ” to make it seem that the gift is dumb
- Whenever there is a pillar meeting or all the pillars decide to hang out they both walk up to you simultaneously  and try to talk to you and the same time the two conversation are always completely different
- And they always try to talk loud to drown out the others voice
- Since both of them are very passionate when it comes to most things it’s not a challenge for either of them to get your attention
- They always challenge each other with over the top gestures
- It started off simple Uzui got you flowers from his garden and Rengoku got jealous and give you one of his extra bento boxes, but soon after that the gestures got a whole lot more flashy , Uzui will always buy nice smelling oils, kimonos with a matching piece of jewelry he knows you would love and Rengoku takes you to the most expensive and best restaurants he can find and after that he’ll take you to a beautiful and rare spot not much people know of
- As said before the two pillars refuse to admit they are fighting over you but it’s painfully obvious they are trying to one up each other
- For example whenever Uzui sees Rengoku passing by the two of you he’ll get all touchy with you, but not to the point where it’s non-con and you feel uncomfortable, he’ll drape his arm over your shoulder, ruffle you ear, tell you jokes so you can laugh and as your laughing he’ll look and Rengoku with a smirk
- Rengoku on the other had would carry you or give you piggy-back rides because he thinks you’re too tired to walk, and he’ll willfully pass Uzui more than once and you’ll be laughing as you two pass because Rengoku would do silly things like pretend he’s going to drop you or speed up, and when he passes he gives Uzui is signature bright smile and Uzui is there trying not to throw a tantrum
- The two may go all out when trying to win you over but they won’t go so far that you feel uncomfortable
- They also wouldn’t go so far that it seems they hate each other they are still friends after all but if one of them does end up winning you the other would be upset for a while but eventually get over it
Sabito and Sanemi
Sabito a pillar in this
- Ohhh boy someone hide the knives because these two hot-heads aren’t afraid to physically fight each other for a few second of your attention
- Unlike with Uzui and Rengoku, these two will make it known to each other that they are going after the same person and aren’t afraid to tell each other that they like you and they will win you over
- Often times during pillar meetings whenever one is reporting their missions they always try to sound cool and skillful to try and put down the other and impress you
- The two boys would also get extremely cocky and boast about how they were the better and stronger pillar
- They fight A LOT whenever they see each other they always have to throw an insult
- If Sabito sees you talking to Sanemi he will most definitely pull you away or innocently lean on you as you’re talking to him and he just ignores Sanemi when he’s yelling at him to fuck off
- And whenever Sabito is telling you about his mission Sanemi is near and is ready to say something negative like he thinks he could’ve done the mission better
- Sabito is the more smooth talker between the two and always flirts and tells you such sweet things he never fails to make you smile, he’ll also gently brush your cheek with his hand just to get you flustered, Sanemi on the othe hand sucks at those things so he doesn’t even try
- And Sabito is aware Sanemi is bad when it comes to those fluffy gestures so it encourages him to do it even more
- Sabito being the little the shit he is would often mock Sanemi when he passes you two which in turn makes Sanemi’s blood boil
- Sanemi in hopes of revenge, would always willfully bump into Sabito’s shoulder and “claim” he didn’t see him
- The two scar faced boys use to have a lot of physical fights, it’ll start of with both of them insulting each other but next thing you know fists are being thrown but thankfully they got in trouble with the master so now it’s just death glares and verbal fights
- Whenever Sanemi is training with you he always takes his shirt off reveling those beautiful scars he’s so proud of and he also gets all handsy with you whenever he’s helping you with your swings. He intentionally goes to a training area he knows Sabito will pass and see the both of you
- The two most definitely hate each other but they made a mutual agreement that if anyone dare hurt you or develop a crush on you that person may or may not go missing
- The two pillars would often train with each other but that doesn’t mean they like each other, they just want to hurt each other and make the excuse they were just training
- If you happen to pass by or come to watch it’s like a demon awakens in them because they are 100% more aggressive trying their best to impress you with their breathing style the poor training grounds is in bits and pieces when they are done
- Whenever they both see you alone they always rush over to talk to you
- The two tall males would be hovering over you trying to get the other to back down leaving poor you sandwiched in between them and flustered by how close they are
Zenitsu and Inosuke
- Bless their souls, they already fight about everything and anything on a daily basis now they’re fighting over the same person tsk tsk
- So like Rengoku and Uzui the two slayers would often do cute gestures to win you over or to at least get a few minutes of your attention
- Inosuke brings you random rocks or sticks as a gift and he spends hours in the forest finding you the prettiest one, he use to bring you small dead animals but you had to beg him not to that anymore
- Zenitsu always gives you flowers along with a compliment he use to give you food but when he was about to put it on you plate Inosuke always stole it and eat it infront of him he did that intentionally of course
- Since you are apart of the squad they always fight about who gets to walk next to you or sit next to you , they act like you don’t have two sides
- Inosuke challenge Zenitsu to a fight, since Inosuke has a animal like nature he thinks the stronger one gets the prize (you) you have act as a barricade so he can’t get to him
- They sometimes treat you like a rag doll, when they want your attention at the same time Zenitsu will pull one or you arm to him while Inosuke does the same on the next and it’s this back and forth pulling for such a long time, Tanjiro alway has to step in and smacks them on the head for acting so dumb
Tumblr media
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ssplague · 2 months ago
Alpha Bakugou & his “Late bloomer” Omega Girlfriend 🌬🥀
Tumblr media
Part 3
Honorable mentions ✨ @bakugoismisunderstood @jazzylove
You two are fucking awesome and I appreciate both of you so much🖤
I give you the gift of hyper sexual scumbag Suki 🎁
Part 4
“Please stop…I-t-ts t-too m-mu-much…I c-c-can’t…alpha I just-“
“You CAN! and you WILL!”
A harsh smack followed by a yelp echoes around the dimly lit room.
“Fucking take it Omega, take all of it like a good-“
“Please I told you I can’t! Im already stuffed so full Alpha!”
His entire body trembles with the tingling feeling of oncoming release and the growl that he emits is low and guttural. His pupils are blown wide with pent up lust, while his eyes remain locked on the lewd scene displayed on his laptop’s screen. Katsuki’s mind is a swirl of chaotic sexually centered thoughts, all but one;
“Where is she?”
When he got back to his room earlier he was elated with the thought that you’d be here with him soon. The whole weekend was just going to be for the two of you, no interruptions, no one to intervene this time. Sure, maybe it wasn’t the most morally correct thing to do to not warn you that his rut had begun. Regardless, he knew it would prove to be the best thing for the two of you in the long run. Mother Nature has been so cruel to both him and you; All this time later and you still hadn’t gotten your first heat, making it impossible for him to mate you properly. This was really the only viable option at this point.
Being the perfect young thing you were made it 100% probable that this plan would work.
Even a mature, unmated Omega wasn’t capable of not falling apart at the seams when in the presence of a strong alpha at any time during their rut. He knew his scent was going to be extra potent and undeniably *noticing* to you. As soon as you got the scent in your nose it would jumpstart your heat almost instantly. It was just the way your biology worked, not like he could prevent it from happening, nor was he forcing it on you.
You might be a little bit cranky at first or even try to push him away initially, but he would endure that. He would deal with whatever he had to at this point, all for the sake of finally being able to have you. No matter how bratty you acted, it all would end up with your perfect ass poking up in the air and presenting for him.
All for him….forever.
He’d finally get to knot someone for the first time and it was going to be you! This was a first he made sure to save solely for you, and you alone. No one deserved even the slightest possibility of carrying his pups but you. So that’s why he’d ALWAYS used protection with the others, but with you…there would be no barriers between you guys. He was going to experience you in the rawest most passionate way possible, just like you would experience with him.
Just imagining himself finally sinking his teeth into your pretty little neck made his toes curl.
Closing his eyes. he pretended that the whimpering female cries playing from the computer speakers were yours. Rhythmically thrusting his hips upward as his hand immediately began quickening its pace of furiously stroking his length.
“No I can’t! I can’t take anymore!”
“You don’t have a choice, you’re MINE so just shut up and let me stuff that needy little cunt of yours”
He hated seeing you cry but fuck…
If you were the one sobbing and so full of his cock right now he would knot instantly. That thought is what brought on his climax; His vision whites out and his eyes roll back in his head with a pathetic whimper of “_________!”.
He came so hard, all over his stomach and covering his sheets. Katsuki felt like he was thirteen again; Back then this was a common occurrence late into each evening he’d indulge in his imagination that was solely dedicated to you. He’d finish and lay there shaking with the intensity of his orgasm, soon being overcome by a blissful sleep. Much like he was doing right now, only difference here was that he wasn’t at all tired. Well that and the fact his rut induced libido is still in fucking over drive.
That was only the first load too, and it felt like he might as well have not gotten himself off at all. He let out a frustrated snarl, he hates feeling this keyed up. You still hadn’t hit him up or come by, he’d spoke to you last at 3 o’clock. It was now 8:15
Maybe you felt the need to hangout with everyone until they took off? Yeah, that was probably it. You had never once skipped out on plans you two made, he felt dumb for doubting you. So what should he do for the next two hours? Well for starters he needed to change his bedding. Once that was done he picked up the few out of place things around his room.
Then he paced for awhile, and after that he decided to take a shower; Katsuki made sure he looked as desirable to you as he would undoubtedly smell.
After Exiting his en-suite and stepping back into his bedroom he spied the 10:00 that has just appeared on his digital clock.
“Should be any time now” he says with a smirk. Stretching out across his bed he lays there waiting.
And waiting
And waiting
And waiting more
Just a little longer
Any minute now
Yeah she’s not fuckin coming.
He snatched his phone up and called you; No answer, so he sent a text that read:
Hey I thought you were supposed to come hangout with me, the fuck happened?
Fifteen minutes later he sent another:
Did you ditch me and end up going with those idiots?
Thirty-five minutes later another:
You did didn’t you?
Katsuki normally responds to every shitty situation with anger but right now he was honestly feeling….a bit sad.
12:00 am
12:23 am
Okay, I get it.
He felt like such a fucking loser, you didn’t want him? Well too damn bad! First thing in the morning he would go to your room and demand answers! Then once he got ‘em….
“I’m being irrational dammit! Stupid fucking alpha hormones!” He shouted, tugging at his hair. Once he was in rut this deep there was only two things he could do to ease it; He could either FIGHT or FUCK, and with no one around to do either with…..he’d have to do…that.
It was super embarrassing to fish out the secret lock box he had stashed under his bed. Even though he’s had to stoop to this during each of his ruts, it never gets easier!
Unlocking the box he immediately glares at the two items that reside in it; A flesh light and pocket pussy.
Four loads blown later and the furious alpha falls asleep.
It was 7:00 in the morning when he was finally going to risk leaving his room to check on you.
Sudden pounding on his door took him by surprise and infuriated him even more.
Opening the door with the intent to rip someone’s head off; He was taken aback when you came stumbling in & past him, but he quickly shook it off and narrowed his eyes.
Slamming the door, he kept his back toward you and clenched both teeth and fists before starting in;
“So you decide to show up now hah? Couldn’t have let me know you weren’t planning on-“.
Katsuki turned to look over his shoulder and Holyfuckingshit.
He was witnessing a scene plucked straight from his dreams; Your bra, shorts, panties, and slides were left in a trail on his floor and you lay at the end of it on his bed.
“Oh shit….oh fuck” he groaned, anything else he’d planned to say after that , had instantly been forgotten. His brain short circuited while seeing you present your slick shined pussy to him.
“Suki….Alpha…come here please; make me feel better! I NEED YOU!” you whined. When he just stood there staring; you started giving your hips a seductive shake. “Please Alpha I know you want it~” you crooned, arching your back up more, sticking your ass up higher. Your efforts were soon rewarded; With a loud snarl he crossed the room in two long strides.
Then your senses were full on assaulted with his scent, only it was so much more intense.
This was the scent of a real alpha male in rut…
Your alpha…
It was both immensely thrilling & terrifying to hear the guttural voice growl “Omega” so threateningly in your ear.
You were in for it.
See ya next chapter for some 👉🏼👌🏽💦🍑🍆
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emiraa · 3 months ago
Im here for misunderstandings and jealous headcanons, The bros Reaction to Catching S/o in a Awkward/Suggestive position w lesser demons/or the dateables, Only to find out, They Stumbled (if its not to much trouble, add barb or sim, Your choice on which) (this can be Nsfwish if you want)
Now this one should be good! Barbatos and Simeon can both be in here. Enjoy! :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he walks in on MC sitting on top of Barb's lap, he pauses and stares for a second
Mans keeps his cool but his eye twitches a bit
There was flour on the white kitchen floor that Lucifer hadn't seen since it blended so well
Barbatos would lose 1% of his composure and blush a little and explain the misunderstanding whilst clearing his throat
Barbatos and MC ended up falling into this position and that's when Lucifer came to check out the big thud
Definitely lectures MC afterwards out of jealousy and (maybe) teaches them a "lesson" because MC is his and his alone 🤭🔞
To say the least, Barbatos and MC were definitely more careful in the kitchen after that
Tumblr media
As soon as he walks in on Simeon and MC in a suggestive position, he loses his cool
"Oi, Simeon? What do ya' think you're doin' to my lady?"
He literally represents this >> (🔥^🔥)/🔪
Simeon is kind of freaking out but explains that MC, Luke, and him were playing with legos and that MC stepped on one causing themself to lose balance and fall onto Simeon
Mammon isn't any less jealous and oh boy does he need reassurance
Reassure him and literally just give yourself to him, like he is your mans 😌🦋❤
"You're. Mine. Ya. Got. That. MC?"
Your lips are going to be swollen and your body will be sore (in a good way) by the end of the night and you can trust me on that
Tumblr media
Oh sweet baby Lilith
When I tell you this boy gets possessive, jealous, insecure, and mad
The way Simeon is on top of you makes his blood boil
You're HIS normie and nobody else gets to have you
"Simeon... mind explaining?"
Simeon has never seen Levi this mad before and quickly explains that it was a total accident and that MC tripped on one of Solomon's books
Levi literally grabs MC by the wrist and takes them back to his room to play "video games" with him 🔞
Let's just say you're too tired to leave the bed the next day
Tumblr media
You were at Diavolo's place and were trying on tuxedos/dresses for yours and Satan's anniversary
You accidently tripped on the end of your pantleg/dress and landed on top Diavolo
Satan came to pick you up and saw the lewd position you guys were in
Definitely made his fists clench and fake smiled asking what went on
Diavolo was flustered and has Barbatos explain
Satan swooped up MC and took them back home and damn the anniversary was filled with the smell of sex and the sounds of moaning, begging, and whining 🔞💐
Took you out for dinner the next day to make up for the anniversary and spoiled you with love and affection
Maybe it wasn't so bad after all 💚
Tumblr media
Walked in on you and Solomon in a suggestive position and definitely widened his eyes
He looked at the way you were under Solomon and smirked a little
He might have been a little jealous but honestly he would share you with Solomon and make a threesome happen 🤭🦋🔞
Solomon blushed and quickly explained that it was all a misunderstanding and how MC lost their balance and got lightheaded after smelling the aroma (he tried catching them but only ended up on top, accidently pinning them down)
Asmo might have hinted at a threesome but also wanted MC for himself since they loved him or him
Definitely had make-up sex 🔞😌✨
Tumblr media
He actually got a boner...
Seeing you under Simeon while making pancakes in the kitchen made him, possessive, insecure, and horny all at the same time 👀
What will we do with our boy
"I smelled something good so I came down.." 🥺🥞
MC explains that a bit of the batter fell on the floor and Simeon tripped on it and fell on them
He is quite understanding but definitely takes the second bottle of syrup and drags you to his room
Softly but sternly rams you into the bed and pours syrup on the places he wants to mark, lick, or bite 🔞
You're a sticky mess but you both shower together and cuddle in the freshly changed bed afterwards 🧡
Tumblr media
After walking downstairs into the library, he sees you and Solomon in a very suggestive position
Is definitely angry and no longer tired
Demands an explanation from MC
Piles of books were scattered around them and MC explains that it was all a misunderstanding and that they fell onto Solomon after tripping on his book pile
Belphie snatched you and took you to the attic
You ended up being fucked into the sheets roughly with him leaving enough markings so that EVERYONE knew you were his 🔞
Made you ride him and you both cuddled and fell asleep afterwards 🦋🔞
The next morning he acted possessive as hell
"Mine. 💋 Mine. 💋 All mine. 💋"
Kissed you a lot which is a bit rare.
You definitely learned your lesson
Hey! Hope this lived up to your expectations! I tried making it as detailed as possible. :)
Until next time! <3
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chilwell-my-beloved · 9 days ago
Can you do one of mase eating us out repeatedly and his beard is tickling our thigh. By repeatedly I mean like after you cum the first time he doesn’t stop trying to make you cum 6 times (can be like your lucky number or something)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mason Mount x Reader
Warnings: oral (f), overstimulation, use of toys (vibrator), not proofread sorry besties xx
A/N: made this a lil ✨spicy✨ hope you like it! also i know this could probably be made into two parts but i think i'm going to keep it as a one shot! <3
It was mid-morning, but it was still far too early. You hated waking up early on a good day, but when Mason and you had the day off it was even more annoying. You were incredibly annoyed when you felt your body waking you up. Your eyes fluttered at the light coming through the window. You went to pull yourself into Mason, but Mason wasn’t beside you. His weight was still in the bed, and before you could even build up the strength to open your eyes you felt Mason’s beard scratching your stomach.
You open your eyes, seeing a shirtless Mason pressing kisses and light bites down your body. You move your hands down to run them through his hair. Realizing you’re awake, he stops his kisses to look up at you.
“Mornin’ beautiful,” he says in a tired voice. You just whine out in return, unable to form a sentence yet. He laughs at this, continuing his previous actions, kisses getting closer and closer to where you wanted him to be.
He moves down so he’s at your knees. He starts pressing agonizingly slow kisses up the inside of your thighs. He reaches up and loops his fingers through the sides of your panties, pulling them down.
He finally reaches your core. You feel scratch marks and bruises forming on the inside of your thighs. He licks one dramatic lick up your slit, stopping at the top to circle your clit. You arch your back but Mason wraps his arms around your thighs, putting his hands on your hips to pin you down.
If there is one thing you can give Mason, it’s that the man is a god with his mouth. You don’t know how, but he can bring you to the edge incredibly fast and make you cum. Hard.
He continues to make small kitten licks on your clit. You mentioned off hand one day how you, at the very least, don’t mind the feeling of his beard marking up your thighs. Since then, he has always used it to his advantage. He pulls your thighs closer against his face. With every swipe of his tongue his head moves, leaving red burn marks on the inside of your thighs in his path.
It hadn’t been long, but you were already reaching your high. You grasped Mason’s hair, pushing his face closer into you. He laughed slightly at this, vibrations shooting throughout your body.
“Please, Mase, I’m so close,” you whine out.
“Go ahead and cum, babygirl, today’s about you,” he says. He continues his licks and sucking, letting you reach your high. You arch your back, pulling on Mason’s hair as you cum hard into his mouth.
“Mase, oh my god, Mase,” you moan out.
He laps up all the evidence of your high. He removes his mouth from you, letting you catch your breath and relax your body. Once you composed yourself, you spoke up,
“Well good morning to me, I guess!” you say, laughing.
“Your saying that like the morning is over,” he says winking, before returning his mouth to your hips, a new place to leave bruises.
“Mase, I can’t,” you whine out, still tired from the time of day.
“You can and you will, babygirl,” he orders.
You nod your head, watching Mason biting and suckinf bruises into your skin. He reached your clit again, immediately sucking to send vibrations through your body.
“Mase, please,” you whine.
“Close already, baby?” he asks.
You nod. You weren’t entirely there, but his movements stimulated you so much so fast you felt like you were going to explode. He sips his tongue into you, deep. You try to arch your back, but his hands hold you down. He moves one of his hands down, circling your clit while his tongue dips in and out of you.
“Please, please, please, I’m so close-” you whine, voice getting higher with every plea.
