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Maple Falls Massacre AVAILABLE NOW! Printed £8 Digital PDF £4
Every winter dozens of people go missing in Maple Falls.
Many people believe that an ancient creature known as Blackfoot is responsible for these unexplained disappearances.

But, the truth is far worse than any urban legend. * For mature readers only. Contains sex, violence & bad language. #horror #horrornovels #horrorgenre #horrorcomminity #horrorfilm #maplefallsmassacre #readers #reading #readingcommunity #danieljbarnes #djbverse #selfpublishing #writer #writingcommunity #supportindieauthors #booksbooksbooks #goodreads #ripl @goodreads @ripl

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Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop. Rating: 3.5 Stars.

Read from May 31st to June 3rd.

We are on to book four in this series. Just one book left until it’s all over. I’ve been really enjoying my “cotton candy” read as I call it and I’m sad to see it’s ending. It has been getting worse ratings for me as the series goes on simply because it has expanded so much from what the series started out as and it takes away a lot of the Slice of Life sections of the story that I love so much. We get a couple of those scenes in this novel, but so much of this book’s focus is on the other parts of the continent. Though, I will say that part of me wants to pick up the last book right away. But I like to read a book in between books in a series so that it doesn’t all run together in my mind.

I still really love the characters from book one and I’m starting to enjoy more of the characters who weren’t introduced until books two or later. And the magic system is great in this series. It’s not all light and fluffy, but the books are so easy to read despite being chunky.

I will say that the one complaint most people have about this series is one that I don’t mind at all. The chief complaint is that the romance in these books takes too long. I don’t mind it because in this world one is a shifter who doesn’t have that kind of contact with humans at all and one is a blood prophet who ran away from the people holding her captive. I don’t think either one of those characters would be ready to jump into something. I know it’s four books now where all they’ve really done is held hands and kissed each other on the cheek, but it’s been about 6 months since the blood prophet escaped. I think the timing makes sense. But I also do want to see something happen in the last book of course.

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“Not a flat. Not an apartment in back. Not a man’s house. Not a daddy’s house. A house all my own. With my porch and my pillow, my pretty purple petunias. My books and my stories.”

- Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street

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2020/06/02 | 8/100 Days of Productivity

In turbulent times like these, you sometimes need to slow down. This DOES NOT mean you should ignore everything that is happening out there. But you cannot fight for a cause if you are not willing to fight for yourself.

Some days I’ve had some *mood* issues which led me to make these “How to say no to depression/anxiety” and “Quotes to get through the day” pages in my bullet journal. Sometimes, I find myself still going back to these, like today.

I decided to take some of my own advice and spend the day reading. Not only does reading give me some peace of mind in all the chaos, but it can also educate. And it gives me some motivation to catch up on my Goodreads goal.

Above all, I want to urge everyone to stay safe. Yes, stand up for what you believe in. Support the BLM movement. But remember to think of your own safety. I hope the BLM movements comes out of this battle victorious.

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5/10/20 - 5/22/20

red rising follows darrow, a lowcolor red, as he infultrates the golds in attempt to bring justice to the reds.

NON-SPOILER REVIEW. the first third of the book was slow, maybe even first half. but once the book got going, it was so worth it. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. it was well worth the boring start. the characters, especially the main character, are so strong. the character growth that takes place in this novel is so well done, and reminded me that books really can make you feel something and feel less alone. in the last half of the story, there is never a dull time. right as things might start to be looking just prime for the characters, some new problem arises. this isn’t an annoying thing, though, it just keeps the characters moving. if I haven’t made it clear enough, this book is so worth it. the characters are worth it. the last half of the book definitely makes up for the first half. this novel–outstanding.

this book is hard to rate on a scale out of ten. the first third was slow. very slow. as a writer myself (wow, that sounds pretentious), I could see his reasons for the way he paced the novel all the way through. but the beginning was still so slow. the second third was more interesting and encouraged me to keep reading because I knew something big was coming. and that last third. THAT LAST THIRD Y’ALL. really. really. good. and so worth it. let’s talk about the specific notes I took while reading.

the rest of the review has spoilers. you’ve been warned.


