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okay but hear me out: au where henry winter has an older sister who takes none of his bullshit.

she decides to visit hampden one day because she hasn’t seen him in a while. she’s a genius and went to hampden, too, and speaks all the languages, but he hasn’t been answering the damned phone so off she goes. she asks someone to point her in the direction of henry’s place. she waltzes in while him, francis, charles, camilla, and bunny are planning this bacchanal. henry sees her. 

it’s the first time the crew has ever seen him petrified with fear.

her eyes flash.

“henry winter. you better NOT BE TRYING TO PULL THIS BACCHANAL BULL A G A I N.” 

and everyone just looks at him, jaws dropped like “… AGAIN?!?!?”

and she’s like “oh yeah he tried this shit when he was like 13. this is not a new fascination of his. wait a second. does julian morrow still work here?”

henry hasn’t said a word. he’s too paralyzed. 

camilla speaks up like “…yes…”

sister starts muttering under her breath like “so help me zeus when i get my hands on that” and then they tune her out because they’re too afraid to hear whatever she’s about to say and they’re like:

“dude, who the hell is she? where did she come from? how does she know julian?”

and he’s all “sister. hell. student.”

and she starts cleaning shit and then yells at everybody to start helping her clean. she gets all the liquor out of there and starts making the kids some dinner because athena only knows they don’t know how to take care of themselves.

francis gets the nerve to ask her at dinner “so… julian…”

and she just sighs like “yeah. him. i told henry to watch out for him, but he’s irresistible. i know. but he used my class just like he’s using you now. he’s too much of a yellow-livered coward to actually do this shit himself, so he tries to get his students to do it so that he can live vicariously. i was afraid of this. i really was. it’s why i told mom and dad that you didn’t need to come here.”

and henry’s all “wait. i thought you did it because you wanted to be special.”

and she’s like “henry. no. i’m so damned proud of you. but this place led me to dark places. i barely made it out. i knew if you got into julian’s clutches you wouldn’t be able to claw your way out. there was one sane person in my class, but when you told me all about your friends…” her breath hitches and she gets tears in her eyes “you all want it too badly. want him too much. you’re his perfect class. his perfect experiment. when you stopped answering my calls i was afraid that maybe i was too late. as long as you kept answering i knew there was hope that you hadn’t totally given in yet. but then you stopped. and i knew.” 

henry just looks at her. jaw dropped.

“so that’s why you insisted on the calls. even though you’d never been one to keep in contact before.”


“but why save me?”

“because you’re my baby brother. i love you. i will always love you. and i am so proud of you for making it this far. but henry. we gotta get you outta here. all of you outta here. and then, i’m coming for julian.”

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Out in the country it was not uncommon to discover that she had slipped away, alone, out to the lake, maybe, or down to the cellar, where once I found her sitting in the big marooned sleigh, reading, her fur coat thrown over her knees.

Donna Tartt, The Secret History (1992).

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Listen I think Donna Tartt kind of did justice to Bunny and that farmer by killing Henry by himself. Like speaking of Bunny, yeah I get it that he was an asshole but that doesn’t mean you should kill someone just because they piss you off and speaking of him knowing about the murder and threating the others was not a bad thing, he was doing the right thing and the farmer he was innocent and tbh I think their family and others would totally want the right culprit to get arrested. Henry was the main drive force behind the murder and bacchanal so he was the reason behind all the tragedy. Him shooting himself was just the line “what goes round comes around”

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You can’t be into Dark Academia AND racist/classist/homophobic. “My favorite book is The Secret History!” great so then you should be familiar with the part where the homophobic  antisemite gets murdered

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[…] You have no idea how pallid the workday boundaries of ordinary existence seem, after such an ecstasy.

Donna Tartt, The Secret History (1992).

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for those who do not love their education deeply

  • you are not ‘spoilt’
  • you are not 'wasting’ anything or anyone’s time
  • the educational system is awful & you have every right to speak out against it
  • a teacher must teach you, but they must also entertain and encourage you. if they do not, that is out of your control
  • most dark academics are making the best of a bad situation
  • your mental health matters more than grades
  • not every subject will thrill & excite you. not enjoying literature, poetry or art doesn’t make you a 'fake’ academic
  • you can enjoy a subject without studying it & you have every right to say you enjoy it
  • barely passing or failing a course is not the end of the world. you will get better, whether that means continuing the course or dropping it for your true passion
  • sometimes you’re not good at something, even if you love it. don’t sacrifice your mental & physical health to pass a course that you find impossible, but let yourself enjoy it if you can
  • remember your worth is not in your grades.
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Opening comms now! Added in two new options, sketch and design so dm me for inquiries! Kofi is in the caard in bio

To specify for sketch and lined I would 100% prefer directly through PayPal (ofc as stated there for under $60)

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