Mason laughs before responding, “So needy...go ahead, babygirl,”
You cum into his mouth, his tongue working you through your high.
You run your hands over your face and into your hair, spent from the morning’s actions. You try to collect yourself, feeling Mason move up from your legs. You felt your body slowly relaxing, until you realized Mason wasn’t moving next to you.
Mason was leaning down to open the bottom draw of your nightstand, and you knew you were in trouble.
“Mason, no,” you said firmly.
“But I’m having so much fun, love,” he said smiling.
Mason got back up and propped himself between your legs again. This time he wasn’t alone, he had a bullet vibrator to assist him. It was one you typically used when Mason was away and you knew how strong it could be. You knew you were in for trouble.
“Say red if you need to stop, love,” he says in a calming voice, letting you know playtime is over if you need it to be.
You nod in return and you feel Mason pressing soft kisses on your stomach. Before Mason even reaches your core you hear soft vibrations. Mason wrapped his arms around your thighs, pressing some testing kisses on your thighs before leaning down and pressing the vibrator against your clit,
“Jesus christ, Mason!” you scream out. Between the soreness of your previous orgasms and the high powered vibrations you felt like you were going to break. Mason just laughs at the dramatic reaction. He licks up your slit, stopping right before where the vibrator was at work.
You bite your lip but still whine through them. Mason dips his tongue into your hole, licking up your wetness.
“Mase, please!” you plead, incredibly close to your third high of the morning.
“Cum whenever you want, babygirl, I’m not stopping you,” he moans into you.
Your body takes in the combination of the vibrations and Mason’s tongue a moment before you arch your back and cum in Mason’s mouth.
Mason continues his licks until you’ve completely bottomed out. He turns off the vibrator and throws it on the floor, leaving it to be an issue for later. Knowing how spent you are, he gets up and grabs a towel to clean you up.
You lay back for a moment, catching your breath and centering yourself, trying to come back to earth. The feeling of Mason cleaning you up bringing you back to earth. You look down at him,
“Hi…” you say tiredly.
“Hi love,” he replies, laughing.
He comes up and lays next to you, rolling you into his chest. He looks down at your body, admiring all of the bites and bruises scattered and burns between your legs. He moans into your neck,
“You okay, love?” he asks.
“Perfect, love,” you say, smiling. You take in the silence for a moment before continuing,
“But it’s your turn for the torture now,” you say laughing before starting your trail of kisses down his body, ready to spice up his morning as well.
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sabitosthirst · 4 months ago
If you like - Haikyu boys NSFW fluff part 1
✨Part II ✨ Part III ✨
Tumblr media
An overview of how I imagine Sugawara, Daichi, Tsukishima, Bokuto Kōtarō, Tetsurō Kuroo, coach Ukai, Oikawa, and Kageyama would … love you.
Technically they’re all born in 94/95/96, so it’s all good baby.
I’m down bad. Send help. This is embarrassing.
I like - Haikyu Boys
If you like Sugawara 💕
Tumblr media
Foreplay is his specialty, he takes his time while praising every single thing about you. But don’t let the sweet love making fool you, this man likes to choke you. His pretty girl under his hold giving him sweet teary faces drives him over the edge. He’ll shower you in kisses and make sure he’s so deep in you that you’re convinced he’s trying to get you pregnant. He wants to be daddy so bad. Be sure to play with hair since it helps him fall asleep (always facing you). Before you know it he’s asking if you’re free tomorrow to help him pick out new sheets and blankets since they’ll be yours too *holds your hand* You’re lucky af, bitch.
If you like Tsukishima
Tumblr media
You and I both know what he’s packing. This guy knows just what you like and what pushes you to the limit, he’s so observant and figures out quickly how to make you beg for mercy/more. There’s not a single spot on your body he hasn’t touched or know about, he needs to know all of your spots so he can adore you properly. Bonus: when y’all are out he holds you by the back of your neck while his thumb massages you. He’s protective and makes sure everyone knows you’re his.
If you like Daichi aka Daddy Daichi
Tumblr media
Prepared to be wrapped in strong arms and have tight grips around your hips. Might leave some marks but that’s okay because those are just reminders of him getting carried away with your fine ass. Of course he feels bad about them, but you always assure him with kisses that you love it. He’s so handsy during sex that you’re always being handled in some way. Your body is worshipped and he’s so in love too. You have him pussy whipped. He’ll even encourage you to leave your toothbrush and the next time you’re over you noticed he bought an extra pillow for you.
If you like Bokuto Kōtarō
Tumblr media
He’s going to be big spoon- no objections. From there he likes to assault your neck with his mouth and pin you down. He’ll jack rabbit himself into you till he’s sure you’re having triplets. May leave some marks on your shoulder but it’s perfect because he loves it when you bite back. Your kisses on his neck give him chills that excite him more. You’ll be fine, he gives the best cuddles and has all the fluffy blankets. Has great taste in movies too!
If you like Tetsurō Kuroo
Tumblr media
He’s so nice to you. But- be prepared to be tired and sore the next day. You lucky bitch, he puts in work and isn’t satisfied till he sees some legs shake. Will make sure you have some hand prints on your ass to remind you who it belongs to. Demands that you leave your cloths off so he can continue to fuck you with his eyes. His kisses ALWAYS involve tongue and will usually have an arm wrapped around while you both are out and about. Don’t you dare question his love for you.
If you like Coach Keishin Ukai
Tumblr media
Let’s face it, we got daddy issues. But this man will make you forget all that when he’s got you panting unrecognizable words and nearly overstimulated. He’s got you elevated in that perfect position to hit that sweet spot. He’s skilled; loves it when you’re riding him and suck on his fingers. Oh yeah, he’ll take care of you. He’s hard working at the core and will actually make a good dad when it comes down to it. He won’t pull out whether you’re prepared or not. You asked if he’s worried about you coming out pregnant, he’s says “if it happens it happens” Sorry not sorry. 9 months of not pulling out here he comes.
If you like Tōru Oikawa
Tumblr media
Your taste for Oikawa just exposed you. Don’t be bashful, we see now know you’re a freak and are willing. When things get crazy you’re begging for his tongue and he sucks yours back. He’s got you in a mating press and has a firm grip on your pretty face. A close view of your face while you unravel beneath him is the greatest thing to him. Things alway get too hot for blankets afterwards, so being naked around the place is the norm. When you wake up he’s already making you breakfast. He’s honestly boyfriend material, give him a chance and you’ll see his heart is actually sensitive.
If you like Kageyama
Tumblr media
Be prepared to compete for his attention as Hinata is always on his nerves. Actually, there’s no competition. He does his best ignoring Hinata while you tell him to “be nice,” No matter. He’ll hide you two away in some corner to ravage your lips and any part of your skin he can get his mouth on. He LOOVES to eat you out and hold down your legs till HE’S satisfied. He’s meticulous when he’s on top. While you’re enjoying every stroke falling deeper and deeper into bliss, he’s finding that sweet spot. When he finds it, he doesn’t let up till you go limp. He doesn’t like to lose, so seeing you knocked out from satisfaction is a win to him.
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omgreally · 4 months ago
I’ve been reading mandos intergalactic taxi service and UGH✨💕 the pining and fluff with the intimacy smut is just chefs kiss your writing style is amazing🤌🏽✨ I’ve been in such a Din mood lately, could your write like a confession drabble where the reader and din are pining for each other and din is dropping hints but the reader is like really not a hint taker lol pretty please with a cherry on top 😭💕 smut or fluff your choice I know you’d write it so well!!
BLESS YOUR HEART @liltangerineart and thank you! Next chapter of Taxi Service should be up tomorrow I hope!
In the meantime I hope you like this? Not a confession as such and more, uh, top!Mando than I intended, but he is bad at dropping hints. I like to think he would be very...straightforward 😎
Din Djarin/F!Reader - E - 1624 words - Oblivious!Reader, Infatuated!Din, frustrated yearning, angst and, of course, smut.
Tumblr media
It's getting ridiculous.
He is a Mandalorian, one of the most fabled, the most feared warriors in the galaxy. Rumour and danger follow him as he charts a path through the galaxy that blazes bright, leaving behind myth and legend - people whispering things like 'I heard he killed a whole troop with his hands tied' and 'I heard he was eight feet tall, made of steel'.
He is a Mandalorian, who has never had to rely on anybody but himself - and yet here he is, sweating beneath his cowl whenever you brush too close, trying too hard to inhale the scent of you through his helmet's filters, memorizing the sound of your laugh.
It's like he's a foundling again - uncertain, insecure, nervous. And they’re not butterflies in the pit of his stomach - they’re bullets from an ancient slugthrower weapon, and he can taste metal at the back of his tongue whenever he tries to talk to you.
“Do you have someone, back home?” A clumsy overture, as obvious as it is stupid; Din winces beneath the helm but you don’t seem to notice - you just shake your head and shrug.
“No. Just me. I wouldn’t have left otherwise.” Loyal, he thinks, and the bullets in his stomach sting just that little bit harder.
He tries asking you more about yourself. How you became a bounty hunter. How many weapons you’ve handled. The different kinds of ships you’ve flown. Places you’ve been. But you never give up anything truly personal about yourself - you’re a cypher.
Maybe that’s why the Mandalorian finds himself strangely drawn to you.
He doesn’t know how to navigate this - not really. He has no experience with this kind of thing. It’s always been about the next quarry, the next job, and then it was about the kid, and now…
And now he’s stuck.
He wants to hit something, break something, feel the impact of his fists against flesh and bone. He settles for balling them up whenever you’re around, biting his tongue, and waiting til later to jerk himself off in pathetic, clench-jawed silence in the refresher.
“You slept late,” you point out the next morning as he emerges, stiff in more than one way, from his bunk.
“Couldn’t sleep last night,” he says, and he’s so tired, so frustrated that he adds, gruffly: “Bed was too empty.”
“Probably need more pillows,” you muse as you wander off to the kitchenette. “Cup of caf?”
“Extra strong,” he grunts as he leans a shoulder to the wall, and you’re oblivious to his glower.
“Coming right up.” A minute later, you press a mug into his hand. “I’ll leave you to it. No need to go hide, I’ll go find a bulkhead to look at while you take your helmet off.”
You grin at him, and he stares at you. You’re just about to turn away when he reaches up, and you go still, your smile slackening in shock as he thumbs the release latch under his chin.
The helm’s pneumatic seal hisses as it lifts, just enough so he can get the rim of his mug up and to his lips. He takes a long, slow pull, and while his vision is eclipsed by the rim of the helmet at the moment, he knows you haven’t left.
As he expects, you’re still there - staring at him as he lowers his helm back into place. Your mouth is even slightly open - lips parted - and he watches the dart of your tongue as you wet them before swallowing hard.
“I’m just...I’m just gonna,” you say, abortingly, and start to back away. You jump as your shoulder hits the hatchway. Din watches as you turn, hesitate, then hurry away, your shoulders squared defensively as if you can feel the force of his gaze on your back.
Alone, the taste of caf hot and bitter on his tongue, Din Djarin grins.
After that, he starts to notice. He starts to notice how tense you are when he’s close.
At first he’s not sure - but then, once, he deliberately brushes your waist as he moves past you in the cockpit to take the pilot’s seat, and you’re still standing there, frozen, when he glances back at you. You brush it off, but it happens again when you bump into him coming out of the fresher. When he reaches over your head in the kitchenette to fetch a ration bar from a compartment. When you lean over his shoulder to point out the coordinates to a refueling station. When he catches you yawning, falling asleep in the passenger’s seat.
“I’m going to hit my bunk,” you say, rising to your feet, your arms stretched above your head. Din turns slowly, and he catches the glimpse of a sliver of flesh as your shirt rides up. The words escape him before he’s even conscious of their existence.
“Want some company?”
Dank farrik, he’s been dropping hints and touches for ages - and he knows you’re affected by his presence, he’s sure of it now. They might be closer to butterflies for you, but his bullets are bouncing around in his gut right now.
“What?” you ask, half-laughing - as if it’s all some grand joke. “You gotta stop with the innuendo, Mando. I might get the wrong idea.”
“And if it’s not innuendo?” He’s flicked the ship to auto-pilot - on his feet - looming towards you. You’re caught in the hatchway, unable to step backwards to fall down the ladder, unwilling to turn your back. "If you've got the right idea?"
“What?” you repeat - licking your lips again. Your eyes are flicking back and forth from his visor to his hands. It’s almost like you're expecting a fight.
“I want to fuck you.”
The words are matter-of-fact but delivered in a low baritone, a gravelly rasp that lifts the hairs on the back of your neck. You stop breathing for a second - he can see it - and your leg twitches, just half a step backward - but then you swing it forward again, swaying towards him. Like he has you in his gravitational pull.
It’s all Din needs. He closes the distance between you, his gloved hands closing around your biceps, the leather worn and warm through your shirt.
He says your name, once, in a digital growl that curls your toes in your boots. And then it’s like an explosion - it all happens so quickly; there are hands and clothes everywhere and then on the deck, and in the aftermath you are in the Mandalorian’s arms, naked, your legs around his waist as he presses you up against the bulkhead.
His chestplate hits the deck - his flak jacket lifted above his head when you let him stop touching you long enough. You barely have time to appreciate the feel of his naked hands on your skin, cupping your breasts in his broad, smooth palms, thumbing your nipples all-too-briefly before he’s sliding down the zipper of his flight suit and baring a V of muscled flesh all the way to his groin.
“Mando,” you gasp as he frees his cock, as he maneuvers the throbbing, purpled head to drag through your slit. He finds you open and wet, lips parted for him, and he groans as he nudges against your fluttering hole. He doesn't hesitate.
He pushes in slow, for he’s a lot to take, thick and hard and the stretch is almost too much. You whine, your voice high and tight in your throat, and he soothes you with soft little noises and praise that makes you feel light-headed.
“Shhh, that’s it,” “You’re so fucking tight-” “Made to take my cock, mesh’la" and other words you don’t recognize. Eventually, he’s all the way inside you, his pelvis flush to yours, the scratch of hair at his pubic bone pressing into your mound.
You pant in his arms, eyes squeezed shut, a thin resin of sweat risen on your brow. “Move,” you order through clenched teeth, and finally you open your eyes to meet his visor and demand, “Fuck me, Mando.”
And he does - withdrawing his hips from the welcoming cradle of yours, his cock dragging back through you, and you can feel every ridge and vein before he’s spearing back in, jarring your back against the bulkhead. It’s a shock right through your system, and you can feel adrenaline flooding your veins, your blood pumping faster like you’re fighting for your life. You might as well be, for he does it again, and again, and soon he’s setting a punishing pace that hits against something soft and devastating deep inside you.
Your orgasm hits you like a blow you fail to dodge - winding you, knocking the air from your lungs - and for a moment all that matters is the blinding flash of pleasure through your nerves, the rolling wave that makes your cunt flutter in rippling spasms around the pulsing rod of his cock. He pins your hips with another vicious rut of his hips and then he’s coming, too, releasing into the impossible grip of your body, groaning with every spurt of spend he fills you with.
“Fuck,” Din summarizes, once you both can catch your breath - once your legs start to loosen, jelly-weak as he pulls out gently, lowering your feet back to the ground. He’s suddenly nervous - worried he’s fucked this up, done the wrong thing, lost patience and paid for it with your scorn.
But your smile is brilliant as you beam up at him - your face radiant - flushed and sweaty. You are beautiful.
“Next time, don't waste time dropping hints,” you tell him, and then you reassure him with a laugh, and the wonderful feeling of your arms around his neck.
For a while, he just holds you close. And for a while, the bullets in his stomach are gone.
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jxngh · a month ago
hoseok as your boyfriend
if you enjoy my work pls support me in buy me a coffee 🤍
i've been dying to write this one! hope you'll enjoy ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's the sweetest in my opinion
lives to hear your giggles
he is a energy booster so he'd make you feel good without even trying
it's just in his nature
giving u a heart-shaped smile everytime u try a new thing
doesn't matter how small it is
he'd be excited and supportive about them
' go babe! ' ' aishh ' and all crazy excited giggles, small jumps, touching arms of ppl around him
he'd pull you to dance randomly
hands over your body and slowly following the rhythm
he'd be hugging your waist from back and stuff
he'd love to make you learn some moves
if you compliment him a little much he'd be flustered but hides it by kissing you and making you turn red
guess who feels fkin soft 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
when he's in his calm self hugging / cuddling sessions is a must ft. mickey! uwu
if you're tired he'd do his best to make you feel comfortable
makes u his special sandwiches
he'd be asking ' like it?? ' nonstop
my pretty little caring baby boy
if he's down he'd be needing you to show him love
idk if he directly asks for it or just leans closer and rests his head on your shoulder
i feel like he'd show you his vulnerable side once he gets comfortable
and it'd take time
not like after you start dating, more like before dating but definitely after some time
shopping dates
wbk that my man loves shopping and buying stuff
gets you pretty clothes, low-key wants to match by doing that
it'd be matching nails too !! think about having his new album as ur nails
hobi would be so happy and taking pictures 🥺🥺
is the type of putting flowers between your hair and give you soft pecks
everywhere of your face but i feel like mostly nose
would tell you how good you look in every chance he gets
sweetie... you should know that he wants the compliment back 🙃
if you'd ever fight he'd try to make things right during it
tries to explain himself and understand you
if he ever did something to hurt you he'd be so sad and tries to fix it
kissing your hands and apologizes, keeps apologizing and making sweet gifts for you
if you hurt him, he'd be so so sad but i can see him trying to not show you all of it 🥺
i'm so in love w him it hurts
here comes the juicy part (ah 👅)... megan effects
Tumblr media
this gif made me feel some kinda way... damn
he may be the sweetest pie while loving you
caring about you, asking about your day and stuff
but in bed... be ready for rounds...
we all know how good his body moves
well you can imagine how he would m o v e in some parts of you
would fuck you rough
i have a strong feeling that he loves ass
if you ask him to go can...he can go faster than you can handle
he's so kinky
and loves to use toys on you but never really letting you cum on them
if you'd ride him he'd let you for some time than turning you over cause he needs to go harder
low grunts...his hands would be everywhere
can spank you if you misbehave
takes care of you afterwards, as a true gentleman
@nglmrk - @allora1233 - @sizzlebangtan4 - @youmyjhope - @raiiisstuff - @alexmin606 - @bookfrog242
.·´ hope you enjoyed it! please request mtl's, small reactions and fluff if u want in here
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fineanddandy · 5 months ago
Summary: Bucky comes to visit Sam and you, his childhood best friend and roommate, but fails to tell you that he’s there. An embarrassing moment becomes a door of opportunity...
Relationship: TFATWS!Bucky x black!reader
Warnings: WELP...S M U T, AU, mentions of nudity, exchange of fluids, graphic language, unprotected sex, rough sex, angst, blah blah 18+
A/N: soooooo this wasn’t supposed to happen but AAAAYYYYEEEE FIRST BUCKY STORY ✨✨✨ this is @afriendlyblackhottie fault we talked about this last night and it was still on my mind this morning and BAM nasty fic starring Bucky with mentions of Sam. Totally random. Totally unplanned buuuuut enjoy!
Tumblr media
Four a.m. and there’s a commotion of sorts going down in the living room. Flinging your eyelids open with a groan, you aren’t frightened because it’s just Sam coming in from doing his crime fighting thing. He never comes in quietly, just straight up fuck your sleep when he’s tossing his shit down like this is normal hours. You do your best to adjust to his newfound fame, his super hero lifestyle but there are times you feel like Sam takes advantage of your ordinary citizen normalcy. Yes you keep unusual hours and are a chill ass person, but if Sam wasn’t like a brother to you, you would have kicked him out by now. Also he’s in and out a lot so it wasn’t like he’s a total bother. You’re just dumb tired, dying for at least five hours of sleep.
“Sam!” You shout out into the dark, flopping onto your back. You literally just fell asleep after a shitty night at work.
“Sorry!” He shouts back wincing then cuts his eyes at the sofa. “Man you gotta be quiet.” He whispers over to Bucky who’s tiredly tossing his boots down by his backpack.
