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deadpoetsmusings · 19 hours ago
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Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life / Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot  / Donna Tartt, The Secret History
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rocksinkwell · a day ago
TSH headcanons
Bunny's favorite snack is granulated sugar.
Francis has monogrammed velvet slippers. The monogram isn't his but he won't elaborate.
Bunny talks in his drunk comas. Francis used to take bets on what he would say. Until he mumbled "pansy-ass cocksucker" between two unconscious buzz saw impressions.
Richard won a tenner that night.
Camilla is jealous of Charles' hair.
She also collects porcelain frogs.
Julian's Meisterstücks were all stolen from the celebrities and socialites he invited to his house parties.
Bunny has a great ass but nobody ever tells him. "The rabbit's tail" is a hot topic of conversation in his absence though.
Henry buys books in languages he doesn't speak but plans to learn.
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bet Richard Papen says “Love you, bye.” every time he hangs up the phone
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sidereusimber · 2 months ago
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Quotes : Jonathan Safran Foer // Albert Camus // Donna Tartt // Donna Tartt // Friedrich Nietzsche // Edgar Allen Poe // Rainer Maria Rilke //
Art: 2. Adrian Ghenie // 4. Heinrich Gogarten // 5. Henrik Aa. Uldalen // 7. Michel Voogt // 8. Erika Seguín Colás // 9. Yanjun Cheng // 13. Henrik Aa. Uldalen // 14. Chris Veeneman // 17. Henrik Aa. Uldalen // 18. Maurice Sapiro
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awrldalone · 4 months ago
things that i find inherently romantic
braiding hair, the strands passing through your fingers like silk
reading poetry to each other, voices like honey in the sun
the intimacy of borrowing their t-shirt
writing things by hand, watching them glide the pen on the paper and taking in their handwriting, their calligraphy
looking at their naked back, connecting the small moles with your fingers as if they were constellations
creating together
listening to music together, sharing the album that speaks to you like no other
hearing their voice when they’ve just woken up, groggy and slightly confused but happy
sharing all your favourite things with them, the intimate art that plays with the strings of your soul: your favourite painting, book, quote, passage, place
feeling time pass by, together
their breath tickling your skin
-c. 23/05/21 
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artemiese · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
“I suppose at one time in my life I might have had any number of stories, but now there is no other. This is the only story I will ever be able to tell.”
The Secret History as a ‘50s film classic
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dark-academia-hoee · 4 months ago
i want to be a part of a knit-tight friendship group where we translate papers into greek for fun, jumble latin into sentences, stay up till 3 am highly-caffeinated doing jigsaws, scribbling poetry in biro on public spaces, driving anywhere with no decided destination, using darling and sweetheart but platonically. i want it so bad it physically hurts.
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achillesreborn · 10 months ago
for those who do not love their education deeply
you are not 'spoilt'
you are not 'wasting' anything or anyone's time
the educational system is awful & you have every right to speak out against it
a teacher must teach you, but they must also entertain and encourage you. if they do not, that is out of your control
most dark academics are making the best of a bad situation
your mental health matters more than grades
not every subject will thrill & excite you. not enjoying literature, poetry or art doesn't make you a 'fake' academic
you can enjoy a subject without studying it & you have every right to say you enjoy it
barely passing or failing a course is not the end of the world. you will get better, whether that means continuing the course or dropping it for your true passion
sometimes you're not good at something, even if you love it. don't sacrifice your mental & physical health to pass a course that you find impossible, but let yourself enjoy it if you can
remember your worth is not in your grades.
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rocksinkwell · a day ago
Bunny: Have a burger
Camilla: Have a stroll
Charles: Have a drink
Henry: Have a benzo
Francis: Have a threesome
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princesskuragina · 8 months ago
The funniest part about the secret history is that richard didn't even want to be a classics major. He just didn't want to take a new language class. He was like "hey can I take greek? I already know some" and that weird mf julian was like "only if you join our cult"
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moonylupinhasdemonpox · 2 months ago
ok but dismantle the idea that you should finish your writing as quick as possible. some of my favourite books (stand-alones. with series i cannot choose) were written over the span of many years. the secret history was written in 10 years and the same with the song of achilles. all the light we cannot see took 9 years to write. almost every fan fiction takes the span of a few months to create and even then they aren’t perfect. lotr took 16 years for tolkien to compose. jkr took six years to write the philosophers stone. victor hugo wrote les mis in the space of 12 years. yes, many good books and stories are written over the course of a few months, but everyone’s different and it might take some more time for you. all im saying is that all these amazing books have changed and shaped literature and they weren’t written in a day. so take your time, it dosent matter if your work dosent turn out to be a masterpiece, you can perfect it day by day until you’re satisfied. don’t feel compelled to rush
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