i’ve seen a few reviews, and some people really don’t like darrow. I do! a lot! as a character in a story, pierce makes sure he’s the one making moves and pushing the plot forward. there are events that push him (like the proctors taking their horses, etc.) but darrow takes matters into his own hands. this makes him a way more interesting character than he would have otherwise been. an example of this is

THE LEGEND OF THE REAPER. I absolutely LOVE the way the legend of the reaper grows. I love how aware darrow is of himself, how he goes out of his way in order to make the myth grow larger. this reminded me of the mockingjay with katniss in the hunger games, but this was even better. it was darrow himself ensuring that the legend grew, rather than it happening on it’s own. another instance of how proactive darrow is, and how it makes him a more interesting character to read. along with that, his

CHARACTER GROWTH was something I was able to see, in a good way. I don’t remember the last time I read a novel and was able to see a character grow, written in such a good way as this book was. darrow grew. he learned how to not let his anger control him. most important, his leadership skills grew, and I loved watching that. also, his love for eo is so sweet. everytime he talked about her I got all butterfly feeling hehe. anyway, because of his character growth, specifically his leadership,

NOTHING FEELS HANDED TO DARROW. at different times in the novel, when he becomes the leader of different groups in the game, it never feels handed to him simply because he’s the main character. we were able to read about his growth, see him making mistakes and battle others through short sentences to see who has the power and who is dominating. I love that about this book. I love the small exchanges between wannabe leaders, all the minuscule things going on that mean so much, and any small movement can change who the dominating force is.


ROQUE AND SEVRO. I love roque. he is set up as the perfect character for someone like me to have a special place in their hearts for. he also seems like the perfect character to kill off in the last book to tear a reader’s heart to shreds, and I have a strong premonition that he’ll suffer in the next books. and sevro sevro made me laugh when I first started reading about him–living alone in the woods, killing wolves, possibly raised by wolves. and then he really came into play in the story, and everything changed, and I love sevro now. who doesn’t? roque and sevro deserve the best.

MUSTANG and her ANGER. she was a very unexpected character for me. at times, she was definitely not my favorite character. but I will never stop loving her anger. I love it so much. mustang’s anger comes from a pure want and will for justice. this passion often surprises darrow, and I love it even more because of that. she longs for the right thing to be done, always, parallel to

EO. we were robbed of more time with eo. she brought so much atmosphere to the story. whenever she was on the page, I was automatically more interested in whatever I was reading. especially because oftentimes her and darrow disagreed on things. so much more interesting to read than her agreeing with everything he said, or vice versa! I get that mustang is very similar to eo, but I want more real eo time. I hope in future books there are flashbacks or something, just so I can see more of eo. next in my notes, I wrote about


THE WRITING STYLE. i’m a little conflicted with this. when I first started this book, and probably up until the halfway mark, I caught myself rereading sentences because they just didn’t flow well. they were abrupt, not written in a style I typically read. this book is harder to read at times than most YA books, but maybe this style is meant to remind you that there is more to be said than the usual flow easy-reading of most YA books. along with the writing style, pierce brown is able to get a reader

WRAPPED UP IN THE STORY. he does this well enough that at times, you 1) forget it’s a game darrow’s playing, he’s at a school, and 2) you like most gold’s in the game so much that you forget that darrow shouldn’t be liking them, either. this is a nice real reminder that darrow is struggling with the same questions we are. rather than reading about darrow grappling with this, you as a reader are actively wondering about the same things, which makes the story that much better.


-I definitely thought there had to be another red in the game, but I was shocked to find out it was titan. I want to know so much more about him and hope he comes into play in the next two novels–i’m sure he will, pierce brown seems like the type of author who writes so that everything matters. who found titan, how did he come to be a gold, what were his goals? I need answers, pierce. going. while I was reading, I tried to figure out who might be a red in the novel–sevro and roque seemed like too obvious answers, but it didn’t feel like any of the other character’s darrow was close with were reds, either. titan was such a good twist that I should have seen coming. very well done.