“Relax,” Bucky yawns, dismissing Sam with an eye roll, “YN just barely went to sleep.”
“Yeah and I don’t want her comin in here and cussin me out because you’re being too damn loud.” Sam whisper-shouts back at him coming from the kitchen with water, tossing one over to Bucky before he grabs his bag and keys.
“Probably should have just told her that I was coming.” He shrugs with a sigh, unbuttoning his black denim jeans and shoving them down to his ankles before he plops back down on the sofa to kick them off.
You should come cuss Sam out for not giving you a proper heads up about his spur of the moment visit. Oh Bucky’s well aware of your attitude, being on the receiving end of it in the past. It’s a funny story now, but at the time not so much. Bucky coming in through the patio door late one night while you were hooking up with some strange guy on the sofa. Welcomed by a scream and an aluminum bat flying towards his face, Bucky blocked your powerful swing with his metal arm. Denting the bat then snatching it from you. You went off for a good ten minutes, to him and then to Sam who walked out of his room sleepy and confused. And it’ll happen once again in the morning when you find him on the couch because Sam is going to forget. Watch.
“I’ll shoot her a text later. I gotta go to some briefing at the Capitol so I won’t be back for a few days.” Sam informs Buck, heading for the front door but stops and turns back to suggest, “Just...don’t do your thing.” Bucky frowns, unsure of what he means by that. “And don’t push her buttons. I’ve known her since I was like seven man, and she has had the same short fuse since.”
Fluffing the pillows on the couch Bucky settles in, turning his back to Sam, ready for sleep as well. “I know, I know,” he grumbles closing his eyes. “Get out of here before you miss your flight.”
But Sam never sent you that text. Ten a.m. rolls around and you start to wake, annoyed that the sun is shining so brightly directly in your face. There isn’t enough sleep in the world. Rolling away from the sun’s beautiful rays, you grimace and groan some more. Your usual morning mood until you eventually roll out from under your sheets, yawning and queuing up your morning meditation. Doing your routine, still no text from Sam, you are completely oblivious to Bucky even being in your apartment. Walking to and from your bedroom and the bathroom in nothing but your lady boxer briefs, headphones in and volume up like any ordinary day. You vaguely remember Sam saying something about being back in DC so when the roomie’s take advantage of the freedom.
Bucky could never sleep, no matter how badly he needed it, it was almost impossible. The most he got today’s about two hours. Lying with his eyes closed still, he listens to the patter of your bare feet across the hardwood floors, humming to yourself as you get ready to start your day. Deep down, he has a feeling Sam forgot to give you a heads up, so he isn’t too sure of what to do. Should he just wake up and run the risk of getting yelled at for Sam’s mistake OR should he just lie there and hope you’re getting ready to leave without seeing him? He hears a door close and assumes you’re back in your room. Popping his lids open, Bucky groggily turns over with a long yawn and stretch, then scratches his scruffy chin. God he hates the morning. Bucky didn’t care for a lot...but he cared about you, more than you know. He was already excited about coming to see Sam since it’s been a while but when he found out he was going to be gone for a few days, leaving you alone with him, Bucky really couldn’t wait to see you. He always thought you were cute as hell, but when you nearly clocked him with that bat? His infatuation only grew. He only barely mentioned it to Sam once and he lost it, so grossed out by the idea; it almost offended Bucky how outlandish he was about it.
“Aw c’mon Buck! She’s like my sister man!”
“But...she’s not your sister.”
“Aht! Don’t even think about it Buck. For real. Don’t.”
Heaving a tired sigh, Bucky rubs his eyes and starts to wonder what you’re up to in your room.
The last chime goes off on your meditation as you slowly open your eyes and take one last deep breath, feeling calm and at peace. You pop up off the floor with a grin, stretching your arms so high up in the air. Time for your favorite part of the day: coffee. Opening your Spotify you shuffle your morning playlist and walk out of your room with a little dance in your step, singing along as you beeline for the kitchen. Bucky bucks his eyes up at you entering the room and his jaw damn near hits the floor. Surprised gaze sweeping up your smooth cocoa butter legs to your cute ass perfectly accentuated by the tight cotton material, your tits flouncing as you shimmy, Bucky can’t believe his fuckin eyes. You soooo didn’t get that message from Sam. Bucky’s soooo about to get cussed out when you finally see him. Your music’s so loud even Buck could hear as he sits up, the blanket falling off his naked torso. Whatever you’re listening to is your jam. Bobbing your head and rolling your shoulders you lip sync along, scooping coffee grounds into a filter. He can’t fight back the cheesy smile spreading over his face. All the blood rushing to his dick growing rapidly in his own black boxer briefs you two practically match besides the sweet golden honey hue of your skin. The morning sun spotlighting you as you giggle and sing to yourself. Alerting you now would be pointless so might as well enjoy the show...? Leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees, Bucky rubs at his chin, debating how to get your attention when you’re this exposed to him. And unknowingly too. There’s no easy way out of this one.
You bounce over to the fridge on your tip toes, giving Bucky a full display of them thangs thangin while you’re still doin your cluelessly enjoying yourself. The cool fridge air perking up your nips as you reach for the creamer. The blanket falls to the floor as Bucky stands to get a better view of your ass poking out from behind the door. Spinning around you slam the door close, noticing a figure standing there on your second turn. You scream and toss the coffee creamer up in the air, arms flinging towards your chest to cover yourself. Bucky slightly winces at the volume of your shrill, hands up, ready to explain. Coffee creamer hits the floor with a noisy splat but fuck the mess. You’ve been performing, practically naked, for Bucky for about five minutes! Embarrassed is an understatement!
“Sam was supposed to text you.”
“I came to visit?”
“Didn’t know how?”
You roar as you run off to your room, slamming the door shut behind you. Leaving Bucky completely tomato red and alone with coffee creamer all over the kitchen. He should do you the favor and clean that up. Maybe cook you some breakfast too.
Livid and fuming, you snatch your robe off the back of you door and dial Sam. Fuck a Captain America. Fuck a breach of security or protocol or whatever the fuck super heroes do. This motherfucker was going to answer. Sam’s marching down some hallway with senators when your ninth grade yearbook picture come up on his screen. Already kicking himself in the ass the second your name pops up, Sam excuses himself to take the call. Wrenching his eyes closed, hoping you won’t be screaming, he answers softly,
“Heeeey rooooomie...”
Bucky snickers to himself hunched over the spilled cream. Sam massages his forehead in shame.
“I forgot. I forgot I am so sorry YN.”
Looking over his shoulder for anyone passing by Sam turns down the volume on his phone.
“Looklooklook, I know I messed up sis but you gotta calm down. Did you meditate this morning?”
He’s trying to be cute but it isn’t the time. You inhale so deep your chest expands. “Sam shut the fuck up or so help me God.”
“Okay, okay! Not the time for jokes, I get it. What happened?”
But you’re still so embarrassed you can’t even find the words to tell him. “It’s just—it’s—,” you facepalm your forehead with a mighty smack already wishing you could forget it. “He...just scared me. That’s all...”
Sam side eyes you through the phone. “ sure?”
You drop the phone from your ear and grunt. You can’t tell him this. Not yet anyway. Maybe when the terror of it all subsides.
“Yes, just...shoot me a fuckin text asshole! I know you’re fuckin Cap and all, but you still need to respect my space dude!”
“You’re right, you’re right. That’s my bad sis.” He’s just grateful you’re done screaming. “I’ll make it up to you. Promise.”
But fuck his promise. You roll your eyes and snark, “uh huh sure,” before hanging up the phone and chunking it at your bed. Your head’s pounding, skin burning up. Anxiety on a million you drop down to the balls of your feet and hug yourself, wishing this feeling away. You can’t believe Bucky sat there the whole time just watching you make a fool of yourself like that. Replaying everything you were doing you shake your head and whine, feeling like a total asshat. Then you remember there’s creamer everywhere, that Bucky’s in your living room in nothing but his tags and underwear, and that maybe...just saw a boner? That has you standing at attention, squinting, trying to jog your memory but Bucky knocking at your door startles you out of your deep thinking.
He felt inclined to apologize even though this was mostly Sam’s fault. All he had to do was send a “Bucky’s here” message. Takes less than a minute. Even he knows that and he hates cell phones. He didn’t mean to scare you like that either or just creepily watch you dance around half naked. Bucky was in a compromising situation. And you looked so damn sexy. You crack the door open.
“Yes?” You’ve calmed down some. Besides it wasn’t completely his fault. Bucky confidently stood out in the hall, still in his underwear, and you can’t help but give him a quick look over. Never seeing this much of him before you notice how beefy and insanely ripped he is. Wishing there was a tattoo across his chest. His metal arm propped along your door frame. You’ve always seen him Sam’s weirdo super hero buddy who loves knives but goddamn. Bucky’s super hot. Like dumb hot you take a hard swallow
“Um...” His greyish blue eyes that are usually so harsh can barely look you in the face, Buck still a little pink under his scruff. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know how to make it stop.”
He looks just as embarrassed as you, head down and voice all low. Suddenly feeling bad you open the door up some more with a sigh. Bucky was already going through it with all the therapy and debugging you could tell he meant it.
“Ugh it’s okay Bucky. I probably should be more aware of my surroundings but I really thought I was all alone. I’m sorry I yelled at you like that.” You lean your head against the edge of the door and shrug. “Sam’s a dummy sometimes.”
You two grin together, even chuckle a little, and Bucky picks his chin up. Peering up at you through his lashes his softness makes you swoon a little.
“Yeah I had a feeling he would forget. I got in at a weird hour and he had a flight to catch it was just a shit show. I should have said something.”
“Hey. C’mon. It’s fine. It’s good to see you anyway Buck.”
Letting go of the door, you open your arms out to him. Let bygones be bygones. Besides how could you not want to take advantage of this moment to hug a half naked Bucky. Even he perks up, enthusiastic to hold you after seeing so much of you so many minutes ago. In a way, you did kind of miss him. It had been way too long since his last visit and even then you barely got to talk since they had business to take care of. You guys embrace each other tightly, like two long lost friends do...who are also needy and pining for one another. Who had just seen each other half naked. His scruffy cheek scratching your soft skin as he nuzzles and squeezes you tighter. You close your eyes the hug is so good. Bucky’s skin so damn warm but with the contrasting cool of his metal hand soothing up and down your spine, a shiver quakes all over you. An alarm it’s time to let go.
“Uh I cleaned up the mess.” He smirks bashfully as you guys part, thinking about how hilarious it was to see it go flying like that. You can’t help but laugh about it too.
“Oh shit, you didn’t have to do that Buck.” You giggle as you guys walk to the kitchen. Not only did he clean up but he also started to cook. Eggs and pancake mix out on the counter by the stove you are stuck.
“Also I felt so bad I started making breakfast.” You’re already smiling so wide, placing a hand on your chest when you see your cup of coffee already waiting next to a bowl of strawberries. Oh, all is definitely forgiven with Bucky. You love anyone who is willing to cook for you, especially a fine ass man. Hell you didn’t even know he knew how to cook. Like the gentleman he is, Bucky pulls your chair out for you to sit then heads to the stove to flip pancakes.
You’ve got the best seat in the house; feet propped up in a neighboring chair, you relax and drink your coffee, watching Bucky’s back flex and move as he silently cooks. He doesn’t want to talk, just wants to feel your smitten gaze on his muscles. As you pop strawberry halves in your mouth, you tilt and cock your head, wondering all sorts of things about Bucky that you shouldn’t. How was he so fuckin big? And how was that ass so perfectly toned and round? Did you see his boner earlier? And was he fuckin anyone with it? Sam would hate the idea of you messing around with Bucky but this has really got you thinking.
“How long are you here for Bucky?” You ask as you cut your pancakes in little syrupy triangles. The silence left you with your loud thoughts you have to talk about something. You weren’t expecting much when it comes to his food but those first couple of bites had you sighing and dancing in your seat. Seriously thought when did he learn how to cook?!
“Not too sure honestly. Planned on a few days but I’m waiting to see what Sam comes back with from DC. Maybe help him out a for a bit.” Which gives him a few more days alone with you. With how things are going, he might really enjoy himself. And you just might too. Bucky can’t help but smirk as he watches you sway with your eyes closed with every bite you take. Looks like watching cooking shows when he’s bored is paying off.
“Can I just say...holy shit by the way.” You sigh with your mouth full of food, chasing sweet bread down with a sip of coffee. “This is the best breakfast I’ve had in such a long time.” You had to give your compliments to the chef who just modestly grins to himself, licking his sticky lips wishing he could lick yours clean. Your robe slipping off your shoulder, exposing your collarbone. Bucky’s metal fingertips rub together as he bites his lip.
“Thanks,” he damn near moans too focused on wanting to kiss you right above your protruding bone. God he wanted to taste you, touch you. “You should really try them with fruit. They’re even better.”
Feeling Bucky’s eyes burn a hole in your right shoulder has your eyes fluttering open, still swallowing bits of pancake. You could feel your breaths gets heavier, quicker, the more you kept eye contact with him. His teeth dragging over his bottom lip. The energy between you two so electric it could start a fire. Eyeing his metal hand fidgeting against the table stirs you up, trailing your eyes up the shiny silvery vibranium until you fall back into his hungry gaze all over again.
“Yeah?” Your eyebrow quirks with a smirk, “let me see...”
Somehow he catches your drift and his metal hand drops into the bowl in the middle of the table as you rise up out of the chair, leaning over to meet his metal fingers cradling a strawberry just for your sweet pouty lips. Bucky’s other hand grips the edge of the table so hard it splinters as he dips his smooth fingertips over your bottom lip, the strawberry tumbling onto your tastebuds. His jaw slacks with a silent “ah” as you suck on his metal fingers a bit. Your mouth waters as you moan longingly, chewing and swallowing all the contents dissolving on your tongue, holding his smolder.
“Mm you’re right Buck,” you thumb away a little drool from the corner of your lips. “It’s definitely better...a little sweeter even...” You land a tiny lick against his lingering metal fingers with a dark chuckle then bite your lip. Bucky’s heart fuckin drops into the floor. Sorry Sam.
“Fuck get over here.” He gasps out, metal hand grabbing you by the nape and dragging you up onto the table as you clear dishes out the way, knocking your chair down as your scramble up to meet Bucky’s open wet mouth. Lips collide with desperate groans. The sweet sticky residue of maple syrup dance on your tongues snaked together. Your squeal muffled as Bucky picks you up and plops you back down on his edge of table, ripping your robe open just so he can kiss and suck right over your collarbone like he wanted.
“Oh fuck Bucky.” You cry out, panting as he sloppily kisses down your chest to your rock hard nipples, biting so hard but then soothing the aching pain with a juicy kiss. “Oh my god!” Your hips go to jerk up off the table but he firmly holds you down.
“Mm you don’t know oh my god yet hun.” Bucky smirks up at you as he falls to his knees and you could almost cum based off that image alone. Big bad Bucky bowing down, clawing and jerking your underwear off your thighs, then tossing them to the side. He snatches you closer to his drooling lips breaking his stare on your excited awed face to adore your burning wet folds, spreading your legs as wide as they could go. For a moment he just shakes his head, softly growling to himself before he latches on, sinking his fat tongue so deep inside your fluttering hole. Without hesitation you lock a hand on the back of his head. A wild moan filling the air.
“Hooooollllyyyyyyy shiiiiiit Buck...” your legs spasm, your hips rock against his tongue that spears and circles your weeping pussy and you are fuckin losing your mind. He couldn’t be more pleased with how uninhibited your moans and whimpers are, how soft and needy your begs sound. Neither of you really understood how you guys got here but thank god you did. Bucky eating you out like your his most important meal of the day. Shit, of his fuckin life.
“God you taste so fuckin good.” Mumbles Bucky, face an absolute pretty mess as he slips three cool metal fingers inside your dripping hole. He didn’t care if you can handle them or not. He just couldn’t wait to see his cock stretch you out but the sight of your wetness oozing trails down his shiny hand makes his dick ache. He can’t wait to still smell you days later. “Such a pretty pussy...” he laps at your sensitive clit, “so fuckin pretty around my fingers hun...” He laps at you again then rapidly rolls the pad of his thumb over it. You slap a flat hand where Bucky’s strong grip has already split the table.
“Oh fuck!” You gasp then groan, convulsing from the spontaneous teases on your swollen clit. His fingers swiftly fucking you. Even his knuckles stroking your fluttering walls made you crumble. Just made you wonder what the fuck his dick game is like. “Oh my god Bucky please...”
Bucky slams his hand three times against your throbbing slit then asks, “please what? Use your words like a big girl.” He demands landing wet kisses and bites along your inner thigh, swirling his fingers around preparing to stretch you out his monster of a cock. Your head drops back with an exhausted huff, meeting his strokes with tremoring hips; your mewls and pathetic whines are music to his ears. How can you answer him when you can’t even find your breath? Looking up your body Bucky notices you’re nearing your peak and takes his hand away with a sinister laugh.
“I’m still waiting YN.” He murmurs standing, lifting you head up so he can slide his soiled fingers over your tongue hanging down over your chin. Sucking his metal fingers all warm and wet from your pussy, Bucky knocks his forehead against yours and moans loudly in your face. Who would have known you two would have hit it off like this? Feed off each other’s energy like this. The next few days will be...absolutely insane. He could make you cum forever. Once he feels like you’ve cleaned him well, Bucky slowly drags his fingers from between your puffy lips awaiting your answer. Kissing his worn lips that smell and taste like you, you whisper you’re wants to him.
“I want you to fuck me Bucky,” you snake a hand up his nape into his soft shaggy hair, “I want you to fuck me into this table.”
He rubs his aching cock as you softly confess, the two of you smiling and playing with each other’s lips. Damn Buck’s got you actin an ass and you don’t hate it. Nipping at his skin and licking your drying juices off his rough chin. You wouldn’t hate to keep throwing it at Bucky...if he can fuck you right. He sighs a laugh pulling away from you, lopsided and mischievous still working his dick.
“Alright.” That metal hand pushes you down into the surface with a muted thud then yanks you towards his pelvis, spanking you so hard with his special hand your pussy squirts a little. Bucky’s obsessed. “Fuck she’s ready for me...”
You squirm and whimper, groaning his name over and over, begging for him to get inside of you. Teasing you by circling his head all over your wet folds with a dastardly smile.
“Jesus Bucky...what the...” but he shuts up your persistent whining by slamming his meaty cock inside your burning walls. Shuddering and powerfully groaning out to the ceiling, Bucky stills, closing his eyes for a minute as you take a sharp inhale, overwhelmed with how full he makes you feel. Pulling out slowly, just so he can feel every ripple of your pussy, Bucky sighs your name...then snaps every inch of his big dick back inside of you as you shout and praise his name. Holding onto you by your feeble hips, he arches your lower back and bangs you out. Every beefy muscle in his body flexed and veiny Bucky fucks you like he’s using you to jerk himself off. And you fuckin can’t get enough of it. Grabbing ahold of his metal arm, you let Bucky take you, shouting and moaning as loud as you want. The table scooting noisily over the floor each time he makes contact with your spurting slit.
“That’s right hun.” Bucky growls lowly behind a clenched jaw, dying to hold out but struggling because you feel just that fuckin good to him. “Tell everyone who’s fuckin the shit out of you.”
A madman. A super soldier. A goddamn saint.
“Fuckin you so good you can’t even speak hm? Too bad...I really wanna hear that smart ass mouth.”
You’re nothing but soft groans and growls, fucked out and just about ready to combust all over Bucky talking mad shit and fucking you senseless. The table splits some more. It’s okay because Buck’s got you and you’re so fuckin close he can’t wait.
“C’mon pretty girl...cum for me...” his jaw drops as your walls squeeze, “oh that’s it...that’s it hun.”
Your ears ring. Your chest’s so tight. If it wasn’t for Bucky brushing his thumb over your clit, you thought you would have passed out but finally, you let go and it’s like everything left your body. He moans with you as you cum, still inserting his way through your contracting walls pushing his throbbing dick out. His impacts get stiffer. Crack. More punctuated. Crack. You can’t push him away.
