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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText

I am working on a short story. i have part 1 finished, and it could work as a standalone short story, but i’m currently working on more of it… if anyone would like to read what I have so far, message me or reblog this and I’ll reach out to you with a link :)

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoQuote
Marshall Bruno

We love the spring
For the colors and weather
We picnic and adventure
We do everything together
Naps in the shade
Or the sun on our faces
Under the magnolia tree in the yard

Spring came and opened our sinuses
But nothing opened our hearts
Like the days spent in the grass
Watching how the trees bloomed.

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoAnswer
I love this blog! Your poetry is amazing ahhh. Thanks for the follow my man, and keep up the good work.

you made my weekend when I read that! Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it :) You’re awesome.

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText

Thanks for all the follows today everyone! You’re super cool people!

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText

I had a friend tell me they just bought my book, but I can see every time a purchase is made, and they didn’t buy it. Niiiiice. 

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoQuote
Marshall Bruno
something unpublished
From the next book.
“Are you sure?” I asked you.
you nod softly.
I slowly insert it and your face lights up with delight.
It’d been a long time, very long time, since we’d done this,
And something about having you back here with me
made my own excitement even more poignant.
I could have done with this anyone,
male or female, I don’t discriminate.
But you’re the one I wanted to do it with,
playing old video games was our favorite thing to do,
so putting this cartridge into the console was just the start of a great night.
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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText


I had not played LORD(legend of the red dragon) in a long time. I telnetted in and played this morning. It was lovely

I’ve been trying not to post non-writing and photography things on this page, but holy crap, please PM me details of the address to reach LORD, i haven’t played in 20 years since version 1

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText


Hey everyone,

I really want to purchase some poetry books for leisure reading as well as for inspiration! I was wondering if you all could recommend a few poetry books to me! Let me know what your favorites are!

well i may be a bit biased here but i did just publish a poetry book! It’s available on amazon in paperback and as an ebook for kindle. and it’s cheap as heck! It’s called Anchors Aweigh and it’s full of sad, funny, and sometimes inspiring things!

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoText

thinking about giving away some free copies of my book on here… but i have almost no followers right now. help me change that fact and there will be free books!

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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoQuote
from “Anchors Aweigh” by Marshall Bruno.
It’s because I care so much more
For you than anyone before
That I sit and think and try to write
The words that may just make your night.
I love you, and I really mean it
But I hope with my actions that you’ve already seen it
You mean the world to me, you really do.
So again I say that I love you
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thatwriterguymarshall·4 years agoLink
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