-sevro and fitchner–did not expect. while I read the novel, I was so scared that sevro might die because of how much darrow and fitchner put into protecting him. but it didn’t come in this book. I have a feeling something terrible will come to him in future books.

-mustang. now, i’m not sure what you were thinking when you read this book, but darrow was oh so worried that she was going to ditch him for her brother. but really? did you really think that while reading this? because I know I didn’t. never for a second did I doubt that she was loyal to him. she already seemed so estranged from her brother from all the things that we had heard–especially with her father making sure the jackal won the game but not doing a thing for her. favoritism if i’ve ever seen it.


-sevro will die. for sure. this will be painful to see, but this has to happen, right?

-roque will go through so much traumatizing pain–will he even remember who he is? I don’t know If pierce will go so far as to kill both sevro, and roque, and I think, at least for roque, it would be more painful for him to live but have some type of pain occur.

-where will future novels go? I’m very interested to see what will happen next–I hope they’re as good as the last half of this novel. I really have no idea where the next novel in this series will go. 


GOOD BOOK. READ. this book is worth it. darrow, while not my favorite main character, he’s a dang good main character. pierce brown knows what he’s doing with plot, characters, growth, twists, even pacing–or at least he’s good at faking it.


legend by marie lu. I will forever encourage people to read this book, but this time I definitely think that if you liked red rising you’ll enjoy legend. legend is a quicker read, but they both include strong main characters and you won’t want to put them down once they get going because of the non-stop action and the lovable characters.

best wishes!!! pluto <3

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Mathieu Terence (Journal d’un coeur sec)
Je n'ai jamais travaillé, je n'ai pas eu d'enfants, aucune oeuvre ne couronnera ma vie. Que vais-je laisser une fois que je n'aurai jamais été ? Des souvenirs ? Sans doute… A ceux que j'ai oubliés. Même ce journal, si souvent tenu, je l'ai détruit au fur et à mesure que je le rédigeais. L'envie, non dénuée de présomption, qui me prenait parfois de le publier n'a jamais résisté à celle de faire le vide. Ce que j'aime dans le néant c'est que ce n'est même pas la mort.
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Amazon First Reads for June 2020

I know I say this every single month, but I can’t get over how quickly the last month has gone. Meaning that for Amazon Prime Members we get to choose which Amazon First Read were going to download for free. Again this month as most months there are eight books to choose from.

This months choices are:


The Bone Jar by S W Kane, Pages: 328, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: Two murders. An abandoned asylum. Will a mysterious former patient help untangle the dark truth?

The body of an elderly woman has been found in the bowels of a derelict asylum on the banks of the Thames. As Detective Lew Kirby and his partner begin their investigation, another body is discovered in the river nearby. How are the two murders connected?

Before long, the secrets of Blackwater Asylum begin to reveal themselves. There are rumours about underground bunkers and secret rooms, unspeakable psychological experimentation, and a dark force that haunts the ruins, trying to pull back in all those who attempt to escape. Urban explorer Connie Darke, whose sister died in a freak accident at the asylum, is determined to help Lew expose its grisly past. Meanwhile Lew discovers a devastating family secret that threatens to turn his life upside down.

As his world crumbles around him, Lew must put the pieces of the puzzle together to keep the killer from striking again. Only an eccentric former patient really knows the truth—but will he reveal it to Lew before it’s too late?

Contemporary Fiction

Someone Else’s Secret by Julia Spiro, Pages: 363, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: Here’s the thing about secrets: they change shape over time, become blurry with memory, until the truth is nearly lost.

2009. Lindsey and Georgie have high hopes for their summer on Martha’s Vineyard. In the wake of the recession, ambitious college graduate Lindsey accepts a job as a nanny for an influential family who may help her land a position in Boston’s exclusive art world. Georgie, the eldest child in that family, is nearly fifteen and eager to find herself, dreaming of independence and yearning for first love.

Over the course of that formative summer, the two young women develop a close bond. Then, one night by the lighthouse, a shocking act occurs that ensnares them both in the throes of a terrible secret. Their budding friendship is shattered, and neither one can speak of what happened that night for ten long years.