“Buck!” You croak, limbs still stuttering from your climax.
Another determined hit and—
Bucky rests his tired body on the counter, securely wrapping his strong arms across your back, still releasing his load into your creamy pussy. Laughing, completely out of breath, he looks at the broken table in the middle of the kitchen floor. You’re barely on this earth to even worry about your table being partially torn. You gave a soldier instructions. He gladly completed the mission. Whatever casualties you picked up along the way so be it. Your chests combat one another for oxygen as you loosen your hold around his neck to look up at him.
“Sorry about that.” He shoots you a tired smile and it’s swoon worthy. Bucky’s even prettier all worn out and flushed, droopy lids and a silly smirk. Admiring that handsome face you caress you prickly cheek.
“Don’t worry about it.” You land a sweet peck on his pretty lips then snuggle the bridge of his nose. “You were just fulfilling a fantasy.”
Chuckling together, you and Bucky fall into another open mouth make our session as he carries you to your room, gently placing you down on your bed.
“Are you okay? Do you need anything?” He mumbles against your wet lips. You just shake your head with a warm smile.
“I got all I need right now Buck...”
Right then, Sam’s irritating ringtone comes singing from your pillows. Bucky begs you not to answer but you can’t do that, especially when Captain America is your roommate.
“What.” You bite through the phone, annoyed he’s interrupting but a small giggle falls from your lips. Bucky’s rubbing his scruffy cheeks into your neck. Instantly, Sam’s suspicious.
“Why do you sound weird? Where’s Bucky?”
You try to shrug your way out of his hold. “Bucky? Ummm...” But he bites your arm and you yelp and giggle some more, mouthing him to stop. “Bucky’s out. Went to the store or something.”
Sam squints at the screen. He knows when you’re lying. “Right. Well I’m just checkin in...making sure you two are getting along okay...”
As Sam talks, you watch Bucky trail his cool fingertips down your stomach down between your thighs, just to spin them around your clit. His dick coming to life inside you as you warm to him. You hum a chuckle, those light greyish blue eyes peepin up at you wondering why you’re still on the phone.
“Yeah Sam. We’re getting along just fine.”
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yeojaa · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The holidays have never meant much to you - less a promise of Christmas morning joy and more a reminder of all the things you’ve lost.  Some would call you a grinch; others, just a plain old asshole.  Jeon Jungkook would call you both.  The more time you spend together, though, the more you thaw, melting beneath the sun that seems to sit right in the centre of his chest.
Tumblr media
pairing.  jjk x f!reader.  genre + rating.  mature.  holiday!au.  humour, fluff, angst, one (1) brief mention of bedroom activities.  tags.  jungkook being annoying, reader being equally annoying, referenced minor character death, super corny holiday-themed jokes.  wc.  5.1k.  beta reader.  @hobi-gif​, my forever queen, and @yeoldontknow​, my saviour.  graphic.  @kookdiaries​ (ty!!).
a/n.  this is a gift for the hoeliday well spent portion of the christmas in july collab hosted by the incredible @kookdiaries​, @kithtaehyung​, and @xiaokoo​.  please give every fic included a read because this is a wonderful idea and exactly what everyone needs during these hot summer months. ✨
Tumblr media
November 25th.  A day like any other.
For most people, at least.  For you, it’s the day you’d signed your life away.  A bit dramatic, perhaps, but true nonetheless.  It’s exactly one month from Christmas, the same day your father had brought you into his office and levelled you with that stare of his - firm, unrelenting, the kind of look that left no room for debate.
(“Just take care of it,”  he’d said, dismissive.  
“Why me?”  you’d shot back, exactly the petulant child he always claimed you to be.
He, more than anyone, should have known asking this of you was a recipe for trouble.  But in true fashion, in the maddening way that only fathers could master, he’d brushed you off.  Said something about taking one for the team before his assistant had shepherded you from the room.)
It bothers you even now, a week later, standing beneath the awning of the bus shelter, rolling luggage settled at your feet, down jacket pulled tight around your body.  It’s colder than you’d anticipated and only because you’ve been standing there for far longer than you’d been prepared for, ends of your fingers touched by the cold, tip of your nose suffering the same treatment.
“Where is he?”  You’re speaking to yourself - a habit you’ve always had, that presents itself in the worst of times.  (Often, during meetings when your self-restraint runs thin, patience snapped clean in half by stupid questions.)
Irritation curls itself around the column of your throat, woven into the cashmere that loops like a warm blanket over your skin.  You’d said noon sharp, had you not?  Followed up about it twice, even, shooting off a concise email that morning before you’d stepped onto the bus and spent eight long hours breathing mostly recycled air and surrounded by screaming children.  
Some would describe hell as a raging inferno;  you’d say it’s right here, beneath a haze of light snow and waning sunshine.  
Tumblr media
You’d been wrong.  So terribly, awfully wrong.
Hell hadn’t been standing under a blanket of snow, waiting for some backwoods Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet.  It’s now, in the warmth of a car that’s got some questionable stains on the seats and a giant crack through the front windshield.  It’s beside someone who makes you want to tear your own hair out, who’s been singing (surprisingly on-key) along to Christmas songs since the moment you stepped foot into the vehicle.
“Could you not?”  Anyone else might have some semblance of kindness, too afraid to speak out so rudely to someone they’ve just met.  Not you, though.  You’re, as even your closest friends would say with affection in their eyes, the Grinch in human form, a piece of coal kept in your pocket for days like this where the holiday cheer is just too much.
“Huh?”  The brunet - Jungkook as he’d introduced himself when he’d pulled up thirty-three minutes late - has the audacity to sound offended, head snapping to the side to level you with a look that you don’t bother returning.  You’re already tired, not even the lukewarm cold brew bottle you’d brought with you enough to keep you going.  
A hand waves between you in a nonsensical gesture, as if he should already know the answer.  “Sing.”  
“You don’t like my singing?”  There he is again with that crowded mouth of disbelief, voice skipping two octaves as the Christmas carols continue their incessant blaring through the subpar stereo system.
“No, I don’t like this music.”  Honestly, his voice is the least of your concerns.  It’s fine, lyrical even.  Much nicer than what you’d have equated with someone like him, all bundled up with his hair askew and collar of his flannel laid unevenly beneath his winter jacket.  “Could you change it?”  There’s no please to soften the blow.  Nothing at all to make your request any better.
You’re still surprised when he turns the knob up with a flick of his wrist.  
When you turn to face him, expression incredulous, sun streaming through the windows to illuminate your disbelief, there’s absolutely no way he misses it.  He pretends like he does anyway, back to being insufferable, belting out lyrics like his life depends on it.
Somehow, you keep from tearing Jungkook’s hand off the steering wheel to send the two of you off the road, relegating yourself to staring out the window as the snowflakes drift by.  Everything’s layered in a blanket of white, boughs of trees weighed down by powder, condensation fogging the windows such that it’s hard to make out your surroundings past simple silhouettes.
(You don’t hate winter.  In fact, you’ve always loved the snow, much preferring it to the sweltering summer heat.  You just wish you weren’t here, so far from where you should be, relegated to a task that’s already off to a rough start.)
(Perhaps this is the consequence of being on Santa’s so-called naughty list for another consecutive year.  Old Saint Nick’s way of telling you be good, be kind, do better.)
(You don’t hate winter - but you sure hate Christmas.)
Tumblr media
“You’re not serious.”  
“As a heart attack, doll.”  
Jungkook is the smuggest man you’ve ever met in your life and you’ve worked with millionaires, oil executives, silver spoon-fed heirs to Fortune 500 companies.  He takes the cake with his easy grin and twinkling eyes, dimples cut shallow into the corners of his mouth.  Not even the constellations in his stare make it better;  the stars in the dark are a false promise, meant to guide you home when all they’ve done is made things worse.
“I can’t stay here.”  Here, being the small cottage just off the property, outfitted with a cable box that looks about as old as your father and powered by a generator you’d driven by on the way in.  Here, being the space that looks barely habitable - okay, maybe you’re being dramatic - and has cold creeping beneath your skin, sticking to bone in a way that has you shivering in your boots.
“Well, you’re gonna have to.”
There’s not an ounce of sympathy to be found in how he regards you, arms folded across his chest - a perfect mirror of your own stance.  Except he’s in flannel so thick you could use it as a blanket and boots made for this weather, wool socks pulled high above the worn laces.
He’s prepared for this.  Probably born in it, if you had to hazard a guess.
You’re a city girl, as blue-blooded as they come.  The kind of person to vacation in the Alps just to say you had, whose idea of a fun night in the mountains means bottles and bottles of red wine and liqueur-spiked hot chocolate.  You don’t forage for berries or chop wood.  (Jungkook likely doesn’t either but that’s besides the point.)
(And that’s what you’re all about:  making points.  Being right.)
“There’s nowhere else?”  It seems impossible that you’ve been relegated to this place when the land on which you’re staying houses one of the most popular winter resorts in the province.  (Then again, that could also be why.  Your arrival had been impromptu, giving your hosts only three days to prepare.  That doesn’t matter right now, though.  You’re cold and tired and this just won’t do.)  “Can’t—”
It’s then that Jungkook’s attention really finds you.  It stops its casual hop, skip, and jump around the room, assessing the corners of it as if he’s checking for boogeymen.  Under his scrutiny, you fall silent.
“Can’t I what?  Kick someone else out so you’ve got somewhere nice to stay?”  
You weren’t going to propose that.  Not seriously, anyway.  It’d just been an errant thought, one spurred to existence by the frustration that makes your head heavy and limbs jelly.  “Well, no, but—”
“You’ll be fine.”  
There’s an edge of exasperation that rubs you the wrong way, threading between his words, turning syllables into swords.  (It’s reminiscent of your father’s scoldings and the tired stare he gives you when you’ve argued for the sake of it, leaving him to simply wave you out of his office.)  They slot where you’re most vulnerable, right between your ribs, and twist;  you flinch on instinct, jaw taut, molars aching with how sharply you grind down.
“We’ll move you into the next room we have available.”  It doesn’t go away when he continues, spoken like he’s appeasing someone asking for the world.  “You didn’t exactly choose a great time to pop in.”
Your response is a glare, spite shooting past your teeth.  “I didn’t exactly have a choice.”
“Neither did we.”
He’s not wrong.  You aren’t, either.  
You still resent him when he slips out the door an hour later, leaving behind a pile of worn blankets and instructions on how to adjust the temperature.  
Double check the windows before you head to bed.  We had them open this morning so you might freeze otherwise.  You’d thought he’d been joking, poking fun at your apparently unacceptable warm-blooded needs.  He hadn’t been.  It takes you three jarring pushes against the frame before the thing slams shut.  The palm of your hands ache, as do the tips of your fingers.  Running them under warm water hardly helps.
You go to bed hating Jeon Jungkook, too.
Tumblr media
The next morning comes exactly as you’d expected it to - cold and miserable with sunlight peeking through the windows there don’t seem to be curtains for.  You’d have liked to get another few hours in before the responsibilities came calling but that’s not in the cards for you.
Instead, you haul yourself out of bed and take possibly the worst shower of your life, instant coffee doing its job just enough that you’re not quite a zombie when the knock on the door comes.
Before you can even acknowledge your visitor, the door has swung open, Jungkook standing in the entryway looking far more chipper than anyone should at eight in the morning.
“Ready?”  His shiteating grin tells you he knows you aren’t.
“Did you bring coffee?”  Spoken directly into the mug you’re holding between two hands, warmth seeping past ceramic and desperately soaked up.  
“You’re already drinking some.”
“This isn’t coffee.”
“I mean, it’s made from coffee beans—”
“This isn’t coffee.”  You hate repeating yourself.
“There’s a café in the lodge.  You can get your fancy vanilla soy latte there.”
You want to give him shit but, well, he’s not wrong.
Tumblr media
Standing at the bottom of the hill, said fancy vanilla soy latte in hand, you study the gaggle of children awkwardly stumbling by.  It’d be an adorable sight if it weren’t for the fact that it’s not what you expect, four kids trailing after a young man who corals them like cattle.  
“Why’re the class sizes so small?” 
“The class sizes.  There are only four students.”  You’re used to groups of ten, fifteen, twenty.  Two dozen kids bumbling into each other as they try to navigate life on skis for the first time.  
His look speaks volumes, single brow quirking into the mat of dark hair that swings over his eyes.  “Better experience.  If there’s that many, some kids get left out.  They don’t really get to learn if all they’re doing is trying to copy someone who doesn’t have the time to properly teach them.”
It’s a sensible answer.  A good one, actually.  You still frown, teeth working into the meat of your cheek.  Four students per class means more instructors.  More instructors means more hiring.  More hiring means more salaries to pay.  More salaries to pay means—
“Your face is gonna get stuck like that.”  It’s a sophomoric thing to say and yet fits exactly with who you assume Jungkook is.  (It says something that you rise right to his challenge, your own childishness demanding a rebuttal.)
“Too bad yours already is.”
He has the decency to laugh then, sharp and ugly, a hyena in the Sahara rather than an idiot in South Korea.  “Good one.”  
“How many instructors are there?”  
“Seven or eight.  This season’s been busy.”
“So that’s, what, forty kids altogether?”  You’re doing the mental maths, disappointed with the outcome.  Then you’re speaking more to yourself, adding this to the long list of changes you’re certain your father will ask for.  “We’ll need to increase the class sizes.”  
“I wouldn’t do that.”  Except he says it in such a way it’s not a reprimand like you’d expected.  It’s deceptively soft, almost pleading.  You double take just in case someone else has spoken or some Pod Person has taken over the man at your side.  
“Why not?”
“Like I said, bad experience.”  There’s a beat of silence - a welcome reprieve, given how frequently Jungkook likes to sing or hum or make some sort of infuriating noise when around you - before he continues, almost carefully.  “We want people to have a good time here.  Imagine being a kid and all you get to learn is how to fall down the side of a hill.  It’s not fair.”
If you didn’t find him as annoying as a gnat, you’d soften.  (You do, beneath it all, under all those layers of designer clothes that don’t do nearly as good of a job as keeping out the cold as he does.)  
“They’re going to fall anyway.”  You watch it happen right in front of you, one of the girls falling to her knees not twenty feet away.
“Doesn’t matter.”  
Maybe it’s because you’ve never much liked children anyway.  You’d grown up too fast in your own childhood, hardly making friends, relegated to etiquette courses and piano lessons you hated.  Even now, years later, with decades dulling the loneliness you’d felt, there’s a lack of empathy.  
You say nothing, moving away from the scene before you.  You’re not here to debate fairness.
Tumblr media
One single week has passed - excruciatingly slowly, each day somehow more boring than the last - when you notice it.  
“When do the Christmas decorations go up?”  You’re frankly surprised they aren’t already there, walls of the resort relatively bare.  There’s no gold tinsel, no giant tree, nothing to lend any sort of cheer.  You’d think the resort was operating as it normally did, as if December hadn’t slid into place and Christmas carols weren’t playing quietly in the dining hall.   
“Next weekend,”  Jungkook answers in between mouthfuls of soup, spoon in one hand, chopsticks in the other.  (It’s a habit of his, you’ve noticed.  He likes to rush to say what he has to, as if everything is of great importance.)  
“Isn’t that a bit late?”  Most places would milk the holidays for all they were worth, twelve foot trees centred by reception, wreaths hung over doors.  It’s almost drab without, usual decor unassuming and plain.  Fine as is but nothing noteworthy.  
“We have the children of guests do the decorating.  We make it a whole night.”  There must be something in your expression because he stops eating then, utensils laid neatly at the side of his bowl.  “What?”  He’s got that look he sometimes has - one that’s equal parts challenging and disbelieving, as if you’re the one who’s running a ski lodge like a summer camp.
You’ve got about five different questions you could ask but settle for why instead.
“The guests like it.  The kids have fun.  They make crafts and ornaments.  There’s hot chocolate and one of the groundskeepers dresses up as Santa.  It’s a good time.”  Again, there’s that snarky little way of answering, almost patronising in its delivery.  
“Do you charge for it?”  
“Charge for it?”  
“You said it’s a whole night.  Do parents sign their kids up?  Is there a fee for photos?”
He leans toward you now, arms folded across the table, his place setting pushed forward between the two of you.  Despite how close he is - you can count each individual eyelash, each split end of his fringe - his expression is inscrutable.  
Finally, he speaks, and you want to smack him.  “Are you the Grinch?” 
“Excuse me?”  It’s not the first time you’ve heard it but Jungkook hardly knows you.  He has no right to make this joke and certainly not after you’ve asked something perfectly reasonable.  The whole reason you’re here is to report to your father on his latest acquisition;  this comes with the territory.
“You’re the Grinch, right?”  There’s a tilt of his chin, amusement playing over the cradle of his mouth.  You can tell he’s biting back his laughter, cheeks wobbling with the effort he’s making to keep from laughing in your face.
Your own feels hot, either from anger or annoyance or potentially, and likely, both.
“I’m doing my job,”  you seethe, on the defensive, shoulders squared.  
“Your job as the Grinch.”  He’s leaning into it, leaning into you - swallowing up all the space between the two of you until your breath is shared.  (His is coffee and spice;  yours, hot chocolate and peppermint.)  
When you rise from your seat, flipping him off in the process, his laughter follows you.
Tumblr media
“Have you ever even decorated a tree?”  
The question comes as you’re trying to hang a bauble crudely and yet adorably decorated, covered in glitter that clings to your skin.  Jungkook’s at your side, materialised seemingly out of thin air, with an elf hat precariously balanced atop his mop of dark hair.
“Of course I have.”  You had a few times in your childhood, before Christmas had become a time of quiet, before your mother’s absence had stolen all meaning from the holiday.  
“You realise you’ve got the entire other side of the tree to do, right?”  Despite his mockery, there’s an easy familiarity to how he speaks, settling onto the bench beside you, a cardboard box of assorted ornaments pulled into his lap.  “It’s not rocket science, either.  Just hang where it feels right.”
He must mean the careful way you’ve spaced each one, imaginary ruler guiding the spacing of each piece.  (It’s reasonable, you think.  The last thing you want is a collective of glitter and gaudiness while the rest of the branches stand bare.)  “I’m trying to make it look good.”
A snort comes, piggish and amused.  A hook latches around pine stems, then another joins it far too close for your taste.  “It’s a Christmas tree, _____.  And kids made these decorations.  It’s not being photographed for Vogue.”
You get the point he’s making but the execution is horrible, brow furrowing in tandem with the scowl that paints your face.  “They don’t photograph Christmas trees for Vogue, Jeon.”
“Fine.  Home and Country or whatever.”
“Town and Country?”
“Yeah, that.”  He’s hanging another one, slipping past you to reach the branches you can’t.  There’s no rhyme or reason to where he puts things, one glitterbomb joining a plastic ornament filled with marshmallows.  It looks, truthfully, pretty stupid, but he’s grinning all the while, adding another directly below.  “See?”
“I see a mess.”  But you don’t move them like every part of you itches to.  Instead, you stay where you are, continuing to balance each decoration.  (You pretend you don’t see when he slides one into place on what is your side of the tree;  you roll your eyes when he snickers to himself, pleased with having gotten away with it.)  “Why the hat?”
From behind branches that hide him from view, you hear a jingle, followed by the top of his hat bouncing exaggeratedly.  “I’m Santa’s helper, didn’t you know?”
“Isn’t that a dog from a cartoon?”
“What?  No!”  It’s then he peeks around the evergreen, glowering at you, pout firmly in place.  “You don’t get to give me a hard time, Grinch.”  
After a whole week of him calling you the dreaded nickname, you’ve grown used to it.  You still shoot a glare his way, half-tempted to throw the ornament in your hand at him.  (You won’t, because Eunsoo had painstakingly drawn all over it, painting neat little white snowflakes over the red surface.)  “Santa’s helper should stop talking and keep decorating.”
“I’m busy gathering intel,”  he retorts, ducking back behind the safety of pine needles.  
You have no idea what Jungkook’s talking about.  You still entertain his silliness, reaching for another bauble in the same instance he does.  “On what?”  
