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In light of my home state’s latest #Monolith discovery, I have some thoughts for you. Were #dinosaurs #aliens? Were #TyrannosaurusRex #FossilFuels destroyed or deployed by #alien oil companies? Who is responsible for the #AncientSymbols? Are #dolphins really aliens sent here to protect us, control us, monitor us, or what? These questions need answers. 😁 #artbytai Ballpoint pen drawing on watercolor paper.
#utahmonolith #tyrannosaurus #spaceship #ufo #alienart #ufoart #penart #ballpointpendrawing #pendrawing #alienconspiracy

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From DeadAliveinHD

I have had a close interest in prehistoric fauna for a long time, where this has taken hold of me since I was a very young child. Having looked into communities with similar interests, I find that they can be split into two distinct groups. The first of them may be called the “paleontology community”, for lack of a better term at the moment. This community primarily focuses on treating prehistoric fauna as animals that once lived, finding out what they may have looked like in real life by studying them and other animals alive today, and are often at the forefront in their realistic depictions. It finds itself a strong foothold in Tumblr and DeviantArt as well. The second group may be less cohesive from my own experience; likely because it may encompass the broader public to varying degrees. Regardless, the most fervent are often despairingly called “awesome bros”, so named by the former group due to their wanting to make dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna “cool”, rendering them into ruthless murder machines with no other objective or need other than to kill or be killed, and more so taking on the appearance of a video game enemy than the actual animals they are supposed to be. I’d say that further elaboration can be found here:

Admittingly, I say that I sympathize with the former group more than the latter, mainly because being the pseudo-perfectionist that I am, I like to get whatever I make right. There can be issues with the former group as well, as while the idea that dinosaurs had feathers in no longer as controversial an idea as it used to be, some can still take it too far with the liberal application of feathers (though sometimes it may be in jest, and regardless, this community as a whole still has its faculties in order when it comes to adhering to scientific fact). As well, I find that sometimes there is little in the way of trying to bridge the gap between the two groups, which I find primarily lies in this group’s responsibility. One of the ways it doesn’t really help its case is admittingly a rather subjective issue, even for myself, so to what degree it can even be fixed is uncertain. However, I find that some members of the paleontology community don’t put much stock into making their realistic depictions of prehistoric fauna all that attractive, or otherwise giving them speculative features that appear odd, like making tyrannosaurus’ mouth look like a bear as opposed to just giving them lips, or making them so wrinkly that many people would certainly not describe them as beautiful I find that these sorts of features can make them seem off.


Arvalis - Saurian - Tyrannosaurus rex 2016

Its why I’m glad for the depiction of Tyrannosaurus shown in the video above - showing tyrannosaurus in an appearance as scientifically accurate as possible while still keeping it aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the eye. Then again, people can be fickle, who knows how people may react to it.

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i collect two orders from one person in one post. it was not an easy work due to my favorite procrastination (burn in hell). in any case i did it and the customer liked it (which i can’t say about myself), my work is done, i did a good job.

⚠ please don’t use this art without my permission, this art was made for one person and this dino belongs to him;

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For 14 long years, a secret from the late cretaceous period has been held captive by capitalistic greed, average folks just trying to make a living, and the bureaucracy of the U.S. This secret holds within it the immaculately preserved fossil remains of a mysterious meat-eating dinosaur potentially locked in mortal combat with an equally mysterious horned dinosaur. These intertwined beasts of primordia are known as, “Montana’s Dueling Dinosaurs,” and their 14-year-long hiatus from the eyes of academics, laymen, and amateurs has finally been lifted.

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