Until now. Lindsey and Georgie must confront the past after all this time. Their quest for justice will require costly sacrifices, but it also might give them the closure they need to move on. All they know for sure is that when the truth is revealed, their lives will be forever changed once again.

From a fresh voice in fiction, this poignant and timely novel explores the strength and nuance of female friendship, the cost of ambition, and the courage it takes to speak the truth.


Never Look Back by Mary Burton, Pages: 332, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: Expect the unexpected in this gritty, tense, and page-turning mystery from New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton.

After multiple women go missing, Agent Melina Shepard of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation makes the impulsive decision to go undercover as a prostitute. While working the street, she narrowly avoids becoming a serial killer’s latest victim; as much as it pains her to admit, she needs backup.

Enter lone wolf FBI agent Jerrod Ramsey. Stonewalled by a lack of leads, he and Melina investigate a scene where a little girl has been found abandoned in a crashed vehicle. They open the trunk to reveal a horror show and quickly realise they’re dealing with two serial killers with very different MOs. The whole situation brings back memories for Melina—why does this particular case feel so connected to her painful past?

Before time runs out, Melina must catch not one but two serial killers, both ready to claim another victim—and both with their sights set on her.


Find Me by Anne Frasier, Pages: 286, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: A bone-chilling family history is unearthed in a heart-stopping thriller by New York Times bestselling author Anne Frasier.

Convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally offered to lead San Bernardino detective Daniel Ellis to the isolated graves of his victims. One catch: he’ll only do it if FBI profiler Reni Fisher, his estranged daughter, accompanies them. As hard as it is to exhume her traumatic childhood, Reni can’t say no. She still feels complicit in her father’s crimes.

Perfect to play a lost little girl, Reni was the bait to lure unsuspecting women to their deaths. It’s time for closure. For her. For the families. And for Daniel. He shares Reni’s obsession with the past. Ever since he was a boy, he’s been convinced that his mother was one of Fisher’s victims.

Thirty years of bad memories are flooding back. A master manipulator has gained their trust. For Reni and Daniel, this isn’t the end of a nightmare. It’s only the beginning.

Book Club Fiction

The Lending Library by Aliza Fogelson, Pages: 295, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: For fans of Jane Green and Loretta Nyhan, a heartwarming debut novel about a daydreamer who gives her town, and herself, an amazing gift: a lending library in her sun-room.

When the Chatsworth library closes indefinitely, Dodie Fairisle loses her sanctuary. How is a small-town art teacher supposed to cope without the never-ending life advice and enjoyment that books give her? Well, when she’s as resourceful and generous as Dodie, she turns her sun-room into her very own little lending library.

At first just a hobby, this lit lovers’ haven opens up her world in incredible ways. She knows books are powerful, and soon enough they help her forge friendships between her zany neighbours—and attract an exciting new romance.

But when the chance to adopt an orphaned child brings Dodie’s secret dream of motherhood within reach, everything else suddenly seems less important. Finding herself at a crossroads, Dodie must figure out what it means to live a full, happy life. If only there were a book that could tell her what to do…

Historical Fiction

Opium and Absinthe by Lydia Kang, Pages: 379, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: From the bestselling author of A Beautiful Poison comes another spellbinding historical novel full of intrigue, occult mystery, and unexpected twists.

New York City, 1899. Tillie Pembroke’s sister lies dead, her body drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on her neck. Bram Stoker’s new novel, Dracula, has just been published, and Tillie’s imagination leaps to the impossible: the murderer is a vampire. But it can’t be—can it?

A ravenous reader and researcher, Tillie has something of an addiction to truth, and she won’t rest until she unravels the mystery of her sister’s death. Unfortunately, Tillie’s addicted to more than just truth; to ease the pain from a recent injury, she’s taking more and more laudanum…and some in her immediate circle are happy to keep her well supplied.

Tillie can’t bring herself to believe vampires exist. But with the hysteria surrounding her sister’s death, the continued vampiric slayings, and the opium swirling through her body, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a girl who relies on facts and figures to know what’s real—or whether she can trust those closest to her.