“It’s top secret.  Only us on the nice list get to know.”  
This time, you do throw something at him.  A piece of popcorn that’s come off its string, that hits him right between the eyes when he comes back around to pull a makeshift garland from the table.
Tumblr media
Like a Christmas elf - or whatever those weird little things that get put on door frames and mantels are - Jungkook appears when you least expect him.  He’s dressed in the ugliest sweater you’ve ever seen, big bulky jacket swallowing up his frame. 
“Hurry up,”  he says, pushing into your cabin like he owns the place.  (You suppose technically he does.  Or his family does, anyway.  The deal doesn’t go through until the new fiscal year, one whole week keeping him safe from you using that against him.)  “Get dressed.”
“I am dressed.”  Better than he is, anyway.  Comfortably, too, in cashmere that feels luxe against your skin and hangs halfway down your pyjama pant-clad legs.  
“Okay, get your jacket then.”  
Now, if he’d done this three weeks ago, before you’d come to expect these sorts of shenanigans, you probably would have told him to kick sand.  As it stands, you’re almost fond of his antics, peering up at him from where you sit on the couch.  
“It’s almost midnight.  I’m not going anywhere with you.”  
His eyes roll even as he crosses to you, gloved hand held out, gaze expectant.  You recognise that look;  he’s not leaving without what he wants.
“Up and at ‘em, doll.”  
“What, I’m not the Grinch anymore?”
“Would you rather be Cindy Lou Who?”  He’s reaching for your face then, or more likely, your hair.  It’s not the first time Jungkook’s pulled your strands into a stupid sprout, cackling loudly when silk had poured through his loose fist in a poor mimic of the iconic hairstyle.  “Hurry up.  We’ve got places to be.”
“Yeah, almost midnight.  You already said.  I don’t care.”  
The figure he cuts would be intimidating if he didn’t have the goofiest smile on his face, mischief dancing as brightly as the lights that string the exterior of your cabin.  
You almost want to scream - you’re tired, it’s been a long day - but he’s so eager, having weaseled his way into the piece of coal that’s held within your chest.  Finally, you relent, scowling as you rise and accept his hand.  “This better be worth it.”
Tumblr media
As it turns out, it is.  Because it’s beautiful.  Glorious.  A true Christmas miracle.
(Or maybe that miracle is you, standing atop a bank of snow, staring down the mountainside, taking in the scene before you.  There are lights running up tree trunks, pretty patterns woven within branches.  It’s exactly the kind of sight that might take someone’s breath away.)
“It’s pretty.”  That’s as far as you’ll go, staring out over the hill with a smile you won’t let out.  It tips your mouth to and fro, pulling and pursing your lips even as Jungkook beams brighter than the moon above your heads.
“Merry Christmas.”  The box he holds out to you is small, four by four inches, unassuming and topped with a haphazardly knotted bow.  “Open it.”
“I thought I didn’t get on Santa’s nice list.” 
Jungkook shrugs, breath coming in a puff of air visible in the dark.  “You didn’t, but I pulled some strings.”  With the full weight of his grin upon you, it’s hard to begrudge him this, corny as it is, cold as you are.  “You owe me one.”
“You’re not getting a present.”
He shrugs again and nudges the gift into your hands.  A silent shut up, if ever there was one.
Despite the tingle in your fingers - note to self:  bring gloves the next time you’re dragged out into the cold - you’re careful with how you unwrap the present.  The golden ribbon is tucked into your pocket for safe keeping, top of the box pried off with more effort than you’d need if you were somewhere warm still.
Nestled among what could only be leftovers from decorating last week sits another ornament.  It’s small, no bigger than the size of your palm, and studded with glitter.  A green design has been painted over the glass - a little Grinch tree, complete with red bauble hanging off the end.
Your laughter is immediate, loud in the quiet, splitting the darkness with how it comes barreling past your teeth, rounding your cheeks and waning your eyes into crescents.  
“Did you make this?”  You’ve met Jungkook’s stare with a smile so big it hurts your face, the strangest feeling fluttering about in your chest.  You’d equate it to butterflies but it’s minus five degrees and it’d be impossible for them to survive.  
(It’s more like first snowfall, dizzying and pretty, bringing about a sense of wonder.)
“No, an elf did.”  
“Guess I’ll have to thank that elf.”
“Guess you will,”  he agrees with a hum, expression thoughtful, calculating.  It has you narrowing your stare, suspicion pinning him where he stands, close enough you can see the reddening of his nose.  He looks like Rudolph.
Your question doesn’t mean anything.  There’s no underlying meaning.  (You tell yourself this over and over despite the breath you hold, lungs aching from the cold.)  “Any idea how I can do that?”  
“Not sure.”  For once, Jungkook seems uncertain, precariously balanced on the heels of his feet, shifting his weight.  It’s endearing, if not a little unsettling.  You’ve never seen him like this, so used to his boisterous, larger than life attitude.  You almost miss that.
“That’s too bad.”  
What isn’t bad is how he kisses you then, tender and sweet, barely even a peck.  Just a brush of his lips against yours, feather light and almost inconsequential.  In fact, it’s nice.  Exactly what you’d have wanted for Christmas.
(The gift is just a bonus.)
Tumblr media
“Stay another week,”  he purrs into the crook of your neck, buried face deep into the swell of your cleavage, warm palms searing heat everywhere he drags them.  Across your ribs, over your stomach, down the curve of your hip.  He takes his time in exploring your body, tracing each beauty mark and scar with a reverence that makes your head spin.
“I have to head back.”  
Your flight has been booked for over a month now, set in your calendar with a high priority flag.  (Back then, you couldn’t wait to leave, all too eager to return home.  Now, you’re counting down the hours, making the most of them.)
(Or, well, Jungkook is, anyway.  Has been, every moment he’s not tasked with something else, keeping you company in your cabin like a true host.)
“You could not.”  He’s really quite bad at the whole persuasion thing, despite having Disney eyes that would stop a love interest dead in their tracks.  “Just tell your dad you’ve got more to report back on.”
Now it’s your turn to snort - you’ve picked up the habit over the weeks, thanks to his infuriating tendency to do so - and it jostles the fluffy strands that frame his face.  
“What am I going to tell him?  I’ve already sent my post-mortem in.”  You are, as always, being far too realistic, crushing his hopes and dreams under the toe of your inadequate-for-winter boots.   
“I dunno.” At least he doesn’t pretend to care, focused on his own agenda of keeping you hostage in this winter wonderland.  (It’s snowed twenty-four centimetres in the last week.  Jungkook had insisted it was a sign when it had happened, smugly crushing you against his chest when you’d been unable to step foot outside without complaining about your pants being soaked.)  “I’m sure you can think of something.”
A hand smoothes down the back of his head, fingers sliding into the strands that curl over his nape.  You repeat the motion over and over, combing through silk as he lays kisses all over your skin, stamping his affection in the shape of his mouth.
“You’re no help, you know that?”  
(Not that you’re entertaining the idea, of course.  You’re ready to head back, to be in your own bed.  You’ll miss him - but only for the three weeks before he comes to visit, having unilaterally decided that any longer would be unfair to him after he’d had to put up with your attitude for all of December.)
“Never said I was.  You’re not Santa.”  He’s still on about that, cracking his silly little holiday-themed jokes despite the fact that Christmas has indeed come and gone.  (The irony of someone so in love with the holidays having found his way into your heart doesn’t escape you.  Every day he reminds you of it, you hate it.  But not him, and not Christmas.  Not anymore.)
“Right, you’re a dog.”  
(You’d been right and for every stupid thing he says, you remind him of it, snickering when he glares and complains.  It’s only fair, after all.)
“I’m a dog, huh?”  Pushed up on his elbows, he crowds your space, pretty profile engulfing your field of view.  It’s not a bad sight to behold but you push his face away regardless, nodding emphatically as he bites into the flesh of your palm.  “Saying things like that’ll get you on the naughty list again.”
You meet his gaze half-lidded, touch turning soft, fingers tracing the lines that fan the corners of his eyes.  “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”  
(God, you could cringe.  You do, internally, even as he cackles.)
You don’t know the person you’ve become when Jungkook gathers you into his arms and presses his laughter into your throat, holding you so recklessly tight you can hardly breathe.  You don’t know who you are but you think you don’t mind, because when he captures your lips and hooks an arm around your waist, you don’t mind the cold.  You’ll take it every day if you have to, if it means he’ll warm you up with the closeness of his body, filling you with a deep, measured stroke of his hips and a sweet, lingering kiss.  
You’ll take all the good and the bad if it means another Christmas with him.
Tumblr media
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nexusnyx · 3 days ago
I was wondering what would happen if Bucky found Lady Bullet in his garage, she's fixing up Bullet (nothing too complicated) and she's sweaty and covered in grease...
*slowly walks away*
Tumblr media
⋅☾ Series Masterlist ☽⋅
It was supposed to be a simple trip back and forth.
Steve needed 'help', or so he said, and when Bucky left the comfort of his house in the morning, he thought that by lunchtime he would be done, ready to come back home and find his gorgeous baby lying on the couch or at the backyard playing with Alpine.
Instead, he was stuck there all afternoon.
'Help', it turned out, involved changing the tires and checking the engine of Mrs. Letsy who lived in his streets and, "I've been worrying about her, Buck. She still drives everywhere!"
No one can argue with Stevie or his good heart.
Not even Bucky. Not even if he lost the first half of his Sunday with his girl.
When he gets back home and parks his bike, he's confused by the sight of the garage door wide open.
Usually, he only leaves it that way if he's working in there---it can get stuffy very quick, and there's only enough space to navigate without being too tight, but the heat? Definitely a problem.
Bucky's tying his hair up in a ponytail, trying to get a better view through Bullet when he sees the hood open.
And then, Y/n comes out from the back.
Filthy. There's oil and grease on a couple of places on her face, and her clothes are a mess, or they would be if she were wearing her things. Instead, she's wearing one of Bucky's t-shirts and her oldest pair of jeans.
Fuck. Bucky's already too in love to deal with a sight like this.
"Hey, handsome!"
Her cheerful hello makes him realize he's standing at the door like an idiot. Staring.
"Hi, baby." Bucky enters the garage and sees the reason for all the chaos up closer---there's the bottle of oil fluid on the floor and an old recipient, and judging by Bullet's recently clean motor, Y/n just changed the oil. "You could've waited for me," he tells her.
The giggle in front of him tears his eyes away from the car to the girl standing in front of him.
She's smiling up at him, the grease and the oil doing absolutely nothing to take away her charm.
If a random idiot saw his baby like this, they could take her for a model doing a sexy mechanic shoot.
Little would they know the feistiness hidden behind her beautiful words and beautiful smile.
"I can do it alone," she shrugs her shoulder, and then leans her chin up in the way that means she wants a kiss. Bucky wraps his arms around her waist without a care for her protests about the stains, and kisses her with a bit more force than he expected.
When they part, her lips have plumped and now he's distracted for more than one reason. "You can do anything," he whispers. Her eyes blink once, then twice, and Bucky chuckles. She didn't get a word of what he just said. "You look good like this," he tries again, whispering it closer to her ear this time.
"What?" He asks innocently. "You should help around the shop sometimes. When you're not elbows deep in bones or whatever."
The giggle is back again, and Bucky uses Bullet as leverage to press Y/n's body against.
"Are you serious? The mechanic look is doing it for you?" She asks between laughter and little sighs, because Bucky's lips got distracted by the sight of her neck and he decided he's been away long enough to excuse some neck kisses. "Aren't you supposed to be immune to it... or something... Bucky."
"I'm listening." He wasn't. Bucky runs his hands under his t-shirt---and fuck, he loves it how casually she wears his clothes now, all the time. To go out, to stay in the house, to sleep.
When it comes to latter, she usually ends up without it, though.
"Can you check if I did a good job?" Her voice is softer, and much lower this time. The question is breathed out with that sweet, honey tone of a menace who asks Bucky to change her tire on the road, even though she can perfectly do it.
"Are you trying to get me dirty?" He laughs.
He leans back up to look at her face, and Y/n's hands go from his hair to his beard, tracing the lines of his face with adoration. "Just a little," she smirks.
"Okay." He loves her. Bucky loves her so much that sometimes, it hurts a little. It wants to come out, it wants to eat her alive and take her to woods so he can be alone to love her and dote on her for as long as she allows him to.
Instead, he gives her one more kiss, then places more pecks all over her face --- grease be damned --- just for good measure.
"Let's get dirty, baby."
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pjisskullourful · 26 days ago
【sexxx dreams】
💤Damiano X reader
NSFW🔥 smutty sexy dirrty talkin times with swearing & drinking
°Damiano David & female reader insert ✨ cameos by Victoria & Ethan
°🎶I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I've had a couple drinks and... oh my God! Last night- Damn, you were in my sex dreams || Damiano corners you to ask why you've been behaving so strangely towards him all day
wordcount:       5,824
°requested by @lifeofa-fangirl & their pick from this list of smutty dialogue prompts. They selected 96: “I had this dream and- fuck- you couldn’t keep your hands off me.” & added fuel to thefire by specifying: Reader and Dami being friends and one of them saying this to the other, which leads to… stuff? - stuff you shall have my dear💋 ask & it shall be given-- requests are open!
°title/some of the dialogue stolen from Lady Gaga
Tumblr media
"What did I do?"
You were startled out of your thoughts, feeling a body invading your personal space. Your hand slipped on the tray full of ice you had been trying to wrangle out of the freezer and it finally came free, onto the ground in front of Damiano's feet.
"Shit." You had been in the process of making yourself another drink, hoping that would help you act a bit more normal.
Poor timing and a lack of spatial awareness had you bending down, almost mirroring his movements. Your heads collided and you groaned, while he laughed. You put a hand to your forehead as you straightened up.
"Go sit down, I'll get it." He offered, crouched down in front of the upturned plastic tray. "You were having Fireball, right?"
"Yeah, but I can-"
"Shut up, I know how to make your favourite drink." He said and pointed to the kitchen counter. "Sit."
You did as you were told, even though this was exactly what you had been avoiding for the whole night. Somehow, in a house full of people, you had found yourself in an empty room, the only room that the party hadn't reached.
You were seated on the countertop, pushing your sweaty palms over your jeans in an effort to dry them. There was a strange lump in your throat and you weren't used to feeling this way around him. He was one of your oldest friends, usually you couldn't shut up when hanging out with him, the two of you could talk for hours, laughing at jokes that everyone else had long since grown tired of.
"So what did I do?" He reiterated.
"Huh?" You were looking at the glass that he had found a couple of ice cubes to drop into.
"You have been avoiding me all night and you didn't send me a Snap back, we're gonna lose our streak and you're my longest streak."
You thought of having his face pop up onto your phone every single morning for well over one hundred mornings in a row - no matter what he was doing, or where in the world he was. Sometimes it was a dumb filter, altering his features. Other times it was just the top of his face with the word streak typed over it.
You curled some hair behind your ear. "You're mine, too. You're the only person I've ever gotten to three digits with…" You pulled your phone out of your pocket and tapped on the yellow Snapchat icon.
"You had better be sending me a Snap right now."
"I am, I am." You took a photo of your shoe, not a single witty caption coming into your mind. You clicked through to the next screen, selecting the one and only recipient as Dorkus, his screen name - your nickname from him was the matching end of that insult, Malorkus.
He had selected a larger cup than what you had been drinking from all night, confidentially pouring in the whiskey. Then he added in the vanilla vodka. He looked up at you as he unscrewed the cap of the apple juice. "What is wrong? Oh…" His face fell. "Is it your nonna? How is she in the retirement home, it's been how long now, almost a month, right?"
You were surprised, feeling your earlier frostiness melting away. "She's doing well. I should get to see her soon, like, by the end of the month."
"That's fantastic." 
He knew that your widowed grandmother had been moved from her home, into a facility where she would be taken care of, amongst people in the same age bracket - you had been getting coffee with him when you had gotten the call from your mum. He had held your hand and consoled you that it was okay to cry.
And then he remembered it, despite how much was going on for him - he was still there for you as an empathetic friend. But you had been avoiding him all night, imposing a distance that wasn't natural given your years of companionship.
"You didn't do anything. It's not- nothing's wrong."
He handed the glass to you and stood directly in front of your knees, his eyes piercing straight through your defences. "Well, what's going on? Where is your head at right now?"
"I…" You looked down at the drink and found yourself laughing, nervous, already embarrassed. "I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I've had more than a couple of these and…" You laughed again, remembering and reliving that rush of endorphins you had woken into this morning. "Oh my God…"
"Oh my God, why can't you ever just enjoy something?" Victoria's voice came into the kitchen first, her face was missing her usual smile. She stalked toward the fridge. "You have to dissect everything until none of us can have fun with it anymore. Can't we-"
"It puts us back." Ethan had come in after her. "We can't let people outside the community think that it's okay and it's funny to joke about your gender being an inanimate object. Then they turn around and use shit like that to invalidate everyone's gender identity." You felt Damiano grab your hand and when you looked at him, he jerked his head to the exit of this room. "Why did she have to say it?"
"It was a joke. It was so obviously a joke." She snapped, removing the cap from a bottle of beer.
You slid off of the counter, bowing your head before either of the bickering friends could pull you into their discussion. You held onto Damiano's hand, following him to the doorway.
Ethan continued talking, seemingly not noticing. "Is it a particularly witty joke, to say that you identify as a Tony award? Is that really the best she…"
"That could take a while." You said quietly to Damiano.
"Yeah, let's talk in here…" He had found one of the guest rooms of Victoria's new home. Switching the light on, it was uninhabited. "Somewhere quiet."
You slowly stepped over the threshold, eyeing the bed that was the only piece of furniture in the room. You took a sip of your drink for courage as he shut the door. He sat down on the bed, looking at you - completely oblivious.
"What's up, baby girl?"
You had another sip. "Well, last night I…" You trailed off, feeling your cheeks growing hotter. "I had this dream, and- fuck, you couldn't keep your hands off of me. And maybe, in the dream, I didn't stop you and it got… uh, it got kinda nasty and I…" He was smiling, he looked positively thrilled. "I don't wanna talk about this anymore."
"Wait, wait, wait. This is huge. I have to know everything."
"Has this ever happened before?"
"No, you've always had girlfriends and I guess, even in my subconscious, I respected that… Except…"
He was sitting forward, getting close to the edge of his seat. "Except?"
"Look, I'm a human being with functioning eyes and a beating heart so I think this is a natural reaction. But when you did that routine on the pole. That was just…" You cleared your throat uncomfortably. "That was a nice thing to watch and maybe I watched it a few times- actually, I watched all of the X Factor performances a lot, you guys are my friends and I was really excited for all of you and…"
He had gotten up from the bed, walking toward you. "How many times did you watch that one?"
"That was years ago, I don't remember…"
"A guess, then? If you had to guess."
You clung to your drink, unable to remember exactly how many you had already consumed since arriving. "I… it was so long ago…"
"Okay, something fresh in your mind then- tell me about your sex dream from last night." He had placed himself in front of you, close enough that you could smell his cologne and see the creases in the makeup under his eyes.
"Dami…" You attempted to stall by taking another sip, filling your mouth.
"I've had them about you before." He said with a casual shrug of his shoulder.
You almost choked on the liquid that was passing down your throat. "What?"
"Yeah, not heaps, but I dunno, like, seven times I guess, spread out over the years."
You exhaled shakily. "Oh. You've just had dirty dreams about me, more than five of them, sure, okay."
"What's the big deal? They're just dreams. One time I had a dream that I was adopting cats from George Bush- yeah, the former president of the United States. Do I think of him while I'm awake? No. Did I wake up feeling suddenly different about him? Also no." He said. "Dreams are weird and they only have meaning if we give them meaning."
"So what's going on here? You're kinda holding onto this dream."
"I dunno."
He licked his lips. "Was I better this time?" Your eyes grew wide. "You know, better than after Kiss This?"
You burst out laughing. "What are you saying?"
"Come on, it was clearly good enough to remember. Indulge me, darling. You kinda owe me a proper explanation, you really had me worried when you were avoiding me all day." He said. "Plus, I made you that drink."
You pushed your shoulders back slightly. "Why do you wanna know so bad?" He paused and you kept going, there was potential in you getting to turn the tables. "You're being such a perv’ right now. Why can't you drop this?"
"We've never lined up like this before - you're single, I'm single. Why can't we just have a bit of a nasty talk? You should get it out of your system…"
"Right, get it out of my system…"
He took the glass from you, helping himself to the last of your drink as he walked back over to the bed. You had thought about an alternate reality wherein you had met at the right time, what it could be like if you dated one of your best friends. Strangers had mistaken you for a couple more than once, which you would always laugh off. But he was attractive and there were times when you would catch yourself looking at him a bit too long, acknowledging how handsome he was.
He sat down on the bed, crossing his legs and looking at you with that devilish smile. "Or we can talk about something else? I think I can hear Ethan's voice, let's get him in here and he can explain whatever he was talking about before, that sounded real interesting and he's great at making his points quickly."
You laughed. "No, no, not necessary." You realised what his angle was - this was just like all of the times you had played truth or dare with him. He wanted to play and you didn't want to seem like a coward. You sat down next to him. "What do you wanna know, perv’?"
He turned to face you, crossing his legs in the space between you and leaning keenly forward. "How did it start?"
You looked skywards, as if trying to recall the perfect starting point. "Well… we had just apparated into the Slytherin dormitories and then…" You trailed off, unable to keep yourself from laughing at the genuine reaction on his face. "I'm kidding. I think we were in your old apartment, the one that just had the piano in there when you moved in."
"Aw, I loved that house. You got high for the first time in that house."
You rolled your eyes. "Yeah, what an amazing night that was - you and Tom laughing at me and throwing gummy worms at me while I just stared at the ceiling fan. Then I ate those gummy worms and every other gummy worm within walking distance and was violently ill the entire next day. That was a fuckin' scream."
"So how did it start, how did I seduce you? Did I use a killer line? Or did I maybe just give you a look and put my hand on your knee?" He asked, placing his hand on your knee. "And you just knew that you had to have me…"
This was beginning to feel less like a joke or a laugh between two friends at a party. But you were feeling the same rush of endorphins and the look on his face was only empowering you to keep talking.
"Actually we were just, like, chilling on your couch and showing each other shit on our phone - you know, as we do…"
"As we do." He repositioned, placing his back against the headboard and pulling on your arm, dragging you over to sit beside him. "Like this."
Your sides were pressed together now, the images from the dream were still so vivid. "Just like this. And I guess it was night 'cause the room was dark…"
"Like this?" He asked, stretching one arm out to switch the light off.
The darkness wanted to take over, but elements of the party continued to impose itself into the room. Although muffled by the shut door, the music could still be heard (an eighties pop song) and the fairy-lights strung up in the backyard could be viewed through the thin curtains. His face was mostly lost to the shadows now, but you knew him well enough that you could probably guess at his expressions.
"Yeah, but we could still kinda see 'cause of our phones and the tv was on, it was the blue screensaver or whatever."
"Ooh, mood lighting, very nice." He said.
You licked your lips. "Yeah, so we were hanging out and then you did your little trick of undoing my bra, 'cause you always do that."
"Probably 'cause I was trying to get your attention…" You felt the warmth of his hand as his fingers explored the back of your shirt. "'Cause it always gets your attention." Within seconds, you felt the elastic around your torso relax. "Did it work?"
It was a move of pure reflex as you pushed the fallen strap of your bra back onto your shoulder. "Yes, it did. And I went to tell you off, you know, like I do…"
"Like you do." He said, his voice soft and all you could think about was how his arm was still around you.
"But I didn't… um, I didn't get to say anything 'cause right then- in the dream, you kissed me." You laughed breathlessly. "And that pretty much shut me up, as I'm sure you can imagine."
"I think I could imagine." He had rested his forehead against yours and you were glad to not have to see how his eyes were undoubtedly staring straight into your soul right now. "It was probably an open-mouthed kind of kiss, right?" His fingers moved to your chin. "And it'd be the kind of kiss that you can't help but keep going. I would imagine…"
"Yeah." You whispered.
His hand slid up your face, caressing your cheek before moving so much closer. All that you could smell was the cinnamon whiskey.
His lips met yours and you instantly kissed him back, experiencing how your bottom lip could fit so well between both of his. His lips were soft and warm, soothing even as your heart started to race.
You had stopped thinking about the dream - the only thing that mattered was right here, finally being kissed by Damiano.
He adjusted his arm around you, properly holding you. You put your hand to the leather strap around his neck, grasping it as a silent invitation to go on. Your legs were getting tangled with his.
His tongue tasted your lips, which parted in response, your excitement ready to bubble over. His tongue glided into your mouth, making you moan and hold onto the top of his body harness firmer. You felt his tongue rake across the roof of your mouth and you put your other arm around his shoulders. You were pressing your chest into his more-and-more - this was definitely no longer a joke, it was also no longer something you could walk away from.
One of his hands played with your hair, making you melt all the more as you tilted your head to give him the ideal angle. His tongue massaged against your own and you were getting so weak - all of these sensations flying to your head, which was already buzzing pleasantly due to the alcohol.
You sighed heavily when his mouth left yours, but he continued to hold you close, keeping you where you felt so secure.
"Did it go something like that, in the dream?" He asked.
"Mm-hmm, something like that…" Your hand had moved lower on the body harness and now you held the strap that ran directly down the centre of his chest. You pushed your fingers down, then back up and slowly down again.
"What did I do next?" He asked, kissing you quickly. "Did I keep kissing you? Or did I take your clothes off so I could see that beautiful body?"
"We took our clothes off."
"What a fuckin' amazing idea." He let go of you and you heard the zipper of his pink pants being pulled down. You discarded your top and the already-unhooked bra. You had just put your hands to your belt, when he covered them with his own. "Let me."
You released your hands. "Yes Daddy."
"Tell me more about your dream, darling." His breath was hot on your face as he undid your belt, then your jeans.
"You were kissing down my neck…"
"Spettacolare." He sounded relieved.
He put his lips to your neck, pressing harder than he had at your mouth. You lifted your ass briefly, allowing him to tug the jeans down, getting them to beneath your knees. You felt his lips dragging over your neck, his tongue sporadically surprising you with some quick swipes.
Your panties were wet with the warm arousal you had been developing. His hands moved over your exposed skin, fingers touching light enough to cause a pleasant tickle.
"Did you lock the door?" You asked.
"Is it- this is Vic's housewarming party, is it, like, trashy if we…"
He raised his head, finishing your sentence. "If we fuck in her house before she gets the chance to?"
"But we're not at Vic's new house, we're in my old apartment, remember? It's just you and me and we're gonna fuck on my couch. Unless you…"
"Yes. I mean, no- I mean, yes." You laughed with him. "I mean, I wanna keep going. I didn't wake up before the good bit, so I think we kinda need to keep going, right?"
"Right." He pushed back into you, your lips meeting in a breathless kiss. You wrapped your arms around him, needing all of his body against yours. "How did I fuck you in your dream? Did I make you come?"
"Yes, yes, you did."
"God, I wanna make you come."
You kissed him again, the two of you finding a synergy that made you feel like you were flying. It was so effortless - one movement leading to the next as if this wasn't the first time, as if his body already knew what yours needed.
"Do you have protection?" You asked.
"Yes. In my wallet-y phone case thingy, which is in my pants, which are…" He trailed off, looking down trying to spot the shorts in the darkness. "Ah, right here."
"Are you gonna keep that on?" You asked, giving the Gucci body harness a tug.
"Do you want me to?"
You smiled, your cheeks getting hotter. "Kinda, yeah."
"Then it stays on." He said, his hands going to your hips. "How did I fuck you? Were you on top, 'cause I've definitely had dreams about that before."
"That sounds really good, but I'm more of a bottom- a power bottom. And we were- you, like, took advantage of the fact that we were on the couch and we were sitting up, chest-to-chest."
"Oh, that sounds good." His hot skin pressed against yours as he kneeled in front of you. "Something like this, baby girl?" He put his hand to your hair, pushing his fingers through the length before grabbing some of it in his hand. He pulled on it, forcing your chin up so you could look at his shadowy face. "Is this how I fucked you?"
He kissed you and you instantly put your arms around him tightly because you couldn't stand having him break away again. This time there wasn't anything but heat, the intensity stealing all of the air from your lungs. His hands explored down your back, grasping and trying to find the best spot to hold you.
When his tongue entered your mouth, it came with such purpose that you felt excitement flood your pussy. Your hips swung up to collide with him as he massaged the roof of your mouth. You moved your hand up to the nape of his neck, your fingers scratching against his scalp. Then you secured some of his hair between your fingers, it was beginning to get long enough to be played with properly. You had teased him that he looked like a dweeb after he'd cut his hair the shortest it had ever been - you had played it off as a joke, but there had been real disappointment. But now, there was enough to tug on.
His lips left yours again, making your head spin as he kissed along your neck. You held onto his shoulder, feeling the hungry quality of these kisses and you wanted more - as much as possible. You craved him with every beat of your heart, scratching into his scalp when you felt him suck on your neck. You wanted him to leave marks, that was something that couldn't be accomplished in your dream.
His hands moved down to your breasts, appreciating each of them as your nipples grew harder. His eyes met yours before his mouth opened, the heat engulfing one of your nipples. Then his tongue pushed across the nub and you exhaled shakily. He took you into his mouth, lips creating suction and sending a delicious pressure into your chest. You curled your hand into a fist around his hair, feeling some of the styling product slide onto your fingers.
His lips were soon at your other nipple, covering it in his saliva and bringing all the sensitive nerves here to life. His hand caressed down your back, slowly, tracing your spine. He was so generous, bringing you a smorgasbord of different sensations - an intoxicating combination of his lips and tongue and the lightest grazes from his teeth.
He left your breasts aching for more, lifting back up to kiss you on the lips. But before you could draw him in for something deeper, he had ducked down again - leaving you to lick his taste from your lips. His hand moved down the front of your body, pushing you gently until you reclined - too excited to lie down entirely.
He had shifted down, onto the carpet, on his knees. Your legs drifted apart as you bit into your bottom lip and hoped the shadows in the room would keep him from seeing the way you trembled. Your excitement had reached a fever pitch and you could feel so much heat pooling in your cunt, which was so ready for his attention.
Your throat clenched and your knees locked at the first touch of his mouth on your cunt - so confident, so curious, maybe he was just as excited as you. His lips laid upon your labia majora, an affectionate kiss to the scorching hot skin. You were already holding your breath, you could only hope that the music would be loud enough to drown out any of the sounds you could feel yourself wanting to release for him.
He chose to ignore your throbbing clit, instead placing his lips to the left, cradling one of your folds between them. You sank your teeth into your lip all the more when you felt him sucking on the fold. He worked it over, the skin here loosening as you felt blood rushing there in a way you had never known before.
He released the lip, a heavy exhale delivering his hot breath all over your cunt as he repositioned. He sucked the opposite labia into his mouth, a tender pressure applied to this area, enough to make you squirm. You were being lulled, the rhythm was so decadent, so thorough.
You were surprised by him suddenly moving, his tongue tasting your cunt as he drew a zig-zagging line up from between your separated labia. He was toying with it all, starting at your entrance and coming up to your clit. You could feel yourself weeping for him, getting ready to give him all of you.
He pulled his mouth back, but kept your pussy warm with his hand as he started to sit up again. With some effort, you were able to lift your head to find him wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
"You didn't say anything about this in your dream, but I… I took the initiative." He sounded proud of himself. "I just had to know what you tasted like, kitten."
You felt your soul being lit aflame, a name that you had never been called before. He'd had a lot of nicknames for you over the years, but this one was an immediate favourite. You wanted to do whatever it took to get him to keep calling you that.
"And to the surprise of no one- you taste amazing." He was smiling and you could smell your arousal on his breath as he leant back into you.
You lifted yourself up to put your arms around his neck, drawing him in for more kisses. He tasted different and he kissed differently, deeper, with more urgency. You tilted your head, your lips parting and you could feel that he was taking this all the more seriously now.
"Chest-to-chest?" He asked softly.
You nodded, arching your back so that you could press against him more. "Chest-to-chest."
He stole a few more kisses from you, settling in as he perfectly fit in between your legs. He caressed your tensed thigh. "I like this, 'cause then I can watch you while I fuck you…" He raised himself up a bit more, more of his skin on yours as you noticed his erection and how close to you it was getting. "'Cause I wanna know, I wanna know that you like it, I wanna know that you're feeling all of it." His lips ghosted over yours and you edged forward a little more. "I wanna watch this gorgeous face as I make your dreams come true…"
You shivered, holding him tighter still. "Yes, please Daddy."
He moaned into your mouth as your lips collided again. But this time was more than a kiss and he was using his strong hands to pull you forward, bringing you to where his tip could begin to line up with your slit. Your mouth fell slack and you rocked your hips against his a little, seeking friction.
You whimpered at the feeling of him burying into you. Your walls fluttered as more of his length was eased into you. Despite how weak you were feeling, you raised your legs to wrap around him.
"Fuckin' Hell…" You sighed, clinging to him tighter than you had anyone before. "Why didn't we do this sooner?"
"I don't…" He said quietly, his voice was wavering. He planted a hand by your ass, his hand curling into a fist as he braced himself. "I don't know… I just don't- what were we thinking?"
"We were thinking stupid things. But we don't need to think anymore. We can just feel."
"Yes, please." He said onto your mouth before covering it with more kisses.
You were so sensitive to him, feeling every inch that filled you. Your lips moved slowly as you surrendered happily to him, not having to question anything, just following one movement after the other. This rhythm was so easy to fall into, and you knew that you would be taken care of.
He started into a tender pace, finding the right way to swing up into you. You rolled your hips into his, your bodies working together and spreading the fire that you wanted to be consumed by.
He drew in a sharp inhale as he picked up speed, causing you to spasm around him. You were whining from deep in your throat as you kissed him, his mouth muffling the sounds of you trying to not become overwhelmed too fast.
You felt him throbbing inside of you and he fell away from your mouth, sighing out your name. He tilted his head back, seeming to get lost in the building momentum. You let your thighs squeeze around him as you kissed across the skin on his throat, currently pulled so taut. You felt his pulse on your lips, racing as he rocked into you with more determination.
"Oh, fuck me…" He whispered, getting faster and almost pushing you over.
You let your movements become erratic as powerful trembles radiated out from your pussy, swarming your whole body. Your hips slammed into his and he was soon groaning from the effort. 
Your lips moved lazily across his skin, your breathing laboured. You slid your hand up to grab a handful of his hair, your head spinning as you listened to these brand new noises being drawn from him.
"God, yes, oh yes. Give it to me, Daddy. Oh please, give it… ah, give it to me. I've needed this for so, so, so fuckin' long…"
He readjusted the way he was holding you and you looked up at him. He put one hand to the side of your face, watching your reactions as his moves devolved away from any smoothness. He was jerking into where your hips stuttered, one desperate buck after another.
You became daunted by the way he was looking into your eyes, so enraptured, making you think he was trying to commit all of this to memory. You wanted to shy away, to hide your face and keep him from seeing the uncontrolled expressions that would come from your climax. This was what you usually did during sex, a pre-emptive move to avoid embarrassment.
But you didn't this time, even as the friction took you to a higher level. You kept your eyes on him even as you felt yourself pushed to the edge.
"Oh God, oh yes…" Heat gripped you around your hips as your energy failed you. "Dami- fuck, Damiano, yes, yes!”
You collapsed back, your body quaking as the climax powered through you. Your cunt continued to clench greedily around him as he worked himself through to his own release, still on his knees in front of you.
He applied his hips into long and focused thrusts, stroking inside of you as he started to unravel. You put your hand out, wrapping it around the strap of his body harness. You pushed down against him, wrecked by the passion but powerless to stop all the same.
"Fuckin' yes, yes, yes, oh yes." Each collision into you was marked by these building chants and you could feel him hitting so deep within you. "Yes, ye-ess-ah… un, fuck."
His body landed on top of yours, his sweaty skin covering yours. Your hands reached out and found his, immediately grasping them. This kept you connected to him, even after he had pulled out.
“We can stay here for a while, right?” He asked, gasping for air and you squeezed his hands. “No one’s missing us out there.”
“Out where?” You asked. “We aren’t at Vic’s housewarming party, remember? ‘Cause we’re at your old apartment.”
“Right.” He looked up at you, smiling.
“Do you remember that first New Years Eve in that house- you guys were going through your nerf gun phase. And Thomas was the first one to pass out and we jammed two of the foam bullets up his nostrils.”
He laughed. “Of course I remember that, Tom doesn’t, but I do. We made so many blanket forts in that house.”
“Yeah, ‘cause you’re a gigantic dork just pretending to be a grown-up. In fact, you are, as we say in Latin, a dorkus malorkus.”
“Takes one to know one.” He said, climbing up onto the bed alongside you and pulling you into his arms. You savoured the smell of him and how it felt to have him so close, to have your bodies fit together so perfectly. “I wonder if the people who have lived there since have managed to get all the glitter out of the carpet…”
“I sincerely doubt that. That was where we always got ready to go out the most. And, if I remember correctly, you had salt shakers full of loose glitter.”
“Oh yeah, I think I lost those in one of the moves.” He said. “Okay, but do you remember the first Halloween in that house?” He raised one arm and started to sing. “This is…” On the next word he brought his arm down in an aggressive swing. “...Halloween.” He raised his arm again. “This is… Halloween.”
You laughed as you joined him, mimicking the actions you had made on that night. “This is… Halloween.”
And it was like you were back there, laughing so hard that your ribs hurt as the two of you chucked pieces of candy way down from his balcony, to the people walking around in the common area below. He had gotten so annoyed when no trick-or-treaters had come to his door, up on the tenth floor - which you had warned him would happen. He wanted to share the abundance of candy anyway, deciding that throwing was a suitable way of spreading the cheer of the yearly holiday.
You had sung as you pegged one piece of candy after another. One of his neighbours had gotten mad enough to start yelling blasphemies at you, a scary amount of conviction in his voice. You had thought Damiano might kiss you that night and you had wanted him to, but neither of you had made the move. Instead falling asleep on the couch together after watching The Simpsons Halloween specials.
“Thank you for telling me about your dream.” He said, leaning in close to you again.
You trailed off from your giggles, but kept grinning as he kissed you. “I’m feeling like this won’t be the last. I mean, now I have all of this extra material for my brain to incorporate next time…”
--- ** ---
If you like my writing, feel free to tip me. I am open to both commissions & requests, commissions get priority & the most input
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jobean12-blog · 5 months ago
Hello! I hope you having a great day!!❤️✨
Prompt: the reader is not feeling right these days, but tries to hide it from the others not to worry them. But one day, Bucky, who’s being the best man in the world, notice your hands are slightly trembling.
(I just desperately need Bucky’s comfort..!)
Thank you💕
You Are Not Alone
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 925
Summary: You need some comfort and Bucky is there for you, always.
Author's Note: Hi my love. Thank you for this request and thank you for your patience with it. I really hope you are doing well and you enjoy this! Sending you love and hugs! Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: soft and sweet Bucky, the reader is not feeling their best but Bucky saves the day.
Gif not mine: Thank you so much to @august-walker for this beautiful gif
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You poke your head around the wall and check the kitchen. Thankfully, no one is there so you tip toe to the fridge and pull it open, searching the contents but sighing when nothing looks good. You’re hungry but you don’t know what you want to eat, you’re tired but you can’t sleep and at this point you’ve read the same paragraph 5 times in your book.
Slamming the fridge door shut you open the cabinet and pull out a bag of chips, cringing when it slips from your hands and crinkles loudly. You stand still hoping you didn’t wake anyone and wait. There is no sound other than your rapid breathing so you let your shoulders relax and think about a drink.
Once your tea is made and you have a large bowl of chips you head to the couch and grab the TV remote. You turn it on and surf Netflix, finding nothing worth watching before switching to Amazon prime.