Epic Fantasy

Scarlet Odyssey by C T Rwizi, Pages: 534, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: Magic is women’s work; war is men’s. But in the coming battle, none of that will matter.

Men do not become mystics. They become warriors. But eighteen-year-old Salo has never been good at conforming to his tribe’s expectations. For as long as he can remember, he has loved books and magic in a culture where such things are considered unmanly. Despite it being sacrilege, Salo has worked on a magical device in secret that will awaken his latent magical powers. And when his village is attacked by a cruel enchantress, Salo knows that it is time to take action.

Salo’s queen is surprisingly accepting of his desire to be a mystic, but she will not allow him to stay in the tribe. Instead, she sends Salo on a quest. The quest will take him thousands of miles north to the Jungle City, the political heart of the continent. There he must gather information on a growing threat to his tribe.

On the way to the city, he is joined by three fellow outcasts: a shunned female warrior, a mysterious nomad, and a deadly assassin. But they’re being hunted by the same enchantress who attacked Salo’s village. She may hold the key to Salo’s awakening—and his redemption.

Children’s Picture Book

Kat and Juju by Kataneh Vahdani, Pages: 40, Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Synopsis: An unlikely duo star in a charming story about being different, finding courage, and the importance of friendship in the first book in a new series from an award-winning animation director.

Kat likes doing things her very own way, but sometimes she doubts herself. So when a bird named Juju arrives, Kat hopes he’ll be the best friend she’s always wanted. He’s outgoing and silly and doesn’t worry about what others think—the opposite of who she is. Bit by bit, with Juju’s help, Kat discovers her strength, and how to have a friend and be one—while still being true to herself.

*** Which book will you choose? I chose “Opium and Absinthe” as soon as I saw the cover I knew that was this book I had to choose. Let me know which book you choose. ***

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Book Acquired Via BookBub in May 2020

I’m still trying to keep the amount of free books that I download to a minimum but it’s still not happening!! I’m such a huge book addict. I wonder if there is a help group for book addicts?

So the books I downloaded this month are below, let me know if you’ve downloaded or read any of them. If you have let me know what you thought of them.

  1. Fear University Series Books 1-3 by Meg Collett
  2. Heartache in Heels (Love Ever After Book 1) by Cate Lawley
  3. The Tarot Witches Complete Collection by S M Raine
  4. Cupcakes and Macarons by Bethany Lopez
  5. A Pinch of Salt (Three Sisters Catering Book 1) by Bethany Lopez
  6. 1 Night (A Time for Love Book 0) by Bethany Lopez
  7. Chasing Echoes by Jodie Perkins
  8. Mind Reader by Kirsty McManus
  9. Desperately Ever After Book 1 by Laura Kenyon
  10. Black Edge by Charlotte Byrd
  11. Seal of Protection Box Set 1 by Susan Stoker
  12. Five Minuets Late by Rich Amooi
  13. June’s Blood by Juliet Vane
  14. No More Bad Dates (High Tea Book 1) by Kate O’Keeffe
  15. The First Time I Say Goodbye by Claire Allen
  16. 15 Minutes (Time for Love Book 4) by Bethany Lopez
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1. La Barque silencieuse by Pascal Quignard ⭐⭐⭐

2. L'autofictif père et fils by Éric Chevillard ⭐⭐⭐

3. All We Saw: Poems by Anne Michaels ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon ⭐⭐⭐⭐

5. Blue Horses: Poems by Mary Oliver ⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. The Latte Factor by David Bach ⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. La Poursuite du bonheur by Michel Houellebecq ⭐⭐⭐⭐

8. Rester vivant: et autres textes by Michel Houellebecq ⭐⭐⭐

9. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games #0) by Suzanne Collins ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

10. I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

11. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin ⭐⭐⭐

12. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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“I was assailed by memories of a life that wasn’t mine anymore, but one which I’d found the simplest and most lasting joys: the smells of summer, the part of town I loved, a certain evening sky, Marie’s dresses and the way she laughed.”

- Albert Camus, The Stranger

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“Things had a way of disappearing in the garden, as if the garden itself ate them, or, as if with its old-man memory, it put them away and forgot them.”

- Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street

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