With a defeated huff you try Disney Plus as a last resort and settle on Wall-e. You’re picking at the chips, mindlessly crushing them into smaller pieces between your fingers when you feel a pair of eyes on you. You look toward the kitchen and see Bucky leaning over the counter, his eyes soft as he gives you a little wave.
“I hope I’m not disturbing you doll,” he says quietly.
You shake your head no and burrow deeper into the couch. Bucky walks over and looks at your empty teacup.
“Would you like more tea?” he asks. “I’m going to make some for myself.”
“Thank you, that would be nice,” you reply, reaching over to grab the cup.
You lift it and do your best to stop the tremble in your hands but Bucky notices, wrapping his fingers around yours and giving you a squeeze.
“I got it doll,” he says, so softly you almost don’t hear him. “I’ll be right back ok?”
You nod and stick your hands under the blanket, wringing them together nervously. Bucky returns a few minutes later with two steaming cups of tea and a reassuring smile.
“Mind if I sit?” he asks, before placing the cups down.
“Not at all,” you tell him, shifting over to make room.
He takes a seat and fixes the blanket over your lap, gently rubbing your arm.
“I like this movie,” he starts. “I think Wall-e and Eve are really cute. And that little cockroach makes me laugh.”
“Me too, he’s so cute for a cockroach!”
“What’s your favorite thing Wall-e collects?” he asks you, bumping his shoulder into yours.
You scrunch your face up in thought, humming until you belt out, “the video tape of the couple dancing! It’s so romantic.”
“Yea I like that too but I love when he finds the spork and he doesn’t know where to put it!” he laughs.
You laugh with him, feeling some of the tension seep out of you. You lean into Bucky’s warmth and he throws a comforting arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer. You watch the rest of the movie, commenting on the parts you love and getting emotional at the ending.
When the first tear rolls down your cheek Bucky immediately sits up and wipes it away with his thumb.
“Aw baby girl. It’s ok,” he says, rubbing your back.
Between the movie and his sweetness, you let down your wall and start to cry. Bucky doesn’t say a word and instead pulls you into his lap and wraps you in his arms. When your tears start to dry and your breathing becomes more even Bucy takes the sleeve of his Henley and gently wipes at your face and nose.
“I think I just got snot all over your shirt,” you sniffle.
He laughs and it makes you smile. “I don’t care at all doll face. I can wash it.”
You dip your head into the crook of his neck and play with the buttons at the top of his shirt.
“Thanks for sitting with me. I needed this,” you whisper.
He takes your hand and flattens it against his chest, covering it with his own.
“I know you did,” he answers softly. “I knew something wasn’t right a couple of days ago but I didn’t want to push. And I still don’t but if you need to talk or need me for anything, I’m here. Ok?”
“Will you come hold me until I fall asleep?” you ask him.
With a kiss to your forehead, he lifts you into his arms and starts walking to your room. He places you back on your feet and shuts the door. He gets into the bed and holds the covers up for you. You slide in and snuggle up against his chest, his arm curling around your middle.
“Thank you,” you mumble into his shirt, discreetly giving it a sniff.
“Did you just smell my shirt?” he asks with a laugh.
“Mayyyyybe…. but you smell nice if that makes it any better.”
He laughs again and drops his head to your neck, giving you a sniff. “So do you.”
You giggle and let yourself relax into him, quickly drifting off into a peaceful sleep. You wake up and feel the hard press of his chest to your back and the strength of his arm still wrapped around you, but you’re still groggy from sleep, thinking it must still be nighttime.
His hand slides down your arm and his fingers curl around yours, giving them a gentle squeeze.
“Morning baby doll.”
Tumblr media
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whorefordazai · 5 months ago
s/o who’s good at cooking
ft. dazai | akutagawa | tecchou | ranpo | jouno x gn! reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
notes: this was requested by @scul-pted and ahh i love this idea !! i think it was funny to write since i can’t cook at all 😭 hajajsj these boys deserve some good meals oh dear 0_o
Tumblr media
we all know he literally cannot cook at all.
so it’s pure chaos when he’s with you in the kitchen. pots and pans are everywhere, ingredients are sprawled out on countertops, there’s literal flour in his hair, but he’s so hellbent on making that dish 😔
“y/n, what do you think will happen if i put this tomato in the blender ◕ ◡ ◕ ?”
he’ll follow you around in the kitchen with his arms circled around your waist, practically attached to your body. “c’monnnn are you doneeee?”—“not yet T-T”
well, you would’ve been done if he hadn’t set the stove on fire a few minutes ago 😄
“oh look!”
“…wait, what’s that smell…?”
“it’s the stove on fire 😇!!”
apart from the chaos, he can actually be kinda helpful when you’re cooking. like when you’re cutting up stuff (don’t let him near the knives) he’ll bring you the veggies or spices. he’ll help you get things from hard to reach places.
he’ll probably fall asleep on your shoulder while you’re stirring the pot cuz damn helping out in the kitchen is tiring 😞
“dazai, don’t fall asleep yet. you still have to eat the food i’m making T^T…”
he presses a soft kiss on the back of your neck. “mhm. but sleepy 😴”
he might fall asleep for a bit, so when you’re done with the food, you slowly wake him up. gently tickling his cheek or patting his hair, you smile. “pspsps dazaaiii. the food’s ready ◕ ◡ ◕”
AHH HE LOVES IT SO MUCH—i mean, he’s been mainly eating canned crab and alcohol for the majority of his time, so this meal will definitely be something he’ll enjoy.
bonus points if it’s crab 😉
no one has ever made him a meal so he’s a bit flustered when you expectantly look at him with a genuine smile on your face. he’s like—AFFECTION 😦?? *dashes away*
the more you cook with him, the more he’ll start to learn. he can finally make pasta 😊!! you’re actually very proud of him for making it this far so hug him please >_< (he’ll die from becoming red <3)
Tumblr media
he doesn’t really cook either 😭
i’d like to say he’s more skilled than dazai when it comes to being calm (for the most part) when in the kitchen. the most he can do is cut up veggies and other ingredients with rashomon 🕺
i think gin does most of the cooking, as in like light baking or small meals. nothing too big or extravagant. so he knows a thing or two about it, not being completely oblivious.
his favorites are figs and tea !! but he hates beans and mandarin LMAO
he’ll definitely be surprised and weirded out when you first decide to cook for him.
“ryu, i’m gonna make you a meal ^o^”
“…a what ಠ~ಠ”
hajsjs he’s a bit skeptical at what you’re planning, because he’s really picky when it comes to food. gin has been the only one cooking for him—so why would he suddenly enjoy the meals you make?
but since you’re his s/o, he’ll silently watch and let you do it anyways 😒
he’s literally speechless when you walk up to him with a plate of fig cake in your hand. his face is like 😯✨
AJSJS and when he takes a bite of it, you can see the slight sparkle in his eyes cuz it’s the best goddamn fig cake he’s ever had in his lifeeeee
from then on, he’s not that hesitant about you cooking—and you actually make pretty good food but he’ll never admit that T-T
“ryu, try this dish i made!”
“what? no.”
“but it’s your usual favorite…?”
“NO 😡”
(he’s actually going to sneak into the kitchen at 4am when you’re sleeping to try the food. never confront him about that please 🕺)
Tumblr media
he’s so pretty heLP
he definitely doesn’t have much experience with colored and a variety of foods. after all, he’s a hunting dog and i’m assuming the military doesn’t serve gourmet dishes everyday T^T
so when he finds out you’re really good at cooking, he’s like “oh cool 👍” but that’s only because he hasn’t tasted your wonderful cooking skills ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
one day he’s just minding his own business when he smells something…something strange…unfamiliar territory 🤔
it’s you cooking 🤗
“umm…what are you doing 0_o?” he’s only asking because he literally has no idea what that mouth watering scent is.
“oh, cooking! i’m almost done.”
he doesn’t really have a strong opinion, mostly because he kinda trusts you to make something that won’t poison him.
honestly, even if you do make something poisonous, he won’t mind because he’ll just simply give to jouno for him to eat 😈
dude once he gets a bite of your food, he’s done for. i’m talking moan worthy flavor right there and hitting the spot 🤞 you’ve probably leveled up his taste buds or something.
“oh this tastes…amazing 😓!!”
you smile in approval, animated tears falling out your eyes T^T
“do you think i can give some of this to the ants outside? i think they’ll quite enjoy this.”
Tumblr media
even tho he prefers sweets over anything, he loves your cooking just for the simple fact that he gets spoiled by you T-T
he’ll sit in the dining table like a child with both spoon/forks in his hand and a handkerchief by his chest waiting for you to bring his meal. that sounds so bad omg hajsjjs 😭
but once he tastes your food, he can’t stop the compliments that spill from his mouth. like, wow?? who let you make such good shit?? he’s a bit appalled and to why he’s never tasted it before.
btw—after tasting your food, he won’t ever try anyone else’s. kunikida will bring a home cooked meal for everyone in the agency to try and he’ll be like “no 🤚 if y/n didn’t make it, i won’t try it.”
you’ve got him addicted to your cooking now.
does he help out in the kitchen? not really definitely no, but he tries !!
he’ll sit on the counter top and eat your ingredients before you shoo him away from the kitchen. just imagine trying to make him go away by leaving trails of candy all the way back to the bedroom.
he knows you’re trying to distract him but since you’re doing it with candy, he won’t complain—
this is maybe spoilers: but your cooking reminds him of when his mother used to cook for him so he actually really loves it regardless of all the teasing he does :)
you’ve seen him tearing up a bit because of that so you just bring him in your arms, pat his hair, and press a kiss on his forehead >_<
Tumblr media
he hasn’t cooked a single meal in his life before.
cooking? homemade meals? actually putting in the effort to feed yourself nutrients? ha, how weak you are.
he actually doesn’t know how to put together ingredients to make a meal
so when he sees you making meals, he’ll be a bit intrigued. he’ll slither into the kitchen like a ghost, walk up behind you, and tap your shoulder, making you jump. “whatcha doing 😊?”
“cooking a meal !”
“…for who 🤨?”
he doesn’t know why you’re making food for the both of you since he already eats take out and some military packaged meals so he’s a bit confused. no one has ever cooked for him before??
he can actually smell every single ingredient you’re putting in the dish so he’ll call you out. shouting out random things like: *sniff* “oregano!” *sniff* “salt!” *sniff* “tomatoes!” *sniff* “carrots!”
“how the hell do you smell carrots—??”
once you’ve prepared the dish and it’s in front of him, he’ll just kinda sit there and continue smelling it. he’s not sure if he wants to eat it or not.
“aren’t you going to try the meal i made?”
“i think smelling it is making me full already 😇”
“that’s not how it works—”
SO you’ll have to physically shove it in his mouth (i know it sounds sadistic okay, but he’ll never try it on his own). grabbing his face, you’ll take the spoon and shove it in his mouth while he’s trying to run away.
“it tastes good, right?”
“…maybe ಠ~ಠ”
yes. yes it tastes amazing. it’s literally the best thing he’s ever had in his life. will never ever complain about you cooking again 😎!!
Tumblr media
tag list: @viintom-exe @starglow-xx @dazaianti @asthepetalsdance @pickleisrandom @its-chuuya-bitch @ijustwantfreenetflix @atsushisgf @the-wholesome-ranpo @missshrek @todorokichills @astreankitsune @spoopy-fish-writes @fyodamn @missrown @trashykawahq @scul-pted @gogolyouwhat @jessbeinme15 @bakajinko @ranposlover @shadyteacup @mushroomplantasia @internetkilledtheroxstar @fashionablyfailing12 @chuuyasboots @bsdparadise @alittlesimp @requiem626k @smadhuman-animebitch @bsdwhore @3-am-depression @diary-of-a-poltergeist @mars-w0rld @rirk-ke @knjksj0301 @kyoks @kiyokoxd @coveringthebiconissue @hanazou
Tumblr media
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babyyweebbitch · a month ago
Could you possibly do some soft older Michael Myers headcanons?
Yes I can, recently my simping for Michael Myers has gotten worse. So like 🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾 also I really hope you meant Michael Myers getting old because that’s what popped into my mind when you said that. I read it like 10 times to make sure. If this isn’t what you meant PLEASE DM ME 😭😭
Tumblr media
You may not see it but he’s getting older, he knows that too. As she got older he started to slowly get less faster, less strong and other stuff. He feels a lot more pain and doesn’t go out on kills as often. You just passed it off as him just wanted to be home with you more but only he knew what was going on
It finally dawned on you that Michael isn’t gonna live forever and you got worried about him. I feel like Michael is the type to hate relying on others ppl (mainly because he’s been alone for the past 40 something years) so he tends to hide his injuries from you alot more now, especially the ones that hurt but you scold him for hours about how you don’t mind helping him. It took him a while to actually go to you and ask for help patching something up.
This mfs sweet tooth is uncontrollable. Every time you leave the house you always make sure to grab him a sweet treat before returning home, if you don’t prepare for him to be staring at you for hours until you go and buy him something sweet
He will do random things around the house. If you made it a strict rule that there are certain days he can’t leave the house or after he was injured really badly that he has to wait until he’s healed to do hunts again he’d find things to do. (you’re scary when you’re angry/scolding him even MICHAEL FUCKING MYERS is scared) you came home one day to a wall in the living room painted. He’s surprisingly a good artist. Don’t ask him what it is/means. He will tear that wall down and never paint again
If you’re lucky he will let you see his face. He feels like he’s gonna end up dying one day and not letting the person he loves most seeing what he TRUELY looks like (not just the bottom half of his mask lifted whenever he’s eating/drinking)
I had no idea what to write for this. My creativity G O N E. plus it’s like 1 am rn and I’m ✨fucking tired✨ — nova
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fairyevans · 3 months ago
hi sweet astro ✨💓
for the sleepover — maybe a lil something about babysitter!reader who keeps flirting with marriedneighbour!bucky until he eventually snaps one day and… well you can decide the rest 👀
i look forward to reading the filth but pls feel free to disregard if inspiration doesn’t spark for this particular concept. either way, happy sleepover my dear 💓
[marriedneighbor!bucky x babysitter!reader]
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, +18, jealous/possessive!bucky, implied cheating from both parties (bucky and his unnamed wife), oral sex (m receiving) mentions of a sext, insinuations to sex, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
“we shouldn’t be doing this!” you giggled, hiding your face in bucky’s clothed chest, listening to his quiet laughter rumble.
the wine, the sneaking in after midnight when he was supposedly was an on a business trip according to his wife who worked some late nights with her new friend.
“why not?” he cupped your cheek to lock gazes, grinning at each other till you exhaled through your nose, stumbling a bit as you scurried with a wide smile as bucky shot up and chased after you.
“you’re gonna wake up becca.” he hummed at the sweet thought of you drawing pictures of various flowers with his 3 year old daughter before she tired out and fell asleep, allowing you to tuck her in with a quiet lullaby.
“you drive me so goddamn insane, [y/n],” the brunette wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, nuzzling his face in your neck, scattering a few kisses that made you sigh in content.
your phone chimed from your back pocket, interrupting the innocent yet intimate moment.
plucking it from your shorts, both of you squinted your eyes at your screen, the message was sent from your ex, asking if he could come over.
“what the fuck? do you bring boys over when you’re supposed to be caring for my daughter?” his voice boomed as turning you to face him, jealousy fuming through out his body, listening to you stutter.
“no! i would never do that, bucky! y-you’re the only guy who comes over,” you averted your gaze at the confession, trying to snatch the phone til it pinged again. with a very-much indecent dick pic.
“you’ve gotta be fucking kidding.” he growled, eyes narrowing back to yours as he launched your phone into the wall next to you, the smash was abrupt but your eyebrows furrowed.
“what the hell! you’re such an asshole!” you shoved at his chest, attempting to kick him out, but it was like trying to budge at a boulder.
“i don’t want you seeing anyone. ever.” you scoffed at his demand till he gripped your cheeks with his vibranium hand, unknowingly sending waves of arousal down below in the midst of rage.
“you can’t tell me what to do.” you spat, frowning at his chuckle with a lick to lips.
“no? get on your knees, and suck my cock like a good girl.” it was like you were in a trance, your mind went in overdrive at the thought of having him at your mercy, but there was a voice that screamed no.
and so you ignored it, kneeling like a pathetic little slut just for him, it was just too much of a great opportunity to pass.
slipping out his member, you internally moaned at the sight, commencing to salivate as you wrapped your lips around the reddening crown, suckling with your eyes glued to his own.
“get it all wet for your little cunt, sweetheart, just like that,” he tangled his fingers in your hair as he forced you to swallow around his cock, throat constructing, dragging a string of whispered curses, satisfied with your gagging and pulled you away with an audibly pop and a gasp.
“bend over the couch, doll, gonna show you who owns this sweet little pussy.”
Tumblr media
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thatonegaytheaterkid · a month ago
Hi could you make some headcanons about a male reader with barbara's personality in class 1-a?
AHhh, Barbara's so cuteee, especially her new skin, the little duck purse is adorablee!✨🥰
Also, I want to apologise for not posting too often, I've just been really busy with school so I don't have as much time to work on these as I'd like too
Class 1-A with someone with a Barbara like personality
Tumblr media
- Before coming to UA you were and still are, known as one of Japan's biggest male idols
- So similar to Todoroki and Momo, you entered UA due to school recommendations and ended up passing the entrance exam
- If you had to describe your quirk, then you'd say it's 'pretty', plain and simple and because it is, you're able to create and control the movement of water, so basically everytime you fight you always look really pretty doing so
- When it comes to combat, you're definitely on the stronger side of the class, you're not to your fullest potential but you always try your hardest no matter what and you're sure you'll get there soon!
- But you're not weak at all, if you play your cards right you could possibly beat Bakugou if you tried, so you're in no way a 'weak opponent' on the battlefield
- When it comes to academics, you're at one of the top places in the class, unlike combat, academics are a bit easier since you have good memory, you always get high marks on everything and hardly ever struggle, but it's all because of the hard work and determination you put in
- You remind the class of a beam of light, you're always so happy and upbeat, whenever anyone feels down you're always there to make them feel better
- Since you're usually always studying or training, you tend to get really tired afterwards, to prevent that you've tried every means of staying up as possible
- The only one that's been really effective was making a protein drink and filling it to the brim with spice, and it works out too because you actually like the taste of it
- You only allow yourself to be depressed for 30 seconds a day, after that you do anything to cheer yourself up, but no matter how hard things have gotten you've never considered giving up, after seeing you relentless determination you've been able to inspire the entire class to work harder
- Somehow, even after spending so much time studying and training you still have the time to be able to work and write new songs
- Of which Jirou has been a big help in, she usually helps you with melodies of them and sometimes even helps out with the lyrics, before going to UA she was always a big fan of yours and being able to even be in the same class was such an honor to her, now being able to actually help you with the making of a few is like a dream come true for her, even she hasn't gotten used to seeing you and sometimes still stutters or just stands and looks at you in shock and amazement, each time you catch her you always feel so flattered
- Deku loves asking you about your songs and if there were ever any deeper meanings in them, (usually there aren't), he also really likes asking what it's like having concerts and meeting people, he really likes hearing about your different interactions with fans, good and bad
- Your music is a guilty pleasure that Todoroki and Uraraka like to listen too, Todoroki in particular likes the more light hearted music, stuff that feels more, fluffy, in a way, but he enjoys everything else too
- Uraraka doesn't actually have a preference when it comes to your music, she just enjoys your voice in general and listens to everything, no matter how long ago it could've came out there's a good chance she's listened to it
- Denki and Kirishima also really like your music, however they like the more upbeat songs instead of the slow and calming ones, they've even got Bakugou to listen to a few, which he really liked and even put a few in his playlist
- You're not exactly the best at driving people away or saying 'no' so whenever you and anyone from the class is going out somewhere, like the mall, a café etc, you tend to depend on them to drive them away for you
- Tsuyu is surprisingly good at driving attention away from you and driving peoples' attention away from you for you, she always says she doesn't mind and you don't need to thank her but you always end up buying something for her in return as thanks
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simpingfornestaarcheron · 2 months ago
Nessian week: free day ✨
NSFW! But also fluff and a bit of angst 🤏🏼
word count: 3.500
@julemmaes read this and told me “thank you for everything you do for this fandom”
Tumblr media
Cassian reached the roof of the House of wind and slammed open the door, crossing the space in a few strides and coming to a halt at the edge of the training ring. And there she was. His very stubborn and very pregnant wife, running laps with the rest of the Valkyries. Hair braided simply, cheeks flushed, training leathers hugging her body tightly, straining over her swollen stomach. At seven months pregnant, she was a sight to behold. The few pounds she had gained during the pregnancy only made her more beautiful in Cassian’s eyes, and he had made it his own personal mission to show her how much he loved the changes in her body. He never missed an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she looked, making her blush and roll her eyes every single time.
Despite how much he adored his mate, Cassian was struggling to keep his anger in check. The healer said training wouldn’t hurt her or the baby, but they also said that she needed to take it easy, especially during the last trimester. But his Nesta was stubborn and insisted on training with her friends every morning. Her form was still perfect, her blows sharp and fast, but Cassian could feel the strain of his mate’s body, the effort it took her to keep up with the rest of the girls.
Gwyn and Emerie jogged on either sides of Nesta, the three of them almost running and breathing in sync. However, Cassian observed how the second and third in command of the Valkyries were jogging slower than usual, as if they were trying to match Nesta’s pace without her noticing. He met Emerie’s eyes for a brief second, and the Illyrian gave him an almost imperceptible nod that meant ‘I got her.’ He made a mental note to thank her and Gwyn later.
All he wanted to do was throw Nesta over his shoulder, carry her inside and tuck her into bed with a tray of food and one of her smutty romances, but he was fairly sure she would make him sleep on the couch for a week so he decided against it. Besides, judging from the size of her bump, he wasn’t even sure he could throw her over his shoulder without hurting the baby. In the end, he settled for standing on the edge of the training area, arms crossed and eyes tracking Nesta’s every breath. His eyes took note of her slightly sweaty forehead before slowly making their way down the rest of her body. His intent was to make sure she wouldn’t exert herself, but his traitorous eyes fell on the swell of her breasts, the plush globes bouncing with every step. Among the changes Nesta’s pregnancy had brought to her body, the growth of her breasts was definitely Cassian’s favorite. His blood immediately rushed south, images of his mate’s moans as he kneaded the plump flesh filling his head. Nesta must have scented his arousal and decided to torture him because she sent him a very explicit image through the bond. Naughty witch, he thought as he turned to subtly adjust his pants.
He felt her stumble before he even heard her knee hit the ground, and in a heartbeat he was there, hands on either sides of her body to stop her from falling forward. Later he realized that Gwyn and Emerie had both gripped her elbows, preventing her face and hands from hitting the ground, but he didn’t care: his pregnant mate had stumbled, and he almost hadn’t reached her in time. Nesta could have hurt herself and the baby, all because he had been too distracted by his selfish fantasies to notice that she was too tired to keep running. His eyes scanned every inch of her as he helped her up, frantically checking for any sign of discomfort. He couldn’t hear anything beside the roaring of his blood in his ears, every instinct in his body screaming at him to do something, protect her, mold his body around hers and never let her go.
“Training is over,” he said as he scooped her into his arms and strode towards the door, not sparing a glance at the rest of the females.
Nesta didn’t protest, only looped her arms around his neck and let him carry her inside. She kept silent as he settled her on the couch, crouching down to remove her shoes and pants before gently checking her knee. There wasn’t even a scrap on her, no swelling or bruise, nor did she seem to be in any kind of pain, but Cassian still grabbed a chunk of ice from the freezing larder, wrapped it in a towel and placed it on her knee.
Kneeling next to the couch, he placed a hand on Nesta’s stomach, and only when he felt his baby kick did he allow himself to breathe. He smiled as he felt the impression of his daughter’s small feet against his palm, and a lone tear slid down his cheek.
A delicate finger lifted his chin, and he found himself looking at those blue-grey eyes he adored so much, the ones that had enraptured him since day one. “We’re fine,” his wife said, her first words since that morning. There was no sign of suffering on her face, only quiet calm. She reached for him through the bond, letting him feel what he had been too shaken to realize before: her knee had barely grazed the ground, and all she had felt was a slight shock when she’d tripped and stumbled forward. She was fine.
Releasing a trembling breath, Cassian dropped his forehead on her stomach, more tears escaping from the corners of his eyes. Nesta cradled the back of his head with a hand, keeping him there, the other rubbing soothing circles on his back as he breathed in and out slowly, filling his lungs with her scent.
“You were right, you know? I need to slow down a bit with my training,” she said after a few minutes.
Relief filled him, easing the tightness in his chest, but he didn’t move from his spot on the floor. “Did you hear what I said? It’s not every day I admit you were right.”
That pulled a laugh out of him, and he finally looked up at her again. “I’m shocked sweetheart, I think that’s only happened twice in two hundred years of marriage,” he laughed before kissing her lips. He had intended for the kiss to be short and sweet, but Nesta held his face between her hands and pressed her mouth more firmly on his. She tasted like future mixed with a hint of chocolate chip cookies, and he couldn’t help but smile through the kiss. That’s when he noticed her lips were slightly chapped, so he pulled away and stood to retrieve a glass of water.
“Maybe I hit my head and didn’t notice,” she said as Cassian filled the glass. Whipping his head towards her, he threw her an irritated look. “Don’t joke about that.”
Nesta scoffed and rolled her eyes before accepting the glass Cassian handed her and taking a sip. “Is there any way I can convince you not to send for Madja?” She asked.
Cassian wasn’t even surprised she knew him well enough to know he had been thinking about calling the healer. “Nope.”
“Overbearing bat.”
 Majda’s visit was brief. The healer had checked first her leg, then her vitals and the baby’s, and she hadn’t found anything wrong. All the while, Cassian had been hovering by the door, monitoring everything the old woman did and taking notes. The two women had shared knowing looks, fighting their smiles. After Madja had left, Cassian had insisted Nesta spent the rest of the day in bed, head propped up on a few pillows while he massaged her swollen feet and calves. She couldn’t deny that it was nice, laying on the soft mattress as her husband took care of her. Their life had been pretty hectic lately, both their jobs keeping them busy. There was always something to do, a situation to take care of, a meeting or party to attend, and it had been a while since they had treated themselves to a day off.
As Cassian rubbed salve on her calves, his calloused hands scraping deliciously over her skin, Nesta remembered how those hands felt on other parts of her body, realizing it had been far too long since she and Cassian had been intimate with each other. During the first months of her pregnancy, the two of them had almost spent more time naked that they did during their mating frenzy, but since the start of her last trimester her mate had been reluctant to have sex, saying he didn’t want to hurt the baby. Despite having read countless books, every single one of them stating it was completely safe to engage in all kinds of sexual activities during pregnancy, Cassian still wanted to play it safe, opting for pleasuring her with his hands or mouth without letting her reciprocate. She missed feeling him inside her, having him groan into her neck as he brought them both to complexion. Her nipples hardened at the memory, a familiar feeling settling between her legs, but if Cassian had scented her arousal, he didn’t show. He kept massaging her legs, going from the sole of her feet to the back of her knees, but never higher.
Letting out a satisfied hum, she put her book down and began unbraiding her hair. “That feels good,” she said, hoping he would take the hint. “Maybe go a bit higher. My thighs are sore from all the running I did this morning.”
Cassian didn’t even glance up at her face, but he answered her request and moved his hands higher, massaging just above her knees. Then, as if he truly was oblivious to her wishes, he began telling her about the last time he and his brothers had gone to Rita’s, when Rhysand had gotten so drunk he had fallen down the stairs. All the while, he kept his eyes trained on her legs. Rolling her eyes, Nesta picked up her book again, fully intent on reading a smutty scene aloud to let her husband know exactly what she wanted. That’s when she noticed the tightness in his shoulders and the way his nostrils kept flaring, as if he was struggling to breathe normally.
She smiled to herself, knowing it wouldn’t take long before he gave in, and decided to double her efforts to make him lose control. Taking away one of the pillows propped behind her head, she slid down the mattress, making sure the loose shirt she was wearing rode up her thighs, exposing more skin. “Higher Cass,” she said.
Cassian’s hands stilled on her legs. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as if he was trying to calm himself. Judging from the growing bulge in his pants, the action only caused him to fill his nose with the scent of her arousal, and that’s when Nesta delivered the final blow: as her foot grazed his clothed hardness, she moaned and arched her back, pushing her breasts up.
A hiss tore from his mouth and his eyes flew to her cleavage, a pained moan escaping his lips. “Sweetheart, we can’t. You need to rest.”
Smirking, Nesta kept grazing the bulge in his pants, eyeing the way his throat bobbed as he struggle to keep himself in check. She took her breasts in her hands, pushing them together. “I’m not tired.”
Control finally snapping, Cassian roughly grabbed her ankle, stilling her movements. His eyes tracked the fullness of her breasts, then the exposed skin of her thighs. “Fuck, you’ll be the death of me,” he groaned before pushing her shirt up and diving straight for her centre, placing an open-mouthed kiss on her soaked panties. Nesta moaned, but before she could lose herself in the feeling of his mouth on her, she placed the sole of her foot on his chest and straightened her leg, pushing him away.
He fell back on the bed, throwing her a quizzical look. “I don’t want your mouth,” Nesta said. “I want your cock.”
When Cassian opened his mouth to protest, Nesta pushed herself up and took off her shirt, effectively silencing him. Cassian’s hands fisted the sheets, eyes settling hungrily on her breasts. That gave Nesta an idea. She smiled to herself and stood, then made to kneel next to the bed. Her knees hadn’t even touched the floor before Cassian pivoted and stopped her. “No, Nesta, your knee,” he protested.
She rolled her eyes and pushed his hands away so she could kneel between his legs. “Cassian. I’m fine, the only problem I have right now is that you haven’t let me do anything but lay on my back in two weeks, and while I love the fact that you’re willing to give me multiple orgasms without taking any pleasure for yourself, I miss touching you,” she said. “And I know you miss it too,” she added, palms rubbing up and down his thighs.
Cassian’s eyes flared, but he took a steadying breath and cradled her face between his hands, thumbs caressing her lower lip. Whatever he read in her eyes gave him the answer he was looking for, so he leaned down to kiss her and whispered ‘okay’ against her lips. Nesta didn’t waste any time in untying the laces of his pants, loosening them just enough to pull his cock free.
Wrapping her hand around him, she pumped a few times, watching as Cassian’s head lolled back and a muttered curse escaped his lips. Gods, she loved seeing him completely undone by her, lips parted and chest heaving as he struggled not to rock his hips into her hand. Beads of pre-cum were already leaking from the tip of his member, and Nesta used her thumb to collect them and spread them around. Without warning, she pushed his cock against his stomach and licked its underside. At the first brush of her tongue Cassian’s head snapped up, hips jumping off the bed and giving away exactly how much he had missed the feeling of her mouth on him. Nesta chuckled before taking him fully into her mouth, bobbing her head and coating his length in her saliva.
“Fuck baby, you’re so good at that,” Cassian ground out, gathering her hair in a messy ponytail to keep them away from her face, the gesture sweet and possessive at the same time.
The urge to reach down and touch herself was maddening, but she resisted, focusing on her mate. Despite how good it felt to taste him after so long, Nesta didn’t want him to come into her mouth just yet. It had been weeks since she’d been able to play, and she was in the mood to tease him a bit. Looking up at him, she took her breasts in her hands and pushed them together, moaning around Cassian’s length. Eyes darting between her mouth and chest, Cassian cursed under his breath, wings flaring wide behind him.
It was then that Nesta pulled away with a wet pop, making a show of licking her lips. Slowly, she lifted a single finger and dragged it from her lower lip to her throat, then down to the valley between her breasts, watching as her mate realized what she intended to do.
“Fuck yes, sweetheart,” he cursed, quickly scooting to the edge of the bed and guiding his hardness between her breasts. Twin moans escaped them as his throbbing length made contact with her chest, and then Nesta began moving, lifting up slightly and sinking down again. Cassian groaned, eyes fixed on where his cock, already lubricated with Nesta’s saliva from the earlier blowjob, glided easily between the plump flesh. “Did I ever tell you how much I love your tits, sweetheart?” He ground out. “They’re fucking perfect.”
Nesta chuckled, still bouncing up and down. “Of course I know, you perv. I saw you staring at them earlier. There was drool running down your chin,” she panted.
He barked a laugh, then let go of her hair and braced his hands on the mattress, watching her work. The golden brown strands fell over her shoulders, and Nesta saw a familiar look settle in Cassian’s lust glazed eyes, something she could only describe as adoration. After two centuries, she wasn’t surprised when he smiled and murmured, “you’re beautiful.”
Nesta smiled back. “Don’t go soft on me now, General.”
“Baby, my cock is between your tits, there’s no fucking way I’m going soft,” he answered.
“Good. But just to make sure.” She dropped her gaze to the head of Cassian’s cock, to its tip that appeared and disappeared between the heavy globes, and began sucking it into her mouth every time it pumped through. In response, Cassian’s wings flared, spreading wide and knocking a lamp down from the nightstand. It fell with a loud crash, but neither of them seemed to care.
“Hold these for me,” she instructed as she glanced at her chest.
“Fuck”, he cursed again as his hands flew to her breasts, pushing them together while rolling her nipples between his fingers, careful not to squeeze too roughly. Pregnancy had rendered her breasts extremely sensitive, but Cassian knew how to touch them without hurting her. The feeling of his expert hands on her skin sent a new wave of wetness between her legs, so she pushed her panties aside and began touching herself, moaning around the head of Cassian’s cock. She wasn’t going to last long, and judging from the way he was panting and groaning, neither was Cassian. As if on cue, his hips jumped up again and he began fucking her tits, the full flesh all but spilling from his calloused hands.
Her thighs burned from the effort of bobbing up and down, but the promise of a mind shattering orgasm, both hers and her mate’s, kept her going. Suddenly, Nesta felt something graze her back and hummed in approval, knowing exactly what it was. The lower edge of Cassian’s wings curved under her ass cheeks, helping her movements and allowing her tired muscles a reprieve.
Feeling how close Cassian was, Nesta released the head of his cock from her mouth. “Where do you want to finish?” She panted.
“On your chest, baby. I want my come all over your gorgeous tits,” he ground out as he pushed her breasts closer together to apply even more friction to his cock.
As the fingers of her right hand kept pumping in and out of her core, Nesta lifted her left hand and brushed her knuckles over the sensitive membrane of Cassian’s wing. He roared as he came, spilling all over her chest as his hips jumped up and his wings spread wide. His climax triggered hers, and when Nesta felt Cassian’s release spill on her skin she came with a loud cry, stars exploding behind her eyelids.
Falling back on her knees, she rested her forehead on Cassian’s thigh, breathing heavily as he combed his fingers through her hair.
“I love you so much,” he said as he struggled to catch his breath. Nesta hummed in response, enjoying his gentle caresses. When she didn’t make any effort to move from her spot on the floor, Cassian bent down and scooped her into his arms, placing her in his lap. She nuzzled his neck, content to be engulfed in his wonderful scent, and he kissed the top of her head, a hand rubbing circles on her belly. “Are my girls okay?” He whispered.
His warm breath ticked her temple, and Nesta smiled. “Your daughter is asleep, and your wife will join her soon,” she replied. “But when mommy wakes up, she wants you to bend her over the dresser and fuck her in front of the mirror.”
The rumble of Cassian’s chest as he laughed warmed her heart. “What mommy wants, mommy gets.”
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jxngh · 2 months ago
jin as your boyfriend
hello!! thank you for requesting <33 hope you'll enjoy 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he's the sweetest, selfless person i've ever seen
would treat you like a queen
making you smile makes his day better
he tells you that too
someway he thinks that it's his job
plus he doesn't have to try hard, a simple laugh of him is enough
he always celebrates important days and stuff early
would do the same to you
he'd take you to do random things
go fishing, grocery shopping etc.
would love to teach you how to cook
he'd be so playful during teaching
he cooks for you often
fancy dinner tables, scented candles, rose petals
please i'm m e l t i n g right now
wakes you up with breakfast in the bed
(he told this + mentioned it's because his s/o would be tired 😏)
takes you to his fav restaurants
kisses your cheeks all of a sudden
loves to surprise you
and when you blush he'd tease
even though he's the same about blushing
he's so understanding
takes care of you during stressful times
would make you sit and give you tea while talking to you
would take you in his arms while intertwining fingers with you
s u c h a b o y f r i e n d
he's so romantic oh god
remember the picture that he's outside, holding a bouquet
that pic makes my heart burst every.fkin.time
he'd get you flowers, pretty dresses and stuff
' my princess deserves the best '
i see him calling his s/o 'jagi, princess, love'
if you'd ever fight
i can't see him raising his voice
would be silent and not around you
he'd feel bad about it
trying to fix it after giving you two some alone time, making you think
after you guys make up he'd not leave you alone
you'd be in his arms all the time
you're cooking? he's cooking too
you're sleeping? he's too
mature content below !
Tumblr media
he's a loving dom
loves to take you in missionary
not as a classical way, he feels more intimate
seeing your face, hearing your sweet sounds is what he needs
always kisses your lips during sex
hands traveling your body, keeping you closer
would be thinking about your pleasure over his
loses it when you praise him
goes rough
he is not into dirty talk i think
would make you cum with his sweet words
under his hungry, loving gaze
this guy worships the way your body reacts
his moans gets high pitched when he's close
face looking like a fcking sculpture all the time
loves to guide your hips when you're riding him
enjoys it quite a lot
roleplay would be in another level me thinks
.·´ if you want more of these ( hoseok and jimin left) or something else let me know in here ✨
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jiyeongslover · a month ago
Could you write NSFW headcanons for Front Man? I read the other two requests you wrote (one that I requested) and they are great.💕
babe wake up jiyeongslover has more front man content !!! anywayz idk whats after this but i do have ANOTHER front man rq somewhere in my inbox
sorry this is so short
Front man/Hwang in-ho NSFW headcanons
Tumblr media
due to in-ho's high rank in the games , he cant have sex as much as he would like too (honestly speaking would that stop him? absolutely not) that being said quickies r a MUST
REMEMBER WHEN I SAID YPUD WATCH THE GAMES WITH FLY ME TO THE MOON IN THE BACKGROUND?? that but w sex... not like really rough but sweet sex while the soft music plays in tbe background ☹️ that could be a fic actually
honestly if ur into it sex w the mask on? or you wearing his coat
tbh will try almost anything, choking? sure calling names? ok have fun
like i said, our in-ho is a busy man so aftercare is hard to do , unless you really want it he MAY be able to move around his schedule.
but no matter what he will always clean you up
hard , jealous sex after one of the VIPs were being a little too friendly
not into threesomes (and more) because ur all his and he doesnt like sharing
think about it, ✨ thigh riding ✨
when hes had a busy day he'd have you get yourself off on his thigh
more into being a dom but if you REEAAAALLYYYY want it he might be a sub just for u (privilege 🤙)
risk taker
would be lying if he said he wouldn't be into one of the guards walking in on you both
would jack off if he had the time
if you're a player in-ho would have guards take you out of the main room randomly because he is horny
HAS RANDOM HORNY MOMENTS??? one sec like 'naw im tired im gonna chill' a moment later he desperately wants YOUR mouth on HIS cock!!!!! crazy man fr /hj
blow jobs r in-hos favourite thing during a quickie, it may be sadistic but he loves the way you choke on his thick length
MIGHT BE A SADIST ACTUALLY? i havent put much thought into that one but theres a high possibility
rarely gets to go 'all out' but when he can he may enjoy roleplaying
can go about 4ish rounds before getting real tired
cock !! warming !! he loves it
can go from hella soft to rough af just ask :)
not good with romantic gestures so sex is one of in-ho's favourite ways to let u know he adores u
sorry that this is so short ,, this was rushed because ive needed something to be posted</3
requests are open <3
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